Friday, January 9, 2009

Music City Meltdown. PENS LOSE


If some country music sensation wrote a song about the Penguins season to this point, it would be called, "Are you drinking with me?"

The song would be a huge hit but then blow a three-goal lead to some rap song.
These are fragile times. Games like this almost paralyze you.

Up 3-0, all seems to be right.
5 unanswered goals later, we're right back we're we were before the Atlanta game.

Do you blame Michel Therrien? According to everyone, he has lost the team.
It almost seems desperate to blame him.
But tha'ts what losing does.

The line juggling, the struggles of the powerplay, the blowing of leads.
Who shoulders the it?
The players certainly haven't done anything to warrant a free pass.

It all comes down to accountability.
Who is accountable?

Chase S.

Dale S.


Paul Steigerwald's intro was unreal.
That took some guts.


Elvis must have died 'cause the game was like 10 minutes late starting.
8:00 game on a Thursday night. Nobody cared.
There were numerous stoppages in the early going.
Nashville ownership was probably checking to see if their crowd had a pulse.

We got through half of the first with nothing going, but then Satan drops some acid.
Pens were on the PK, and they killed it.

The Pens got on the board first. Two games in a row. Whatever that means.
Petr Gunn. 1-0.

For the first time in a while things are looking up.

Solid period of play,


Video from Malkin macking on some chick from a few games ago:


The start of the second period was the best thing to happen since it looked like Ben Afleck was going to die in Armageddon.

Staal-Bing-Kennedy was solid. They flew into the zone.
Nashville puts it in their own net.


And the Cookie and Talbot come jobbing down.
Talbot's first goal since 1960. 3-0
A few Nashville fans retreat home to watch the 1989 Daytona 500.

All is right in the world. Pens are righting the ship.

But Martin Erat is not impressed.
He changes the game with a huge goal from the sewer.

Well its only 3-1.
And hey the Pens get a powerplay.
And then the wheels fall off.

Preds just take over. The Pens powerplay is just a disaster.
Erat owns Whitney.
2-on-1, saucer pass.

If you didn't know the Preds were about to score again, you're a joke.

3-3 as Dick Trickle goes top shelf.


The third period is why we can't sleep at night.

Staal- Crosby-TK is broken up. The Pens refuse to make any change to their powerplay, and the lines are a mess.

Nashville gets a powerplay.


All of sudden there is no time left.
But the Pens are coming harder than Peter North.
Bodies everywhere, puck floats to Jordan Staal......

Radek Bonk with an amazing play.
What else can we even say. That is one hell of a defensive play.

It was over.
Preds ice it with an empty net.


  • Oh boy
  • vomit
  • not spellchecked

Go Pens


Nulpher said...

Balls... pure and simple.

Lets send some snowblowers to the avs before Saturday.

Kierstan said...

In reference to the last post's cblog - I know I'm late to the party, but totally committed to the Stoosh. Seriously.

@ Nulpher - LOL.

In other news, I think staff has pretty much nailed it - nobody's hands are clean in this mess the Pens are in right now, but who's going to be held accountable?

loralei said...

Honestly what bothers me the most about this little slump is that the players dont even seem interested. Even when they really, really sucked a couple of years ago, there was still faith in them because you could see the heart & emotion & effort. They are not even trying now. Oh dont get me wrong, the do wake up for a little while when they realize they are about to get their asses kicked again, but personally, I think they need a trade. A big one. I dont think the coach is the problem. The system hasnt changed since last year, the coaches havent changed, only the personnel. If the players are dumb enough not to believe in a system that took them to the stanley cup final a year before, well I think thats on them.

But thats just my humble opinion...
: )

UPJGuy said...

This shit has got to end.

Why does noone bitch about the rebounds from MAF? He's doing a little better, but damn... Everyone gives him all this praise, but has anyone checked out his gaa and sv% lately? For every attempt, opponents are getting 2+ shots.

If I hear Paul say "high and wide" or "rebound opportunity" one more time, I'm gonna freak out. Let's get pucks on the net and MAF: Hold on to the damn puck.

As for the rest of the team, I only have one suggestion. Remember in Hook, where everyone says "We believe" and Peter learns to fly...

Well, here's my suggestion for gameday character: The Lost Boys. * Not my photo.

Lets go Pens!

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

I don't know if it was a broken line change or what, but Sykora was out with Crosby and Staal when he scored last night. It wasn't a powerplay.

So maybe Crosby-Staal-TK should've never been put back together in the first place. Tyler Kennedy just doesn't have the talent to be on a line with Sid.

powerhouse said...

Teams have learned to beat us pressure us on either end of the ice. We have a slow regroup up ice which fails to utilize our biggest asset, our speed. Pk is a passive box that is garbage. A coaching change is not only desireable but necessary at this point. Our team's inability to change within its current system speaks volumes on what's going on.

Are the players doing all they can? Well let me just say this team is not as bad as it looks and the players are not stupid. A fresh approach may refocus them.

In any event coaching has clearly failed to get the most of it's players and their skills. What more can I say. This team is a winner running around in a losers costume.

jayness said...

Thank god I was stuck in traffic on I-81 in West Virginia all day and missed the game. Get me a beer.

Matt Gajtka said...

Does I-81 even go through West Virginia? Not to be a dick.

Matt Gajtka said...

Nvm...I looked it up cause I'm dorky like that. It does in the eastern panhandle.

Matt said...

For the next gameday character, I recommend a dick covered in shit and vomit. You know, because I'd rather look at that than the Pens' power play these days...

A good night's sleep didn't reduce the sting of that loss. Not even one bit...

Grant said...

Staal- Crosby-TK is broken up. The Pens refuse to make any change to their powerplay, and the lines are a mess.

Ahem... ALL COACHING!! You don't break up lines every time they go back out on the ice. Crosby and Malkin played with about everyone on our team in that game. Terrien is a bewildered MESS. He just looks lost out there. The players have lost their edge because in my mind they have such little confidence in their coach.

Why is it so hard to go with Cros - Malk - Syko for longer than the last 1:55 of a game when you desperately need a goal.

And why do we continue to WASTE Crosby and Malkin's talent by playing them with the likes of MAX TALBOT. GIVE ME A BREAK! I know people like him but MY GOD, he is a 3rd LINER and NOTHING MORE. Talbot cant keep up with them physically at all and especially mentally. He has no idea where to be on the ice when playing with them.

COACHING COACHING COACHING. Everyone needs to get off Terriens balls and wake up. He is a nice guy but hes not the right coach for this team anymore. - Please tell me we signed Stall to trade him down the road, he is SO SLOW and he just makes me want to VOMIT. WHAT A WASTE OF SPACE he is!

Matt Gajtka said...

This is the first time I haven't been able to put a game in the past after I wake up the next morning. Probably just an accumulation of suckitude that's got me down.

Let's just say I didn't expect to be 20-18-4 on Jan. 9. Lord knows the players/coaches didn't either. I think it was pops who said last night that the sweet isn't as sweet without the sour. Damn right.

In Shero I (Still) Trust. Last night may end up being a blessing because it's the tipping point. I wouldn't expect anything big until they get back from the trip...or at least until after the Colorado game.

But you never know.

Matt Gajtka said...

Four posts before know something's wrong.

Stilly said...

You had to know that when the Pens were up 3-0 on some lucky bounces and Nashville was taking the play to the Pens for the first 30 minutes that the dam was gonna break soon.

Beating Atlanta was good for the ego, but obviously did little to remedy the problems the Pens are having. I really have no idea what's going on, and anyone here who claims they do is diluted. Unless you're in the lockeroom or coach's office you don't have a clue.

I trust that management will make the right decision, and soon this little craptastic stretch will be a thing of the past.

Go Pens.

dying alive said...

Any time the Pens go up by three or more, I start to sweat.

btumpak said...

"Stay the course"

haahahhahaaha joke.

go pens.

chris e said...

I may be the dumbest person on the planet but I dont see how this is HCMT's fault. How can a coach take a team to the SCF's one year and be the entire problem half way through the next season? How is that not the players fault? I agree 100% with loralei. Put the blame where it is due. If you don't execute you don't win.

Damian M. Romano said...

I don't care if we just signed him to a 4 year deal, trade him for a veteran winger who may actually sign with us next year.

urban said...

Dear Ryan Whitney,


Love, urban.

Kurt said...

Call up Pesonen...

jovi said...

so few comments. probable becuz everyone is too pissed to even read this; I know I woke up this morning saying I wasn't. But at last, I need my crack... I mean pensblog.

Bright point of the day was that PS. Till this day, that movie still scares the crap out of me.

KrisR said...

Nobody has said it yet (come on people, aren't a good deal of us from Pittsburgh?) so I will.

Fire Therrian, hire Cowher. It's the Pittsburgh thing to do.

Kierstan said...

Any time the Pens go up by three or more, I start to sweat.

You're not the only one, DA...when I see things going well like they were at the beginning of the game last night my brain automatically goes to "What's going to go wrong?", which is sad.

Mike T said...

MT hate Pesonen, MT hate winning.

KrisR said...

@ Grant This is an interesting thought regarding Staal.

P.O. said...

a little while ago this might have seemed like something i would have gotten annoyed at... but i think last night at the bar i turned to my buddy who was more interested in the BCS game than the pens and said "wow... 3 goal lead blown..." and neither of us were that surprised.. .bad times

jovi said...

gotta agree with Chris e,

It wasn't even a year ago, just a few months. the only thing that has changed is the players. i don't know what kind of sports u've played, but when someone on your team sucks, you either:
A) don't play them (satan)
B) curse them the-hell-out to make them play better (most the team)

so, all in all, i'm not really buying the players excuss thing either; its too late in the yr for that crap.

i don't like all the random line changes but when ur on the bench, u should be paying attention to ur other teammates to learn what they do, so that u'll be ready 4 ANYTHING.

another thing that is pissing me off is the powerplay. freakin' A, if ur going to drop-&-chase, DON'T FORGET TO CHASE! they dump the puck and look around like morons. how hard is it to just say: hey, whit, U take the puck in or geno, or Sid. they make this crap sooo freakin' complicated.

sorry for the rant and the poor grammar but i can't take this crap anymore. its affecting my mood. i went to bed early last nite becuz i just lost the will to live. this isn't healthy and i'm about to buy a plane ticket up and choke somebody.

UR F'in with my EMOTIONS!

wilsmith said...

Maybe the Pens should play Peso and Minard on Crosby's wing for a few nights. That will solve alllllllll the problems.

Signs the team is giving up on this season and looking to the next one:
A) Locking up Staal.
B) If they fire Therrien.

It's going to take Staal a while to become what they want him to be so if he's who they're counting on to be that scoring winger then we're going to be waiting a long time. If they trade him, then who knows.

How much trouble do you think he has falling asleep at night?

If they fire Therrien then the guys have to throw out what the team's been doing for years and start from scratch. That won't happen overnight.

Travis said...

As I said in my email, staff, Swayze might not have been the best pick. Dude DOES have inoperable cancer after all.

Aubrey said...

Can I talk about the picture of Tenk beating up Army for a minute? The looks on the faces of the players is priceless, and Satan is just watching the situation all like "if he dies, he dies"....classic picture.

I have to agree that we need to start putting more blame on Therrien. How can these guys play when their lines are constantly broken up? And the power play? VOMIT. They need to make better choices on who they put out there...This doesn't mean that I'm not blaming the players, because I definitely fucking am, but perhaps there is something to this coaching issue.

Blowing a 3-0 lead against Nashville is unacceptable.

If I still lived in Pittsburgh you might have seen me on the Veterans bridge last night...

[Commit to Cowher]

brett said...


Peso-Crosby-Minard, my thoughts exactly. I put that exact line down in cblog a couple posts ago. We don't seem to have anything to lose at the moment dropping 6 of 7.

Ja' Red said...

When you have the talent pool we do in that locker room, with a strategic GM like Shero, it points many to believe the one last variable in the picture to blame would be HCMT. While I do not think he's doing his job, I think we would be doing this organization an injustice if we fired him.

So we've been on a solid 10 game shit streak, it sucks, its a good fraction of the season. Guess who carried us through a few whole SEASONS of shitiness to bring us to the stanley cup last year? HCMT. He has been one of the only variables who came out clean through the shit storm, and after 10 games of this shit, with players having no hearts, HCMT is not the one who should take all the blame.

Make Crosby and Malkin healthy scratches for two games. Send a message to that locker room and pick up a veteran who will say a few words between periods to make sure SHIT like that doesn't happen again.

Satan has got to go.

Carmen said...

I'm not gonna lie, I can't even win with the Pens on NHL 09 anymore and I used to dominate

dying alive said...

I think we all know who the next game day candidate should be...

Sophia Petrillo. All business.

Of course, you may want to find a different picture of her, because as we are all painfully aware, nobody wearing a Pirates uniform has won in almost two decades.

Kierstan said...

If the team isn't going to be making any trades and isn't going to be firing any coaching staff (neither are certain to happen or not happen at this point), something somewhat radical needs to be done. I'm not sure that benching Geno and Sid would be that something, since they're some of the people who actually seem to be trying (even though they've not been the greatest lately - who on the team has?). I'd mention the first thing that came to my mind, but I'm afraid I'd get crucified in here.

Victor Raison said...

Haha, if Cowher coached the Pens, they would just end up losing the AFC Championship at home every year.

blufftalk said...

  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there's only one thing left to do. Trade for Hacksaw.

Stilly said...

I noticed this yesterday but...

Why is Bill Cowher in the conversation at all? It'd be a funny joke if he were a great coach, but he was just ok. He was consistently out-coached in big games and won the Superbowl only once during his tenure in Pittsburgh.

I love the Steelers, but Cowher is no Vince Lombardi.

If you're gonna make those kind of jokes, at least pick a good coach.

urban said...

@Kierstan - If it's killing Ryan Whitney, I'm way ahead of you.

I've been pricing crossbows all morning.

Kierstan said...

If Cowher coached the Pens, well...suffice it to say that I don't think Kordell Stewart would do too well on skates.

Aubrey said...

@ Ja'Red-
Crosby and Malkin being healthy scratches? Radical, but it just might work....but it is true that they have been trying.

@dying alive-

Come on, lets hear it! I won't crucify you

Painfully true...good point!

[trade satan]

Nate8724 said...

Now I am not saying I want this to happen but with all this fire Therrien getting fired I think if the pens lose to the AVS it very well could happen.

Nate8724 said...

To add I also don't think the coach is the problem but you never no I don't want him fired but I think that is what may happen

Kevin said...

What the fuck is going on in Pittsburgh!?! I figured it out, everyone is to blame. Everybody isn't giving 100% and that totals to a lot below what is needed.

Kevin said...

The major problem is the lack of powerplay goals. That means they should fire Yeo, and his lack of eyebrows!

akus said...

So did the players say, Fuck You MT, we know last year we all played as a team, we followed the system, we did what made us win, but this year..........fuck You, we're just not gonna do it.

I guess they still like the taste of the SCF loss in their mouths.

I also do not want to see MT go, but if he does and this shit continues, at least we will know who is accountable.

Pens postgames interviews:
fluff city.
I hate fluff.

Aubrey said...

it's widely known that Therrien is not a player favorite. I think they might be giving a big "fuck you" to him, in hopes he'll get fired....

urban said...


1. Fire all coaching staff.
2. Introduce new player/coach Rob Scuderi.
3. Profit.

Kierstan said...

I feel bad for Therrien that it's looking more and more like he and his staff will be the ones to take the fall for this (ok, I wouldn't feel too bad for Yeoke not adjusting his stupid PP, but still). It's not entirely his fault, but he's definitely not blameless.

@ Aubrey - I just worry that I'd sound like I was in full-on brainless panic button mode, and I really do put thought into what I post. It should say something, though, that it's getting to the point where people are having these crazy thoughts about the team. There's just too damn much talent for them to be in this much freefall.

Aubrey said...

commit to Urban...i like it!

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

With the exception of Barry Melrose, it's very rare that that coach actually deserves to get fired. But since you can't fire 23 players, the coach is the one who has to go. Peter Laviolette didn't really deserve to get the axe in Carolina, but they've turned things around in Raleigh to the point that they're back being legitimate playoff contenders under Paul Maurice. And if Washington hadn't run off with the division already (18-1-1 at home will help), the Canes would probably be in the mix for one of the top 3 seeds.

Laviolette's available. So is Bob Hartley. And so is the Fonz. Something's gotta give, and it has to be the coaching staff.

homesprout said...

They made it to the Finals last year because they were simply more talented then anyone in the far.

Then they met Detroit, who were just as talented, perhaps even a little more so.

The difference was coaching. Babcock made the necessary tactical adjustments, putting his players in a position to succeed, while Therrien bitched and complained to the media about the officiating and repeatedly changed lines.

One of the more enlightened posters on the Pens board found an interesting thread.

Some Canadiens fans and their opinions of Therrien when he was in Montreal.....

Notice any similarities to the Therrien we all know and love!? :-D

chris e said...

I will probably be chastised for referencing football without throwing Ben under a bus but it all comes down to execution. Same as a 4th and 1. Don't give me the 'it was the wrong play call' bullshit...get the fucking yard. Same with our PP. Don't give me the 'it's Yeo's fault.' Fuck that. Get the damn puck on net and get some dirty goals. I mean one or two shots per PP is UNACCEPTABLE. Please stop the HCMT hate and put the blame where it is due.

dying alive said...

People who are singling out one player have an axe to grind. Everyone is responsible for this mess, from the coaching staff right down through the healthy scratches. You can't pin this one one, two, or even three people.

I find it hard to believe that the players are just throwing games and not giving it their all. What do they have to gain by that? They're just making their situation worse. So now instead of having a coach they don't like, they're miserable and slumping and have a coach they don't like. People like Satan and others whose contracts expire next year would only be hurting themselves in that scenario. Athletes who work hard enough to get to the big leagues are too competitive to do that.

Hell, I've played softball for coaches I don't like and I'd have too much pride to throw a beer league game that I'm playing for free.

ryan said...

I agree, signing Staal indicates that they are giving up on the season, and maybe next season. I am hoping they signed him to make him easier to trade?

Its not hard to make this team competitive. Get a decent wing to play with Crosby and continue to play Sykora with Malkin. Oh, and quit having Ryan Whitney give up short handed scoring chances.

Last year we had Malone and Sykora. This year we have a Sykora that is finally starting to play well and 3rd line player of the month on Crosby's line.

Kierstan said...

Interesting thread, homesprout. I'll have to say that my favorite quote out of the whole thing was "He is about as smart as a rubber bow tie and two left shoes.". That made me giggle. Seriously though, I think you're right...there are a lot of suspiciously familiar themes in that discussion.

kstewy16 said...

Why are people drooling all over Pesonen's balls? What has he done that makes him special?
He's not even the best guy in the AHL!!!!!!

Sure, if we bring him up and stick him with sid, he will probably score a goal here or there, but so did Satan, so did Dupuis, so did Staal.

There is absolutely nothing special about Janne Pesonen, so get off his balls.

As far as the game goes, well any time you allow 5 unanswered goals, you basically suck. When you do it after you just scored 3 goals, well then you really suck.

jovi said...

well, if the plays hate the coach, and they want to win it their way, then WIN THE GAME.

I guess the players were watching Varsity Blues but at least in that movie, they ACTALLY won.

Losing to get someone fired is just as stupid as it sounds.

Next theory.

Kierstan said...

kstewy, I know some people are Pesonen uber-cheerleaders, but I also think that some people are wondering if he'd really be that much of a downgrade from what the Pens have going right now. Who knows, maybe it's worth a shot at this point.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I like how some have been saying that HCMT wouldn't dare get fired because he has a new contract / the Pens wouldn't eat that money.

Fuck. That.

I've said this on previous posts...we don't know the language in his contract [ie. Buyout Clause] and the amount of money due to HCMT [~2.5mil] is chump change for Lemieux, Burkle & Co.
I don't see management holding back in firing him if they feel it's the right move to make in order for the teams direction to change.

Now, a reason HCMT might not be fired is that, even though HCMT was not hired by King Shero and part of Shero's new regime, the King is said to play the David Poile Playbook™ almost to a T...and that would include Rule 19: Don't give the coach too much credit in good times and too much blame during the bad [see: Barry 'No Neck' Trotz, who's been the Predators HC since Game 1.0]
So while it's fun for us to speculate who the Next One would be to stand behind the bench [Torts, please] may in fact be all for not.


nice plan. but, why not just go with the original Gnomes Plan:

Phase 1. Collect Underpants.
Phase 2. ?
Phase 3. Profit.


Matt Gajtka said...

Ja'Red, I'm having a hard time locating the "few seasons of shit" that Therrien guided the Pens through. More like one half season of shit, followed by a playoff appearance, followed by a trip to the SCF.

The fact of the matter is that the team has outgrown the coach. He works best with a young team that can be intimidated into playing his way. His system doesn't match the personnel anymore...and I don't think Shero will mind bringing in his own head coach finally.

TheFandangler said...

The team is playing like a sour fart, that doesn't mean "one, two, or three" players aren't blowing more goats for less quarters.

Ja' Red said...


Good point, I always associate HCMT with the hay days of uglyness, but you're right, half season of shit, and then things picked up.

Perhaps deep down I'm just in denial.

He's a good coach --- perhaps his time has passed.

I surrender

BlacknGold66 said...

These boys need to go to West Point over the All-Star break.

Ja' Red said...

so, ill let my prediction roll out: Therrian gone by the end of January, new coach in place with the same team until the trade deadline, at which point if things have not turned around, we trade the likes of Satan and others.

god help us

captjameson said...

maybe malkin was singing "Berserker" to her

urban said...

@Dr. Turkleton: Whatever works, I'm on board.

[trade bing/geno/orpik/scuds/sykora for 4th rd. pick]

akus said...

I always enjoyed watching Toronto play, they may lose but they play.

Heart and emotions.

If they win its a bonus, since no one expects them to anyway.

.......something that team that is 6 points ahead of them does not seem to do.

There are not many coachs around that all fans/players will and do like.Thats life.

As i said, if MT is fired and the same ole, same ole is on the ice, at least we know who to hold accountable..or will we hear new "lines" from a new coach, ie@ they have to use to playing my system, it will take a few days/games/weeks to work it out, we are not in synch yet....etc..

Just tossing this quote out here,
"I was aware that if I coached the way I had in the past it wouldn't have had the same results"

A change is needed, the Core will not be traded, so what do You do??

Trade a D-man? trade some wingers?
What could you get for Talbot?Godard? Sabu? I am not asking for replies i am just venting....

Peso is not the answer, if he was, he would have been here back in December.


next week, Philly, the Caps, Anaheim and the Rangers.
I wanna cry.

[The Core
..........needs more parts.]

coffeytalk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BlacknGold66 said...

My love for you tick tock like clock BERSERKER...

dying alive said...

The team is playing like a sour fart, that doesn't mean "one, two, or three" players aren't blowing more goats for less quarters.

True enough, but pointing the finger at one person for this mess is delusional. I'm not the type to point fingers, because in this case, I don't have enough fingers to point.

Or maybe I just am not the type to wish AIDS or other painful death on a player because a hockey team isn't meeting expectations. I mean, I love the Pens, but it's still only sports after all.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Newest issue of The Hockey News


I love the fact that they've change their normal Stat Pack a couple years ago, by the time you got your issue, the stats were 2 weeks behind the Gore.

they still include the 'normal' stats every once in a while, but their obscure stats are awesome:

This week, they have...

• Leading/Behind/Tie: Average amount of time per game a team has led [L], trailed [B] or was tied [T].

15. PIT- 19:06 [31.0%]- 17:10 [27.9]- 25:20 [41.1]

• Avg time taken for each team to: take their 1st shot [ATSh], score their 1st goal [ATG].

18. PIT- ATSh: 2:43 ATG: 21:55

• Save Percentage in the 1st period

6. MAF 14-GP .935
12. Sabu 15-GP .926

• Top Scores since Dec. 25, 2007

1. Malkin 76-GP 115 Pts.
25. Crosby 47-GP 68 Pts.
34. Sykora 72-GP 66 Pts.

[Too Much Time On My Hands]

coffeytalk said...

I hope you are all sending your resumes and applications in to King Shero.

Can't wait to see which one of you dicks get the HC position.

Raybin said...

I must say I'm getting more than a little tired of people trying to hang this on one person.

"Fuck Whitney, he sucks!"

"Trade Staal, he's terrible!"

"Fire Therrien, the players are rebelling!"

"Fleury is overrated!"

Folks, last I checked, hockey is a team game. Whitney makes one godawful turnover last night and suddenly he's the biggest liability on the team.

The fickleness of sports fans pisses me off. If Staal scores a hat trick on Saturday and Fleury gets a shutout and the team runs the table until the All-Star break, we'll be all over everyone's nuts again. (I include myself in that indictment, by the way.) Blah.

If Therrien does go, I see that Doc Turkleton agrees with me in wanting to see Tortorella standing behind the bench. Our combined opinion is unstoppable. Someone tell Shero and 66 if HCMT does get canned.

Now...more thoughts:

-Fleury needs to get more consistent. He's been hung out to dry by the defense way too much lately. On the other hand, he's been spitting out rebounds like Paris Hilton spits out....well, nevermind. Also, quite frankly, he needs to use his athleticism and reflexes to make one of those spectacular highlight reel saves to bail out his defense now and again.

Defense is a two way street: The defensemen have to bail out the goaltender sometimes and the goaltender has to bail out the defensemen. Right now, no one is doing either.

-Therrien is not an innocent here though. Line shufflings are a fix for when things are going not according to plan in October and November. We're starting to get deep into January...the time for juggling lines around and hoping something meshes is far past.

I also question some of his other decisions. Scratching Gill and putting Gogo on the wing while playing Eaton (who is clearly not the player he once was) and Boucher (who is very obviously on the rapid downhill slope of his career) is nothing short of insane.

Goligoski has great scoring talent, but surely someone from the AHL who is an actual winger has at least equal talent.

-I've said it before and I'll say it again: This team needs an enema. Whether it's a trade or a firing, this team is deep in a funk and stricken with a crisis of confidence. Times like this are when management has to shake things up to send a message.

Personally, I'd fire Yeo as A kind of a warning message to players and coaches that the front office has had it and bigger things will be coming unless shit turns around and soon.

wilsmith said...

My Peso remark was made entirely in jest.

That guy has looked out of place each time he was called up. Dominating the AHL means next to nothing. Besides, they'd probably rather stay down there and win some games.

The Goon Blogger said...

Commit to the Raybin

Raybin said...

Some other people have already made this point, but I see nothing wrong with repeating it: It's obvious that many of the people they've tried on Crosby's line simply don't have the chops to keep up with him.

Dupuis can because he uses his speed, incredibly hard work and veteran smarts. Everyone else has pretty much been an epic fail.

Which leads me into my second thought: What's it gonna take to get Sykora an extended chance on Sid's wing?

dying alive said...

Actually, assuming that Yeo is actually the PP coach and not just a Therrien puppet, he's one of the people that I do feel you can point at and say, "problem." There is NO REASON why that PP should be as bad as it is with the talent we've got on there. Everyone looks out of position. Their best shooter is back at the point. They generate no quality chances and are kept to the outside. For whatever reason they refuse to put Sykora on the top PP even though he's been the best PP player this season. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The one stroke of genius play that the Pens had, the Whitney play, isn't going to happen anymore because other teams have caught onto it. Time to come up with something new and effective. Shooting once in a while would be a nice place to start. I'm not one of those idiots who sits around and yells SHOOOOOT, but when you're only getting one SOG during a two minute power play on a consistent basis, something is fundamentally wrong with your game plan.

I remember one game last year when they just kept feeding the puck to Malkin on the PP and every time he would just blast away. And it was actually effective! The other team and the goalie knew what was coming and it still worked. It was beautiful.

Meg said...

am i the only one who thinks Stoosh should be the next head coach? just saying..

akus said...

i knew you made a Pes(o)arcasm post, but i thought a large turkey was sited,usually when a bird is about, Peso mania breaks out.

Aubrey if they are saying a big fuck you to MT, then they are saying a big fuck you to me.Jmo.

Pens have a fatalistic attitude.


Victor Raison said...

Actually, what they should do is construct an android whose CPU is a neural net processer containing every suggestion ever mentioned on cblog.

Now that would make a fine hockey coach.

(BTW, Raybin. Have you seen Black Snake Moan yet? Worth a watch for a fan of the blues. Or a fan of Samuel L. Also, it's not a bad movie at all.)

Rage said...

I see this:

"one, two, or three" players aren't blowing more goats for less quarters."


Then I see this gem of unending stupidity:
"I agree, signing Staal indicates that they are giving up on the season..."

Some of you people should go BACK to fucking LGP and TIOPS and the Pens Message Boards,or just be gone. I will say once again that everybody's "informed" opinions all added together wouldn't make a fucking popcorn fart's difference in a whirlwind to anybody remotely connected with this team. Let me sum up my paragraph: STFU

I'm beginning to see why there's no sh0ez, eileen, hebrew hammer, bryndlynn etc here anymore. Who's next? Stoosh? Akus? Give it a rest people. You ain't convincing anybody anything anyways (See what I did there?)

The only reason this entire post shouldn't be deleted for rampant asshattery?

"My love for you tick tock like clock BERSERKER..."

The Berserker saves the day

Raybin said...

@victor raison

No way, man...I've seen Terminator 2. Sounds too much like Skynet to me.

And yeah, Black Snake Moan is a solid movie. I thought I was the only one who'd seen it! Great song too.

[Blind Lemon Jefferson]

Rage said...

"Actually, what they should do is construct an android whose CPU is a neural net processer containing every suggestion ever mentioned on cblog.

Now that would make a fine hockey coach."

Goddamn sign me up for THAT!!! NOW we're talking people!!!!

Stilly said...

Therrien should go with the top line in my NHL 09 'Be a Pro' career. I was recently held without a point in a game, so I was demoted to the second line.. (this is season 3 so I'm on a line with Johan Franzen and PJ Axlesson)

But more importantly the top line is now Sid - Geno - Staal. Geno centering a line with Bing and Jordo... what a line.

Matter of fact lets fire Therrien and put NHL 09 AI in charge. Same with Shero, can him and put a PS3 at the helm.

Srsly though.. good points Raybin. We are in complete agreement about how lame sports fans can become in trying times. Sometimes I feel like this is site full of Philadelphia fans.

The Goon Blogger said...

We're playing with fire boys. Can we honestly lay claim that no one has ever suggested that HCMT kill the entire team? I don't trust robots, man.

CFX said...

"Jags come back home LMAO"

Rage said...

oh and i didn't mean to leave you off the list up there Raybin...don't want you going anywhere either...

[Son House]

Raybin said...

oh and i didn't mean to leave you off the list up there Raybin...don't want you going anywhere either...

Well that makes one of you. :-) (Thanks!)

[Son House]

You are my favorite person ever. Son House sits at the right hand of Robert Johnson.

[Skip James]

coffeytalk said...

can't trust robots. ever.

but i do trust robot love

Rage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
coffeytalk said...

the robot uprising is coming

Raybin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raybin said...

Can't wait to see which one of you dicks get the HC position.

If you can put in a good word for me, I'll make you the 4th line center.

Rage said...


@coffeytalk-You are on the list of "don't run away" people too...and we(Me and maybe staff) need some creative input I think

[Charley Patton]

coffeytalk said...

thanks rage. after reading through c-blog this morning i felt like cutting my wrists a little bit.

then i decided instead of fleeing and/or cutting deeper, i'd stay for awhile and stick to being an asshole.

i'm not quite flyerhater yet, but some of these jokes on here are making the transformation almost complete.

coffeytalk said...

raybin, it's a deal. although I am more used to playing defense. whatevs. at this point, the pens lines should just be picked out of a hat pregame. woooooooooo.

dying alive said...

Robot uprising?

I guess I'd better pay the premiums on my Old Glory Insurance!

BlacknGold66 said...

Coffeytalk's liver is in the best shape of it's life.

Just sayin...

Dubs said...

gah ...

my bum hurts ... tired of getting ass raped every time these boys play.

Rage said...

@coffeytalk-were you following the whole free game ticket for dd7 thing the other day? Originally it was for him to be carrotman, but i don't wanna humiliate him. I'm looking for a way he could do something to benefit the MLF and/or tPB without costing him any money. Thoughts?

coffeytalk said...

my liver is gonna get a hat trick this weekend.

coffeytalk said...


honestly i am sick of the carrot business. but if we could think of something cooler to do, i'm in.

you can email me:

cellardoore at gmaildotcom

Raybin said...

raybin, it's a deal. although I am more used to playing defense.

Then it's you and Scuderi on a line. BNG won't be able to handle it.

Raybin said...

@dying alive

Robot insurance = FULL OF WIN

Rage said...

no carrots necessary

coffeytalk said...

glad you're keeping scuds around. i wouldn't sign without him.

i need his majestic jaw line out on the ice with me.

Raybin said...

I suppose I should actually get back to the business of performing work in exchange for money.

Incidentally, staff...don't give up on Swayze. You just used the wrong one.

You need Patrick Swayze in "Road House." Un. Stoppable.

coffeytalk said...

also, my professional hockey name is Chesty Leroux, btdubs.

I'm a lefty on the stick, righty for everything else. (thats what she said)

I'm a hard hitter and not afraid to take a puck to the face.

(yep, that's what she said)

coffeytalk said...

oh yea, work. i should probably get back to that too.

thanks for a few minutes of enjoyable c-blog, guys.

Stilly said...


Agreed. Dalton will fuck your shit up. Sam Elliot as Wade Garrett was bad ass too.

brett said...


we can't express our opinions on how to bring our favorite team out of the dumpster?

you know, just because some idiots yell 'shoot' all the time, doesn't mean that more shooting isn't the answer once in a while. get it? get off of this 'holier than thou' attitude, sheesh.

Matt said...

@da- Times are tough.

You need to feel safe. And that's harder and harder to do nowadays, because robots may strike at any time.

Matt said...

Or Yeobots.

Ba dum dink!

BlacknGold66 said...

I wouldn't let my bender ass out there on a line with Scuds. He's too much man for me.

Sign me and make me the assistant coach. I can get this PP to work with two simple moves.

I've been saying it all year.

1)Staal... sit your ass in front of the net and DO NOT FUCKING MOVE!

2)Shoot the fucking puck. (although I'm also not a "SHOOT IT" asshole.)

Rage said...

@brett-I'm holier than nobody, but I'm fed up with everybody's bullshit opinions...although I do dig where the robot stuff is going here...just sayin

coffeytalk said...

I am holier-than-thou.

deal with it.

Stilly said...

Ha. Coffeytalk ftw.

We all know the old adage about opinions and assholes. The issue is that our opinions mean absoultely dick. Express away, just don't expect everyone to say.. 'oh that's a good point, I'm glad you brought it up.'

If I could ask one question of the players, coaches, management, and ownership... What is the difference between the team that had the best start in franchise history in October and November and the one we watch play badly today. It's mind blowing.

urban said...

For the record, Whitney making a turnover last night is not my gripe with him. Not one bit.

Granted, I've only started posting on here recently, but if I had been around for quite some time you'd all know me as "that anti-Whitney guy".

I am far from saying that Whitney is the problem with the team. No one knows what the problem with the team is, especially us. Gonch comes back, Staal is traded, HCMT is fired, Puck Finn plays with Sid, Mike Yeo is set on fire - they still might end up playing shitty.

My point (which I expressed with the rhetoric of 'Kill Whitney') is that Whitney would probably make a pretty decent winger, but is, by most counts, a horrible defenseman.

McKinley Morganfield said...

The night is darkest before the dawn. Who amongst you will lead us into the light?

coffeytalk said...

dark knight quoting = overdone

pens power play = dead before dawn

wilsmith said...

eh, rage, it's a revolving door. People come and go. I think at least one of the people you mentioned is still here as another name.

There's about 6 names I stop to read the comments of, everyone else is on the ignore list. If people leave because they can't do the same, then peace out.

although, I kind of hope IHK comes around, someday.

and Coffeytalk, do you ever think there will come a time when humans and robots can peacefully co-exist?

Ja' Red said...

Everyone has been saying powerplay, powerplay, powerplay and yea, statistically it sucks.

Ever notice once we get it set, we work it pretty well? The problem game in and game out is the fact that we are doing a DUMP AND CHASE on the power play and we're not even winning the pucks down low then to even THINK about getting it set up. Thats what KILLS us.

Anyone remember when Coffey was in the booth last year? He made a comment on how "theres no excuse for that" when you have guys on your team like Gonch (sigh) and Tanger. H

Maybe that should be an area of concentration for Yeo. To correct something like this, and what good coaches typically are able to do, takes putting it under a microscope and dissecting it to a specific aspect of their game, not just generalize with "powerplay needs help."


coffeytalk said...

I do believe there will be a time, wilsmith, i truly do.

GwinTheEskimo said...

I humbly suggest Walter or another Big Lebowski character(Jesus?)for the Colorado game.

could provide the spark the pens need.

off to work.

coffeytalk said...

meh gameday characters...

eff that noise.

until further notice, staff should just put up a TEAM photo.

no longer can we rely on one individual from some weird pop culture reference. time for the boys to be one whole hot mess of puck shooting fury.

Allison said...

for fear of being "that guy" i post this anyway. (in huge rush)
Fedotenko's out 4-6 weeks

KD said...

Commit to Coffeytalk.

Matt said...

Damn... we have some serious bad karma going on. One of the only players to really play his ass off during the 5-game losing streak, now gone for weeks.

Are you there, hockey gods? It's me, Matt.

KD said...

You know, games like this make me feel like Ralphie from A Christmas Story when he doesn't get his secret decoder pen in the mail.

Skunked again.

Dr. Turkleton said...


just finished my Workout With Sidney Crosby


the time an NHL coach spends with one team ranks just slightly above the life span of an adult mayfly.

I compare an NHL coach getting stale to if you had to have the same 'Math' teacher from High School thru the end of College....sure, the teach might be excellent and great at their gig...but, hearing the same voice, preach the same techniques, albeit for different levels of 'Math'...would grow old.

which brings me to a passage from Nietzsche...or what it David Lee Roth?

Change, nothing stays the same.
Unchained, yeah you hit the ground running.

BlacknGold66 said...

"Nietzsche says, 'Out of chaos, comes order.'"

"Aw, blow it out your ass, Howard!"

Name the movie.

I agree with Coffeytalk (actually WilSmith said it last week)... eff Gameday Characters. Eff 'em all. (Although Phil Collins was a good slump buster... woo)

Coffey: Check your Bookface in a bit.

P.S. Why does David Lee Roth have to talk during every song.

[Heh heh heh... one break. COMING UP...]

KD said...

Blazing Saddles.

The Goon Blogger said...

Tenk being out 4-6 weeks is fucking heart breaking. The guy has been amazing for us since HCMT benched him for a few games early in the season (Why won't he do that to Satan) and has been solid a pick up as you can get.

It's really upsetting that he's basically donezo until the playoffs.

Matt said...

Any word on Dupes?

Allison said...

"It's really upsetting that he's basically donezo until the playoffs."
travis, that sentence almost made me puke- but then i looked and he could be back the first week of february. no? or at least towards the end

Allison said...

@matt- nah, i haven't heard one at least

Dr. Turkleton said...



Rape, Murder, Arson & Rape.

You said Rape twice.

I like Rape.

Chaaarming. Sign right here. Badge 'em.

BlacknGold66 said...

Cblog should be non-stop Blazing Saddles quotes for the rest of the day.

Lighten the mood.

BNG only pawn in game of life.

Victor Raison said...

Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben.

Matt said...

If you shoot him, you'll just make him mad!

KD said...

Cblog always makes it all better.

BlacknGold66 said...

MT on line changes:

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."

Flyer Hater said...


dying alive said...

I prefer to quote a different Mel Brooks masterpiece:

Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

Terrible news about Fedotenko. The Pens can't catch a break in terms of injuries this season.

dying alive said...

And to add to the fun, somebody just told me that we are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow. Lame.

sven butenschon said...

Commit to coffeytalk's liver

Stoosh behind the bench

1st Line
Coffeytalk's liver - Crosby - TK
2nd line
Eileen and her magic roberts stick - Geno - Sykora
Talbot's Sweater - FH - BG66

Scuds - Free Candy
Scuds - PB Adam
Scuds - PB Steve

sven butenschon said...

forgot Rage and Fleury will split time in net

Annie S said...

Someone needs to go back and get a shitload of dimes.

sven butenschon said...

Best line in the whole movie

Ok we'll take the n*ggers and the Ch*nks but we don't want the Irish

sven butenschon said...

golly Mr. Lamar you use your tunge prettier that a $20 whore

MizzPenz said...

Where all the white wimmin at?

Matt said...

Excuse me while I whip this out...

sven butenschon said...

Meet me after the show in my dwessing woom

oh gawd it's twue it's twue

sven butenschon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sven butenschon said...

Golly Coach T you use your tounge prettier that a $20 whore

Matt said...

@da - Spaceball One... it's gone to plaid!

Meg said...

Are you kidding me? I come home to the news that my man is out 4-6 weeks?!

This is just not our year.

The Goon Blogger said...

Tenk will probably spend his time recovering with a bottle of Vodka.

Seriously, have you seen how red my man's face is? Dude is all about the booze.

fleuryous said...

coffeytalk said...

I hope you are all sending your resumes and applications in to King Shero.

Can't wait to see which one of you dicks get the HC position.
Thank you, Annie.

Annie and Raybin, I love you guys.

Pinpointing is pretty lame.
Hockey=team game.

I know it's a depressing point in the season (furreal), but to be honest, you gotta have faith (oooh, George Michael reference).

Go Pens.

KD said...

He looks like he does shots of the good stuff in the tunnel before they come out.

meecrofilm said...

Tankt definitely looks like a 12 year-old boy walking home from school in December no matter where he is or what he's going.


The rest of the league should just give up.

The Goon Blogger said...

Mindard gets a hattrick in his first home game. He sells the hats thrown on the ice in order to fund some dental work. Fix your face man!

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

I read pretty much all of the comments to try to get a sense of what everyone else is feeling about the current situation. Right now, I can't pinpoint why the Pens aren't winning games. I guess that means there's a lot of things that need adjustments.

I agree with Chris e. You must execute. Plain and simple. Also that a coaching staff and system that took a team to the Cup final last year is to blame for this.

As far as the Therrien firing, I don't see it as the best thing for the team. I also don't buy that the players don't want to play for him anymore. They get paid to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins, not the coach. It's not the players' decision who the coach is. So if they are doing this so he will get fired, that's just wrong.

As far as line changing goes, it can be very annoying as a fan, so it must be hard to adjust to as a player, but you have to when there are injuries plaguing the team to no end. So when you're without Dupuis and Tenk, you have to adjust the lines. Until Orpik plays RW again, I won't be too harsh on HCMT.

I think Fleury is giving up way more rebounds than he did last year after he came back from injury. It's disappointing to see, because I was so impressed with his improvement on that last year.

As far as inspiration, I have been lobbying for Dwight Schrute, specifically from the Dwight's speech episode of the Office for inspiration, and this quote, which in my opinion, would be very appropriate for these sundry times.

(just ignore the part about the motherland ;)

akus said...

"Oh Lord! Do we have the strength to carry on this mighty task in one night? Or are we just jerking off?"

Though i think this is more the course,

"Gentlemen, please rest your sphincters. "

meecrofilm said...


He's still under contract, so as long as he can play when he's 38.

Or maybe the league can collapse! C'mon everybody, join your hands together in prayer--Let's make a miracle!

The Goon Blogger said...

Or he could just leave.

I mean, it's the fucking KHL, who gives a fuck?

Magnitogorsk was all, "We'll sue for Malkin!"

Pittsburgh was all "Yeah, ok. Anyway, who we playing tomorrow?"

The Goon Blogger said...

Also. As an aside.

Young Frankenstein > Blazing Saddles.

Yeah. I said it.

coffeytalk said...

sven, how quickly we forget.

my liver is a definite first line player.

the rest of me, howev is on D with Scudsy. Chesty Leroux woooooooooo.

PB adam and stephen can wait in the ahl until further notice.

meecrofilm said...


"There, wolf. There, castle."

Ja' Red said...

I hear Sean Avery is available these days...

just sayin'

meecrofilm said...

I'd rather hang out with Scott Hartnell for a whole day than have Sean Avery playing for the Pens. Seriously.

Ja' Red said...


I'd rather have Jarko bite my penis than have Avery wearing a pens jersey

The Goon Blogger said...

You guys are going to need an enforcer, I mean, someone has to protect coffey's...assets... Not to mention when FH chirps someone one too many times.

The Goon Blogger said...

HCMT should just have the Pens go through a Suicides Montage like in Miracle.


Ja' Red said...

What would Mario do?

coffeytalk said...

i'm quite the agitator and am not afraid to throw a punch.

hell, i love slamming guys into the boards.

(this could turn into naughty blog)


The Goon Blogger said...

The Aquabats should be all over the next Gameday. I'm just saying, the Penguins need a Superhero(es) right now.

wilsmith said...

lock it up, coffeytalk.
lock it up.

sven butenschon said...

@ Coffeytalk
I put your liver on the 1st line for a reason
I will have one of those bingo calling things to sort out the lines after we get thru them once

Don't worry about your ass-ets
I got your back er front
I'll protect all 3 of you

Is your liver really in the best shape of it's life?
This losing streak has been hell on mine
It is swollen and sore
(that's what she said)
But like everything else the weak must be punished so it more Capt for him

fleuryous said...

meecrofilm said...

I'd rather hang out with Scott Hartnell for a whole day than have Sean Avery playing for the Pens. Seriously.
Make sure he's not wearing any gloves, Matt. You might be a goner.

None of the GD Characters seem to bring us any luck.We need some Oscar the Grouch up in hurr--we need to pick up the trash.

I'm not going to say "stay the course," know.

I couldn't watch the entire game last night, but from what I saw in the first and second periods, MAF's rebound control was definitely better than it has been in the past few games, I thought. What did the 4th goal look like?

DCPensFan said...

Last night just sucked. Blowing a 3 goal lead aside, the Center Ice feed featured the Nashville crew. Listening to those guys, who clearly are still learning the game to put it nicely, was just painful. They had a damn NASCAR driver on in between periods. I kept thinking, this can't be happening.

DCPensFan said...

Hard shot from point, hit someone and changed direction. Would have been a good save, but hardly an easy one.

It's what a powerplay goal should look like. Not that any of us would know.

meecrofilm said...

Bounced off Eaton's mothafuckin fingers. That's just shit luck.

Raybin said...

Who was that gameday character that was featured with the 9-2 win over the Islanders?

And who suggested him again?



fleuryous said...

I'm not playing dumb, Raybin...but who was it? I honestly didn't see that Gameday post, and I'm frankly too lazy to go look. hah.

Thanks for informing me on the fourth goal. That suuuuuuuucks. Hal Gill's foot would have made a better goal I bet.

Speaking of which...when is his tall ass coming back? Betta be TOMORROW.

kstewy16 said...

Fedex being out 4-6 weeks just makes me want to cry. Seriously just bust out in tears sobbing.

Even when he wasn't scoring, he was bringing his game every night. He worked hard, hustled, and played physical.

The Goon Blogger said...

Only 10 points between us and 4th place.

Just saying.

meecrofilm said...

I was under the impression Gill has been a healthy scratch the past couple days

fleuryous said...

Travis, I love you, Man...just sayin'.

fleuryous said...

yeah, he is...but...I like the little* guy. Especially on the PK.

*actually ginormous.

The Goon Blogger said...

I think we should start making Joker threats to the Pens in order to get our shit down.

[Dark Knight Never Gets Old]

gpclay said...

As much as loved thepensblog last year, especially during the Cup run, you all have been the saving grace in a disappointing season this year! Thanks!

Slappy said...

Whitney's back 8 a -9already is challenging Talbot for the minus lead on the team....sweeettt!

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