Monday, December 1, 2008

Atlantic City




Forget the Rangers. How sick is San Jose.
The Rangers have played 27 games, grabbing 17 wins.
The Sharks have played 24 games, winning 20.

King Henrik is still a beast, going 15-5-2 so far: 2.11GAA, .927%.



The Flyers are 7-1-2 in their last 10.
Simon Gagne has 31 points, threatening to be a player in the Art Ross running.

But between the pipes is going to be Philly's downfall.
Martin Biron is their big deal, sporting a 2.95 GAA and a SV% nearing .899.


We just saw the Devils. They are an enigma.
Such a fall from grace since clutching and grabbing were done away with.


We're really not sure how anyone could have become Isles fans over the past few seasons.
They reached the playoffs to get analed by the Sabres in 06-07.
Rick DiPietro is never healthy.


:: Some jobber talks about the economic shit's effect on the NHL. KK
The National Hockey League, in particular, is apt to see a few teams change hands and several clubs may end up relocating to other cities.

:: Mike Chen baits the hook. KK
He says he saw Goligoski getting traded to Montreal for Saku Koivu in a dream.

No word yet if the dream included Penguins fans killing themselves over the thought of Koivu in a Penguins uniform. Such a baby.

:: Has the new power-play faceoff rule expedited so many third-period comebacks this season? NYT

:: Speaking of idiots in New York, LARRY BROOKS has started making out with Smizik in regards to fighting in the NHL.

Go Pens just like that.


brent said...

biron is a joke

dave said...

the rangers are still not scoring a whole lot of goals, once lundqvist cools down they're gonna start losing a bunch of games

btumpak said...

boom.i'll be there wednesday.

go pens.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Why does this guy watch hockey if he becomes "queasy" after watching them? So how do you defend one of your own if you can't fight? Everyone understands the style of play and fighting that goes along with it. He's just trying to get attention.

Don't worry about Gagne, he'll get a concussion again soon. Let's see, uh, tomorrow ... He's playing an old teammate on the Lightning, and this guy goes by the name Downie ...

San Jose is a force this season, I hope they actually do something in the playoffs instead of screwing up again.

tanya said...

"No word yet if the dream included Penguins fans killing themselves over the thought of Koivu in a Penguins uniform"
Nice, in Finland every year in April people pray that he can play in World Championships... though most of them probably think that it's still 1995

and King Henrik lost to Kitties

somechic said...

oh i linked to larry now my head hurts

dying alive said...

Ew on Koivu, especially for a rookie D with the potential upside of Goligoski.

Anyway, at the rate our defenseman are getting hurt it's probably best to keep everyone around for a while.

dying alive said...

Larry Brooks sticks up for Sean Avery in his article and says that the problems in Dallas started with the players already there making Avery feel unwelcome. Really?

somechic said...

my feelings exactly...maybe they made him feel unwelcome...but it wasn't just one guy so there must be a reason for the "unwelcomeness" ay larry

Puckshagger said...

To whom it may concern:

I would like to appologize for my comments yesterday. after watching that video of Torontos version of the numa numa kid singing "Oh, Canada" and enjoying a marijanna cigarette, I published a most unfortunate post in which i referred to the great Jeff Jimmerson as Jim Jimmerson who is the Edgar Snyder of the greater Las Vegas area. My comments are regrettable and my appology is sincere. Thank you for your time.

J.S. said...

I think that dude misunderstood his dream. He probably heard something like "Koivu for Go..." and woke up. He should have realized that they meant Koivu for Go...Go...Gove.

IHK, he could run into an old friend by the name of Gary Roberts too. I believe GR was the reason why he was concussed for so long last season. In either case, I don't see Gagne lasting the entire season. The wind will blow the right way and he'll have concussion number...what number is he on again?

dying alive said...

@ somechic - Seriously, I have no idea how LB can even begin to defend that assclown with a straight face. When a guy has problems with teammates everywhere he goes, chances are he's the source of the problems. Avery is a proven locker room cancer and he makes a mockery of sportsmanship and the game of hockey itself. Is it really all that surprising that veterans like Modano, Morrow & Turco would not look kindly on having him as a teammate? And really, why should the cornerstones of the Stars franchise have to just shut up and deal with it? These are the leaders of their team. If Shero tried to sign Avery (not that he ever would, hopefully), I'd have no problem with Sid or Brooks or any of the guys speaking out against it. In fact, I'd support it wholeheartedly. The guy is a turd.

Rage said...

Gove for Koivu straight up? No effin way; he'd ruin the chemistry at WB/S.

Bacon077 said...

Putting "rumors" like that on a blog is no better than some kid putting the same thing on hfboards.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

@ somechic, dying alive:

He supports Avery because Avery sells papers. You don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg. (p.s. Iron man was sweet).

Bruins scored more times against the red wings than the Pats did against the steelers. Vomit.

Raybin said...

-Biron is so worthless. He had one good run in the early rounds of the playoffs last year before the Pens exposed him as the eternal waste of a goalie stick that he is.

-Gagne is doing great, but he'll remember soon that he's the next coming of Eric Lindros and retire to a dark room with a bottle of Excedrin.

-Does King Henrik ever really cool down?

-Tod McLellan as a head coach = beast.

-Montreal would never go for a Gogo/Koivu straight up exchange. I have no hard evidence to support the contention, but it always seemed to me they think he's the bees knees dressed in the cats pajamas eating all that and a bag of chips.

-Avery should be made to feel unwelcome everywhere he goes that's not a gay nightclub because he's a dick.

Rage said...

commit to the raybin

pops said...

if the pens trade gogo it certainly wont be for a center.

that guy needs to stop doing coke, and maybe he won't dream stupid shit.

dying alive said...

Oh, I get the whole thing with Avery selling papers. But nobody who claims to be a legitimate sports journalist should be sticking up for Sean Avery at the expense of someone like Marty Turco. There's selling papers, and there's selling OUT. Oh snap!

I feel sorry for Gagne, the guy is a good player and he's fun to watch. If he wasn't a Flyer I'd probably actually like him. It's too bad he's had so much head trauma.

@ raybin - Montreal thinks that anyone who is dressed in a Habs sweater is the bee's knees and should bring an ungodly return. Of course, since every player who has ever laced up skates in the NHL has dreamed of playing for the Canadiens since they were children, they are all lining up to be included in said trade.

akus said...

It is only a matter of time before we read,

Breaking NEWS!!
my sources tell me that Pens and Montreal are talking.

#11, on NHL Live! @ 1:00

demondg1 said...

The Pens should tank it the rest of the season to get a shot at drafting Christian Holmes.

Schide said...

No joke, my friend I were playing NHL 95 during the day before we went to the game on saturday. We decided I'd be the Pens at home and he'd be the Devils, and that the score of that game would be the final score of the Pens game that night.

What was the score? 4-1 Pens of course, with Lemieux getting a couple and also taking a couple penalties.

Afterward he beat me in a battle of currently nonexistent teams, Quebec 5 - Hartford 1.

ricks1683 said...

Even if Larry Brooks made a decent argument about anything, not even just fights, i'd be hesitant to take him seriously after i was forced to close out a Zwinky popup from his page...

Da Blonde Blogger said...

Haha, Brooks is a joke. My favorite is when he calls out the leaders on the Stars for not wanting Avery on their team. He is right though, that team sucked last year without Avery, West Conference Finals right? I'm sure they have no idea how to win.

Raybin said...

commit to the raybin

CBloggers, take heed of the wise man's words.

@dying alive

HAH! Well put.

If you listen to their fanbases, you'd think the biggest worry hockey players have is pondering whether they want to be traded to Montreal or Toronto, the Two Greatest Franchises Ever. Cough.

I notice in my original post I neglected to mention the Islanders or Devils.

I try not to think about the Islanders too much because if you dwell on them too much, I find one quickly falls into a depression that would drive Fred Rogers to swallow the business end of a Smith & Wesson.

And as for the Devils, well....yawn...sorry, they tend to make me sleepy. I think that they...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

dying alive said...

I don't care how much history their team has and how much they love hockey, any fanbase that riots in the streets after barely squeaking out a first-round victory against the #8 seed are noobs. Act like you've been there before.

The Devils aren't so hard to watch without Uncle Daddy in net because they can't just play to get the first goal and spend the rest of the game skating to the red line and dumping the puck. It's not that they are any less boring, it's just less boring to watch our team play against them.

brett said...

Christian Holmes ? who?

If we didn't have a real shot, or have Crosby or Malkin, I'd tank the season to get Tavares.

fleuryous said...

dying alive said...

Larry Brooks sticks up for Sean Avery in his article and says that the problems in Dallas started with the players already there making Avery feel unwelcome. Really?
I mean...would YOU make Avery feel welcome? Think about who he is. And that's not the reason for their slow start. Nice try, Larryyyyyyyy.

Gogo for another center?
I think this man is either joking or on PCP.
And to reiterate what someone else said, with the way our D is getting hurt, we need all we can get...and I'm liking our D.

I am watching The Big Lebowski, and it never loses its luster.

Go Pens.

debrisslide said...

Henrik choked last night. We all know that's still going to hurt on Wednesday.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

So the Canadiens are getting rid of their captain for a rookie D-man? *laughs* I don't think Koivu is the problem ...

I would like it better if the rumor was AK27 to da Burgh but ehh ...

Gagne had 3 concussions last year, I think. October 24th against Bouwmeester, Nov. 7th Scary Gary, and then Jordan Staal in Feb. with a mild concussion.

About Avery: The team welcomed him, he acted up, and Modano and Morrow got pissed. They only called him out after his antics, Modano doesn't take lightly to stupidity especially if it's going to cost his team.

The only time I really like watching the Devils play (besides when they lose to us) is with Marty at net and usually just pay attention to him; he is amazing regardless of his status as a Devil and his personal life.

*Happy B-day, Bugsy*

debrisslide said...

Also, without a little bit of that sideshow stuff to add to the emotion of the game, it's just a bunch of guys showing off their immaculate skill sets. You lose the personality of the game and a huge element of the physicality. Fighting is part of the game. These journalists need to get the fuck over it.

wilsmith said...

but how many times would Koivu turn it over at the blue line?

wilsmith said...

oh and about fighting, it doesnt really have a place anymore.

No one is going to shy away from hitting someone because it means the other teams goon might fight their goon.

Until they get rid of the instigator or coaches tell their teams to get ready to kill a penalty because the big man is going to make an example out of someone, then there's really no point for it other than as a sideshow.

In a season and a half, how many times did Georges fight someone other than the other teams' fighter because they took a run at someone?

Raybin said...

Just looked closely at the schedule and if my math is right (which it might not be, math is somewhere around "giving birth" in terms of my strong suits) the Pens play 7 games in 10 days. Yowza.

And as for fighting...I dunno. I like it. But then again, I like boxing and order most UFC pay-per-views so I'm probably biased. seems to me that it's not only a good way to make someone pay for their transgressions, but also a way to fire up your team. I think of the TK/Upshall fight in the Eastern semis for instance. Some people may prefer motivational speeches. Other people like to fight. Does it really matter? Fighting has been part of the game for decades, why try to change it now all of a sudden?

It strikes me as a fake "controversy" ginned up by bored sportswriters with nothing else to talk about because they don't really understand the game.

I mean, when was the last time anyone took Smizik's opinion about hockey seriously?

fleuryous said...

When was the last time anyone took Smizik seriously? Ouch.

Raybin, the Upshall/Kennedy fight has been my phone background for quite some time. It's too good.

Justin W said...

anyone voting in the greatest captain thing on mario lost to stevie y in the 90s which makes me sick but now sid is up for the 00s i think we need to will him through...maybe a mention on the site?

BlacknGold66 said...

@Wilsmith: I'm pretty sure that (with the exception of a few others on this blog) we're the only ones that don't have the blinders on and can actually see the turnovers at the blue-line from #58 & #13.


GoGo for Mikko Koivu... now we're talking.


Hand of Godard said...

Fighting is here to stay, if only so shitty writers can write shitty articles about getting rid of it. Here's how it works:
Douchebag writes an article claiming it is time to get rid of fighting.
The blogosphere catches wind of it and links to it.
Pissed off hockey fans flock to the site to see what douchebag wrote.
Douchebag shows his boss how popular he is.
Douchebag keeps his job.

*Anywhere you see douchebag, insert Bob Smizik, Larry Brooks, or any other shitty writer.

Raybin said...

GoGo for Mikko Koivu... now we're talking.

Now that is a proposition I would listen to. We're pretty solid with centers right now, though. That and the salary cap.

But still, in a vaccuum, I'd be for it.

I see the turnovers too, but cut 'em some slack...they're young and still learning.


Nature Boy said...

WOOOOO Just like that.

fleuryous said...

Hand of are the voice of reason. Touche.

And I concur with the turnovers. They're young, it's going to happen.

At least they didn't do this...

Raybin said...

Goligoski and Staal for Koivu and Burns



Raybin said...

I wonder how long it'll take someone to get their panties in a bunch over what I just said....

tanya said...


i was close to get a heart attack...

not really, but a thought of koivu as a 3rd line center hurts. a lot

Rage said...

@nature boy-that was the dumbest shit I ever laughed my ass off about. Nice

"thought of koivu as a 3rd line center hurts. a lot"

Not as bad as the thought of him being a Penguin hurts. Just like that.

tanya said...


c'mon, you have something against mikko? poor dude is trying to do his best...

Allison said...

@bng- let me start by saying this is not a personal attack. If it comes off that way its cause I was just woken from a serious nap to venture out in the cold to pick up the little brother, so I'm extreemly iritated.

I think we can see the turnovers occasionally by 58 and 13. And now that you mention it, the other D as well. But common, they're like 21 and 22 they're not gonna drop in the league and be nik fucking lidstrom.

Maybe if this was 2001 I'd be excited at ROUMERS for koivo.

Again sorry if that was overly bitchy.

powerhouse said...

Hate having to wait until Wednesday to play the blushirts. Espececially when Sid and Malkin are a step faster, smarter and better than the competition right now:(

sven butenschon said...

Brooks = Joke

Why doesn't he stick to writing about what he knows like show tunes or the best kind of lube he and Charlie use
Then to make the arguement for Avery after he says there shouldn't be fighting
That piece of shit is the cause of most of the fights in his games he takes runs @ guys but won"t step up and pay the price
he shouldn't even be in the NHL

Bettman you dick way to go keep expanding the league and this is the reason there are these players in the league that should never have made it out of the minors

BlacknGold66 said...

Allison: Not too bitchy at all.

Trust me, I can't wait to see what Goligoski and LeGame look like in 3 or 4 years. Scary. (esp. LeTang)

I'm just saying that there's a certain fanbase within the Pens fanbase that's acting like they're already Nik Fucking Lindstrom.

P.S. The Mikko Koivu thing was a joke.

fleuryous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...

GoGo for Higgins.

He'd bury 30 on Sid's the AS break. [plus, he's Cap Friendly :)]

When peeps start running:

Calder Candidateblog and/or

the 2nd comingblog and/or


Turnover City by #13 makes me chuckle...

yep, he's young, a noob...but, he's not untradeable and obviously still has a lot to learn at the pro level...

I say, save the fare to ship him back to WB/S and have him gather up his passport + shaving kit and send him to Hab-land.

Throw in Eaton too...[if they'd take him!]

[Gay for Whitney]

Carroll said...

Quebec police fear ex-NHLer Hubert (Pit) Martin dead after snowmobile accident

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Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Okay, who brought the dog?

Bots suck

Rage said...

@Tanya- just being a hater. Mikko over Saku though...did I spell that right?


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