Friday, November 14, 2008



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Just another example of a solid hockey game.

The tables were turned on the Penguins.
Mellon Arena Syndrome was in full effect.

A Pens lead in Mellon Arena is about as safe as Charlie's butthole at a Nickelback concert.
You almost expect it by now.

Sidney Crosby, who's trying to get out of a "slump" comes up big to tie it.
Mike Richards with the egregious turnover on the play made it doubly sweet.

The Pens have won 5 in a row.
We'll see where the Pens stand in the Eastern Conference on Saturday when Buffalo comes to town.

If these OT games keep coming, no one is going to be alive by March.

dustin k


double j



Aside from the Oiler game last week, we hadn't seen much of the Mellon recently.
She's a grand old lady.

The confidence the Pens gained from the Red Wings game showed early on. They were on acid.
Staal's line started the game. Good call.

Crosby's line was the next onto the ice, and then he went off for tripping.
A great chance for the Flyers to jump up ahead.
But the Flyers couldn't even make it the two minutes without heading to the box themselves.

After some jobbin, Kennedy leads a mini rush with Cooke.


Good to see Cookie get on the board.
Even though Staal wasn't on the ice for it, the line has been coined Sesame Street, with the Cookie Monster, Staal Big Bird, and Kennedy Elmo.

The Pens and Flyers exchanged power plays in the rest of the first. That was it.


- coffeytalk -
Not a PS. Unreal.

A little background on the picture.
The owner is Christine, and the sign was in attendance against the wings as well:


Welcome back, Eaton


The Pens came out in the second with balls blazing.
1:11 into the period, Malkin and Fedotenko team up. 2-0.
What a shot.

Like 8 seconds later, the Flyers were headed to the box.
Second verse almost same as the first. High glove. Bing. 3-0.

Flyers coach John Stevens had to call a timeout to get his team together and show them something.

Oh, and the Pens had another PP on the way.
No dice.

If you thought a 3-0 lead was safe, you had an erection because you are not thinking clearly.

Jeff Carter put the Flyers on the board with some crap. 3-1.
We weren't even halfway through the game yet.

Scott Hartnell is an idiot and takes a shot at Sykora. Box city.

If you want to know why yelling SHOOT is dumb, we got a reminder.
Goligoski tries to shoot it through 80 people.
Shot blocked. Gagne heads down the other way.

Ah, the early symptom of M.A.S. -- a shorthanded goal.

After being in the box, Talbot comes out and draws a penalty.
Nobody even knows how, but the Flyers get a 3-on-1 on the kill.
Gagne licks the stamp. What a shot. 3-3.

The Flyers closed out the second with Issac Newton pulling the strings on another goal. 4-3.


What is there to say about the third period?
MAF gets pulled, and Sabu rolls in.

Nothing. It was just a waiting game with a power play in the middle.
Probably the fastest period of all time.

Father Time was in town.
Mike Richards makes a horrible play. Turnoverblog.

Talbot fans on it/passes it to Bing.



Darren Dreger:

"But his shot remains a weakness and although some have suggested he switch to the more popular one piece stick, Crosby continues to reject the notion of change and won't abandon a two-piece stick with a straight blade that many believe hampers his ability to get the most out of his shot"


Looked pretty good on that shot. Dick.
87 buries it.

The rest of the third and OT was mud.

We didn't keep tabs on who took shots in the shootout.
All the big guns were taking their shots.

Danny Sabourin's stick was in the best shape of its life.
A pokecheck on an early shooter, and then he completely robs Mike Richards. Unreal save.

Here is the save, but maybe better than the save is Scott Hartnell's meltdown on the bench:

What a baby

Alex Goligoski was the 80th shooter. What a move. Goal.

Scott Hartnell was the Flyers last hope. That speaks for itself.
Any other player, we wouldn't think twice about the altercation with Sabu after Hartnell crapped himself on the shot.

But it's Scott Hartnell. What a horrible player.
He collides with Sabu. Sabu tells him to get a real job.




We got one of our favorite e-mails of all time after the game:

We, the members of the WHAM! Penguins FanClub, in honor of Alex Goligoski's dirty shootout goal tonight vs. the hated Flyers, propose the following:

*Every time Goligoski scores a goal, this video is posted on The Pensblog:

*We start producing Pens-branded Go-Go shirts (as seen in the video above), sell them to the loyal fans of The Pensblog, and donate the proceeds to The Mario Lemieux Foundation.

*Every time Go-Go scores, fans at Mellon Arena all do the Jitterbug, and they play this song on the loudspeaker (and/or the above video on the Jumbotron).


The WHAM! Penguins FanClub
Est. 1988


Go Pens


Sean said...

can't sleep - go pens

TIMKO said...



Great game...Gagne had a sick shot too bad Richards ruined the game for him. My roomy who is a Flyers fan cried the whole way home. I watched the game with 6 Flyers fans...gave them a big WOOOOOO at the end of the game. Too bad the Flyers have 2 points off us =/

ylinkyphrost1025 said...

i'm pretty sure my roommates and i could have gotten a noise violation after sabourin's save on richards

snickerdoodles said...

UPS dispatch:
Send to Failadelphia:
1 large case of crying towels.
Super size pampers and a playpen for Hartnell.
and to Darren Dreger,
Hockey for Dummies, Large Type Edition.

The Goon Blogger said...


Think of it this way, we've got 4 off them! Woooo!

The WHAM Penguins FanClub is unreal.

Where do I send my money?

nikki said...

man, i work with little kids and they don't even throw tantrums like hartnell
i like how the pens like to jerk me around evvvvery game just to make sure im still watching...thanks guys

J-Farm said...

I will send ANYTHING to the Wham! fanclub...unbelievable. truly amazing. I can only hope I'm in the stands for Go-Go's first goal when this is played

debrisslide said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
debrisslide said...

I read this recap before I read the SparkNotes to the book I was supposed to read for class tomorrow.

Me = fail.

Pensblog = win.

Kierstan said...

FYI about the NHL fan balloting, there's no CAPTCHA if you stay logged in and just click to vote again (I just voted 5 times without seeing another one). The only restriction I see after you log in is that you can't vote more than once per minute. Wonder when that's going to get abused.

IceCold... said...


i want that shirt.

after less-than-impressive play during the game, it was awesome to see him get the game winner!!! woo hoo! nice call HCMT.

Chris said...

Here is a gif of Baby Hartnell

Bacon077 said...

I was in C22..and i loved turning around to see the Jeremy sign. Major props.

jbart321 said...

I have officially aged 10 years just this season, but it has been worth it. Go Pens!

TheFandangler said...

My Meat...

TheFandangler said...

Good News?


Joose said...

The Jitterbug idea is a solid one. I am most definitely into it.

Goligoski is a monster beast. Nothing more. Nothing less.

TheFandangler said...

Funny story at about 6am.

Watching the NHL highlights of the pens game, at about 1:10 of the video right after Crosby's goal, you see a chick jumping and tugging on a guy. The guys lips read "I know"...

Lead singer of one of my bands.

Nature Boy said...

Doc is most certainly the Flyers Huckleberry.

Once this team learns how to play a whole 60 minutes they are going to be very dangerous team. Even more then they are already. Add in Whit and Gonch, this is going to be real fun come playoff time.

J.S. said...

Can we nominate the Hedgehog (Ron Jeremy) as a gameday starter?

In attendance for back to back wins, and the man can definitely finish.

As the sign says: DO IT!

Joshua said...

Wham is so gay. That picture of Ron Jeremy is pretty gay too, even though he's pretty far from gay. He's got a leather daddy thing going on. Whoever made that sign is a fucking genius.

Hartnell is such a tool. How in the hell is he still in the league?

Joshua said...

@ fandangler

Are you in local Pittsburgh bands? I dabble in rock and roll.

Steve In Denver said...

Didn't PBCharlie play the flute for Wham!?

These last two games in particular have taken my love of the Pens into fanatacism.


Joshua said...

I have been watching Staal steal that puck and set up the game-winner over and over and over and over...I can't leave the house in the morning without watching it.

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

I cracked up when Hartnell threw a tantrum on the bench. My husband and I kept mocking him. I'm just glad that he didn't score. Sabu totally tackled him after the shot. Awesome. :)

The GoGo shirt thing is an awesome idea. Love it.

We were watching the Office so we missed the beginning of the third. I got scared that Fleury got hurt and that's why Sabu was in. Whew. Good call HCMT.

Stilly said...

This team is awesome, and they are going to get better. For the young defense, experience brings skill. It will also be nice to have Whit back soon for the PP. Geno is a beast, but is a defensive liability at the point as evidenced last night. Goligoski's inexperience didn't help matters much. I don't know if those two shorties happen if Whit is on the ice rather than Gogo. That said...

Goligoski is a stud. When Whit and Gonch come back and get into game shape the defense will be sick. I really think the key to closing out games where we have a big lead is the return of Gonchar. The blueline pairings from the playoffs last year will cure a lot of what ails the defense.

That in turn will help Fleury. Yes we all know he's vulnerable over his glove shoulder, but in the last two games between Franzen's fat ass and short handed break aways, the defense really screwed the MAF to a wall. Sure he'll give up a weak one now and again, but this is a guy who stopped 50 + shots in a cup finals game. He's a beast.

Buffalo will be a good test. Here's to hoping Sid, Geno, and Staal pull Miller's pants down and give him a good spanking...

I'm pretty sure Charlie wrote that last one.. it's pretty gay.

Stilly said...

Not Franzen..Holmstrom.

I'm a joke when i'm cblogging and working.

Johnny B said...

and i always get made fun of when i sing that song at karaoke.

Matt said...

Just watched the replay of Sabu's huge stick save on Richards. The part I didn't notice last night (because I fell off my couch and had a seizure at the save's awesomeness) was that the second the puck bounced off Sabourin's stick, Richards was already complaining to the refs that it should have been a goal.

I'm sorry, Philly, but it's not a conspiracy against you when the puck doesn't go into the net. What next, are you going to claim that the Penguins are "conspiring to win" against you?

And Godard HAS to knock Hartnell around next game (Dec 13). Do it for Godard fight guy and Hartnell finger guy! said...

So we need to make a group decision who we're voting for for the All Habs game and publish it and spread the word.

I've spent my time voting for:

Matt said...

I might do the same, but with Kennedy instead of Talbot said...

And that's where we need to make a decision, so we avoid splitting the votes.

Matt said...

I'm on board for Talbot- he's been a beast and as long as he's on a line with Sid, he could build some momentum as the ASG approaches

Carroll said...

I've been voting for:




TheFandangler said...



3 bands.

-The dirty Sunshine


-Hero Atlantic

akus said...

As kaylaj has said in previous post, i also read some of the Flyers boards/blogs.

They did alot of finger pointing but, Hartnell is the Flyers Whipping Boy,

Here is what one fan thought of the attempted SO.


blufftalk said...

Sabuyah. said...

I'm still baffled that the Flyers had no one better than Hartnell to take that shot.

Sean said...

Oh please don't associate, goligoski with that faggy song. What did he ever to do you guys? The kid could be something great, would any one have ever tried to associate other penguins greats with that song. Not a snow flakes chance in hell. DOWN WITH FAGGY SONG PROPAGANDA! SAVE IT FOR YOU HOMO ADVISOR.

norojo said...

staff, please make Sesame St. shirts w/ matt cookie monster, jordan big bird staal, and tk elmo. theyll sell like hot cakes

P.O. said...

the people in wilkes-barre/scranton will enjoy those go-go shirts once whit/gonch come back... i can see dwight shrute in one now...

Carroll said...

Why are people voting for Whitney/Gonchar they won't be valid candidates as they won't have played 20 games. Stop wasting your votes.

Pittsburghler said...

The WHAM thing is fuckin' retarded, but first thing's first. Before I dress and dance like a homo for teh benefit of kids with cancer, I have one question.



The Pittsburghler said...

So here's the real question: Where will the Montreal fans riot when a few Habs make the All Star team?

akus said...

I agree sean, i didn't watch the video, but when i seen Jitterbug & WHAM, dancing was not the first thing i thought i can't get that damn song out of my head.


Hell, The Go-Go's have to be better than WHAM.

Pittsburghler said...

Not to sound like a hater, but come on. That Sesame Street thing is retarded too.

Maybe we can get an "Electric Company" line next.

Here, watch, I can do it too.

I say we just go Aqua Teen Hunger Force, because, you know, the Penguins have moves...and they shake, like...uhh....Master Shake. And then there's Staallock keep you on lock in the penalty box, like a cop, Talbotwad you're up next with the knock knock.

Make a T shirt out of that while you're at it. Never mind that all these ideas are derivative and proprietary. Don't come to me when you get sued.


tanya said...

Goligoski's goal = i'm still kinda drooling while watching that

hartnell's what ever he were trying to do = desecration of hockey

Pittsburghler said...

What ever happened to Go Go Gadget Goal?

That was cool. Inspector Gadget was a pimp. (before Matthew Broderick ruined him)

Pittsburghler said...

The Go-Gos are definitely better than WHAM.

I'd still do Belinda Carlisle(sp?).

tanya said...

You put the boom-boom into my net
You send my water bottle sky high
When your scoring starts
A jitterbug into my brain
Till i find myself on the bench

Pittsburghler said...

That's terrible Tanya...truly.

tanya said...

Wake me up before you score Go-go
Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
Wake me up before you score Go-Go
I don't wanna miss it when you hit that net
Wake me up before you score Go-go
'cos I'm not planning on making a save
Wake me up before you score Go-Go
Make my water bottle fly

tanya said...


i know

Stilly said...

Can someone explain to me why Pittsburghler is being such a bitch?

You need to get over yourself man.

Annie said...

Pittsburgler, what's with all the hate so early in the day? Lighten up.

crmzak said...

I take it Stevens is promising his boys a 5 dolla footlong if they get their act together.


Annie said...

Pittsburghler, I meant to say.

fierst78 said...

so hartnell makes 4.7 mil a year or something like that...


crmzak said...

my last comment was in reference to the Stevens timeout pic that was posted.

and I meant to type ifYOUknowwhatimean.

damn, I need another cup o'coffee.

Rage said...

Nah, crmzak, I liked the original version myself...more SAUCY...and more coffee is ALWAYS good. pittsburghler do have a point, nice people, and always St. Slush, Goddess of Hate says "Hate fucking works! Poor on the hate!"

Wham/Sesame Street-for me? meh, not so much...

Just sayin

puckstoppa44 said...

Did anyone see the penis on the scoreboard last night during the second intermission verizon text things. Was this..
8=====D the work of PBCharlie

Stilly said...


I'm probably not gonna buy a sesame street tshirt either, but the burghler didn't have to insult any cbloggers... that's just mean spirited. Save the hate for the Sabres.

Rage said...

I'm with you stilly.

crmzak said...

Oh, and yesterday I was listening to some crappy Boston sports talk radio and they were sarcastically saying how Cali folk should be happy seeing as how they have the MVP of the league, Joe Thornton, playing for San Jose. They had a laugh, said something about how he's nowhere to be found come the playoffs yadda yadda yadda.

Then, they say something like, "besides, we all know who the REAL MVP of the league is - Marian Hossa."

I threw a Hartnell hissyfit and almost wrecked my car.

jefe p said...

the sabu wrestling pic shouldve been put up since hartnell got body slammed at the end. said...

Anyone have any idea how live the "live" results are for the All Habs voting?

Because it hasn't changed all morning.

slush said...

Ryan Miller is my #1 goalie in the Cblog FH league. Gunna be a bad day for FH.

onesizedrummer said...

first time the car alarm was set off for a game this worth it


Pittsburghler said...

I know. I am a bundle of hate today. Don't know what's gotten into me.

Not insulting any c-bloggers. I just hate WHAM and Sesame Street.

To all whom I may have offended, my sincere apologies.

AJ said...

Nothing would make me happier than to see the Ron Jeremy photo take off as this season's WWGRD.

Seriously... how great would it be to see somebody's gramma wearing a shirt with Ron Jeremy's pcture and the words DO IT?

Make this happen.

The Wham! bit is solid too. It could be the Pittsburgh version of a Rick Roll.

Pittsburghler said...


You are so right. . . we need a photoshop of Sabu bodyslamming Hartnell.

BlacknGold66 said...

Exciting game last night!

How many ways do you have to blatantly rip a man's helmet off his head from the back WHILE STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM before you get called for a penalty? That was atrocious!

Oh, and in an unrelated play... Hartnell didn't so much get tackled by Sabu. Hartnell grabbed Sabu's head and pulled him down. Then bitched like a little girl as usual.

Anyway... Sid is a beast, I'm still gay for Scuds, and bring on the Saabrays!!

Pittsburghler said...

Show of hands.
I can't fit Ron Jeremy on my license plate though. I'm not even sure I could fit his cock.

Which reminds me. . . .

Should I keep the WWGRD plates on my car, even thousgh Roberts is no longer with us, or should I get something else. If so, what?

Maybe Pensblog staff can post a poll for what soon to be obsolete personalized plate Pittsburghler should order next. . .

Stilly said...

@pittsburghler. No hard feelings man. I need to be less of a whiny bitch when an idea gets jobbed.


Hartnell basically DDT'd Sabu Jake 'The Snake' style. It would've been epic if Sabu would've hit him with his stick and then powerbombed him at center ice.

BlacknGold66 said...


Stilly, the image in my head of what you just said played out and was glorious!

Imagine Sabu pulling off his elbow pads and chucking them into the crowd... making the fancy move... then giving him the people's elbow.

akus said...

Puck Daddy said it best,

Scott Hartnell and the epic shootout fail in Pittsburgh
( with video)

BTW,They now have a career 8-20 record in shoot-outs.

Stilly said...

BnG.. The People's elbow would be awesome on skates.. haha

crmzak said...

I agree, there's gotta be a better Goals-a-GoGo theme song. Death metal, anyone? There's gotta be at least one out there. Personally, I'd rather watch/dance to Psycho a Go-Go on the jumbotron.

(kind of an odd clip. lol)

LOVE the Saboutage pic. That could make for even more killer photoshops if you ask me.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick Saia (usa) said...

you put my ballsack into your mouth...

crmzak said...

I kinda like this one better, but then again I am partial to big fannies.

C'mon, how can you pass up go-go dancers on the jumbotron when Goligoski scores? Seriously people.

jefe p said...

looked to me like while being grabbed by hartnell, sabu took his momentum and pushed him up then slammed him down.

Stoosh said...

Thoughts on the Stooshes first game in attendance...dudes...

1. I want to slam my head into a brick wall for thinking at one point that I wanted Hartnell on this team when he was set to become a free agent a couple of years ago. Nice to see that muppet-haired retard proudly pick up the Bad Penalty torch from Derian Hatcher and Steve Downie. He was fine (read: invisible) for about 30 minutes last night, but his emotions eventually got the best of him and just like last season, he proved utterly incapable of controlling his emotions. The charging penalty he took on Sykora was 100% Grade A Flyers Stupid, and if he played for Therrien and pulled a stunt like that, his ass would be nailed to a seat in the pressbox for the next five games. Thankfully, though, he plays for Philly, which means John Stevens will more than likely give him even more ice time.

I admittedly never saw a whole hell of a lot of Hartnell when he was with Nashville. Can any of our resident Preds fans tell us if this clown was such a loose cannon when he was in Nashville, or has he just embraced the "Flyer Way"?

2. For all the bitching that Flyers fans used to spew about Crosby talking to the refs, watch Martin Biron and Mike Richards. Mike Richards is talking to refs during


when he's on the ice. I'm not kidding. I noticed it last night right away in the first. Before every faceoff, he seeks out a linesman or an official and he's talking to them about something.

Biron is just as bad. I've never seen a goaltender have so much to say to the refs. Four times last night during a stoppage, he skated out to the faceoff circles to talk to the refs. One time, he went out all the way to the blueline. What the fuck does a goaltender have to say to an official that often? Get back in your crease and worry about stopping a shot once in a while, clown. Better yet, don't.

3. Sid was insane last night. The jump was there. The speed was there. The unreal stickhandling was there. He made some Philly defenders look absolutely ridiculous last night.

4. Gogo had as bad a game as he might have played with the big club last night up until the penalty shot, which was solid.

wilsmith said...

I'm not even sure how you get Go-go out of Goligoski.

When will people realize you cant make shirts with peoples faces/names on them?

Stoosh said...

Oh, I almost forgot...

Dear brat sitting directly behind us in C-12,

Next time you want to spend two and half hours kicking the back of a chair and staring off into space, do us a favor and stay the hell home. And tell your grandma that the repeated glances from me back at you were my polite attempts to get you to stop; apparently she was too busy stuffing her face in that tray of nachos to notice that you were bouncing around in your seat like a Yorkshire terrier just let out of its cage.

If you're sitting behind us at another game down the road and you continue to spend the whole night kicking the backs of our chairs, I won't say anything to you or your grandma. I'll just reach back and snap both of your ankles. It'll hurt, but it'll get you to stop.

Sit still and pay attention to the game or stay home and watch Spongebob.


TIMKO said...

Anyone else think the Penguins should have a "Blue Out" for the 3rd jerseys?

BlacknGold66 said...

@Wilsmith: Goligoski

The Wham! email was funny. But the t-shirt idea is absolutely treacherous. If anyone buys a t-shirt like that I will personally buy you a "Why Not Us?" or "Vengeance Now" shirt to go with it.

Stoosh's comment about Richards and Beer-run bitching reminded me of what Steigy said last night in regards to people saying Sid was a diver.

I don't remember the exact quote but it was something like,

"They started that with Sid and that diving crap..."

It was great.

Stilly said...

You should have been listening to the Flyers TV announcers, one of which was Keith Jones...

They whined about phantom penalties and how 'The refs never call them for us'. They pissed and moaned about The Pens diving and embelishing. I'm pretty sure the trail of tears started in the announce booth.

From the players to the booth announcers to the fans.. I've never seen a bigger bunch of cry babies outside of Madison Square Garden.

akus said...


This proves how you can have the ass in, classic.


Thank You Sabu for the melt down!

crmzak said...

@akus - LOVE IT! He looks like he should be throwing a baby bottle during his tantrum.

"I'm takin my net and I'm going home!"

Matt said...

The most underrated part of the slow-mo that akus provided was now it's clear to me that Stevens is grabbing Hartnell's ass as he's throwing the tantrum. You can tell his palms are open and looking for cheeks as he slowly makes his way to Hartnell's back.

Hip said...

On a slow day, staff should break down the celebrations by the players. Because watching Geno spread the arms and just collide into the pile cracks me up every time. He doesn't even make the effort to hug anymore, he just runs into people.

PS - does anyone know if they're selling the powder blue hoodies anywhere?

Hip said...

On a slow day, staff should break down the celebrations by the players. Because watching Geno spread the arms and just collide into the pile cracks me up every time. He doesn't even make the effort to hug anymore, he just runs into people.

PS - does anyone know if they're selling the powder blue hoodies anywhere?

fleuryous said...

OpenID puckstoppa44 said...

Did anyone see the penis on the scoreboard last night during the second intermission verizon text things. Was this..
8=====D the work of PBCharlie
I TOTALLY saw that and my friends laughed for a good minute or so. I wanted to text ( o )( o ) but I decided not to. Yeeeeeeeeah.

Goligoski=BEAST. I knew it. THAT'S why I ordered his third jersey. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

And that Hartnell gif file is classic. Go back to second grade.

And I'm still totally Pro-Fleury.
But, Sabu was a beast.

Go Pens.

PS. I'm missing my Hartnell/Richards Crybaby photoshop. Sad. haha. Ron Jeremy picture=CLUTCH.

Hip said...

Posting the same comment twice = oops.

Being at work, and having the delete comment site be deemed unaccessible by UPMC = fail.

wilsmith said...

Get it together, hip.

I'm still not seeing go-go.

I think I'm going to hold off on buying the jersey of anyone not under contract for at least the next 3-5 years. I just don't feel buying a Letang, Goligoski or Staal jersey is a good way to spend money. At least not until late February, anyway.

johnnylaw said...


Totally know about all the stupid internet blocks at UPMC, hated working at that place, especially night shift.

Akus, awesome gif. Just seeing Hartnell's face during that is priceless, what a fucking baby.

Also, listening to Keith Jones is awful, such a dick. He made Doc Emrick's calls the other night seem downright genius.

Can't wait to go to the game on Dec. 13 in Philly. I almost want to make a "Little Debbie Briere" shirt to wear, but I am a lazy, lazy man. So I'll probably just wear my Buries It jersey from the Pigeon era.

fleuryous said...

Well, I suppose I just have strong faith. haha

I hope Goli stays until 2050. haha.

And I'm hoping that Hartnell was saying sorry...but judging from his temper tantrum, he probably insulted Sabu's mama or something.

Byyyyyyyy the way...

I'm waiting for "Do You Sabu?" t-shirts, staff. haha.


Stilly said...


Totally agree. That's why I'm getting the Mrs a Fleury jersey (alternate style) for Christmas.

It doesn't make much sense to run out and buy a jersey because he's the trendy player only to have him wearing another jersey in 6 months. The jerseys I own might be the popular players.. but they're also the ones who will be around a while.

chris l. said...

@bng66: good catch - I smiled to myself and gave Steigy knuckles in my mind when I heard that.

Did you catch the "USS GILL" drop also?

@Fleuryous: if you, as I, prefer the fuller-figured courierporn, try this:

( o Y o )

either way - nice roll the boys are on.


Stilly said...

Nice set of e-knockers chris. haha.

Pittsburghler said...

If you listen closely, you can hear Sabu shouting "WHOOOOOOOOO" after Hartnell jobs him.

fleuryous said...

Eh, I've liked Goligoski for a while now, in the AHL...I didn't just decide this last night or anything.

I just couldn't find the jersey anywhere, because he's so new to the NHL.

If he leaves, I'll still like him. Whatevs. haha.

So, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the best thing to actually come out of Philly. haha.

Pittsburghler said...


Not true. You can put whatever you want on a t-shirt, as long as you sell it out of the trunk of your car at least five blocks away from the arena, in the middle of no man's land, where nobody gives a crap, just like the guy who peddles the "Malkin in the Middle" T Shirts.

akus said...

Habs All Stars.

I am sure there are some Bruins( and CBJ's & Mapled Ones) that will laugh and point at you.

BTW,over @ the Habs boards, one poster said he does not think the other fan bases have caught on to the bot script used for voting. WTF, does he think we live in caves?

I am getting a little sick of hearing announcers using the line, "hurt by injuries", after the Pens beat a team.

Just like the post says,

[Baby Blues]

Julia said...

uhh alright so down not going to lie I jam out to Jitterbug a lot haha.

chris l. said...

re: jerseys, I kind of look at it as a snapshot in time. When else will you be able to obtain a "Satan 81" Jersey, for example? If he leaves, you can remember the era (year, months, whatev ...) as a time that was cool enough while you lived through it to warrant plunking down some coin. There is, of course, the risk that the subject of your purchase could ride the douche-mobile out of town (*cough* hossa *cough*) while the sweater is still crisp and new. But life is full of risks, I guess.

Kind of like drawing pixelboobs for c-blog at work. Heh-heh. said...

I was so inspired by Scott Hartnell's performance last night that I made this.

I hope you enjoy it.

chris e said...

great video

IceCold... said...

dude, double M just talked about the DO IT sign with ron jeremy and how awesome it was! haha

christine, you ROCK!

stokes said...

Apparently, i was drinking at Dipshit's Bar and Grille last night. Consider:

-As Gogo was unloading that ill-timed shot, some goddamn moron rednick yinzer as yelling "SHOOT! SHOOT THE PUCK!" Just like in the recap.

As Gagne scores, i had to restrain myself from going over there and beating his ass. Or atleast punching him and getting my ass beat. whatev. Luckily, i wasn't drunk enough(yet).

What a chode.

-Then some tool was saying that MAF sucks. Did MAF have a good game? Not really. Does he let up some soft ones? Now and again(who doesn't?) But MAF, by far, does not suck.

Dipshit's has good tacos though. No doubt.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Funky mask alert:

"Therrien will start Fleury on Saturday night against the Buffalo Sabres at Mellon Arena. Fleury will finally have a chance to show off his special “Winter Classic” goalie mask.

The mask features the old skating Penguin logo on one side and his No. 29 on the other with a blend of gold and blue colors. Fleury wore the mask at practice on Friday for the first time.

“I got lots of comments from the guys,” Fleury said. “It feels good that they noticed.”"

By the way, I'm sure glad that it's November and not July or some other suck-ass summer month.


KP said...

Ha Ha!
Sportsnet has learned that the Tampa Bay Lightning have fired head coach Barry Melrose after only 16 games into his contract, and Rick Tocchet has been named his replacement.

Pittsburghler said...

Damn....Edzo lasted longer than him.

How long until Tochett declares that Tampa Bay is a dynasty? (and who does he like in the Giants game?)

J.S. said...

When you talk high comedy, you talk The Oren and Lennie Show.

BWAHAHA, nice hire you douchebags! Now how long before they fire Tocchet and replace him with Lawton?

But the bigger question is Barry on his way back to Bristol to cover hockey for ESPN again?

Steve In Denver said...

Melrose's mullet was retained, however.

Maggie said...

Hello everyone,
I am a long time reader of the posts and the comments
I wanted to let all of you know how much I enjoy it and how much better it makes gameday's..

As to the philly game Omg what little whinny babies if anyone of us would throw a tantrum like that at work we would be fired I almost wanted to give him a time out like I do my 3 yr old daughter ..
don't worry I am raisin my girls right they are 17 & 3 and they are avid pens fans and already my 3 yr old was rubbin her eyes just like the philly ppl mockin them

I love hockey
keep up the good work

Biff Wexler said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but the shootout hockey puck shot that Michael Richards used his arms to make was almost a scored goal.

But the Penguin's backing up goalie used his hockey stick save to keep it from crossing the red score line.

I also found it funny when Scottie Hartnell, number 19 for the Flyers lost balance on his ice hockey skates and made a fall slide behind the goalie shootout net. said...

The NHL is investigating a suspicious spike in votes for Montreal Canadiens players in all-star fan balloting.

Fans choose the starting lineups for the all-star game by voting at, and all six Canadiens on the ballot have huge leads in balloting for the Eastern Conference team.

Montreal forwards Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev and Alex Tanguay lead Washington’s Alexander Semin and Alex Ovechkin by more than 100,000 votes.

jefe p said...

geno's fake pass was play of the game.

EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

@penguinsexperience---I LOVED the video! I was cracking up. Hilarious! I will be watching that on a regular basis!

Carin Hoppe said...

As much as i like the nickmane go-go and the video behind it i feel Holy Goli is a much better nickname. cuz then when he scores we can all shout HOLY GOLI as opposed to holy moly. which, by the way, i never effing understood. what exactly is a moly?


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