Friday, November 21, 2008

Daniel-San. PENS WIN.

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Wow. Are there any hockey fans in Atlanta?
There were more people at the David v. Goliath battle.

This isn't a win without a reliable backup goaltender able to make a spot start or two.
Ilya Kovalchuk and Colby Armstrong are dying alive.

Nice to see Erik Christensen still can't score.

matty and rachel

jamie k.



jenni and edna mae


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Boucher went off for a hook early.
As that penalty expired, the Thrashers scored some trash, and it was Gill's turn in the box.


The Pens couldn't get into the zone early on to save their life.

Later in the period, the Pens were able to tie it up.
Dupuis and Satan hook up with a vintage NHL 09 goal.


The rest of the first was mud except for when Colby let up on a hit on Bing behind the net.

The two teams jerk each other off the rest of the period.

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After some jobs, the Pens got set up with a solid 5-on-3 chance.
Pavelec makes a save, and the Thrashers clear the zone. During the play, Pavelec drinks some water. Bob Errey flips out.
Look at the water. Look at Pavelec drinkin' the water.
The Pens don't score, and Boucher heads to the box again.
Trade Boucher.

The Pens kill it off, and they use their momentum to go to town.
Kennedy jobs someone behind the net.

87 buries it. 2-1.

Thanks to Puck Daddy for the vid.
Get used to that video, it will be on FSN every broadcast for the rest of the season.

Ah, we needed another goal and could coast to victory.
But A.C. Slater gets the puck behind the net.
He bangs it in like it was Jessie Spano.

Slater wrote the book on the shirt-tucked-in-jeans phenomenon.

Dupuis-Crosby-Satan had an unreal shift towards the end of the second.
Holy God.

You turn to the Steeler game maybe 5 times during the second period.
It was at commercial 85% of the time.

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When a photoshop doesn't make any sense, it's just that more awesome.

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MATT L. saw it is impossible to own Gary Roberts.

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Right off the bat in the third, Free Candy tries to kill someone but misses.

Letang doesn't, as he destroys someone's life early in the third.
Letang goes back to the bench and tells someone, "If he dies, he dies."

The remainder of the third is what hockey is all about.
It makes you thankful the Pens aren't in the Western Conference.
Unreal action.

Sabu and Pavelec were balls out.
The ice started tilting towards Sabu, though.

Christensen had a chance late to end lives. But his car breaks down on the parkway. What a joke.
Then Sabu had to make another unreal stop.

The Pens got a power play late. Huge.
Bad news for the Thrashers.
Right off the face off, though, George Michael shits himself, and some dude had a breakaway.
Sabu had to make a big breakaway save.

The Pens set up shop in the Atlanta zone. Malkin makes a sick pass to Crosby, Bing shoots it on net. Sykie big-time deflection.


Crosby runs out the clock like Right Said Fred.


  • If you don't feel confident with Sabu in net, you're living in 1996.
  • Zigomanis won a shit load of faceoffs.
  • Bing was solid.
  • Does anyone hit harder than Matt Cooke? Every game that goes by, we miss Jarko Ruutu less.
  • Did Kovajoke play?
We don't usually complain about the Three Stars, but this game's selections were a little strange:


Who is Eric Perrin? Did he seriously play?
Did Eric Perrin's Mom vote for the three stars tonight?

Go Pens


fleuryous said...

I was confused by the three stars as well.

Oh well, we won. haha.

Dupuis was on amphetamines, Man. He was LIGHTNING.

Kovajoke was a ghost. Bah well.

And Cooke is solid--Shero is a genius.



Antonette said...

I capped off tonight's win by jumping into a freezing cold lake with very little clothing on. Not much better than a Pens win and some sports traditions.

Tanger destroyed that guy and Matt Cooke is a fucking badass.

I need to go hide under blankets and not get hypothermia.

zackaroo27 said...

sabu made that game possible to win for the pens. he has to be the best backup in the league.

lovin' the rockers photoshop.

Paul said...

Solid post tonight guys. Funny shit.

Letang absolutely ruined that one dudes night.

Go Pens!!!!!

Allison said...

"Letang goes back to the bench and tells someone, 'If he dies, he dies.'"
staff, this is the reason that I stay up till 1 or 2 every night waiting for these posts. that, and writing papers.

BlacknGold66 said...

GREAT post Staff

-The Vomit-Inducing Red, White, And Blue Stars on the ice during the anthem is why people hate 'Merica.

-Pens fans cheering loud when Sykie put it home was money.

-iPotash FTW!

-I missed the fat Steeler fan in goal. Good to see she's backfat.

-Sing It Shitface is now 19-0-3 over the past two seasons.

-Pens celebration near Sabu at the end (including Sykie's kiss on Sabu) is what makes me grow a big rubbery one over this team.

Go Stillers

Go Pens

Kierstan said...

So I still can't link, but you have to check this out...apparently the writers need some major geography lessons.

I'll bet the good citizens of Belize didn't know they'd moved.

Kierstan said...

I wish I could've been commenting on cblog during the game, with the times I was yelling at the TV...I think it's time to wean my significant other from his Red Alert 3 addiction. Thank God(ard) Sykie looks like he's back!

Kimberlass said...

Oh god, between trading boucher, Eric Perrin's Mom, the potash photo shop and "If he dies, he dies" this recap wins awards.

Dying, oh lord.

debrisslide said...

Three stars were made up.

Still no cure for Petr Fever.

dave said...

hahahaha now that i think about it, i did see some ladies in pens jerseys to my right taking pics at the anthem. guess they were jenni and edna mae.

very nice showing by pens fans. it looked like about half the arena jumped up screaming after the sykora goal. all 6 thrashers fans who were in attendance should be ashamed

Kimberlass said...

We boast a photo of Petr Fever making out with a Chinchilla.

I mean, maybe you aren't into that sort of thing, but...

We are.

The Goon Blogger said...

Rocky IV references and tPB are why I get up in the morning.

The combination of the two probably has the ability to end lives. Investigation continuing.

Matty said...

At the game tonight, unreal. That hit on Todd I was on the other end of the rink, and you could feel it. Hardest hit I've ever seen in person.
How about the puck handling Sidney displayed in the third period? Anyone catch that amazing shit?

dave said...

Yeah Matty I couldnt stop staring at the guy trying to get back up, and then just falling down again. all the guys on the pens bench were even calling to get the refs/trainers attention. just an unreal hit by legame

Brando said...

The ATL broadcast on Center Ice was a joke. It had the over the net/ power play camera for half the game. The rest of the time the center ice camera man couldn't find the puck.

Good to see Tang make some noise. It would be nice to see him get involved in the offensive zone. I think Goli has shown a lot more offensive instincts than Tang ever has. I think they both can learn from eachother.

Cooke is a beast. I wish all of the lines had someone to light the fire like he and TK do.

I'm sorry Goddard is a hell of a fighter, but the rest of the time he is a waste of a body. We have too many talented players to have someone with absolutely no touch. At least Biz-Nasty goes balls out the whole time he is on the ice. Whenever Goddard gets the puck he freezes and turns it over. Honestly dude hasn't even "enforced" in a couple weeks.

Whatever it doesn't matter. They are still good and I will be sitting here fucked up cheering for them no matter what. That's my once a year post. Don't care if anyone notices, just had to vent about the team I love. Dig it.

fleuryous said...

I want a video of the Letang hit.

Can't find one.

There's gotta be one in the next few days. haha.

And I'm going to say it again...


Bacon077 said...

perrin = dump

Jawsh said...

iPotash is the best thing to ever be on gore.

TheFandangler said...

Eric Perrin fetched water bottles like a champ today.

I hear he's interested in Detroit.

TheFandangler said...

Someone get a vid of Letang proving to the world that Down Syndrome can happen to a 30 year old guy.

fleuryous said...

By the way, I can't help it...

everytime I see Elizabeth Berkley now, I think of Showgirls, not Jessie Spano.

And if you haven't seen Showgirls, you're missing out on a quality piece of trash. It was a waste of two hours of my life, but...I couldn't stop watching it. hahah

Maximus25 said...

@ staff

if you go to the game summary on it specifically says "3 STARS Picked By: Atlanta Media"


Bowens82 said...

I like how that many hockey blogs across the web, whether it be polls or cbloggers invading the comments section, are calling said invasion "thepensblog effect."

sven butenschon said...

@ fleuryous
Watch showgirls just mute the TV it rivals Cinimax for soft core porn

Am I the only one that heard them announce the Thrashers 50/50 #?
WTF? is this a high school football game?
Thrashers fans = jokes
Nothing beats blue t shirt night @ phillips arena (every thrashers home game)
God I feel bad for Colby

Aron said...

Dan Potash > Erin Andrews

Kierstan said...

Holy hell, the NHL's the headliner on right now. Wonder how long that's going to last.

Morph said...

Unreal post staff

I was at a bar last night to watch the game (buy one get one free wings) and for awhile i was wondering if there was some promotion in Atlanta for blue shirts then i realized they were empty seats and just started laughing, what a joke.

Doesn't Toronto need another team to fail in that city? Im sure Lowe wouldn't mind, its not like he could fuck up the thrashers anymore.

Also, You just cant help but feel a little sorry for Colby down there. Dying alive indeed.

Steve In Denver said...

Yahoo has highlights of the game that include cooke's hit, letang's hit, AND bibsy going off on the goalie taking a drink of water.

Yahoooooooooo, oooh.

Matt D said...

During the second intermission last night, I flipped on the Devils game. Around the beginning of the 2nd period, at maybe 2:30 or a little before, the Devil's color guy says

'Well the goalie has a blocker, which is for blocking. And a catcher, which is for catching.'

Unfortunately I did not DVR that, so I'm looking for a clip. If anyone finds one, make some noise somewhere.

Matt said...

Sergei Gonchar has over 102,000 votes for the all star game.


I went with Orpik/Scuds.

somechic said...

Glad theres consensus on the stars. I saw them listed on my text and I was confused as well.

fleuryous said...

That's who I picked too, Matt!

Well, I'm alternating a little.

I've been picking Max sometimes, and when I haven't been picking him, I've been picking Staal.

And I've always picked Orpik, but I rotate between Scuds and Tanger.

I hate finals.

Go Pens.

dying alive said...

Matt, when you vote via text (which I've done a few times) it automatically casts your vote for all five Pens on the ballot. I don't think it's a casual fans problem as much as it is the way they have the text voting system set up.

Allison said...

@sven- last night in cblog, there as a discussion about the 50/50. We came to the conclusion that at least the Islanders and the Bruins do the same thing.

kstewy16 said...

One of the best recaps of the year.
I've got a new saying now.

"If he dies, he dies."

kstewy16 said...

And hey, maybe they will replace Gonch and Whit with 2 other penguins for the ASG :D
Or at least Orpik and I'd be happy.

pghbuccos said...

you can see the LeGame hit on the game recap video.

at first I thought the fat Stiller fan in goal was Marty Brodeur then I remembered it was her.

jovi said...

hey thanxs puck huffers... i'm in that pic of those gay thrasher fans dancing. nice to know i was on tv.

i like to thank GODdard and my parents!

tear tear

don't poke the chinchilla said...

**squeek squeek**


I guess you need a new stick.

Hurry home, I miss you.

**squuek squeek**

Matt said...

@da, didn't know that. We should probably still get the word out to vote online rather than via text messaging.

Eric Perrin got the third star because he's the only player on the Thrashers that can name 10 or more of his teammates.

jovi said...

@ Matty

the game was good; however i was surrounded by those fans u love and admire.

the letang hit didn't look that bad from where i was, but u could defiently tell that the guy was in LALA land when he got up.

the cooke hit, however, reminded me of cookie monster devouring a cookie. on minute u see a thrasher, next you only see cooke cleaning off the crumbs.

cheese said...

has anyone wondered over to the Steigy/Jim Hughson battle at Puck the Media?

Steigy is winning by a landslide.

How on God's green earth is this possible? Doesn't anyone have standards for play by play?

J.S. said...

always good to see the chichilla after a Sykora GWG.

My votes for the ASG: Cros, Geno, Talbot, Orpik, Tang, and Fleury. Talbot is closing in on 1900 votes. Sid is within 85k of starting, but I'm sure he'll overcome that by Christmas.

Did I hear right that Ben threw 0 picks for a 2nd straight game?

J.S. said...

sven, you weren't the only one who heard the 50/50 tickets.

We mentioned this last night in the chat that those things are common in some college games, or a few ECHL teams, but an NHL team? Really? I wonder if the winner was happy with their $32 jackpot that they won. With all of the fans in attendance, it couldn't have been much more than that.

Pittsburghler said...

I simply cannot understand how a city can support an NHL franchise when they can't even fill more than a couple dozen seats when Bing, Malkin and Staal come to town.

Atlanta = Joke

Raybin said...

--Matt Cooke deserves a statue of gold. No other way to put it. Cooke >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ruutu if for no other reason than he doesn't take penalties.

--Erik Christensen's middle name is, I am convinced, FAIL.

--God, you have to feel bad for the genuine hockey fans in Atlanta. I will give them this: all 17 of them did their best. They were about as loud as a dozen people can be and even tried to get a "Let's go Thrashers" chant started.

--I was about to put out the Amber Alert for Sykora if he hadn't scored in this game.

--Advice to Atlanta: Pavelec is better than Lehtonen. DO IT.

--If Sabu keeps playing like this, I'm going to think he didn't just go to Mr. Miyagi for help in the off-season, but the old cranky martial arts master in "Kill Bill."

--Kovalchuk would look might good in a Pens uniform. It'll never happen for the same reason that Gaborik will never wear a Pens sweater...but it's nice to contemplate in the mind's eye.

--Do you get the feeling that the city leaders of Kansas City turn on Thrashers games, look at the 5 people in the crowd, and smack their lips in anticipation? Patience....patience...

TheFandangler said...

Kovalchuk is doing too much in ATL.

He'll score goals but he's trying to do everything to get to that point. I guess that's what happens when EC is your Center.

kstewy16 said...

What the hell was Errey and Steigy talking about when they said things like "Thats not the Christensen we knew" after he missed a shot two miles wide. Thats exactly the EC we knew. He had a wicked shot but half the time never took a shot, and the other half he missed the net or shot right into the belly of the goalie.
Raybins got it right, Eric FAIL Christensen.

kstewy16 said...

Whitney Practices for First Time said...

I don't mean to spam Cblog for my site, but the All-Habs voting results site now lets you look up any NHL player and see their current vote total.

I did just that for all the Penguins and came up with THIS which I thought was somewhat interesting.

Raybin said...

Fandangler at 12:28 and kstewy at 12:29:

Word. And double word.

aaron said...


- The time for Pavs is now. Trade Kari for a useful center while he still has some value.

- As far as KC goes: no chance in hell the Thrashers move anytime soon. Thrashers, Hawks & arena are a package deal. As long as anybody's buying concert tickets & concessions, they're not going anywhere for (if i remember right) another 27 years. Which makes all 17 of pretty happy.

Allison said...

@pensexperiance - thanks for that breakdown . I'd have to say that prob 500 votes for orpik are mine lol. Thank god for free texting!

tanya said...

vote for satan

and malkin

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...

Holy living fuck...

Gameday candidate?

Stoosh said...

Can you imagine being a sports fan stuck in a town with four pro sports teams and every one has a fanbase as apathetic as that of the Pirates? Welcome to Atlanta.

And please, none of this "well it wasn't all that long ago that the Pens weren't exactly packing them in". I went to probably 15-20 games a year between the 2001-02 and 2005-06 seasons (the lean years) and while we weren't selling out every game, they were probably getting 15,000 in Mellon Arena every night. Even the 2003-04 season, attendance wasn't as bad as some make it sound...that team played to probably 13,000-14,000 fans most nights, which isn't bad considering it was an AHL-caliber club for the most part.

For the better part of the last twenty years, the Pens have consistently played to probably 92-95% capacity at the arena. Given the relative market size and changes to the population base, economy and entertainment industry over that time, that's not a bad number at all.

Big Red Dog said...

Was I the only one that heard Potash yell like he got hit in the head when they were going to commercial after his interview following the first period? I'm surprised no one mentioned it.

christina said...

@ Big Red Dog

i heard it too - there were definitely some shenanigans going on off camera - i think Potash mentioned something about Malkin behind the camera before the interview ended.

fleuryous said...

Was at the open practice today.

Couple things:

I mostly watched the defense, because I'm a huge fan of Orpik and Goli.

Boucher's shot=LETHAL. He could seriously mess you up if you got in the way. And he's accurate.


WHITNEY SKATED! He wasn't 100 percent for obvious reasons, but he did well out there. I saw him have a heart-to-heart with HCMT. You could tell he was so happy to be back--he was joking and laughing a lot.

Eaton and Gill were doing suicides, basically--when you got people on your team like Kennedy and Dupuis, the not as fast guys seem slow, sooo...yeah.

Sabourin's a beast.

Orpik's shot is a killer too--when he hit off the boards, I thought they were going to break. And he was hitting a lot of shots in too.

Mike Zigomanis is a real charmer. hahah. Seriously, really nice guy.


Go Pens.

slush said...

MM said that he heard MAF is out for 3-6 weeks with a groin injury?!?

Lady Jaye said...

@slush > Well even if it were true, I think we'll be okay in the mean time with Sabu. At least we can have faith in our backup. :) I remember when those were always scary times.

KaylaJ said...


as for kari vs pavs, they're both good goalies in chicago, but facing as many shots as they do/will in ATL, unless the thrash play their backsides off consistantly, it won't be time for either one.

as for perrin, isn't he the one who shot right at sabu's pads?

finally, wonder how many ass jokes crosby is getting today.

fleuryous said...

I hope MAF's okay, Man.

Although, I have faith in the Sabu.

He seems like the sweetest dude--does anyone else feel that way? haha.

KaylaJ said...

fleurous i think its cute how sabu waddles more than most goalies.

Kimberlass said...

Does anyone have this game recorded from FSN? There's a clip I'd like to get from it if anyone does. I would basically owe you my life.

Or Debrisslide will offer my hand in marriage again. Worked last time we needed a video clip.

Matty said...

@ Jovi
That hit wasn't as bad from your vantage point? Good God. I had the 20/20 John Stossell view, and it was AMAZING.

Let me give you all my night at Philips in a nut shell.
We find our seats on Craigs List for $50, 4 rows off the glass. It get's better. Before our asses even hit the seats, we get this: "I tell you what, at least the Flyers aren't as big of sissies as the Penguins."
This is how my night is going to go? Grrrrrreat.
Let me give you a description of these knuckleheads-Both are approx. 170 lbs over weight and the one is sporting a nice flannel shirt with a kick ass Thrashers grey swea shirt. A sweat shirt? Do people still wear those in public? Both of them, owned two mini-mega phones. Thank you LORD, the Thrashers only scored two goals. Cause I wouldn't have been able to take it much longer.
Quotes of the night, from the Atlanta faithful:
"Dupuis is fast, but he has no edge."
"Jim Slater is too good to only score two goals."
"That deal Waddell made was great." He amplified it with saying they finally have a good starting center. (Eric FAIL)
"You'll see that Slater goal on Sports Center's top 10 over and over!"
They called Todd White "Charmin" all night. Apparently he's soft they say...and apparently his head is too.
"Peter Sykora is quick, but he has no edge."
"Panzy this, panzy that."
-I'm at my wits end here in Atlanta. I don't know how much longer I can take it. Anyone have a job and an apartment available?

Allison said...

@fleuryous-yes, mike zigomanis is such a charmer. (As is sykora). And sabou is sweet too. At least the impression I got from them.

Kimberlass said...


You user pic is hilariousness. Petr Fever is the human embodiment of the chinchilla spirit. We do an "alternate three stars" every game, and we awarded him one based on his playing, his birthday, and his chinchilla-ness.

aaron said...


That's the difference between Pavs & Kari - Kari doesn't have the toughness to shake off a soft goal and clamp down... Pavs would be an upgrade...

...or i could quit being rude and leave the Thrashers goalie talk for our sad non-hockeyfan blogs...

Stoosh said...

@ Matty -

The deal Waddell made for Hossa was a good deal if you count getting a few warm bodies back in return a good deal.

I love Army but he may have topped out in terms of production in 2005-06. He may never score that many points in a season again. That said, I still wouldn't mind seeing him back here if we got the 2005-06 or early 2006-07 versions of him, but I'm not sure. It seemed like his game went to hell for a while after he knocked Letowski for a loop.

Christensen...meh. He's Jan Hrdina right down to the confidence issues, only EC has a better wrist shot.

Angelo Esposito is one of the smoothest, most graceful skaters I've ever seen and he has unbelievably quick hands. That said, the fact that he's STILL stuck in juniors speaks absolute volumes right now about where his game is at. I've NEVER seen a player as easy to knock off the puck as I saw with Esposito in camp prior to the 2007-08 season.

If Thrashers fans love that deal, more power to them. Maybe Waddell will take just as little when he decides to trade Kovalchuk.

Matty said...

@ Stoosh

I agree about brining in bodies for Hossa. He had no other choice.
If things get bad enough, I think Esposito will be seeing some NHL action very soon.
How Waddell hasn't been fired yet is beyond me.
Trading away Braydon Coburn and trading top draft picks for Keith Tkchuck. Yikes...

aaron said...


It was worse than Tkachuk... Coburn went for Zhitnik.

KaylaJ said...

aaron, you're right about Pavs not caring as much for a soft goal, but i wonder if his confidence would diminish if ATL was being outshot as much as in the past years? even when they're not your fault, some goalies start to have that guilt feeling. Luckily on his side though, Anderson does seem to be trying to get some sort of system going there so they have looked better lately. Also on his side so far Pavs isn't as injury prone.

Of course, while i do see Kari getting traded off this season, in my selfishness i hope Pav is sent back to Chicago at least for Chicago's games vs SA on the 18-19 of December since last time i saw him play, i didn't have my camera. but with my lack of luck, that won't be happening.

Kimber thanks so much. I always liked Sykora back in NJ for some odd reason (def wasn't his 90s looks!). After reading about PJ when he was with the ducks, i was def sold. I mean a chinchilla owner? totally awesome!

I def hope one day he breaks his streak being on the Stanley Cup losing end (01, 03, 08) considering he didn't get to celebrate the right way when he won in 00 since he was injured and sent to the hospital during game 6 :(

KaylaJ said...

ps aaron, i hadn't noticed you being rude. considering some of the visitors we've gotten around here, you're down right tame :)

Allison said...

Could someone give me a quick summary of this whole sykora / chinchilla thing for me? I feel as if I'm missing something. Like, I can infer that he owned a chichilla at one point, but was there a funny story about it? Maybe it dosent help me that I have no idea what exactly a chinchilla is :(

KaylaJ said...

allison a chinchilla is a type of rodent that can either be a pet or a coat.

this story comes during his time in Anaheim, so a bit dated:

"Despite earning $3,535,000 US this season, Sykora remains single. But he doesn’t come home to an empty place. He brought his pet chinchilla P.J. along from New Jersey. One advantage of the cute rodent is that it doesn’t require supervision when Sykora is travelling, and it may even do double duty guarding the house.

“I’ve got a new Doberman, and the dog is scared of the little P.J.,” Sykora grinned. “He’s still the man of the house!”"

there was also a story of PJ running away once, but returned home after a few days.

guess its just one of those feel good stories i caught on to and ran with it

Kyle said...

I had no idea Petr had a chinchilla!

I have one of those myself, and he's seriously the best.

They're amazing animals, and pretty smart too.

I guess Petr is the Penguin i'm most like.


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