Sunday, January 11, 2009


Recapping this game would like be watching an entire episode of "Bromance" without wanting to cut ourselves.

We've been all sitting on rock bottom for a few weeks now.
What a bad time to be alive.

But giving up now, makes you a joke.

Suck it up.


no clue




John D.

Brett M.


J. A.

What a performance by everyone.


Thanks to Christine K. for this from the AVS feed:

Nice spelling.


Quick stuff:

No idea how we didn't talk about this. have this great new fantasy game.

It is called EXTRA ATTACKER.

We don't usually get into fantasy shit, but the Pens might have struck gold with this.

It is easier than your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend to play.
It just deals with Pens players, and it is all weekly.

Good stuff, and it also may explain Therrien's line changing this week.

[Thanks to Josh B.] for the tip.

Click that link for more details.


NHL after hours on the NHL network may be the best hour of tv all week.


New site sometime tomorrow.
First post might be a Steelers recap.

Go Pens.

Go Steelers.

Remember, Mike Tomlin was there for us in April-May-June.

Have to repay the favor. What a human.

Do it.


Vince From ShamWOW! said...

First in the last Cblog!?

Vince From ShamWOW! said...

Bad day for me. Pens still suck. Titans lose. Ugh.

I still have to root for the Bolts. And not the ones from Tampa. =/

urban said...

From the last post, because the more I think about it, the more excited I get:
Stoosh's comment got me thinking...

How many people here have played ice hockey, and/or would be interested in playing in an adult hockey league?

I know that I'm relatively new [to CBlog, anyway], so I don't know how seriously I'll be taken, but an actual TeamPensBlog would be amazing.

I play defense. Mark me down.

vasponger said...

wow was a bunch of us there.

- J.A.

Chubs said...

The ShamWOW picture is looking into my soul.

Hopefully a change of sceneryblog will turn things around.

@urban- Can't play, I can skate well enough to move, but to play a sport? I'd die. Wish I could though, the one sport I've never played that I wish I could have.

Meg said...

Mike tomlin earned my respect the night I saw him at Mellon Arena against the glass. Echoing the staff, what a human.

TheFandangler said...

I've played ice hockey my whole life but I'm not really interested in a team. I do pick up games once a week or whatever.

Buy a ps3 and get on team pensblog ps3 style.

Joose said...

Like sands through the hourglass.........

TIMKO said...

All i'm saying is...if the Steelers lose...Roberto Clemente Bridge...I'm Budd Dwyering it.

TIMKO said...


Sign me up buddy. I'm a right D and am definately interested in that. Lemme know

Stoosh said...

Tomlin is friggin' awesome. I jam the Steelers (more over my distaste for certain elements of Stiller Nation than anything else), but I still love the team, love watching guys like Polamalu, Woodley, Timmons and Farrior, and I'm a huge fan of Tomlin.

If I played for the Steelers and that guy told me to run through a brick wall, I'd find a way to do it or die trying.

I wish the league would spend more time talking about guys like Tomlin, Jeff Fisher, John Harbaugh and Tony Sparano than they do discussing that arrogant prick Belichick and wasting their time on Brett Favre's latest bout with indecisiveness.

Stoosh said...


urban said...

No worries, just trying to see how much interest there would be. Hopefully some?

So far, me and Stoosh (when he gets new gear), and TIMKO.

We can juggle lines every shift and hate the coach.

[trade urban]

biff said...

HCMT for Pens coach?

Mike Tomlin, that is.

J-Farm said...


I mean seriously...he solves EVERY problem, there's no way he cant get the Pens out of this funk...just believe.

TIMKO said...

@ Urban

if you are for sure starting/joining a team.

I have a boner at the thought of playing again

urban said...

@TIMKO - I'm on a team now, but if there's enough interest here, I'll defect.

The thought of Stephen S.-designed jerseys gives me a boner.

I'll definitely let you know.

OMGodard said...

I'm with J-Farm.

Use House. He solves everything.

Maybe we should send Tomlin to the Pens locker room for a pep talk. I bet he and HCMT could get them going going again.

OMGodard said...

I would love to play hockey, but the extent of my ability is playing goalie for my big brother on roller blades in my garage when I was 10.

Needless to say, with him shooting at me from 15 feet away and me not having any protection, I was too busy trying to avoid getting my teeth knocked out.

Raybin said...

It would give me unlimited pleasure to skate and/or play hockey with my fellow CBloggers. Unfortunately, I can't skate to save my life.

Although I suppose I'd come along if me falling horrifically to the ice every 4 and a half seconds would cheer someone up. :-)

If anyone ever wants to do street hockey or the like, though, I'm in like Flynn.

Joose said...


Joose said...

Also, it is quite clear that the reason the Pens are having problems is that they have not slapped their troubles away. It's just a fact.

debrisslide said...

I can't play hockey but I can ice skate in a circle!!! WOOOOO

Vince From ShamWOW! said...

I'm telling you. Give me the call. I can solve everything. 'Life is hard enough as it is.'

House ain't got shit on me. No one loves his nuts.

penstone said...

Staff, i beg of you, don't use House. i am going to get beat up for that but i don't care. i don't have to like that stupid fucking show if i don't want to.

and sorry about your Titans Vince, maybe you should become a Steeler fan. or just buy a few SlapChops because you know they make your day brighter!

basically, i know things are bad, but when a friend of yours who became a Pen's fan approximately October of 2008, sends you a message that they are becoming a Philthy Flyer fan because the Pens are playing so bad, you have no choice but to still believe. i know, i know, it shouldn't even matter since she was never a fan to begin with, and she should just go away like all the other fairweathers. but the fact that she says she now wants to root for the Flyers because of it, man, that empowered me as a Pens fan like no other.

Joose said...

I'm a believer, Vince.

(You single?)

eileenover said...

I don't think there should be any gameday characters right now. They need to fix this on their own.

Vince From ShamWOW! said...

The Titans have been my boys since the name/location change. I'm no bandwagoner. I have always loved how they've been run, etc.

I don't HATE the Steelers. I just say I do. I will most often root against them, unless they are playing an AFC South team who isn't the Titans or the Eagles, Cowboys or Patriots. I've had them shoved down my throat my whole life, and when they rid of Kevin Greene, my heart followed him to Carolina.

Joose said...

Is that you, Sh0ez?

hipster said...

I'd move from LA to Pittsburgh if this Team Pensblog thing gets off the ground. I play goal.

Well, maybe I'll move. Hmph. I'd seriously consider it if y'all needed a goalie.

(I don't post often, but I lurk Cblog)

FreeCandyVan44 said...

im with eileen on this. these boys need to man up and solve their own problems.

Vince From ShamWOW! said...

Yeah, because there's so many Titans fans around these parts!

Gameday Character = Hossa. His Player Tee got the win against Atlanta!

FreeCandyVan44 said...

maybe if its hossa being crucified with 100 dollar bills in his hand

penstone said...

well hey, i watched the Russian league all star game yesterday, and the other M.Hossa got a hat trick. you think its too late to get him? or will he be a money grubbing whore like his brother?

FreeCandyVan44 said...

eh just hearing the name hossa is enough to make me vomit

penstone said...

yeah i hear you. while watching the game, every time they said "Hossa" i would cringe and have the sudden urge to puke.

Raybin said...

For old time's sake

Raybin said...

Is there one person here who wouldn't be stoked to see him sign a 5 year deal with the Pens? The prodigal son would have returned and all would be forgiven.

FreeCandyVan44 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
penstone said...

not so sure. i think a Jagr return would be much more welcomed than a Hossa return. (and more likely) maybe..

Vince From ShamWOW! said...

If they Pens keep this up, he wouldn't even consider coming back here. In his mind now he is simply laughing sitting 19 points with a 2 game advantage ahead of 'what could have been.' No money to spend on him either. Not in that range. He'll just go to another 'contender' or something. And you know what? Good. He's gonna be that type of player. The Pens don't need that. They have enough problems as it is. Something will work out. I still say try out Pesonen up there on the top line. The kid has talent. They just won't give him a chance.

Raybin said...

Of course Hossa will never be back. I was just saying that anyone who wouldn't be stoked about it is a dope.

Pesonen blows. Give me the corpse of Michel Briere first.

TheFandangler said...

Eileen actually got one right.

Give the gamedays a break.

The new site is all that is needed right now.

Jawsh said...

I think the game day character should be Dane Cook, because much like the Dane Train, this slump we're in is not funny.

FreeCandyVan44 said...

hahaha thank god im not the only one that isnt a dane fan. i get so much shit from everyone i know bc i think hes just flatout annoying.

TheSteelPen66 said...

STAFF how about noe of these for a Game Day Character

Red Foreman


Dr Bob Kelso

Note:I would have suggested Dr Cox but the man is in love with the Red Wings so, Little known fact though, he and Dr Kelso are both originally from Pittsburgh

Vince From ShamWOW! said...

Well yeah, Hossa was a beast. Watch videos from him as a Pen still give me chills.

Why not give Pesonen a chance? Hell, call someone up from Wheeling. Can't hurt.

FreeCandyVan44 said...

i like the bob kelso idea bc much like the team right now, they all have two thumbs and dont give a crap

Joose said...

I would, most definitely, NOT be stoked to see that piece of dog turd back in a Pens uniform. I don't care how great he is. He is a dickhead. And I am a dope.

TheFandangler said...


Nice one Bruv.

J.S. said...

nice one bruva

looking forward to the new board. Last person out, please turn off the lights.

Kat said...

Crunk!blog. Finally got around to drowing my sorrows. Love you all c-bloggers and I'll catch ya at the new site. You and your thoughtful insight keeps me sane. I commit to every single one of you bitches. Except the random assholes who pop in and job people without earning it first. Peace!!!

eileenover said...

Peace out. See you on the new c-blog perhaps.

penstone said...

you probably shouldn't have said that, cause i know there are a bunch of you out there that will keep commenting here, just to be the last one.. grrreat.

aunt penny said...

Hey staff and posters.

Thanks for the memories.

Still say the Pirates photoshop from year one was the greatest. Second was the wizard of oz/croz.

Next up should be Dennis Miller. Pittsburger and ultimate kick ass jobber.

just sayin.

Matt Gajtka said...

Raybin, I second your emotion on Hossa. Of course we'd welcome him back, we're not in any position to be turning world class wingers down.

I get to watch the Red Wings on a consistant basis up here in the "great" state of Michigan. Comparing their play to the Pens' lately has been almost too much to take. We need to hire a coaching staff that is well versed in Detroit's brand of puck possession. I watched them skate circles around Buffalo last night and I swear they only dumped the puck in five times all night.

This team needs to play a puck possession doesn't enough grinders to play plugger hockey. Plus Sid and Malkin would be better utilized if we didn't have to constantly dig the puck of the damn wall.

powerhouse said...

It's 9:20 am on Sunday and this groundhog day vortex of suckingness is still here.

Oh well, at least we can root fot the Steelers. Despite all that is said here they do not suck. Mike Tomlin appears to be quite a leader. Hope the Pens find one or one emerges, soon. Go Steelers.

akus said...

Good times


Maybe MT needs to pay MT a visit.


If anyone seen a Pens coffee mug, please return it, mine seems to went AWOL overnight.


akus said...

Out with the old,in with the new.
We need a change.

4:36 mark for GD against Philly.

It's different yeah, but we need an ass kicking, death stare.

Johnny Wrath said...

Its been a great run here on blogspot. From the wrisbands to the photoshops, the... I can't write with Vince From ShamWOW! leering at me like this. Whats with that jaw? Is there a Velociraptor somewhere in the family tree? Seriously though, it's killin me. Great stuff.

So look, I don't need to tell you that there are reasons for things. I also need not mention you should be deadly serious after yet another loss when you ask yourself the only question I have right now:

When was the last time you or someone else thought or said "The Penguins came out on top because they out-coached their opponent"?

Occasionally would be nic.. Vince, dude. Damn.

You'll prolly like this. Its completely off topic, but I need to try and lighten the mood. Wait, I know just the thing;

From a December post I made;
"From 1994-5 to 2000-01, NY missed the playoffs and proceeded to make draft picks like these;

9th overall, Brett Lindros. Hahahahahahahaaa in 1994.

95, Wade Redden, 2nd overall. Is this a joke?

1996. 3rd overall pick = Jean-Pierre Dumont.

97, they get it right, but we all know what happened. 4th and 5th overall, Luongo and Eric Brewer.

Then... then in 98.... the Islanders, with the 9th overall pick select... select Michael Rupp."

Go Pens, and good luck to the boys and their new home.

Steve In Denver said...

Ahamed that I missed the game in person yesterday, but holy crap, where are all you c-bloggers in Denver??

Gameday candidate = the Tin Man. This team has to find some heart.

Thanks for the last couple years here, I'm really looking forward to seeing the new site.

Dominate today Steelers.....I want Rivers broken in half before halftime. Wooooooo

Hip said...

I think our next game day should feature Big Snack jumping out of his seat during the playoff run last year...

If there's anyone that can *ahem* squash the competition, it's Casey Hampton.

Do it.

Tomlin is awesome. Game today is making me nervous. Steelers offense needs to execute execute execute. Let's go.

Go Stees.

Go Pens.

Hip said...

PS - if you put together a league, I'd come out when I'm not working... Granted I'm horrible, but at least I know where I should be and what I should be doing, even if I can't quite get it done.

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

Go Steelers!

Nick said...


CFX said...

still drunk from last night, steiggy mentioned a Staal sibling matchup in a week or so. A Staal brother mention 5 games in advance? Figured that was worth 12 drinks.. I just spread it throughout the night.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Granted I'm horrible, but at least I know where I should be and what I should be doing, even if I can't quite get it done.

Hip...that puts you about 2 steps ahead of a lot of the Pens right now...

stokes said...

I'd be in for hockey (if i could fit it into my schedule).

I don't understand the eulogizing right now. Staff is moving this place to a bigger and better host, so i doubt we'll miss anything or lose anyone from here.

Im pumped for the new site.

Staff, why can't you use Buries It for GD?

The Seeker said...

Just wondering....

Has the URL to the new TPB site been announced yet?

Dr. Turkleton said...

I thought being born on the day a Superbowl was played [Superbowl IV] was kinda cool...

but, celebrating a B-Day on the day the new + improved Pensblog opens for All Business, is just...


[are you followin' me, cameraguy?]

Serena and Chuck said...


jovi said...

kinda worried for these back to back games. even if by some crazy chance we win one, we're going to lose the other. I really don't want to lose to either team. hate'm both!

just hope everyone gets out of philly alive, and OV better stay away from Geno.

This is the "year of the ulcer" ...Thanks Pens.

dying alive said...

I had a terrifying thought last night. What if the new tPB site is blocked at work? I'm shocked I can still get to blogspot as it is, let alone another blogging site. I will cross my crossables and hope for the best, because not having tPB would mean having to do actual work.

Let's go Steelers. Tomlin is a fantastic human, though any time he is on the screen I can't stop staring at his hair. It's totally perfect and symmetrical, like it was put on with a stencil.

Steve said...

So is "Carrot" the new term for extreme displeasure?

M. Vanderlasser said...

Thanks for the heads up on Extra Attacker.

If the Pens' defense can get its act together (saw BRIEF flashes of it yesterday), things will get a lot better.

What happened to "The System"?

But I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, so who knows.

Go Steelers, Go new Pensblog site, Go Jack Bauer, Go skiing.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I can't stop staring at his hair. It's totally perfect and symmetrical, like it was put on with a stencil.

I always think of this when I see Tomlins dome.

Flash Gordon may in fact be my fav Best, Worst Movie Ever.

[Go Flash Go!]

jovi said...

@ staff,

GD pic - go with what works, he's a professional and he can handle back to back games....

Philly - "In the Air Tonight"

Caps - "Tonight,Tonight

--- all stops out until the end

urban said...

@da - I have been worried about the same exact thing. If I can't get here from work, I just might quit my job.

As far as the URL, I would imagine that they're just going to point to the new server.

So far, we're up to about 7 people, give or take. My HS team my senior year had 8. We're well on our way.

vasponger said...

Game Day char needs to be the pic of the pens on the ice after game 6 SCF!

fleuryous said...

Mike Tomlin is a virtuous human being. I really like him, and I hope he stays for a long time.

Dick Lebeau should suit up and play in the defensive zone. Man, imagine him as a D-coach...beautiful.

Yesterday's play wasn't all too bad. The PP goal that the Avs scored right after the SHG definitely made some guys go limp. If they had killed that penalty, who knows? Oh well. Onward to Philly...

I have faith. Call me crazy.

Plus, if karma does exist, Scott Hartnell does not deserve to win.

Commit to Biz Nasty's Facebook picture.

Go Pens.

(Joose, I miss you when you don't post for a long time :[.)

Schaich said...

A Steelers recap on Pensblog?

Oh my.

Johnny Wrath said...

Ok, I got it. You know how some company is trying battery powered heated skate blades? Right...

So we get electric gloves that have an inane AI that automatically shoots the puck on net, get this, for rebounds.

Rebounds. These cost us the win in Denver, and it seems beneath Pittsburgh to shoot for rebounds. That douche that scored 2G and 1A got to the net and rammed in rebounds. You see, rebounds are effective because the goalie is already committed. If there's no rebound, you either face-off in their zone, or its in the net... and the more the puck is on net, the more rebounds there will be.

I don't know what the problem is on the ice. I thought they learned that taking shots, even from ridiculous angles, works because it keeps the goalie honest from cheating off his post, and a lot of times caroms through the crease. Detroit are the masters. Boston does it, Philly does it. Buffalo and Calgary do it.

There is no system right now. The system is "Hope Sid and Gino each score 4 points".

Montreal is still trying to trade Ryder, so sayith the fanboy. Go Pens.

debrisslide said...

Johnny Wrath, damn straight.

Stoosh said...

@ Urban -

I would obviously be up for playing and I also have a good non-C-blogging friend who would be interested as well. He and I have been kicking around the idea of getting a team going for more than a year now. As I said, he's not an active C-blogger, but he's familiar with the site and he's also about as big a Pens fan as I am.

He's very cool and easy-going. He doesn't treat rec league games like Penguins open tryouts, and he's not going to spend the entire period taking a 20-minute shift or picking fights with opposing players. Just throwing it out there. I can definitely vouch for him if there are any concerns.

stelcity120 said...

What's the URL for the new pensblog

Dr. Turkleton said...

So we get electric gloves that have an inane AI that automatically shoots the puck on net, get this, for rebounds.

soooo....the object of the game isn't to get all 3 forwards below the goal line and cycle like a poor man's Harlem Globetrotters routine? [starting at the 1:30 mark]

[Sweet Georgia Brown]

urban said...

@Stoosh - The more the merrier. I have a friend that doesn't comment, but comes to this site religiously and plays D on my other team. He'd probably be in as well.

We're about 1-2 players away from me asking Staff if they could make a post, just to see if there's anyone who doesn't look at CBlog who would be interested.

If it comes down to it, I could probably get a few more people, but obviously I'd rather have people who come here, be it CBlog or just to the site in general.

fleuryous said...

fleuryous said...

(I honestly don't know what it is.)

wilsmith said...

If there's a team I can't play because I live an hour from the city.

If there's a single pickup game, I'm there.

and I've been saying we need to scrap the gameday characters for weeks now. they all need benched. the cast is too watered down.

stokes said...

The system is "Hope Sid and Gino each score 4 points".

No doubt. Really, that's what it has seemed like its been all season.

If you throw out the month of November, the Penguins have stunk. I think what got them through the early part of the season with a decent record was a whole bunch of luck. But the late collapses have been there since the start of the season. Before, the Pens were able to string together a few lucky bounces and Sid or Geno would dominate a few shifts and win the game. Now, the Pens haven't been getting that domination from Sid or Geno, and, honestly, its a team game and they shouldn't be shouldering that kind of responsibility game in and game out. Just like you can't expect a goalie to win each and every game for you. A few games here and there from Sid, Geno, or MAF isn't too much to ask, but asking them to dominate every game may be a little much, in my opinion. i imagine its tough to play at that high level every single game.

I rambled off a little bit there, but the point is, the fall off of this team isn't all that big if you look at the entire season. The difference is that the effort is completely inconsistent/nonexistent, whereas, earlier in the season, the Pens had flashes of their brilliance much more often, allowing Sid and Geno to put the team on their back and win the game.

stokes said...

i'm in for a pick up game much more than a league, but either one could work. i know a pick up game has been discussed for a while there, although it disappeared until now.

rebecca said...

Lemieu. Amazing.
=) Just a thank you to everyone in yesterdays Cblog. I went to my friend's house after the game and then saw that, haha. Love you, Cblog.

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

Thanks for the Mike Tomlin video! I think he's definitely my favorite Steeler.

He should be the next gameday post. Maybe him saying, "We need a play" repeatedly.

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Julie said...

Hopefully a change of sceneryblog will turn things around.

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jersey said...

I wanna party with the Pens! I heard they were gonna be @ Diesel NYE...Is this true? Anyone know?

Wonder Boy said...

I'm sorry, I will NOT backup a Steeler player/coach/trainer/etc, just because he/she supported the Penguins!

I'm a hockey fan, not a football fan. Please don't post this Steelers garbage on a Penguins HOCKEY blog page!

Thank you,

~Avid Pens fan since forever

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