Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's A Great Day For Hockey

The Penguins do a lot of the things better than the Pirates.

Chalk up slogans, as another win for the Pens.

Remember how the Pirates slogan was "We Will?"

No one even knew what was going on.

Well the Pens unveiled their slogan yesterday. And well.... it just feels good.

It is the saying of former Pens coach, the beloved Badger Bob.

Thanks to [Jamie K]...we have been looking for this song forever.



The NHL network is insane.
If you missed any of the action, you can catch up with NHL On The Fly.
It runs all night.

Some highlights tonight:

:: Brodeur made a save you'll have to see to believe

:: Colby Armstrong, wow. Thrashers stun the world.

:: Carolina, WOOOOOOOOO
Ric Flair now announces Hurricane goals.
The Canes scored 6 goals.
thanks to [Brandon K]


Go Pens


rackets said...


rackets said...

go pens!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

...Maybe it's because I've had like, 7 hours of sleep since Wednesday morning, but that "Great Day for Hockey" clip absolutely left me choked up.

And I have to be awake for work in less than 5 hours. Kill me.

fleuryous said...

Holy shit, the man's a beast.

He's saving that team, seriously.

And good for Atlanta.

From the looks of the scoreboard, it looked more like a football game than a hockey game. haha


sh0ez said...

I about shit myself when I saw that Flair did "wooo!"s for the 'Canes this season. Ah-fucking-mazing.

A Great Day For Hockey = best slogan ever.

Thrashers = stunned Ovie. Did he play?

How 'bout the Stars getting stunned in OT by Nash and CBJ? Nuts.


J.S. said...

Flair announcing goals = full of win.


sh0ez said...

The Pens should've stepped up and signed Flair in the offseason.

fleuryous said...

Dude, a lot of the scores surprised me.

That's too bad Avery cares more about shoes than his hockey career.

And I'm talking about shoes, not sh0ez.

fleuryous said...

And Islanders, stop looking upset--you should be used to it by now.


Adrienne said...

Brodeur's save was fucking SICK. I'd let him stick it in me.

Colby's goal? Nice as hell, and a sure thing we'll pick him up come July 1st.

Pens tomorrow, CAN'T WAIT!!!!

TheFandangler said...

We won't get Colby... Maybe if the season is a bust and they want someone to bring some people to their seats.

It won't happen unless Colby does some great things this year.

GodILoveHockey said...

Working until 8pm, but I'll make most of the game if I speed home at a reckless, unreasonable speed.

Let's go Pens!

anthony doom said...

i agree, the "great day for hockey" video makes me prouder to be from here then ever, and the original song is just slammin. i seriously might cover it and send it in. i cant even wait!! 12 hours!!!

p.s. the free center ice on dish is awesome

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Where have all of you been? The Canes have had Ric Flair announcing their goals at least since they opened their arena in Raleigh. I don't know if they had the clip the couple of years they played in Greensboro, but it's definitely been a tradition since 1999.

I've been to a few games there where Flair has been in attendance, and he always gets a big ovation when they show him on the jumbotron.

Rage said...

@pops-nice to see one of my people on here! I saw the Army blast and it was frikkin sweet. He was doin some crushing as well, and YES Ovie was playing...after a fashion.


Kierstan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kierstan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
d.hersh said...

Anyone know where i can get that flag in the great day for hockey video?

Kierstan said...

I just had to point this quote's from an article linked on the Pens' official webpage about the Eastern Conference banner raising:

Actually, defenseman Brooks Orpik compared the Eastern Conference championship banner to the Vassa Warship Museum, which he and teammates toured last week in Stockholm, Sweden.

"They have a whole museum built for a ship that went one mile and sunk," Orpik said. "I kind of compare it to that."

I liked Orpik before, but I love him after that...great quote. :D

Oh, and the Brodeur save was amazing. I had to watch it a couple of times. Wow.

(removed and edited twice because I fucking fail today, apparently)

The Big K said...

My little brother is in that video.

Stilly said...

It IS a great day for hockey. Center Ice is pretty much the most tits sports package on TV. I might just have to order it after the free preview.

Saturday's finally here. Just have to wait another 11 hours.

Go Pens.

onesizedrummer said...

at what point does the Pirates PR staff see that commercial and their heads just hit the table.

Is it just me or does tonight feel like opening night?

Can't wait!!!!

Flair kinda screws up my thing for pensblog on gamedays


Joose said...

Watching all of those videos just after waking up is a fucking trip.


FireFox said...

Ok sure, I am completly bias because I am a Penguins fan and Pittsburgh is my home town. But damn... the Penguins organization has to be the one team that is the most connected with its fans. They understand us and get us. If they didn't already prove that all last season, they sure as hell did now. I feel good about this season, real good.

J.S. said...

anthony, I'm not so sure if that song is an original. I think this is a cover of a Joey Ramone song (also a cover). Still a pretty cool song, and as somebody else mentioned, it just shows how well this team connects with the fans.

Joey Ramone (RIP) - What A Wonderful World

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I believe that's the burgh's own The Clarks covering Wonderful World.

J.S. said...

from last post:

@stoosh, I tried getting that goofy face that he makes as my avatar, but I can't capture it right. Him on the phone works good enough for now, but it's only a matter of time before the kid from the GODard video gets recalled from the minors. And would the answer to the Buffalo question be "Connooooooollyyyyyyyyyyyyy, not Kotaliiiiiiiik"?

@paul. Good, or maybe not so good, that I see somebody else having problems with Gamecenter. I switched from a laptop that I have loaded with tons of programs that is bound to overheat any day now to my new-ish one (thankya eBay) with similar specs that has nothing running in the background. Tons of buffering problems, scoreboards that are an entire period behind (WSH-ATL was reporting 3-1 1st Int when it was 4-4 at the start of the third), and sometimes the games wouldn't even change. I got stuck watching the Buffalo/Montreal INTERMISSION while there were 4 other games being played. Epicfreakingfail! I'm gonna give it another week or until after the free preview is over. I'm thinking/hoping that the excessive site traffic might have something to do with it. I'm just glad that free Center Ice was available in the event that GC wasn't working properly.

@stan p.k., shortened to save on typos, it might be. With the exception of the radio favorites that are played on the X or the rare instance that I hear DVE (ugh), I'm not that familiar with his voice or their catalog. Was this something that they had covered before or something possibly recorded specifically for the Pens?

coffeytalk said...

It is The Clarks.

Believe me.

coffeytalk said...

and it was recorded for this video. they haven't done it before.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

I'm not sure if it's just for tonight or if it's going to be a season-long thing, but the HNIC games are on the NHL Network. Glad I ponied up the extra $5 a month to get it when I called in to order Center Ice yesterday evening.

AdamSocial said...

I'd have preferred them leaving Joey's version untouched.

There are only two things in Pittsburgh I hate, the Pirates and the Nick's Frat City house bands (of which I'm going to take license and lump in the Povertyneck Hillbillies).

Still, though, amazing video.

I'm calling 3 points tonight for Max Talbot.

Go Pens.

akus said...

Some days words alone can not express the feelings Pens fans have.

Some days all we need are those 6 words to get the feelings across.

"It's A Great Day For Hockey"

xuscbausp said...

pens/psu tonight

its a great night for life

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Upon further review, it looks like all national HNIC games will be broadcast on the NHL Network in the United States.

Doubly glad I got it now.

coffeytalk said...

The Povertyneck Hillbillies no longer exist. They were terrible to begin with. Remember their video with Ben Tumblesberger?

The Clarks however, are one of my favorite bands. They've been around for 20 + years and are the nicest group of guys I've ever met.

J.S. said...

pops, HNIC is season long from what I heard.

dying alive said...

The original song is by Louis Armstrong and it's way different than the remake. It's the best version, IMO (with no disrespect to the Clarks or the Ramones).

Every time I think of Badger Bob I get choked up, so needless to say, I thought the commercial was awesome. I agree with Firefox, the Pens know their fans.

J.S. said...

povertyneck hillbillies = garbage.

Saw them once during a skyblast (why else would somebody see them or a Pirates game in 2007?), and they sucked so bad that we were gone within 10, maybe 15 minutes.

xuscbausp said...

have to agree, JS. saw them in erie once and could only take about 10 minutes before i left

J.S. said...

to further add to my skyblast comment:

Regardless of what most of Pittsburgh thinks, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes >>>>>>>>> Povertyneck Hillbillies.

Flyer Hater said...

Not to run homoblog but the Louis Armstrong version of What A Wonderful World is one of the most beautiful songs ever created. The Clarks covering it makes me want to puke.

coffeytalk said...

then go ahead and puke, fh.

xuscbausp said...

the clarks are a fine band. nothing special. i will say that theyre one of, if not the, nicest bands ive ever met. they play in NYC often.

akus said...

NHL On The Fly:

I did watch Brodeur's save more than a few times but, not as many times as i have watched Rick Nash's goal.

HNIC on NHLN Saturday doubleheaders.

Flyer Hater said...

Gary Green=Most Annoying person on Earth.

xuscbausp said...

so first night when i could watch the pens on centre ice...

and i get the devils announcers because its a local game. awesome.

even better; because of the rags, i dont get the game in HD


J.S. said...

FH, that's not true. Don't forget that douche who calls the Tampa Bay games, Dave Mishkin.

Rage said...

speaking of Douche Bay, Melrose has moved Bugsy up to 1st Line so he'll "shoot more"

debrisslide said...

I hate the Clarks. They namedrop the Fayette County Fair in their fucking song and then don't have the common decency to show some County pride. They tell everyone they're from Pittsburgh. Plus their music is balls.

The "Great Day for Hockey" clip also kind of made me want to cry.

Orpik is a beast with the quotes.

I love this team.

Go Pens.

Rage said...

@j.s. I find it hard to believe anybody anywhere would EVER think

Povertyneck Hillbillies > Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

bluzdude said...

The Great Day for Hockey video is goosebump inducing. It's what Penguins Hockey is all about.

Can't wait for gametime. The Center Ice Package is "must have" for any displaced Pens fan. Without it, my hockey season would be reduced to games against the Caps, and the handful of national games. CI is worth every penny.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Why only get 2 hours sleep prepping for a Hockey Draft?

Why have butterflies today like it's the 1st day of Kindergarten?

Why stare at the closet, trying to make a decision about which Penguins attire you're going to wear to the game?

Why countless hours in the driveway shooting pucks against an Orange Cone goalie?

Why bother with 10:00pm practices, at a semi-outdoor rink, when there's no scholarship involved and you know that this is the end of competitive hockey?

Why Road/Street/Ball Hockey? Dekhockey? Roller Hockey? Adult Leagues? Midnight Pick-Up games?

Why order NHL Network? Center Ice?

Why bookmark every Gore site that even mentions Hockey?

Why read a 'Penguins blog' and feel like peeps here are a 2nd family of sorts?


Because I love this game.

We all love this game...for days just like today.

[Let's Go Pens!]

The Seeker said...

In a perfect world with a just God, that polka band's plane would have crashed instead of Buddy Holly's.

bayonetwork said...

or even John Denver's.

J.S. said...

rage, good point.

This might be the reason for my comment about PH >Me First.


J.S. said...

turk, if you haven't pitched that for a commercial, what's stopping you?

excellent stuff

jefe p said...

what a fun filled post to start the season in north america.

haha, j.s. will this work for ya?

fat mike rules.

go pens!!

[its a great day...]

brett said...

There were some killer goals in the Vancouver opener too. It's going to be a great season!!

Steve Braband said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Braband said...

Bob Ross can paint AND play the trumpet. Amazing....

jefe p said...

Crosby's grandmothers have traveled here for the first time to see him play and will attend the game tonight. (ppg)

expect a couple hatties for sid tonight.

jbart321 said...

Why the fucking Clarks? Man, they suck and now they ruin yet another song. Oh, well, at least the Pens are awesome.

J.S. said...

that'll work

nice one, bruva!!

My mom just stopped by and reminded me there's family in town and that there's a get-together tonight. Hopefully they don't mind me leaving early, as in prior to 7 o clock.

My grandma is a Penguins fan, and she may even have the game on. However, I am NOT missing the home opener. With 10-15 people running around, there's a good chance large portions of the game will be missed.

Rage said...

@steve braband-Bob Ross is the child of a cosmic mating of Jesus AND Buddha, thus, he can do EVERYthing.

@J.S.-that entry is disturbing if things really went down that way, and I have no reason to think otherwise.

The Ruutus play the DoucheWings today: hopefully the arena explodes because of the epic wrongness

Rage said...

Oh. And

Commit to Dr. Turkleton

Go Pens

dying alive said...

expect a couple hatties for sid tonight.

Especially if his grandma is still ponying up the $1 for every point.

I seriously feel like a little kid in the middle of the night on Christmas right now, knowing that tons of presents are waiting for me but I have to wait a few more hours. I am dying alive!

dying alive said...

And since I haven't posted here enough already today, Sid is at 99 goals. If he gets his 100th tonight, Mellon Arena explodes.

Flyer Hater said...


Are any of yinz Seinfeld fans?

MikeS said...

The "Great Day For Hockey" video is everything that being a Penguins fan is about. Simply awesome.

Bonus points to getting the Clarks to record Wonderful World.

ricky said...

Heads up:

Top Ten Mario Lemieux Goals
NHL Network at 6pm tonite.

Should get ya pumped for the game a little more.

J.S. said...

speaking of the Red Wings

Not my style to call people that unless it's Charlie, but it is Hossa and Detroit.

Chubs said...

That's a great video- I love how the Pens organization really gets it. I don't know what it is, it is just what they get.

tanya said...

hossa in red wings jersey = extremely painful

fleuryous said...


I do enjoy the Joey Ramone cover, but I do love the Louie version more.

And I hope Crosby scores his 100th goal tonight.
Please do, Sir.

AAAAAAAAAH I leave for the game in like...3 hours. WOOOOO.

...and I hate The Clarks as well. BLEGH.

fleuryous said...

And about the whole Hossa ordeal...

The Pens play tonight, MFers.

Can we get the Nature Boy to call a game?

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

When watching the Steelers-Jags game Sunday night, we saw #7 get knocked to the turf and I said, "There goes Tumblesberger." The lovely Nancy Stoosh looks at me and goes, "Tumblesberger?" So I had to explain the story to her and told her that it was a nickname you thought up.

She loves you even more now. Just wanted you to know.

Stoosh said...

Clarksblog -

Not a diehard fan, but I like them. Got a chance to meet them when they played at W&J before I was really familiar with their stuff, but I'll echo Coffey's statements that they are incredibly cool guys. BS'd about guitars with Rob James for a little while, which was pretty sweet.

I can understand that they rub some people the wrong way, especially the whole "they're not technically from Pittsburgh" thing. But it's nice to see that as they've gained popularity, they've managed to keep their name attached to the general Pittsburgh music scene. IMHO, it's a very underrated music scene.

By contrast, my cousin is friends with Pat Monahan, who is best known as the lead singer of Train. They went to high school together and he's told me stories of what Pat had to deal with trying to make his name at first in Erie so he could get exposure to bigger markets (the Erie area had a fairly strong musical scene for a long time through the 1980s and the early 1990s). Basically, no one would give him the time of day when he was trying to book gigs in Erie and surrounding areas (Buffalo, Cleveland, etc). He moved to San Francisco, hit it big a number of years later with Train and now a lot of the same people that crapped all over him can't stop themselves from attaching his name to the Erie music scene.

Stoosh said...

@ Dr. Turk -

I'm comfortable enough to admit it...

Your 11:41 AM post choked me up, especially this part:

Why countless hours in the driveway shooting pucks against an Orange Cone goalie?

Why bother with 10:00pm practices, at a semi-outdoor rink, when there's no scholarship involved and you know that this is the end of competitive hockey?

Why Road/Street/Ball Hockey? Dekhockey? Roller Hockey? Adult Leagues? Midnight Pick-Up games?

The best thing about this game is that it's just as much fun to play as it is to watch.

If you've ever looked forward to pick-up hockey games of any kind (ice, roller, dek, whatever) with your friends the same way an eight-year old kid looks forward to Christmas morning or if two of your favorite things in the world are the smell of a hockey rink and the sound of your skate blades cutting into the ice and reading what Turk wrote didn't give you chills,...well, you more than likely don't have a soul.

TheNWChica said...

Commit to the Doctor! (Sorry Stooshie...had to do it for this one)

Oh, and random jersey sightingblog... last night at the Tips game there was a Bing Winter Classic one and a current one that had the C on it so I assumed it was Bing too. Nope...not Steven Crosby; she turned around during intermission and it was #66 and I got a little verklempt. lol

J.S. said...

Tumblesberger? Wish I could have heard the story before asking, but I like it and will be using it often, as it seems like he seems to tumble to the turf as if it were his job.

My personal favorite that I use and use often = interceptionberger.

Not to steal max power's catch phrase, but Trader Joe's Dried Granny Smith apple rings = crazy delicious.

dying alive said...

I always call him "Ben Worthless-burger" after his interceptions. Then I kind of feel bad, because I am a Stillers fan.

BlacknGold66 said...

It's A Great Day for Hockey Indeed!

Can't wait to make the trek down.

@FH: I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan. But you already knew that. Why do you ask?

Susan Burghart said...

Flair is cool, but what would really kick ass would be Rowdy Roddy Piper announcing goals.

daismog said...

To anyone who may be interested:

I was bored playing around with photoshop, and basically merged the Pens season schedule and "Great Day for Hockey" wallpapers.

This is 1440x900, since that's the resolution on my monitor. If you want it in some other screen resolution, well, have fun....

Rage said...

Thank you dais

Allison said...

@ stoosh from the other night.
Earlier today I stoped by the mellon and got 9 autographs!!! I've got such sick pictures of everyone and met a bunch of the new faces. BillThomas is soooo cool. When I get a chance I'm gonna link you guys to all the pictures

fleuryous said...

I do love Ric Flair, but why does the Macho Man get no love?


Allison said...

And funny story...
Since this cblog is talking about orpik quotes I've got a good one from today...
He's signing for us out the window of his nice white bmw and he drops the sharpie when handing it back to the kids. He looks up and just dead pans "well, that's gonna look great on the car" and just keeps signing stuff. It probably doesn't sound that funny here, but in person it was cause of the way he said it. Love him!!!

Docciavelli said...

Suggestion to Mellon Staff:

Replace hard disk space used previously for Rex Gildo with Energy.

Energy = Pittsburgh's Kate Smith. Only not a pig like Kate.

debbs6814 said...


What else can be said!! Chills!!

The Clarks??

Kevin said...

I still have that song on tape from when the locals (DVE, maybe?) mixed it w/Mike Lange goal calls from the '92 SC Playoffs.

Now if only I still had a tape player...

[in ABQ]

hag65 said...

Just so you know from a 'Canesfan's mouth, Flair has been doing the woooooooooo for Carolina goals since the team moved to Raleigh, and the whole crowd does it with him...

He is from Charlotte, and the rumored story is, he was buds with the PA announcer and cut the first spots with him and of course it took off like crazy. A Canes game without Flair wouldn't be the same...

I like your new slogan, good video too, the Pens really know how to do it...

kamechiha said...

Colby = Kevin Stevens

NEED THE MP3!!!!!!!!!!!

pittsburghforlife420 said...

Is that the clarks on the great day for hockey video? if so, thats awesome!


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