Thursday, November 6, 2008

Darkly Dreaming Balls


The new third jersey was unveiled at The Mall at Robinson Wednesday. PENS
Our old friend ICETHETICS has some pics.
Or just go look up Winter Classic pics.
The bigger story is how that COSTCO up in Robinson is its own country. Jesus.

Bing responds to the Semin crap. PG

"I saw them," Crosby said of the quotes. "I'd be better off keeping my opinion to myself, I think. He can say what he wants, but I'll keep mine to myself about him."

"It's not the first time," Crosby said of criticism involving him. "It probably won't be the last. The sad part is every time somebody brings up something about me, I have to answer about them."

"I think he's a good player," Crosby said. "He's got great hands."

:: Jordan Staal wants to keep his emotions in check. PG

:: If you want to know how slow the Penguin world is,
we're linking a Dave Molinari Q&A without jobbing him. PG

:: Pens are 10th in some power rankings. TSN



:: FACEOFF FACTOR takes a look at injuries around the league.

:: USA TODAY looks at some developing trends in the young season.

:: PUCK DADDY breaks down a recent Forbes Magazine list of the top fighters in the NHL in correlation with their salaries.

:: MELROSE ROCKS Tom Renney is jacked.

ESPN is stupid.
They did some study to see what NHL team has the most loyal fans. POOP STAIN
The criteria they used is what team people list in their profiles. Seriously?

Number one. Hockeytown is still a joke.


Canadian teams take 6 of the bottom 9 spots.

With Edmonton coming in last.

ESPN does a little elbow jab into everyone's sides,
saying Edmonton fans better pick up their game.

TSN, Canada's ESPN, could not be reached for comments

Molinari is a joke.


The Oilers choked, but thankfully not enough. BANK

Good to know your goalie's eyes are closed.

St. Louis e-mailed us an F-YOU before bedtime. FAIL

That runs our record to 9-3,
which will probably be obliterated this weekend.


Okay, this one is disturbing.
We love homosexuals.
We just get a kick out of homophobes getting uncomfortable when they see men making out.

Maybe a new Gameday candidate.


onesizedrummer said...


onesizedrummer said...

at least work won't be that depressing now that i was first one c-blog.


BlacknGold66 said...

This just in (years ago) ---->> First has jumped the shark. (aka, nobody gives a shit!)

Sick video at the end. Sick = People still think this way.

Enough ranting... Let's Go Pens!!!

Hand of Godard said...

HAHA! Homosexuality is as contagious as smallpox? Is there some kind of vaccine I can get for this? This would've been more informative if they told us how it is spread.

Hand of Godard said...

This video is approved by the Republican National Committee.

Kimberlass said...

There is a sister video to Boys Beware entitle Girls Beware. It doesn't warn us about warns me that if I befriend men I will be raped or murdered. Or both.

God, guys, can't we get a break?

dying alive said...

It took me a minute to figure out why that random Jagr picture was there. Awesome.

Feltes said...

Been thinking about why exactly Crosby is (to people other than money shot) so special.

With many reasons coming to mind, I settled on one key thing - he works his ass off to be the best player he can be. You see it night in and night out. He leads by example.

Bing was key to making the playoffs on year and the finals the next. Sure, he had mad points. Better yet, he brought his best every night, and brought the best out of a young team.

Semen won't do that. He's caught the smallpox. He's a cum guzzlin' gutter slut. The Caps replaced the Flyers as #1 in my list of teams I hate in pro sports.

Duff said...

Gays make me queezy.
Lezbo's make me sleezy.
is this Pensblog or M TV?

Kierstan said...

Well damn. I thought I had a total gem to share with y'all after my hockey trip to St. Louis this past weekend, but the picture didn't come out at all. When I was walking to the exits after the game I saw some douche with a mega-mullet rocking a Pronger captain-era Blues jersey and acting like he was badass. I had to stop walking because I was laughing so hard.

Aubrey said...

How can Wings fans be the best when they didn't even sell out STANLEY CUP FINAL GAMES?!?!? ESPN's a joke.

crmzak said...

Right on, Aubrey.

Rage said...

Again with the SOLID PSA staff. You guys trolling for some kind of government award/grant? Fuck St Loo, but mostly


crmzak said...

ESPN needs to stick to its usual Today-Show-fluff, such as updating us every day as to the status of Peyton Manning's ballsac, bursa fannypack, labia, whatever the hell it was.

Rage said...

@Kimberlass-if you scroll thru the little video things at the bottom of the embedded youtube video, you will indeed find Girls Beware.

My question is this: wouldn't the dirty man-queer germ spread to create dirty girl-queers too? I'll have to research this in my science book, called The Bible.


Jesus says no

brett said...

ESPN = Megalomaniac.

They think they can actually derive some conclusion about anything based on their own reader-base. Sad, especially considering the bias in the method is so explicit.

slush said...

thank the gods its gameday.

crmzak said...

I just saw Talbot's hiney. Neat.

Does anyone know how old that pic is - the one with him mooning + Chelios + babes, etc? Or who the dude is that seems simply AMAZED at Max's bare ass?

Carroll said...

Pics of last nights unveiling are up on the Pens site.

TheFandangler said...

...Gotta love it.

mikey said...

homosexual video is unreal!

tanya said...

south park rules

the homosexual video is extremely disturbing.... some people just are so unbelievably stupid

mikey said...

i would rather have my goalie's eyes closed than stay constantly open like the creepy girl puppet in the "don't you put it in your mouth" video

Jeanshorts And Baggedmilk said...

Batten down the hatches those of you within the pensblog waddle. It's going to be a fun one tonight!



meecrofilm said...

Boom baby.

Also, Getzlaf is a beast.

Pens are going to piss all over Edmonton tonight. Oliers have been letting in so many goals lately, and the Pens offense is starting to get its confidence back. Also, oilers = playing on back-to-back, and a long road trip, and just suffered a crushing loss where they managed to score a lot but still lost.

This one isn't even fair.

Jeanshorts And Baggedmilk said...

Well really, all the oilers need to do is score a lot of goals, don’t make so many mistakes at the opposition blue line, or in our own zone more importantly, stop giving the puck away, play better defensively, stay out of the box, have solid goaltending and shut down two of the best players in the league.

So this one is pretty much in the bag! Easy two points.
I'm going to look dashing in my free oilersnaion shirt.


ChadGKG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChadGKG said...

10th isn't too bad for the Pens. TFP has then ranked 15th.

There are 21 teams with more wins in regulation than the Pens.

dying alive said...

The Pens are notoriously slow starters. I guess they just like to keep us on our toes.

I'm not really even sure what the point of power rankings are this early in the season (or at all, for that matter, but whatev). It's not like the NFL where there are only 16 regular season games.

dying alive said...

BTW, it's cute how Oilersnation or whatever still insists that they had anything to do with this site being down for a day or that you guys were scared of their bet. Please. We deal with Philly fans 6 (formerly 8) times per year. They are the kind of people who think it's funny to throw smoke bombs onto the ice during a game and pelt Santa Claus with batteries. As much as I hate them I have to admit, there's no troll like a Flyers troll. When this game is in our rearview mirror and we go back to forgetting that Edmonton exists, we'll still be photoshopping Daniel Briere's face onto a box of tampons.

Ian said...

Jordan Staal scores tonight. Count on it.

brett said...

GRAND SALAMI bet for tonight

-120 for over 62 goals total across all games tonight, even money for under 62 goals total across all games.

That's 5.63 goals per game.. hmm which way to go..

TheFandangler said...

Jordan Staal sucks tonight.

...maybe an empty netter.

I hope I'm wrong.

crusher524 said...

Game starts at 7:00 tonight, not 7:30 like flash blog says.

Rage said...

@fandangler- I dunno if that was some kind of political statement was still funny as hell. Nice.

@goatnuts and bagged shit-fook oof eh?


TheFandangler said...


No politics.

I just love south park and they did a great job making fun of everyone.

OrpikSmash said...

i'll definitely take the under 5.5 for tonights game. 10 goals allowed in 5 games at the igloo for MAF this year, including the game against the caps when he gave up 4. Dating back to late november of last year, he's allowed 42 goals in 26 games at mellon. Also with the pens coming off the layoff, i wouldn't be surprised to see them a little rusty at the beginning and struggle to get scoring chances. Prediction: 3-1 pens, 4-1 if MAF can bury the empty netter (he had it on target at edmonton last year but an oilers defender was able to bat it out of the air)

The Goon Blogger said...

Solid post and c-blog with some choice comments as well. All around great, it's good to be back on c-blog after a few busy nights.

Few points I want to make. First, I love that Biz Nasty is in. Maybe he and Godard will be able to handle that guy that hits Sid when his head is down? Jokes.

What's the deal with Tank? Being out for basically a week means it's got to be something fairly eye brow raising. Any word?

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love Dupe on Malkin's line. He's gonna crash the end boards to jar the puck loose tonight, Malkin will be ready to scoop it out, and flip it out from behind the net to a wide open Sykie in the slot. Goal City. Mark it down.

captjameson said...

ralph may be charlie's grampa.

The Goon Blogger said...

Ralph may be one of my professors. I should look out for him being too nice.

johnnylaw said...

That video was hilarious! I can't believe some of the dumb shit they produced in terms of educational films in the 40s-60s.

On another note, I hate these 5 day breaks with no games, makes me crazy. I'm looking for a goal from our Dark Lord and a fight out of Biz. Two assists and possibly a PP goal for Bing as well.

Hand of Godard said...

For anyone who hasn't heard HCMT's response to Semin's comments:

Penguins Experience said...

It's been less than a week without hockey, but I can't wait for this game! Go Pens!

fleuryous said...

I hope Staal buries one, because I'm sick of hearing all of this stupid shit.


Go Pens.

Spoil the oilers.
Wow, I'm baffled at my own wit.


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