Thursday, December 18, 2008

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We can talk about line combos, injuries, and trade rumors until we're blue in the balls.
Goaltending is where it's at and what gets it done.
MAF tonight in Atlanta.

Pens also called up Taffe and Oliver Stone from WBS.
No one can keep track anymore.


The Pens visited CNX Center. PENS

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Whitney = not impressed.
Boucher looks like a Bond villain.


Monday Night Raw came to Mellon Arena this week.
An old friend was in town.

No comment.


Stephen S. has been busy in STOREBLOG, so check it out.
One of the more recent additions is a take on Ryan Miller's claim that a ref told him to "F himself" when the Sabres played the Pens a few weeks ago.


We don't know who runs the Chicago Blackhawks PR dept,
but whoever it is, they get it:



There is a movie/documentary about Pittsburgh in the wings:

More details can be found here. [My Tale of Two Cities]


Everyone has been sending this across.
We finally watched it.

Great way to start the day:


penstone said...

stephen is king.


jovi said...

i'm sooooo tick that i can't go to the game tomorrow. dam test, dam teachers, dam da man.

i want to see MAF (pissed)

watch, MAF gets a hat trick while i rot away in the library.

mary the ice cube said...

Never seen that "Believe In Satan" design before. Incredible.

jovi said...

just finishing watchin that inspiration vid and i'm crakin' open a red bull. they'll never take our independence day.


Kimberlass said...

In my opinion, Boucher always looks like a bond villain. It's one of the reasons I hope we keep the man.

...I'm staying up late studying for a final on Friday so I can just spend all day tomorrow drunk. I'm glad tPB stays up with me.

Allison said...

@kimbwelass- im so wasterd right onow it;s not even funny.... its straightup dfangerous... i havd my last day of classess today so itell myseld it's ok.

Julia said...

I'm going to school to make commercials like that black hawk one haha... no joke.

J.S. said...

wow, Allison. no comment needed ;)

Nothing really important to say, but I'll probably have the theme to Welcome Back Kotter stuck in my head for the most of the day thanks to that 'shop.

Thanks guys.

sven butenschon said...

Steven = all business

The motivational speech was epic it almost was enought for me to get off of the couch and do something almost
Welcome back PS awesome

Stoosh said...

Allison's drunk c-blog posts are like gold. They're definitely better than any drunk dialing messages or texts I've ever received from friends or family.

Just awesome.

demondg1 said...

This post needs more boobs.

dying alive said...

Leftover from the last post:

did you get your 'Holiday' present from the Pens today?

Yeah, but I forgot to open it. Doh! I walked in, set the mail down, and then got distracted before I opened any of it. I'm assuming it's a poster of some kind since it's in a tube?

BlacknGold66 said...

Seeing Franco Harris sing the theme song to "Mr. Rogers" = Life Changing

btumpak said...

won't you be neighbor


go pens. MAF!

Stilly said...

So glad the Pens play today. Now I won't have to watch the Caps, Flyers, and whatever games are on Versucks and NHLN.

I watched a bit of the Calgary - Minnesota game. Some people mentioned this in the last post but Marion Gaborik had a couple of points. He's a fast little bastard.

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to seeing him in a Pens uniform if he weren't made of glass. This team is soff enough. There's no need to bring in a guy who makes you cringe everytime someone checks him.

Speaking of checking.. Uber-goon Derek Boogard pretty much ruined Rene Borque's life in the second period. Hell of a hit.

Yes folks this is what I've been reduced to. 7:08 PM can't come fast enough.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I won't ruin the surprise and tell you what the poster is [or maybe someones informed you already...but, I'm not going to be: That Guy].

I'm just happy it wasn't a contract for a Personal Seat License at the NCA [New Civic Arena].

byeskey said...

"Hey kid, I'd bet you'd love some free candy."

Docciavelli said...

If Brian Campbell wants more ASG votes, he should check another Flyers fan into some boxes or something.

dying alive said...

The best description I've ever seen of Gaborik was something along the lines of "Sick player, but his skeleton is made of balsa wood."

In a perfect world, yeah, he'd be a great winger for Sid. In the real world, he takes up a big chunk of the salary cap and spends most of the season on the IR.

dying alive said...

Oh, Dr. Turk - I don't see there being seat licenses in the new arena. The gloom-and-doomers are all crying about it already, but it would never fly. Popular as the Pens are, they're not the Steelers.

I've never seen anything from the Pens organization that would indicate they'd do something like that. They have a history of treating their fans very, very well. I think there are only two teams in the NHL who have PSLs at this point and one of them is the Leafs (I can't remember the other one).

crmzak said...

From last post, how come you guys get a hot chick and us ladies end up with this when googling hot penguins dude? (well, Taffe, 66 and Sid were also in the mix) Life just isn't fair.

Oh and I cannot comment without saying that girl IS NOT FAT.

Matt said...

Truth. Girl wasn't fat, but I have to agree with the over-tanning assertion. That'll be crocodile skin at age 40.

Hockey: projected lines from the Pens' page has Wallace-Staal-Cooke. I love the shit out of this line already.

Stilly said...

Yeah whoever called that chick from the last post fat seriously needs to re-evaulate their life and expectations in the fairer sex.

There are few things more disgusting than women who are too skinny. I would agree with the over tanning and ugly hair.. apart from that.. she seems to be about perfectly proportioned body wise.

Remember ladies, if you wear a bikini and I can see your ribs it's gross.

Stilly said...


That line will be awesome. Wallace is going to ruin some joke's life tonight. Bank it.

Vern said...

Hacksaw really let himself go.

Matt said...

Is there an official tPB nickname for Wallace yet? I've been calling him "Wally World" but I want to go with the endorsed name if there is one.

@ stilly: If he hits Cristensen I will actually cream myself.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Why is that Goom & Doom? I think it'd be more of a smart business move on the Penguins front-office part, than anything else.

The Blue Jackets are the other NHL team that currently has PSL's:

here's an excerpt from an article I found about their situation:

PSL Pull-back

The decision to eliminate the personal seat license charge on the 10- and 20-game plans will put the Blue Jackets' more in line with other sports franchises, Hoepfner said.

"It's not common to have a situation like we've had," he said, "where every season ticket in the arena required a PSL. What we heard from our frequent single-game buyers is we need to make it more affordable."

Seat licenses for full-season ticket buyers range from $500 to $4,000, Hoepfner said. The one-time charge can be spread over five years.

He said seat licenses remain a value for full-season ticket holders. The benefits include the largest discounts on single-game tickets and price breaks on Blue Jackets merchandise, parking passes and food and beverage purchases at the arena. Owners also get opportunities to buy tickets to other arena events, including concerts, before tickets are made available to the public.

"(PSL holders) are the lifeblood or our organization," Hoepfner said. "That's why we distinguish the benefits they receive from others."


I don't think Mario + Co. are running a tax-exempt charity over there at 66 Mario Lemieux Place. If freaking C-Bus can do it, why wouldn't a franchise that has a STH WAITING LIST [that you have to pay $ to be on!] do it, as well???

You can only raise ticket prices so high, charge so much for a beer...I don't see why a PSL option wouldn't be an avenue that the Pens organization wouldn't at least explore over the next year to see if it would be a viable option.

You said:
I've never seen anything from the Pens organization that would indicate they'd do something like that. on that line of thinking...they really haven't come out and said that they're NOT going to charge a PSL in the new barn, either.

I think it'll either be a ticket price increase or a PSL...either way, we're going to be shelling out a few more squid to see the boys skate around wilst we sit in comfortable seats with drink holders.

kstewy16 said...

Pittsburgh owns all.
Best city in the world.

Having MAF back is better then a paper bag and a can of gold spray paint.

There are a bunch of really funny ASG videos, the Kings have some good ones, OV has a couple funny ones, but that Brian Campbell one might be my favorite. Of course that could be cus I like brian Campbell, but still.

J.S. said...

@crmzak, I don't know if I'd call that alligator skin by 40. I was thinking she'd have the complexion of a catcher's mitt.

Either way, it's not good.

fleuryous said...

Having MAF back=the best thing that's happened all week, to say the least.

I went to the open practice, and Staal and him were having some friendly competition. They're ridic.

The Wallace-Staal-Cooke line should be on Monday Night Raw. PUMPED.

Go Pens.

PS. Welcome Back Kotter is literally one of the best shoes to ever grace the television. I have Season 1 on it.

dying alive said...

@ Dr. Turk - by doom & gloomers I was specifically talking about a thread over at LGP where they're predicting that there will be PSLs, which will drive all of the lifetime fans out of the arena in favor of corporate types.

I don't think they're running a charity either (although technically they are...the MLF), but it would be awfully hard to justify PSLs for the Pens. They got a really sweet arena deal and the Pens brand is pretty much a license to print money these days.

And let's be honest, while the fans of other teams GREATLY exaggerate the bandwagon-ness of our fan base, attendance is pretty cyclical here when it comes to hockey. Things are great now, but if they implement PSLs and make their STHs mad and/or drive them out with cost, and the team has a few losing seasons, they're going to put themselves in a pretty awkward position.

It is batshit insane that Columbus had PSLs.

dying alive said...

I should have added, I do think there will be a price increase. Just not PSLs.

crmzak said...

@JS Just want to clarify that I didn't mention crocodile skin. Just said that she was in no way fat and I agree with Stilly on some people needing to re-evaluate expectations. Especially all those porntastically spoiled brats out there whose expectations are through the roof.

I'm also very much against girl on girl hate crimes, so even though I dislike her hairstyle of choice, I would never call her out on it. I don't judge, even when someone chooses to look like a skunk ape.

Sorry to veer away from hockey talk there. I'm ashamed.

Lady Jaye said...

I am so sappy. I teared up at the "Won't You Be My Neighbor" part of the Pittsburgh vid.

And how much does Pensblog rule my life? When I saw Hacksaw Jim at the Mellon I said "Wait, he's not on our team anymore."

crmzak said...

And, if you ask me, Boucher needs to be holding a mop and bucket in that pic, as opposed to being a Bond villian.

fleuryous said...

Blogger Vern said...

Hacksaw really let himself go.
haha, toooo true.

Vern's comment + icon= now my best friend.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I should have added, I do think there will be a price increase. Just not PSLs.

They'll get us one way or another:

A PSL with no ticket increase for STH, but increases for non-STH = Mo' Money for them.

No PSL's...but ticket increases for everyone = Mo' Money for them.

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money

[Yo, Homeboy? What?!?]


I wish there were plans for keeping the Mellon ice surface up and operational, somehow. I'm sure it's not economically feasible to keep the whole Mellon functioning the way it is today....but, if there was a way that they could tear down the dome [sniffle,sniffle] but, keep the lower level of seats and ice around...then, building AROUND AND OVER the rink and lower level with office space, shops, condos, give it that Monroeville Mall Ice Rink feel. [anyone else skate there back in the day????]
The Pens could use that as their practice facility, host High School and College games there when the CEC is in use...and have public skating the rest of the time.

[Powerball™ Dreams]

crmzak said...

I would like to make a storeblog purchase, but quick question... I don't see any Flower merch in youth sizes. Am I missing something or does it just not exist?

I can't recall now, but wasn't it mentioned a while back where to post requests such as this? Thx.

Allison said...

@JS and Stoosh, and the rest of cblog- oh, god, im so sorry for my drunk blogging last night. i was so drunk i have no idea how i logged in to blogger... i think i had to try about 4 times. ans Stoosh, if you saw what my outbox on my phone looked like from last night, you might die of hysterics.

Dr. Turkleton said...

looks like they have a live cam [delayed 15 minutes] out at Wrigley Field setting up the rink for the Winter Classic.

kinda depressing to watch, IMO, after going up to BUF last year for the game... [I guess techically it was really THIS year...whatev.]

crmzak...sorry, I wish I could help.

Matt said...

Sharks vs Red Wings tonight. Should be a good game, and it's 30 minutes after the start of the Pens game so definitely something to look at during intermission.

Also, the Cryers play the Stuffers tonight. Whiniest fanbase tournament finals are here already?

J.S. said...

Crm, that's my fault. You post was near Matt's, and I confused the two. But I do agree with everything you said though.

Allison said...

This whole Mats Sundin thing needs to stop. The whole "he will finally choose on Thursday” Thursday comes= backpedal city. "Oh, it might be today, it might be tomorrow."

Seriously, for my own personal selfishness, I hope he signs with Vancouver over the rangers, cause I don't know if I can handle the NY media playing that story out any more than they already have.

sarah said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


joseph burrell said...

hahaha that graphic of the referee showing his middle finger is very funny, imagine if he does that in a game, I could tell my friend who is a pay per head bookie to bet on a assured big fight during the game! LOL


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