Friday, November 7, 2008

GAMENIGHT 11.07.08

Ah, the weekend.
Pens play Saturday night.
Life is good.

Anyone concerned about last night's close call against the Oilers doesn't know what's going on.
The Oilers scored via the puck going off the defenseman, an extremely rare Pens d-man giveaway in their own zone, and a jobber breakaway coming out of the box.

Somewhere along the line, someone banged Issac Newton's sister.
And he got pissed.

That's how NHL games are like relationships. In the early going, both people are trying to impress the other, possibly acting in ways that they normally wouldn't. Eventually the true self come out. That's why relationships falter. If you are honest from the beginning, there are no surprises down the road. If you can stay honest, you can have a healthy relationship and maybe win a hockey game.


It's Friday. Possibly pay day for a lot of people.
If you're throwing money on hockey games on a Friday night, it's safe to say you don't have a girlfriend.

We don't even remember what we parlayed.

We're taking the OVER on 5.5.

The Thrashers have hurt us this betting season.
We're just taking Buffalo to win.
If you're feeling lucky, taking Atlanta to cover their 2-goal dog status will reap good benefits.

Ottawa backs against the wall in Carolina.
Taking the under on 6 and Ottawa to win.

Anaheim's played like 20 home games in a row.
Taking the over on 5.5.



nicholas richter said...


tanya said...

selänne will score a hat trick

meecrofilm said...

selänne is the fucking man.

I have a feeling Sid isn't gonna be 100 % for a lot of the games this year. That just seems to be the way things are turning out thus far. But an 80-90 % Sid is still better than most of the league.

brett said...

Atlanta is the only team in the league that hasn't won on the road.

That can't last forever. Which worries me about taking Buffalo.

But I still think I will.

Chris said...

You are taking the Buffalo ML? Can I be your bookie? You need to think the opposite way... take every underdog of +200 or more and you WILL win in the long run. Take each -200 or more and you wont last two weeks.

That being said I am on...
ATL +1.5 (-115)
ATL +260
Mon/Clb Over 5.5
Columbus +150 home dog value bet
Ott/Car Under 6

Good luck

brett said...

chris, there is no formula for winning in bets. They've worked out every stat that can be researched in order to make sure that in the long run, everybody loses. You just gotta get out while you're ahead, if you can get ahead.

fleuryous said...

Selanne (too lazy for the umlauts) is a fucking beast.

And I'm not a better (because I lose too much money anyway), but I'm going with Chicago, Buffalo, Carolina, and Anaheim. No over/under, because I suck.

Maybe Avery will spot a designer purse in the crowd and get so distracted he'll be mauled.


fleuryous said...

@ jefe p from last post...

"i say dont trade staal. we need to keep his lonnnnnnng reach."

haha..."The long stick of Staal." hahahaha.

One of my favorite phrases.

fleuryous said...

PS. This kid that I used to basically love...has on his facebook "trade Fleury for Gaborik."

I nearly spit out my water.

Needless to say, after that little episode, the flame is gone. hahaha.

The Goon Blogger said...

Solid college hockey on ESPN classic.

ND at BC

KaylaJ said...

i know nothing about betting, but buffalo vs atl is gonna be tough considering they both have some funny announcers

and it sure will be odd to check out ATL's box scores one day and see 3 goalies in 4 days.

ps, no more goose eggs for miller, 1-0 ATL

brett said...

Philly's Steve Downie and Steve Eminger to Tampa for Matt Carle and a draft pick.

The Big K said...

I'm so glad that pussbag Downie is out of our division. He can go cheapshot players in the Southeast where nobody gives a shit about hockey anwyays.

Tampa is where hockey players go to die.... Tampa and Atlanta.

Stoosh said...

If this has already been posted, I apologize, but Little Stevie Downie apparently is NOT the next Flyers Golden Child that assclown Bobby Clarke proclaimed him to be.

Downie = Cut

And yes, being shipped off to be Oren and Lennie's newest court jester is the equivalent of being cut.

Hard-working guys like Roberts and Malone are going to absolutely love Downie and his punk-ass shenanigans. Well, at least Roberts will around his six minutes a night.

And if you're scoring at home...

1. Tampa signed Dan Boyle.

2. Tampa's new ownership pissed off Dan Boyle.

3. Tampa traded Dan Boyle to San Jose for Matt Carle, a younger and somewhat lesser version of Dan Boyle, but with the potential to become a good offensive d-man.

4. Matt Carle played 12 games for Tampa.

5. Matt Carle gets traded to Philly for an absolute circus sideshow act (Downie) and a defenseman - Steve Eminger - who is so soft, he makes Hans Jonsson look like Scott Fucking Stevens.

Lennie: "Hey Oren!"

Oren: "What dude?"

Lennie: "Dude, we just picked up a completely unstable psychopath who punked out of a fight with Ruutu last year. The fans will love it when he flips out one night, rips off his skate and chases someone around the ice like he's trying to slice their throat open or something, man. You could put it in your next movie, dude!"

(pause as Oren thinks)

Oren: "YOU'RE awesome, bro! Dude, Downie could be the next Jigsaw!"

Lennie: "No, YOU'RE awesome, dude! Let's go to the strip club and get one of those yards of beer...those things are awesome!"

Stoosh said...

Brett...I was writing that while you posted the Downie deal.

My bad.

KaylaJ said...

i remember reading about downie how he has to wear a hearing aid and how his father died when he was younger and i really tried to like the kid, but man with his record, that was just impossible.

kstewy16 said...

FUCK YEAH MONTREAL!!!! Tied that shit up with like 30 seconds left, 1 more and I win my parlay!!!

KaylaJ said...

and ATL wins in OT

brett said...


i dont know whats going on

but the anaheim game

somebody left somebody's mic on during the anthems

the guy goes "no, that Stars girl is awesome. She kicks ass!", way louder than the singing.

brett said...

Somebody is getting a real good look at Hatcher's cash and prizes.

Nulpher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nulpher said...

Speaking of the oilers, how about this for the shirts oilersnation would have to buy:

Buries It giving the stunner to Gretzky.

Its actually a twofer photo. Not only does it job the Oilers fans, but it will also job the Coyotes on game days.

BTW: Photoshop CS4 = Solid.

fleuryous said...

And why I said Chicago, I have no fucking idea.

I meant Montreal...but regardless, I was wrong.

Sorry, sleep has been missed.

Go Pens. haha

Chris said...

Brett said...

"chris, there is no formula for winning in bets. They've worked out every stat that can be researched in order to make sure that in the long run, everybody loses. You just gotta get out while you're ahead, if you can get ahead."

I have been betting for a while in every sport, but my most successful area is hockey. There are very few guarantees in betting but NHL dogs are one of the best bets in all of sports betting.

A lot of us pens fans remember student rushing games when the pens were consistently one of the bottom tier teams in the league. A lot of people would show up for the games against big teams and home and what do you know - thats when they would win! Good teams overlook weak opponents and bad teams look forward to tough opponents( especially at home)

P.S. Here's how my card turned out...

ATL +1.5 (-115) WIN +2 units
ATL ML (+260) WIN +5.2 units
Mon/Clb O5.5 WIN +2.2u
Clb ML (+150) WIN +3u
Ott/Car U6 WIN +2u

5-0 +14.4 units

Lets do it again tomorrow!


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