Monday, December 15, 2008


Ron Howard over at THE POWER PLAY had some things to say about Malkin and Crosby slingshotting past the Habs in ASG voting.

At least Ron Howard knows how to pose for a picture:
Look at the camera and smile. None of this depressed woe-is-me garbage.
What the hell is he even looking at? Unless Saku Koivu is exposing himself.

So I'm just going to come out and say it. Is it alright if we start accusing Penguins fans of stuffing the ballot box now too. Because everybody in the hockey world, the media, the players, the ushers who clean up your popcorn after the game were outraged when the Canadiens were sweeping the voting. They went so far as to treat the ballot stuffing act by Habs fans as if it were a crime terrible enough to lock them away in a prison and throw away the key. Well if that's the case let's make some room in the jail for ballot stuffers, because there should be a whole shipment of Pens fans arriving any minute now.

A question to all of these idiots who are complaining about Crosby and Malkin getting the starting spots in the All-Star Game:

Don't you see that Pens fans did this because Crosby and Malkin were deserving of the spots???
We personally haven't pushed Fleury, Gonchar, and Whitney.
We weren't gonna vote them in just for the hell of it, like Habs fans did.

What Habs fans did was crap on the sanctity of the game.
Yeah, yeah, the All-Star Game is nothing. But Habs fans sure didn't act like it.

The delusional sense of entitlement in Montreal doesn't stop with the fans, though.
Even Montreal coach Guy Carbonneau suggested the Pens' votes should be reduced.
But he said it in a language nobody cares about. LINK

NYT blog SLAP SHOT did a nice piece on the ASG stuff.
A lot of research put into the piece; better yet, a lot of correct research.

The basic point is that we, Penguin fans, have has success getting the Penguins into the game via text messages.

It only proves that Habs fans are to poor to afford cell phones, and they don't know how to read.

This ASG stuff is getting as worn-out as the Blogger/MSM wars. And we know it.
Ovechkin has remarkably lost ground since the counter-offensive began. We're done with it.


What a drive



The Flyers taking the Pens out to the woodshed on Saturday put a damper on the weekend.
If Flyers fans think that win means anything, they are delusional.

The Pens have off until Thursday, which turns the internet into a wasteland until then.




Matt Cooke is a Flyer according to

Thanks to everyone who sent it in.


This has always been one of our favorite videos on the internet:

And, of course, leave it to [Melrose Rocks] to come up with a great idea.
They've come up with some great one-liners about the Panthers season:

There isn't much fire for the Panthers. They need to find something to...make them purr

So here is the deal.
On Tuesday, we are guest-hosting the aforementioned MELROSE ROCKS, so we decided to have a little fun.

We are looking for one-liners about all 30 NHL team that we can post over there and on here.

The catch is you have to use this template like the photoshop we received last year from superstar J.S.:



  • If a speech bubble is too small, work your magic.
  • Don't forget to add your watermark.
  • The funniest submission, voted by us, gets $25 bucks to buy shit in storeblog.
  • 1:30 A.M. on Monday night/Tuesday morning is the deadline.
Do It


Heck Kleck said...

i hate first..

habs fans have sand in the vag.

fleuryous said...

Basically, it doesn't matter how much they complain, because...Crosby and Malkin are winning. They deserve it. Get over it.

They have Kovajoke and Price still in the forefront, so they have two in the game as well, even though we all know that AO deserves it more.

12/27. There's more than two points at stake--there's a useless internet fight to settle.

Is it Thursday yet?

Go Pens/cellular devices.

Dr. Pepper said...


nikki said...

kane's made some up serious ground
...must be the blackhawk's fabulous advertising scheme haha

Heck Kleck said...

ah i still wouldnt call kovie a joke. he's solid. even as he ages.

thursday cant come soon enough.....excited to see fleury and colby although on the other side.

what does everybody thing about colby being a free agent and wanting to come back in july?

The Goon Blogger said...

Kovi hasn't scored in like, 20 games or something. Definatly a joke. And, at the very least, not worthy of being on the All-Star team.

TheNWChica said...

It doesn't matter who is 1st, 2nd or 3rd as long as it's not a RedWing!


nikki said...

yeah as much as i hate to admit it, OV is way more deserving

as for army, i think he'd probably want to come back if he could? but he's an RFA not a UFA i think, and i doubt atlanta would let him go, they seem to really like him

nikki said...

i'm guessing at least 1 wing will start, unless getzlaf or toews get a ton of votes all of a sudden

Heck Kleck said...

ah good call. i didnt realize he was restricted.
all i heard is he really wants to come back, and also that he would be welcomed.

Heck Kleck said...

and yeah him or hate him...basically hate...he deserves to start in ASG

nikki said...

plus i think atlanta has a ridic amount of money to spend unless i'm mistaken, so i bet they would match ANYTHING we could offer him, and seeing as we're close to the cap, it probably wouldn't be much :S

a couple years down the road though it would be cool to see him come back

Allison said...

so, nikki beat me to the fact that the Chicago advertising campaign, along with the promotion at last night's game have catapulted Kane from 4th to 2nd in a few hours.

and goon beat me to the fact that Kovalev hasn't scored in like 20 games, a fact that my fantasy team has deff been feelin. :(

Allison said...

and, to make everyone's Monday a little more bareable- Fleury's in on Thursday

fleuryous said...

Allison, thank you for lighting up my life.

Heck Kleck...I know what your icon is from, and that video is a work of art.

Tony, how bout them Steelers?!

nikki said...

those blackhawk commercials are pretty funny though, not gonna lie

and the fact that fleury is back MAY just give me the energy to pull my all-nighter

J.S. said...

there's a difference between stuffing ballots and running a voter script on firefox.

I can't wait for the ASG to be over with, or at least for the voting to be shut down. Then again, I'm sure Habs fans will find something else to whine about.

Allison said...

@fleuryous and nikki- you're welcome and for nikki, I'm glad to add some fuel to that fire, cause I know all too well about those all nighters. blech.

fleuryous said...

J.S. said...

I'm sure Habs fans will find something else to whine about.

...perhaps the fact that Koivu is actually on their team?

fleuryous said...

That win/MAF's comeback is propelling my all-nighter as well.

Well, that and coffee.

Rewatching the highlights on ESPN. Beautiful.

fleuryous said...

I was wondering when he'd get off the IR...

He's in the hospital more than he's on the ice. If Orpik hits him with a quarter of his energy, his hip will collapse.

IamRyanD said...


if orpik LOOKED at him with a quarter of his energy, his hip would collapse

Kat said...

Hell yes Kaner with 2nd! I'd love to get Jonny T in there as well but as long as at lease Kaner's there, it feels like an accomplishment.

Allison said...

@fleuryous- I can't lie, I give that guy credit. 46 and still at it? Damn.

fleuryous said...

Holy moly...sweet for Kane! I knew he was close, but he eclipsed both Datsyuk and Iginla. Awesome.

I give him credit too, Allison. It's just too easy to make fun of him. I love Roberts, but when the staff pulled out the bingo joke, I laughed, not going to lie. haha

Johnny Wrath said...

Kovy is still the all-time sickest dangler. They are going to name a trophy after him in the KHL whereupon the player who accomplishes the highest total of sick dangles around heartless, intimidating defenders gets the hardware.

The trophy should depict Kovy taking a hapless Robert Svehla to the net.

Go Pens.

stokes said...

What a strange coincidence. We were literally just talking about that video last night during the Steeler game. Thanks for digging that up, Staff.

dying alive said...

If I see one more Habs fan whine about "Whyyy can't they just let us have our game?" I am going to go batshit.

IT IS NOT YOUR GAME. It is a game for the fans of the 30 NHL teams. The NHL is promoting the shit out of your team's 100th anniversary. We all know how great and important you are. Move the fuck on.

I'd looooove to see Colby back, screw all of the haters. Are we sure he's an RFA and not a UFA?

Stilly said...

Dying Alive.. Colby is an RFA.

Atlanta Thrashers salary cap info

dying alive said...

Boooooo! But thanks for the info.

BlacknGold66 said...

Thank God we won't have to hear about this ASG crap next season.

KD said...

I still believe Colby will be back in Pittsburgh. Maybe I'm just delusional, but I'll never give up hope.

Joe said...

"The basic point is that we, Penguin fans, have has success getting the Penguins into the game via text messages.

It only proves that Habs fans are to poor to afford cell phones, and they don't know how to read."

When making cracks about literacy skills, it's a good idea to demonstrate your own prowess in that area.

dying alive said...

I'm pretty sure that typos are an accepted fact of life around here and staff has been jobbed for them endlessly. The response has pretty much always been "deal with it."

What I can't figure out is why unlimited text plans are still so expensive/uncommon in Canada. It's not exactly a third world country. Canadian (not Canadien) fans, what's the story?

akus said...



Nothing happenin till Thursday,how many votes can i TEXT till then!?!


Love Big Ben and the bronco.


I did not see the Hartnell display (the flailing of his legs and then kneeing Godard in the jewels as he laid on the ice) but at the end, what the hell did he toss over the glass. Don't tell me it was a glove. It looks green so i assumed it was a water bottle

fleuryous said...

dying alive said...
It's not exactly a third world country. Canadian (not Canadien) fans, what's the story?

dying alive, I love you.

dying alive said...

Ha ha, the feeling is mutual.

holygoligoski said...

woooooooooo for the CONSOL Energy Center..

aka the Igloo. Part Deux.

somechic said...

He threw godards elbow thing i think...haha sorry i'm at a loss of the word right now

Sam's dog said...

just bury the Habs whiners

Tell the NHL to stop screwing up hockey-

Vote Avery into the all star game

fleuryous said...

I was curious, so I checked...Sean Ovary was 1180 votes.

Half of the Vogue interns are employed to vote for him for the ASG, I've heard.

Mike Georger said...

CONSOL Energy Center = The Black Lung

brett said...


Russ Tundra said...

Does anyone else see that the CSI guy is already wearing sunglasses and he is putting on sunglasses at the same time. That is lameo.

norojo said...

we need a good nickname for the new arena asap, consol energy center is about as dull as it gets

Sam's dog said...

How about we just call it Mario's House?

fleuryous said...

Eileen said she's going to call it "Buries It Arena," if I remember correctly.

I think that's rather appropriate/the ONLY name appropriate.

Do it.

Lion said...

It's got a glass ceiling and atrium, it's sponsored by a fossil-fuel-burning company... How can Igloo2 NOT be called "The Greenhouse"??

Lion said...

My 2nd vote goes to "The Coal Pit". Anything to circumvent the corporate dollars and connect to the region...

dying alive said...

I wish I could control myself and stop going to LGP. Today I read a thread advocating trying to get Sean Avery (to be fair, most people thought it was a bad idea), yet another thread saying we should have drafted Kessel instead of Staal, and...this one is the clincher...someone saying that they would take Curry over Fleury right now. And they were serious as a heart attack.

Why, god, why?

dying alive said...

I'm still calling it the igloo. I don't care what shape it is.

Novos51 said...

I hereby pledge that if I win the powerball that I will form a group of investors to buy the habs, move them to Kansas City, and then fold them. Just because

debrisslide said...

I don't really like "CONSOL Energy Center." Maybe they should have dropped the "energy"? Anything with "energy" sounds really cheesy. See: that place where the Wild play. I was kind of hoping for "CONSOL Arena" or something. Just nothing with "energy." I'll probably just call it Civic Arena to piss people off. Until I break down and realize that they'll never play at Mellon again and get over it. *sigh*

pens fan in philly said...

Russ Tundra... you are joking right?

norojo said...

did some research on consol, besides the fact that its a coal company contributing to the destruction of the environment its higher ups allowed the NRA to film and anti-Obama ad in one of its coal mines. can't think of a more warm and friendly pseudo fascist company to grant the naming rights to.
I like The Black Lung as well as the Greenhouse.
Oh, remember those days when corprate $ didn't control everything and we could have just named it Lemieux Arena...

Raybin said...

Johnny Wrath at 4:52 a.m. = commit.

I wish Colby Armstrong nothing but the eternal best in his NHL career.

But really, look at this sample set of lines when the Pens are all healthy (I know, use your imagination):


Can anyone honestly claim that Colby Armstrong is an improvement over any of those guys at their particular niche? Well, maybe you can. I don't see it though. Opinions...they do vary!

(Send Dupuis back to the Wild in exchange for Cal Clutterbuck, Hero To Millions and Defender of the Universe)

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

"Coal company contributing to the destruction of the environment" said ironically while typing on a computer. Is your laptop/PC powered by a hamster running on a wheel? 'Cause if not you are a joke.

norojo said...

also, thoughts on statues at the CEC?
my list is mario, badger bob, and herb for starters

Lion said...

Ok, let's compile the best arena names MINUS corporate sponsorship. My humble submissions:

Pittsburgh Igloo
Penguin Place
Steel Center
Lemieux Arena
Great Day Stadium

norojo said...

no hamster but my pet rats do the work... lol, way too easy to get a rise out of c-blog, ever heard of sarcasm?

wilsmith said...

No, but I've heard of "backtracking"

dirtyd said...

Shelly Anderson, "Whitney said he is in the best shape of his life."


norojo said...

oh im not backtracking at all, i just dont see why every little comment has to turn into a retarded debate

TheFandangler said...

Norojo = Hippie.

norojo said...


J.S. said...

Russ, that's what makes that comic so awesome. Horatio putting a second pair of glasses over the already-important "sunglasses of justice."


TheFandangler said...

Just sarcasm.

fleuryous said...


When I read "Call to Arms," I thought of this.
It's funnier every time.
I love Amurrica.

The Goon Blogger said...

I see we're throwing out names for the new arena.

I've always been partial to arena names with Garden or Gardens in it.

IamRyanD said...

@Lion and The Goon Blogger

I forget where I heard it at, but I am quite partial to Lemieux Gardens

Russ Tundra said...

Sweet J.S. now I get it!

jovi said...

come on guys, still have to get iginla over hossa

Jonathan said...

Yeah, if you can't tell the difference between stuffing the ballot box for Crosby and Malkin vs. stuffing the box for Tanguay and Koivu, then I really can't help you. Sorry Habs homers.

joseph burrell said...

hahaha that young guy and the old man look so much alike! they are some kind of related somehow?? I think I saw that picture on an article on Host Pay per Head site too, but I am not sure


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