Friday, January 2, 2009


We're not ones to start spreading rumors, but then again, we are only repeating things we saw unfold.

During the first period, we tried listening to the radio side of the broadcast, but it was way out of sync. But before we switch, Mike Lange and the Ol' 29er were talking about how the Penguins practiced at Harvard University recently.

We didn't think anything of it until Steiggy and Errey were talking about it, as well.
And it's not so much what they said, but the video they showed.

That's Brendan Shanahan.
So the Penguins just happened to be practicing in the same place Brendan Shanahan is working out.

Interesting if nothing else...
[Thanks to Eric P as usual]

Anyways, take the fact that the Pens are in a slump right now, and treat it as if this was just a loss during a hot streak. No idea what that means.

It is not that bad of a loss. They played a solid third period.
Bottom line -- if you can't score a power-play goal when you really have to, you're not going to win.


Storyblog for reader John B.

9 of us piled into 2 cars and drove from Altoona Pennsylvania to Boston to see the Guins on New Years We were part of a 30 person group of pens fans...the loudest 30 people in the building. Boston fans suck. they can't heckle for shit, "pittsburgh sucks!" "At least we can sell out our arena" "Pittsburgh sucks!" "Doing better than than the pats" "hows ben worthlessberger doing?" "he's in the playoffs, we'll tell you when he gets back" "Pittsburgh sucks!" "new insult please?" Maybe we could make a good will offering of a thesaurus to the fans of Boston. That place was so quiet I considered asking where the tween fiction section was but i couldn't find the librarian.


Kyle K


Lizzie V.


Early on, the Pens at least matched the Bruins' intensity.
Some hard work in the Bruins zone led to Dustin Jeffrey's first NHL goal. 1-0.
He should be the face of the NHL.

The Pens hollow 1-0 lead was gone faster than a 13-year-old boy's virginity at Diesel.
The Bruins came right back and tied it up. 1-1.

Crosby drew some phantom penalty a little bit after that, and the Pens went on the power play.
Some chances, but no dice.

Goligoski threw the puck over the glass after the PP expired, and the Bruins had their own PP.
PJ Axelsson camps in front of Sabu and got hit stick on a puck. 2-1.

The Bruins make it look easy.

The Bruins had another chance on the PP soon afterwards when Max Talbot went off for hooking.
The Bruins almost executed the Chara Play. The Pens shut that play down, and eventually the penalty.

The Pens were given the last PP of the first period, but they couldn't get the job done.


Vote for MAF. Last chance before the polls close.

Screw A.O.
How big of joke is it that Caps fans couldn't get together to get him in.
The Capitals PR department blew this one.


The second period is a blur.
Don't blame Sabu for this one. He played his balls off.

Lucic is kind of a dick.

But he puts the B's up 3-1.
Just a devasting goal, because the Pens were working hard, and the Bruins just roll down and score.

Rough times.


The Pens came out like nobody's business to start off the third.

Matt Cooke takes a penalty, and Bob Errey is incredulous.
The Bruins were ready to put the final nail in, but the Pens killed it.

Momentum City.
Malkin, Satan, and Fedotenko team up. 3-2.

FSN shows two Pens fans after the goal about to make out.
That's how big the goal was.

The Pens spent the next few minutes all-systems-go.
They had the Bruins running.
But Matt Cooke goes off for goalie interference. Ouch.

The Pens kill it again. Big-time kill.

We were waiting for the Pens to get another good crack on the power play, and they finally got their chance with under 6 minutes left.
This was it.
Even with a timeout halfway through, the Pens can't capitalize.

Marc Savard eventually buries an empty-netter from way downtown.


  • The losing streak ends Saturday
  • Bruins are the real deal
  • 2009 is gay

Don't forget:

Ovechkin Photoshop City


**Put "OVECHKIN" in your subject line somewhere or else the e-mail may be overlooked.
**Don't forget to put your initials on the photoshop.

Vintage A.O.

“It was an accident and I’m very sorry,” Ovechkin said. “I never want to hurt somebody, especially my old teammate. It’s hard and I’m very sorry, but it’s a game and it’s a moment. He turns and I have speed. … I hope he is OK.”

Go Pens


Rba said...

Malkin mackin on a chick? Where abouts, gotta see this.

Flyer Hater said...

Pens are still 7th in the East.

Just sayin'

Flyer Hater said...

We're all going to look back at this stretch and laugh in two months.

Mark It Down.

meg said...

"Put Gill out there."

hahaha though you are mean, you do make me laugh.

Malkin was macking on some russian chick after the Pens practice. She was kind of a troll, no one worry. haha

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

I was at this game. The crowd was pretty dead, I don't know why.

Usually the boston crowd is pretty good. Maybe all the students are home for the holidays.

Also, all of the whining about the announcers from the gameday thread is absolutely legitimate and true, but fuck it.

I enjoy Jack Edwards unabashed bias.

You might too. Or else there's always the mute button.

debrisslide said...

committing to both of FH's comments.

And yeah, apparently he was macking on some Ukrainian girl who plays hockey for Harvard? I really wish I hadn't been on break in PA during this game. . .I could have gone to Cambridge and been like HAY GUYZ and gotten arrested.

Molly said...

malkin was talking in russian to some girl from the ice hockey team from.... sweden? idk

Flyer Hater said...

And like I said in the previous post, if the playoffs started today, the Pens would be playing Washington. Talk about a silver fucking lining.

btumpak said...

its lame the way the Boston announcer screams WOOOOOOO after each goal.

go pens.

meecrofilm said...

What's in your Wallace sign = brilliance. I love it.

Hunchback of Boston is great too.

Stay the course, indeed.

pops said...

in reference to the other post talking about shitty goalies beating the pens

anderson starts for fla on sat

for the love of god let shit not happen

Flyer Hater said...

I can't wait until we play the Rangers on Monday on put in 7 on Lundqvist then get shut out by Craig Anderson.

Rba said...

Gameday guy for Saturday?

Alfred E Neuman, aka the guy from Mad Magazine with his amazing quote

"What, me worry?"

Pensblog Staff said...

just about to add the A.O hit from tonight. What a dirt bag

meecrofilm said...

It annoys me that talent is wasted on a dick like Ovechkin.

pops said...

the only thing more douchebag than that hit are the caps announcers trying to justify it as purely accidental/hewards fault for turning awkwardly

what a cuntrag organization

Rba said...

It's sad I wasted 90 some odd bucks on his jersey too, more and more I see of him more and more I dislike him and want to call him a thug to the game.

I need a new jersey. Maybe an old Kasparitus jersey. Those are cheap, like the shots he took (zing!).

Or a Bob Errey jersey, shit yeah.

Oh well, i'm glad there's ebay to sell shit on heh.

Flyer Hater said...

And people wonder why Ovechkin isn't marketed as the face of the NHL?

dying alive said...

Also, all of the whining about the announcers from the gameday thread is absolutely legitimate and true, but fuck it.

I don't really consider it whining. I was just making some very accurate observations.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

RBA: Watch it. And you spelled his name wrong, spell it right if you are going to insult him.

Ovechkin injured Luke Schenn with a bad hit, he pissed me off so much. Schenn is going to be a talent and right now he's sidelined because of Ovie. Meecrofilm, talent wasted on a dick is right.

Flyer Hater, he's not the marketed face because most people can stand looking at him for more than a minute.

pops said...

something tells me that that maxim article wasnt a coincidence at all, and that ovechkin really is a fucking douchenozzle. i think people have been trying to play it down etc. but i think the stories of him racing down highways at 100+ racing semin, insulting miss Virginia or whoever, i mean, those are just things huge douches do. thats why i was against the whole caps/pensblog alliance. AO is a cocksucker. no amount of great talent will ever change that

burn in hell, Gay-O

coffeytalk said...


coffeytalk said...

that photo was for RBA, btdubs.

Rba said...

IHK: Couldn't help myself, I apologize lol, but you have to admit, it's true, he dished out some cheap hits in his time.

nikki said...

seeing that OV supposedly cares about and has some respect for heward, it makes me sick to think about what he's actually trying to accomplish everytime he takes a run at geno

Flyer Hater said...

One day, Ovechkin is going to get his.

pops said...

“It was an accident and I’m very sorry,” Ovechkin said. “I never want to hurt somebody, especially my old teammate."

what about running malkin every chance you get, dick?

pops said...

i hope he gets lindrosed. i wouldnt shed a tear

meecrofilm said...

If Ovechkin isn't suspended, even just for a game, the NHL is basically sending the message that if you win a scoring title and are a star in the league, you can do whatever you want.

But it's ok to board someone if you're Alexander Ovechkin.

FH, "And people wonder why Ovechkin isn't marketed as the face of the NHL?" Too true.

Maybe this will make him rethink his tendency a bit to go for the big hit at whatever the cost.

Though Malkin's head with still be hunted like nobody's business next time they play, I'm sure.

Rba said...

That's awesome, do want.

Rba said...

If OV is suspended for a game, all the anti-Crosby dicks will whine and bitch and moan because he didn't get suspended for punching Valajoke in the balls.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Rba: Well maybe they should have kept their heads up. And if we are talking about Tim Connolly, it was a solid hip-checked, he shouldn't have tried to have avoided it as much. I miss that hip-check of his *sighs*

Coffeytalk: Loved your comment from last post. *smiles*

Flyer Hater said...

People can get permanently paralyzed from hits from behind. You can't jerk off the next day if you get in the balls.

meecrofilm said...

The Crosby balltap has to be the most overblown thing ever.

Uh...... hockey players wear cups.


Seriously, what the fuck

Rba said...

Obviously it was blown out of proportion, I watched it on tv in realtime and i didnt even see it, and replays showed it wasnt even a hard hit, but tell that to the anti-Crosby dicks out there.

Rba said...

don't tell* sorry for the double post, lack of sleep = bleh.

Annie S said...

That big group of Pens fans was a couple sections away from us. I was going to go and say hi, but chickened out.

There were Pens fans everywhere, though. After Fedo scored, some lone person yelled "WOOOOO!" like the PA announcer.

coffeytalk said...

thanks kaspar. i get mean and mouthy when i drink wine.


coffeytalk said...

ooooh. according to Talbot's blog, the Father's Road trip is coming up. Maybe that will get the boys going....

Flyer Hater said...

According to Talbot's blog, he will continue to take stupid penalties and be worthless in 2009.

Sam said...

Molly: The girl was Ukranian...not that it really matters.

Ovechkin is a douche. Anyone catch the WDVE morning show Malkin's Diary about him? Priceless...

And I agree with Steigy that if the Pens play this well from now on, they'll start winning games again. Say what you want, but they played a good game.

Going to the game Saturday, and I hope that waiting 4 hours in the SR line will pay off.

Go Pens.

Raybin said...

According to Talbot's blog, he will continue to take stupid penalties and be worthless in 2009.


Whatever happens with the Pens, nothing they can do can really faze me once my original annoyance/frustration fades because...

I'm a lifelong Oakland Raiders fan.

Deep emotional pain and bouts of existential futility and despair are parts of daily living for me as a result.

Raybin said...

As the saying goes, Ovechkin is Russian for douchebag.

But I can't really get worked up over that hit. To me, it just looks like one of those freak things.

Raybin said...

Though I obviously hope Heward is okay and comes back soon and has a long and healthy and successful career.

But I've seen AO take a dozen dirtier runs at people than that. Accidents do happen. Not everything a dickhead does will be intentional.

Raybin said...

Although maybe it's just me being tired that's clouding my judgment.

Jesus, what am I still doing awake?

Flyer Hater said...

You don't have to be guzzling Red Bull to see that Ovechkin is a dick.

coffeytalk said...

You don't have to have eyes to see that Ovechkin is a dick.

Steve Khan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Khan said...

Hey, I've been visiting this blog for a while but this is my first post. Thought I'd contribute with this caption from the Pens/Caps game from earlier this season:

Flyer Hater said...

I really want to face the Capitals in the postseason.

Stoosh said...

RE: Coffeytalk's post in the previous thread -

Me = Committed.

Dylan said...

SportSync radio- the best $40 you can spend if you'd rather listen to the radio broadcast of the game. It has a delay built in so you can sync it to your TV.

Allison said...

FH @ 1:22- GOLD.

Stoosh said...

Wojtek Wolski's name came up in the last post thanks to Pops. Wolski can play, no doubt.

But even better would be the fact that some of us Pens fans who hail from Polish descent (me = half Polish) would have our very own "Polish Falcon" to cheer for - at least one that was good.

Prior to Wolski, all us Polish Pens fans ever had was Krzysztof Oliwa. He sucked. And the only other two options - ever - were Peter Sidorkiewicz and Mariusz Czerkawski (it's pathetic that I know this).

We could play the Beer Barrel Polka after every Wolski goal. (And when you talk "All Business", you talk about the cat at the 1:36 mark. You'll see.)

"I'm Wojtek Wolski and this is my band, the Happy Wonders!"

coffeytalk said...

thanks stoosh. i'm honored.

reposted for the rest of you jobberfaces:

I hope all the bridge jumpers fucking take the leap. I'm tired of them all. Fine, panic, whatevs.

They are like the Steeler fans that expect Pittsburgh to win a Super Bowl every year. I love my Steelers, but I know better.

Yes, the Pens had an infuckincredible ride last year. Yes, it's only January. Yes, there could be some amazing things to come. But that's all could be. I hope to God(ard) that they get their act together and make another serious run at a Stanley Cup. But you know what, that might not happen.
And if it doesn't, I will still stand by my boys and impatiently wait for the next time.

But for now I am not gonna sit there and bitch about the coaching or various players or whathaveyou and act like I belong as a GM for a professional sports team. There's a reason that's not my current career. Shero & CO. will do what they have to. Trust in it.

love and kisses,
coffey "i can be an angry drunk" talk

Eric P. said...

Sign Shanny!

Big Hands Mik said...

I watched the hit a few times, and while I will never go to bat for the guy's character, I believe that it was a freak accident. OV didn't go for the numbers and hit the shoulder. The follow through did the damage, but chalk that up to the wonders of momentum.

As for the game, Crosby sucked. Ever since the kid came in no one, at least not any fans pf Pittsburgh, has ever questioned his drive and determination, but I believe that at this point it has to be. He failed to go after a puck deep in the zone when he would have gotten crunched in the 3rd and with the empty net he was floating behind the net and didn't come in and fight for the puck when the Pens needed numbers. I may be over critical, but he has looked bad the last few games. It seems like he is becoming more and more like Rothlesburger? every game. I would say that he needs to shoot the puck more, but they don't have anyone to crash and screen s maybe the pass is needed.

penzrule said...

Can we trademark the Scuds play? When a player kicks away a puck going into the net. It's amazing how he is always in position to pull that off.

TheFandangler said...

Ryan Whitney, Staal, Eaton, Go-go, The refs, Crosby 50% of the time, Fleury, Satan...


meecrofilm said...


Heward has his back turned to him. He was also heading for the boards. That's Boarding 101.

Look at the 2:53 mark of the video. Heward's back was already turned to Ovechkin. Yet it's at this time that Ovechkin starts lining up to drive him into the boards.
OV is leaning forward. If he was leaning backwards, that means he at least was trying to stop to prevent the hit, and if it still happened, then I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.
But he wasn't. He was leaning forward, and drove Heward into the boards. Even if it didn't look vicious, it was indeed dirty.

TheFandangler said...

That's stupid to come on a message board and say people can't say the team is playing piss poor.

Some people go over the edge but a lot of criticism is warranted.

To not be concerned makes you a moron. They are showing no signs of turning this around and if it was any other team I wouldn't mind. It's he fact that it's the penguins and they are too good to be playing like pussies.

Am I pissed off?... guess.

If you honestly care about this team you have every reason to be on here voicing concerns about the team or players. Don't act like your the better person just because you say that "everything will be ok"... "I don't mind if they continue to play like shit."

I have 100% faith that they will be better. It's a matter of right now and what they have to do right now. To brush it under the table is just saying you could care less.

Don't jump off any bridge but it's perfectly fine to say Crosby is playing bad (compared to normal), Whitney and Staal are just plain bad, and Fleury needs to listen to is goalie coach because he maes the same mistakes he has his entire career.

Big Hands Mik said...

I also love how the hit of the game still showed stall loosing the puck at the blue line. And I refuse to spell his name right, he doesn't deserve it. What a bum.

I believe HolyGoligoski mentioned last post that it would be tough to think of how far under .500 the pens would be without him, and to that I say his minus 3 is doing them wonders, as is his 25 givaways (behind Malkin and Crosby but without their offense)and his being out there for a team leading 18 power play goals against. Real keeper stats there.

The Pens expected him to produce and he can't do that on a regular basis. 3rd line centers are a dime a dozen, and he still has some trade value for some reason so ship him out while we can. He is easily replaced. Veilleux has his size but is much better at faceoffs. Zabotel can get to the front of the net better. They have a pipeline full of guys that can take his spot, and DJ has shown that he can play in the bigs now and can replace stall on the 3rd line. So, for the love of god, move him while you can.

also, the amount of stats that they keep on is ridiculous. For example, Cooke is a -11 against other divisions, but a plus 5 in the Atlantic.

Big Hands Mik said...


At the time of contact I can see Hewert's numbers and the contact was more from the side. Boarding is straight on hit from behind, right on the nameplate. That's why they make kids where those dumb stop signs on their backs in amateurs. The hit to the head does the trick. It looked like a fluke to me, but it is 4:30 in the morning and I could be mistaken. Either way, OV is a prick.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Malkin's girlfriend is from Russia. No one's worried.

Jumpin off of a bridge entails giving up on the team and never watching them again, no? Saying they're playing like Shiite muslims is the truth. They look like hell. Not much else to say...

DeathByEmu said...

Nice to see A.O. is getting into game shape for the 14th.

Can't wait. Joke.

They better suspend him or do SOMETHING to send a message through that neanderthal cranium that the NHL would rather he NOT do the same to their leading scorer.

BlacknGold66 said...

Tim Wallace Capital One card = Solid

Pigeon Logo sign = Party foul

[Phil Collins]

Stilly said...

I'm not sure what game people were watching/listening to last night, but the team played well. They were in it the whole way.

Not sure what's goin on with the PP, but that has been a problem from game one this season. Yeo needs to bust out his dry erase board and come up with something else.

No one here is saying you can't be critical, but the notion that the team needs blown up and re-assembled is stupid. The guys will pull themselves out of this and if you don't think that's possible, you don't know athletes.

sven butenschon said...

@ Coffey
That guy should have his ass beat just because
How does Odouchkin not get suspended?
You can't market his face as the face of the NHL because his face look like a foot

Steve In Denver said...

Not sure what the big deal is on the Ovechkin hit. I've watched it twice. Don't get me wrong, I think he Colby Armstrong's guys all the time and he's cheap, but that hit looked pretty innocent. Maybe I didn't see the metal spike protruding from his glove??

I'm too lazy to look it up and give facts, but I remember several slumps and power play droughts when we had the big guy and his disciples flooding the roster. It's just a patch of bad road...these boys will come around. I hope they have the guts to tough it out and don't turn into Ottawa down the stretch.

The hunchback ps is awesome.

Go Pens

dying alive said...

To not be concerned makes you a moron.

Um. I have to take offense to that. I'm not worried and I don't consider myself a moron. I'm not worried because a) I feel like it's a very long season and there's plenty of hockey left to play and b) the Pens, despite all of their problems, are still in playoff position.

I'm with Stilly. The Pens played well last night for the most part. I hardly think that losing 4-2 in which one goal was an empty netter to one of the best teams in the NHL this season is grounds for alarm. The effort was there, things just didn't go their way. Malkin was robbed a few times by Richard Ramirez. That's the way it goes. The only glaring issue I see is the power play, which as I said last night, shouldn't be this bad even without Gonchar.

I think it may just be time to accept that - gasp - there are better teams than the Pens in the NHL, and even in the eastern conference. You can't knock our talent but you also can't deny that we have some gaps to fill, especially with important role players like TK and Zigo out for an extended period of time. And losing Gonchar for so long just flat-out hurts. I'm not saying the Pens can't enjoy a long playoff run or even win the Cup, but it is quite possible that they're going to be one of the lower playoff seeds.

Hip said...

Ahhh Boston. Only place I've ever had beer thrown on me, while being told to "Fuck Canada."

How you fuck an entire country I'm not sure, but whatev.

Carroll said...

Don't forget to vote you have until 8:59pm tonight.

PRICE, Carey 1308800
FLEURY, Marc-Andre 1308296

Let's get Flower as a starter!!!

Stilly said...

I was watching the Caps game and listening to the Pens on the radio and saw Ovechfag make that hit. My gut reaction was that he was AO would be taking a timeout for boarding. They didn't make that call. If it's not boarding, then it's a strange, hard, but clean hit. Looked to me like a penalty, but wasn't called that way.

He won't be suspended. He deserves to have his ass beat more than anything. Hopefully FH is right and someone eventually ruins Ovechkin.

Stilly said...

@Carroll... Good call. 8:59:59 is when voting closes.

MAF has played in 21 games this season, so he will definitely be eligible. Vote in the MAF'er.

holygoligoski said...

Some good news?

Sarge was on the ice with Kadar today.

AO sucks.. someone needs to annihilate him after that. He gives a bad name to all ROOSHIANS.

dying alive said...

Ovechkin won't get suspended. What he'll eventually get is a taste of his own medicine. I hope it doesn't end his career because he is fun to watch, but I can't say that it wouldn't be karma.

I guess this is what makes him more "fun" and "entertaining" than Sid. It'll be interesting to see if all of the fucktards who called for a Crosby suspension after the (most likely accidental) ball-punching incident will be just as loud in their clamor to have AO suspended for giving a cheap shot. Probably not, though, because he's got such "personality."

dying alive said...


Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see the Ovechkin hit mentioned over at Puck Daddy yet. Wasn't PD one of the biggest places to discuss the non-issue Crosby incident? Interesting. Maybe he just hasn't posted it yet.

holygoligoski said...

to whomever referenced my post a few blogs ago.

Remember that hatty Staal had against Detroit? He seemed like the ONLY played that didn't give up when they were down. I'm not giving up on him yet.. he's showed what potential he has and I believe he'll live up to it in 2009.

Say what you want... that's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.

crmzak said...

There were some worthy GD candidates mentioned earlier, but in case more are needed...

how about Enzyte Bob, seeing as how there have been several instances where our boys have an open net and just can't seem to get it up.

Ron Jeremy came to our rescue before, so just a thought.

Hip said...

Re: Stoosh and Coffeytalk -

It's that sense of entitlement I was talking about before. Ruins everything that's fun about being a fan to me.

There's Pens fans because they want to celebrate a Cup win and then there's Pens fans because they love the Pens.

0-82 and I'll still be right here.

Happy New Year.

Nick said...

Fleury lost his ASG lead

Jeff said...

"I really want to face the Capitals in the postseason."

Don't get ahead of yourself there. You have to make the playoffs first.

pensfan871 said...

I agree with you. There are 2 different types of Pens fans.
A lot of my friends are freaking out right now and saying that the Pens are "sucking".
I'm tired of people giving up on them.
Sure, I get frustrated after a loss, but that's normal. I will never stop watching the Pens, no matter what the score or record.

Be ready for Saturday.
It's coming.

Go Pens!

Lee said...

Ovechkin plays hockey. Deal with it. He plays it fast, he plays it hard and everyone in the league knows it.

I think you all are watching the wrong sport if you feel the need to cry about every hard hit that he administers.

Just be happy that I'm kind enough to correct you.

For the record, I love the Pens. When I was in wood shop back in 5th grade I made a hockey table with my two favorite teams.

And Ovechkin doesn't need to be the face of the league. He's already the face of the Hair Cuttery.

Stilly said...

We'll have to see what happens the next couple of weeks. But the Pens didn't suck in the game I listened to yesterday. Handy Manny just played better. He's 10-0 at home. Boston is the best team in the NHL as it sits right now in regards to points. That performance last night was not one to be ashamed of.

Who knew that Flyer Hater would be a voice of reason in all of this.

Ames said...


Lee said...

And Malkin rocks my socks. I can take or leave Crosby.

Stilly said...


I don't care how hard and fast he played. He boarded Heward. Should've been a penalty and it wasn't called.

Ovechkin is an idiot. The only difference between him and jokes like Ruutu and Avery is that Ovechkin scores a ton.

wilsmith said...

I like how Staal can't do his job, but a guy who's been on the team for 2 weeks, or any number of guys in the system, could just step right in and handle it. One goal does not show someone can play in the big leagues. If that were the case, Taffe wouldn't be a career minor leaguer.

what were you saying when staal was lighting it up his first year? sign him forever? how quickly one can go from "the core" to "get the f out" in the eyes of fans. People have roles, not every guy is a goal scorer and I know for fans it's hard to understand that, especially when the object of a game is to score goals.

Staals role clearly changed from his first season to now, he's probably not expected to score 30 goals. Can anyone list a 25-30 goal scoring third line center off the top of their head?

Sure, he's a luxury to the team, teams want him and if it brings value, I dont disagree with trading him -- but a statement like any random joe from the minors can just jump in and do his job is moronic, especially considering the age of the young guy coming to replace him might actually be the same as Staals. I'll take the guy that's the same age, with 200 games under his belt.

Big Hands Mik said...


One game doesn't prove value. Darren McCarty was clutch for the Wings in their cup win against the Flyers and he never did anything else. Fernando Pisani was sick in the Oilers run a few years back with 14 goals in 24 games, the next year he hit that in 77 games and has been garbage since then. And those are playoff performances. Stall had 6 goals in 20 with only 7 points and a minus 4.

He has shown flash in a few games, but has never put anything serious together. He has only had points in 3 straight twice since his rookie season. For playing w=in such a high powered offense he hasn't produced nearly enough.

You are obviously entitled to your opinion, but I am a firm believer that stall is overrated and needs to be moved this year when we can get a solid return. With Geno and Sid on the top lines we don't need him, especially since he failed has playing the wing.

Stilly said...


If you can get Staal to sign for third line center pay, and he's happy on the third line, then sure.. sign him.

If his expectation is to be a top 6 center and management believes teams will pay that kind of money and take a chance on him, then ship him out.

While it's difficult to evaluate talent when the whole team is in a funk, the -3 for a 'Future Selke' forward is a little lack luster. Malkin is only two years older than Staal and he's better defensively and offensively. Obviously Malkin is a beast and they're two different players, but if Staal wants top 6 time... it's going to be elsewhere.

The cap is going to be an issue. Shero will make the right call.

Lee said...


The only difference between that check and any one of 15 hard checks (or attempts) I see at an average hockey match is that Heward bent his head into the board as Ovechkin tried to spin away from the contact.

Was OV due for a penalty? Sure. Is he due for all of the crap that he's getting for something that was an ABSOLUTE accident? No way.

The Caps love Jamie and we, the Caps fans, love Jamie. Somewhere between all that love, though, there was a hockey match. Sometime during that match the score got closer than it should have. Sometime during that period of unbelievable closeness a leader who knows that a single hit, goal or statement of some other sort could change the momentum of the match in his squad's favor picked up his pace. It's just unfortunate that a few instances of circumstance came down to the situation that we saw involving Heward.

Go watch a Peewee league if you don't want to see men being men and occasionally suffering for that. Or the NFL. Whichever one suits you best. Don't forget that link I posted just in case you're accidentally watching the wrong sport. Just remember. One has sticks and a hard rubber object called a 'puck'. The other's just pretty skating and some spinny jumps.

Girard said...

Where did all this Ovi is an idiot, a douche, etc. come from?

Clean intent hit, unfortunate result. Even the Bolts own coach said Ovi didn't do anything wrong. There was also, as noted, no call on the play.

It's amazing the venomous hate being spewed. I guess you all need something to focus on while the Pens try to clamor for a win or get a power play goal.

As far as wishing injury and for Ovi getting "ruined" that's really truly sad.

Crosby's ball punching was blown out of proportion but last time I checked cheap shotting guys while a teammate holds them down isn't part of hockey.

At least this happened while actually playing the game.

For those that care, Jaime got released from the hospital today and is flying back to FL. It's being reported he suffered a concussion but is otherwise OK.

mbfields said...

Did anyone of you people actually see "the hit" that Ovechkin put on Heward. It was nothing... routine. It's not like he sucker punched somebody in the groin. Of course I can't imagine who would do that. ;-)

You worship Crosby and tout him as "the face of hockey". He's a diver and a cry baby. Heck, he's not even the best center on his own damn team!

Appreciate Ovechkin for the talent that he is. And guess what, he's actually a pretty decent guy on and off the ice. Learn a little bit about him and maybe you'll be able to see through those beer goggles.

wilsmith said...

Oh yeah, Stilly, I know.

I think even Shero may have been a little bit guilty of miscasting Staal when he was drafted. I bet if you asked anyone in the organization they'd tell you the expectations for him now are a lot different than before/during/immediately after his rookie year.

The only problem, of course, is getting staal to fall in line with trying to be that player instead of the one people seem to think he's supposed to be. He's not going to be a scoring winger, and saying things like "future selke" winner is bit extreme, but why can't he just be a good valuable player? If hes willing to be paid like the organization plans to use him, then get him aboard.

Otherwise, use his value. Trading a guy is not "giving up on him," as a lot of people say, because sometimes they just don't match your plans.

wilsmith said...

mbfields, read more than one post before you comment.

holygoligoski said...

I never said a word about playoffs. I only mentioned the meeting the Penguins had against the Wings THIS season. Playoffs are completely different than regular season and I don't believe I mentioned a single word about playoffs, so that was just a bit irrelevant.

He's going to get his game back on point this half of the season.

kstewy16 said...

Anyone who thinks OV isn't a douche is delusional, but in all reality, there was nothing wrong with that hit. He didn't even hit him cleanly, he did what he always does which is halfway hit the player and halfway hit the boards. He does that cus hes a pussy but wants to get as many hits as possible.
Anyway, OVs a douche.

The problem with staal recently is that he isn't doing any job. He isn't scoring, and he isn't playing defense.
Plus, he doesn't want to be a 3rd line grinder, he still has ideas of grandeur that he's somehow a 1st or 2nd line scoring center.
Chances of resigning Jordan Staal? 3413413423:1.

Stilly said...

Wow the Crosby is a whiner/diver. Please, for the love of god, come up with something better.

I can't believe that people are still talking about Crosby hitting that joke from Atlanta. First, he probably didn't even get him in the balls. It was more of an ass-punch than anything. Second, Sid didn't go Ric Flair and get down on a knee and punch him in the crotch. Third, the guy didn't even feel it. It's such a harmless non-issue.

It's not like Sid took a run at a guy who had his back turned and crushed his head into the wall.

Big Hands Mik said...

@ willsmith

I have always wanted top see stall shipped out. I went to a few games his rookie year and took a trade stall sign. He was and will always be a waste of a draft pick in my eye.

Jeffrey has played his heart out and has produced with limited talent with him and limited ice time. He has 7 shots in the last 3 games and despite the pens being lit up, he has still been a plus 2. He does what a third lone center role player should, he shoots from everywhere, he backchecks, and he is solid in his own end. Taffe has always been a liability in his own end and stall has been as well. Like I said before, he is out there for the most power play goals against on the team and is a solid minus player, being a minus 7 in the last 7 games. They need more from a guy who was drafted 2nd overall, over Toews, another guy who was taken for his defense and leadership, and over Kessel, who is proving to be a solid winger and a right hand shot, both of which the Pens need.

And even if he is the third line center, he is on the top powerplay unit which hasn't scored in 5 games. If he doesn't do what the pens need him to do, he should be moved and needs to be moved.

and if i had the choice between a hard working youngster who is producing now and a guy who has been absolute garbage in his own end in the same stretch and has been -8 in 2 years on one of the most offensively talented teams in modern hockey history, ill take a chance on the former. Alexandre Daigle played over 200 games as well, so games played means nothing till the playoffs, where stall was garbage as well.

this is getting old now, as I know some folks have deeply entrenched beliefs, like me, and will not be swayed easily. But facts are facts and statistics don't lie. Stall is expendable, and should be moved now while he still has some value.

and yes, i know it is staal, but i covered this before.

Stilly said...

Oh and Lee.. don't get me wrong, there are few things in life sweeter than watching someone get floored by a hard clean hit. That hit on Heward was irresponsible IMO. I thought it was boarding 100%. The officials didn't see it that way. Defend Ovechkin all you want. I hate the hell out of him.

kstewy16 said...

Its one thing to hate staal, but seriously, shut the fuck up about drafting him.

Sure, looking back maybe the Pens should have taken Toews or Kessel, but they didnt, so who fucking cares?
Hindsight is twenty twenty, I mean, looking back, your mom would probably have an abortion, but at the time, having you sounded like a good idea.

Big Hands Mik said...

good call stilly and kstewy16. i should have just gone for the simple approach like you did, I'm pretty sure no one reads my long ass posts. nicely put.

and to holygoligoski,

the playoffs are what its all about, and even the bums i mentioned produced big in big games. I admit the detroit game was nice, but he hasn't done his job since and has been a non factor in most of the other games.

Stilly said...

LAMO kstewy. Retrospective abortion jokes are always hilarious.

Stilly said...


I'm pretty much lame-o for that type. I should have just written haha as usual.

kstewy16 said...

I thought you were just calling me Lame-o, Dick.

zephyr said...


Well isn't it a good thing you aren't a referee and have nothing to due with professional hockey since:
A. You can't even examine clear video evidence.
B. You wish extreme ill-will on players due to irrational hate.

Big Hands Mik said...

and finally a followup on kstewy16

the point is he was drafted to do a job he isn't doing. he was drafted to produce and be a 2 way player and he was drafted to be a solid guy in the room. people need to realize that this was a major fuckup.

good call on the abortion thing. way to try and thing outside the box. my mother hates me, that's a new one. whats next, are you going to call me gay. Holy shit, my life has changed forever. This is a site for fans of hockey and, specifically, of the pens, and i am just stating my opinions on the case and defending them. and nothing some shit says to me online will ever have an effect, considering that you would never have the guts to tell me that in person.

God I love the internet, and with that, I'm done for now

kstewy16 said...

Actually BHM, this is a site to job losers like you who think their opinions on hockey related topics actually matter.

Stilly said...

You're right zephyr.

You, and many like you, obviously have a problem with my use of the word 'ruin'. 'Ruin' is my go-to term to describe hard hits. Dying in a fire, admittedly, is a bit extreme. The usage of such a phrase, however, is a device to make sure my hatred of Ovechkin is quite clear.

I mean come on, I wouldn't set his house on fire... and you hate to hear about people dying in a fire... but at the same time I probably wouldn't shed a tear if it happened AO. Hell he probably started it with his human trafficking uber-douche agent.

TheFandangler said...

It's seriously funny seeing how people try to rationalize stuff that has no rationalization.

There are guys playing like shit. Staal might become the best player in the league, that won't happen here. I don't regret drafting him for the sole purpose of being able to get a bigger piece of the puzzle for him.

Stilly said...


Just know that the abortion joke would have been funny irregardless of who it was directed toward. Nothing personal.. those jokes are just funny no matter what.

Stilly said...


That's exactly what Staal will be too. A spare part to use as leverage to get a piece the team needs. Hopefully he performs well enough to have significant trade value. Him in a package with a defensman would probably fetch a pretty good player.

I guess we'll see what happens when March rolls around.

Sweet Trav said...

Watching the game, I realized that there were three people next to each other sitting directly behind the away bench wearing Chiefs jerseys.

That got me thinking... for a possible gameday candidate, why not take it back to "old tyme hockey" and try the Hanson brothers. (preferably the picture of them putting the foil on)

sven butenschon said...

@ MB fields @ Griard
Last tim I checked clean hits involved keeping your elbows down
I can't wait for someone to throw a elbow @ his face
You probably won't be able to tell but anyways he needs some of his own medicine

Lee said...


For a point of reference where Maxim Magazine is concerned. Their current issue is about the current (and slightly older than then) tween stars.

Hilary Duff is on the cover.

But then, I read War and Peace for the pictures.

TheNWChica said...

Oh, and BHM, his name is StAAL... joke.

BlacknGold66 said...


TheFandangler said...


From an above post.

"I also love how the hit of the game still showed stall loosing the puck at the blue line. And I refuse to spell his name right, he doesn't deserve it. What a bum."

that's BHM.

CanadaWinsGold said...

That is why Ovechkin isn't the face of the NHL. Could you imagine what would happen if Crosby did that??? Because it was Ovechkin this will disapear in a few days.

meecrofilm said...

I don't understand how everybody in the world doesn't know his name is spelled 'Staal.' How many years has it been now?

People won't take your opinion seriously if you can't even spell the name of the player you're talking about.

And regarding Ovechkin...
As Staff said, "We've always said Ovechkin is a douche.
Making a magazine journalist sit in the backseat when they're doing an interview pretty much cements that"

Don't even tell me there's a cultural gap there. The article was probably written in a negative light because the interviewer was treated like shit.

meecrofilm said...

And if you refuse to spell said player's name right, then you will be viewed as an ever bigger joke.

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

@ CanadaWinsGold re "Could you imagine what would happen if Crosby did that???" Oh you mean like the last bonehead move Sidney did a couple of weeks ago? Um, I think they'd sweep it under the rug. As far as this hit goes it was clean. That's why there wasn't even a boarding call against Ovechkin. While Crosby probably isn't capable of doing the same thing re: his size, speed and style of play being different. It's pretty easy putting Malkin in a similar situation and doing the same thing Ovie did. I was there in the lower bowl across the ice with a great sightline - the injury happened because heward trned and dropped his head; Ovechkin didn't take a stride from just past the back of the Bolts net. He also turned a little to try and lessen the hit. That said like Malkin he skates full bore all the time to the puck and that's why they are both great players. Accidents happen.

meecrofilm said...


Have you been to LGP recently? I think you'd be rethinking that statement if you had ;)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I think someone misinterpreted what Tocchet said here. He said he didn't think it was premeditated but he did feel it was boarding and should at least been a penalty because of the League's feeling about hits to the head. I may not like Ovechkin, but if that was any other player I would be upset about it. I'm glad Heward is okay, but Ovechkin should at least have tried to stop. I hope Ovie still hits because it's part of his game but he should really be careful about things like that.

Are we seriously talking about Staal being bad? And you said he wasn't good in his own zone? He's on penalty kill ... he's great defensively and honed in on his skills last season that way. I'm not expecting him to be the goal-scorer he was rookie year. I respect him bringing an engerized line that can play a good defensive game.

I have become long-winded anymore ...

meecrofilm said...

"the injury happened because heward trned and dropped his head"

So Heward is supposed to magically know where the puck is without looking for it?

Since Heward did turn, Ovechkin should've let up. Take a look at the video: @ the 2:53 mark, Heward's back is already turned to Ovechkin. But it's at this time that Ovechkin starts preparing to lay a hit on him.
(I've said this all before)
If you want to avoid the hit, then stop. Lean backwards to slow your momentum. He was leaning forwards.

Again I said it before. Just because the action didn't look vicious doesn't mean it wasn't a dirty play.

And end it with the Crosby thing. Hockey players wear cups. So I doubt that guy felt anything at all.
As FH said,
"People can get permanently paralyzed from hits from behind. You can't jerk off the next day if you get hit in the balls."

J-Farm said...

price is ahead of fleury by like 200 votes

mallori said...

This link was posted on HFBoards. So expect come here. I can see some have already shown up.

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

@ RFP and meecrofilm - you guys are loosers. re: "If OV is suspended for a game, all the anti-Crosby dicks will whine and bitch and moan because he didn't get suspended for punching Valajoke in the balls." What would have happend if it had been somebody like Donald Brashear or Eric Goodard that had given Valojoke the punch in the balls? Why does Ovie hit Malkin whenever Geno has the puck - how about to try and drive him off of it and take the puck away so he doesn't score. I know this will start a big malstrom but most of the Caps and Caps fans feel that Malkin is the biggest scoring threat on the team you guys root for. He's big, plays fast and hard and the only way you can usually get the puck away from him before he scores or passes it to someone in position to score is to check him.

I think that makes Ovie and the other Caps NHL players not "doches." Of course, I know it must be easy geting defensive and having inferiority complexes about everytthing when you have to deal with all the angst there usually is in Pittsburgh.....

BlacknGold66 said...

Why all the talk about Staal but no mention of how absolutely downright TERRIBLE Talbot is playing this year?

Raybin said...

Remember, IHK...long winded = correct.

I refuse to consider otherwise because that would mean I'm wrong all the time. And that's just not possible.

CanadaWinsGold said...

Malkin banged Ovechkins girlfreind that is why AO hates him.

Raybin said...

I'm willing to talk about that all you want, BNG. Other than Satan, Mad Max is easily the biggest disappointment this year. And at least Satan has scored at some point within recent memory.

fleuryous said...

So the moral of the story is...
bring back the Fu Manchu.

FH, your posts have been balla.
Yeah, I said it.

Tomorrow will be a glorious day if they play like they played last night.

Crosby punched someone in the balls. It happens. If it were Kessel's one good ball, that might be different...maybe.

AO is dead to me. woooooooo.

Solid effort last night,
Yeah, they didn't win, but they played their testicles off, so I'm proud.
Go Pens.

holygoligoski said...

Really crying about a guy getting hit in the balls who was wearing a cup? Jesus.

Like FH said..
"People can get permanently paralyzed from hits from behind. You can't jerk off the next day if you get hit in the balls."

Ignorance is bliss to Capitals fans.

meecrofilm said...


..Huh? I couldn't really understand a lot of your post, but I did gather that you didn't refute any of my points on why Ovechkin's hit last night was dirty, so unless you can do that, it still stands as being so.


In a recent interview Ovechkin said something along the lines of Malkin "saying something he shouldn't have." Or something along those lines.

What you suggested is just speculation, although all things considered, I can see why it's a rumor, as Ovechkin makes Gino look like Brad Pitt.

meecrofilm said...


lol @ the Kessel thing. You're really adamantly supporting those jokes. And I respect that.

He should ask Tim Wallace for a donation, since Wallace already has more balls than the entire Bruins team combined.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Oh noz, Letang heldz him while Sid punched him in da junk!! He didn't let his emotions get into da hockey game did he? *laughs* Hmm, punch to the crotch or hit from behind that sent a player to be unconcious for 90 seconds ... let me get back to you on which one I think is more severe. It might take me a little while, you know to sort out the bias I obviously have and to consider the damage here ... emotional versus physical pain ... come back to me tomorrow, I haven't decided yet.

Raybin: WOO! I'm good to go than *smiles*

I'm still slightly mad at Max because I feel he's injured still. He needs to rest up.

@Usually frustrated Caps fan: Yes, all the angst I'm dealing with by having two of the best players in the League on my team. I don't know how I sleep at night sometimes from wondering what in the world we are going to do. And if Brashear or Godard did punch him the balls, it would have hurt more ...

@Meecrofilm: Much speculation comes from conflict that Ovechkin and Geno's agent had. Geno apparently stood up for his agent and Ovie and Geno got into a fight (not sure if it was physical or verbal.)

Raybin said...

Let's set the wayback machine to March 2006.

I assume everyone was falling all over themselves to criticize the dirty player who made this hit

Or is it okay when our guy does it?

holygoligoski said...

Can anyone vouch if Valabik even HAS balls?

kstewy16 said...

Reasons why Ovechkin is a douche:
1. Look at him.
2. Seriously, go to google at take a look at the man.
3. Its not that he tries to kill Geno, its that he stops playing hockey all together and leaves his team out to dry while trying to kill Geno.
4. Seriously, if you haven't gone to google yet, go look at the man.
5. Listen to him speak. Everything he says is.."I'm so fucking good, my team so fucking good, we so fucking amazing, mike green best defensemen ever, backstrom best center ever."
6. He had a pillow fight with Semin and threw bananas at each other.
7. C'mon, who has a banana fight?

I can keep going if you'd like, but the fact is, Ovechkin is a douche.

coffeytalk said...

trade c-blog.

kstewy16 said...

@ Raybin, Hell yeah that was a penalty. Brooksie fucked his day up in an incredibly illegal way, and I love him for it.

Raybin said...


just so we're all consistent. I won't call Ovechkin a dickhead for his hit on Heward but write off Orpik breaking Cole's neck as just a tragic accident. I think both hits were similar: borderline boarding, but otherwise solid checks that went horribly awry.

Ovechkin is a douchebag lameass dickweed motherfucker for any number of reasons, most of which you so brilliantly listed. But not for this hit. Which I guess is the argument I've been attempting and failing to make this whole time.

Stilly said...


Yeah Talbot is craptacular. His -15 is the stuff of legends. Staal gets most of the attention because he was a high pick, and because he has better trade value than a Max Talbot. Talbot needs to get his shit together or find a permanent spot on the fourth line and average 7 minutes a night.

kstewy16 said...

I think we're on the same page then Raybin, because one hit doesn't make you a douchebag. Mistake or not, its still a penalty though. I'm not saying Ovechkin meant to do it, in fact I can almost say 100% he did not. And even if Ovechkin didn't hit anyone, or even better, did this hit to Scott Hartnell and killed him, Ovechkin would still be a douche.

jc said...

Stop posting and VOTE MAF NOW!!!!!!!

Raybin said...

Word, kstewy. There have been so many people posting I think I got your opinion mixed up with someone else's.

And if I were a ref, I don't know if I'd ever call boarding, so my opinions is likely way, way skewed, so I should probably just retire from the discussion altogether. :)

Stilly said...


I dunno... ruining Hartnell has some redemptive qualities. I might actually go from hatred to indifference if he rocked a Flyer.

Stilly said...

Just so my position is clear.. The hit from Ovechkin was intentional. Maybe not giving the guy a concussion, but it wasn't an accident that AO ran into him.

I thought it was boarding. It's BS they didn't call it. Of course you know how the NHL cheats for its elite players. (that last sentence is sarcasm folks)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Raybin, I was thinking about the Cole situation ... I was just too lazy to actually look up the video.

Orpik got suspended 3 games for his hit. Just sayin' ... but I'm doubting they are going to suspend Ovechkin.

I'm happy Heward got released without any spinal injuries.

Aubrey said...

Of being an Oakland fan, Raybin said:

"Deep emotional pain and bouts of existential futility and despair are parts of daily living for me as a result."

I see you understand what it's like to be a Pirates fan :)

capsfan1 said...

Ovechkin plays a physical game, he is gonna hit someone if he has the chance. It was an accident and he wouldnt do that on purpose, especially not to an old teammate. If you are calling Ovechkin a dirty player, and such a douche bag, look at what Crosby did to Valabik.

Raybin said...

For the FOUR HUNDRED MILLIONTH GODDAMN TIME...There is NO EQUIVALENCY between the Ovie/Heward situation and the Crosby/Valabik non-issue.

Will all Caps fans who come here PLEASE read these words that a billion other people have quoted already:

People can get permanently paralyzed from hits from behind. You can't jerk off the next day if you get hit in the balls

You're embarrassing yourselves.

TheNWChica said...

"Deep emotional pain and bouts of existential futility and despair are parts of daily living for me as a result." Try being a sports fan in Seattle, yo. The only teams that have winning records are the 4 WHL teams here in the state.

Oh, and the USA juniors aren't making the medal podium.

wilsmith said...

silly raybin, none of the people in here were around to watch when that game happened.

dying alive said...

Ah, posted on HF Boards. I was wondering why we had so many "quality" outside opinions, now I know.

Seriously, nobody here cares about the Caps nor the opinions of Caps fans. Nobody in DC cared about the Caps either, until they started winning. Or at least, beating up on all of the teams in the Southeasy conference.

capsfan1 said...

I understand that you can get paralyzed from that, but those type of hits happen a lot, and the hits are accidental, its part of the game, but if you punch someone below the belt, not just once, but twice, that is not an accident.

mistyrain786 said...


I'm a pens fan but you can't say that no one here cares about the caps or their fans when we are the ones who have posted numerous topics about their team and their number one player.. so yeah, we're contradicting ourselves there.

TheNWChica said...

Okay.... can all of you losers please give it up about what's his ass's balls?

Yes, Steve hit some joke in the balls but it's not that big of a deal! If that's the worst thing he's done in his life, I think he's doing okay compared to some of the sleezebags in the league.

Jesus...I'm sure there are 3-4 guys that get hit in the balls every night just from all the scrums and play in the corners and no one gets their panties in a wad about that.

coffeytalk said...

being a caps fan is an accident.

woops i slipped and hit my head, now i'm a caps fan

seriously, who the fuck honestly cares!?

Heward has been released and is fine. Lets get over talking about Ovie. I think there are some more important things to focus on here in a Penguins blog.

Also, if you are so concerned about Valabik's balls why don't you kiss and make 'em better?

yea i'm running immatureblog but this is fuckin' lame-oville.

mistyrain786 said...


that's exactly what i'm saying, if we don't give a crap about the capitals then why the heck are we still talking about them? let them deal with Ovie and his hitting ways.

We've got our own team to focus on, who is in need of our support more than ever.

mistyrain786 said...

btw, as much as I hate the capitals and anything related.. wishing injury on any player in this league is something that a true hockey fan or player would never do. just a thought.

Lee said...

I've cared plenty about the Caps since being introduced to hockey. That was probably around four.

Who cares about OV trying to kill Malkin everytime they're on the ice together anyway? Malkin always manages to find some way to embarrass OV when an attempt is made. I call that entertainment. I recall a coyote and a roadrunner. Or a bunny and a Fudd.

My only point is that the hit was the result of a hockey player playing his style of hockey. I'd be bored to tears if everyone played liked Sidney Crosby. I can see the potential for a penalty, but not the ridiculous assumption that OV tried to intentionally harm Heward.

And yes. OV's an asshole. But he's MY asshole (scratch that). He knows what he's doing... most of the time.

coffeytalk said...

i think i'm going to hit myself into some boards so i don't have to read any more of this.

kthnxbai dudez!

pops said...

the ultimate problem with staal is not his play. he is still very very young. people see sid, geno, kane, toews doing these things they are doing at a young age and they expect all hockey players to be that good that young. guess what, 99% of hockey players reach hockey maturity at 25-27. staal is just fucking fine for his age.

#2. staal will be traded but not because he "blows" or "isn't doing enough" or any other of the 1 million retarded reasons stupid pens fans have for wanting to trade him. he will be traded because he has too much skill and potential to be a #3 center on a team that already has Geno and Sid, and not a fucking winger in sight. He ain't cracking the top two center spot on this team, and Shero sure as hell isn't gonna shell out the big buck so we have Staal centering a line of Kennedy and Cooke.

get your heads out of your asses, yeokes

TheNWChica said...

There's a new post up people.

dying alive said...

@ mistyrain - we post about a lot of different teams and their players. I wasn't aware that sarcasm equated to caring.

Sapper said...

I wonder who knows more about Alex Ovechkin. A bunch of homer Pens fans or Jamie Heward?

"Once I found out it was Alex, he's in my opinion, he's probably one of the cleanest players in the NHL as far as being honest," Heward said. "He'll play hard on you, but now that I know it was him, I know it wasn't intentional. I played with him for two years. We were pretty tight when I played there. I totally agree, and I think it was an accident."

Caps Nut said...

"If Ovechkin isn't suspended, even just for a game, the NHL is basically sending the message that if you win a scoring title and are a star in the league, you can do whatever you want."

That message was sent loud and clear when Mary-OH! came charging out of the penalty box to go after Kerry Fraser and only hit her with a $1,000 fine 15 years ago.

ACW said...

You guys are just pissed that we have the best player in the NHL (more points than Sid the nut-punching cheapskate artist). BTW, Ovie's hit on Heward was clean; Crosby's a coward.

dbui72 said...

I dont understand why all of you are jumping on the I hate Ovi, it is as stupid as some caps fans jumping on the Crosby hate clan.

Some of you are pretty classless and cannot say why you hate Ovi other than calling him names. Same with Caps fans on Crosby.

Anyhow here is an article by Jamie Heward as a testament of the class he has.


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