Monday, November 3, 2008

Is A.O Selling Watches?

Doing our regular catching up today.

[Japers] spotted this Dolce & Gabbana watch ad:

That has to be A.O.

They both look like they have to poop.

Meant to post this on Friday.
Thanks to everyone who sent it thtough.

ESPN up to their old tricks:

Sydney Crosby?


Late as balls on this one too.
But big ups to our boy Steve in Denver. He sent us a sweet pic of his carving skills.

Sorry to everyone else whose pics we didn't get to post.

Gambling Blog

Who does everyone like tonight?


And finally, all our EASHL boys will appreciate this one.
Some dude makes a montage about his player.


Go Pens


snickerdoodles said...

I wanna be the first to say than punkin is really sweet!

aunt penny said...



crmzak said...

DAMMIT. I was too busy ovulating at the chance of being First that I missed it.

snickerdoodles said...

I think that Sydney Crosby guy might be related to that Steve Crosby guy. Could they be brothers? Cousins? Great Aunts?

If that is Ovie, he should sell something more closely related to his looks and personality, like cheese puffs. Or beer. Fried Pork rinds are also a good choice.

aunt penny said...

@Steve....did it keep the kids off your porch?

Gambling blog....take Tina Fey as the winner tomorrow!

But seriously, write-in 66 for tomorrow. He's in the best shape of his life.

Bet the house on Jordan having a brother.

crmzak said...

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but... daughter plays hockey, which is how we heard about this recently.

Imagine scoring the winning goal for your U-12 team to capture the New England Regional Championship, and then one year later - at the age of 12! - you have a stroke.

Just thought I'd share this in case anyone wanted to read her story, make a donation, etc.

dying alive said...

That guy is slightly less ugly than AO, but his hair is more ridiculous so it all evens out.

PittHockey said...

Ovechkin + D&G = Douche & Gonorrhea

SteveThePirate said...

nice hair, for a giant flamer. vid was cool for the first bit with zeppelin, all downhill from there. i think the great pumpkin just peed itself a little. wake me up when it's thursday night over there.

meecrofilm said...

Watch ad = what the fuck? It looks like ovechkin and 'donna' from that 70s show.

I'm not a gambling man, but if I were, this would probably be what I'd look at tonight.

BUF @ NJD - No Brodouche for jersey. Buffalo is hot. You'd have to think Sabres for this one, maybe by a few.

CBJ @ NYI - Just as the Thrashers were due for one the other night, I think so are the Islanders due for one as well.

COL @ CHI - Tough one to call. but you'd think there'd be a lot of goals scored either way, so taking the over (whatever it happens to be) may be a good call.

Sinops said...

I took Buffallo plus 1.5 and the over 5.5. No Brodeur = lots of goals.

brett said...

As I stated in the last post, going with Buffalo tonight all the way. Seems all of cblog will be winners or losers together tonight.

debrisslide said...

How they got an actual woman that close to a guy who looks like Ovie is beyond me.

debrisslide said...

Oh, and a lack of Brodeur is never good for a team. Just saying. I hate the Devils but the man's obviously a beast.

Heck Kleck said...

DP out for the isles. blue jackets arnt much to talk about but took them by two over the isles.

Aron said...

O'Doyle rules!

akus said...


i am sure there had to be a bet involved to get that close to Ovie.

I like the bet the OilersNation blogged about today,though the cheap ass "photoshop" of a cat+Pensblog=pussies, was lame.-
Sabres @ Pens from April 07 on NHLN.


I seen other "promotions" on tv for other hockey teams, namely,Tampa,Chicago and St.Louis.
Who ever created "A great Day for Hockey" should show the others,this is how you DO IT.

jayness said...

snickerdoodles said...

If that is Ovie, he should sell something more closely related to his looks and personality, like cheese puffs. Or beer. Fried Pork rinds are also a good choice.


Or Geico insurance.

debrisslide said...

OH MY GOD THE "PHOTOSHOP" AT OILERS NATION IS NOT EVEN FUNNY. Like, a cat. . .and Pensblog? At least put a cock in there or something.

dying alive said...

Who are the Oilers?

J.S. said...

OilersNation? what is that?

BlacknGold66 said...

DA & J.S. FTW!

Rage said...

7:06 of my life to watch some douchenozzle make sweet love to his virtual self? Unless there is some seriously sweet schwag involved, NO.

Fucking douche can gargle my 'nads while he's hummin the Star Spangled. Just sayin

Pittsburghler said...

Seriously. That dude wouldn't last 5 minutes against tPB. His montage would consist of getting murdered in the corner by number 74 while Zero is skatin on his rinkz scorin big goalz.

ricks1683 said...

Did anyone else catch that Columbus was in the SCF for that montage? I just lost a little respect for NHL09...but by no means will i ever stop playing...

Jojowatches said...

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brett said...


aunt penny said...


First ad on the right is for psoriasis. How hockey is that.

If I click onit will I get AO ther too??

aunt penny said...

Sorry about the spelling...I was in shock. I could have understood a douche ad.

TheFandangler said...

Fuck jojowatches...

Sam Kasan doesn't want Staal to get traded on pens page.

"Staal has one shot on goal in his last 4 games, a goal mind you."

An empty net goal?...

He also makes him out to be a pass wizard that's always setting guys up. Staal is one of the worst assist men in the game. For a center he's terrible at it.

Fuck Staal. I hope he turns things around but an empty netter isn't going to do it for him.

dying alive said...

For shame, staff, not accepting that manly wager of the t-shirts offered in that email you never got.

I mean, we all know that the only way we can truly judge the size of a peen is the acceptance of a bet made on an internet blog involving the exchange of sportswear. Are we not men? Well, I mean, I'm not. And debris isn't, fleuryous, hip, coffey, crmzak, mizzpens, annie, and several others who I'm sure I'm forgetting. But the size of your peens reflect on us, staff. They do. And internet muscle flexing is SO IMPORTANT.

TheFandangler said...

My meat...

...Real big.

dying alive said...

You say that, but I don't see any t-shirts changing hands.

Nick said...

Write in Mario lemieux for president tomorrow. He brought us out of bankruptcy, so there is no reason he won't bring this country out of debt!

TheFandangler said...


We're talking billboards.

Rage said...

@DA-That's because OilerDouches don't HAVE any yet....which means they also have no peen


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