Tuesday, November 4, 2008

District Of Leftwich

Get out and vote.
Case closed.
Unless you have to wait in line for 6 hours and work for a living.

We may have to start a BIGBYRONNEWSBLOG

What a qb.

How embarrassing for the D.C. area.
The Monday Night crew even gave out some love to Pens fans at the end of the game.


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Besides some people overreacting on message boards 'cause there's nothing going on,
there's really nothing going on.

Remember this joke? That's all. Why didn't we jump this kid?

:: Tony is now running THE CONFLUENCE from the friendly confines of Kukla's Korner.
He breaks down 8 things that are hindering the Penguins.

And there is something else going on.

It's ridiculous to name sources, but Brendan Shanahan's name has been floating around.
He could be coming to Pittsburgh.

Too bad this isn't 1999. And plus there is no room for him.
Don't even listen to it.



On election day, who better to put in the spotlight than someone who has been journeying across America for the past 2-plus months, raising awareness for MLF along the way.


If you go and read his blog at the MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION, you'll be entertained by his blog entries throughout his journey.

He started way back in mid-August with his feet in the Pacific Ocean
and took Route 66 all the way to Chicago, IL.

He arrived there on October 22 and took a well-deserved day off.
He is on a collision course with Atlantic City.

But first he will stop by the Pens/Oilers game on Thursday, where he will be honored for his inspirational journey.


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In a cringe-worthy segue from one of the most solid human beings in America
to a blogwar being battled between dudes on opposites sides of the continent, we have some interesting news.

[Jason C]

We know the Blogger/MSM stuff was good for a day, then it's whatev.
But now if you want to get up a little more for the Oilers game on Thursday, here's your chance.

OILERSNATION invited us to partake in a wager.

The loser of Thursday's game has to buy two shirts from the other blog's "store."
What's better is that those shirts will then be handed out to people from the winning blog.

So if the Pens win, OILERS NATION will buy two shirts from us.
They'll give them to us to give away.
We will try to come up with a contest that isn't a joke.

This pretty much will be the culmination of the saga with OILERS NATION.
Until the Pens trade Jordan Staal to Edmonton for Grant Fuhr.


We were all business Monday night.
If anyone thinks we're gloating and crap, you haven't been here long enough.
We want you to join in our success while it lasts.

We're siting at 7-1.

We saw the over/under in this Brodeur-less game was 5.5.

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Then we had the Hawks beating the AVS straight up, which just felt right.
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If you want a jump-start on Tuesday,
the O/U on posts on Tuesday by Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy is 14.
We're taking the over.



CRMZAK sent this story along.
A 12-year-old girl, already a stroke victim, is fighting her way back to the hockey rink.

Website: FIGHT FOR 7
News Story: PROJO.COM


We'll end the post today with that story, as compared to yesterday's finale
which prompted us to leave a voicemail on our Pensblog Cleanup Crew's cell.



pops said...

cool story about the MLF runner.

TIMKO said...

Very Nice. Props on the gambling

brett said...

Nice job on calling the Hawks to win. I was too on-the-fence to go for that. I did make 30 combined on the Stillers win and the Buffalo win.

brett said...

Oh, and let's make the topic of bet-discussion for Tuesday's lineup be Washington-Ottawa. I'm eager to hear what everybody thinks of this matchup.

fleuryous said...

Staff, I love you.
Congratulations on your wins.

I hope we make the Oilers cry for their mommies on Thursday.

And I will continue to call him "Fire one" Leftwich...cause boy can THROW.

And James Farrior is a GD Beast.

Let's Go Pens.

Aubrey said...

Byron Blog...amazing work!
Congrats on your bets.

aunt penny said...

Forget Shanny, Pens just signed Leftwich to fire that puck!

Sorry to say, missed the Pens love on the broadcast.

Any bets going on what time the election announces a winner?

Any thoughts to the new name for the 'gambling blog'??

aunt penny said...

Oh yeah, and I've been getting a little box thingie above the post/postdate. What is supposed to be there? It's the only thing not loading.

Annie said...

Sergei Fedorov tells Shanahan what he really thinks of him.

Congrats on your wins, everyone.

Rage said...

@annie- Niiiice. Damn I miss hockey on ESPN.

dying alive said...

I fell asleep with like five minutes to go. What kind of love did Pens fans get?

Thank goodness staff accepted that t-shirt bet. The river of tears that was flowing out of Edmonton was threatening to wipe Montana right off the map.

Jill said...

i played against that girl who had the stroke in a tournament up in Connecticut... Best wishes out to her.

jcol87 said...

Trade Roethlisberger!

wilsmith said...


the guys were commenting on the fans in the stadium, then kornheiser started talking about how Pens fans always fill up the verizon center when they play the capitals.

it went on for a couple minutes, people on caps blogs have to be fuming.

brett said...

so true. How often do you hear an NFL broadcast mention hockey in ANY capacity, much less in a good way, and much less your favorite team?

dying alive said...

Ha ha, classic. Thanks wil.

kstewy16 said...

Sorry Staff! I'll never doubt you again!! Let my embarassment and loss of money be enough punishment!!

I'm thinkin Free Candy Byron '08.

Colin said...

Any chance those "Joke" Bettman shirts will be available in storeblog?

debrisslide said...

Anyone else hoping for a miracle in New York so the Rangers don't win again today? The Isles beat the Blue Jackets in OT, for god's sake. They're going to get killed. *sigh*

Edmonton = joke. Wooooo.

Happy Election Day, guys.

Kierstan said...

Supermarket Sweep pic = wow. I lol'ed over that one. Nice. :D

Only 2 more days to go until Pens hockey again!

Sam's dog said...


Stephen S. said...

@ Colin - Im in the process of building a new storeblog that is not CafePress-based. I'll be sure to add the 'Joke' image to the inventory!

crmzak said...

Staff, thanks for posting the Jamie Coyle story. (probably the most hits a RI news site will ever have)

Hadn't heard about that MLF story, so thanks for that as well.


J.S. said...


[bows down to stephen s.] I'm still not sure if that's real or not, even more respect if it is, but that pic on puck daddy is unreal. It's now making it's way around work, and I imagine probably to a few places on the Gore.

the pic can be seen here

crmzak said...

Oh and I'm not listening to the Shanahan rumors either.

That is, unless the Pens' medical staff suddenly doubles in size. Then I might pay closer attention.

crmzak said...


stephen s. FTW

samsaidhey said...

There's a cool story by pierre lebrun on espn about the whole spermin quotes on crosby...at the bottom he does a "who would win in a fight on ice" thing...

heres the link

Colin said...

@ Stephen S. -

Thanks! Can't wait to pick one up.

Jeanshorts And Baggedmilk said...


If by joke you mean they have one less Bettman point than Le Penguin, then yes, they are a joke.

Not even Jagr's glorious perm mullet can help the Pens pull off a win on Thursday.



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