Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rock Bottom. PENS LOSE.


It's embarassing when you make Craig Anderson look like Patrick Roy.
You know what's worse? The Panthers had lost 4 straight coming into this one.
Patience is wearing extremely thin.

Just when you thought Panthers couldn't win in Pittsburgh.

Is a better effort to be expected from a team that's spending to the cap while bringing two superstars to the table every night? Absolutely.

It's kind of stupid for any human being to be personally offended that their favorite sports team is underperforming/sucking balls.

We aren't offended. We just like to see the Pens win every now and then.

As far as this game is concerned:
Hindsight is always 20/20, but you don't pull Fleury after that first period.
There's just no way, no how.
His first goal was a joke. Second goal shouldn't even factor into the equation.

Sabu comes in cold as ice and gives up three goals. Game was over.
MAF just as easily could have given up 3 goals in that second period.

We've built up a track record of jobbing people whose first solution to the Pens' problems is to fire Therrien. But it's getting to that point. Fast.

Ask Shero and 66 if what's going on right now is acceptable.


The washing machine known as the Pittsburgh Penguins was all business to start off the game.
They get a quick PP as a reward.
The power play was joke city. Did they even get a shot? Jesus. 0-2o something in the last five games is a disgrace.
Our personal "stay the course" shit is wearing thin.

Max Talbot made an unreal move and had a chance to bury it.
But he tries to pass it through a Panther laying on the ice.
There's definitely a difference between yelling SHOOT on that play and when Goligoski tries to one-time a puck through someone's kneecap.

Dupuis had quick breakaway. At least he got a shot off.
It should have been 7-0 by that point.
It was also good to see Kennedy back.

Hal Gill got docked, and the Pens had to kill a penalty.
They did kill it, but they didn't. 1-0. Unreal.

If you play dek hockey, pick up ice hockey, or even online video games you know when you come out flying, and don't get a goal, and the other team doesn't try and gets one. It sucks the life out of you.
Thats what happened.

Matt Cooke leveled Jokemeester somewhere in there.

Late in the period, Whitney ran pinchblog, not knowing that Tim Horton was at Giant Eagle buying some cherries.

The resulting 2-on-1 results in a goal. 2-0.

If you've even looked at the NHL standings this year, you know the Panthers are talking about playoff contention. They don't have stars, their goalie sounds like he's a backup quarterback, and no one knows who their coach is, so you just know they have a sound defensive game.
The 2-0 lead looked daunting.

The Pens capped off the first period on a penalty kill.
Fleury shakier than Michael J. Fox.




HCMT put Alex P. Keaton in the runway to start the second.
Sabu City leads the Pens out of the tunnel.

Less than two minutes into the second, Fedotenko got the Pens on the board with a Plinko. 2-1.
Big goal, but it still felt empty.

Over the course of about 4 minutes halfway through the second, the Panther struck twice. 4-1.
Vomit. HCMT calls a timeout.

It isn't out of the question to think that Therrien asked the boys if they had had enough of this shit.

Before you knew it, Talbot drops the gloves with Bruce Campbell.
Next faceoff, Crosby attacks John McClane.

We've seen this song before when it has come to the Penguins and the Panthers.

EMPTY NETTERS brought that up again, and Seth also found this from Panthers player Nick Boynton:

"That was just embarrassing. I can understand a little bit what he was trying to do, but that's a not a very professional move. You ask a guy to fight. You don't jump a guy when his head is down taking a faceoff. That's pretty immature and childish. He's just, whatever. He's not happy with the way things are going and he was trying to get his team going. But there's no need for that.''

Crosby had this to say:

We'll believe Crosby on this one.
Already we are hearing crap from people saying it was "cheap."

Crosby is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

Its a fight, who cares.
There are way more problems at hand.

Malkin gets a breakway on the ensuing PK, but Anderson stops him. Buries It you-know-what.
The crowd was in it, the Pens were flying.

They were playing on pure emotion, and the Panthers took advantage.
Unreal pass to spring Tim Horton on a breakaway. Buried. 5-1.

The fans give Sabu the Bronx cheer the next time he makes a save.


Goal. 6-1.

Rock Bottom

The remainder of the third period disappeared mercifully.
They should've pulled MAF for the extra attacker for the entire third period.

Longtime Pens fans, and LGP message board poster B.D Wong has seen enough:

Consider the Pensblog PANIC button officially pressed.


  • Just saying.
  • We call people by the wrong names on purpose. If you don't get that, go to hell.
  • One win doesn't make this better
  • Burn the blue jersey.
  • Vomit

God help us.

267 comments: said...

I posted this in the last post, but will repost here:


Pensblog Staff said...

ahahha i am posting that now

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Whoa. Fire Therrien or make a trade? said...

I don't think one or two trades will help. I don't even think firing Therrien will help, and I'm not a fan.

The Penguins are not competing. Maybe they're not being motivated, but they should learn to motivate themselves.

Josh said...

we need ziggy back. Trade Staal and Gonchar for Horton and Bowmeister (Wake me up when that happens). I have no confidence in our goal tending. The ghost of tom barasso lives...

Sweet Trav said...

As much as when shit goes wrong people harp on HCMT, the assistant coaches should be getting some guff for the special teams (most notably the abysmal power play).

With all of the offensive talent on this roster, it is a sin to go 0-20+ in a 6 game span.

Something needs to be done to either get all of the coaching staff and team back on track or some serious changes need to be made.

CFX said...

Dont think any sudden moves will help at all. It seems like some players are simply playing with sudden bursts of emotion. A lot of individual efforts by players trying to break the team out of this slump on their own.. that is not going to work.. we need to come back together and play like a team for 3 full periods.

TheFandangler said...

Firing HCMT is "eh" to me...

The players might be outgrowing him but this team is good enough to win some games regardless.

I say a trade is being worked out as we speak. It's only a matter of time and it might being the kind of shake-up to wake these guys up.

pops said...

mike yeo is to therrien what michel oulette used to be. therrien won't let him go anywhere.

yeoke city

TheFandangler said...

CFX is right.

The only reason that it isn't working is because there are a few players that are sucking hairy black guy balls.

I don't feel like being a broken record with names but either they straighten out or they get out.

Molly said...

Lemieux as a coach is not a bas idea.
he knows exactly what to do, b/c he was a pen too!
hope we can turn this around.

GoCapsGo said...

CAPS! CAPS! CAPS! OV! Fuck A Penguin In The Ass

Dylan said...

Call me lame but I can really do without having to watch that dude kill himself.

But yeah, something has to change. 9th in our division?

Rage said...

from last post:


My one thought about the game...

When Steve dropped the gloves right off the faceoff there shoulda been a full-blown line brawl. Just my opinion...I defer to the Goonblogger...but if I'm on the ice(and I'm a raspy bastard anyways) and my captain(who is NOT a raspy bastard) is throwing, I'm gonna sure as shit start trying to ruin somebody's life. Buncha fuckin pussies

Just sayin

Tears Crosby said...

Alright hearing Sidney's post game presser.

Sure he might of said ok to drop the gloves, but man up a bit and start square and don't maul him while he is bent over for the faceoff.

Natalie said...

While I agree that this team needs to play AS a team, for three full periods:

When's the last time we actually saw this team play a solid 60 minute effort?

I know there was a game or two earlier in the season, but I'll be damned if I can recall it. All I know is they haven't played a solid team game all season. The PP is atrocious, the PK has been a mess. At the very LEAST, there needs to be a shakeup to the special teams. Blah blah blah Gonchar--the PP isn't working. Period. End of story.

SOMETHING needs to happen, one way or the other.

I don't care, I love Sidney Crosby, and while I was unable to actually SEE this game when it was on (I hate 1 pm starts on Saturdays. I work Saturdays until 5.), as soon as I heard about the fight I was just dying to get home to see it. He's my hero, even if he's apparently a cheap-shotting whiner.

Flyer Hater said...

Therrien for Babcock.

DRStedman said...

They are mud right now. MUD.

Up to today I thought maybe getting the PP going was enough, that Gonch could fix it all when he's back. Not any more, only Sid is carrying them out of this.
It's all attitude problems.

pops said...

Ted Nolan?

at least the Pens would be on a WarPath...

bad taste and also joking

Rage said...

Trade pops and FH for Mr. Plank


Rage said...

also joking...btw

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

FlyerHater's description of Sid's "fight" as shaken baby is the best i've heard.

Personally, I'd rather watch the team rip a couple of goals off instead of fighting, but that's just me.

And to sum up what pretty much everyone here in c-blogland is saying: Fire/don't fire Therrien, Trade/don't trade so-and-so, Mike Yeo sucks monkeys/whatever else he can put in his mouth, and call up the entire Baby Pens roster.

I know I don't draw a paycheck from The Big Guy, so all of that shit is out of my hands, and my guess is that it's the same with everyone else here. Trades will happen. We will win games again. Until that happens, be glad they're still here.

For fuck's sake...

Rage said...

I agree Jonny Van...but Like St. Jack of Lambert used to say..."if you can't beat em, then beat 'em up"

Ryan said...

It is rare that I post on this board, but understand that I am watching and asking the same thing of the Pens that you are and I am here with you all in spirit always.

It is going to be an interesting few weeks to say the very least. This is where we determine if Therrien is getting through to his guys.

In talking of a trade, my personal belief is that a trade of Miroslav Satan is the most likely. He has not produced in his expected role, and to me, is a lazy player. I would keep trying to get us one more quality winger.

That being said, this is our team just as much as it is the players, owners, coaches and etc. It is very important we continue to keep going, even when things aren't going our way. You keep working; pouting and demanding aren't going to help. If a change is made, then let us assume, until further notice, that it is for the best.

This is where character comes from. The best teams are the ones that come back from these tough times. We have the talent, let's go out show some self respect and pride. said...

Anyone else think NaNaNaNa should be given a chance on Sid's wing?

pops said...

yea, but, who in the world would want miro satan at 3.5 mil?

pops said...

for more than a game? yes

holygoligoski said...


You're a beauty.. thanks for posting that after my request.

Raybin said...

Was just watching the pre-game show on Center Ice for the Ottawa/Toronto game and I learned from the one douchebag that said the Penguin players look petrified and scared to play when they step onto the ice.

Milbury offered that Therrien is too stubborn to change his coaching style and that Sid is a crappy leader.

Apparently they'll have more on the Pens situation during their second intermission.

Raybin said...

Pesonen on Sid's wing is like making an old Sopwith Camel fly with an F-16.

pops said...

ill take peso over satan on sid's wing any day of the fucking week said...

@holygoligoski, it was too good of an idea to pass up!

pops said...

hell, i would rather sid play with no winger than satan

Raybin said...

Pesonen looked out of place playing with the 4th line guys when he was up.

If you're gonna put a WBS guy up there, make it Jeffrey.

Stilly said...


Agreed. Unless someone here is secretly Ray Shero or HCMT, there is no sense in bitching.

@every bitchy cblogger

Nobody, not Shero, not Therrien, not Lemieux give a damn what you think the solution to this losing streak is. Man up, quit your bitching, and support the team.

Talk about realistic trades. Mainly ones that don't involve guys who are playing shitty bringing in big name players. Satan for anyone with a shred of talent isn't happening. Don't come in here demanding Shero fire Therrien and trade everyone.

dd7 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Big K said...


Fuck this shit.

Raybin said...

Stilly, people are bitching BECAUSE they support the team.

We're all fully aware that 66, Shero, Therrien and all the players will never read a word we say. So our only outlet for frustration is bitching. You may have noticed that it's a common human behavior.

Last I checked, supporting the team didn't mean closing my eyes and insisting everything's okay when it manifestly isn't.

Any other Rules for CBlog you care to lay down for us?

The Big K said...

@ GoCapsgo--

Trolling on a blog's comment section


make your father want to have sex with you again. Sorry. said...

Off topic, but I think you guys will enjoy this: CAPS' BOUDREAU UPSET OVECHKIN NOT AN ALL-STAR STARTER.

Alex Ovechkin is the NHL's reigning MVP and scoring champion, and he entered Saturday second in the league in goals and points.

So how is it possible, Ovechkin's coach with the Washington Capitals wants to know, that the left wing was not voted in as a starter for the all-star game?

"It's dumb," Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau said before Washington hosted the New York Rangers on Saturday night.

Raybin said...

Fuck it, it's dinner time.

Wake me when the "Fire Therrien" contingent makes its peace with the "Let's whistle past the graveyard" group.

Raybin said...

Oh and I find it interesting that Caps fans can get more up for coming to bother Pens fans than they can for voting their star into the All-Star game.

Okay, done for real. FOOOOOOD.

Rage said...

"Last I checked, supporting the team didn't mean closing my eyes and insisting everything's okay when it manifestly isn't."

Yes, it does..wait...what?

All the armchair GM-ing gets old, but you do have a very valid point, Raybin.

Is HNIC on NHL-N tonite, or the WJC?

holygoligoski said...


I didn't think anyone actually would, then I log onto here and see tPB had some up. Good job.. you've got sick photoshop skill.

I can't explain it but I'd like to see Caputi called up. I've seen his work in the OHL and AHL, and there's just something about him that makes me like what I see on the ice.

Stilly said...


What does it accomplish? If people came here and complained and management read it and said.. hm.. they have a point.. then bitch away.

I don't see how 'These guys suck' and 'Fire the coach' support anything. Sounds like griping to me.

Obviously I don't make any rules. I'm basically as significant as the the Islanders. I'm sure people will still bitch about stuff. My point is that the bitching accomplishes nothing, so why post the same crap over and over.

akus said...

@ Natalie,

Akus said,

How many times this season have the Pens played a solid, 60 minutes?
Ahhh, one may have to think about that for a bit.

1/03/2009 5:41 PM



I loved the Wings comeback game. but hell, even in that game they did not play solid 60 minutes.


I had enough of Caps, purple lipstick & bananas for the day.

Not even sure i want them to beat the Rangers tonight.

Anthony said...

Just thought this might fit the occasion:

Success is failure turned inside out;
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar,
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit;
It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit

GoCapsGo said...

Next step: vote yourself into play offs. BWHAHAHA

Stilly said...

Ovechkin sucks. He can't even make the starting lineup in the All Star Game. What a joke.

Dr. Turkleton said...

It was SOOOOO bad at the Mellon...

during the 2nd intermission, they ran the 3-kids dress up in oversized hockey gear and race back to score a goal Game.

Kid #1, ironically, named beating everyone by a country mile...scampers to within 5 feet of the goal with his stick, puck and all his equipment falling off...while everyone in the crowd is yelling, 'SHHHOOOOOOOOOOOT':


Kinda summed up the afternoon.

akus said...

Shit like this, separates the fans, from the fans.

What am i? A fan!!

King shit of Fuck Mountain.

Speaking of,
If the Caps lost to 6-1 instead of 5-3, what would you be saying??


PensnCrows said...

Satan is the problem. Cancer of the locker room. Rumor has it he made a deal with the Devil, play with Sid in exchange for turning the Pens into the Islanders. He's gone.

nikki said...

fuck HNIC
seriously, I'm so sick of Cherry and them bitching about the pens, cause you know, the leafs and sens are totally fine right now
Milbury just likes to stir shit up whenever so that he feels important, the man is an idiot

strakasguitar said...

I think our boys partied hardy over the holiday season, and their record has certainly reflected it. What a muddy stretch of games. This brings back memories of *gasp!*...The Dark Ages. At least during its better moments.

Most frustrating for me was seeing how fiery we played right off the starting gun. I was convinced we were going to get ourselves a goal in the first few minutes - but it seems the ghosts of Koltsov and Kraft were in fine form today. I think Malkin spent a great deal of time studying Thomas Surovy's stickhandling technique before the game. I've never seen him choke on so many chances...freakin' Craig Anderson isn't THAT good, for Chrissakes.

That being said, it's not time to abandon ship quite yet. We've seen what all these fellas can do when the planets align. If we get ourselves a nice three-game winning streak to regain a little confidence (and perhaps beat a real opponent for once!), and if HCMT stops screwing around with the defensive pairings, we'll be okay.


what's for dinner, raybin?

GoCapsGo said...

akus said...
"Speaking of,
If the Caps lost to 6-1 instead of 5-3, what would you be saying??"


BlacknGold66 said...

Highlight of my life was yelling "YOU'RE A FUCKING JOKE MILBURY!" during live broadcast outside of the Igloo last year after Game 3 of the Finals. Seeing his head jerk while the camera was on made my life.


pops said...

2 cups
0 cups

go fuck yourself

akus said...


So You major in math.

nikki said...

haha that is awesome
I would have similar words for mr. pierre mcguire if we ever crossed paths...

sven butenschon said...

I guess my biggest problem with HCMT is his lack of emotion
He has gotten soff
I would have given anything to see him flip out on the bench when we were getting jobbed on all of the non calls
He just sits there with the same dumb expression on his face or he buries his face in his hands


akus said...

Sven, i think he is


( i am still on the 66 Buries It,rally)

Sens and Leaves game, fans singing their hearts out. (honoring the vets)

Dr. Turkleton said...

Lemieux as a coach is not a bas idea.
he knows exactly what to do, b/c he was a pen too!
hope we can turn this around.

sure...why not?

See: Olczyk, Ed.

Maybe King Shero should do like what Craig Patrick did twice during his time as GM: fire the coach & go behind the bench.

sven butenschon said...

Bring back EJ
Is he still alive?
Seriously I played in a camp @ the Igloo a couple of years ago and he was our coach
He was hysterical
He hammered on the refs everytime up the ice
He told one of the guys to grow a pair and quit playing like a p*ssy
the most I laughed on the ice

RaCHeLeYoS said...

"2 cups
0 cups

go fuck yourself"

hahahahaha. there is just no comeback to that one ever.

sven butenschon said...


That is awesome
I got to scream "Bettman your a fucking joke" when they had the draft @ the igloo
He stopped his rant and looked around then continued

I was so happy

Dr. Turkleton said...


were you on the team that won the Camp Tournament?...with Frankie Leroux on the squad???

sven butenschon said...

@ Dr turk

sven butenschon said...

turk check your email

GoCapsGo said...

Pens were good 17 years ago. Congrats

Caps are great NOW

Stoosh said...

Sid's a crappy leader, eh?

So tell me then...

How does Sid being a bad leader change the fact that Jordan Staal can't place his shot within five feet of the net right now?

How does Sid being a bad leader get Miro Satan to be any more of a presence on the boards than he already is?

How is Sid being a bad leader change the fact that neither Sid nor Malkin have wingers on their lines capable of hammering home the chances they create with any real consistency right now?

How does Sid being a bad leader improve improve the defensive zone coverage in our own zone, improve a power play that hasn't scored in five straight games or a penalty kill that's just 20th in the league right now?

This has absolutely zilch to do with Sid's leadership than it does with the fact that there are some players who are just bad fits for this system.

Sid can put guns to people's heads, they could give Orpik the "C" or bring Gary Roberts back and none of it is going to change the fact that certain players on this team just aren't capable of performing the way they need to perform to make this system work the way it should...the way we saw it work last season.

Think of it this way. An NFL team invests a significant portion of its cap dollars in its offensive skill players. Because a cap forces you to spread your depth out, that same team can't afford to field a decent free safety. Is it the quarterback's fault, then, when the safety continuously blows coverage and gets beat deep?

No. Why? There's only so much the quarterback can do on offense to compensate for the fact that the safety just isn't that good.

There point is that there's only so much that the internal leadership can do.

You can't polish crap. No amount of leadership exhibited by the captain is going to get a weasel like Miro Satan to play a role he categorically refuses to play.

No amount of leadership is going magically turn Pascal Dupuis, Tyler Kennedy or Matt Cooke into the second coming of Kevin Stevens. Some players are just third-line enegy players, bound by some very real limitations in their skill set that just show themselves after a while. Not saying those guys can't contribute here and there...they just can't be counted on to consistent goal-scoring threats, even if one of the game's best young playmakers is setting them up.

These problems have nothing to do with internal leadership and everything to do with a mix of players that don't fit, forcing certain players to be cast in roles that don't suit them.

In this case, it's up to Shero to fix it.

Stoosh said...

It's one thing to post on a blog of your favorite team.

It takes a special kind of loser to spend hours doing nothing but trolling the blog of a rival team.

A real special kind of loser.

Rage said...

@Stoosh. Yup Window-Licker special(Ed)


GoCapsGo said...

"It takes a special kind of loser to spend hours doing nothing but trolling the blog of a rival team."

agreed. i never posted on rival teams' blogs though ;)

Rage said...

But you still lick windows, now go away before you get slobber on mommy and daddy's keyboard you cretinous mongoloid. Shouldn't you be email bombing Fat Teddy anyways?

Stoosh said...

Because of the levels of success they achieved and their rise to the top as one of the NHL's sweetheart teams, the Pens are going to be a target for every chump media blowhard like Milbury. To top it off, Milbury is to the Pens what John Madden is to the Steelers. John Madden never got over the Immaculate Reception. Milbury never got over losing the conference finals to the Pens, especially when the Pens essentially beat the Bruins at their own game.

Mike probably still wakes up in the middle of the night in cold sweats thanks to visions of Lemieux putting the puck between Bourque's feet and Ulfie lining up Cam Neely.

Natalie said...


You're incredible. That's all.

Dr. Turkleton said...

It's one thing to post on a blog of your favorite team.

It takes a special kind of loser to spend hours doing nothing but trolling the blog of a rival team.

A real special kind of loser.

haha...I was thinking the same thing.

If one can't get enough attention on their own message boards, then I guess they have to resort to:

•opponents msg boards

then, if they're not receiving the amount of attention they feel necessary, they move on to:

•opponents blogs comments section

What's next when the attention stops?

Back to fixing computers?

Stoosh said...

@ GoCapsGo -

Saw you bitching earlier about the Pens All-Stars.

Last time I checked, the votes coming from Caps fans counted just the same as votes coming from Pens fans.

In reality, it's the perfect microcosm of the Caps fanbase, which seems to devote five times as much time to obsessing over Crosby as it does supporting its own world class superstars.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Milbury called Badger Bob: The Professor of Goonism.

Enough said.

akus said...

A fan?
Pfttt. The Caps are playing and he is trolling.

i guess some ^ need tPB for that "simple pleasure"

Go postroll @ the IT, Bruce Lee's awesome blog

LOL, first time i ever seen a troll agree he is special kind of loser

Stoosh said...

@ Akus -

Like carp at the spillway.

GoCapsGo said...

that voting was bullshit, multiple votes from same computer allowed. bullshit. stop with so called all stars already. better go and win a game

akus said...

To completely change the subject.
I was surfing Utube lookin for the elbow that Corey Perry threw @ Claude Giroux in last night's Ducks/Flyers game. He received a 4 game suspension, I did not find it but i did find this.


Stoosh said...

Milbury certainly had an ideal mentor on how to turn into a broadcast jackass once your playing and coaching days were over. Milbury spent years playing for Don Cherry.

I'd love to know why TSN thinks Mike Milbury should be considered any sort of authority on the game of hockey.

This is a guy who ruined not one but two proud franchises. Not even Dave Littlefield accomplished that feat. Congrads, Mike. You're a bigger professional fuckup than Dave Littlefield.

But hey, I can think of at least two people who love Mike Milbury - Peter Chiarelli and Garth Snow. Chairelli is the current Boston GM and Snow the current Islanders GM. Without Milbury driving both franchises into the ground, neither of them would be where they are. So I'm sure Mad Mike is right up at the top of the Christmas card list in the Chiarelli and Snow households.

Even Larry Brooks thinks Mike Milbury is bullshit.

Annie S said...

that voting was bullshit, multiple votes from same computer allowed.

I was about to respond to that, but realized that not only does it not make sense, it's not even a sentence. Never mind.

Flyer Hater said...

We haven't completely embarrassed the Caps in the postseason in 8 years, it's time.

Flyer Hater said...

I wonder what Petr Nedved, Jim Carey, Olaf Kolzig, Jaromir Jagr, Mario Lemieux, Mike Liut, Donny Beaufre, Jim Schoenfeld, Marty Straka, Ken Wregget, and the 1-4 delay think about the all-star voting process gocapsgo.

Dr. Turkleton said...

speaking of the CBC and their stellar HNIC crew....

who did PJ Stock blow to get his gig?

I think a Ring-Tailed Lemur could be given a few weeks training and do a better job.

Stoosh said...

@ GoCapsGo -

I'll leave the winning the game thing to the players and coaches. Last time I checked, I have no control over that. I just show up and cheer.

Hey, you brought up the All-Star shit earlier with your "vote yourselves into the playoffs" bullshit.

I couldn't care less about the All-Star Game. The voting process was what it was...the Pens broadcasters even criticized it today.

But the rules being what they were, Pens fans as a whole gave enough of a damn to vote, and it's tough for anyone to argue that Malkin and Crosby aren't worthy of the support they got.

The system allowed the fans to recognize their favorites by voting them in as ASG starters. I couldn't care less about the game itself. I just find it hypocritical for all the Ovechkin fans out there to bitch about the process when they could've done the very same thing to get Ovie in the game.

As I said, in true Caps fanbase fashion, they failed to show up.

christina said...

@ GoCapsGo

so basically, what you're saying is that you and your fellow Caps fans failed multiple times to get your best player to start the All-Star game (someone who definitely deserves to be there, btw).

just sayin'

meg said...

stoosh.. you are my hero.

GoCapsGo said...


GoCapsGo said...

all stars my ass

akus said...

You may have to type that a little slower, it may take awhile for it to sink in for him.


You brought up numbers,

Even in a team slump!! League leaders.

Here are some more numbers for,

Stanley Cups None
Conference championships 1997–98

So if You are here trolling, that means the only other Cap fan is doing solo at The Verizon.

btw,as i said i was "looking" for Perry's elbow, i am pretty sure it is still attached to the his arm, or sticking out of Giroux's head.

snickerdoodles said...

Actually, the only other caps fan is at home. His mom wont let him stay out late.

meg said...


It's pretty clear something's wrong with this team. (No duh.) This isn't a slump or a bad stretch of games. Or even the result of injuries. This group of players just isn't a very good hockey team. We don't know if the answer is something minor like a benching or something a little bigger like a roster move or even a coaching change, But something needs to be done if the Penguins hope to reach the postseason.

This group of players just isn't a very good hockey team.

I couldn't agree with this more... thoughts?
And has anyone checked out Puckdaddy in a while? He is all over crosby's shit ALL the time.

sven butenschon said...

That is really sad
This guy dies & people like GOCAPSGO are alive for no appearent reason

Tell your mom she left her anal beads @ my place
I think they are anal beads but they might be a bunch of spare tires tied together
Not sure

akus said...

two words.

Brett Leonhardt


no apparent reason, well....err Ok, You are right.

On a serious note, i have not seen the story(about the death) anywhere, not even on HNIC.


The Dude said...

If we picked up Shanahan that'd be sick then maybe we could afford to bench satan or waive him or something. Or we just go straight minor league waive guys who refuse to consistently try. If that fails maybe we shoot the puck instead of passing it to the pinching Dman all the time or dangeling with it out to the blueline just to get stripped of it. Shit bad times.

oh and crosby deserves what ever he gets for basically jumping that dude on the faceoff. that was just as bad as those crimes caught on tape where sum hood beats an old ladys face in for her purse just brutal.

akus said...


Attention SID:
(on the problems with the Pens)

Milbury said, "To get out of Mario's house."

That there folks is serious reporting.

Flyer Hater said...

GoCapsGo=Adam or Derek just trying to stir shit up.

sven butenschon said...

@ AKus
this has been reported on for a while it happened last month and I don't think he ever regained consiousness
It was just one of those freak things that happen
It sucks big time from everything I have read this guy was all business and a great team guy and a good guy in the community

I guess it's good that peice of shit Smitzik from the PG is gone or he would have had a field day with this
I can't wait for all of the d bags that think fighting is bad for the game to use this

On the HCMT note here is how I see it

Therrien isn't getting it done
He shows no emotion on the bench and he just sits there with that stupid look on his face or he buries his face in his hand
To use his own term he has gotten soff
It is his job to motivate these guys
Last year or the year before he would have lost his shit on the bench when we got jobbed by all of the non calls today
How does he expect his players to show emotion when he shows none on the bench
In his pressers he reminds me of that guy who knows he is going to get fired and just kind of mopes around the office waiting for the ax to drop instead of busting his ass trying to save his job said...

I took a shit in the Verizon Center trough last year and then stuck an 8 on it. I didn't have a camera or i would show you some proof. You probably wouldn't want to see it but whatev. The Caps are doin good right now. They'll bow out in the first round. Todays game...what a hunk of shit. What the hell is going on. I didn't like the way Crosby beat that dudes ass off the faceoff. I would've rather seen him run the guy's back while he's against the boards, and send him off on a stretcher. Whatever...I hope HCMT rights the ship before they show him the door. I'm gonna go troll some Caps blogs so I can slap the dicks out of their mouths.

Stoosh said...

@ Meg -

It's pretty clear something's wrong with this team. (No duh.) This isn't a slump or a bad stretch of games. Or even the result of injuries. This group of players just isn't a very good hockey team. We don't know if the answer is something minor like a benching or something a little bigger like a roster move or even a coaching change, But something needs to be done if the Penguins hope to reach the postseason.

Yeah, pretty much.

Fans are at a loss and all we can do is speculate.

There are things that need to be fixed, but how do you fix them?

Potential deadline day targets like Kovalchuk, Horton, etc. aren't really going to be available yet because no one is really out of contention for the playoffs yet.

This might be a time for a bit of a gamble deal.

November 25, 1998. The Pens had played 18 games and had a record of 9 wins, 5 losses and 4 ties. Missing depth on the wings, they swung a deal with the Rangers. They traded Petr Nedved, Chris Tamer and Sean Pronger to New York for Alexei Kovalev and Harry York.

Kovalev at the time was one of the league's biggest enigmatic incredibly gifted scorer who never quite put it all together. Nedved was a moody playmaker who missed the entire 1997-98 season and the start of the 1998-99 season holding out in a contract dispute.

The rest was history. It took until the next season for him to be plaecd on a line with Marty Straka and Robert Lang, but by the 1999-00 season, those three would become one of the most dominant lines of their era.

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

Good call.

C-blog = played?

GoCapsGo said...

Caps won
OV scored shorthanded
6 straight wins
won 11 out of 12 last games
that's what i call "all stars" :) said...

Angelo Esposito just scored the tie-breaking goal on a breakaway for the Canadian juniors.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Angelo Esposito.

Shorty v. the Ruskies.


Kenji said...

"an incredibly gifted scorer who never quite put it all together."
Maxim Afinogenov anyone? said...

I wonder if Esposito ever would have made the Penguins.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Tied again.


Sorry Canada, but your BOOOOing of the US has me rooting for the Hammer & Sickle.


sven butenschon said...

espo scored?
Fire king shero

TheFandangler said...


I hope not. It's a little too Risky.

Dr. Turkleton said...

wonder what David Backes of the Saint Louie Blues did to receive a 5 minute cross-checking major [to go along with a 5 minute fighting major & 10 minute game misconduct...all in the same play]

Kenji said...

I guess so, I just feel like puking everytime I see Satan out there.

TheFandangler said...


Chubs said...

I think, in general, the Elmo sums it up best. Something isn't right, and it's either going to get fixed, or we'll be golfing early this year.

sven butenschon said...

holy shit canada tied it

Rba said...

WOW...canada just tied it up with like 20 seconds left in the game, ruskies had it in the bag and that kid is first pick material heh.

Stoosh said...

@ Kenji -

I've always liked Afinogenov, but he's a few years older now (29) than Kovalev was when the Pens acquired him (25 going on 26).

Kovalev still had to hit his prime; you could argue Afinogenov already hit his.

What worries me about Afinogenov is the fact that he's been injured and done nothing but go downhill each of the last three seasons...

05/06: 22-51-73, +6
06/07: 23-38-61, +19 (56 games)
07/08: 10-28-38, -18 (56 games)
08/09: 2-10-12, -14 (33 games)

I think he's done. I like the guy, but I think he's done.

Rba said...

5.4 seconds, cant see the scoreboard/time clock, tv's too small. said...

Tavares made the pass, but it was the other player (Eberle I think) who did the hard work.

Great goal.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I think Canada just collectively soiled themselves.

Stoosh said...

Five seconds away from the game being over and Canada ties it.

Pierre McGuire just sounded like he...well,

Rba said...

I think team canada just all jizz'd, wow, what a game. said...

That was an awesome goal.

I hate that TSN is giving Tavares the majorit of the credit.

Jordan Eberle made a great play there.

Dr. Turkleton said...


but Kovy's an All-Star [wink,wink]

if Shero could get Afinogenov for next to nothing...I'd like him to do it.

maybe his speed alone could force back the D a bit and create a little more space in the neutral zone...scoring any goals would be a bonus.

Stoosh said...

@ Turk -

Buffalo's shopping Afinogenov and the rumor is that he'd be available for a mid-round pick. It might be a low-cost gamble worth taking, but I'm not sure how the cap hit would work out. He was a $3.3M cap hit this year.

Dr. Turkleton said...

*neutral zone

I meant inside the offensive zone.

Thinking like the Pens are playing.


hmmmm...Shero gave up a 2nd ['08] and a 5th ['09] for Gill.

Could Buffalo be duped into taking a 4th for Max?
I really don't see Shero trading away 1st thru 3rd as the prospects are starting to get thin, and the '08 draft [or lack, thereof] didn't help. said...


I hate that shootouts can decide elimination games in international hockey.

pops said...

im telling you. whitney for wolski and svatos or wolski and picks

DO IT!!!

haha. its fun to dream, but yea, shero will do something reasonable im sure.

Rba said...

Canada win, blech, oh well.

Nulpher said...

It could still be worse.

Don't make me bring up the 2003 lineup.

dpo701 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dpo701 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pops said...

best shape of his life

DO IT!!!!>

Flyer Hater said...

I love that one of the greatest hockey games I've ever seen ends in a shootout! Seriously, get this blight on hockey's ass out of the game.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Luck Canada Luck.

[Victor Hedman]

Sapper said...

I can't believe anyone could defend what Crosby did. That was not a fight. That was another cheapshot from Mr. Buttpuncher.

Are there any Pens fans with integrity that agree with me.

This from the same crowd that wanted Ovechkin suspended 2 days ago.

I feel sorry for you guys that your "savior" has turned out to be such an incredible d-bag.

Mike D. said...

Just thinking...have the Pens ever won in the Powder Blues (besides the Winter Classic last year)? I can't recall if they have this year or not. Maybe we need to bring back the Pigeon.

pops said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...

I love that one of the greatest hockey games I've ever seen ends in a shootout! Seriously, get this blight on hockey's ass out of the game.

IIHF rules = joke.

pops said...


please, don't post here again. thank you. said...

Shootouts in elimation games suck.

But that was an absolutely awesome game.

C-London said...

Pens fans, your dreams just came true. Pay particular attention to Semin's "punches" when Staal loses his balance. Just remember, a Sabres fan just provided you with a lifetime of comedy, so there's no need to hate on the kind people of Buffalo anymore (I got out).

P.S. You can have Afinogenov. We won't even ask for value in return. Some pucks and a bag of cheetos will be sufficient.

letsgopsu said...

Let's put this guy next to Crosby (or Malkin)

pops said...

yea, and why dont we get lidstrom and phaneuf on defense while we're at it

letsgopsu said...

I can dream...

pops said...


the semin thing is hilarious!

what a fucking pussy.

awesome find!!! THANKS A MIL, BUFF FAN!

TheFandangler said...


I wish....


sven butenschon said...

Thank you soo much for that
It's like christmas all over again
That is way worse that a shot in the pills

Semin is gay.......
OV still a douche

sven butenschon said...

that guy he fought isn't any relation to Jordan is it????

pops said...

can we make a GIF of that? what a girl.

Flyer Hater said...

There's nothing more exciting in sports than overtime hockey, especially in an elimination or Game 7 situation. I don't care if you go to 4 on 4, 3 on 3, or fucking 2 on 2, just keep it a team game. Canada is probably going to win the gold now because they were able to go "roof daddy" more than Russia.

FreeCandyVan44 said...

HAHAHAHA wtf was that clown Semin doing? like his big brother took his candy or something

Flyer Hater said...

How can any Caps fan come on here and make fun of anything after that display by Semin?

FreeCandyVan44 said...

@ FH

They never saw it bc the fans dont actually watch the games

pops said...

that is true. the fans just come for the dollar hot dogs and free chipotle burritos.

FreeCandyVan44 said...

id use the term fans very loosely

biff said...

Looks like Marc stole Semin's boyfriend.

Nulpher said...

"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

-Thomas Paine.

Quite applicable.

sven butenschon said...

@ Pops

Chipotle < California Tortilla

That could be the most embarassing thing I have seen in Hockey

Semen = King Vagina of C*nt Mountain

sven butenschon said...

@ Nulpher

"Never mind that horse shit here comes Mongo"

pops said...

nice nulpher.

Stoosh said...

Dear fellow c-bloggers,

Any further attemtps by Caps fans to job Crosby for his fight with McLean must be answered simply by posting Semin's catfight with Marc Staal.

No other comments or response is necessary.

Words don't even begin to describe how pathetic that is.

Thank you, Alexander Semin, for giving us one more perpetual trump card when faced with jobbing from Caps fans.

Milbury on HNIC - "Well Semin left his chain on, so it's nice to see he didn't break any jewelry."

wilsmith said...

What I wouldnt give to see someone turn that into an animated gif with purses flying around.

mallori said...

gif of Semin's bitch slaps:

GoCapsGo said...

It was a fun fight :) but don't forget pens suck, caps win said...

but don't forget, Caps Suck, Pens win cups. Then they run a train on your girlfriend.

Dr. Turkleton said...



Semin > John Bonham

pops said...

staal for st. louis rumors are picking up...

$hero?? said...

ok lets face it
we should sign SEAN AVERY
sure hes a fucking douche bag and we all hate him, but he is the kind of forward we need. he plays a physical game and he can put up acceptable numbers

pops said...

do you really think avery has learned his lesson? i dont. risking a very fragile pens locker room right now for avery is not a good move.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Yes, Sean Avery, when we heard we were having problems with the team chemistry nothing says pulling your team together like Sean Avery. It worked for the Stars, let's try it

If someone on C-blog suggests Marty St. Louis, I'm going to assume they are mentally impaired or being a dick. Really? What motive do these teams have to give away their best players to us for an extra D we have lying around and another player? Likelihood of that happening is the likelihood that Flyer Hater is getting some from anything that's female ... none.

TheFandangler said...

Staal for Marty would give me a constant woody...

Marty is my fav player not named Geno or Sid.

$hero?? said...

yea but either way there's going to be a trade made. Honestly i think avery would suck a GM"s cock to sign him at this point. And big deal, he was talking shit to another player (instigating), which is his job. i think the penguins have needed a ruutu replacement for a long time and he is the one.

TheFandangler said...

TB is dumb enough to take Staal and an acceptable D-man.

$hero?? said...

and im still on the stall for kopitar banwagon

TheFandangler said...

Who's Stall?

$hero?? said...


pops said...

well, the lightning are looking to dump salary fast, because they aren't going anywhere. thats the reasoning behind trading st. louis. it might not be likely, but like someone else said, its nice to dream. besides, if there is one team that would look to trade for young talent, its the team that is out of the running for the playoffs already in jan

I Have Kasparaitis said...

TB is not dumb enough to give away Marty St. Louis, though, Fandangler. 2 untouchable players are Vinny and Marty ... TB is stupid, not that stupid. Plus they are starting to work better together. They need D, though, but they aren't going to give up Marty.

Sean Avery is uncontrollable. He was hated by every teammate he has been with ... he practiced his Brodeur trick on the Rangers back-up goaltender. I do not want him anywhere near the Pens organization ... he doesn't know when to stop or he would have listened when Modano called him out ...

wilsmith said...

IHK throwing some mean around.
I like it.

Rage said...

IHK=full of win

poor FH

C'mon folks. Let it go... OR

Buries It and a bag o pucks for Jesus, Santa AND the Easter Bunny.

TheFandangler said...

Jesus would be mud.

Unless you can skate on sand.

TheFandangler said...

Maybe he can just slide the stick through the holes in his hand for grip.

Rage said...

True, but I heard he's got a mean wrister

pops said...

anyone else feeling cheated by an underworld movie with no kate beckinsale?

oh wait, what were we talking about?

$hero?? said...

seriously has anyone considered anze kopitar??

sven butenschon said...

Bring Avery into the PEns Locker Room and like every other locker room he has been in the rest of the team will hate him = Instant bonding/chemistry

Flyer Hater said...










$hero?? said...

page soon

BlacknGold66 said...

Turk that is BLASPHEMY!

Nobody is greater than John Bonham!


I'm still halfway to getting Irish Wake drunk as I proclaimed I would to Stokes hours ago.

I'm celebrating the life of a fictional man I made up of the name Ian McLaurean.


{gulp gulp}

Stoosh said...

The Rick Nash talk needs to stop. He's not coming here. Columbus is in playoff contention. They've got cap room to spend and a team full of young players on their way up or already contributing. If they don't make the playoffs this year, they're next year's Chicago. Rick Nash is the face of their franchise. They are not trading him.

The Sean Avery talk needs to stop. Avery's insistence on making himself a sideshow act and his inability to comprehend the concept of a team outweighs whatever toughness he brings. He's played his way off of at least three teams and possibly four, depending on whether you believe Doc Emrick. There are many other ways they can add toughness without stooping to bringing this clown in.

I'm not sure about the St. Louis rumors, but I've heard them before. I'm not sure whether St. Louis helps us. He's an excellent locker room guy - a small player who plays much bigger than his size, but he's a $5.25M cap hit through the 2010-11 season, so I'm not sure how feasible this is in terms of the economics.

I'd be intrigued by it, but the potential cost in terms of players going the other way to free up cap space makes me leary about it.

$hero?? said...

marty = joke <3

Flyer Hater said...

You know, other teams want to win too.

fleuryous said...

"Crosby is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't."

Touche, Man. The fight is whatev. Like the post said, there are bigger problems...

I didn't understand the whole pulling Fleury after the first either. Granted he let in 2 goals in the first period on very few shots, pulling him in the second, then bringing him back in the third is a bit of emotion-toying, I'd say.

Blue jerseys should be banned if not burned. haha.

So, we play the Rangers on Monday. PLEASE bring back the January 1 3rd-period play (plus an improved PP). I'll pee myself.

"Hold on to your butts..."

Go Pens.

$hero?? said...

maybe staal and whitney for patrick kane?

Flyer Hater said...


Flyer Hater said...



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