Saturday, October 18, 2008

Therrien Knows Best. PENS WIN


The past few seasons, putting Malkin and Bing together usually has been whatev.

But Michel Therrien played the hand tonight, and it worked.
It is only one game, but for all the crap people gave Therrien over the move, it worked.
So suck it.

While we are handing out credit, we have to give Ray Shero some love.

Of all the players out there to trade for/sign, he finds Mike Zigomanis.
We usually look up stats in 10-game intervals, so we don't know what his faceoff shit is.

But he's had his name called frequently since coming to Pittsburgh, and for all good things.
What a pickup by Ray Shero.

Bing and Malkin hit career milestones in this game, which means basically nothing.
The more important part is that Bing finally got on the board this season.

Malkin is such a beast, it's not even funny.

[Picture+4.<span class=

It took 5 seconds for the Leafs to display some suck.
Hagman goes to the box.
The power play had some chances, but Cujo obviously took his Metamucil before the big game.

Later, Gogo went off four minutes for high-sticking.
The Pens killed that off beautifully.
The momentum from the kill excited Mark Eaton too much and he hooked someone.
The Pens killed that off beautifully.

Then the Pens get the first too-many-men penalty of the season.

Didn't miss searching for these.

Third time was a charm.
The Leafs finally put something home. 1-0.

The Pens got it right back, though.
Malkin and Crosby get the job done. Dupuis was there. 1-1.


That was all she wrote for the first.

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Solid segment by Dan Potash about the NHL off-ice officials.
Fox Sports should start posting this shit on YouTube so we could pass it along.

[Picture+5.<span class=

Right off the bat in the second, things are buzzing.
Geno and Doops weave, and Dupuis almost puts home his second.

Fedotenko was whistled for a weak hooking call. It happens.
On the kill, a two-on-none shorthanded breakaway was blown dead because of a handpass.
What vision.

The Pens took advantage of the power play.
Crosby and Malkin job it around, then Crosby zeroes in on the net.

Bing does a rain dance and humiliates Luke Schenn with a through-the-legs pass to Satan on the welcome mat. 2-1.

[Picture+6.<span class=

So there we were. In the third period. With the lead.
It's been a pretty familiar situation this year.
But you crying yourself to sleep is how it's usually turned out.

You thought the Malkin penalty was gonna bring about Chernobyl.
And then the Satan penalty came in the sweet spot of the third, and you knew Carlo Colajokio was gonna float one from the point, it would hit someone's balls, and go in.

The Pens didn't let it happen, though.
They played in the third period like sex was on the line.

They killed Malkin and Satan's penalties with ease, with the Maple Leafs' best chance came on that Antropov one-timer at the end of Satan's penalty.

The ominous, puke feeling was lifted when Crosby jobs one in off of a Maple Leaf d-man. 3-1.

What the hell was CuJo doing?

The Leafs take a penalty like 2 seconds after that goal.

The power play took a minute or so to calm down.
Malkin did some jig to Crosby, who found Sykora on a carbon-copy play of the Satan goal.

We don't often say what Bing does is nasty, because it is just assumed.
But those passes were sick.

The Leafs tried to cheat to get back into the game, with Antropov kicking one in. We had the over at 5.5, so that kind of sucked. But whatever.


  • Bing nets his 100th goal, 200th assist, 300th point
  • Malkin gets his 200th point.
  • It's so unreal to see the Pens win big faceoffs.
  • Ryan Malone has one goal for Tampa Bay.
  • Should be a really fun game on Monday in Bean town.

Great night of hockey in the NHL

Some highlights:

:: Check out this hit by Coyote Kurt Sauer:

:: Hossa's 300th goal

:: Sick Save. Flyers still suck


jovi said...

100th pnt and i FINALLY et first

jovi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jovi said...

...and yes, yes - I want a cookie.

debrisslide said...

Niittymäki loves to make saves before giving it up at the tail end of overtime, doesn't he?

Flyers have matched their record-worst season start. Let's hope they set a new record. They're playing San Jose again next, hahaha.

Kimberlass said...

It was, as always, a great day for hockey. I wsn't sure if it was Sid's goal until I looked at his face. Horrah for milestones!

And yesss for the Flyers about to set a record of their own...a new WORST record. Awesome.

circlesky66 said...

It was just the Perfect Game, nothing else to say. Everything - pp, pk, faceoffs- it all just came together. Whatever Therrien did (asskicking?) apparently worked.

The atmosphere @ the Mellon was tremendous. Not exactly like a playoff game, but there was a good vibe in the air. Even the jagoff Leafs fans behaved themselves.

And hopefully after 4 points and reaching 3 milestones in one night all the Crosby naysayers can kindly shut the fuck up.

All this and yet another Flyers loss...what more could a Pens fan want?

M. Vanderlasser said...

The Pens should definitely post this in the locker room:

"Play like sex is on the line."


How many letters can you fit on a custom license plate in PA? I suppose that "ZIGOMANIAC" wouldn't fit?

Rage said...

A 3-point night by Staal so all THEM jagoffs will kindly STFU? S'all I want, anyways. Just sayin.

Staff- I dig the ZigoManos love. Very timely get for St. Shero, and is it just me, or is Dupuis starting to get his sniper on?

gilette212 said...

what a kick in the nuts for sid and geno that hossa's 300th goal gets a headline and their milestones do not! eff that...

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...


Direct quote from the home page at

It's early, but don't expect the limping Flyers to make a repeat run to the Eastern Conference finals.

Wow. Nothing like giving up 5 games in to an 82-game season.

Nevertheless, that lead-in takes you to the following article by Ross McKeon where he makes the point that injuries to defensemen are the main culprit behind the Flyers asstastic 0-3-2 start.

The last thing anyone is going to admit is the fact that injuries have decimated the Flyers’ defense, and it’s in your own end where everything starts in hockey...But look at the carnage on the back and forget about a Flyers return to dominance.

Randy Jones had surgery on his injured right hip on Wednesday. He’s expected to be out seven to nine weeks, which is better than the original prognosis of 12-16. Jones logged an average of 19:23 of ice time during 71 appearances last season.

Ryan Parent had surgery late in the week for a torn labrum, a shoulder injury that will keep him out roughly another 10 weeks. Parent was two seconds short of skating for an average of 15 minutes a game last season.

And then there’s Derian Hatcher, the grizzled veteran of 1,045 games. The sad news is he’s probably played his last game. His knees are probably at the end of the road. He hasn’t even attempted to skate this season. He logged 21:05 during a half-season worth of 44 games last year.

Jason Smith? Gone. Jaroslav Modry? Gone. Mike Rathje? Don’t even bring him up.


We're really going to lay this all at the feet of Randy Jones, Ryan Parent and Derian Hatcher? Randy Jones scored 31 points for the Flyers last year and Ryan Parent played 22 regular-season games. Outside of his role on the PK, Hatcher's been obselete in the new NHL because for the most part, he can't keep up.

And the losses of Jason Smith, Jaroslav Modry and...Mike Rathje?

Let's ignore Mike Rathje, because he was the one guy who the new game passed up quicker than Hatcher. Dude's played 18 games the last two seasons.

As far as Smith and Modry, I thought Paul Holmgren was a genius? Didn't the genius think to replace those guys over the summer? Isn't that was the Ossi Vaananen and Steve "Minus-Four in Five Games" Eminger acquisitions were supposed to do?

And what about Kimmo Timmonen, who we were lead to believe during the ECF last year was the second coming of Bobby Orr?

Hey Ross?


Losing games because of injuries to the blueline make sense when you're missing your top two defensemen. So let's us know when you write the article about the team on the other side of the state. You know, the one that is asking a rookie and a second-year defenseman to replace the 105 points that Gonchar and Whitney scored last season. For those scoring at home, that equates to 66% of the Pens' offense from the blueline last season. And by golly, the Pens have proven capable of actually winning games despite not having those guys in the lineups. And the kids are even playing 18-22 minutes a night.

But what do I know? I'm sure it's a much taller order to try to replace Randy Fucking Jones.

Maybe the problem is just what it proved to be last year in the Eastern Conference Finals - coaching, goaltending and heart. Therrien made Stevens look incapable of coaching a peewee team last year. Biron was garbage because his memory is too long and he seems more concerned with talking shit with Crosby than stopping the puck. And the team apparently didn't get the memo that it was the Eastern Conference Finals until they were staring a three-games-to-none deficit in the face.

Looks to me like nothing's changed.

Dustin H. said...

Congrats to Sid and Geno on their amazing career night. NHL will most likely suspend Kurt Sauer for five games and fine him at least 10 grand because someone got injured, and I will cry bullshit for weeks. I am so sick of seeing clean hits get fined, when no penalty was called in the game because someone can't handle the big time. P.S. these are the kinds of hits you can only attribute to the Coyotes having Ulf Samuelsson as an assistant coach. Way to teach 'em Ulfie.
P.P.S. Just did a search for Ulf on Google. Got a video hit on youtube, with a related link to this... Ulf Samuelsson knocks out Wayne Gretzky's wife. I always knew there was a reason I think Ulf was the greatest Pens blueliner even if he went to the Rangers.

stokes said...

Wow, Stoosh, that's a hell of a rant. But it is abut the Flyers. Next thing you know, Flyer "fans" will be on our board giving the ol' "you hate the flyers so much youre talking about them and you didnt even play them last night." I still don't understand why people read Ross McJoke's column. I post better shit on Cblog completely hammered than what that guy gets paid to write.

Good game last night. Its the Leafs so take it with a grain of salt. My favorite part was when Sid had the puck, Cujoke was out of net and I told Sidney(he obviously heard me) "bank it off him!" He did. its a goal.

Staff, that's an excellent point about taking Sidney for granted. Both of those passes were disgusting last night. But I dont know how we get anyway with getting excited about Geno when we expect the same type of shit from him. They both played incredible games last night. HCMT proves, once again, that he is a Franco-genius.

I am still totally gay for Geno.

Pensgirl said...

I'm so glad to see staff point out what a solid "get" Zigomanis was. The über-morons sitting behind me (who didn't shut up for two seconds the entire game) spent a few minutes in the second period talking about how he stinks and Shero was dumb to pick him up. The vortex of stupid they created with that and all their other comments ("Trade Gill, trade Eaton, Malkin sucks, trade Staal") was the only wet blanket on an otherwise fun game.

Good times reliving The Save with Frankie in the house.

Sixty-one percent on faceoffs as a team.

And for all the talk of the PP righting itself, I'm really impressed with how much more aggressive our penalty killers are. They're getting in players' faces and getting to loose pucks. In the past, even when successful they've been more passive and stationary. I liked seeing them agitate.

Flyer Hater said...

I love it, Nitty makes that Patrick Roy in 1993 save but gave up like 15 shitty rebounds before hand to put the Flyers in that situation.

dhudzin said...

Anyone notice little weiner Scottie Upshall hitting Cheechoo late after the Niittymaki save?

Bengui said...

There's a reason why the pens played so perfect...
A two words reason.
Maple Laughs.

Stoosh said...

@ Stokes -

I just think it's laughable that the injuries to the defensive corps in Philly are used as a convenient excuse by some clown like McKeon, but yet Pittsburgh has suffered much far signifcant losses in the same areas and some of the national media are wondering why the Pens aren't playing better than they have been this year.

This isn't to discount what effect the injuries have had on the Flyers. It's just that losing Randy Jones, Ryan Parent and Derian Hatcher isn't anywhere near the same thing as losing Gonchar and Whitney.

Randy Jones is a younger version of the present-day Darryl Sydor. Ryan Parent is probably going to be a decent stay-at-home defenseman but right now, he's Rob Scuderi at best. Hatcher wouldn't have a spot on this team right now if he played for the Pens.

If you want a more accurate comparison, take Timmonen and Coburn away from the Flyers and then we can talk about the problems on the blueline.

As I said, the problems the Flyers are having are due much more to the mental makeup of the team, the coaching and the goaltending than they are to Randy Jones, Ryan Parent and Derian Hatcher being out of the lineup.

Joshua said...

Does anybody else think Bobby Scuderi is the best defensive d-man on this team? He's been playing at a ridiculous level so far, and he gets zero credit for it.

debrisslide said...

Maple Laughs ain't all jokes. They fucked up Detroit's home opener, so they must have been doing something right.

It was an easy game for us, but it really showed off the skills that the boys have. And it's a great morale-booster heading into their first real road game.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN BOSTON, by the way. I'm not used to being in the same city as the Penguins during the season since I live in the middle of Fayette County, PA. Not being able to go to the game kinda sucks but at least I can watch it on real TV. Maybe I can actually get the game on in the common room. . .big screen, muthafuckas.



debrisslide said...

I agree joshua, no one should underestimate Scuderi. The man is a fucking genius.

fleuryous said...

I felt the same way saying Crosby was a beast last night (because it IS assumed), but...

Jesus H, he WAS.
He assisted EVERY goal he DIDN'T score?
And the assists were BEATIFUL.

Ummmmmmmmm, I'd have a megaboner if I were a man.

That game made me a happy woman.

RUIN the Bruins on Monday, Pens.

stokes said...

@ Stoosh: Make no mistake, i got the point of your rant. Absolutely and i agree 100%. All i was saying was:

1. Ross McKeon is an absolute moron. hence, i don't read him anymore and question why anyone else would, besides a good laugh.

2. It's the Flyers. They just aren't that good, with or without those guys in the line up. You are completely right about what they have or lack thereof.

3. Flyer fans are jokes. You know how they have a habit of trolling Cblog.

That's all i was saying.

I think the Pens have done well without their top two guys and I think that you can see some improvement every game. They have a potent offense (the envy of almost any team) and a stud goalie who's finally coming into his own. That may be why having Gonch and Whits out of the line up has been overlooked. A 3-2-1 record isnt bad. it's not great, but it's not that bad. That's treading water, and that's all they need to do until they get those two back, or at least one of them.

Finally, i think that for all the positive press the Pens get, there's always someone out there trying to knock them. Ross McDick might be that guy.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Joshua: Yes, been saying it since last season.

I'm still totally GAY for Scuds, Stokes.

fleuryous said...

And a couple more things:

So Staal didn't get a goal, like I predicted...but he had some solid shots, and I think he had a good game.

Zigo IS money. Love you, Shero.

And Scuderi has been playing extremely solid. Even if we didn't have a great game as a team on Thursday night, Scuds was a beast.

And I want a Goligoski shirt, but I can't find one! haha. He's been playing really well too.

Let's Go Pens.

stokes said...

I support your decision, BNG. Its not a "sexy" pic, but Scuds is a beast. He's so good he's invisible- just how i like my defensive defensemen.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Scuds is on my short list for a potential customized third jersey

McKeon making excuses for the Flyers is alright in my opinion, because it means they're playing horrible. Hopefully he'll be writing columns like that about them all season long. There would be nothing better than seeing them not make the playoffs.

The rap that Palin was "supposed" to do but Amy Poehler ended up doing last night on SNL was funnier than anything Tina Fey did all season.

Flyer Hater said...

SNL hasn't been funny since the days of Phil Hartman

Joose said...

Stoosh. That was fucking hilarious.

Last night's game was tight. Ziggy and Goligoski amaze me sometimes. And I was pumped to see Dupuis actually take good shots with fairly accurate aim.

That top line was on fire. I like it. I like it a lot.

TheNWChica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

Exhibit #1919198198010981890 why LGP should not exist. This is from a thread talking about MAF, enjoy:

s this thread serious? Fluery is an NHL caliber goaltender but Elite he is not. He was completely daydreaming on the second goal from the faceoff against washington and who could forget game 6 of the finals? He lets up at least 1 soft goal every other game and makes easy saves look spectacular. Personally I do not think he is the guy to take us to the promised land but then again what do I know? I've only watched him in person 50 times a year for the last 3 seasons including away games. For every spectacular game he plays he has 2 off nites. That is not an Elite Goltender. He is average.

TheNWChica said...


@pensgirl: Those jokes jobbing GMRS for getting Zigo were probably crying about trading Army and Erik for Hossa too.

and I love me some Geno and Steve this morning; I'm just sorry I didn't get to see the game. MWAH!!!

Joose said...

SNL has been weird. Some of the "jokes" they have are completely idiotic and make absolutely no sense. The McGruber shooting a ping pong ball out of his ass skit was somewhat frightening, and I am not usually one who finds that kind of humor uncomfortable to watch. It was just sad, really. All of their ideas have the similar idea of, "Let's push the envelope and constantly be borderline offensive to keep people watching." They just rehash too much shit. The originality has long been lost.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

This article is from regarding Alexei Cherepanov's funeral. Jagr looks terrible.

fleuryous said...

To me, Will Ferrell was the very last reason I would watch the SNL.

When he left, so did I.

and that MAF post made 10 babies die, it was so offensive.

Where are these people coming from?


Stoosh said...

@ Stokes -

Cool. I knew what you were getting at and I don't want some of those assclowns coming back here and clogging up the board with their drivel.

But even if they did, what can they really say? They're one of only two teams without a win so far this year - the other being Tampa (but Tampa has more points). And we beat them four games to one last year in the Eastern Conference Finals.

fleuryous said...

Man, that picture of Jagr is depressing.

RIP, Kid.

debrisslide said...

lol FH, why you even continue to read LGP is beyond me.

jovi said...

stokes said...
... Scuds is a beast. He's so good he's invisible - just how i like my defensive defensemen.

Scuds IS a ninja ... photoshop it

Flyer Hater said...

debriss, I don't read that drivel. I check in once a day when I have nothing else to do just to see if I can find a gem like that.

stokes said...

@ Stoosh: Abotu your last comment, second paragraph: Touche, salesman. But, let's not forget, they are Flyers fans, i.e. morons.

@ FH: i was going to ask you the same thing. Good answer. I guess incredible positioning, excellent angles and a lateral ability that would make a bullet train look slow are not qualities that "Elite" goaltenders have.

@ Johnny V: When they "shot" that moose, i lost it. Good stuff.

stokes said...

I don't really follow the KHL or the Russian Super League before it, but i used to check back to see how Morozov or Metallurg Magnitogorsk were doing. Now, I'd be pretty interested to see how Jagr and Omsk respond to that tragedy.

FYI: Last night was two years to the day of Geno's regular season debut. 200 points in two years. BEAST.

Hip said...

Got to see last night's game live. My random thoughts:

It was awesome to be there for so many milestones. In the end, it's just another goal, another assist, another point. And especially during the season means little more than ok, now I have to get 101. But in thirty years they boys will look back and remember these moments and it was cool for me to be a part of the crowd that cheered them on. Both are used to this by now, but both had a moment of taking it in - Crosby with a head spin before the next faceoff, Malkin with a looksee from the bench. Kudos to them both. They have reignited a passion for the sport I love in the city I call home now, so I'm kinda forever grateful.

4th line played balls out last night. Thomas needed a few shifts to get settled (can you blame him) but Manis was everywhere, and Godard took back to back blocked shots, was clearly limping, and then gutted out a race to a loose puck anyways.

Crosby's feeds to Satan and Sykie should count as goals really, with the other dudes getting the assists. Let's all be honest here. Ray Charles could have scored off those feeds. I was giggling like a fat kid who just found a stash of Twinkies. Unreal.

Malkin's two way game has been awesome the past few games. Dude if flat out hustling both ways, disrupting shit from behind and clearly starting to relish being the absolute stud that he is. And it seems he made at least one sick, no look, drop pass for every single person who thought he'd fade a bit as Crosby's wing. Easily my favorite clip of the night is him rolling in with his arms outstretched to be part of the group hug after Sykie's goal. Loved it.

D played solid. I'll go ahead and ask it. Who goes when Sarge and Whit come back? GoGo has been solid and Scuds is finding a nice rhythm alongside USS.

One last thing - Frankie P sporting a fabulous mullet last night. Fit right in with the home crowd.

fleuryous said...


Hip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hip said...

PS - the guy I went with said "Satan is going to get the GWG" and about 35 seconds later he scored. Then, later, I used my best whiny Veruca Salt voice ever and said "But I want 100 goals daddy!!!" and ba da Bing banked it in on the next series.


fleuryous said...

May I just point out that after the game, people kept "WOO"ing on the way out, and people were like "Are you channeling Ric Flair?"

Nearly peed my pants.

fleuryous said...

JESUS....I love Moore.

And he's our back up RB's BACK UP. haha

Annie said...

I can't begin to describe how excited I am about tomorrow night. This will be my first time seeing this incarnation of the Pens live, EVER.

I'll be there in my '92 Lemieux jersey.


akus said...

Malkin getting stronger each game.
MAF, what can You say.
The Maple ones have not won a game since they beat the Wings.


The Bruin game will be interesting.

ChadGKG said...

Malkin played well, but the fact that he didn't play better with Crosby most of the time is a fact from their previous games.

Maybe it will work this year, or maybe it's like all others where it works at first, then fizzles away.

Had Toronto played better, I'd be a little more optimistic.


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