Monday, December 29, 2008

Why So Serious??



Unless your whole life is a joke, you don't need to be walked through that statistical comparison.

But you should know that the '07-'08 stats are what the Pens had accumulated through 38 games last season.
They've only played 36 games so far this season.

Malkin's 18-point increase is just ridiculous.
Crosby's numbers are down across the board. Wow. 3 points.

As far as the power play goes, 2 more goals on the PP so far this season would have them sitting at a 19.6% right now.
Yeah, better than last season.

And their PK has battled through injures this season and has improved upon last season's numbers.

Before we looked up these numbers, we were ready to attribute the Pens' woes to perhaps overworking Malkin and Crosby with their new occasional PK duties this season.

But there are no woes at all.
Malkin is on fire. Crosby is doing whatev.
And people just forget what an 82-game NHL season is.

This isn't to say that certain debates creeping up among Pens fans aren't reasonable.
We need something to occupy our time.

Last year's team had an unforeseen hurdle to leap in mid-January last year.
Let's not even think about that right now.



There's no entity more obnoxious that New York media.

EXHIBIT "A" today is the NHL INSIDER at

We didn't even know anyone was still talking about this, but NHL INSIDER still has some thoughts about the Crosby ball-punch.


But LARRY BROOKS at the NYP takes the cake and feeds it to his wife.

He starts off a column about Ovechkin threatening to break Phil Esposito's single-season shot record of 550.
Ovechkin has 216 as we eek towards the halfway mark.

For people that are interested in this stat, Ovechkin's shooting percentage this year is 10.6%.
That's 160th in the league.

In Brooks' eyes, Ovechkin challenging this record makes him the league's "greatest player."
But hold the phone. Brooks follows up this claim with this group of words:

The gulf between Ovechkin and every other player in the league is growing wider by the day. Even if Ovechkin may not be the most talented, or the best skater, he is by the far the most compelling athlete in the league.

So, wait a minute.
Ovechkin being compelling (which Ovechkin is and which Brooks based his entire column around) makes him the greatest player? Come on.

It's sad that these "sportswriters" let their annoyance of Crosby cloud their judgment in clearly seeing that Malkin is the best player in the league this season.

We know Ovechkin is nasty.
He's as exciting as it gets in the NHL.
We more than gladly acknowledge Ovechkin's dominance of the league when it's happening.

But that's not what's going on right now.
Malkin's on pace for 135 points this season.

That would make him the first player to break 130 points since Lemieux in 1995-96.
Malkin is a +22.
Ovechkin is a +13.

Ovechkin-Malkin went 1-2 respectively in the 2004 draft.
Has there ever been a better top-two picks?

A quick list of every draft since 1990:

Two solid NHL players.

Lindros was good until his head fell off. Pat Falloon. Ouch

Yashin's turtlenecks were solid.

Daigle= not so much. Pronger is a beast.


Ottawa's drafting in the '90s was a comedy of errors.
Redden sucks.

Take Phillips. Zyuzin was a disaster.

Yeah, that is a good draft.

If Legwand would have panned out, this draft could have been something.

Yea, Stefan sucks. Sedin is cash.

Two franchise players.
Two joke human beings.

This one is a contender, possibly. But not really.

Nash is wasting away. Lehtonen never shows up.

Another challenger. Still coming up short.
Fleury with only 5 assists?

Looking even further back, the 80's were whatev.
The 1988 draft might currently be the best 1-2 combination of all time.

Just to vomit -- The Penguins had the fourth pick in the 1988, they drafted some dude named Darrin Shannon.
Look who they could have had:

Jesus. Does anyone even know who Darrin Shannon is?
Tony Esposito was the GM in 1988.
We may have to look into his one-year reign a little closer.
What a joke.



Last season, we were on top of everything related to the Winter Classic.
Not so much this year.

But there's some good links floating around out there.
You can find most of them at NHL.COM.
The most intriguing is the time-lapse camera of Wrigley Field's transformation. HERE.

This passed us up, too.
Winter Classic Lost Logo Challenge. LINK

Spot the player with the Reebok logo missing on his jersey, and you win whatever.


We do want to address the rumors Eklund posted over the weekend. LINK

Beaker and Splinter share the same agent.
Eklund said we've initiated talks in bringing Beaker to Pittsburgh.
100% unfounded.



Go Pens


Rba said...

Wow, what a pathetic attempt to Rickroll.


But either way, thank you for this post. The Penguins arent in a "man overboard, SOS" state right now, we're doing fine, and we've had a bit of a tough schedule this year. Give it time ladies.

pops said...

beaker, definitely my fave muppet...

pull the trigger, ray shero... or whoever is in charge of GD Character acquisitions

pops said...

also, the pens are fine.

i just hate how some fans count on the crazy post new year 10 game winning streak like its a guaranteed thing. people dont understand how hard it is, and the pens having something like that happen 2 years in a row to propel them into solid playoff positioning was clutch. in all honesty, if they pick their game up just a tad they'll be more than fine, long ass winning streak or not. and as crappy as it might look to some people, alternating wins and losses is way the fuck better than losing streaks. the pens are apparently struggling and still winning every other game. its gonna come up huge come feb-march

Natalie said...

@BnG from the last post:

I was hoping whoever suggested that would make himself known, I didn't want to take full credit for that.

However I still think the creepy-ass puppet Reagan could be money.

Julia said...

All I have to say is thank you for this post.

meecrofilm said...

Holy fuck. I never knew about the debacle that was the Pens '88 draft... never knew that the Pens could've at one point drafted my favorite player in Selanne and had him on the team.

Jagr-Lemieux-Selanne could end world hunger and bring about world peace. But we'll never know for sure...

"Jesus. Does anyone even know who Darrin Shannon is?


His mom at one point may have. But that all changed when the Pens drafted him into obscurity. Darrin's mom hasn't seen him since.

dd7 said...

wow my age is catching up to me with this post darrin shannon but i am sure i could bring up worse draft picks but damn we have seen alot of on trick ponies since the cup runs

Stanello said...

Here's a breakdown of the Pens picks in 88

1st - Darrin Shannon..?
2nd - Mark Major...?
3rd - Daniel Gauthier...?
4th - Mark Recchi
5th - Greg Andrusak...?

jayness said...

Rickroll? Really? Meh.

The Pens will be fine. Maybe not "rifle off a 12 or 13 game winning streak" like in years past, but they'll right the ship before playoffs.

IamRyanD said...


Not exactly panic city yet, but if it gets to that point, GD candidate might have to be this man:

Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright

StillsandNash said...

Not so fast... We traded Darrin Shannon for Barrasso before he even got to play a game for us. I think the draft turned out quite well in retrospect.

Pensblog Staff said...

We got Rickrolled as we were putting together the post. It annoyed us. Good call on the Shannon-Barrasso draft.


Rico Fatty said...

Pittsburgh legend B. E. Taylor played during halftime at today's Steelers game. Guess who was rockin the bass guitar and backup vocals... Jeff Jimmerson. His sick bass groove was porno background music quality. This was a big weekend for him. O Canada, The Star Spangled Banner, and some shitty B. E. Taylor songs.

Lady Jaye said...

The 88 draft kinda makes me sad. :) Not really. It's one of those deals where if we change what the hockey gods of the past did, it might change what we have now. But it sure is nice saying "what if."

And staff, thanks for the post today. I was just having this conversation at work and now I have proof that I'm not insane and we're just about the same as we were last year.

btumpak said...

I hate how AO gets soo much hype for shooting... you know what they call that in other sports...

being a douchebag teammate.

go pens.

mikey said...

1983 NHL Entry Draft
15 L Bob Errey
22 D Todd Charlesworth
58 D Mike Rowe

at least mike rowe ended up with a solid tv show

kstewy16 said...

Seriously, Ovechkin might break the shot record. Or Malkin might be only the 4th player EVER to get 100 assists.

Tell me which is more important.
Please, tell me.

For anyone who doesn't know, I have a major hard on for Malkin. I was saying his rookie year he's going to be better than Ovechkin and Crosby. I watched most of his games playing for MM, and I have his MM jersey, his team Russia jersey, a Blue jersey, and a White jersey. One of the things that really stuck out in his play for MM, he was a great 2 way player. Thats really starting to show now.
I'm calling it - Malkin wins a Selke in the next 2 seasons.

sven butenschon said...

@ Ryan
Maybe if Santonio Holmes was struggling he could use BM as inspiration
But I stand by my previous recomendation of Sgt. Slaughter
Remember what he did to the Iron Sheik? epic

I wish I didn't drink so much that I had to stand in line all of half time
Jimmerson twice in 1 weekend
could have ended it all

I was impressed with the effort Saturday night
Looked a hell of a lot better than anything I have seen in the last couple of weeks
That effort with a goalie that wasn't playing out of his mind = 2 points

The fat habs fan pic = lifechanging

Anyone wondering if the Buries It jersey is cursed?

sven butenschon said...

and regarding odouchekin
They have an article on him in Maxim this month
Good thing I was on the crapper when I saw that


BlacknGold66 said...

@Natalie: Creapy-ass puppet Reagen is always money.

@Staff: Good call on Flower only having 5 assists. What a waste of a draft.


Big Hands Mik said...

Its kinda sad that Malkin gets so little recognition, the guy is a stud and an all around nice guy. I still remember in his rookie year that he paid for some girl's surgery in full when he found out her family couldn't afford it and I have been a big fan ever since. Solid human being.

As for a better draft, how about 1971. Its a long way but Guy Lafleur followed by Marcel Dionne is rather nasty. And ,while it was the 70's, the Kings signed Dionne to a $300,000 a year contract, which at the time was the richest in NHL history. Now even second liners make 3 mill.

debrisslide said...

Solid post by staff.

Malkin is amazing and has positively affected every team he's ever played on, as both a player and a human being. Ovechkin? Eh. Excellent offensive player at times, but he is also totally undisciplined when the mood strikes him. He is a compelling personality and a compelling player, but thank god the Caps wanted him instead of Malkin. I'd have been devastated.

Though you have to admit, taking more shots is a page I wouldn't mind the Penguins taking out of his book.

Flyer Hater said...

I'm surprised Barrasso didn't win an Art Ross at some point in his career.

akus said...

After some long hours at work because of the holidays,last night with time and no Pens hockey i sat down and looked at some stats.
I looked at Boston schedule and their recent games.

8-0- in that stretch
Atlanta 3 times
Carolina 2x
St Louis

The better teams they played this year,Pens, Detroit, Chicago and Montreal, who they played 3 times.
Pens, Hawks and Montreal all have beaten them.
Bruins have played in 4 OT games and have lost all 4 in a SO.
They have 27 "wins", 9 of those wins have come against the bottom dwellers of the league.
They have only played the SENS once, so they are not a mark on the SENS 12 in a row.
Did the SENS start this losing streak when they went to those awful jersey's?
Record for most shots?!?!Do people remember or care, the 75 goals that Espo scored at the time, people remember.

12-27 Ovechkin's end to end @ Buffalo, hours later at,
12-28 , Brooks story

Yeah, so Ovechkin leads the league with 223 shots, he also leads the league with missed shots-91.
He averages 6.4 shots/game, Geno has 3.4.
Giveaways, Ovie is 4th, with 41, the league lead is 45.
Takeaways, he is 39th, with 25, Geno is 4th with 37.

Larry Brooks said,"Why, the league's best player has one half as many votes as Alex Kovalev, and just over half as many as the great Alex Tanguay!

I say,Washington Cap fans should be embarrassed...

Hey Larry, at least some Pens fans tried!!

wilsmith said...

as if anyone is going to click a link to the eklund site.

akus said...

it was 76 goals, (typo)
and during that time the league only played 78 games.

Buffalo and Canucks were added this year.

Oakland Seals renamed California Golden Seals

Chuck Arnason,&
Reggie Leach (showin my age)

Len Frig, honestly, that is his name.
Who the hell was John Baby??

[old school]

akus said...

Whitney is on NHL Live,He was asked about Gonchar.Whitney said," He seen Him skating and shooting wristers."

Meh,nothing earth shattering, just nice to hear He is around.

M. Vanderlasser said...

USS Hal Gill ready to set sail again:

"Penguins defenseman Hal Gill is scheduled to return to the Pittsburgh lineup Tuesday night in the team's showdown with the Eastern Conference leading Boston Bruins at Mellon Arena at 7:30 p.m.

"He'll be back (Tuesday)," head coach Michel Therrien said. "That's good news for our club.""

Wow, read the Ovechkin interview over at Empty Netters. What a D-Bag.

J.S. said...

since Tommy B's name came up, check this one out. Your epicfail of the day:


Encyclopedia > Tom Barasso

Thomas Patrick Barasso (born 31 March 1965 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, USA) was a goaltender in the National Hockey League.

I believe that's 2 r's in Barrasso, and I doubt he was born in Sewickley. If that were the case, I'm sure it would have been mentioned at least once during his tenure in Pittsburgh.

akus said...

@ M.Vanderlassetcetc,
This being a slow day, i went over to EN to read the gibberish, and somehow ended up here.


then i seen this,

Younger Than Chelios

The above picture was from the Pens first year.

Flyer Hater said...

Barrasso grew up in Boston.

Rba said...

If anything, Ovechkin's ginormous shot total means that

A) There's no other offensive options.

B) Any good D-Man shuts him down and the Craps offense is...crap.


D) He's a selfish jackass, but i'm still going to wear his jersey because he's still a talented player.

He IS the Crapitals, there's no one else. He just needs to get some goalie pads and get in there too.

J.S. said...

even looking at the class of 84, Kirk Muller was a solid #2. He had a stretch of 5 30 goal season in 6 seasons from the late 80s to mid 90s, and finished near 1000 points. But even with those numbers, they still paled compared to what #66 did.

The year prior was Bryan Lawton and Sylvain Turgeon. I'll just say the HHOF won't be knocking on either one of their doors anytime soon. Now the 3-4 combo of La-la-la-lafontaine and Stevie Y would have been a good pair to use.

J.S. said...

akus, I always thought Morrison was a little more bloated than how he looks in that pic.

homesprout said...

My life is a joke. Could someone please walk me through that statistical comparison!? Just kidding :-D

New Year's Day is shaping up to be a good one.....

Winter Classic @ 1:00
Rose Bowl @ 4:30
Pens @ 7:00

satownsend said...

Blah...I missed Saturday's game so that my girlfriend and I could stand in line for like 45 minutes for a Johnstown Chiefs game. Then wait at our seats as we were told that there was a problem with the ice so the game would be delayed, but would still be played only for it to be announced at 8:30 that the game was canceled. Luckily our tickets were free.

johnny said...


I have to go with the highly underrated Dr. Teeth as my favorite muppet. In fact I may begin referring to our power play unit as Sidney Crosby and the Electric Mayhem.

akus said...

Sharks just signed Lemieux, to a 2 way contract.


Genevieve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fleuryous said...

@ meecrofilm from the last post.

Zander, I met at a party at my house. I remember meeting him, and that's about it. haha.
Guy and I both attend CMU, and I'm good friends with his sister.

We should be Facebook friends, basically. haha

Geno is better than God, people need to get over themselves.

THANK YOU, Staff, for opening with that stat. Hopefully people calm the fuck down.

Go Pens.

Akus--solid posts.

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

I enjoyed today's post staff! Very interesting to see the draft pick comparisons. I definitely think the Pens are fine. Some casual fans see that they've lost a few games in close proximity and pretty much write them off. Here's a conversation that I had with someone on Sunday:

The Pens aren't doing so well this year, huh.

They're fine.

When's the last time they won?

Um, Friday.

Welcome back Whit and Let's Go Pens!!! :)

If the Kool-aid man isn't a GD candidate, he should be.

KaylaJ said...

i'm getting tired of the media and their, lets write articles to proove AO is better than crosby cause we know better than all. i mean seriously i know a flyers fan who posted the larry article in another forum, since when did fly fans give a rat's backside about what larry brooks said? hell he's not even important enough to be the first larry brooks on wiki.

but also, don't they realize they're making a point FOR crosby? you don't see ovechkin's name in every article posted by some of these people. for as much as they seem to dislike the guy, they sure are watching him a hell of a lot closer than any other player.

as for geno, i'd rather him not be in the articles at all. sure he won't be getting the attention he deserves, but he's done just fine without the media from around the media hounding him.

meecrofilm said...

@ M. Vanderlasser- Yeah, Ovechkin is a huge douche. That's one of the reasons, despite his talent, that I root against him.

The secretary of defense back in the lineup will be a big boost no doubt. The PK since he's been out has been average at best. Now we need LeGame healthy and we'll be back in business.

Oh, and I loved The Hack's comment about Ruutu. Shows you just how good Ruu is at what he does.

Never forget.

meecrofilm said...

Also, pretty impressive milestone looming for Staalsy.

akus said...

Flyers fans don't give a rat's ass about Brooks, but since Sid and Geno was mentioned, it gives em something to giggle and point at.

I guess they no longer find this funny

I could watch that thing 100 times.
That clip will never get old.

pensfan871 said...

Basically, the best video ever.
That shootout attempt goes under the category of "Epic Fail".

pops said...

rags fans are such cunts, booing their team for being down 1-0 against the isles. typical new yorker douchebags

akus said...

Habs down 1-nada to the Panthers.

Damn CI, the only feed is in French, i need the yahoo interpretor.

kstewy16 said...

Wow Akus. I'd call and complain to about that. Seriously, why don't they give you an english channel? Thats ridiculous. You're paying $150 and they give you some french BS? I'd be bitching about that, bitching about things usually gets you free things, so go for it.

Rage said...

"rags fans are such cunts, booing their team for being down 1-0 against the isles. typical new yorker douchebags"

C'mon my brother...that's like saying water is wet, dude. Next thing you know, people will be saying that Philly fans are rude and uncultured!


debrisslide said...

Go Isles. The Rangers are jokes.

Stoosh said...

@ Akus -

I'm a Doors fan and I had no idea Mr. Mojo Risin' played for the Pens. Sweet.

Although that's not what I pictured the Lizard King to look like in a hockey sweater.


Stoosh said...

If it's possible for someone within the scope of the national hockey-covering media to have LESS credibility with hockey people than Eklund, that someone would be Larry Brooks.

Torts just loves Brooksie. Just ask him.

[1:06 mark - Clutch!]

kstewy16 said...

Amazing Stoosh. Just 1 more reason why I love Tortorella.

pops said...

true that. and of course, (goes without saying) that after the rags score, madison square garbage is all over their collective dick again...

akus said...

On the French ones, I heard them bitch about Kerry Fraser,or maybe they were commenting on his hair. They also said something about Sidney Crosby and the Pens, good enough for me.

I am betting the last song that Jim sang in a Pens jersey was, The End.

Did anyone see the Flyers/Jackets game the other night? Cote and other Flyers was starting some shit, Cote punched Stoll and Stoll got the diving penalty.

kstewy16 said...

Can't believe DP is hurt again. What a joke. That contract of his isn't worth the paper its wrote on. Then again, he has 2314 more years on it to make up for a couple injuries.

Stoosh said...

Paraphrasing Quint here a little, but...

Puck goes on the ice, Bruins go on the ice.

Hal Gill is on the ice.

akus said...

DP= tweaked groin. Speakin of, Luongo still out?--

Staff, where are those Oilers shirts??
Not that i won or anything, just curious.

Isles in the lead again, (for at least 15 minutes)intermission.

Ouch, those .11 second goal are killers

meecrofilm said...


Ricky DiPi makes Marian Gaborik look like Doug Jarvis.

oddjobber said...

oddjobber said...

oddjobber said...

damn it, nevermind

debrisslide said...

DiPietro hurt again? Are you fucking KIDDING me?

oddjobber said...

What do people here think the Pens chances are the next two games against Boston? I mean, the Bruins haven't really played that many difficult opponents the past month or so.

I think Malkin is going to have a big game one of the next two.

When is Tyler Kennedy coming back?

kstewy16 said...

Just thought I'd throw this out there...
Dipietro will be 39 when his contract is up...

Good Luck with that one New York Islander!!!!

kstewy16 said...

Oddjobber - I'm hoping the Pens win at least 1 of the 2 against Boston. Both should be good games, since Boston is hugely overrated looking at who they've been playing, but I think winning 1 of the 2 is a pretty realistic outlook.

debrisslide said...

oddjobber, TK was said to be out 4-6 weeks when he suffered his injury. If he makes it with four weeks, he could play next week at some point. But we haven't heard anything, so I dunno.

debrisslide said...

Oh, and I'm feeling something epic happening against Boston. They play a really gross, scrappy style of hockey, which only works consistently against teams like, say, Carolina. If Pens can get their system working, they should be pretty golden.

akus said...

On second thought i would rather listen to the Habs/Florida game in Francais, than listen to that damn chant from the Ranger fans.

Stoosh said...

Oddjobber -

I know Boston has had a bit of a, um...light schedule of late, but I don't know if it's possible to take 58 of a potential 72 points and be overrated.

A few things I've noticed about the Bruins:

First, they have yet to lose a game by more than two goals.

Second, for as ridiculous as their December schedule has been, their November schedule was considerably tougher. They played three games against Buffalo - winning twice at home and losing 3-2 on the road for their only regulation loss of the month. They also had road games against Chicago, Montreal and the Rangers; they beat the Hawks and the Habs and lost to the Rangers in a shootout. They also hosted Montreal and Detroit and won both games by a combined score of 10-2.

Finally, they have six players who each have double-digits in both goals and assists. By comparison, the Sharks, Pens and Wings each have five. The Blackhawks have just three. Boston is getting very balanced scoring across their top two or three lines.

They may be a bit of a product of their schedule. December saw them play nine of thirteen games against the Southeast Division, along with a game each against St. Louis and Toronto. But I don't know if Boston is that overrated.

sven butenschon said...

Someone needs to make a ringtone from that
I always liked torts
forgot about that interview awesome

Stoosh said...

After blowing out Kazakhstan 15-0 the other night in the World Juniors, Canada is up only 3-1 on Germany with about 9 minutes left in the third.

I love Canada, but if you hate listening to Pierre Maguire call NHL games, you need to listen to him on a Team Canada TSN broadcast.

Even Jingo Jack Edwards from NESN thinks this is homerism.

Stoosh said...

And Tavares makes in 4-1 as I type that.

Game over. Germany just doesn't have enough.

This ought to set up an awfully interesting US-Canada game on New Year's Eve, though.

akus said...

Old school, Freddy the Fog

Long Island Pens Fan said...

I would like to take this time to retract my previous statement about Jordan Staal. I do not HATE him, but there are times that I feel like throwing my remote throw the screen at him.

Is Staal a beast? In my humble opinion, no. Can he be, absofuckinlutely!!! Do I really feel the Pens should get a rental player come playoff time? Would it help? Will it happen? I think, if they were to trade Staal, they should get a solid 5-6 year investment out of it. Someone clutch when it matters. Can Staal become 'that guy'? He sure can.

I'm sure our Lord and Savior Ray Shero will pull sunshine and rainbows outta his ass come trade deadline time, but until then, I'd like to see Staal moved up to the 2nd line, but that won't happen with Geno up there already...Point made.

When I said that we got the wrong Staal brother, I was being burlesque. That being said, I was talking about obtaining Eric Staal in 2003, but to take E. Staal instead of Fleury would be suicide.

Listen, I'm not a fair-weather fan from New York that jumped on the bandwagon when they made their run for the Cup last season, I actually came on board on Dec. 27th, 2000 when Lemieux made his return.

All I wanted to do was make amends with all the big Staal fans.

Enough said......LET'S GO PENS!!!

Flyer Hater said...

I'm telling you, Boston's really not that good. They're a team with pretty average talent that plays a really good system. Good systems alone don't win Stanley Cups. A completely healthy Penguins team would take Boston in a playoff series, I have no doubt in my mind.

Long Island Pens Fan said...

Just on a side note: I live on Long Island, and the New York Islanders are a fucking J.O.K.E in this town. And to agree with thepensblog staff writers, I read Newsday everyday, that paper seems like it's written by helmet wearing short bus riding retards.

Oh, and way to go Wang...your 15 year investment is sidelined again with injury.....Rick DiPietro = J.O.K.E....Enough Said.....LET'S GO PENS!!!

Allison said...

@LI @ens fan- I too live on the island and goddamn are those Islanders a joke. But I wouldn't have it any other way cause I can get into the coliseum for 10 bucks and then move down to the 2nd row. Wooooo. And man, what a laughing stock Wang is. I'm not sure I've ever even met an Isles fan that likes him.

Allison said...

Yea obviously that should say @ LI Pens fan

stokes said...

I'm officially on board the trade Staal boat(and some defensemen) although only for Kovalchuk.

I have been on board for a while, but listening to Madden today officially put me on board.

Don't get me wrong: i would have no problem if Staal stuck around, because i like him; i think he's going to be unreal. But we already have two unreal players and Sid needs a wing. Plain and simple.

I'm hoping that Shero can work out a trade with Don Waddell much like last year- very little given up for big returns. I'm thinking Boucher, Nathan Moon, and the rights to Austin Lemieux for Kovalchuk. Waddell will go for it.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Stoosh, I watched the game on a feed of Pierre McGuire and wanted to hurt someone. Apparently he falls in love with a player every year and this time it's Ryan Ellis. I like Ellis, but what about Subban, Tavares, Sonne, and others? Plus, he got really creepy about it.

I am excited for the US/Canada game! Jordan Schroeder is amazing and I want to see him matched up against this Canadian team. They'll both finally play a good team.

As much as I hate DiP, when he's healthy, he's a good goaltender. He probably shouldn't have come back so early.

Flyer Hater, you're just upset Tim Thomas doesn't play for the Pens *smirks*

SteelPensBucs said...

I get the NY papers, so I had read the Brooks article. It's pretty obvious he's still pissed about the Rangers losing to the Pens in the playoffs.

The Pens are fine. The season is a marathon, not a sprint.

As others have said, the Bruins are where they are because of their system. They do have good players, but their reason for success is playing within the system. It's rather boring, but effective.

I'm waiting for any comments Boston fans will give me on Thursday.

SteelPensBucs said...

@ LIPF and Allison

At Nassau Coliseum, the fans cheer 'DP' for DiPietro. I wonder, do they like double penetration that much?

I wonder how much longer they will be there. I don't think the "Lighthouse" project is happening anytime soon.

J.S. said...

I will not acknowledge the comparison of Torts and the Fonz in this post.

Re: the rickroll? It happens. I had it happen on my phone, and odds are it'll happen on your phone within the next 48 hrs.

Ding-ding...ding-ding...U.S.S. Hal Gill...ARRIVING!!

Without weeding through 83 posts, Boston's sched = weak. 3 wins against the 29th best team, 2 wins against the 28th best team, and a handful of wins again against a bunch of teams ranked 20th of lower. I'm not saying Boston sucks, but 11 wins in December against a bunch of bottom feeders = weak!

Stoosh said...

@ FH -

I agree with that. I think Boston is a good team with the potential to finish with the top seed in the East. So far this year, they've taken just over 80% of the avaialble points, and there's no way they're good enough to play at that clip for the rest of the year. So in that sense, they probably are a bit overrated.

I was just trying to avoid falling into this idea that they've done it with smoke and mirrors. I think they're a legitimately good team who has earned most of the points they've taken.

From what I've seen of them this year, I don't think they overwhelm teams the same way that Detroit did last year, or that San Jose and Detroit seem to be doing this year.

Allison said...

@steelpensbucs- ehhh, they probably do. All
3000 of em that show up.

nikki said...

pierre mcguire needs to be banned from sports broadcasting>

seriously, the guy is a tool

Sean said...

Why have we not used the rickroll magic for good? Anyone else think Rick Astley would make a great GD character?

joseph burrell said...

I totally agree with Rba, the guy who first commented on this post, it was a lousy attempt to Rickroll, they should read more to learn about that like my friend who is a price per head writer and he has told me he learned a lot by just reading


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