Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twice In The Same Place. PENS LOSE.


Over the last few years, what we've learned from watching Rangers/Pens games is that very rarely will one of the teams run away with a game.

The Pens were up 2-0. Lundqvist wouldn't let it get worse.
The Pens were up 2-1. The Rangers played their game to a T and eventually tied it.
These are always great hockey games.

Thankfully for the Rangers, the shootout was there to bail them out again.
In April, they won't be so lucky.

But let's not be like Ranger fans here.
The game was extremely even.

If this were Rangerblog, we'd be making a early case for Nikolai Zherdev for MVP.
No joke -- take him off the Rangers, and they are mud city.

The guy is solid, and they got him for shit.

On a side note:
Did Markus Naslund or Chris Drury even play last night?




Early on, Colton Orr tries to get out of a fight with Godard but ends up throwing down with him.
Godard had a rough start, but you have to give him props. He is a tough SOB.
A minute later, Tommy Callahan goes off for slamming Sykora. Cheap hit.

The Pens do nothing on the ensuing power play. Just bad times.

Later on, Zigomanis puts his face down among the skate blades to keep a puck out of the net.

Both teams were looking for a jump. The Pens kept pelting Lundqvist with shots.
And then Orr ends up taking a faceoff against Sid, the hottest player in the NHL right now.
He gives him a little crosscheck after the faceoff. As the Rangers would soon learn, don't piss off Crosby.

They mess with each other for a while, and Orpik skates over, breathes on Orr, and gets a penalty.
Then Orr starts more shit at center ice, and Orpik drops him again.
Amazingly, the Pens end up on a 4-minute penalty kill. This was all Tom Renney's doing.

Chants of CROSBY SUCKS rain down from the most-fairweather fans in sports.

Therrien goes nuts, starts yelling at Tom Renney.
As a fan watching at home, there is nothing better.

Not even a minute into that big PP, the Rangers get called for Charlie's fave.

too many men

What happened next is something that's been in the works for 2+ years.
Crosby goes into the Rangers zone all business.
He waits, waits, waits for a trailer coming from the bench.
A flash of white flies into the screen. No one knows who scored.

Best goal of all time?

Mark Eaton's offensive prowess aside, it was a huge goal on the road in MSG.
The Rangers eventually get their power play back. They suck. Boo birds come out.

One hit Fabio in the face. Never gets old.

Not much dancing for the rest of the period. Scott Gomez goes to the box for tripping Malkin on a penalty that would extend to the second period.


The issues with flashblog are rectified. Finally.
ballsac.swf lives on.

This weekend, we will be adding the Best Of section.
It will include links to every game recap, every box score, and every YouTube highlight of every game since the 2006-07 season. Every.


The Pens get nothing on the rest of that power play.

After yet another PP went to the wayside, it slowly became Dany Sabourin's world.
His execution in taking away the angles would have given Pythagoras an erection.
The Rangers were relentless.

The Pens wanted that second goal, and they finally got it.
Scuderi shoots one from the point. PING. 2-0.
You look out your window expecting to see locusts coming to eat your balls.

nm it was Staal.

But the Rangers were still poised to score. Pedro Gomez was flying.
He got one on net.
Nikolai Zherdev city. 2-1.

The rest of the second period was pretty pedestrian.
Talbot took some jobber penalty. The Pens had the best chance in the following two minutes when Staal got stopped on a one-timer. Killed.


Thanks to Joe for the heads-up.


The third period was Survivor all the way.
The Rangers kept getting more and more aggressive.
Nothing to say about the third period. Pens lost Zigo and TK to undisclosed injuries.

The Pens had their best chances in a huge flurry with about 8 or so minutes left.
Bing goes nut, gets it to Satan.
Satan makes a sick move.

He couldn't put it home. And it hurt.
You knew that was going to haunt you like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Father time couldn't get to MSG soon enough.
Too late.
Petr Prucha puts in some bullshit.


But it doesn't alter your faith in Sabu. He's as solid as it gets on a depth chart.

Fittingly, Zherdev had a beautiful chance on Sabu with time winding down. Deja vu.
Sabu comes out and makes the big stop.


You want to know who HCMT has faith in?
Max Talbot and Pascal Dupuis were put out there on the 4-on-4 casket match.
What a shift.

Crosby got douched by Marc Staal when he tried to gain the Rangers zone.
Next time up the ice, Malkin makes a move we didn't even see and drives to the net.
The puck lays in the crease like Britney Spears at her dad's house.

87 doesn't bury it.

But never fear.
Possibly the best photoshop we have ever received lets us know that Lemieux is training Crosby in the ways of Buries It.


It was over before it really began.
Legame puts one home to tease us.
Sabu gets hit with a steel chair three times.



  • FSN stuns the world with a photoshop. Solid.
  • Tough game tonight in Carolina. Could be bad. RBC Center hasn't been kind.
  • Ranger fans are pathetic.
  • Colton Orr is a douche
  • Whatev. Vote for Crosby and Malkin for the All-Star Game.

Go Pens


PittHockey said...

fuck 'em. we got a point.

sabu needs some shootout practice though.

Allison said...

I'm so glad your ballsac is back in working order.

And I can't wait for the best of section... sounds badass.

PittHockey said...

and BVK has possibly made the best chop ever.

fleuryous said...

It's still annoying to see all the Montreal players at the top of the voting, but if the Pens don't get, they deserve the rest.

Rangers blow. I saw the ref pat Pricka's butt. He was on his side*.

Staal's going back-to-back games with his brothers. Interesting. Family Matters.

Seeing that photoshop on TV was beautiful.

And I'm hoping Tanger's goal tonight begins a streak. That would be balla.

They played well tonight...they really did. MSG hates us, though. Balls. At least we got a point.

Go Pens.


Allison said...

and btw, what photoshop did eeeFeeSN lead with?

fleuryous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention...

if you're going to SLAM Sabu, please don't waste your time. He's been excellent in shootouts, but...the Rangers have definitely won their fair share of shootouts this season, and Lundqvist is a great goalie.

Sabu is a saint, and if you throw him under a bus, you'll more than likely go to hell.

Or be patronized so much your balls fall off.


rickyaustin33 said...

Yeah. When I saw the two-headed monster pshop before the game, I thought staff had taken over FSN.

rickyaustin33 said...

OH - I'm calling it.

By gametime tomorrow... Crosby/Malkin 1-2 in AllStarGame voting.

Annie said...

That Bing/Buries It photoshop is my new permanent wallpaper.

And not only vote for Sid and Geno for the All Star game, vote for Sid in the Greatest Captains poll!

johnny said...

Is that a subliminal Robert Stack in the final Photoshop? Tremendous effort, staff!

PittHockey said...

I'm not slamming Sabu at all. He got us TO the shootout. I just wish he made 1 stop.

meecrofilm said...

Pens are gonna come balls out against Carolina.

The Best of Ssection does indeed sound very sweet.

I think it's best if everyone just forgot about this game.

Hopefully TK and Zigo aren't out for too long.

It's probably unnecessary that I make a new paragraph for every statement, but I do it anyway.

fleuryous said...

Touche, meecro--as do I.

I, too, am hoping for a speedy recovery from both Zigo and TK.

And I wasn't targeting anyone specifically, pitthockey. I was just saying.

I mean...shootout practice is always necessary, because you never know. You saw that the Rangers dedicate the last part of their warm-ups to shootouts. That's probably one reason why they're so successful with them.

But anyway...I'm going to look ahead. Tomorrow, we're going to go balls deep.

Speaking of balls deep, I'm thinking the ref and Prucha have a secret love.

The Goon Blogger said...

Sid is 4K from Tanguay.

Bury them.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

IMHO, it's a helluva lot easier for an offensive player to have a sense of a goalie's weaknesses than it is to have a backup goalie know the tendencies of the shooters he's facing. Especially when he may not know who the other team will be sending out. One save would have been nice, but I think it was more on Satan that he didn't lift his shot, it was mud. Games like these make you pine for Crusher and Ruutu. But fuck it, we got a point.

Subliminal Stack is huge. You just never know when he'll be peering in

dd7 said...

I have no complaints about swallowing this loss.
The injuries hurt us for sure. And we had a few good chances stopped by luck by NY.
I agree you blame sabu for the loss your a tool.
The rangers just cemented the 3 points for a win arguement for me cause they only breifly tried in ot. They spent more time passing it around their own net than trying to score. BORING!!

Off topic check out the wbs pens and sharks penalties on this score sheet.
fights and more fights

Scotty Hockey said...

We're fairweather fans? Meanwhile your team almost moved because attendance was so bad before Bettman rigged the lotto to give you Cindy. And even then, the team had to give away dirt-cheap student tickets to get people back in the building. Sorry boys.

And where is the credit for Kris Wang Tang Poontang? Dude was awesome for your guys tonight and nary a mention...

Annie said...

That last comment was so stupid it doesn't even deserve a response.

fleuryous said...

Yeah, dd7. They REALLY wanted that shootout; thus, the boring 4 on 4.

And Jon, I totally agree as well. How many times has Sabu honestly faced the Rangers, let alone those particular players in a shootout? Granted he's done well in the other ones, but you can't expect lights-out performances all the time. That's why fans are fans--it's no fun cheering for a team that wins them all. You need the excitement (ie high blood pressure).

Keep it up, Pens--they've really been improving, and I'm proud. We're now playing 60 minutes of hockey...perhaps more.

14-6-4 and 32 points is not bad at all. Not complaining. I just kinda want to beat the Rangers and humble them a bit, not going to lie.

Did anyone see Avery's apology? If anyone actually bought that shit, gullible is written on my third nipple.

Go Pens.

eileenover said...

Scotty Hockey has to be Hartnell. Don't throw your glove at me!

dd7 said...

Annie i was right in the middle of typing up a response to that tool and you talked me off the ledge.

vital beach said...

I'm not used to Eaton wearing #7 yet. I thought it was Ouellet at first. Scary.

At least we only have to go to MSG one more time this season barring a playoff rematch.

lol @ Rangers fans thinking anyone cares what they have to say

Natalie said...

A year ago when there were all the "Pens scouting Blue Jackets!" rumors, I was HOPING there would be a Zherdev to Pit trade. Everyone whined and complained that he's a locker room cancer, is too much of a risk, blah blah blah, whatever.

He's one of the few players I've seen in person who can really, truly, make you just sit up and take notice even when he doesn't score. Him on Sid's wing would just be sick, utterly sick, though the two of them might be so busy dekeing out the other team that they forgot to shoot.

jammer jagger said...

you have to go to the third page of points leaders to even find a member of the montreal canadians. Last i checked mr. koivu was top dawg with 19 points, which is good enought for 62 overall in scoring.


stokes said...

That game was all Pens for the first and evened out about halfway through the second.
Unfortunately, the Pens didn't capitalize on their chances late and the Rangers did. It happens occasionally over the course of an 82 game season.

About the shootout: Naslund and Zherdev made some sick moves that probably would have beat most goalies. What can you do about that?

Fuck it and move on. Playing the Hurricanes means more chances for Staff to job Acid Queen, which is always fun.

Ormiss said...

OT > SO.

Consider voting for Giguere and Nabokov in the West. Luongo's so far ahead of Osjoke that only NASA could help Ozzie catch up, but if Nabokov and Giguere get more votes, they'll push Osjoke out of the ASG. He has no business there, anyway. Nabby and Giggy are both far better goalies.

FireFox said...

I noticed the Pens updated their "A Great Day for Hockey" commercial. It has some highlights from the New Jersey game at the beginning. I thought for sure that PensBlog would have jumped all over "It's a Great Day for... Woooooooooooooo!!"

I wish I had a screenshot of it but I suck. Ah well.

christina said...

that Bing/Buries It PS is life-changing.

all games at MSG = meh. let's just move on.

debrisslide said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed the ref with the ass-grab. MMMMMMMMMMMMM OH BABY.

Billkamm said...

I would vote for Sid and Geno in the all-star voting, but the Website is messed up and isn't working. Ever since they tried to stop the automated votes from Montreal I've had trouble voting. Good job NHL you kept all the illegal votes and prevented legitimate ones from getting through.

Ormiss said...

I always have to try the captcha twice before it works. Every single time.

Honestly I don't think they should allow fan voting on the ASG. But if it helps sell the game, then whatever.

TheFandangler said...

Sweet vid... and check out Doc at the end.

Rage said...

@Satff- why did you circle Jon Lovitz's fat gut, and the arrow at Tom Brokaw?

Serious question: Is there any Pens player who doesn't come out for the 3 stars after the games? I was watching the Blackhawks last night after the Pens and noticed that the only player I saw was the first star Toews, and he bolted straight through the bench to the locker room and the equipment gnome came out and grabbed his shit and scurried away. Pretty shitty, but that's just my opinion. I've seen other teams players come out and give away their sticks and other stuff to kids after their skate out, which is a class move..again, just my opinion.I'm not ranting, mind you, but Center Ice exposes one to this sort of thing. I would hope all the Pens do their skate around to acknowledge the fans at the very least.

Rage said...

Nice one Fandangler!!! Campbell v Wales...ahhh the old days AND MArv Albert. Sweet indeed

dying alive said...

Maybe my grapes are particularly sour this morning, but the game didn't seem all that even to me. The Pens had better puck possession, made better passes, and had better scoring chances. If not for that second puck bouncing off the boards and landing on the stick of the guy right in front of the goal, no way it goes to OT. Oh well, it was more even in the third and I guess that's what counts.

Thank goodness a Rangers fan showed up to give us completely wrong information about why our team almost moved. If you're going to try to job someone, make sure you have your information correct. Otherwise you just look foolish. Stoosh, please enlighten this gentleman.

And no, the Fabio joke never gets old.

penstone410 said...

anybody else slightly worried about the future condition of their liver considering it will be the second night in a row of the Staals Are Brothers Drinking Game?

BlacknGold66 said...

How the hell did Chico Lind get tickets to this game?!?!

dying alive said...


dying alive said...

Sorry about posting links twice in a row, but The Onion jobbed Plaxico and the NFL.


Kierstan said...

@ Penstone - Not me, I didn't get to play last night because I was at work. Making up for lost time tonight before I go in to work for some OT...that'll be entertaining!

In other news, listening to the Pens play while at work is counterproductive, but I do it anyway. I got so irritated at times that I had to stop myself from swearing loudly. My supervisor probably wouldn't have like that too much.

Did anyone else notice that Ronnie Franchise was named Maurice's associate (not assistant) coach in Carolina? Hmm...already planning for the next coaching era down there?

Kierstan said...

Oh, the Onion, what would we do without you. *snicker* Thanks for the link, dying alive. :)

Kierstan said...

In other news, fuck. Looks like no TK or The Great Mike Zigomanis tonight.


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

My brother sent me this link in an email, A Burress Story. I especially love the site's logo header, TiricoPac is the best

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Ronnie Franchise assisting behind the bench tonight. Has he been there all season?

dying alive said...

No Zigo or TK is a big loss for the Pens, especially in back-to-back games. I wonder who gets the call up?

BTW, Sid is now down by LESS THAN 1K VOTES in the All-Star voting and Geno is within just over 6K.

Kierstan said...

@ Johnny - I'm not sure, but it sounds like he's going to be more involved with running the team than just an assistant coach.

@ dying alive - Per the article, Pesonen and Minard got the call. NA-NA-NA-NA!

Aubrey said...

Your liver can take it =)

penstone said...

sid is closing in on that All Star shit like no other. gotta love Pens Nation!

work is overrated! it took me all of 6 seconds to decide fuck finals and the two papers i had due today. apparently i will have the same mindset tongiht as well. my professors are going to enjoy reading those papers, i tell you

im not so sure. but i will try to do the Staals proud


wilsmith said...


Great band.

Matt said...

Is Barasso still the goalies coach in Carolina?

kstewy16 said...

Kris Wang Tang Poontang has to be the funniest shit i've read in a long ass time.

And yes Scotty, any fans who boo their own team on a regular basis are fair weather fans.

And thank you staff!! Thank you for defending Sabou. If I had to write one more comment on the last post defending him from these vultures, I'd be defending him with guns.

Pens are definitely coming out crazy tonight. Sids going to continue his insane play and since its against Carolina he will bury a couple.

I said it yesterday, I'll say it today. Montreal=Pathetic. How is it possible for the supposed home of hockey to blow such a huge lead in the ASG voting. C'mon everyone, Vote or Die!! Sid and Geno will bury them.

Victor Raison said...

The biggest thing that I noticed about the game last night was the missed opportunities that the Pens had. Lundqvist gave them an open net numerous times, they just couldn't bury it. I do like they way they played for the first period and a-half. They were on a mission.

Scotty Hockey had a good point besides the one on the top of his head, (which is unusual for a Rangers fan.) Letang did have a good game last night. Plus, might we be seeing a return to his shoot-out form of last year.?

At any rate, I am not disheartened by this loss, just frustrated that the Pens keep having trouble in the Madison-Square-Jardin. It probably has something to do with that douche who decided it would be hip and edgy to have an electric guitar play along with the stadium organ.

We'll see if the Penguins can repeat last week's blow-out after a loss the night before.

A Great Day for Woooooooooo! indeed.

holygoligoski said...

Na Na Na and Mini are called up.

Do it.

lil artie said...

Sid's in the top 3

akus said...

Scotty fanboy,let's be fair, it was stated that you are among the most fairweathered fans...and pathetic.

Your call, most fairweathered or pathetic?

A point is a point, but gotta do it dirty.


As far as the ASG went, i voted a few times a day.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, nice to see a few votes a day makes a difference.
@ ormiss,
if you hit submit under the pictures of the players, you will not have to do the captcha twice.

Any team that gives Avery a contract, should write the defintion of insanity 10000 times before they do.



dying alive said...

Awesome. Keep voting for Malkin as well so we can get him in there where he belongs. I've also been voting for Ovie, because he deserves to start more than the Canadiens players. I vote a couple of times a day for Sid, Malkin, OV, Orpik, Scuds & Fleury.

I just got the Pens text alert about the injuries & call-ups.

Docciavelli said...

Current Voting:

CROSBY, Sidney
MALKIN, Evgeni

Hahhah, you Froggy pukes.
Now to get Malkin up there.

Al Franken says there are a few thousand Montreal ballots to be challenged yet.

akus said...

Haha, time now for the Malkin show at the ASG voting.

Pittsburghler said...

JERSEYBLOG just arrived at my office. This thing is freakin' sweet.

A great day for WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO indeed.

dying alive said...

In this article Zigomanis says he expects to play tonight.

chris l. said...

@Penstone & Aubrey:
liver = evil

By the way, for the shootoutblog record, the Rangers cheat. I was at the "home" end at MSG last night (Pens defend twice) and got a pic of the shootout stripe after they Zamboni'd it. There was a huge landing strip (think bikini wax) in front of Henrik. The guy I went to the game with (Rangers fan from my beer league team) says they do it all the time. IIRC, they've been made to clean it up on an occasion or two. I don't have anywhere to host the photo, but I'll email it to staff and see if they can link to it. (Was late - missed the anthem pic - FAIL.)

Docciavelli: "Froggy Pukes." Classic.


Carroll said...

@dying alive - a different article about SBP was posted last night in the other thread. That is some seriously crazy sh@t. But I am not totally surprised it happened. I just hope they are all okay but now I will be aware of things falling from over head.

Docciavelli said...

re: ASG Voting

Don't forget to pull the lever for Iginla, Kane, Getzlaf, Sloppy Seconds, Campbell, and Nabokov. We must not allow Douche Wings to start the ASG.

Docciavelli said...

And really, an Eastern Conf. ASG that doesn't start with Bing/Gino/OV is pure bullshit.

Just sayin'...

brett said...

His execution in taking away the angles would have given Pythagoras an erection.


I'm on the road in Richmond, what are the chances they'll have coverage out of Raleigh (about 2 hours away)? I think this is big basketball country... :(

lil artie said...

@ brett

maybe, but i doubt it. i'm in winston-salem and last time the pens played the canes they showed a preds game instead. but here's hopin.

Rage said...

The word down here is that Maurice is fillin in the rest of the season until Ronnie Franchise gets his sea legs, then it's his team. Tom Barrasso is indeed the goalie coach, and Fox Sports should indeed be showing the game, as they typically don't black them out, whether sold out or not.

potcallingkettleblack said...

You guys might want to check out the definition of "Fairweather Fan". The boos during the Ranger power play were directed towards the coaching staff because they continue to do the same strategy no matter how poor the results may be. A Fairweather Fan is someone who stops rooting for their team during a time when the team does poorly. Example, Pens fans post Jagr/Lemieux to pre Crosby/Malkin years.

Oh and "Pathetic Fans" are the type that try to pick fights over the internet.

dying alive said...

Oh and "Pathetic Fans" are the type that try to pick fights over the internet.

Stop and let the irony of that one sink in for a minute, everybody.

twian said...

I thought Tanger and Gogo both played great last night. Gogo played much better D than usual. I hope whatever happens with Whitney and Gonch coming back these two remain Pens for the foreseeable future.

Also I hope Minard and Peso get a chance to play decent minutes and not just 4th line duties.

Matt said...

Oh, here's my week-and-a-day late report on the Capitals game I went to:

1. Arena was 80-85% full I would guess. Considering it was against the Thrashers, impressive. Considering it was the night before Thanksgiving, unimpressive.

2. The Jumbotron drives pretty much all cheering/fan response, and is also incredibly loud. The lone exception is "Capitals Horn Guy".

3. 90% of all fan jerseys were red Ovechkin ones. Go figure.

4. Speaking of Caveman, he cherry picks like you wouldn't believe. While the rest of his team was on defense, he was hovering near the Atlanta blue line. What a dick.

5. SHOOOOOOOOOOOT on the power play. Or not on the power play. Or any time the Capitals had the puck. And after Ovechkin had his hat trick, the crowd was still going ballistic pissed off when he didn't get a scoring chance.

6. I'm willing to bet that before this year, less than 50% of the people in the arena had ever been to a hockey game, or even seen one on TV. It was stupefying how many penalties on routine checks they wanted.

7. The Thrashers looked like they didn't want to be there. When they scored, the only sound I heard in the arena was me yelling YEAHHH!

All in all, not a terrible game. It was some uninspired hockey from Atlanta, coupled with the Cherrypickers desperately trying to pile on the points for Ovechjoke and yet only winning by two. I'd return only for a Penguins game there.

For my part, I cheered for Colby and when the Thrashers scored and only booed Christensen. Yes, he missed an open net at some point.

akus said...


Fairweather Fan, "A person who is not a dedicated fan of a sports team."

Go back and read the post,"The Dark Ages."

Unconditional Love.

twian said...

I wouldn't bother responding to the obvious Rangers shill...I talk to these soulless bastards each and every day. They're just miserable f*cks, and winning an internet argument with a Rangers fan is like beating up a retarded kid. Sure, it's amusing, but at the end of the day, all you've done s beat up a retarded kid.

akus said...

Sid is now #2.

akus said...

Sid is 2,500 and some change out of 1st.

We have answered the call to arms!

Allison said...

Yes, we have answered the call to arms... But do not relent, there's still almost a full month left of voting. How great would it be if he and Malkin (and Fleury) COMPLETLY crushed the Habs?

dying alive said...

I was thinking about this, though...will Fleury have 20 games played by January 2? I guess it depends on how long he's out with his injury. It would be pretty shitty for him to get voted into his first ASG only to be disqualified.

Of course, I am too lazy to look up how many games he's already played, he could be back next week, and the Pens play a ton in December, so my point may be moot.

meecrofilm said...


Yeah, Ovechkin is cherry-pick city. I hate idiots who look at his plus-minus and use that to argue that he's a "solid two-way player." He barely plays a lick of defense.


Having two call-ups tonights will be interesting. Usually it's just the one, so HCMT can get away with giving him minimum minutes without hurting the rest of the team. Now at least one of them will have to bring for more than 7 minutes.

Allison said...

@dying alive- I checked on it last night, but since I was drunk I naturally can't be sure about these numbers... I think he already played in 14 games and there's 14 more Pens games before the all star requirement deadline. So he should be in the clear if he's not too badly hurt.

And those numbers could be dead wrong.

akus said...

Found this @ Going Five Hole,

image macro

dying alive said...

I am totally spamming cblog lately because I'm bored at work, but I just got this gem via email:

A Plaxico Christmas


@ Allison - Six games should be totally do-able by 1/2!

Shaggy said...

I e-mailed this to but I'm not sure if it was received, so I'm posting it here as well:

meecrofilm said...

A Plaxico Christmas = money in the bank.

That Cooke thing is just disturbing....

Owyn_Beleforte said...

Just got finished stuffing the ballot box Crosby is only behind Kovalev for first by 10,000 or less votes.

Malkin still in fourth but closing fast

Raybin said...

Sid down by 800 in the latest update.

I haven't done a lick of work all day. Just been voting.

Been writing in Gill and Scuds for defense.


Jacqui Taylor said...

Best photoshop eva. Why isn't Miagi already a gameday go-to guy? Confoo'sed

Johnny Wrath said...

All you need to know about the ASG voting numbers is that Montreal has devised many robotic devices to send votes, which is the first technical innovation introduced by French Canada since St. Catherine's Taffy.

I'm irritated by how unappreciative towards Prucha the entire City of New York was prior to the game. NY's obnoxious fans don't seem capable of treasuring the success of a guy NY drafted 240th in the 8th round, providing vital depth to their team...

Rangers fans are unable to grasp "player development"; I mean, thats what the NHL's other teams are there for, right? To painstakingly draft and mentor, coach and nurture young players so that they can one day become a fine NY Ranger? Right? Fuck them.

If anything, this glorious moment for Prucha will spur Rangers fans to call their radio shows and talk with their mouths full about how Prucha's trade value will never be higher, and how the Rangers should just trade him already for some defunct superstar.

I can hear the high-pitched whine already, assuming the Rangers can and should orchestrate a trade which will land them Franzen or Kessel. You know, cause if you're any good, you should be in NY, the only team that matters outside of Canada. Go Pens.

akus said...

I think your fingers hit the wrong numbers.

Sid is 700 behind Kovalev.

I read that TK has a serious leg injury,Hmmm, i hope that is just a rumour.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

go pens

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wilsmith said...

I can't wait to see Pesonen and Minard sit on the bench tonight.

should be exciting.

Scotty Hockey said...

Johnny Wrath - Until you sit and watch every game that Prucha has played, you really can't say how or why we were unappreciative. As fans we loved the heart and fearlessness that Prucha brought, but last season he allowed himself to be marginalized and he started this season the same way. He definitely didn't make any friends in the area by refusing an assignment to Hartford where he would get 20 minutes a game ...

And Pens folks, what happened to Tyler Kennedy? He was a menace in the first period and then he disappeared ... I didn't see an injury, did you??

And feel free to steal Kris Wang Dang Poontang ...

Allison said...

@scotty hockey- as a Pens fan who has always lived in NY, I remember how much I used to like Prucca during his rookie season. Then I speant all of last season wondering what I had been thinking. Glad to know it wasn't my judgement, it was Prucca himself.

And yea Kennedy did get hurt, I missed the middle of the game so I couldn't tell you when, but he's out tonight.

kstewy16 said...

I'm sure Minard and Pesonen are SO glad they got the call tonight!
I sure hope Chris Stewart has the hemorrhoid cream ready for Minard after 60 minutes of sitting on the bench.

Its a great day for WOOOOO!

Nick Saia (usa) said...

pesonen or minard get on the scoresheet tonight.....

Raybin said...

Bing in FIRST, y'all. By 1000+

Nabokov only 299 behind Elroy.


Raybin said...

Gino still about 58,000 out of the top 3. Get to work, yo.

Matt said...

I hope Sabourin can get in 20 starts before the deadline, I'd write him in. Some people were calling for Conkblock for MVP last year, why not Sabu for ASG?

Does Curry get the call in net tonight?

meecrofilm said...

I gotta agree with Double M. Even if Zigo is questionable and could play, put in Pesonen and Minard, and put each of them in the Top 6. The goal production from the wings has been pretty weak as of late, so how much worse could they be? Why not try them out and see if anything develops... And like I said before, with 2 of them in, they won't sit be sitting on the bench most of time like when there is only 1 call-up. HCMT will be forced to give one of them, if not both, legit minutes.

I can't really fault HCMT whether he starts Sabu or Curry. I could see legitimate reasons for both.

J.S. said...

Dear Habs fans,

You're welcome.

Not very respectfully,


Raybin said...

I'd start Curry tonight. The next games are Ottawa, Buffalo and New Jersey and I'd want Sabu in net for all 3 of those. So why not give the kid more experience tonight? Eh, whatever. He's Papa T and I'm not and papa knows best.

Amusing statistic:

Erik Christensen is only 4 votes ahead of Josef Melichar. (36-32) Ouch for Crusher.

mallori said...

I love how on other boards all the Habs fans are complaining about "Pens fans" stuffing the ballot for Crosby.

So it's ok when they do it, but when another fan base (supposedly) does, it's SOOOOOO wrong. I understand it now.

Pittsburghler said...

NA NA NA has 80 votes. . .I cast about 78 of them.

Pittsburghler said...


Habs fans can stuff that in their pipe and smoke it for all I care. . .

somechic said...

haha pythagoras, lemeiux/sid shop excellent recap guys

Mike said...


stokes said...


Its not rocket science to call Letang any nickname with "poon" in it. My brother and i have been doing it since his first 7 game stint in 06-07. Although some in the arena found it (and still find it) distasteful. their loss.

Rage said...

@Scotty- It should read Kris Wang Tang SWEET Poontang...but you're a rags fan, gawd help your shriveled soul.

Jesus says NO

If the call ups can't get some decent ice time against the poor Canes then it would just be wrong.

Matt said...

New personal goal in all star voting:

Janne Pesonen has 80 votes in the All Star Game.

Sean Avery has 758.

Clearly, this needs to change. If we can get Pesonen above Avery, that would be clutch.

Nulpher said...

Here's the thing: Montreal fans cannot complain about ballot stuffing. Why? Because we did it the real way: manually.

The only reason why the Habs players were so far ahead was the fact that the NHL didn't have the foresight to use the Captcha, which allowed the Javascript through.

BlacknGold66 said...

You guys are insane.

I'm voting Osgood all the way.

There probably isn't a goaltender out there, nay, player out there I hate as much as this man.

So if we keep voting for Sid and Geno and they start... whom better for them to face than that sack of shit?!

Let Sid and Geno show the rest of the world how terrible he really is.


Nick Saia (usa) said...

janne pesonen for ASG starter

Nick Saia (usa) said...


Nick Saia (usa) said...


debrisslide said...

Bing being first is pretty sick.

Buzz on the Turd is reporting Ziggy officially out for the night. Whatev.

Peso with the GWG in the second period. DO IT.

Matthew said...

Oh Gameday blog, where art thou?

We play Carolina tonight? Better explode against them tonight.


Matthew said...

Haha, I wonder on average daily how many votes Crosby,Malkin and the rest of the pens have received daily to catch up to the Montreal Frauditants.

dying alive said...

You have a list of four names.


You have to identify which ONE of those is a legitimate starter for the ASG. The others are the result of ballot stuffing. Which one do you pick?

Yeah, me too.

brett said...

j.s. with the Hrdina profile pic.. nice!

dying alive said...

Ha ha, check out this thread over at HF Boards...

Their logic is basically "we got caught cheating and they put a stop to it, then the Pens players surpassed ours, so they must be cheating too."

ACO35 said...

beautiful goal

kstewy16 said...

haha, straight from the NHL's website, Malkin had a 3:19 shift. Thats great.

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