Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Not Snowflake. PENS LOSE.

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Staying up for this one becomes even worse when you woke up today and it's 11 degrees.

Besides getting a survivor goal in the latter portions of the third,
the Pens' anemic offense up to that point was frustrating.

To say this was a defensive battle is somewhat appropriate.
But the ice was leaning towards Sabu all night.
Another heroic performance for Sabourin.

Gotta cut down on the penalties.
The Pens ate more box tonight than Ellen Degeneres.

Can you imagine making this entrance at work every day?


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Early on, Godard dropped the gloves with Shelley.

We haven't seen something get beat that hard since we took Charlie to an 'N Sync concert.

We never play the Sharks. We don't have the rapport with the Western Conference that we have with the East. Evgeni Najokov has never given us a reason to hate him.
Buying that penalty against Satan in the early going changed all that.
What a jobber play. We still like him.
The Pens killed it eventually.

Halfway through the period, some stain for San Jose gave the puck away to Malkin in the slot.
Malkin craps himself when he realizes that the idiot is actually gonna try to make that pass.
He breaks for it, steals it, shoots it wide.

When faced with shots that actually hit the net, Nabo was all business.

The Pens got a PP soon after that and promptly gave up the lamest shorthanded goal of the decade. Malkin blew a tire on I-79. Some joke gets it.


The Sharks were everywhere, but Legame was all over everything.
We actually forgot Jeremy Roenick still plays in the NHL.
The Sharks might be our second favorite team when they cut him.

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The Sharks were given some great chances to distance themselves from the Pens in the second.
Malkin went to the box, and then Dupuis did.
Gotta give it up to Sabu for staying sharp in an otherwise sparingly offensive game.
Then it again, he's paid to do that.

The teams exchanged big bens, and the Sabu had to make a big save on Dan Boyle to keep the Pens in the hunt.

After a couple of more solid saves, Sabourin made another huge save by accident.
The Sharks were swarming. They could smell blood, if you will.

But nothing happened of course.

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Guess what. Nothing happened in the first half of the third.
The Sharks came out more aggressive than that annoying dude who always hits on your girlfriend right in front of you.
The Sharks almost scoring off a faceoff was the lead story.

Depending on what you do for a living, you may have been considering closing up shop with about 10 minutes left. No one would have judged you.

In the second half of the third period, the Sharks hit their 41st post of the night.
The Pens kill off that Crosby penalty and then get one of their own.
This was the Pens chance they were waiting for.
Fedotenko squashed that chance by taking a penalty.

When David Alan Grier buried another garbage goal for the Sharks to make it 2-0, you probably brushed your teeth and investigated the issue of whether or not your partner was up for some sex.

You tried to ignore the shot totals of the two teams, but FSN shows with 6 minutes left that the Pens were being outshot 32-9.
The Pens say to hell with the guys in the truck, and Tank puts one home in the Tank. 2-1.

The Pens could smell blood, but it gets gayed up when Matt Cooke takes some phantom penalty.
Didn't deserve to win anyway.
Hacksaw finishes the game by killing dude in the chair. Very short experiment.


  • How much better exactly is the West?
  • Joe Thornton is a beast. What was Boston doing?
  • Pens outshot 34-11. ;)
  • As Jesse from [FF] points out, the Pens have gotten 17 shots in the last 85 minutes of action. Vomit.
  • Still October.
  • Pesonen, best shape of his life. J ust saying.
  • The Sharks are an entertaining team. They don't take cheap shots, Cheechoo excluded.
  • Just not a good game.


Rick M. said...


Rick M. said...

"Pesonen, best shape of his life. Just saying."

I want him up.

I also think it's time to end the Crosby & Malkin on the same line experiment. It's working out quite well, and the two of them have a lot of points, but the other lines (specifically the second line) suffer because of it. Sykora is a non-factor recently without Malkin.

Someone needs to teach this team how to work hard for 60 minutes.

Thankfully it's still October and I don't think any drastic changes are in order (ie. trades or firings) but the team needs to smarten up.

anthony doom said...

pesonen sounds better and better, i think we all know he'll end up showing his face in a game relatively soon. or at LEAST by the end of the season.

oh and "How much better exactly is the West?" i was hoping this game wouldn't be one of those games, but i was thinking it might be if we lost before the puck even dropped.

osheak234 said...

no centered justification = less of a blog.

Oilers fans might think its some hidden job.
Conspiracy theories will fly.

thenetranger56 said...

I'd love to see Pesonen in the NHL. He backchecks like a maniac. He also can hit the broad side of a barn.

BlacknGold66 said...


Best title I've seen on a post in a long time.

debrisslide said...

I feel like this game didn't even happen. Woop woop.

anthony doom said...

i think it always hurts less losing to a solid team. not that losing is a treat either.

Kimberlass said...

I agree with debrisslide...

but for some reason I can't type anymore...
Zoe? What was I going to say?

debrisslide said...

Kim, I'm pretty sure you were going to say that your prison tat is still good for the points streak and we're going to embarrass Wayne Gretzky on Thursday. Also, probably something about how we're going to tag-team Bob Errey.

meecrofilm said...

The teams exchanged big bens

I'm still laughing from reading that one. Brilliant.

Between that and "Hines'd", Staff has been on a roll lately.

That shit needs to be used all the time. Everywhere.

The Goon Blogger said...

Staff puts us right where we need to be.

Don't get too high, don't get too low.

Kimberlass said...

My tattoo rocks for points! Wooo! 71!!

Something something something tag teaming bob errey. For sure.

Oh I need to lie down.


Beav said...

Sydor, Satan, Staal, and Sabs for Hossa and Conks, make it happen

fleuryous said...

They were a rather respectable team, I'll give them that.

But, this is hockey, not a gentleman's club.

I just hope the Pens look ahead. DON'T think about this game, except for the fact that it shouldn't be repeated. haha.

Make Gretzky cry like a baby on Thursday.

chris said...

we tried to be the hot chicks with that douchebag in the chair.. but it backfired.. let's go a different route next time. charlie had to be uncomfortable the entire way.

diabeticsRcooler said...

This was the definition of a "whatev" game

The Sharks look great
so do both of our goalies

i've been humming "Nanananahhh nana nana naahhhh"

possibly switching my ringtone to that from the boys of Winter theme will be enough for Puck Finn to get the call

someone needs to throw a bachelor's party so that Staal can get another underage and maybe regain some of that passion from his rookie year

meecrofilm said...

Thursday is a guaranteed win.

TheFandangler said...

Malkin, Crosby, Sabu = beasts...

Everyone else = junk...

Staal = this decades biggest fail.

Don't break up Crosby and Malkin... we wouldn't even have what we have now without them...

That game was top 5 worst games to watch.

The Goon Blogger said...

What the fuck did Thorton do to get one of the stars? Seriously? You won't even give Arabian Facebuster 3rd star? Jokes.

TheFandangler said...


Thenetranger has the best avatar out of anyone on here...

just sayin'.

LargeTurkey said...


dd7 said...

I will act now promo is money

Nulpher said...

Time for a little Pelimes?

I think so.

BlacknGold66 said...

If we're going to hate on Staal AND talk about breaking up the Malkin/Sid line then this needs to happen:

Malkin and Sykie would have to get back together to get Sykora back on track AND Staal would have to learn how to crash the net and beat some ass in the crease playing the wing if he's to be a 2nd liner.

fleuryous said...

I was a little pissed that Sabu didn't get a star as well.

He definitely deserved it.

KaylaJ said...

i think i'm most annoyed by this game cause of how close on the scoreboard it was. while SABU def kept us in the game there were some shots SJ took that they didn't end that def would've put us out of our misery sooner. it was like a cat toying with a bird. i mean these kind of games just make you hope that the players aren't thinking how close on the scoreboard it was and realize they got outplayed and never even deserved to be that close and will show up for at least 40-50 minutes the next game.

anyway, it is still october, but i'm hoping i'm not saying its still...come february.

and finally, peso needs to stay with WBS at least until after friday's game! i promise i'll get you pics then you guys in Pitts can have him.

millvalemauler said...

The defense tonight just looked lazy. Offense was sloppy. I still don't like J.R. Maybe all the jokes in their power-suits beating off onto their blackberry are onto something screaming shoot anytime a Penguin has the puck = sarcasm.

I don't want to be the guy who cuts Therrien off in traffic tomorrow.

I find it hilarious that Sydor hasn't done anything for a while, comes in scores a goal that deflected off 2 of the rangers and then demands a trade... I don't think he really had to DEMAND a trade.

@Flyerhater from 2 posts ago (i know old news, but i need to explain myself for being so ignorant) Fleury doesn't need to be in a groove, he's been great, was pretty much the whole point i was trying to make. And i just wanted to defend Therrien and Sabourin. Sorry i know nothing about hockey. I mean i drove past Lemieux's house a couple times, so i thought i could have an opinion.

demondg1 said...

Despite the lackluster performance of the team, douche-in-a-chair-guy brought it. Tonight's game was not about who was or was not the gameday picture. It was about not putting the puck on net. I strongly believe douche-in-a-chair-guy deserves to remain in the gameday post rotation.

wilsmith said...

satan and fedo are busts.
buy them out.

dying alive said...

I don't know, I feel oddly encouraged by last night's game. The Pens played like they were asleep on their skates for 57 minutes of the game and only managed to get 11 shots, but still only lost by one goal to one of the better teams in the NHL. If they had gotten blown out by the Panthers or Pittsburgh South I'd be a lot more worried.

thenetranger56 said...

@ thefandangler:
Thanks. That album makes me feel like the musical equal of watching Bing cut through four Canadiens and Score falling on his ass. Pure brilliance.

slush said...

I fell asleep between the 2nd and 3rd. Kind of glad I did. Would just like to forget this game happened and look ahead.

Steve In Denver said...

A side trip all-nighter to Vegas after the Phoenix game is just what the doctor ordered. Hookers, blow, and gambling brings a hockey team together like nothing else on this planet.

It worked for my team when I was 11.

btumpak said...

wow pens looked amateur last night... why not bring pesonen up for a spark? put him with crosby and malkin

Stilly said...

The Pens lost by a goal to a good western conference team. Take a step away from the ledge people.

I don't think that it's time for wholesale changes yet. Go read Jesse Marshall's article over at Faceoff Factor. It's all about the Pens needing to put the puck on the net. The amount of times that there is one too many passes or one too many cute moves in lieu of a shot is sickening. Moving Geno up to Sid's line isn't the answer. Two playmaking Centres shouldn't be on a line. They should be on different lines paried up with a sniper and a grinder.

IMO (not that it matters much.)the best line combinations would look something like..

Dupuis - Bing - Satan
Kennedy - Malkin - Sykora
Talbot - Staal - Fedotenko
Cooke - Zigomanis - Biz/God

I'm not totally sold on bringing Peso up yet. Maybe if The Pens are struggling with the same problem in a couple of weeks, but I think line combos need to be tweaked before messing with Peso's transition to the North American game.

wilsmith said...

If you want to build around geno and sid using a bunch of second rate guys who need someone else to create their chances, then you actually have to play them with each other.

brett said...

Did you work on this recap for more than 7 minutes?

Then you did more work than the Pens did last night (EXCLUDING SABU)

Michael said...

i really do enjoy watching the sharks play. they are such a solid team. and i think clowe, nabokov, and thorton are monsters... one minor thought: is malkin really worth having? he barely tries. when he tries, he is unstoppable, but that is just so rare. Sid doesn't take shifts off and plays his heart out every second he is on the ice.
Staal is doing everything for the team except getting goals.
what happened to that power play everyone feared?

The Seeker said...

Goddard was supposed to replace BGL?

Pathetic. This dude has more problems with his jersey during fights than anyone I ever saw fight on skates.

That last penalty was BS and basically handed the game to the Sharks just when the Pens finally acted like they cared about losing it.

With our full compliment of players not being injured, I'd have bet on the Pens winning that game hands down.

pops said...

i really like fedo on sid's line. give him a shot there for a full game.

I R A Darth Aggie said...

11 shots on net?

Here's a clue, guys you can't win if you don't score, and you won't score until you put shots on net. Shoooooooooot the puuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Pensgirl said...

I'm sitting here debating with myself whether the loss was worth it for that title.

At the very least it makes up for the time I wasted staying awake last night.

Bacon077 said...

it's a good thing we got this out of the way early in the season.

and by "this" i mean the guy in the chair.

kstewy16 said...

They do need to end the Sid Malkin expirement.
They need more than one line to score. Satan is beginning to look better, so we should give him another shot with Sid, and Sykora can't even breathe without being on Malkin's line.
But the left wingers need to do something, it's time to call up Pesonen.

norojo said...

We got beat by a better team last night, can't flip out over that loss. Still, we're sitting at 5-3-2 and we're looking like a very average team. I know it's early and flyerhater will probably get on here and start ripping on me and saying its still so early but i'm not feeling good about this team right now. How much longer do we wait until we can't use the, "it's still early" excuse. The fact is we're a 2 line team right now and our second line isn't worth much considering Jordan Staal, who for the record we should absolutely not trade, can't hit the broad side of a barn. Calling up Pesonen is a no brainer. Godard has no reason to be in the lineup; we don't need someone to protect sid and malkin (that's a commonly held yet flawed belief), not as if he can protect them anyway. I also agree that splitting up Sid and Geno is the right move, I'm thinking:

slush said...

We are still doing a lot better out of the gate this season than last.. and last season turned out pretty well.

No need to start flipping out..

meecrofilm said...

Sid and Geno need to be broken up. Sykie and Satan need to be Top-6 mainstays.

Even after flubbed pass after flubbed pass, people still want Dups playing with Sid?

I'd have Tank or even Talbot on his wing before Dupuis.

And I think it's evident that Cooke needs more than 4th line minutes to be effective. He was getting them last night, and that was his best game all season. MT will reward him.

If anyone needs to log in some 4th line duty, it'll be Dupuis. Also, MT doesn't trust Biz Nasty. When Talbot is back, I'm lookin for the 4th line to log more minutes.

/End armchair coaching/

Can't wait to see The Great Homo whine tomorrow.

dying alive said...

one minor thought: is malkin really worth having? he barely tries.

Not to job anyone, but wow. Probably one of the most inaccurate statements I've ever read, ever.

meecrofilm said...

Oh, and yes. "Still early in dee season."

If they can make it to the finals after an 8-11-whatever start least season, I don't really care.

Slow starts seem to be the norm, but that doesn't mean they're still not frustrating.

fleuryous said...

"one minor thought: is malkin really worth having? he barely tries."

It isn't April Fool's---NOT a funny joke.

The Goon Blogger said...

Godard lost all of one fight! We should totally get rid of him! BGL wouldn't have put up with that! He woulda just bear hugged him and thrown him on the ground! Clearly superior!


Also, totally trade Malkin, he's just too good a back checker.

Pens aren't making the playoffs.

Stilly said...

one minor thought: is malkin really worth having? he barely tries.

Yeah trade Evgeni Malkin.. I mean he only put up 106 points last year and carried the team on his back for a large portion of the season. Oh an he also shares the league lead in points this year.. he's worthless..


wilsmith said...

I'm glad people are noticing how awful godard is.

an average fighter and a horrid player.

people give him the slightest push and he's off the puck. no reason he needs to be here at all.

I feel bad for pesonen, people think he's going to get called up and turn the season around. poor guy doesnt know whats about to happen to him.

Could someone repost that list of the last couple years' leading scorers in Pesos old league. Wasn't Paul Kariyas brother one of them?

The Goon Blogger said...

I for one was being sarcastic. Godard is fine. He's a second tier heavyweight enforcer, paid less then BGL, and younger the BGL. He lost a fight to Shelley and people are going out of their minds. Last I checked Shelley was one of the best fighters in the league who regularly goes up against Parros and Boogs. Godard once knocked the shit outta Boogs, that's enough for me to have faith in him

The Goon Blogger said...

So, I was just looking at the schedule calender at the Pens website and I'm totally over any complaining. I can still see Jokerit on the schedule without having to click anything.

Everyone calm the fuck down.

akus said...

I am not disappointed the Pens lost, i am disappointed on the way they played this game,(or did not play)and the Rangers game, and the Devils game.

If they lost 2-1 and played their hearts out, yeah that is different.

11 SOG?
Turnovers and neutral ice, what more can you say.

And i was concerned about goaltending the beginning of the year. HA!

Dan 2 said...

Am I the only one that thinks having both Godard and Biz in the lineup is ridiculous?

If their sole purpose is to fight in the first 3 minutes, why not just have them do it in the parking lot during pregame?- save a uniform.

If you are on the road- you pump up the home crowd. If you are at home, sure, just don't do it like Biz in his "come on!" fight when the Pens were already skating circles around the Canes.

It doesn't protect Sid and it keeps them from calling up a LWer.

wilsmith said...

I'm more concerned with the inability to be any type of factor in the actual game.

BGL is a good player and could be counted on for some quality minutes when he wasn't fighting.

Godard is useless.

Nate said...

Think about this...

We know the Pens aren't playing hockey the way we know they can. We have injuries, guys are sick, blah blah.

The fact is that the Pens have 12 points in 10 games, which is 1.2 points per game for the mathematically challenged.

Projected points total for the season: 98.4

That should be more than enough to get into the playoffs, even with the average hockey being played the past few games, especially late in the game. No need to make any drastic changes just yet.

And as far as the Rangers being so far ahead... look what happened to Ottawa last year.

kstewy16 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crmzak said...

I just knew it was going to be shitty night. Bad things were happening to me all day so why not finish the day off with a totally out of sync cluster of a game.

I think Talbot is much more integral to the team dynamic than he gets credit for.

oh and can someone explain the title of the post to me? I feel like I'm missing something.

Nate said...

Ace Ventura... Snowflake was the dolphin.

kstewy16 said...

They need multiple lines of scoring, not because of one game, but because that is common hockey knowledge, look at the two teams in the SCF last season, they both had scoring from all of their lines.
We should go back to basically what we had then, with new guys filling into some of the spots lost.
I say...

The last 2 lines are practically interchangeable,You can swap talbot dups fedex cooke, it doesn't really matter. The main things are those 4 guys down the center. Also, Satan Pesonen and Sykora need top 6 time.

The Seeker said...

The Goon Blogger:

Godard has lost every fight he's been involved in since coming here.

In his last fight (Bruins - Thornton) he got his elbow pad caught-up in his own sleeve while he got his face pummeled.

Bizz fights way better than Godard.

crmzak said...

@nate - thanks.

Wow. That's pretty bad when an Ace Ventura joke flies over your head, huh? Somebody should fire me.

Speaking of getting fired, has there been any mention of scrapping the dude in the chair? He's obviously not one of us and should be dealt with accordingly.

Pensgirl said...

Crmzak, if you need more of a refresher here's the scene.

BlacknGold66 said...

I hope the Pens score 8 goals tomorrow night for two reasons.

1)Because I love the Pens.

2)So cblog is less like LGP after a loss.

"Is Malkin even worth it?"


I sincerely hope Stokes didn't see that.

Pensgirl said...

BNG, do like I did and pretend you hallucinated that. Sometimes denial is the only reasonable survival tool.

Stilly said...


This place is like suicide city today. October isn't even over yet. haha.

macedog said...

do you think that diving save that Sabu made was actually going in? i haven't found a good angle. let me know if you have.

crmzak said...

So, let's move on, shall we?

Anything special planned for ol' Gretzky tomorrow? It is the JOBBING Arena, isn't it?

Are there plans for a post dedicated to "FREE CANDY" with Halloween coming up?

Just curious.

p.s. Thanks Pensgirl for that link.

meecrofilm said...

Speaking of getting fired, has there been any mention of scrapping the dude in the chair? He's obviously not one of us and should be dealt with accordingly.

Goddamn, how many times do I have to say this: He was up against Hacksaw. He never had a chance.

Pesonen = not the answer.

Call me when it's January, and if the Pens are still hovering around the bottom few playoff spots, then we'll talk. Until then, let's just enjoy the wins and suck up it for the losses.

Anna. said...

If we lose to Phoenix...
I will be worried.

Sooska said...

NOPE Malkin is NOT worth it. He is not worth his Rookie of the Year trophy nor last year's 2nd leading scorer (must have faked it). He is not worth it cause he stepped up when Sid was injured. Nope not worth "it" at all.

pesonen? Janne > jesus

enough is enough; trade syko, satan (10 games for him and fedetenko is enough.) Letang? can't do the SO anymore so get rid of him.

fire shero. everyone's a bust. Sid too (last night 0 SOGs). trade him. we could buy a shitload of fighter goons for that money saved.

10 freaking games! TEN!!! Are any of you old enough to remember the bad start we had last year? (not you pensgirl, dying alive, stilly, BNG66)

tanya said...

considering the amount of depression i thought i was accidentally ended up thrashers fan site...

Penguins Experience said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick M. said...

Translated lyrics to "Pelimies" (Na na na Pesonen song.)


The best part is the ending:

This evening I am the winner,
the meat is strong when the meat is weak
Chest beating the drum as the caller;
but tonight I am the winner
This evening I am going to act,
displays the internal forces of eläimeni
I love it, and moose love to lions,
tonight will celebrate the winners

I want to touch ...

Come as you are in for coffee ...

stokes said...

Love the title. Ace Ventura is about as solid a comedy as they come.

Since i dont want to vomit all over myself talking about that game last night, i'll say very little. I'm not down on the Pens, but last night was just hard to watch. 11 SOG? That's Nasty.

The Sharks absolutely suffocated the Pens and the transition game was terrible, once again. The Sharks have a very good team.

@BNG: I dont need to defend my Charlie-lover, Geno. He has too many points in his ears to hear that clown. He's a beast and everyone knows it.

Staff, how about signing Rambo? I heard he shoots alot.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Goodbye, C-blog. After reading through a lot of the comments from Game Day post, I no longer believe that C-blog is intelligent enough to receive a response to all of its stupidity. I wanted to strangle a few of the commentators who obviously had no idea what they are talking about. So see ya later regulars ... I think C-blog has gone way too extreme after this loss and really just pissed me off. I'll talk to yinz on Facebook, but I'm really sick of the commenting going on here. I could go on and on with my ranting but it's not worth it.

In the end, NHL is all business for the players, but I watch it because I love the team, the people, the atmosphere, and things associated with being a fan. You can't win all 82 games, and it's disappointing when we lose, but there is always another game to get redemption. I watch this team diligently ... I know their strengths and flaws but I don't harp on them because they work hard to do what they do. They have just as competitive opponents as well. Take the wins with the losses and know that they will work on their flaws. None of us can control their playing style or such, I like hearing people's opinions but babbling about how much Staal sucks isn't good reading material.

Bye, Old C-blog and C-bloggers! Hope I talk to yinz soon ... we shall see *smiles*

Victor Raison said...

Perhaps the Pens were a bit hasty in getting rid of Kris Beech, no?

I fail to see how anybody on the ice now is much better.

Rage said...

@ihk-I shall preface this by sayin that I ain't an "old timer" here, and I mean this for everybody, old and new.

It is everyone's right as amerrcans to say or do whatev you like. My issue is this:

If you wanna go away, just make like nike and do it. There's no need for some huge dissertation, etc. Just go away. I totally agree with what you're sayin too, and I plan to do the same(minus facebook) Let's ALL just go away...or to LGP or whatev.


eileenover said...

victor raison, are you mentally ill?

BlacknGold66 said...

"Staff, how about signing Rambo? I heard he shoots alot."


Carroll said...

So I'm not sure who is left after cblog has traded/fired all the people on the team. (this is from my recollection, I will not be searching for specific quotes)

So at some point already these requests/suggestions have been made:

Sid - gone
Geno- gone
Jordan - long gone
Satan - gone
Godard - gone
BizNasty- gone
Tank - gone
TK - safe?
Max - safe?
Sykie - gone
Dupuis - gone
Thomas - already gone
Ziggy - out (if he doesn't win all his draws)

Therrien - gone
Yeo - gone

MAF - gone
Sabu- gone

Sydor- gone
Scuds - gone
Letang - gone
Goose - on the fence, trade bait.
Orpik - safe?
Eaton - gone
Gill - gone

Whit - out but will be on the gone list when he gets back
Gonch - out

Thankfully we have Pesonen and Caputi in the wings, they will save us all.

Did I miss anybody/anything.

eileenover said...


They might as well fire Andre Savard, Dana Heinze, etc. while they're at it. Just make a whole new organization.

Carroll said...

Sorry Eileen.

Shero - gone or safe??

eileenover said...

Shero's gone. He hasn't gotten Gaborik yet, so he's done.

penstone410 said...

shero - definitely gone

we don't even have enough players left to play a pickup game, for fucks sake

go cblog

Victor Raison said...

eileen: on the contrary, I was just just keeping with the general feeling around here today, with a touch of sarcasm. Although the staff kind of set the tone with their "Pesonen, best shape of his life" comment.

I think I'll just wait this out until cooler heads can prevail. Friday morning will bring new topics for discussion.

The Goon Blogger said...

carroll is one of the reasons I love cblog. Just sayin'

eileenover said...

Ok good, I was getting worried.

fleuryous said...

eileenover said...
victor raison, are you mentally ill?
Eileen, I actually laughed aloud. haha.

I'm actually not going to repeat the same thing over and over...but...there are 80 games.

Granted they did not have their best night, to say the least, I am not worried.

Staalski will step up.
By the by, I REALLY loved the Staal-Zigo matchup for the PK.
I still missed Max, but...they were solid.

And I'm still all for Sabu. Great backup indeed.

And the day Shero pays 8 million dollars for Gaborik is the day I become a Flyers fan., now, extreme, I know, but I have complete trust in Shero not being that ridiculous. haha

I think we should trade Iceburg. His pelvic thrusts are distracting.

And Godard has been stepping it up--not just fighting. Give him some tiiiiime.

Pensblog is better than LGP. We know DON'T fall into the trap. haha

eileenover said...

Crosby and Malkin split up

fleuryous said...

I'm kinda interested to see this Dupuis-Crosby-Tank line.

Quite interested, actually....

Carroll said...

@ Eileen
re: Dana Heinze, I can't believe that cblog didn't blame him for all the players falling in Boston. Don't blame the ice conditions, it must have been the equipment not being upto par. Come on cblog how did you miss this jobbing.

Don't even get me going about the medical/training staff. If they knew what they were doing noone would be injured or sick ever.

I guess your right the whole organiztion is shit.

Who's left?

penstone410 said...

"I guess your right the whole organiztion is shit."

yeah, thats the FIRST thing i think of when i think about the Pens you know, especially after last season.

The Goon Blogger said...

Dana Heinze is all heart, I can't hate the guy. Equipment managers in hockey have one of the hardest jobs ever. There's a chapter in Ken Dryden's The Game dedicated to his equipment guy. The whole book in general is an amazing read, up there with Searching for Bobby Orr and really any fan of hockey should read it.

wilsmith said...

You can't fire Dana, he's from Johnstown.

Beav said...

wow did I type in the right web address? Am I on LGP? Is there a suicide watch needed? Christ.

Suck it up, the Pens lost. I don't like it, nobody likes it, but slamming the players or the coaches or the equipment staff does nothing. If you don't like what you are watching on the ice, don't watch. Don't write about it. Shut up and jump on the Rags/Sabres/Wild/Wings bandwagon because they don't lose so often.

Get a fucking grip.

Carroll said...

@goon/wilsmith: just to clarify, I have no issues with Heinze but it seems like he is the only person that cblog hasn't requested to be traded/fired/executed since the beginning of this season.

Heinze - safe!

Kat said...

Interesting new line pairings. Thanks for the link Eileen. So now we finally get to see the Malk and Cookies line. Ha...Ok, I'm done now.

The Goon Blogger said...

Oh carroll I know, you were making a joke by saying he's the only one who hasn't taken guff.

I just took that time to talk about how sweet Heinze is, because he's rarely (if ever) brought up.


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