Saturday, November 1, 2008


Great way to start the gambling weekend.
Runs our record to 3-1 this week.


Not betting big, trying to bet to smart.

Special thanks to Blackhawks for being sick, and their Ice girls.
For well....
Keeping us warm.

Also props to the Canucks, too.
Nice start to their road trip. We almost took them to win, but +1.5 was too easy.
Huge win in the 13th round of the shootout.


And ohhhhhh........

He is coming. [FF]


TheFandangler said...


Gretzky is still a fag...

debrisslide said...


bluetitan926 said...

minards up, pesonens coming, taffe next?

that line was fire with the baby pens and taffe just posted his 4th straight 2 pt game...

The Goon Blogger said...

Janne Pesonen scores two goals tomorrow night and then has sex with Legace's wife.

KaylaJ said...

yeah, guess it was a good thing i didn't take pesos to throw last night. should've taken some taffy instead.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

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fuck shit
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nan aheel tenap

GwinTheEskimo said...


Hip said...

huge game tonight - balls to the wall. need something to show for the trip out west.

bring it.

J.S. said...


M. Vanderlasser said...

Happy November, for sure...let's hope that the boys forget about Rocktober and play like we know they can play.

You can't spell Pesonen without P-E-N-S.

Na na na na na na na na na na = this weekend's soundtrack...

Flyer Hater said...

Pens still aren't making the playoffs.

LargeTurkey said...

He's Coming! Wow, what a glorious day. The Legendary journey's of Janne hit the big time tonight.

Flyer Hater said...

First post on how Pesonen doesn't backcheck hard enough on LGP at 8:15.

Stoosh said...

This is why I love what other sport do you get ridiculously excited about a potential role player coming up from the minors?

I'm a Pirates fan and I never got this excited about Bryan Bullington coming up from Indianapolis. Then again, Pesonen probably can't possibly suck as bad as Bullington.

What a weekend...

1. The NHL debut of Ja-na-na.

2. Pens-Blues tonight as the Pens square off against my favorite non-Pens play, Brad Boyes.

3. Pitt footbaw! If you love college football, there is no better campus to see a game than Notre Dame in October or early November. I got to see ND-Oklahoma in October of 1999 with Papa Stoosh, Uncle Rich and my cousin, and it couldn't have been a more fun weekend. I'd love to go the next Pitt-ND game at ND, but it's scheduled for October 9, 2010, which very well might conflict with the home opener of Lemieux Gardens.

4. Three words:


Made the jump to the new gaming system last night. Got NHL '09 and NCAA Football '09.


I love days like this. Perfect fall weather outside...not too cold and not too warm...nice enough to open up the windows, let some autumn air inside while I enjoy some coffee and roughly 48 hours of nothing to do but relax.

Flyer Hater said...

NHL Network at 2, Vintage games, Mario Lemieux scores 5 goals 5 different ways against the Debbies, January 1, 1988.

Stoosh said...

DISCLAIMER: And in no way was I poking any fun whatsoever at people excited about Pesonen's arrival. I realized afterwards that the way I phrased that sounded like I thought people were being ridiculous for being excited about the guy coming to the NHL, and that's not what I meant at all.

I can't wait to see the guy because I have no idea what to realistically expect, and that's the reason I made the "potential role player" statement. He very well could be the missing winger we've been looking for, and he just as easily could be a Finnish version of Tyler Kennedy.


Ooops...found it.



Flyer Hater said...

I just ordered a 1987 Mario Lemieux Canada Cup jersey on ebay, my life is complete.

Rick M. said...

It's actually kind of sad how excited I am because Pesonen is being called u.

Na na na na na na na na na.

fleuryous said...



Go Pens.

puckhead451 said...

hey guys if you listen to malkins diary's on WDVE how about a What Would Uncle Gorgy Do? wristband, or a G.I Geno or for Ovechkin or no Semin an G.I. Jagoff?

fleuryous said...

Max Talbot is the next Cary Grant.
Mark it down.

fleuryous said...

And to reiterate what stoosh said...


McCoy's going to get at least 2 TDs today. haha

And our D is going to step it up...and I can say that, because they can only go up. Ouch. hah

Hip said...

Stoosh is channeling Jim Rome.


Hahah. :o)

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -



From the home office...of Chateau de Stoosh in...Quiptown...

Romey, out.

(wow, ok. I'll never do that again. Ever.)

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh just lost all respectability.

brett said...




Anna. said...


Let's play.

Hip said...

Stoosh - I loved it.


Is it rude if I demand the Pens game be played at the Halloween party I go to tonight?

I'm leaving early if they don't put it on.

stokes said...

Yeah, i'm pretty close to agreement with FH. Yikes, Stoosh.

Rome should have a website titled "Hot Chicks with Jim Rome." He is a fucking turd.
It is very annoying that he does not know what a contraction is.

Let's go Pens. Its exciting to have Peso up. Hopefully they explode and have a huge game, maybe 6-7 goals.


BlacknGold66 said...

Sweet. Peso is up and Sid is playing.


Go Pens!!!

wilsmith said...

If the Pens lose or Janne doesn't score four goals, cblog will collapse.

also, I need a big day from Malkin, so make it happen cap'n.

fleuryous said...

Man, Stull isn't starting.

Bostick better not be slow as gravy. haha

I'm not a huge fan of either, but I love McCoy.


jefe p said...

fleuryous i believe you should be posting that crap at

vote Pezo for prezo!

Kierstan said...

This has made my week...hell, my month, even. I'm in St. Louis to see the Pens play for the first time ever in person, Sid's suiting up, and Pesonen got called up? Something special's on tap for tonight...WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

debrisslide said...

We have Crosby, but no Tank, and I don't think anyone has said anything about Dupuis' status yet? Can't wait to see who Peso skates with.

fleuryous said...

Wait, what's wrong with Tank?

bennybobandphantom said...

pesonen. hells yeah.

debrisslide said...

Ruslan Fedotenko skated off the ice in the middle of the Penguins morning skate with an undisclosed injury. He will be scratched for Saturday night's game and has been listed as day-to-day.

Pascal Dupuis was placed on the injured-reserve list with an undisclosed injury. Dupuis' IR status will be retroactive to Oct. 28 against San Jose.


Pesonen to skate with Malkin and Sykora. That's one sexy-ass line.

meecrofilm said...

Sure is cold in that Chi-town ice rink....

This is why I love what other sport do you get ridiculously excited about a potential role player coming up from the minors?

Damn right, Stoosh. Only hockey.

And Mark Eaton a healthy scratch in favor of Sydor?
I see this as two things..

1) Purely from a playing standpoint, it looks as if Eaton has lost a step this season. Hopefully he's able to find it (or recover it. Maybe the injuries took more of a long-lasting toll than initially thought), becuase he's signed through next year, and 2 mil. ain't cheap, especially with the Pens cap situation.

2) His "poor" play is perfect timing for Sydor, who will be able to capitalize on this playing time to show what he's worth to the rest of the league. Him playing well is mutually beneficial for him and management.

So half = Eaton's play, and the other half = Giving a chance to / showcasing, Sydor. My opinion, for whatever it's worth.

pops said...

fedotenko is out??

i hate these new non disclosure injury rules.


meecrofilm said...

Also, Peso getting first line minutes. Let's hope he makes the most of it. (If Sid's not 100 % the Peso-Malkin-Sykie line is definitely stronger than an X-Crosby-X line).

Hip said...

Anything positive Peso does tonight will be a bonus. There's a lot of guys that need to step it up tonight. Peso just needs to not fuck it up.

As an aside, I kinda find the new injury disclosure policy annoying.

spanky kane said...

Pesonen show us the way.

Kierstan said...

So...if Tank and Dupuis are out, any ideas on who Crosby's skating with? Malkin's line is sounding like money.

sh0ez said...

Who's gonna be on Crosby's line?



Also, Gill and Scuds are the 'A's for November. Woooo.

Bryan said...

1. Excited as hell to see Pesonen.
2. Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Awesome. Great shot of Mellon.
3. Elizabeth Banks sporting the powder blue jersey=really hot

Allison said...

SO pumped for tonight's game

1) Can't wait to see Peso...hope he proves to management he belongs with the big boys.
2) Even though I completly understand it, the new league wide policy is kinda annoying. Prob wouldn't annoy me as much if the Pens didn't have a new player injured everyday, not only on game days.
3)So my fantasy league finally drafted today, and besides the fact that I do have a pretty sick team despite drafting last, I got my good old friend from last night: Semin. If he wasn't having such a good year, I'd prob cut him for fear of him killing himself while racing Oveckhin one night at 160 mph. WOOOOOOOO.

Allison said...

Ok, just realized how terrible that line abou tAlex Semin sounds in my last post... I meant cause I was talking about him in cblog last night.

wilsmith said...

It's a good thing you came back to correct that.

The jokes would have been endless.

Allison said...

hahaha, I know, but seriously, I'd have deserved them 150%. Most likely still do. Probably the stupidest sentence I'd ever typed in my life.

The Goon Blogger said...

Scuds and Gill wearing the As tonight.

Life changing.

debrisslide said...

Scoods is going to let a slapper go tonight, and it's gonna float right in.

The Goon Blogger said...

Scuderi with a goal and two helpers.

Peso with hattrick.

Do it.

Docciavelli said...


two years ago, I coached the son of the Caps' VP of marketing. He told me that right after Semin came over from Russia and was making the $$, they had to babysit him like crazy. He bought a Ferrari and was routinely driving it at speeds that you and I cannot comprehend.

He went through his share of young ladies as well, apparently, and they were afraid they'd have to change his name to Blanks.

Stoosh said...

I was going to put myself on a one-game suspension per Flyer Hater's comments about my Jim Rome post (he's right...I still feel dirty after posting that). However, I got the call this afternoon while watching Pitt-ND that the CBPA (C-Blog Posters Association) told me it was unnecessary because the post was intended to mock Rome, and it kind of got lost in translation.

Wooooooooooo Pitt.

Huge win tonight to get the program bowl eligible. Conor Lee = clutch like Legame in a shootout.


I hate to job the guy, but the Eaton of 2008-09 seems to be a far cry from the Mark Eaton that dominated a couple of years ago.

Perhaps a seat in the pressbox with some nachos will help him realize that he needs to ramp up the physical play a little bit more.

Allison said...

Yea, I don't know if you saw my comment on the last post, but he talked about it in his interview. And ovechkin's brother was killed in a car crash, yet he still feels the need to race too.

I'm not the least bit surprised about his need to be babysat. Its sad, but exactly the type of player I hate.

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