Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Week


Pens are playing some good puck right now.
But this week will be somewhat of a test.


Yeah, there will be some hype to this one, but it will be nothing more than seeing pics of the Wings winning the Cup.

This isn't a revenge game, because unless this alters last year's Cup Final, it means nothing more than any other regular season game,
As Tony from [The Confluence] says: ignore the hype.

We suspect the only hype coming from this game will be from the Navy's first gay officer.
[Abel To Joke]

Picture: The Chief and friends are primed.

The Flyers are a mess.
But maybe Tampa Bay will trade them one of their star players.

The Sabres were playing the best hockey in the East, but they have dropped a few.
Still should be a solid hockey game.


New Sabu pic from someone in C-blog.

Identify yourself.


[Vintage J.Schiff.]

What a mistake(s).



Hockey is known for its great announcers.
From Mike Lange to Rick Jeanneret, there is just something special about a solid hockey announcer.

Jack Edwards, play-by-play guy for the Bruins, is insane:

"Matty Niskanen isn't going to be a pretty little boy anymore."

The only reason for this part of the post was to show another Jack Edwards clip.
The Bruins' Chuck Kobasew scored a nasty goal on Saturday night.
And he screams, "Chucky's back."

But apparently Bruins fans weren't impressed, because it is nowhere to be found on YouTube.
Patriot fanboys don't know what else to do during weekends.


Speaking about fans not being impressed, this game is on at 2:00 today--TOMORROW-FAIL
There will be more people in your lunchroom at work.


Some people are into gambling. Some people aren't.
If you don't like this portion of the post, skip it.

Took the night off yesterday. Might do the same tonight.

We are, however, taking the over of 3 on how many trade rumors [Eklund] will start this week.
Although, it will be hard to top last week's "Fedotenko + pick for Mathias Ohlund deal."

Pens must have unlimited cap room in his world.


Found this over at LGP.

Some vintage Penguins commercials. [Youtube]

Go Pens.


Russell Lucas said...

That Buries It commercial is hilarious. They held it a couple of awkward seconds too long, and they're just looking at each other.

Kimberlass said...

I've been excited for the Red Wings game forever. Just because it's going to be like seeing your ex for the first time after they broke your heart.

So, you know, it's just the Pens' job to show up with a much hotter girlfriend and make the ex jealous.

...yeah, we just need to win.

debrisslide said...

That commercial is so clutch. Oh dear.

Red Wings game is going to be quality hockey. At least, it should be kinda emotional.

TheFandangler said...

I wish I had a 66 growth chart.

I'd take it to every pens game.

J.S. said...

"Took the night off yesterday. Might do the same tonight."

Is this staff or Big Ben talking?

Philly vs Isles @ 2pm. I knew that gamecenter account would come in handy. It'll give me something to do while I play the waiting game once again.

J.S. said...

staff, upon further review, that PHI-NYI game is on at 2PM on Tuesday (Veterans Day)

Aron said...

little known fact, that kid grew up to be andy dick. Thanks, Buries It. Awkward city

Carroll said...

wow, quality acting skills.

btumpak said...

go watch your kids grow...

wow that was unreal.

great giveaway night.

wilsmith said...

the bruins guy is so easily impressed by anything a bruin does.

brett said...

Veteran's Day fail.

It's also my 25th birfday tomorrow, which means I'll put $25 on the team of my choice and they'll have to win, right?

IceCold... said...

regardless of whether or not the bruins announcer is easily impressed, that was awesome to watch. it doesn't get any better than watching raw, male emotion translating into beating the crap out of avery. he should have pulled his purse out and at least tried to fight back on savard. i've always liked the bruins, but today i may be cheating on my pens. said...

I mentioned it yesterday, but if anyone feels like taking their lives in their own hands, there are still cheap tickets available for tomorrow's game in Detroit.

Allison said...

@pensexperience- that's pathetic that there are tix available

akus said...

I watched that Dallas/Boston game,Edwards made alot of comments, though he had plenty to take away from that game.

At one point Avery and Ference were fighting and Edwards, said,(Ference)"Wants to tear him(Avery) limb from limb and who wouldn't want to see that."

He called Steve Ott, "a knee seeking missle, a scud."
Made reference to the Hanson Brothers @ knee shots..."at least the Hanson Brothers were funny"

Also called him "Brave Steve" after Ott was given a 10 minute misconduct and was sent off the ice and the cameras showed Ott in the runway.

It was indeed insane.


Tuesday's game......i hope my gut feelings are wrong. Time will tell.

Detroit + hockey = no SO's

Go Pens.

dying alive said...

Hopefully those remaining tickets will be sold to people who don't stand up, turn around, and wave at the camera every time the play comes within 100 yards of them. Every time I watch a Detroit home game there are at least six or seven tards who feel the need to do that the entire game. I think it's partly due to the awful camera angles in Joe Louis, but it is so. damn. distracting.

Aubrey said...

Anyone feel a little creeped out by that commercial? Mario touching little boys makes me

johnnylaw said...

I'll second the commercial being a bit creepy. First, there's the hand on the shoulder that appears from nowhere. Then, there's Lemieux picking the kid up and just staring at him for far too long with no dialogue. Only thing more creepy would have been 66 dressed as a clown, don't even want to think about that one.

Aubrey said...

I guess I'm still sensitive from that other commercial last week with the old man actually being a sex predator...

meecrofilm said...

Look at Avery turtling at the bottom of the pile. What a pussy.

J.S. said...

You mean to tell me the so-called Hockeytown hasn't sold out?

J.S. = stunned...ummm, not really.

debrisslide said...

If I had any way of getting from Boston to Detroit I'd try to go tomorrow. Hahahahaha. But I don't! said...

I'd go to Detroit tomorrow, but I'm honestly somewhat hesitant to go there.

I wish we would have thought of this earlier, we could have filled the arena with Pens fans like like Washington.

Korn said...

I had that Lemieux life size poster on my wall for years. Except mine was signed.

My sister got stuck with the Rob Brown/Zarley Zalapski version.

fleuryous said...

That's disgraceful to have a game then--I guess they figured nobody would watch? haha.

Clutch commercial.

I liked the Stars, but my hatred of Avery pretty much overshadows that.

Douchebaggery is so last season, Avery--along with gaucho pants, but I'm sure you knew that.

And I intensely love Dany Sabourin.

That is all.

Keep up the solid work, staff.

PS. I'm SERIOUS about the "Do you Sabu?" shirts. haha

fleuryous said...

PPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. I know it's just a regular season game, but I'm still pumped as hell for tomorrow night. SUE ME.

And I was reading in the paper (PPG) today that there are no anticipated "cheap shots" on Hossa tomorrow night...but that doesn't mean Matt Cooke won't fuck someone up. haha

Go Pens.

eze3484 said...

Staff, the top of the page doesn't look like a trainwreck anymore, keep it like this

akus said...

I suspect Abel and Company are at the local Y(M.CCCCCC.A), recruiting,or rehearsing the song, "In the Navy". That would certainly explain no posts, since November 3rd.

Max is pissed off( the Trib says he is bitter, angry) on Hossa leaving, show that anger with some pucks behind Osgood..........or that other goalie they have.

@ flueryous,i also just read that about the cheap shots,and it said,
"Because he was so well-liked by most of his former teammates, Hossa isn't likely to be targeted for any special physical abuse tomorrow."
it said, Most of his former teammates.

Tomorrow cant get here soon enough, i think a win is just what the Doctor(Grant) ordered for the team. said...

"Because he was so well-liked by most of his former teammates, Hossa isn't likely to be targeted for any special physical abuse tomorrow."

What about people who aren't former teammates?
Like Matt Cooke.

AlanClique said...

damn somebody beat me to a new sabu pic

fleuryous said...

That's what I'm talking about, penguinsexperience. haha

akus said...

I dont want the focus to be on Hossa,Hossa,Hossa, unless the Pens are up 4 goals and there is .001 on the clock and the face off is in our end....I dont think that is asking to much.

I read somewhere, the Wings have lousy 3rd periods. Lets hope tomorrow is 3rd period, all game.

@fleuryous, don't think the comment i made and emphasized,( it said, most of his teammates)was directed at you, now that i reread it, that is what it looked like. I was just emphasizing, with a capital E.

I guess Max is the only one of the former teammates who has said anything about Hossa.

dying alive said...

Who's Hossa?

tanya said...

marcel hossa is a guy who plays in khl. and according to wikipedia he has a brother who also plays hockey... though i think he's not that special since his name is not mentioned

nate diggity said...

I soooo have that Lemieux poster... I wondered my entire life where it came from and I absolutely cannot believe that you guys found that commercial, although it was kinda creepy.

TheFandangler said...

Malkin interview on pens' page...


azrael882 said...

that kid's reaction is frighteningly close to the one from the disturbing "stay away from pedophiles" PSA yinz so generously decided to to share with us... right when Buries It picks him up, all I could see was that old dude rubbing that kid down with a towel.

just sayin'...

Nulpher said...

Sabu City pic would be me

[Chris N.] if you need the name.

Nulpher said...

AO lacks class plain and simple. Headhunts Malkin, uses Ollie's face as a shooting target... what next, Chris Simon'esque stuff?


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