Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spezza-l ED. PENS LOSE

The day we give credit to any Ottawa Senator is the day we pack this thing up.
A lucky goal is all the separated the Senators and Pens.

The Pens played as well as a team playing three games in four days can.

Jason Spezza blows, he won't score for a month now.

Chris Phillips/Jason Smith maybe the most annoying two defenseman in the NHL.

Nothing else to even say.

Three games in four days took its toll on us.

Lick your stamps, because this is mailed in city.


Go Pens


debrisslide said...

Spezza is made-up. Woooooo.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I'm gay for that recap

Team Canada said...

Whatever. They boys looked tired, it was like they were playing under water sometimes - their legs were moving and they just weren't getting anywhere. I kinda like Spezza and Heatley though. So whatever.

Allison said...

@debris from last post-
that NSFW job is perfect.

tanya said...

You have stamps that need to be licked? I guess I just need to settle for dad's booze closets to forget that game..

debrisslide said...

Allison, group sex in the locker room leads to more chemistry than you would believe.

btumpak said...

spezza moonlights as special ed on crank yankers.

go pens.

jefe p said...

solid recap.

versucks monday.

christina said...

third game in 4 days + 2pm start = meh.

i hate jason smith.

BlacknGold66 said...

Great recap for realz.

F that game.

Time to hit the bottle.

eileenover said...

How is Jason Smith still in the NHL? What a joke.

fleuryous said...

Rather appropriate that Spezza represents the Sens logo, because he seemed to be the only one playing...and he's the biggest tool. WOOO.

You could tell the Pens were tired. They played well nonetheless.

Sens still suck. Seriously.

Orpik's hit was beautiful.

Monday, we'll explode all over Buffalo.

I love you, staff.

Go Pens.

wilsmith said...

regarding a question in the last cblog, the hand is coming up from behind the other guy. it does look weird, but that's where it's at.

Good to see Sabourin back to form for a night.

wtf was he doing those two times he came out of the net?

fleuryous said...

Zoe...that picture IS beautiful. I laughed for a solid minute.

FireFox said...

Damn it! My desktop wallpaper schedule I downloaded from the Pens website said the game was on at 7:00pm today. I missed it. Oh well, we lost. I guess if I am going to miss a game, it might as well be a loss.

On the nicknames for the Crosby/Malkin combo, I really like "Two-Headed Monster." Dynamic Duo sounds gay and Mega Powers just doesn't have the flair it needs. I think Stiegerwald came up with Two-Headed monster but I am not sure.

fleuryous said...

"Mega Powers just doesn't have the flair it needs"

Anyone else find that sentence rather ironic? haha.

Mike Georger said...

spezza getting the turnbuckle by brooks is going to be one of my favorite moments of the season. and what a fight, just trading blow after blow, thats the kind of fight we didnt get with BGL

LargeTurkey said...

anyone else think the stall minard NANANANA line was quite good in the third?

eileenover said...

Errey came up with Two-Headed Monster.

Kat said...

on the bright side, the Hawks are beating the Redwings 4-2 near the end of the second.

Hossa's a joke.

jimmy-pop6996 said...

Anything said by Paul Steigerwald needs to be quickly forgotten or you'll wanna put a screwdriver through your ears.

In his description of Ottawa's 3rd jerseys he called them nice and said, "They say Sens on the front"... fucking idiot.

wilsmith said...

Spezza would probably get hit into the turnbuckle every game if it meant he was going to be left standing unguarded in the slot later in the game for a big juicy rebound.

eileenover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eileenover said...

I'm sure everyone is just dying to hear you call the game jimmy-pop. Shut the fuck up, dick.

akus said...

it was 4-2 Hawks, i turned in on and Zetterberg scored, so i switched over to watch the Bolts and Ryan "I can't read" Miller. Sabres up 3-2, but the Bolts gave Miller another chapter to read, tied it up, end of second.
So i switch back to the Wings,

dammit Hossa.

Afternoon games suck.

fleuryous said...

"big juicy rebound" put me slightly on edge when I heard it.

akus said...

BTW, has anyone voted recently, like within the last 30 minutes, for the ASG?...

The drop down menu will not open for the voting.

Rage said...

Oh eileenover, how I miss you. Epic

debrisslide said...

Kelly, I'm glad you liked it. Not everyone appreciates art.

Ottawa sucks so this hurts a little less. They're about to lose like five straight anyway.

brett said...

good game to miss while being on the road i suppose. Spezza can lick my nuts, but I'm wrapping it first. Who knows where else that mouth has been.

fleuryous said...

akus, I haven't had any problems...maybe restart your web broswer?

fleuryous said...

or browser

Flyer Hater said...

This game is completely meaningless.

Ottawa still won't make the playoffs

The Pens still will win the Eastern Conference

Crosby will still win the Art Ross Trophy

ScotiaBank Place will still host a massive orgy tonight

akus said...

I did that Fleuryous. Maybe my browser was smokin from stuffin the ballot box.


i am

Banned from Bettman!!

Ok i gotta turn off CI, now the Bolts are losing.
I gave up on the Hawks/Wings, when it went to OT.

debrisslide said...

FH, I have missed your manly wisdom.

jefe p said...

there will def be a massive gay orgy tonight in ottawa considering everyone on the sens resemble charlie with there moustaches. what a bunch of fruits.

Flyer Hater said...

Only Canada would have their capital be some shit town like Ottawa.

norojo said...

did someone say flair?
game sucked, live for monday

Stoosh said...

Tony from The Confluence mentions it on his blog, but on Satellite Hot Stove tonight during HNIC, it was mentioned that the Pens have begun contract extension talks with Jordan Staal. Pierre Lebrun broke the news that suggests the team and Staal are talking about a shorter-term deal (3-4 years, maybe), and Staal would be paid considerably less money than what Crosby and Malkin got - probably in the $3-4 million per year range.

That makes sense, given know...Jordan Staal's career high is a 42-point season.

And while we can debate the short-term and long-term value of Jordan Staal as the Pens' third-line center until we're sick of it - if we're not already - I'll simply throw this out there...

Who says he has to center a third line that's used like a conventional third line? Can't you in essence have a Line 1A, 1B and 1C, and then a typical crash line that gets their five minutes a night? Crosby and Malkin are two centers who already do a good job backchecking and playing defense, so it's not as if the top two lines are one-dimensional, offense-heavy lines, relegating that third line to a shutdown role.

Maybe this is what we're starting to see a little bit of already, as prior to his injury, HCMT was giving that Cooke-Staal-Kennedy line a lot of ice time and expanding their role beyond something more than an energy line.

SexyChubbs said...

And that, right there, is why Stoosh is a God.

Great point!

Eileen - great comment. Fuck Jimmy-pop and the rest of the Bloodhound Gang.

And, while I'm at it, Fuck Jason Smith.

Phew...I feel better now that I got all that off my chest.

Flyer Hater said...

Jason Smith was tackling players in the 3rd period.

Stoosh said...

Ray, if someone asks if you're a god, say...YES!

Chubs said...


Now that's what I call Jobbing, Vol. 1

So if Stoosh is a god, should we stop committing to him and start worshiping him? I'm not sure Prep guys should be given that level of adoration...

fleuryous said...

I've taken shits more significant than Jason Spezza.

Count on it.

akus said...

Reading about what other blogs(SB Nation) are saying about the ASG voting,

From December 4,
," Crosby has received about 100,000 votes in the past 13 hours, which has to be seen as highly suspicious."

Oh really, imagine a Habs fan saying this!.
I still can't vote so i am highly susupicious of this Habs fan!


jimmy-pop6996 said...

Steigerwald's goal calls are delayed, his nicknames are not catchy and annoying, he addresses the audience like we're all 6 years old, and is complained about by pretty much anyone who listens to him- regardless of team affiliation.

Nowhere did I say I should call the games, but there has to be someone in the minors much better. If they aren't going to trust the TV duties with Lange ever again.

Go back and watch some 90's Pens games broadcasted with Lange on play-by-play and Steigerwald on color. He is much better suited in that role.

Flyer Hater said...

Where the hell did that come from?

Chubs said...


Probably not a brain.

Stoosh said...

@ Chubs -

That's awesome!

I don't think any Cathedral Prepsters need those levels of adoration, myself included. That's definitely the case with the ones I went to school with. Most of them had egos the size of Ontario already, and what would've probably served them best was to spend five minutes trying to beat Brooks Orpik down the wall for a loose puck. I'm sure Mr. Spezza can shed some light on that.

When it comes to the Ramblers, I will say that when I was in high school, we never once lost to Strong Vincent in football. What the hell's going on up there?


johnny said...

Meh, let me know if those choads can still beat the Pens come April. Other than that, two glorious wins by my Pitt Panthers today, so I'll take that 2 out of 3.

Let's Go Pens!

Annie said...

Steiggy might not be on the same level as Lange, but just imagine if we had to listen to Joe Beninati or Mike Emrick call every game.

(I might not be 100% on those spellings, but I don't know if I could give any less of a shit about it)

BTW, Stoosh = omnipotent.


eileenover said...

I actually know a lot of people who like Steiggy. The only reason most people don't like him is because they think he stole Lange's job. It was the network's decision to let Lange go. It was an incredibly stupid decision, but I highly doubt Steiggy wanted him to get fired. He's not an asshole.

And if you don't like him that's fine, but I've seen numerous comments on here saying he should die and shit like that. Would you all rather have Joe Beninati or some idiot like him? I doubt it. People expect perfection, but does anyone even realize how hard calling a hockey game must be? People think the fact that he and Errey joke around make both of them stupid. So they're not allowed to have fun doing their job?

And don't even get me started on the shit people say about Errey. He was a fucking alternate captain during the Cup years and some people have absolutely no respect for him. That's just ridiculous. People can bitch and moan all they want about them, but that's not going to get Lange his job back. Lange definitely deserves that job, but that doesn't make Steiggy and Bob idiots.

I'm not saying you think these things. I've actually been wanting to say this for while. This whole post was probably pointless, but it's wrong to say that nobody likes Steiggy. Like I said, if you don't like him that's fine, but it could be a lot worse. And trust me, I know how amazing Lange is. I'm not knocking him at all, but Steiggy deserves at least a little respect too, seeing as he worked with Lange.

I'm sure people think I'm a moron for having these opinions, but I really don't care.

fleuryous said...

Eileen, I agree that Lange should have the job, but I don't have a problem with Errey or Steigy--they do a fine job. And while their comments are a little weird sometimes, they have fun with it, and it's appreciated.

Saying anyone should die is a bit harsh, I'd say. And yes, we could have it worse...a lot worse.

PS. Tommy Boy is on MTV. This shit never gets old.

WinkleScnhippers said...

It's nice to see you Pensbloggers showing off a little gay pride! I had no idea.

eileenover said...

Oh and by the way, Steiggy was the first announcer to acknowledge tPB. I think that's pretty amazing.

wilsmith said...

Hopefully Staal is paid based on his production and not his last name or potential.

FireFox said...

Steigy and Errey aren't going to win any broadcasting awards, we know this. But if you are pulling out the old Lange vs. Steigy fight again, please let it go. Yes Lange is better, most everyone agrees with that. But FSN made their pick and signed him to a multi-year deal. Unless he does something incredibly stupid (like Sean Avery stupid) he is there for the long run.

I don't know how many other team's broadcasts you watch, but I watch them a lot. I have to get my Pens games on Center Ice because I am out of market. I can tell you that Paul and Bob are pretty damn good when you compare them to some other broadcasting teams. The Lightning team's color guy pisses and moans about every call against the Lightning. The Pather's team is just flat out the worst there ever was, I don't know how else to describe it. And the Sabre's guy is just annoying. I know some consider him to be one of the best, but there is no way I would say that when I listened to him for a solid minute talk about how he thought the lights dimmed in the arena while play is going on. WTF?! Finally the brilliant commentary from the Carolina team.

Color Guy: Every time the puck touches his stick, Kris LeTang shoots it.

Play-by-play guy: Well the puck has to be on your stick to shoot it.

Me yelling at the TV: As opposed to PASSING it you fucking moron!

Flyer Hater said...

I don't care who the broadcasters are, because I don't need anyone telling me what's happening on the ice. I know more about hockey than almost all of the US broadcasters.

eileenover said...

But if you are pulling out the old Lange vs. Steigy fight again, please let it go

I really hope that wasn't directed towards me, since I'm not mad at Steiggy.


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