Monday, November 24, 2008


The debate about the Pens blue line is well under way with Ryan Whitney waiting in the wings.

Goligoski has made it very tough for Ray Shero to send him down.
But Gogo has the two-way contract and wouldn't have to go through waivers.
That has him singled out right now.

If you send him down, his faith in the Pens organization may be shattered.
Then he'll ask for a trade.

Letang, Scuderi, and Orpik aren't going anywhere.
No one knows what's going on if Letang goes anywhere.

That leaves Gill and Eaton.
Eaton was a great fit when he got here, bringing defense-first to a Pens team that needed it.

The knock on Gill is that he's slow and sluggish.
But he's a beast in a 7-game playoff series.

Eaton's gonna be seeing playing time when he maybe shouldn't because in order to ship him and his $2-million-a-year to another team, he has to be on display for other GMs.

Oh and Gonchar's gonna be back in time for the playoffs.

Let's not beat around the balls here.
Shero's gonna know what the team needs when the deadline comes around.
9 very reliable NHL defensemen. Something's gotta give.



:: Molinari checks out the Pens at the quarter pole. PG

:: HCMT's thoughts on the Pens power play:

"You can't be tick-tack-toe all the time. There are times you have to battle... most of the time, we lose those battles." Therrien suggested a change in personnel on the power-play units was likely. He said the current group "doesn't work."

:: The Pens helping out in the community:


EMPTY NETTERS spotted the Sens' new third jersey:


Coach Claude Julien forbade Lucic from fighting BGL. KK

Some fanboys captured a video of the crowd chanting Lucic's name and booing him for not throwing down with Laraque:


Speaking of which, here are the current results in ASG voting:


Only 80,000 and 120,000 out of first place after what the Habs fans did?
We still have a lot of time.

FROM THE RINK has a great look at all the jobbers who have gotten votes:

Pesonen has 18 votes.


New flashblog up top.
It includes the code for hyper-linking in C-Blog.

The Pensblog Appropriation Committee Building was sent anthrax over the weekend.
Session has been postponed.


Hey, There, Malone Reprise in case you were dead over the weekend. He scored on a penalty shot on sunday, too. He still sucks:

Go Pens.


anthony black said...

good post! i was thinking the same thing about the all star game crap. im surprised (sort of) the NHL hasn't done anything about the extra votes. also, first?

i was at the vancouver game as well and i spotted free candy on the text message jumbotron. woo!

nikki said...

tanguay in the starting line-up?
has hell seriously frozen over?
good god

fleuryous said...

Sweet--Pens fans for the win. haha.

If Gogo is sent down, I might cry a little inside. I mean, for a rookie (and granted it's the beginning of the season), he's one of the top scoring defensemen in the league (tied for 7th).

Dude's a beast...but, sadly, he wouldn't have to clear waivers, so that's a big factor.

But goddammit, I don't want him to go. haha.

Gill's a beast on the PK. He seems to always be the one who clears it out of the zone. Don't get rid of him if you don't want to...sink.

The Pens are virtuous human beings. That karma is going to pay off big time in the long run AKA the playoffs.


Go Pens.

Jeff said...

It's the middle of the night and I'm still too slow to be first.

stokes said...

What a rack on that chick, Staff. Hell yeah.

Could you imagine if the Penguins wore jerseys that said "PENS." Once again, the Senators organization proves they are a a joke.

fleuryous said...

Whoever did the Moses-Eaton photoshop...well-done.

Raybin said...


Yes, it's a problem, but what a problem to have. Eaton is pretty clearly the odd man out at this point, but that still leaves 7 D-men when Whits is back. Sending Gogo down is what I thought would happen all along, but he's played so well that it might be a mistake.

Either Boucher is going to be healthy scratched a lot, or Gill and Scuderi are on the trade block. If I had to try to read Ray Shero's mind (a difficult task, I think he has a forcefield protecting himself) I'd say that Gill is more likely than Scuds to go. It hurts to say, but Scuds is younger, cheaper and a penalty killing beast on the level of Gill.

Still, if they're determined to keep Gill, then Gogo will have to be sent down and someone (probably Boucher) will play the role Sydor did late last season.

But I'm getting rather ahead of myself aren't I?

Quick Vancouver game thoughts

-The Sedins and Demitra are that entire team.

-I agree with the staff from the recap post: the SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT is getting out of hand. It's been present at every game I've attended, but it was a fucking chorus on Saturday. People act like the Pens play in a vacuum and that there aren't 4 or 5 members of the other team clogging up the shooting lanes.

-Vancouver went into team defense lockdown mode when Luongo went down. 4 on the blue line and force the Pens to play dump and chase, which is not their strong suit. Not that I blame them; it must be an awful realization to know that you're depending on Curtis Sanford.

-That's an obvious observation, but I point it out to illustrate this: The stupid asshole hockey geniuses behind me who kept screaming "Carry it in! Stop dumping the puck!"

If you guys are reading this (you were in E16, row 2): Do you want to see a 3-on-1 break the other way? No? Neither did the Pens. THAT'S WHY THEY DIDN'T TRY TO CARRY THE PUCK IN. Jokes.

-Actually, now that I think about it, I don't know why all teams don't play the Pens like that. If you let them carry it in and set up the cycle, you're toast.

That's all I got in me. I'm still too motherfucking pissed off. I bought those tickets specifically to watch Roberto Luongo play goal. God hates me.

kstewy16 said...

Talk about ugly jerseys... Go over to Empty netters and check out the Bolts new 3rd jerseys.
They are like the Sens jerseys on crack.

Raybin said...

Oh and a further story about the dynamic duo behind me: They spent the entire game running down Sid. Seriously, the entire game. Every time he'd touch the puck, they make some comment about how much he sucks. I thought they were Canucks fans at first.

Which is a bigger joke of an organization: The Flyers or the Senators?

I think we'll get a definitive answer as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin first.

meecrofilm said...

People who are so quick to piss on Gill forget just how much better the Pens PK has become with him on the team. The improved results were pretty much synonymous with when he was acquired.

And also, when was the last time a 5on3 goal was allowed with Scuderi on the ice? PK beast.

Those two aren't getting the respect they deserve, especially Gill.

Gogo is the odd man out unfortunately. Whitney can do what he's been doing, and more. 3 of his 4 goals have been on the PP. If he gets sent down, he'll understand. He wasn't going to start the season up here anyways.

Nulpher said...

Eaton maybe because he's mainly been the healthy scratch. When Gonchar comes back, it will probably have to be GoGo just for the fact that he does not have to clear waivers.

Its gonna be tough.

dhudzin said...

I would kill to go shopping with Geno.

kstewy16 said...

Gonch getting back is still a long ways away, the circumstances might be completely different then. But as for Whitneys return, it probably will be Gogo getting sent down or he splitting time with someone.

fleuryous said...

I really like all of our D.

Eaton, I feel, is the struggling one, and I don't want to single him out, but yeah. I'm not an Eaton-hater, I'm just saying what I see.

I don't want to talk about Gogo being sent down, makes me a bit sad. haha.

I'm all about Gill too, Man. Our PK DRASTICALLY improved. Like I said, he's the one who always seems to clear the puck out. Yeeeeah.

And Scuds...he's basically Fleury's savior. And he's a beautiful human being. And he's been with the Pens since the beginning of time. haha.

Dude, like I said...I love our D.

Go Pens.

akus said...

Love the new flashblog.

What is the over/under on someone not being a dick?

Can a dick be a plug? Of course.

Things, i think,that will not disappear from cblog.


I really was not all caught up in the Habs-fans cheating for the ASG, but, since i have time and the Pens don't play till 2012..

I think i will split vote between the Pens and Bruins.

the number one reason hockey is better than sex...
1- A two-on-one or three-on-one is not uncommon.

debrisslide said...

Eaton for some draft picks and FunDip.

Gogo will probably get sent down, not that he deserves it.

Gill is amazing on the penalty kill, but despite how much people haven't been "impressed" by Boucher he killed one of those penalties in the Canucks game pretty much singlehandedly and we all know he's capable of doing it all the time. I am not worried at all about our PK. With d-men plus goaltending, Penguins are textbook at it. Whatev.

I'm not worried.

akus said...

My fingers are faster than the ASG site,

You may not vote more than once per minute. Please try again in a moment.

moo-blue15 said...

That sens jersey is a joke-it's hidious!!

Pittsburghler said...

Great post! Also, going back to the Shooooooooooooooooooooooot thing, I was at the Wild game last Tuesday and heard some jag-off behind me yell "Shoot the Puck, you Jerk!"

Seriously. This "fan" is going to call one of our boys a jerk because he didn't shoot the puck? I wanted to send him over the balcony. What's even more astounding about this is that, up in the balconies, you can actually see when there isn't a shooting lane. Its as though these people think the puck will go through bodies or actually navigate around them "as if it had eyes."


rebecca said...

unfortunately, during games, my father thinks he is a play-by-play announcer, and then goes on to go "SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT"


Matt D said...

sweet flash-blog. a definite improvement.

Go Pens

Stilly said...

It's going to be hard deciding who is the odd man out when Gonch comes back. At this point, at least initially, you have to send Goligoski back down to WB/S to buy time. I think that this point, you have to make a choice. Whitney or Gonchar. If Whitney really is the heir apparent, as some folks have claimed, maybe it's time for him to take over.

If you want to keep Letang and Goligoski and have some'shut down' type defensmen, you have to move one of the puck movers. Having a crowded blue line is a great problem to have. One of Letang, Goligoski, Whitney, or Gonchar has to go. I really like Sarge, but he is the oldest and biggest cap hit. If Gonch isn't expendable, then Whitney must be. I'd say trade one of the young guys, but you wouldn't get much in return for them.

Hockey is a business too, you can't just look at it from a 'Damn he's really cool' perspective. You don't just want to trade someone that sucks. You get absolutely no value for them. You want to trade them when you think they're peaking and they have a suitable replacement. You'll get the highest return on that transaction.

akus said...

Roy's Boys

pride85 said...

I cannot fully comprehend the existence of that Senator jersey.

chris e said...

where did the links for the tPB NHL09 teams go?

justinafi said...

Seriously, Who is the blond in the Great Glam ads on the side? i think i'm in love with her.

BlacknGold66 said...

This D-man talk is making me nauseated.

When Whits comes back Go-Go is being sent down. End of story.

Jeff Taffe didn't "deserve" to be sent down either but it happened.


And worrying about who goes when Gonch gets back is moot. That's so far away right now that it's not worth destroying brain cells over.

In Shero We Trust.

BlacknGold66 said...

P.S. Balloon titties

Stilly said...

Aww come on BnG... If it weren't for meaningless speculation what would we do during the off days? haha

Raybin said...

It would be irresponsible not to speculate!

By God I am a sports fan and that gives me the inalienable right to talk, gab, pontificate, lecture, speculate, conjecture, ponder, whine, wheedle, complain, bitch, piss, moan, gripe, scream, jump and yell even though I haven't the first fucking clue what I'm talking about.


brett said...

nice read here about goalie equipment changes this season and beyond. The Wild coach, who was also a NHL goalie with Hartford for a while, has some provocative things to say in it:

"It's not for protection," Lemaire said. "It's to stop the puck. If it's for protection, they can get a lot smaller. Ever hear of Kevlar? Stops bullets. Let's go to the police station and get them vests. They'll all be OK."

If he wasn't a goalie in the past, I would call him a dick for that.

BlacknGold66 said...

Haha, touche Stilly and Raybin.

Trade Crosby.

wilsmith said...

I think I've said this before, but who cares.

Sometimes, during games, I like to play a game called "how many times will Goligoski turn it over on the blue line?"

BNG is right.

Dr. Turkleton said...

look at the Pens D:

•super kewl
•sweet guys

How does King Shero sleep at night, with the prospect of Whit & Gonch coming back...when this current group of blueliners puts Orr, Coffey, Bourque & Harvey to shame.

When everyone's back healthy, maybe HCMT will dress 8 on defense and let GODard skate on the 4th line by himself.
Now, don't get defensive, but this might be offensive:
When Whit & Gonch come back any day now: Dress All Of Them & call up Lovejoy or see if they can swing a deal for Dick Lintner skating in the KHL to bring the grand total dressed to NINE defensemen...using a random d-man threesome [haha, 3-some!] as a 4th line....enabling HCMT to dress Sid, Geno & Trade Staal + 6 other whoevas as forwards to basically cycle down low and wear down the opposition to let the Pens defense dominate.


Allison said...

"Can the Penguins waddle out of town with another win? Or will
the Islanders devour them with the strength and speed of a
killer whale?"

Ummmmm WHAT? That's a sentence from an email I received from the Islanders today regarding the upcoming game.

Man I can't wait for wednesday and to see some Whalers hockey, wait, what?... I mean Islanders.
Wait, what? I mean jokes.

Allison said...

@ dr turk- Brilliant!!! You've just solved all our "problems". What an ingenious soloution. Only thing is, I'd make sure we have 10 defensemen, cause I like even numbers. Maybe shero can find dick tarnstrom's number somewhere.


Raybin said...

Surely Carolina is ready to let go of Melichar.

coffeytalk said...

Bringin up Melichar is my favorite thing ever.

We are still friends on the Facebook.

coffeytalk said...

also, a comment from TURK!?


startin' to feel like old times in here.

Allison said...

Good call raybin... Melichar beats out Tarnstrom any day.

Allison said...

Oops... there's a new post.

Raybin said...


Facebook! I haven't logged in there in 6 weeks or more.

Glad we're still friends.WOO!

Have I apologized enough yet for crashing your tailgateblog last season? I thought there'd be more people there and I got so wrapped up in the notion of meeting CBloggers that it wasn't until I arrived that I realized what I'd done: showed up unannounced and was forced to mooch off your hospitality with nothing to offer in return. Embarrassing to say the least.


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