Sunday, January 11, 2009


We have offically moved. doesn't take you there.
The domain-name switch is taking some time to work through the internet.

Blogspot. Signing Off.
If you can't access it for whatever reason, check back here.


Recapping this game would like be watching an entire episode of "Bromance" without wanting to cut ourselves.

We've been all sitting on rock bottom for a few weeks now.
What a bad time to be alive.

But giving up now, makes you a joke.

Suck it up.


no clue




John D.

Brett M.


J. A.

What a performance by everyone.


Thanks to Christine K. for this from the AVS feed:

Nice spelling.


Quick stuff:

No idea how we didn't talk about this. have this great new fantasy game.

It is called EXTRA ATTACKER.

We don't usually get into fantasy shit, but the Pens might have struck gold with this.

It is easier than your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend to play.
It just deals with Pens players, and it is all weekly.

Good stuff, and it also may explain Therrien's line changing this week.

[Thanks to Josh B.] for the tip.

Click that link for more details.


NHL after hours on the NHL network may be the best hour of tv all week.


New site sometime tomorrow.
First post might be a Steelers recap.

Go Pens.

Go Steelers.

Remember, Mike Tomlin was there for us in April-May-June.

Have to repay the favor. What a human.

Do it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

21-19-1 43 points.

Last ever Gameday on blogspot.

1,526 post. Two more left.

We have been slacking on everything so we can get the site ready to go by Sunday before the Steeler game, so we are sorry.

Pens lose this game, and Therrien might stay in Colorado.

Sabu is starting, Hal Gill is back. PG



If he can't fix it, no one can.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Hold The Phone

Ken Campbell at THE HOCKEY NEWS unleashed an article on Jagr today.

“I was thinking about it and if Mario would call me and say, ‘I’d like you to play for our team,’ I would think about it a lot,” Jagr said in a telephone interview from Moscow where the Kontinental League will hold its inaugural All-Star Game outdoors at Red Square Saturday. “I would play for the minimum salary. I would play for $350,000 just for him because I owe him my hockey life. I want to pay him back because he has made me what I am…besides my parents.”

This is not a joke. This is real.


If some country music sensation wrote a song about the Penguins season to this point, it would be called, "Are you drinking with me?"

The song would be a huge hit but then blow a three-goal lead to some rap song.
These are fragile times. Games like this almost paralyze you.

Up 3-0, all seems to be right.
5 unanswered goals later, we're right back we're we were before the Atlanta game.

Do you blame Michel Therrien? According to everyone, he has lost the team.
It almost seems desperate to blame him.
But tha'ts what losing does.

The line juggling, the struggles of the powerplay, the blowing of leads.
Who shoulders the it?
The players certainly haven't done anything to warrant a free pass.

It all comes down to accountability.
Who is accountable?

Chase S.

Dale S.


Paul Steigerwald's intro was unreal.
That took some guts.


Elvis must have died 'cause the game was like 10 minutes late starting.
8:00 game on a Thursday night. Nobody cared.
There were numerous stoppages in the early going.
Nashville ownership was probably checking to see if their crowd had a pulse.

We got through half of the first with nothing going, but then Satan drops some acid.
Pens were on the PK, and they killed it.

The Pens got on the board first. Two games in a row. Whatever that means.
Petr Gunn. 1-0.

For the first time in a while things are looking up.

Solid period of play,


Video from Malkin macking on some chick from a few games ago:


The start of the second period was the best thing to happen since it looked like Ben Afleck was going to die in Armageddon.

Staal-Bing-Kennedy was solid. They flew into the zone.
Nashville puts it in their own net.


And the Cookie and Talbot come jobbing down.
Talbot's first goal since 1960. 3-0
A few Nashville fans retreat home to watch the 1989 Daytona 500.

All is right in the world. Pens are righting the ship.

But Martin Erat is not impressed.
He changes the game with a huge goal from the sewer.

Well its only 3-1.
And hey the Pens get a powerplay.
And then the wheels fall off.

Preds just take over. The Pens powerplay is just a disaster.
Erat owns Whitney.
2-on-1, saucer pass.

If you didn't know the Preds were about to score again, you're a joke.

3-3 as Dick Trickle goes top shelf.


The third period is why we can't sleep at night.

Staal- Crosby-TK is broken up. The Pens refuse to make any change to their powerplay, and the lines are a mess.

Nashville gets a powerplay.


All of sudden there is no time left.
But the Pens are coming harder than Peter North.
Bodies everywhere, puck floats to Jordan Staal......

Radek Bonk with an amazing play.
What else can we even say. That is one hell of a defensive play.

It was over.
Preds ice it with an empty net.


  • Oh boy
  • vomit
  • not spellchecked

Go Pens

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We're in the final stages of the new site.
Late Gameday post = stunned.


Tenk's out. Dupuis is out.

Patrick Swayze city

Upgrade City

We're moving our operation away from Blogspot.
Next-generation blog programs are popping up on the internet, and we got the right offer at the right time.

The most appealing part of Blogspot for us is its simplicity. No crazy bullshit going on.
But the community that has formed here has simply outgrown it.
We thank Blogspot for everything, like they care.

The site we're moving to gives us exactly what we've been looking for, as far as enriching content while keeping it as barebones as possible.

When the Welcome mat is laid out at the new site, we will have tutorials and shit ready to make the transition as seamless as possible.
But honestly, spending 20 minutes clicking around the new site will be self-explanatory.

We are planning for the new site to be ready to roll this upcoming weekend, so we are going to be busy, because you know we never get stuff done on time.
In a perfect world, we will have a going-away party Friday night here.


We base our entire lives around the movie Apollo 13.
So right now, we're double-checking gimble conversions before we move the guidance computer from Command Module Blogspot to the Lunar Excursion Module.

We have to stray from the script a little bit and jettison the command module instead of the LEM.
Not really. This site and its archives will always be here.
And there will be no re-entry. And we won't be freezing our balls off.
And we won't contract urinary-tract infections.

And the LEM didn't have a new upgraded yet simple Comments section.

The LEM didn't make the astronauts alter their questionable content.
And neither will the new site.

All systems go, homos.


So,this has been one weird week.

Unreal shirt and Carrot.
Pat Quinn rumors.

But Eklund just upped the stakes. HOCKEYBUZZ

"Two different sources, one oversees, agree that the NJ have serious interest in Jaromir Jagr and are trying to find Jagr a way out of his Russian contract. There are several rumours that the KHL may be in deep trouble here with players across the board being asked to take serious cuts in salary midway through the season."

We know this says New Jersey, and its Eklund.

Akus sent this through.
Eklund =Owned yet again.

Go to this site. [KHL]
Scroll down....

Worldwide oil.


Still whatev

Stranger things have happened.

Just saying.....

We'll pay for his ticket.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

24-Carrot Gold

No word yet from Carrot City herself, although a lot of people had some info about her.

Apparently, she student-rushes every game and even makes signs in Russian for Malkin to see.
What's better is that her boyfriend and his shirt helps her make the signs in the Rush line.
And she wears skirts to games.

Actual sign.
Rough translation: "I Can Be Your Good Luck Charm."
Thanks to ROBERT C.

What's even better is that she allegedly stalks Malkin after games, chasing his car when he stops at a redlight, and tries to get him to speak in Russian to her.

Other info we've received is that she talks really loud and brags that she knows the fact that Malkin shops at Ross Park Mall.

Shero should trade for that dude's shirt.
Actually, we can cut Unreal Shirt a break, since we've been told he played ice hockey in middle school/high school.

Everything we have stated about Carrot has been fact or relayed to us as such.
Carrot and Shirt just shouldn't kiss at games. Case Closed.
They could have avoided this whole situation.

We consider this matter closed until further developments...develop.



:: Mark Madden has made a cryptic post on his blog about unemployed coach Pat Quinn. THE X

:: Time to call up Brendan Shanahan. THE CONFLUENCE

We were thinking about doing a midseason recap.
Way too depressing. Plus we have some boxes to tape up.


One win changes nothing. Two wins change(s) nothing.

Let's face it.
Winning this game is like beating Jim Abbott in rock-paper-scissors.

But it has lifted some spirits.
So plan the parade route.

A great blog that we've been checking out for a while.
No idea why we haven't linked to them before.
Maybe we did once.

eric p.




alex b.




There was nothing going on to start this game off.
But things were chippy from the outset.
Kovalchuk sends a message to Malkin.

Army, who all of a sudden decided to play his game against the Penguins, was a nuisance.
He jobs Tenko. Tenko and Army dance in a very short affair.

Tenk sends Army to the ice. Army's chin sends Fedotenko's hand to the dressing room.

After some quick crap, Crosby goes off for 4 minutes for hitting that dude he hit in the balls.
This time, he appeased the whiners around the league by hitting him as far away from his junk as possible.
The Pens kill off the 4-minute penalty.
That had a chance to be bad.

Armstrong was at it again after the PP when he takes a run at Bing.
They slap-fight for a while, and Army goes off.
The Pens get a power play. Yeah, right. One shot.

The Pens started generating some business for the remainder of the period.
Kennedy has an unreal chance, but he takes an hour to shoot.
Atlanta calmed the Pens attack down by putting them on the PP. Genius move.

Well, maybe not so genius. Hey, is that Sykora out there? Goal. 1-0.

And it is really sad that the Pens' first PP goal since Prohibition gets shown up by some dude in an unreal shirt making out with a carrot.

Upon further review, apparently the Pens have added a make-out section to the Mellon Arena.
Again -- what a shirt.

Kid top left = stunned

Face of the year.
Where did this girl think she was going tonight?

Late addition. Different "angle."
The guy in the white hat is the key. He is sitting next to them. Is it a three way dance?

Thanks to everyone that sent these in.
These pictures might need their own blog at one point.

We can't resist:
  • If you own a shirt like that, you don't read our blog. Period.
  • She is actually a different color. Unreal.
  • How long have they been dating? Smart money is on two weeks or maybe even a first date?
  • What section is this in?
  • How many times has she cheated on him?
  • EMPTY NETTERS ran a great piece on Jersey fouls a few weeks ago. Seth needs to make another set of fouls for goal celebration for fans. Making out with your partner is number one, no questions asked. You can't do this.
  • But the biggest question: What is the right thing to do? Do you give your girlfriend a high five? Do you hug your wife? What is the rule for going to a game and celebrating a goal with your partner?
A reader was there:

"I lost it when I saw your writing on this couple. I literally sat 4
people to their left. I am at the very right side of the east igloo. they
were right outside in the normal seats, making it section B6. The picture
really doesn't even do justice to how orange the girl's skin was... and
the guy looked liked he was selling crack."

Oh, there is a game.

Staal washing-machines a shot soon after, and Malkin gives Colby a DDT.
We forgot what a solid period looked like.



Early on in the second, Staal had a chance coming out of the corner. Yeah, right.

Atlanta keeps hanging around, but MAF is solid, and Atlanta blows.

We complain how bad the Pens have been, but we feel bad for Atlanta fans.
Not really.

Some meaningless faceoff in the second period when you coming back from taking a pee turns into cash money.
Malkin jokes some guy.

Where the hell would the Pens be without Sykora?

Almost midway through the period, some idiot takes a penalty.
Pens set things up.
Malkin tags Bing in. Deflectionblog for the MegaPowers.


Micheal Bolton gets some Free Candy before the intermission.
Can't wait for the pic of John Tavares and Ludacris next year down in the ATL.


Look, nothing really even happened in the third period, but if the Pens were playing a decent team, they could have lost.

About halfway through the period, the Pens get a 5-0n-3.
Now, this is what we are talking about:
During the 5-on-3, Petr Sykora gets no time with the first unit.

We don't know jack. But that is a mistake. Jordan Staal shouldn't even be on Wilkes Barre's powerplay right now. Make the game 4-0 and it's smooth sailing. But no, let the Thrashers off the hook, and Kovaljoke nails one home.

Right after that, Atlanta almost scores.
If they would have come back, at least seven people wouldn't have made it through the night.

The Thrashers do get a powerplay.
Head coach John Anderson calls a timeout to figure out who he looks like.

No dice.

The rest of the game was cake.

[Theresa V]

  • The game in Nashville is the biggest game of the season.
  • You can have Kovaljoke. Don't want him.
  • Atlanta's goalie is solid. How did they get so bad?
  • Andre Savard blinked. He is still alive.
  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Strange night in the NHL.

Ruutu bites Peters:


Blood in Chicago:


Go Pens.


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