Saturday, December 13, 2008


This game didn't matter.
It was the Pens eighth game in like three days.
The Pens are in a mini-rebuilding phase currently.
Everyone in WB/S may got a shot in Pittsburgh before the end of December.

And Ovechkin has seriously lost ground since the counter-offensive was announced.
It may soon be aborted to preserve Malkin and Crosby.
We have officially lost all respect for Habs fans.
Hartnell is a joke, too.


Thanks Fleuryous for the pic


The Big K said...


Yeah, that sucked, but we'll bounce back.

johnnylaw said...

I was at this game, and Flyers fans are assholes, even the camera guys in the stands. One camera man pushed a Pens fan while he was trying videotape some fat fuck and the Pens fans pushed back, the camera man threw a punch and a Flyers fan grabbed the Pens fan by the neck. And guess who gets thrown out? Only the Pens fan. Also there was the prerequisite throwing of beer and peanuts.

It's really pathetic when you have such low expectations for a group of people and they are actually worse.

Oh year, the PK and Sabu sucked a fat one tonight. Stall, Goddard and the Wilkes Barre kids looked alright.

fleuryous said...

A thing of beauty...

Go Pens.

M Parks said...

When I sent my text in for Ovie I didn't get a text back in response. So, I have a feeling my text didn't go through for some reason. Maybe that is happening with other people?

btumpak said...

blah. blah. blah.

go pens.

LargeTurkey said...

That picture is awesome, Fleryous. That must've been awful to be at that game as a pens fan. Philadelphia is a complete joke. The fans of that city are truly complete clowns who should be shat on.

J.S. said...

to hell with Philly and especially Scott Hartnell.

that is all

nikki said...

i have a good feeling about thursday
get a couple good practices in, get sharp
zig, max, whit, MAF back? solid

hartnell is still a joke

Jon said...

Why are there still self-described Penguins fans who can't spell Jordan Staal's last name?

Kat said...

Love the pic Fleuryous! I love how Malkin's just standing there all "If he dies, he dies..."

debrisslide said...

Best recap ever.

holygoligoski said...

@Kat.. "If he dies, he dies." Gold.

Allison said...

@m parks- I'm pretty sure that after the initial 10 votes with one phone number, you stop getting texts back.

That is, unless you spell something wrong, or vote for jordan staal, because there are these two other dudes with the same last name as him. Weird, they must be brothers or something.

mike2081 said...

I say we make a push for Fleury since it looks like he will get to 20 game minimum now.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@johnnylaw, I was at the game, too. Wow, that was painful.

The highlight for me was seeing someone in a Pesonen (!) Karpat jersey down along the boards, near where that retarded Flyers fan holds up the signs behind the goalie.

Thursday night! Thursday night! Thursday night!

nikki said...

gah i hate the rangers
caroline is so damn useless

Annie said...

Haha, that new photoshop at the top is epic.

I've always wondered... what the hell is a "flyer" other than some vague entity that flies?

A pamphlet? A brochure?

Aubrey said...

that picture is amazing. my desktop was the picture of hartnell with the pens fan in the stands giving the middle finger. Now it will be this one.

or could it be one of those stupid little red wagon things that are called flyers? I've never contemplated that but now I will =)

This game sucked, but whatev...its December, half our team is hurt, and the other half is from WB/S. We'll get over it and dominate.

Billkamm said...

We can still work on Fleury, Iginla, and Kane as well as padding Crosby and Malkin's leads. Kane has been gaining serious ground in the West.

Kat said...

Randomly found another sweet pic of Geno in fishing gear

Hilariously awesome.

meecrofilm said...

That picture is seriously incredible. Seriously. Wow.

The Goon Blogger said...

Kat, inquiring minds want to know: Where did you score this picture?

Kat said...

I got it off some nutso message board. Filled with crazies, but sometimes there's decent random pics on there.

Michael said...


Smizik retires!

Michael said...

Sorry about the link. Just go to the PostGazette website

Michael said...



eileenover said...

I heard he was forced out actually. I hope he was because that is hilarious.

Michael said...

Whatever the reason, I just cracked open a beer to celebrate

Annie said...

MAF is slowly gaining on Price - he's 73,705 behind him right now. Iginla is hella close to knocking Hossa out of the #1 spot - only 9,725 away. Zetterburg might deserve to be in the top line, but Hossa sure as hell doesn't.

ce by22 said...

I can't spell Staal's name half the time I post and I have his jersey shirt. Guilty as charged.

Fishing picture + Buries It signing a Buries It jersey in the same 24 hour period was life changing.

I live in Jersey and work in Philly. Most flyers homers only care right now because they are on a winning streak. Check that flyers arena out when they loose two or three games and you would think it was an arena football game!

P.S. -
Hartnell = Lord Godard's Bitch.

swissmiss said...

CAPS fans are a joke. Wait, I guess there is no such thing as a caps fan... So much for unholy alliance. I would vote to abondon and just keep voting in the Pens(Letang and Orpik as write ins!)

Matt Gajtka said...

Smizik was a decent football and baseball writer whose mentality was stuck in the 70s. Of course, he was clueless about hockey, which is inexcusable in a city that loves the sport like Pittsburgh. He hadn't written a column about the Pens since the middle of September, and I bet his editor made him do it. (I'm not counting his anti-fighting column earlier this season.)

Time for some new blood on the PPG's editorial staff. The Trib is close to surpassing the PPG in quality of hockey coverage, if they haven't already. The only reason I give the Post-Gazette the slight edge now is solely because of Empty Netters and Seth Rorabaugh.

Could Mark Madden be making a return to the Post-Gazette now that his archenemy has departed?

James Harrison will taste Manflesh said...

Malkin is just a ridiculously strong guy compared to how he looks in that picture. I'm not sure if that's impressive or just amusing.

I've been voting the hell out of Letang and Orpik. Of course I know that they won't actually get in, but if they aren't following the voting, someone in the locker room is, and I'm sure they'll be told how many votes they got.

wilsmith said...

Only the top 5 vote-getting are going to the ASG.

And again, why doesn't Hossa deserve to go to the ASG? Is it because he doesn't play in Pittsburgh?

Stoosh said...

Matt - I can't imagine Madden would return to the PG, especially given the way he was talking about it on his show Thursday or Friday when he mentioned Smizik "retiring". (Basically, it sounds like Bozo was TOLD to take the early retirement package.)

Print media is a slowly dying industry to begin with. The PG tried to cater to that younger demographic a few years back when they had Madden and Rob Rossi, who wrote the Angry Young Man page. They canned Rossi after maybe just a year and then later discontinued Madden's and Savran's columns - all so they could keep Ron Cook and Bob Smizik around.

It's funny. Professional newspaper writers looked down their noses for so long at blogs, but every major newspaper now has several of their writers doing them on the newspaper's website. I guess if the newspaper sponsors it, it's legit, huh?

The fact of the matter is that younger generations rely almost exclusively on the web for their news updates and information. Take deadline day in the NHL for instance. By the time the Hossa deal was first reported in a print edition of the PG, it was a day old and it had already been broken and discussed for upwards of 12-15 hours on blogs and message boards.

Kukla's Korner had that trade about twenty minutes before anyone else - even TSN or Sportsnet - had it.

ride1066 said...


Love the blog; i'm an avid everyday reader. However, I've got to take issue with your post concerning yesterday's debacle. How can you say that game, "didn't matter?" We lost two points and a place in the standings to a team playing well beyond its skill level. The boys looked like they're on Thorazine 30 games into the season.

That game "didn't matter" like Courtney Love "didn't kill" Kurt Cobain.

James Harrison will taste Manflesh said...

Wilsmith, Hossa deserves to GO, he just doesn't deserve to START. Because he's probably the third-best forward on his own team.

jefe p said...

next game not til thursday? fuuuck.

so is it thursday yet?

Stoosh said...

@ Ride1066 -

Remember how bad we were last year during the first half against Atlantic Division teams and how everyone was saying it was going to cost us in the playoffs?

Remember how it didn't mean dick by the time we actually got to the playoffs because despite said poor start and shoddy play early on against the Atlantic, WE STILL WON OUR DIVISION and finished second in the East?

That's why yesterday's game - in the grand scheme of an 82-game season with 52 games still play - doesn't really hurt a whole lot.

We're just barely past the 1/3 point of the season.

So saying a mid-December game against a division foe is crucial to the Pens' chances is like saying the sixth game of the season for a 3-2 Steelers is crucial for them.

In both situations, it'd be nice to get the win. But if you lose and can't make up that ground, you don't deserve to make the playoffs anyway.

A more accurate comparison is this current 10-game stretch the Pens are in. 10 NHL games is roughly equivalent to 2 NFL games. The Pens are 16-14 overall, 4-5-1 in their last ten, and we're 1/3 of the way through the season.

That's the equivalent of a 3-2 Steelers team going 1-1 over a two-week stretch in mid-October. As ridiculous as some Steelers fans are, I don't see any of them realistically panicking over a 4-3 record seven weeks into the season, especially if they compiled said 4-3 record without key players in the lineup who they know will be coming back during the second half of the season.

71crush said...

Love how geno is wearing his blue "Geno " shirt from Pens station. too hilarious.

What was Steigy talking about with flyer fans doing something to a bus? I walked in the room right as he was finishing up.

Serena and Chuck said...

Uhm guise,
tPB and J.S. are mentioned in the New York Times's Slap Shot this morning.

stokes said...

As i agree with Stoosh, I still would have to liked to have seen a better outcome. That being said, injuries are catching up with them, as well as the schedule. That was a rough stretch right there.

More importantly, let's talk about the injuries. I'm too lazy to do the research, but its obvious that the Pens are losing crucial faceoffs without Ziggy, and with Talbot out yesterday, you've got your two best faceoff men (Statistically) out yesterday. This intertwines with the PK which has been in a slump since the USS Hal Gill went down. And who knew that TK would be this big of a gap to fill?

The WBS line yesterday generated some energy yesterday, and i like that Wallace guy, but the Pens aren't going to survive with WBS up here all season long.

MAF will be back- THANK GOD- and Whit soon to follow. As been said recently, this team SHOULD be healthy very early in January, with enough to time get on their horse and ride into the playoffs. And You'd have to think that the injury bug will go away for good, because this is getting ridiuclous.

Its not a big deal to lose that game, but anytime you play the Flyers, I want to see them win and win handily....


Annie said...

Someone beat me to it - I never said Hossa didn't deserve to play in the ASG, but there are at least three forwards out there better than him who deserve to start.

Stoosh said...

Just so nothing gets lost in translation, I wasn't trying to slam Ride1066 or anything. And I would've liked to have seen the team come out and give a much better effort yesterday as well.

I heard Steigy yammering on about the 1:00 start screwing up routines and stuff like that; well, the Flyers were subjected to that as well.

As my esteemed c-blog colleague Stokes said, yesterday's loss really hammered home the injuries. We really missed Gill in front of the net; for some of his shortcomings in the skating department, Flyers players were allowed to camp out in front of the net and play grabass for a lot longer than than normal had the USS been patrolling the front of the crease.

Stokes mentioned the absences of TK as well - one of the select few Pens who seems to give that all-out effort every single night. That's something we haven't seen from enough Pens players this year, and that's what's starting to worry me.

debrisslide said...

I agree that the game didn't matter. It was a fucking ugly stretch for the Pens, the team is fucking mangled, and Sabourin can only be a goalie half the time he's expected to.

And I still think the Islanders game was a great confidence-booster. Guys should still feel pretty good about themselves, as long as Sabu isn't in net again, going into Atlanta. Plus, it's Atlanta. Suck it.

Curry should have stayed up if they weren't going to put MAF in. I'm still fucking pissed about that. Man woulda brick wall'd that game better than Sabu.

Stoosh said...

Clarifying things a little further...

I've seen a few too many games this year where the Pens don't show any real sense of urgency until they're down two goals in the third period. I know and pretty much every fan here knows that you're not going to possibly see the same game-in, game-out intensity in December that we saw out of the team in April and May. You just don't replicate that playoff intensity in the regular season - not even against your rivals.

But it is getting to the point in the season - now about 35-40% over - where I'm seeing it so much with some of the regulars in the lineup, I have to wonder how much of it is starting to become indicative of a trend or perhaps a statement of the makeup of the team.

Look, maybe we've all still got memories of the playoffs too fresh in our heads and we still kind of compare everything we're seeing this year back to that to some degree. And I'm not discounting the effect that injuries have had this year.

Last year's team won games by playing a different style. They seemed to be more physical and at the risk of romanticizing last year's team too much, they were pains in the ass to play against for sixty minutes on most nights (operative phrase there being "on most nights"). But we saw those mostly during the second half of last year. I can remember the fans questioning the same sorts of things - effort night in and night out, consistency, goaltending, etc. - last year through most of December.

This year's team is winning games, but it feels like they're winning games with a different style of play. They've had more than a few games where they've had to flip the urgency switch on in the third period to come back from a couple of goals down. When they've lost games, it's felt like it's been due to lack of effort. The same physical style of play we saw last year isn't quite there as much. Maybe that's why some of the wins haven't felt as good, and why some of the losses feel worse.

Or maybe I'm just full of shit and thinking about this stuff too much.

FreeseDogg said...

@ ce by22: check out this link:

and tell me the flyers fans are only going because their team is winning. guess what? we're 4th in home attendance. at least get your facts right before trying to say something.

also, check your own team's attendance for the past 5-6 years and tell me what fans don't go to games when their team isn't playing well (hint: they wear yellow and black)

here's the home attendance from the worst year the flyers ever had as a franchise (22-48): (7th overall in attendance)

and here's stats for your '04 campaign (23-47):

and the year after the strike:

dead last in attendance and 20th (of 30). so once again..make sure you know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.

Matt Gajtka said...

Stoosh, as a holder of a journalism degree, this stuff probably matters to me more than most. Newspapers are devoting more and more attention to their Web sites, as they should. Still, when I hear that newspapers are dying, I get frustrated because of course the print versions aren't long for this world. However, the newspaper brands aren't going to die, because people still want to know who to trust for their information.

What blogs have done is added a ton of individualized flavor to the fan experience, something that straight-up reporting will never be able to do. This perceived threat from blogs makes traditional media work that much harder in order to deliver the quality content that fans crave. The consumers will be the big winners in this new media atmosphere..that much I'm sure of.

Concerning the Pens, I see the same things being said by the fans of the Red Wings that I have to tolerate up here in Michigan. Whereas the Wings of the past few years were winning games 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, this season it seems like two-thirds of the time they're having to turn on the offense late and squeak by 5-4, 6-5, etc. But they have a similar if not better record this season than they did last year at this time.

Meanwhile, the Pens are actually in much better position this year compared to last, yet it seems like (myself included) all we're seeing are the blemishes. That's the price of success, really. Like you said, we're seeing everything through the prism of last spring. But one thing that's easy to forget is that progress doesn't happen at a consistant rate most of the time. Entering the playoffs, this team will probably be in better shape than it was going into the first round last season, even if the regular season result might be pretty similar.

We just have to ride the wave. And we're still 2-1-0 against Philly.

Jay said...

Why didn't you guys talk about the fact that the organist in that arena was literally egging the crowd on to keep the "Crosby Sucks" chant going?

Wow, I can't imagine trying to teach "sportsmanship" and "respect" in a Philly sports program, if this is what their parents and friends do at games.

You stay classy Philly...


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