Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It wasn't even worth getting out of bed today, let alone coming here.
Hal Gill is back tonight.

[PenguinsExperience] with a great youtube.

Good stuff.


The Caps retired Mike Gartner or something. We could care less.
But check out his banner:


Thanks to [Hooks]


Some of the stuff we get in our e-mail.......

No idea. That bitch on the right is all kinds of messed up.
Thanks [Nicholas]


You have no idea what it's like to be stopped at a red light and checking your e-mail and you get the following e-mail with these picture attached:

Around my house, we use the word "Holmstrom" instead of "get the fuck outta my way". If one of the dogs is under my feet, if my wife is blocking the refrigerator, or if somebody is blocking a doorway, we call them "Holmstrom". Anybody else do that? Check out the pics I'm sending you of my awesome Satan Penguins mask. I wore it to the San Jose Sharks game this year, and with any luck, I will get to wear it again when the Pens meet the Sharks for the Stanley Cup Finals. It will not be the Wings this year. Hopefully. By the way, I live in Sacramento. So when that commercial with dude making his flat screen tv behind the glass in his garage while wearing a Crosby shirt comes on, I really get a kick out of it. That is exactly what the houses look like out here in suburbia.

Reader [Mike S]

Go Pens


nicholas richter said...

Mike Gartner is so Charlie

ISmellSexandFreeCandy said...

first at 2AM

ISmellSexandFreeCandy said...

shiiiiiiiit Richter you ruined it

nicholas richter said...


penstone said...

charlie up in the rafters? i actually may need to go to that Craps game my uncle wants to take me to

Jennie said...

Should Ryder's little brother's suspension be off limits in terms of sign-age?

I'm wondering if jobbing him is a worthwhile or classless endeavor.

meecrofilm said...

Even though it's 2:42 and I have a pounding headache, something tells me this post still won't make any more sense in the morning. Most random post in a while.... Probably doesn't help that I just had my mind scrambled my watching a movie doubleheader consisting of Juno and the 2nd half's of High School High and Last Action Hero.

KaylaJ said...

mike s' mask looks like something you don't want to see in the alley, but it would be kinda cool in an odd way.

cs2766 said...

I didn't know Ravishing Rick Rude played for the Capitals.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

hahaha, go tell it on the mountain.

the song has been stuck in my head for two days the way merna sings it... i just had to share my pain.

coffeytalk said...

that Hal Gill motivational poster by the great and powerful stoosh is probably in my top absofav photoshops of all time.

it's still saved in my book of face profile photos.

i need to blow that up for next time i sit anywhere in camera range.

J-PRAK said...

is it just me or does that lady on the left in the second video look like smizik?

The Pittsburgh Sportsblog said...

Mike S you are my hero until further notice…

Kierstan said...

I totally forgot to post this when I got back from St. Louis on Sunday night, whoops.

When I was sitting in the airport terminal waiting for my plane to arrive this guy in a Flyers jersey comes walking by with his overly-makeuped girlfriend (seriously, the makeup looked like it was slathered on with a putty knife). He's walking around like he owns the place. He then trips over his own shoelaces and knocks over his girlfriend. Girlfriend left a makeup mark on the carpet. That made the wait much more bearable.

jefe p said...

so much useful information in this post its ridiculous..

bitch on the right is all kinds of sedated. granny keeping her in check. i bet she is a spaz off camera.

go pens.

Duff said...

Name: G'no
Word: Explode

Jeffrey Paswick said...

DORKZOIDS!!!!!! my dad and step mom let me back on my computer! but they are still adults and they are still DICKKKKKKKKKKS! I WANT TO DICK PUNCH SEAN AVERY!

akus said...

So nice to see a motivational poster after getting out of bed this morning.

When it comes to(insert age here) Charlie......Mike, You are the father!-


Only "H" word used in this home is..

.as in, Don't have a hartnell.

Henrietta = ventriloquist
is amazing at throwing her voice and making Merna's mouth move without the use of her hands.
I guess singing about Jesus gave her the power.

That mask is,CRAAEEEZeee. Are the whips and the chains out of camera shot?

Pittsburghler said...

The Mike Gartner banner's resemblence to Pensblog Charlie is. . .dare I say. . . .stunning?

Aubrey said...

That Hal Gill poster just made my morning....as did the mask. Truly random post, but awesome nonetheless!

Victor Raison said...

Mmmmm...That smells like penalty kill to me.

Steve In Denver said...

Maybe I should have sent in the pic of my satanic penguin condom afterall.

Great story Kierstan.

I don't know what to say about the ladies singing, other than Youtube is a gold mine.

Yay Hal Gill! Now we need TK back.

theol'29er said...

Craig from Friday should get a shot tonight...

pensfan871 said...

The Hall Gill Poster is great! I have seen a lot of those types of posters, but this one takes the cake. Good job!
Can't wait to see him in action tonight.
Go Pens!

J.S. said...

cs, it took me a second, but that is definitely Rick Rude.

Cody said...

I'm trying to figure out how the hell I missed that mask in San Jose. It looks like I was much lower in the tank (I think I was in row 6), but I'll be damned if that mask shouldn't have caught my eye no matter where it was in the arena. Nicely done.

cs2766 said...

J.S. Yeah, that's Rick Rude.

71crush said...

What commercial is the fan from Sacramento talking about with the flat screen tv and the dude wearing the Crosby shirt?

rickyaustin33 said...

The commercial where the fan builds a rink wall with glass around his television to bang on it.

The commercial shows clips from the Finals.

gilette212 said...

yeah i lived in boca raton, fl and the houses all look like that too... definitely brought back memories of watching center ice last season

Hockey Dad said...

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jayness said...

What a tasteful pan out into the poinsettia to close out the performance introduction. Their camera guy is in the best shape of his life.

Jeffrey Paswick said...


stokes said...

Jeffrey's posts are life changing. one of the greatest blogs ever.

somechic said...

completely agree with stokes

snickerdoodles said...

Awww, the Caps are honoring their great love for Charlie. It may be cleverly disguised as some ceremony for Mike Gartner, but we know what is really going on. A shout out to Ottowa for Charlie's affections. Those Caps. What a wacky bunch.

GwinTheEskimo said...

go tell it on the mountain.

pensfan871 said...

Go tell it on the mountain, that Charlie is in the Caps pants.

J.S. said...

and because Boston is playing tonight, one of my all time favorite photoshops has to be posted:

a Canaan joint

Justin said...

Nothing like a little benny hill music to make him look even dumber... nice work.


meecrofilm said...

J.S., that does easily make the Top 10 photoshops of all time. So great.

The Goon Blogger said...

Can anyone stun me with some statistics and provide me the Pens record last season when they dressed 7 defensemen? I'm pretty sure it was Vomit City, but I could be wrong.


Raybin said...

This was probably posted yesterday, but for anyone who missed it.

Per the Pens website:




Spot what doesn't belong.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Go Tell it on the Mountain (Myrna Neudorff feat. Henrietta Neudorff) should be played non-stop in the visiting team's locker room at the Igloo.

I'm getting all sweaty thinking about the game tonight.

Do it.

Flyer Hater said...


God help us all.

akus said...

I just read that Goligoski may play on a wing.
Well i guess i should say HE will play on a wing.

"Savard said,"to make sure that all seven defensemen get in the game, the pairings will rotate and the team will experiment with Alex Goligoski playing a forward position."

"He's an important player," Savard said of Goligoski. "Having seven defensemen, we don't like people sitting on the bench without playing.We're going to have him up front at times. Goligoski is an important player on the power play. He's had some important points for us late in the games in a lot of games."

I think Savard is sayin that Goligoski is important!!

I take it from this that Goligoski will play a forward on the PP.

We need a dance called the MT Shuffle

BizNasty got the ticket back to WB/S.

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joseph burrell said...

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