Friday, December 5, 2008



Finally. The power play explodes.
And this is what happens.

A lot has to be said about the Pens making sure that 3-goal lead didn't evaporate.
It sounds crazy, but it's true.
We've seen that fish too many times this year already.

Brind'Amour might as well retire.
You got to know when your days are done.
Even as a big-time faceoff man, he was non-existent in this game.

And when Eric Staal's name is called maybe twice the whole game,
you know things aren't right in Carolina.

Give Paul Maurice until the new year, and we'll see if the Canes can do something.

It is hard to say your goaltender was the best player in a 5-2 win, but Sabu was money.
Solid choice by Therrien to go with him

First win in Carolina in what seems like forever.
Pens fans everywhere.

jos a. bank


jared t.

ace wilde



Early into the game, we hear that some Hurricane jackass fan brought in a horn to prompt LET'S GO CANES chants. What an idiot.

Both teams were getting good chances even strength to start things off.
The Canes sustained some big-time pressure, causing Bing to job somebody. PP for the Canes.
No dice. Solid PK. Dupuis and Talbot again.

After some crap, Tuomo Ruutu rams Goligoski from behind.

I'll allow it

Taking dumbass penalties must run in the Ruutu family.
Pens go on the PP.
Jordan had an unreal chance early in the PP, but Leighton stops him stone cold.
The Canes kill it. Just as they kill, the Canes go back in.

Talk about a golden opportunity.
And the Pens do get on the board.
Who started the business? Goligoski. He beautifully enters the zone and makes a drop pass.
Then Bing gets it, who gets it Sykora. Wrist shot.


It takes the RBC Center announcer 8 years to announce the goal.
We remember that was the case last year.

Around the time they finally announce the first one, Melichar makes an egregious turnover with Crosby lurking.
Crosby delivers it on a platter to Dupuis.

The Pens swarmed for the rest of the period but came up short of a third goal.


Free Candy in Raleigh.


During an extended stoppage at the beginning of the second, FSN gives the 4-1-1 on stick tape.
Always good stuff to know.

Tuomo Ruutu took his second bad penalty of the game when he put the stick up. PP for the Pens.
And they connect. Sykora. 3-0.

smelling his first career hat trick. shame.

Steigy calls Sykora "Petr Gun." Not bad.
Is there any player that seems more excited to score a goal?

Give it up for the Canes, though. They come right back and get one to cancel it out. 3-1.
The Canes were the ones swarming now. The Pens D keeps them to the perimeter, and they don't even get a good shot on. The puck gets cleared. That shift could have flipped this game around on its head.

A little later, another great play by a young Pens defenseman leads to a goal.
This time, it was Letang, who stops the Canes' efforts in trying to gain the Pens zone, and he starts the transition game the other way.

He gets the puck up to Satan who leads an odd-man rush. He exhibits more patience than a Mumbai hospital and Leighton goes out to lunch.
Nobody knows who scored it.
We see the overhead camera.
Could it be...

Satan? 4-1

Soon after, Mark Eaton goes to the box. Just what Carolina needed.
But the Canes are a mess.

The Pens were on another PK soon again when Godard hooked someone.
Just what Carolina needed.
No disarray there. Staal puts it home for the Canes.


Yet again, the Canes had the momentum and a chance to really get back into it.
But the Pens hold the fort.

With less than 2 minutes to go in the second, Malkin grabs the puck off another Canes turnover.
Snapshot. Rebound. Fedotenko barrels into the net. 5-2.

Canes blogger Acid Queen reacts.

Paul Maurice forgets that you can replace your goalie.
Wonder how Peter Laviolette is doing.

That was it.
The Pens were getting outshot 22-14.
Sabu city.


Malkin was cold last week, according to Yahoo Sports.
H/T to a lot of people who sent that in.


The third period was all about where Sabu was gonna take us.
Game. Nothing else to say.
Way to hold the lead and kill a couple penalties.

Pens were all business.
Going to be a long year at the RBC.

  • Ron Francis. What a human.
  • Vote for the All-Star Game. Link up at the top of the site.
  • Janne Pesonen. Meh?
  • Chris Minard will be up here for the playoff push.
  • Marc-Andre who
  • Canes better get a goalie.
  • Umm, no clue why, but our game day numbers have been a couple ahead of the actual number. Post below this should be Gameday 25.
  • Just so everyone knows, we slipped in the mud on Thursday. We'll be able to do a post on Sunday, though. What a joke.
Check this out:


snickerdoodles said...

Wooooooooooooooo! Go Pens!!

Puckshagger said...

Solid performance on all fronts.

Peter Gunn's wrist shot makes my dick hard.

Love the effort on Tenks goal.

another 4 point night for Bing. what else is there to say?


fleuryous said...

Bing has been phenomenal recently. I mean, he's never's Sidney Crosby...but, he's had FOURTEEN points in five games. That's averaging about 3 points/game. Unreal. Too bad he's a "whiner."

Petr Sykora didn't get a hat trick, but he got his 100th PPG. Good for him, Man.

Sabu was solid. Staff, I'm waiting for some "Do you Sabu?" shirts. I will purchase that shit. I'm so glad he's getting the recognition he deserves.

Solid 60 minutes of hockey. Francis was proud.

And whoever did that Michelangelo-type're a genius.

Go Pens.

mmg said...

holla. way to shake off yesterday's loss

debrisslide said...

puckshagger, I wish I had a dick to get hard over Petr Gun because I bet it would be epic.

fleuryous said...

Don't let anything hold you back, Zoe--I don't have a wang, yet "Staal's poke checks give me erections."

With the Penguins, anything can happen.
(Eaton can score a goal.)

cslowik33 said...

how about Crosby passing the c-rags from Montreal in all star voting!!!

debrisslide said...

You know who else gave me an erection, Kelly? Dany Sabourin.

Kierstan said...

At this point I think Sabou has put to bed any worries about his ability as a backup. Anyone who is still worried probably still thinks we need to trade Jordan Staal because he hasn't scored 92 goals yet or something.

This just in: Andre Roy of the Calgary Flames thinks Sean Avery is a "dum dum".

No, really, he does.

I remember calling people that in third grade. If that doesn't send you into a giggle fit, I don't know what will.

rebecca said...

Yahoo Sports is always a joke. apparently people are hot and cold at the same time. seriously, when i look at it, i wonder if they just randomly generate that crap.
solid, go pens.

J.S. said...

that euro goalie's "blind man tap" = full of win.

Arrogrant? Maybe. Hilarious? Hell yeah it is.

stokes said...

Nice Mumbai comment.

I'm going to pull my shirt up over my head and beat my shins the next time i score.

sven butenschon said...

Creed = Solid

Francis = best shape of his life I'm just saying

Steve = On fire
14 pts in 3 games
Semin still a joke

I thought Steve was going to drop the glove with Ruutu after he boarded Gogo

Duff said...


Tony said...

Hey boys, you guys are probably too young (so am I in reference to this show), but "Peter Gunn" was a detective TV show in the late '50/early '60's....

Just so you know where Steigy is getting that name...


blufftalk said...

  Best. Celebration. Ever.

blufftalk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
btumpak said...

egregious? pulling out the big vocab on this post.

go pens.

Chubs said...


For about four seconds, Scott Stapp started thinking about a reunion when he read that. What a joke.

So how long until we bust out the Pet(e)r Gunn theme when Syko puts one home?

Aubrey said...

Peter Gunn for gameday contender?

That blind man tap was full of win. Fail city for the other guy.

That Pythagorus PS was awesome!

Korn said...

Peter Gunn is also a rapper. This song ruled the world in the late 90s. Deja Vu Although I'm guessing Steigy may not be referring to this one.

Derek Bell in a p-chop is money. Operation Shutdown in effect.

gpclay said...

Very nice win following a tough come-from-ahead loss in NYC.

The only team I hate more than the Rangers is Philly. I think it goes back to the Patrick Division days when the Guins and Rangers were battling for fourth and the playoffs and those hacks always won.

kstewy16 said...

Leighton had the outstanding .643 Save percentage.
What a man.
Perhap Maurice was afraid to pull the goalie on his first game? Maybe Francis should just be the coach...

Sid was first NHL star last night, imagine that.

Sykie/Buries it PS was beastly, and that shootout video kicked ass, lets sign that guy.

jovi said...

the goalie celebration was awesome. i'm suggesting replacing the "golf-shake" with this vid.

just ballsy

ricks1683 said...

stumbling through CBS Sportsline pictures and came across this little treasure...

pride85 said...

@debris: That picture made my lady-parts tingle.

Gotta agree with the staff about MAF. I'm not saying that it doesn't matter if he hurries back or not but damn if Sabu hasn't been AMAZING. I'm really impressed.

I love watching Petr Gun score. I don't think I've seen someone so excited. Major kudos on that 100ppg.

pens fan in philly said...

so crosby now leads the east in all-star votes.... well done team... kinda makes me want to start singing afternoon delight

pens fan in philly said...

now can we get crosby ahead of markov for total votes because that is a crying shame no matter how it happened

kstewy16 said...

I really love watching Sykie score. It's amazing that after so many goals he still gets that excited, and it's a truly genuine excitement. Hopefully we'll see him get many many more this season. (and if King Shero comes through, next season as well)

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

Yes! Creed's first appearance and win of the season.

I couldn't believe that the Pens scored on something like 4 out of their first 9 or 11 shots.

Solid win. Creed rocks!

A pic of Dwight's speech might be another gameday candidate.

dying alive said...

The Tenacious D chop at the top of the page is money in the bank.

Dany Sabourin clearly spent the off-season eating his Wheaties.

Paul said...

Did anyone else watch the Carolina broadcast? I get Center Ice package due to living in NY, and had to watch the horrible Hurricanes announcer.

During the 3rd he actually said "Last night Sabourin got BEATEN LIKE A RENTED MULE in the shootout against the Rangers."


Pittsburghler said...


"I remember calling people that in third grade. If that doesn't send you into a giggle fit, I don't know what will."

What really sends me into a giggle fit is recalling Andre Roy's performance while in a Penguins sweater, running around the ice like some retarded pinball looking for someone to hit.

Pittsburghler said...

All due apologies to retards and pinballs, of course. . .

lil artie said...

So I just did my ASG voting again, and the captcha it gave me was "inserted Carolyn." does that sound kinda dirty to anyone else?

johnnylaw said...

Nice win by the Pens and an awesome video at the end. I miss watching the Czech Extraliga, definitely a few characters in the league. Kopřiva's celebration after the stop was tits, I'd love to see an NHL goalie do something like that.

Stoosh said...

Sid has 10 goals and 13 assists in his last 11 games. 23 points. 11 games. He's been held off the scoresheet just once in that span, against the Islanders of all teams. And he's a +10 over that span as well.

To see Sid doing this now at age 21 makes me wonder what the hell he's going to be doing on the ice when he's 25 and just beginning to hit his prime.

BlacknGold66 said...

Tenacious D photoshop = Greatest Photoshop of all time.

I still shudder when I think of what Geno, Sid, MAF, and LeGame are going to look like in a couple of years. I absolutely vomit when I think of what Staal is going to do once he "puts on some weight."


Go Pens

Raybin said...

-Good to see Satan and Sykora get into the mix again. Hopefully this opens their games up.

With Sid, Gino, and the whole 3rd line playing at levels you usually need a Saturn V rocket to reach, if the two snipers can get into a consistent gear...good lord. The mind boggles.

-Carolina's defense is a mess. Seriously...Kaberle? Wallin? Josef freaking Melichar? What a mistake.

-Hopefully we can sign Sabu to the kind of contract I hoped Conkblock would get this offseason. What a backup he's become.

-I know Pesonen's really new to the North American game and gets like 8 minutes max of ice time per game, but can we please all stop moistening our panties every time he gets called up? Once he settles in, I'm sure he has the talent to light it up, but for now he's a metric ton of mediocre.

-Agreed with the Staff about Brind'Amour. Time to get to Shady Acres retirement villaige, Rod. Steiggy mentioned that Brind'Amour said he still has a competitive fire burning inside him. I'd say it's more likely heartburn.

-Ron Francis will always be a hero.

brett said...

j.s., again, with the Hrdina pic. nice!

Yes, Peso got less than 6 minutes of ice time last night. difficult to light it up with that low of minutes. I didn't get to watch the game so I don't even know who he was skating with. Minard didn't get on the scoresheet with 10+ minutes of play. black and white figures don't mean everything of course.

Raybin said...

and had to watch the horrible Hurricanes announcer.

Isn't Forslund the 'Canes home announcer? He's usually pretty solid on Versus.

The fiancee' has a serious crush on Syko. I love the man so much myself that I'd think I'd let him have sex with her in exchange for the privilege of giving his chincilla a dust bath.

"Giving his chincilla a dust bath" sounds like it should be a euphemism for something dirty.

demondg1 said... - is that Charlie on the right?

Raybin said...

Well it is a picture of the Senators, so probably...

I could believe Charlie moonlights as Marty Gerber.

demondg1 said...


Pittsburghler said...


"but for now he's a metric ton of mediocre."

What is the conversion rate in Na Na Na Na for a metric ton of mediocre?

Pittsburghler said...

"- is that Charlie on the right?"

No, I think that dude is one of my landscapers during the offseason.

akus said...

Gotta put more tape on that stick Petr Gunn.

Pens scored 5 goals on their first 13 shots. For a minute there i thought Osgood was in goal, but that would mean that the Pens scored in three straight games on the first shot.
Oh yes, remember,"the artistry continues"
(Ozzie sloppy seconds to Turco)

I just seen a Christmas ornament @ Puck Daddy, safe to say it will not be on my tree.

Nice to see Charlie made an on ice appearance and got some work, in deep, among the boards.

tPB is a one stop shop.
Pizza anyone?

#2, "Its A Great Day for Hockey">>>> over the #1, *"It's a Great Day for Hockey"

(* nothing will ever replace Geno's shorty against the Flyers)

Umm we are on a mission demondog1, just givin the Habs something to talk about.

fleuryous said...

That Tenacious D photoshop is unbearably beautiful.

BnG, I agree--when Staal puts on weight, he's going to be a monster. He holds his own now, but when he gets bigger...Dear Lord.

And I HOPE we resign Sabu. If people still doubt him as a backup, punch yourself in the uterus. That's funny that they said Sabu was treated like a rented mule the other night...kinda like Leighton last night.

I miss the completeness of our third line. Kennedy, get better, Man.

Go Pens.

fleuryous said...

Zoe, Sabu looks like a Power Ranger in that picture.

I'm going to go with the white one, because he was clearly the most dangerous.

johnnylaw said...

Anyone else going to the Pens vs. Cryers game in Philly on Dec. 13? There's going to be a good sized group of people from my dental school class going, mostly Pens fans.

AceWilde said...

I was at the game last night and a few things must be said. The Carolina's have a number of Pittsburgh transplants. Anyone at the game last night will know this due to the overwhelming number of Penguins jerseys in the stands. If you're from the Burgh and you support the Penguins... GREAT! Wear that jersey! If you are from the Burgh and now support the Canes... I feel bad for you and your decision to be a turncoat but i respect your ability to make a choice. If you are from the Burgh and show up at the game wearing anything Steelers/Penguins/Pirates related AND Hurricanes apparell (eg: i saw a dude wearing a black steelers jacket with a hurricanes jersey on underneath) you're a joke. Make a decision. You're either in or out. You can't sit on the fence. PICK A SIDE!

Hurricanes fans are polite but annoying. They don't hassle you for cheering for the away team. But they have a long way to go in understanding the game. They way the whole building erupts with boo's and cries for a penalty when one of their players goes down at the slightest touch is like having to hear your girlfriend bitching at you for not letting her watch Sex & the City on TBS.

One final note. Anyone else at the game would have seen this, During a stoppage in play and tv timeout a man wearing a Penguins jersey proposed to his girlfriend who was also wearing a Penguins jersey. The crowd booed ferociously. Like a true Penguin fan, The girl "pimped" her jersey at the crowd and towards the jumbotron before emphatically saying "yes". Congratulations goes out to those two. That takes balls to propose in the other teams building. I believe that shows they'll have the strength to withstand whatever curveballs married life throws at them.

Brent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brent said...

Theres so much shit on those Finnish ice rinks, I couldn't figure out where the jersey advertizements end and the on-ice ads begin.


meecrofilm said...

There were exactly 9 people at that game. and 7 of them were Pens fans. Pathetic (and hilarious).

Puckshagger said...

Has anyone taken a look at our schedule for december? As far as schedules go, weve got it pretty easy the rest of the month.

No extended Road Trips.
The only back to back road games left are Philly next Saturday and then Atlanta the following Thursday.

There is even something to be said about the home ice advantage we have on all the remaining "tough" games, including Boston and Montreal both at the igloo.


johnnylaw said...

@ brent

If you're referring to the clip at the end of the post, it's not a Finnish league, it's Czech. But then again, all the leagues in overdo the advertising crap. I don't care so much about it on the jerseys, but it's annoying on the ice.

dying alive said...

I always thought that Carolina was one of the few hockey markets in the south where they didn't really have a problem filling the seats.

I saw that the Pens are home three times between 12/27-1/4 when I'm supposed to be out of town. BOOOOOOO.

debrisslide said...

Tenacious D photoshop is incredible.

Pesonen showed up a ton more for only having six minutes of ice time. I'm fucking impressed.

Kelly, I'm with you on a t-shirt that says "Do you Sabu?" With some weird Japan-style graphics and a Power Rangers-looking figure in goalie pads.

justincredibleh said...

Kennedy out 4-6 weeks with a sprained knee. Fuck.

Bobby Brown said...

Kennedy = 4-6 weeks with a sprained knee. Ouch.

Bobby Brown said...


Matt said...

Who the eff boos at a marriage proposal unless it's Eva Braun and Hitler? The proper thing to do is stand up and start a slow clap, introducing wild cheering and confetti as the noise builds. Then fade to black, like the Canes' season.

fleuryous said...

Oh. Dear. God.

Kennedy will beat the odds and be back next week.

Get better, Mr. Kennedy.

fleuryous said...

And maybe that means Minard will have an extended stay?

Raybin said...

Kennedy's knee was sprained when it got knocked back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

johnnylaw said...

So any conspiracy theories as to how Kennedy was injured? I heard it was set up by Ryan Malone because TK has more points than he does and a much better +/- rating. Rumor also has it that he was banging Malone's wife.

Then again, maybe Castro, the mob or the corpse of LBJ had something to do with it.

debrisslide said...

If TK can make it back in four weeks I'll be happy because his first game back could be vs. Thrashers on January 6. Kim bought a TK jersey and everything. HOPE.

He is the fastest man alive. I agree with the idea that Ryan Malone was definitely trying to sabotage him.

johnnylaw said...

Random thought, but if anyone in the league should have the last name Satan, Miro would definitely win. He totally looks like the dark lord, especially in the church lady FS. The little facial hair and creepy eyebrows remind me of Anton Levey, founder of the church of Satan.

Matt said...

If staff ever gets the chance to use the phrase "what a human" in relation to Satan, I hope they instead write: "what a demon"

AlanClique said...

TK on the IR is saddening :(

and nobody should ever waste their time photoshopping Hal Gill into any pic.

AlanClique said...

did Letang go play for Edmonton for a game and change his number, it sure looks like him in this S.I. pic

meecrofilm said...

Time for Chris Minard to show the world who. he. is.

Stoosh said...

@ Debris -

Are you going to that Jan. 6 game against Atlanta? I believe we'll be there for that one. C12.

Stoosh said...

@ AlanClique -

I was one of the first people to criticize Shero for the Gill trade last year because I thought we gave up too much to get him. But he's a huge reason why the Pens had the third best PK team in the playoffs (up from 23rd in the regular season), and he's a big reason why our PK is ranked 9th in the league right now.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

Cue the JAWS theme.

Allison said...

Sean Avery was suspended 6 games, must undergo a anger management evaluation, and was called "antisocial" by Bettman. Why do I think being called antisocial bothers him the most?

debrisslide said...

stoosh, Kimberlass and I are in E11. Wooooo.

BlacknGold66 said...

AlanClique is probably a Scuds hater as well.

I hated the Gill trade too... but he's a monster on the PK and one of our top 2 D-Men right now.

I'm not just saying that because I'm gay for Scuds... but with Gonch out Scuds and Gill are our best D-Men.

(I actually thought Scuds was our second best D-Man when Gonch was playing as well. 1-Gonch 2-Scuds 3-Orpik and Gill.)

AlanClique said...

^i love Scuderi. Hal Gill just gets made look like a pilon too many times out there.

debrisslide said...

Our D is really sharp. With Gonchar back lord knows what's going to happen. Something gorgeous, I'd expect.

fleuryous said...

TK jerseys are beautiful.
I say that, because I, indeed, possess one. haha.

TK is going to get better, and if possible, be FASTER upon his return.

Don't hate on Gill...he's been playing well for us. Our PK has DRASTICALLY improved.

Too bad for Avery...and Allison, I'd have to agree that the Bettman "scolding" may have been the worst consequence. I feel like when he comes back on the ice, he's going to be an even bigger target (if that's even possible). WOO.

meecrofilm said...

Don't forget Whitnayyy. How much is that gonna help guys like Sid and Geno when the D-man they dish it to that's trailing the play is him and not Gill or Scuds Missile.

wilsmith said...

not a lot of people know very much.

pens fan in philly said...

kornberg for life johnnylaw

M. Vanderlasser said...

Petr Gunn theme!


J.S. said...

demon, I believe that is Charlie. His open love for all things (i.e. men) Ottawa is not exactly a secret.....after cycling through that list, they added the Sens logo over Charlie's face. What a bunch of hom....Charlies.

Peter Gun? I'm meh towards the name. It may grow on me to the point where I don't disapprove, but it's not in the class of Free Candy, USS, or Buries It. At the very best, maybe a photoshop comes out of it, but nothing more.

My new voting plan for the ASG: voting for The Chicago Two and Iginla for forwards, Phaneuf and Campbell on D, and Nabokov in goal. Anything to push any of the wings out of a starting spot.


eileenover said...

Did anyone else hear Steiggy say Whitney is in the best shape of his career last night? I was disappointed he didn't say the best shape of his life, but it's close enough.

johnnylaw said...

@pens fan in philly

Do you still go there, or did you graduate already?

I actually thought I'd be in the minority in terms of being a Pens fan in my class, but there are probably twice as many hardcore Pens fans as opposed to the Flyers.

BlacknGold66 said...

@AlanClique: Respectable dude. I totally see your point. (and agree)

debrisslide said...

PETR FEVER. Petr Gun is badass too, though.

fleuryous said...

Talbot is on FSN right now.

"Hockey to the Max."


pens fan in philly said...

i am a 2nd year and there are only a handful of pens fans in my class. sadly i cannot make it to the game on the 13th


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