Monday, November 24, 2008


The jerseys arrived this afternoon. If you ordered a jersey and live close 
to Pittsburgh/Greentree/Robinson area and would like to pick it up, 
send us an email and we'll make arrangements. Everyone living 
outside the area should expect their jersey sometime next week.
Jersey's will be packaged up tonight and taken to the post office by Wednesday.


tPB would like to take this opportunity to send a big thanks to 
Dave Larson and his team at TOUGH JERSEY for all the help 
in making these jerseys happen. Kick-ass awesome indeed David.


debrisslide said...

I wish I coulda got one of those babies. *sigh*

Allison said...

They look so badass...I'm with debrisslide.
And just for future reference, these jerseys are an open invitation for me to come up to you and strike up a convo next year when I'm back in the burgh.

Raybin said...

You and me both, debrisslide. Povertyblog.

Reposted from below:


Facebook! I haven't logged in there in 6 weeks or more.

Glad we're still friends.WOO!

Have I apologized enough yet for crashing your tailgateblog last season? I thought there'd be more people there and I got so wrapped up in the notion of meeting CBloggers that it wasn't until I arrived that I realized what I'd done: showed up unannounced and was forced to mooch off your hospitality with nothing to offer in return. Embarrassing to say the least.

You and Turk and others need to be around more. DO IT.

Raybin said...

I'm with Allison. I'm considering it an open invitation to walk up and badger anyone I see wearing a Pensblog jersey.

coffeytalk said...


they look absofab.

can't wait to wear mine out and confuse some foolish pens fans that will question why i have an 87 jersey that says BING on it.


debrisslide said...

Yeah, if I ever see one, I'm probably going up to you and acting like we're BFFs. And I'll be jealous of how fly you look. Povertyblog indeed, raybin.

coffeytalk said...

Raybin, it was totally awesome to meet you. We are a sharing bunch of tailgaters. (as long as you're a pens fan, otherwise were the jobbiest of jobbers)

You were the only c-blog faithful that showed up that day. No worries.

Also, yes we are still friends on the facebook but I was talking about my FB friendship with Melichar. haha.

BlacknGold66 said...

Solid jersey.

But what are all of you going to do with those jersey's once Whit and Gonch come back?!?!

[Like, totally for sure]

Pittsburghler said...

@debrisslide; Raybin; Allison

If there's enough interest, perhaps I might autograph mine and put it up for auction on EBay along with a Certificate of Authenticity and a screenshot of my rookie card from EASHL.


Where do you tailgate? I'll be in town for the game on December 11th and for the Canadiens game, which is later in the month.

curtO. said...

WOW, those look freakin great. I can see mine in the corner there.

Thanks for the text double S...I'll be seeing you later.

And yes, by wearing them, they are an open invitation to all to strike up a convo.

Paul said...

I'd be down when the second batch gets cookin.

Descartes55 said...

You could count me in for a second batch too. I wish I hadn't missed out the first time!

fleuryous said...

Man oh man, too pumped.


BlacknGold66 said...

Paul should post on here more often.

Fo realz.

fleuryous said...

raybin, you have facebook?!

stokes said...

I agree, BNG.

One comment on the Defense "problem" or speculation:

Who's to say that its an automatic that Gonch and Whit are going to be 100% when they return. (and what is Whit's actual 100%?)

Eaton was supposed to be a beast this year and play an entirely healthy season, but so far, he's looked terrible at worse, lost at best.

I'm not saying, by any means, that i want this to happen to Gonch or Whit, but it is a possibility that should be considered.

Gogo will gogo back to WBS. Sometimes life sucks. oh well.

Those jerseys do look sweet. I am envious for being a lazy ass.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Crap. I'm not even a pens fan, but I know now I should've gotten one of those. I'm such a sucker for crap like that, though. I would've worn it to the January 1st game, and gotten booed by boston fans.

Maybe a "Boston" #79. Just for shits. Hal Gill still gets jeered by his high school linemates, too, that could be fun. Ah, what could have been....

fleuryous said...

PS I see mine underneath Bing's. AW. haha.

hyjynxok said...

crap... how did i miss this even happening? newjobblog kicking my ass. still have my WWGRD wristband in my manpurse for good luck.

i will keep my eyes peeled in hopes that a 2nd batch of these will be made.

tell me that someone got a #66 with the name "BURIES IT"

cuz if not... i'm all over it!

sven butenschon said...

@ hyjynxok,
Sorry to burst your bubble but I got one already
I even have made arrangements to have "Buries it" sign it (awesome)

@ Cornelious
I will be @ the game in Boston for the game Sitting in sections Loge05 row 11

If you see someone in a buries it jersey come say hi

Proud owner of both a free candy and a buries it pensblog jersey

Steve In Denver said...

Nice jerseys. Super jealous.

re: the meteor, I've had hotter, brighter cherries shoot out of my bong when amateurs have a take. not impressed.

Stoosh said...

I was at the original Wingblog 1.0 when Stephen unveiled the design for these and I came through like Roethlisberger against the Patriots - which is to say that I failed. Terribly. Because those things are some triple-quality jerseys. As Raybin said above, at the time the cash was due for the jerseys, I was running poorhouseblog.

If another run of these is ever done, I'm in. In fact, I might even try to get Nancy Stoosh to go in as well. Most married couples get his * hers towels; we'll get Frank and Nancy Stoosh Pensblog jerseys.

Yeahhhhhhhh, boy-o!

kamechiha said...

Heroes = Huge

kamechiha said...

BTW My boy Cal hucklebuck with 2 goals on 2 shots

Whistler said...

I see mine in the picture.. woooo

kraftyeggman said...

This years stats for Chris Osgood so far:
GAA: 3.29
Save %: 0.881
Shutouts: 0


Paul said...

Boosh! Derek.

Robert Ullman said...

Those jerseys look fantastic. You all gotta arrange to wear them to the same game sometime this season. Minds will be blown.

Kevin said...

So sweet. So looking forward to scanning the mail next week.

[in ABQ]

aaron said...

Toatl sweetness.

If I may....



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