Tuesday, December 9, 2008

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]


Tough loss.

Ryan Miller is still a hack, but he stole the game in the second period.
One bounce here or there, and it's a different story.

Every fan of every team goes through it, but it is a little more annoying for us when the game goes straight to the Versus studio and someone is telling Eddie Olczyk he's right about something.


joey l




Whatev City. The teams feel each other out early on.
Buffalo takes a too many men on the ice penalty.

Nothing really goes down, then Free Candy gets called for the hook.

The Pens kill it. Home crowd. Momentum from the kill.
Malkin gets the puck in the Sabres zone, performs the Malkin Bomb, and gets it out to Tenk.
Tenk with the best redirect since our third-grade crossing guard.


The lead wasn't long-lived, though.
The Sabres get a 2-on-1 off a turnover. Goal. 1-1.

Rev. Lovejoy had to make an unreal play in the tail end of the first to save a goal.
Best defenseman in the nhl.

That play eventually triggers Malkin in the Sabres zone.
It's good to be a Pens fan. Tenk with his second.


The Pens got a powerplay at the end of the period because Jason Pominville didn't know Malkin was at the end of his shift and lazily jobs him.
Apparently, Therrien didn't know either, because Malkin was manning the point to start the PP.

Thomas Vanek makes a totally retarded play in the Pens zone, trying to freeze the puck.
What an idiot. 5-on-3 city.
The Pens had a good chance to close out the first. Some D-man made a big save.


We missed all the Jersey Boys commercials tonight.

What a stupid musical. If they really want to get people to go to the shows, they should replace the lead with some washed-up C -list actor. Who wouldn't go see this show if Bill Paxton was the lead? We'd buy tickets every night.


The Sabres were short to start the second, and they didn't make things any better.
Some dude trips GoGo. 5-on-3.
Crosby does some Christmas shopping, gets the puck to Letang.


Letang's first goal in forever.
Things were looking up, but then Kotalik picks up some trash in front of Sabu.

The Sabres were flying around until Vanek takes another dumb penalty.
Lindy Ruff gets caught with some product, and it is another penalty.

5-on-3 blog for two full minutes.
Ryan Miller shows up.

Your mama plays with more balls than the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Rev. gets his life changed by some tall French guy.
Malkin flips out and sticks up for him.
He gives someone the cross-faced chicken wing, and the period ends.


Vanek scored 6 minutes into the third, and well, you knew it.
Pens still played their balls off, but Miller wasn't going to get beat.

Father Time settles in, as Matt Cooke destroys Gustaud.
Payback for his earlier hit on Rev.

A few power plays go by the wayside, and it's under a minute to go.
Then it's under 10 seconds.

Letang gets the puck on net. It floats out to GoGo.
No dice.

The puck goes in the net 10 minutes after the whistle blows.
If you celebrated, you are an idiot.


  • 1 for 8 on the powerplay. Ouch.
  • Sabu kept the Pens in it in the third.
  • M.A.S. -- two-goal lead.
  • Vote for Malkin.
  • Vomit


stokes said...

This lead blowing shit is getting ridiculous.

Not that Sabu's playing poorly, but he's not playing great. when's MAF coming back?

sven butenschon said...


Rba said...

Malkin has FINALLY passed Tan-gay in ASG voting and is 3k behind some random douche.

Malkin Crosby line, it WILL happen.

christina said...

Malkin's only 4000-some from Koivu.....DO IT.

solid performance by the Reverend last night. too bad we have so many d-men, I'd like to see him get a longer look with the big club.

Stoosh said...

@ Christina -

Don't worry about it. Shero is in the process of trading all the defensemen for Gaborik, Kovalchuk, Havlat, Tkachuk, Ryan Malone, Pavel Bure, Jari Kurri and maybe one other winger who at some point at least classified as potentially elite.

We're not going to play defense anymore. We're just going to play the game with five forwards. When the puck comes down to the other end of the ice, Sabu or Fleury will just have to deal with it.

mookieproof said...

rough game for Orpik

rebecca said...

awful loss.
the fedotenko zone picture has changed my life, dear god.
and yeah, sadly just saw that last goal coming.
tired of the other team coming back shit.

Stilly said...

Yeah Orpik had a pretty shitty game. Two turnovers that lead directly to goals. That kind of shit will kill momentum faster than Sonny Bono hitting a tree while skiing.

You hate to see the Sabres win anything, but the Pens have another 3 games in four nights stretch starting in NJ tomorrow. Hopefully the Pens beat these assholes like they did on 11/29.

wilsmith said...

All three guys who chased on that final goal should be cut. poor letang.

did the color guy know anything about hockey? some of the things he said last night just didnt make sense.

BlacknGold66 said...

Satan is a perfect replacement for Hossa.

He keeps missing the open net just like that giant douche.

christina said...

@ Stoosh

SWEET. In Shero I Trust.

Ormiss said...


I implore you to vote for Jean-Sebastien Giguere while you're voting for Crosby/Malkin/MAF. Osgood is still in third place in the west.

We cannot - I repeat, cannot - send Chris Osjoke to the All-Star Game. Our honor as human beings depends on it.

dying alive said...

MAS strikes again.

Last night's game did nothing to ease my hatred of Buffalo fans. They are barnyard animals. Standing in the stairways and blocking the way out after the game, screeching "IT'S MILLER TIIIIME" every time that emo kid goalie made the most mundane of saves, holding up Sabres flags during play so nobody behind them could see...they suck.

To quote Lord Therrien, "I really think that their goal...is to be the worst fans in the league."

Rage said...

"That kind of shit will kill momentum faster than Sonny Bono hitting a tree while skiing."

Shit like THAT, ladies and germs, is why I keep coming back. Never gets old I tell yinz.

COMMIT to Stilly

Go Pens

Rage said...

Then there's also this type of shitfrom the Puck Diddy:
" The Pensblog calls on its army of acolytes to stuff the ballot box for Evgeni Malkin in an effort to knock another Montreal Canadiens player out of the NHL All-Star Game. We're pretty sure these guys could have gotten Ron Paul elected if given enough time. And if U.S. elections were held on the Internet and through text-message voting."

dying alive said...

BTW, mass suicide this morning over at LGP. They're jobbing everyone from Satan to Talbot and pleading with Shero to "do something."


Rage said...

@d.a.-sweartagawd I have never been over there and probably won't ever go. Why do that to yourself?

Hip said...

Brooksie was pulling an Eaton looking around after that second goal. Ouch. But better now than in the spring. Get it all out of your system Brooksie.

He did still manage to destroy some people out there.

For playing his first ever NHL game, Loves hung in there nicely. I'll take it.

Curry to get the next start?

dying alive said...

@ rage - I have no idea. I guess because it never ceases to amaze me how reactionary people can be. Also, it isn't blocked by the office firewall.

ricks1683 said...

in tough times, its good to know that somewhere, all is right with the world...

Gary Roberts > Ben "69" Eager

btumpak said...


pens fan in philly said...

not only will malkin pass koivu, he will also pass kovalev...

jovi said...

That kind of shit will kill momentum faster than Sonny Bono hitting a tree while skiing.

hahahahah u had me laughin' in class...had to play it off as if i was sneezing.

wilsmith said...

and can we ditch Free Candy now? Maybe in favor of "Free Opposition Goals" or "Free Turnovers"

Korn said...

Other than the final score, last night was a fun game to watch, lots of back and forth action and it was FAST.

did Orpik play last night? It seemed like Letang and Goligoski were on the ice for the entire game.

The Cooke hit was sick. I scared the crap out of my sleeping three month old cheering for it.

Is the power play's entire strategy to get it to Malkin at the point, have him bang it in and hope for a rebound? Pathetic. Fire Mike Yeo.

Lovejoy is the real deal. Trade Whitney. We've got D-men to burn...

Victor Raison said...

We ought to recommend LGP as a case study for some community college psycology class, they're all nuckin' futs over there.

Also, TDK DVD today.

I'm am grateful to be able watch games on Versus at least twice a month. It just makes me appreciate FSN that much more.

Korn said...

mookieproof is one of the best screen names I've seen in a while.

debrisslide said...

Orpik will go for redemption against the Devils. He will kill the entire team before first intermission.

Lovejoy stands tall. I love that kid.

MAF = best shape of his life. Can't wait til he comes back.

Aubrey said...

I agree, I think orpik's gonna have the game of his life against NJ. I vote for a Lovejoy fight, too! Let's see that kid beat some Devil ass!

dying alive said...

Funny Stuff, courtesy of a thread over at LGP.

professor confusion said...

A Bob Backlund reference? Thanks, that just made my day so much brighter!

Stilly said...


That's what I'm afraid of. He'd better not try to ruin someone's life too hard and get out of position. The D left Sabu out to dry a couple of times. That said, I'm willing to bet that MAF makes a couple more saves and the Pens win.

MAF practiced yesterday and in an interview after practice he said that everything feels good, he just needs to get back into game shape. The sooner the better.

Rage said...

Oh d.a., that's not funny, it's just so. so. sad.

I've heard somewhere my whole sports fandom that truly championship teams win all the games they SHOULD win, and a few they shouldn't.(Probably football or some shit) I kinda have to agree with that sentiment though, but I have no answers because I don't get paid a bajillion dollars to either play or manage, so I'll just wait and see. (just sayin)Regardless of the outcome...


jovi said...

MAF is not playing the devils, right?

... stop talkin like that ppl, ur getting my hopes up.

And i agree, all the D will redeem themselves tomorrow, and the ppl will cheer ..."cheeer"

And Brouder will bang his ex-sister-in-law out of grief.

holygoligoski said...

Gill out 2-4 weeks.

Not good.

holygoligoski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pens fan in philly said...

my captcha was just "nett Crosby".... that has to be some type of omen right?

Chubs said...

@stoosh- Why doesn't TB try the five forwards lineup- it's not like they can get worse..

I love that some people are actually concerned- the team's in 2nd place and has enough talent on the injured list to beat the Islanders. Granted, most of those people are on LGP...

Stilly said...


If you want to see a chicken little party, LGP is the place to go.

I think right now it's a matter of the guys getting their shit together. This is especially difficult for the guys on the blue line since there seems to be a revolving door to the IR.


MAF won't be back for NJ. During the broadcast last night, they said he'd be a couple of weeks. However they were jagoffs, so who knows. Lord Therrien isn't saying, and neither is MAF.

fleuryous said...

It sucked to lose that game, but Miller did make some big saves. Blah blah blah.

Love Orpik, but he did have some big turnovers. He'll be pissed against New Jersey. Watch out.

Lovejoy played a really great game, as did Tanger. Sucks about Gill, but I have faith in the Lovejoy.

Sabu didn't have the greatest game, but it happens. Don't give up on him yet.

These captchas are ridiculous. We have to vote twice as hard for Malkin, because Kovjoke is retaining his 3,000-odd lead over him every time the votes change.

Go team go.

Go Pens.

fleuryous said...

PS. Don't go to LGP. It'll suck out your soul. I don't even dare venture there.

dying alive said...

Yeah, Habs fans are still stuffing the vote to keep Koivu and Kovalev over Malkin, which is a joke. Keep voting, everyone.

Juice said...

I guess wearing my brand spanking new TPB #44 FREE CANDY jersey to the game last night brought out the worst in brooksie.

KD said...

Geno is 2nd in the ASG voting.

bayonetwork said...

ya Juice, maybe its something about new jerseys, because mine didn't help much either.

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

Consider thisfor a gameday candidate! :)

stokes said...

The Hedgehog, Dr. Grant, and Doc Holliday are really the only starters they need.

Doc Turk, starter stats please?

holygoligoski said...


Bhuck George said...
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