Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Okay, Don.

Honestly, getting pissed off at Don Cherry is like being stunned when a Canadians fans is diagnosed with AIDS.

But just because it is fun to make him look like the tool he is:

3:52 mark, he blast Malkin for not passing to teammates when there is an open net.


-- J. Schiff --

Go Pens

30 comments: said...

Not Like Malkin???? This is like that time Sienna Miller (AKA Cuntie McWhistletooth) called us Shittsburgh. Its like that time I found out a wang piercing is called a Fat Albert or something like that. It makes no sense...I'm stunned.

Dixie Normess said...

Don Cherry likes dudes.

Beav said...

He likes dudes slightly less than he likes the sound of himself talking. If he could get a beej from a dude and be on coach's corner, it would be the perfect day for Donny C.

Annie said...

Don Cherry is like a very slightly less retarded, but equally gay, annoying, and as big of an attention whore as Sean Avery.

Fraer40 said...

Don Cherry is such a joke. Not only does he rip on malkin just because he's russian, he then goes on and says that joe thorton is the best player in the league...

I'm pretty sure donnie c gets a big hard on for all canadian players.

Ormiss said...

To be honest, I was a bit worried when I saw Malkin had a passing lane in the game - I really wanted him to get the hat trick. But I hope Sykie wanted him to get it as much as I did. As long as there's no bad feelings about it. Anyway, as staff pointed out, it evens out, and Malkin deserved a hat trick for getting Staal up and running in time for the Staalshank Redemption.

By the way, didn't Cherry say Vinny Lecavalier was the best player in the world last season? What happened to that Lecavalier guy anyway? Does he still play?

J.S. said...

updated all star vote totals for the Penguins

COOKE, Matt - 323
CROSBY, Sidney - 553576
DUPUIS, Pascal - 208
EATON, Mark - 289
FEDOTENKO, Ruslan - 191
FLEURY, Marc-Andre - 402211
GILL, Hal1 - 581
GODARD, Eric - 109
GOLIGOSKI, Alex - 4946
GONCHAR, Sergei - 367803
KENNEDY, Tyler - 1066
LETANG, Kris - 13451
MALKIN, Evgeni - 484694
MINARD, Chris - 37
ORPIK, Brooks - 12336
PESONEN, Janne - 151
SABOURIN, Dany - 733
SATAN, Miroslav - 5143
SCUDERI, Rob - 3105
STAAL, Jordan - 19427
SYKORA, Petr - 1179
TALBOT, Maxime - 3199
THOMAS, Bill - 28
WHITNEY, Ryan - 339455
ZIGOMANIS, Mike - 160

and I'm disappointed that there is no candy visible in Orpik's Xmas basket.

dying alive said...

Don Cherry's xenophobia act wore thin a long time ago. I can't believe anyone cares what he has to say.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Nobody does care what he has to say

dying alive said...

Meh, somebody does or he wouldn't still be around. I'm curious what people in Canada think of him.

jefe p said...


go pens.

Hip said...

Yeah, I don't think Sykie cares about that one at all given how many times Malkin tried to feed him his own hatty in the game against the Canes. If it's for the HT, it's legit to be a hog.

Dr. Turk - shit yeah I had my Pens hat on. It's the only winter hat I own and it was too effing cold to go sans. Actually, whatever it was about where I was sitting, I'm not kidding I saw more Pens gear than Stees stuff, minus terrible towels.

debrisslide said...

If Godard weren't Canadian, that video would be 10x funnier.

DeathByEmu said...

How many times has Malkin fed other players for their hat tricks?

Every time Sykie get two goals, Geno spends the rest of the game forcing him the puck so he can get his hat trick..

Don Cherry.. keeping Canada from being taken seriously by the rest of the sports world. Any national fanbase that would hang on the words of a guy like that has made itself a into a joke.

dying alive said...

Malkin is only out of third place in All Star voting by about 30K votes.

btumpak said...

sure don don, you and pierre can play hide the lincoln log with each other.

Rage said...

Seriously boys?...shooting ducks in a barrel here aren't we? Whatevs

Off topic, but how scary would the stillers be with an o line?

On topic-Don Cherry fucks underage boy bull terriers and does queer gangbangs in front of the goalie crease with all the members of the Pizza Line

Ease up on the sauce or something fellas. Ya lazy fucks.

Rage said...

The Party Jesus still loves you though

bennybobandphantom said...

Don Cherry is a gomer

tanya said...

Has Cherry had a European boyfriend who broke his heartor something? He would probably choke if he tried to say something polite about Europeans... And we all know that best hockey players come from Italy

akus said...

We welcome you to Malkinland,
Tra la la la la La la la, la la la, Tra la la la la la la.

Great photoshop, i bet that the enormous sucker is, Cherry flavored.

Doppler said...

Cherry hates Russian born players, we all know it. He has said so himself.

Christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
akus said...

KodakPhotoshop moments,

the one from yesterday,
Sid in the hat,
Was it only because the Cowboys were in town?.... * i hope*

and the one today,
Could someone tell me what those things are coming out of Crosby and Malkin's head.

Cherry is a fleshy fruit.


[Choose an identity]

J.S. said...

nothing to add that hasn't already been said, except that Don Cherry will always be The Gay Pimp.

(find the pic yourselves. There's too much collateral damage involved on Google to be digging for that one at work. Eh, maybe later)

Puckshagger said...

Don Cherry < John Madden

Thom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thom said...

Not like Malkin?!
how did Staal get his first goal this year, I don't remember

ISmellSexandFreeCandy said...

If I were Moore's Clothing for Men, I would definitely pull my sponsorship based on Cherry's jackets. Jeez, it's like he inherited Rod Roddy's wardrobe. What a joke.

Your Habs said...

For the record, even Canadians don't like Don Cherry.


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