Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick Or Balls. PENS LOSE.

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If you read anything beyond this point, that is your fault.

These are the kind of games that you wish Michael Myers would be hiding in your house so he could sneak up on you and stab you in the neck.

It is not bad because the Penguins lost, but because of the subsequent bridge-jumping by fans and media members alike.

If this was March 1st, then there would be trouble.
But it is Halloween.

That is all we can tell you at this point. You have to help yourself.

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[Pete P.]

Dupuis got slashed by Jason Vorhees in the locker room, so the Pens had to call up Chris Minard.

MAF made some solid saves, but everything else was mud.

The most stunning thing about the period was Ken Klee is still in the NHL.

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Over/Under on Rob Rossi making up a trade rumor: Three days.

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The second period didn't start off much better.
But about five minutes in, at least something happened.

Orpik got a penalty for playing hockey. Sometimes it is hard to believe how bad of a ref Bill McCreary is.

The Pens killed it, but Phoenix was buzzing.
The puck found its way to Olli Joke-enin.


Jokinen: 32 points in 37 games against the Pens.

The Pens picked up the play a little bit, and some idiot for the Coyotes took a penalty.
On the powerplay, Malkin laces one off the glass. It bounces out in front of the net.
Somehow Satan bats it out of mid-air. 1-0.

We'd show a picture, but apparently no one cares to take good pictures at the Arena. Surprise.
After the goal, the Pens go nuts.
Malkin had more shots than former WTAE/KDKA broadcaster Don Cannon.


Malkin and Sykora looked good, but they just could not beat Bryzlballs.

Towards the end of the period, the Pens hit a post.
Next thing you know, Staal takes a boarding penalty, and Phoenix takes the lead. 2-1

Shane Doan is kind of a big deal.

Malkin finishes the period with 9 shots; a franchise record for shots by a player in a period.
Thank you, Geno.

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Things picked up where they left off, with the Pens flying around.
All of sudden though, you notice Bing is nowhere to be found.
In the midst of all this, the Great Homo takes a too-many-men penalty.
What a whiner.

After Wayne is done throwing a tempter tantrum, the Coyotes take another penalty.
5-on-3 time.

It is more or less the game.

The Pens get a few chances, but Bryz is sharp. Phoenix clears it.
Satan gets a penalty because Bill Mcqueery likes to jack us around.
Satan insults Mcqueery's mustache. 10-minute misconductblog.

Without Satan and Crosby, it just ain't gonna fly.

Steve Reinprecht makes a disgusting move, passes to some jerkoff. 3-1.
And then another one by Doan to close up shop. Game.


  • Free Candy was everywhere.
  • Let's just move on.
  • No idea what's up with Bing.


nikki said...

i dont know why but- reading a recap always helps me sleep a little easier
happy free fucking candy day :)

meecrofilm said...

Lets just move on


Stoosh said...

Already moved on.

Bring on Saint Louis.

Good night, C-bloggers.

thenetranger56 said...

The only afterthought I have is that here's hoping Alex Goligoski got his underwear back from Steve Reinprecht...

meecrofilm said...

It won't be last time we see Gogo basically be responsible for a goal. Gotta take the good with the bad with young D-men.

Kimberlass said...

I can't wait to forget most of this month and just start over.

The Goon Blogger said...

'm still drunk!

Beav said...


Bring on Brad Boyes, he is a tank. Guy has a helluva shot for someone that no one wanted for years. I wish he was in a Pens jersey every night, and not because I'm obsessed with the Otters. Brad Boyes>your life.

It's true (not you Stoosh)

TheSteelPen66 said...

Go-go may have shit the bed but did anyone else see Legame totally destroy like three plays that should have been Coyote breakaways? i might just be on crack but does anyone else think its starting to look like Gonch and Whitney being out may just do the same thing for Legame as Crosby being out did for Malkin last year?

fleuryous said...

Yeah, they're young and going to make mistakes...

but Letang was a beast. And Gogo has been a beast.

I'm really happy with our D.
And our offense is good, we've just hit a wall or something.

Last time I checked there were 70ish games left, and I think that's a rather large number...I mean evermoreso than 11. haha.

jefe p said...


and i thought waiting a whole day to watch a loss was bad. i waited 2 years to see the pens back in phoenix.. whatev. good times.

dont diss arena too much. the area is perty damn cool, and they have the best "macho" nachos west of the mississippi, if not beyond.

the red wings fans behind us were stupid fucking jobbers though just cause.

oh i heard the BEAST from beauty and the BEAST is a BEAST. right.

go pens.

-jefe b

TheFandangler said...

We should have taken Toews...

BlacknGold66 said...

I missed this game due to a Pens fan/friend of mine having a going away party tonight. He's going to Kuwait for the next 13 months.

Thanks for the re-cap Staff. It's the only way the two of us can get a grasp on what really happened.

Kierstan said...

I concur, bring on St. Louis! Especially since I'll be there in person to watch...this'll be my first live NHL game. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I hope Crosby's able to play then, but I'm just happy to get to see the Pens up close and personal (well, more up close and personal than my TV, anyway).

Ok, lunch break is over, back to work. :P

KaylaJ said...

hope you had a good time beyond the morons and the loss jefe and hopefully next year they'll swing around again.

fleuryous said...

Yeah, good thing Detroit won, anyway.

...or wait...

Okay, actually going to bed now.

Goodnight. haha

Stilly said...

Here's what Bing said about leaving the ice in a locker-room interview:

"I don't even know what happened," he said after the game. "I had some discomfort. In the third period, I couldn't really do much."

This would suck if it turned out to be something that keeps Sid out for a few games, but we have the experience of knowing that Geno can put the team on his back and save the motherland.

I only got to listen to the first period because I had to be at work at 6:30 AM today, and I'm glad to read that Geno decided to start shooting in the second. This team is going to be a force in the middle to end of the season. You can't expect to win them all, and you can't expect to instantly be good.

Remember last year's start for Ottawa. Everything is going to be ok. We haven't even seen the hanging Elmo shop yet...

PatricktPB said...

The Blues are going to be singing the blues after we're done with them Saturday. Malkin gets 2 goals.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

These are the kind of games that you wish Michael Myers would be hiding in your house so he could sneak up on you and stab you in the neck.

lol. well said....on that note, trick or treat, skanks. :-)

Edward said...

you guys need better support on gameday...
Try this for ST. Louis and we'll leave with 2 points...

Pittsburgh / over

debrisslide said...

Bring on St. Louis is right.

It's not gonna be October anymore, fellas. Wooooo.

Sykora_17 said...

Did anyone else hear the rumors of trading Jordan Staal?? I really would hope that the Pens would not trade him considering he is a part of our "core"

Please just let the trade talk be a rumor

Stilly said...

I believe the trade talk is, indeed, a rumor. Some joke said tht the Pens and the Thrashers were working out a deal to get Kovalchuk to Pittsburgh and I think Staal's name was tossed around. It's complete hearsay.

This team is capable of more, and until they start firing on all cylinders I don't think Shero will make a move.

Sykora_17 said...

thank you stilly

Aubrey said...

Malkin will save the motherland on Saturday, I have no concerns. As for Crosby, lets stay positive! Enjoy some free candy today!

Duff said...

If the pens went to a Halloween party... who do you think would show up in a:

cheerleader costume?

beer-keg costume?

farmer costume?

pimp costume?

Dan Potash costume?

wilsmith said...

The phrase is "every game counts," not "every game beyond October counts"

sh0ez said...

October 2007:
-Record: 6-4-1
-GF: 34
-GA: 35
-Wins Against: Ducks, Leafs, Hurricanes, Capitals, Rangers, Wild
-Losses Against: Hurricanes, Canadiens, Devils, Leafs, Canadiens

October 2008:
-Record: 5-4-2
-GF: 23
-GA: 22
-Wins Against: Senators, Flyers, Leafs, Bruins, Hurricanes
-Losses Against: Senators, Devils, Capitals, Rangers, Sharks, Coyotes

I see a lot of similarities. GF may be down, but so is GA.

It's all good.

sh0ez said...

Also, Shooter got us more shots, but as we all know, he doesn't always get it done. I still say the flu is the call.

fleuryous said...

Shoey...perhaps they will adopt your idea. haha


jayness said...

Have the "Start Sabo" threads started on LGP yet?

homesprout said...

After the too many men penalty, Gretz said some bad words, something about it being a bunch of "fucking bullshit".

Just sayin'....


btumpak said...

if anyone was watching on Center Ice, how fucking annoying was Pang? OMG what a fuck face...

he blew Gretzky the whole time

Carroll said...

Defenseman Brooks Orpik is battling a head cold. He joins a list of several players to get sick with a virus strain similar to the one that afflicted Crosby a few weeks back. ...

(from article linked on Pens site)
Shoez - are you saying we should have the flu work for us, rather than against us (for once).

J.S. said...

if trading Staal means landing Kovachoo, then I'll pack Jordan's bags for him and buy him a few beers at the airport. Yes, he's a good defensive forward, maybe one of the best in the East, but in order to trade for quality, you have to send quality (unless you're talking about the NHL pre-2004. I'm looking at your New York, Detroit, and Philly.)

However, I am not sure how it'll play into the cap. Malkin's cap number goes up. Sykora and USS are UFAs and will be expecting raises. Fedko, Sydor, and Satan will more than likely be gone, so there's 9 mil off the books.

J.S. said...

I missed Panger last night since Gamecenter took a huge crap on the subscribers. There were a few of us who were trying to get the game (I actually wanted the other commentary as background noise) and were getting some sort of high bandwidth or high traffic error.

Stilly said...


I want to see this team get rolling before investing another 6.5 mil. We know this team can get it done. We saw it last year. It's just going to take some time.


Yes every game counts. Obviously they're all accounted for in the Pens' record. My hockey knowledge doesn't span decades, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that no one has gone undefeated. Four losses ain't shit. Call me when it's February and the guys are at or below .500, and I'll start hangiing up the noose.

Stilly said...

Too bad this season isn't like my current 'Be a Pro' PS3 season. The Pens are 39-7-1 overall and 31-1-1 since I got called up from WBS.

oddjobber said...

To: Rob Rossi
Subject: Injury Update

Any details on Sidney Crosby's injury? I want to update the Pens blog..


Subject: RE: Injury Update
Date: October 31, 2008 1:37:51 AM EDT

I suggest you read the Tribune-Review web site.


fleuryous said...

Dude, Conkblock was in goal for Detroit last night.

fleuryous said...

And since my photoshop wasn't used, it's now my icon.


The Goon Blogger said...

So I drunk....typed? C-Blog last night? That's just fucking pathetic.

I don't remember much after the second period, but apparently that was a good thing. Just forget about this game everyone, like everyone's been saying. Hell, I already don't remember it. Wooo!

AceWilde said...

During the broadcast Steigy talked about how many empty seats there were at the arena that night. The NHL website has the number at a little over 15,000. By the looks of some of the camera angles, i think they were being a bit generous. I spent a week in that city and i found it hard to believe that this city still has a hockey team. I spent those 5 days looking for anything with the name "Carcillo" on it to give to my brother as a gift (for some reason he likes him). I spent time at every mall, outlet, and any Phoenix sports store. NOTHING. They were full of Cardinals, Suns, D-Backs, Sun Devils and MERCURY ( more supportive of a WNBA team than NHL that's pitiful). It's pretty sad that the 2nd largest city in the Western United States has no love for a hockey team. They need to move this team back to Winnipeg.

wilsmith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

yeah, stilly, four losses ain't shit until it's the difference in playing at home or traveling in the post season. These games are just as important as the February-March ones.

what if this team didnt start like crap last year and got home ice throughout?

what if they didnt open the season playing like mud the season before and had home ice against ottawa?

what if they started better three seasons ago and weren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in January?

the "it's too early to complain" theory is crap.

every team is going to improve throughout the season, not just the Pens.

It's not about getting enough wins later in the season just to make the playoffs, it's about getting a good spot and favorable matchups.

If you want to expect mediocrity that's fine, but with the talent on the top lines this team shouldn't be playing like trash.

I don't doubt they'll turn it around with either some kind of import or by the lousy wingers somehow finding their game, but there's no way they should be getting embarrassed the way they are.

also, js, let me know if you need help packing those bags.

MizzPenz said...

Anyone read Semin's interview on Puck Daddy today? I so f***ing hate that guy.

71crush said...

I read it, he sounds like such a jerk.

TheNWChica said...

Okay...I asked this question last night. For those of you talking about Panger being a homer.....He's an announcer for the Yotes and probably paid by the Yotes. It's totally different than when he's on NBC or VS. He's paid to pump up them since it's an AZ broadcast, so who do you think he's gonna be a homer for??? Sure as fuck isn't the Pens.

[I need some Free Candy]

millvalemauler said...

I'm one person not in favor of picking up Kovalchuk. I just don't like the guy. He's always been an asshole to the Pens. And do we really have room for another player like him. I'll take another Zigomanis. I don't think we should trade Staal anyways, one reason being his stock isn't what it used to be. Although dude needs to get shit together. He's one of the best one the PK and he needs to watch about a weeks worth of Kevin Stevens footage... the front of the net stuff, not doing coke part.

Faith in Shero and Therrien.

I loved seeing Malkin stick up for Sykora. It's the kind of (insert word for passion cause passion sounds way too homo-erotic) this team needs to be playing with.


Farmer - Staal

Cheerleader - Talbot

Pimp - Dana Heinze

Beer Keg - Hal Gill (just cos i'd love to see a keg the size of Gill)

Dan Potash - Dan Potash, his reasoning "When you're this awesome in reality whats the point in dressing up as someone else" or something smarmy like that.

Stilly said...

I get what you're saying wilsmith. Really I do. But it is an unreal expectation to think that the team should win every game and get better and better.

I do think it's necessary for the guys to believe this is unacceptable play. They should have the drive to win every game, but we, as fans, shouldn't expect 100% excellence during the entire season.

The team needs to stive for perfection and never settle for less than their best, but fans shouldn't piss and moan after a few losses if they really care about their team.

jefe p said...

oh yeah, shout out to some good pittsburgh pensblog people tailgating/beer ponging last night. their keyword for the night was "Potash". and they did the sumo hockey during the 2nd intermission and kicked ass.

right now i cant concentrate on work, so im delivering candy via paper airplanes that i labeled Free Candy Express.

debrisslide said...

If you want to expect mediocrity that's fine, but with the talent on the top lines this team shouldn't be playing like trash.

Hockey ain't all talented. You have to be good to get to NHL level, that's for sure, but talent isn't what wins a game single-handedly. A game of hockey (or any sport) is literally in the moment--if you don't bring passion and energy, if you don't have chemistry, if your morale isn't there, your chances of winning decrease. All the talent in the world won't change that. Talent is something innate. Moments come and go.

somechic said...

Wow don cannon reference made my day! Unreal

dying alive said...

I'm far more concerned with all of the injuries than I am with a couple of early season losses. In fact, I think that said injuries are responsible in large part for those losses.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I'm not ready to climb onto the rooftops or ship anyone out of town yet.

fleuryous said...


osheak234 said...

Happy Halloween everyone.

If anyone wants Free Candy, I'll be in Pitt dressed as Brooks Orpik.

oh, and Goosebumps marathon on Cartoon Network. Maybe Don Cherry will make an appearance.

wilsmith said...

stilly I dont expect them to win every game, but i think it's more than fair to expect a solid effort.

the past couple games have been far from that solid effort.

I think you were pointing out a flaw in my statement, debris, but I think you might have also just summed up what I wanted to say.

they have all this talent, but it's disappointing they keep playing as lousy as they do. what gives?

GodILoveHockey said...

Crosby's day to day with an "undisclosed injury."

Malkin is sick.

Time to save the motherland, Geno.

Go Pens.

Nate8724 said...

I heard that we were trading Staal and Letang for Kovalev

Heard from a friend thats all i no

Nate8724 said...

I heard that we were trading Staal and Letang for Kovalev

Heard from a friend thats all i no

Stilly said...

I haven't heard anything about Kovalev... I've heard Kovalchuk, and Letang's name wasn't in that rumor. I don't think Staal and Letang combined would shed enough salary to get Kovalchuk (cap hit around 6.5 mil).

I don't think Kovalev makes much sense. Why get rid of two young players with a lot of upside for an aging forward?

debrisslide said...

wilsmith - At this point, I think the Pens' struggle to find correct chemistry is being interrupted by seemingly constant injuries, both long- and short-term, causing them to lose a swath of road games and lose a great deal of morale. It's easy for us to say, "Oh, [player] is out, but that's okay, [other player] is good, he'll step up." But I get the feeling that it probably isn't that easy. They have to find a rhythm, they have to hit their stride, before they can start winning games like the champs we know they are. My prediction is that they'll be able to beat St. Louis and regroup and start getting that rhythm for November. Call me crazy, but I feel like the lessons that the Pens needed to learn for this season were conveniently packed into an ugly October package.

Especially these last three games. The three major problems we've been facing have been summed up perfectly by the recent losses. With the Rangers, it was about giving up a lead. With the Sharks, it was about not having a sense of urgency. And with the Coyotes, it was just one of those bad nights--bad luck, trouble, and missed opportunities. All of those are problems we can get over. Like I said, wilsmith, and as you evidently know, talent is innate. Everything else is day-to-day.

We'll make it. Whatev. The guys are going to hit their stride and make everyone forget this shit even happened.

TheFandangler said...

Staal's time is getting short.

Start looking for that younger up and coming winger.

71crush said...


"Malkin is sick"

Do you mean he is ill or that he is a beast?

Sykora_17 said...

@ thefandangler

jordan staal is 20 years old, he is still learning and personally i think he will get better. To see the Pens trade him for someone who might not even stay with the Penguins (cough cough Marian Hossa) would be stupid on Sheros part..just my thoughts

Nick said...

You guys got it wrong, instead of the misc. stuff saying Free Candy was everywhere, it should say "Brooks Orpik was handing out free candy a day early"

And where is the Free Candy photoshop for Halloween?

lis said...

haha...Chase Utley said "FUCKING" over the microphone at the Phillies parade today and they forgot to bleep it out on TV....well they didn't really was a live feed...but you get my point!!! Then they had a voice over come on the TV to apologize for the profanity!

Stay classy Philly!!!

meecrofilm said...

Alexander Facial is such a joke.

What's so special about [Crosby]? I don't see anything special there. Yes, he does skate well, has a good head, good pass. But there's nothing else. Even if you compare him to Patrick Kane from Chicago ... [Kane] is a much more interesting player. The way he moves, his deking abilities, his thinking on the ice and his anticipation of the play is so superb.

I think that if you take any player, even if he is "dead wood," and start promoting him, you'll get a star. Especially if he scores 100 points. No one is going to care about anyone else. No one is going to care whether he possesses great skill.

Well, dumbass, I think that if you score more than 100 points, then you posses "great skill."

What an effing joke. This comment is laughable at best.

aunt penny said...

STEVE! Really disappointed that your freecandy pumpkin didn't get posted! It was great!

Stoosh/your pumpkin is awesome,too.

(I started to work on a couple things but....why bother if it is for naught)

Maybe staff had too much free candy last night??

just sayin.

My new theory on the pens...there is a jinx cause there was no salute to Paul Newman when he died. After all, he was in the greatest hockey movie ever.

J.S. said...

meecrofilm buries it!!

Yeah, promote any deadwood and they're bound to be a star. Didn't we try that before? Alex the Daigle? Stephane Richer? Hell, they tried it as recently as last year with Erik freaking Christensen. That worked out real well, didn't it? Tomas Surovy lit it up before the lockout, didn't he?

I'm almost certain (and I hate to rip this guy's previous column, esp for how bad it looks now) that Dejan once said that Rico Fata was gonna be a 30 goal scorer and lead the Pens to the postseason. I'm guessing they didn't promote him right in 2005-06, or he would have at least scored a point(!) that entire season.

Alex, I hate to go off on your comment, but the opinion of promoting somebody and {poof} you have a superstar...I wish it were that easy. If that were the case, I'd be probably in St. Louis right now resting for tomorrow's game instead of handing free candy to trick or treaters.

mallori said...

here's the video of utley swearing


rrrrrrrrr said...

You guys act like Staal is making $8 million a year.

He's 20 years old. We're spoiled by Crosby and Malkin.

I think he still has a couple years to prove himself.


I am concerned as to where he fits on this team. He plays much better at Center than Wing... and I dont' want him to be on the 3rd/4th lines.

bfyalkowski22 said...

Hilarious post guys.

Worst game of the year, but still the funniest post of the year.


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