Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Betting is as streaky as anything. When you're hot, you're hot. When you're cold, you're ice.

To clarify some things, we bet at [BETUS].
We've been betting there for three-plus years. Solid organization.
You can fill your account for a minimum of $50.


Only three games on the slate tonight.
Taking one glance at the games, it becomes clear what game we are sitting on:


Toronto visits New Jersey. [PensionPlanPuppets]

Toronto, coming off a tough loss at home, must now travel all the way to the swamp.


5 bucks on Devils to win by 1.5.
Bank it.


Speaking of the Leafs, they're doing some below-the-radar experiment.
We did extensive Google searches that came up empty.

We won't insult everyone this time with big giant red arrows.

What's wrong with this picture?


We figured no one had heard about it since goal lights in the Air Canada Centre are the least used in the National Hockey League.



We wanted to hit the numbers, since we've hit the 10-game mark.

+Evgeni Malkin leads the league in scoring with 3g/12a/15p.
He has played less games than the 2 of the top 16 players up there in scoring.
One of those players is Bing: 3g/10a/13p.
The other is Marc Savard, having played 10 games and putting up 5 goals and 8 assists.

+The Pens have scored an average of 2.4 goals a game.
That's 8th worst in the league.
Of all teams, Philly leads the league with an average of 4 a game.

+But then we hit up goals-against averages for teams.
The Pens are 4th in the league, giving up only 2.1 a game. Staggering.
Rangers are number one with a 1.92 average.

+So, Philly should be awesome since they score 4 goals a game.
Whoops. Their GAA is 3.67. Fourth worst in the league.
Dallas is giving up 4.22 a game.

+The Pens power play is 7th in the league with 20.9%.
St. Louis is all business with mid-'90s-Pens-esque 34.2%
We'll see them Saturday.

+The Pens PK is fifth in the league, dominating 87% of the time.
Minnesota is a perfect 100%, killing 30-some penalties this season.

As far as the Pens individual stats go, here's the breakdown:
Click me.

And now we come to the most disturbing stat of all.

+The Pens are giving up 33.7 shots a game, 5th worst in the league.
They're putting 26.2 shots on net a game, 4th worst.

This looks to be a telltale sign that the blue line is lacking.
Teams don't respect our blue line. Defensemen can rarely get a shot off.
Gonchar and Whitney combined would add at least 3 shots a game to the Pens average.

As far as giving up shots goes, if you've watched Pens game, they've been in the hunt every night.
They're playing conservatively, keeping shots to the perimeter.
It's the only way teams can get the puck to the net against the Pens.
Next time you watch a game, just count 3 shots against the Pens that are trash.
That takes the Pens average down to 30 a game.
It might be naive to think that way, but any statistical figure can be ridiculed.

Go Pens


Sooska said...


megz590 said...

i still dont like geno and sid on the same line.

J.S. said...

If this was at the ACC, then I'm not sure I'd agree with your bet. But as usual when people visit The Rock, teams (a)guard their wallets and person goods when entering and exiting the arena, or (b) get put to sleep by a boring Devils team sans Holik and Rolston.

Without going predictionblog by listing goal scorers and a final score, I'll say that Fatso gets the win.

[Puck Finn]

Carroll said...

megz - they have been seperated.
See Eileen's post from previous thread for link. (it's on the Pens site)

TheNWChica said...

For all of you who can stay up late and watch it with me, the Wings and Les Canards is always an entertaining game as well.

Besides...anytime Daytwah loses is a good night, no matter who they play.


The Goon Blogger said...


From last post. I just wanted to take the opportunity to talk about Heinze because no one ever brings him up. I know you were being sarcastic.

The Goon Blogger said...

Also, I loved that the staff circled Jobing for the next game. I had to check with the actual site to see if it actually was called Arena. I thought staff was just being awesome.

Brilliance, regardless

Carroll said...

@goon - I'm glad you understood, I just wanted to make sure you got my point.

If people didn't understand the previous post and my point of the amount of complaining my new avatar shows the Pens team according to cblog. Hope you enjoy.

brett said...

Emerick, calling the Devils game just said the following:

The "H" in Hockey stands for "Hit". And the "H" can stand for History.

I think the "H" stands for Hockey, actually.

Sooska said...

@carroll- right you are! everyone has got to go and we can bring up all WBS. that'sll do the trick and turn the corner, eh?

@brett- H is for hockey?

Matt D said...

nice stat breakdown. not only do gonchar and whitney add shots, they get the puck to the forwards much faster. its a subtle difference, but it contributes to our inability to break through the blue line.

i'm glad i'm not a devils fan

go pens

Stoosh said...

I was gonna start this off by saying that I can't believe I subjected myself to staying up through the entire game last night, knowing full well that I had to be up for work at five o'clock in the mornin'. But then I figured it was just about six weeks ago that most of us would've likely killed someone because we were going through hockey withdrawl, so even a boring Pens game - relatively speaking, of course - isn't such a bad thing to have on TV.

I'm a little stunned that we're already ten games in. More than ten percent of the season already in the books, kids. Unreal.

I guess the Pens are kind of playing like mud right now. All in all, 5-3-2 is a pretty good record all things considered. We've taken 12 of 20 points so far, and if we keep playing at that pace, that's good for a 98-point season, four points less than last season. It's not last year, but I'd take 98 or 99 points.

I don't know...maybe I'm just a little surprised by all the alarmism going on...not here, but other places. Some posters over at LGP and callers to the talk shows have their fingers hovering over the "DEFCON 1" button. Bring Roberts back...bring Malone back, and Armstrong and Noah Welch, too. Get Kovalchuk (as much as I love the thought, it's a pipe dream). Get Gaborik. Get Kovalchuk and Gaborik. Trade Whitney (because opposing GM's are breaking down Shero's door to get a defenseman who isn't going to play for two more months). Trade Gonchar (because defensemen who won't be back until the playoffs are in even more demand).

As Christopher Walken would say, "it's crazy."

I love Marian Gaborik, but I've heard his name so much on the Madden's show thanks to some of the callers that I'm actually starting to hate Marian Gaborik.

Back before he was handcuffed by budget limitations thanks to that measly little thing called Bankruptcy Court, Craig Patrick used to take the first six or seven weeks of the season to evaluate what he had....20 or 25 games or so. Sometime around late-November through mid-December, if he didn't like what he saw, he made a deal. A few months before pulling off his signature Ron Francis trade, Larry Murphy and Pete Taglianetti were acquired in December of 1990...two guys who proved instrumental to Stanley Cup Numero Uno. Kasparaitis, Stu Barnes and Jason Woolley were acquired in November of 1996. Kovalev came to the Pens in November of 1998.

King Shero has shown just as much patience, if not more. Give Shero another 10 or 15 games to see what he's really got here and maybe while we're at it, we'll get a better read on Whitney's recovery, too. I think Shero's earned the benefit of the doubt.

brndlynn said...

Commit to the Stoosh

kevonic622 said...

you realize that is a D+ on

J.S. said...

Question about tonight's WS game:

How do they determine who has seats? What if people threw away, lost, or for some reason no longer have their stubs?


Hand of Godard said...

Ok, I'm retarded and need big red arrows... What am I supposed to be seeing in those pictures from the Leafs/Bolts game?

J.S. said...

Rocco homers!!

Philly = silent (and stunned)


Carroll said...

@hand - they don't have a regular goal light. It's a long red bulb that goes along the top of the glass.

If there is something else I am missing it too.

Going Five Hole said...

will tomorrow's pre-game gambling post be sponsored by Rick Tocchet and Janet Gretzky?

debrisslide said...

Gotta love stats.

Go Pens.

Every time I write it on my whiteboard at college, someone in the hallway changes it to "Go Penis." College = awesome.

Stoosh said...

maybe I'm just a little surprised by all the alarmism going on...not here, but other places.

I just read the c-blog entries from the San Jose game recap thread, and it appears I've spoken too soon. I'll just say that if not for the sarcasma-laced posts by the likes of Carroll, Eileen and a few others, my face might have melted like Major Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

People certainly have the right to be critical and the Pens have done enough on their own to merit criticism. And reasonable criticism is fun to read and fun to debate as fans.

But I'm reading stuff like "Is Malkin really worth having?" in the face of the FACT that the kid is leading the fucking National Hockey League in scoring and doing so on a team that's not exactly lighting up opposing goaltenders right now.

I really hope the question of Malkin's worth was asked with a tinge of sarcasm and it just didn't come across well, because otherwise THAT would qualify as severe lack of perspective.

Seriously, what more do you want out of Malkin? If he's not one of the three most talented skaters in the league, he's in the top five. There are other teams that would have certainly traded five future first-round picks to have him on their roster had he gotten to restricted free agency.

He seemingly takes a shift off every so often. Cool. Show me someone who doesn't...even Sid. Contrary to his legend, there are in fact shifts where Crosby is out there not skating as hard as he possibly could all the time. That's no knock on's just a fact that #1) you can't sell out your body on every single shift every single game and #2) sometimes the flow of the game doesn't allow you to do so.

See, real hockey isn't played at arcade-style, breakneck speeds for sixty straight minutes the way it is on your XBox 360. Yes, EA Sports has in fact let you down; what's in the game isn't always what's in the game.

Anyone who's ever actually played hockey - even at a rec league level - will tell you it's a game of momentum swings punctuated with intense rushes of back-and-forth flow. In between these rushes are lulls in the action as teams try to set things up to establish momentum. But then again, common sense would tell you that you'll have that when there are two teams reasonably matched in talent that are both trying to win the game.

It's these lulls that happen during every game which prevent a player from selling out on every single shift. Sometimes, you HAVE to dial the pace of the game down to gain control of the momentum, the pace of the game, and slow things down so you can execute your offense or defense.

But apparently Malkin doesn't look like he's skating through walls all the time and it's enough to question his effort.


Sorry if I sound like a snotty, know-it-all fan. I'm trying really hard not to come off like that, and I know I'm failing miserably, so I apologize. But ignorance at the level of "Is Malkin really worth having?" set me off something wicked. Please take that shit over to the message boards or something.

thenetranger56 said...

I actually love Bing and Geno on the same line as long as they have someone who can finish. I love Dupuis's energy and puck retrieval, however with two A++ playmakers, you need someone who can reliably hit the net/get rid of the puck fast. Hence Tank's goal.

Hip said...

Anyone who's still saying Malkin takes shifts off is not watching the games and just using old recycled arguments to sound smart. The dude has been outrageous this year and back-checking like a fucking stud. So try again.

Why are people concerned this early? I guess I'll be honest, I'm not necessarily expecting a repeat trip this year. I'm confident we'll win a Cup in the next few years, I think we can absolutely do it this year with the team we have right now (so certainly when we get Sarge and Whit back), but this is H - as in hockey. It's hard as fuck to get there no matter how good you are. You can be the best (see Pens, 1993) and not win it. So does that make me a lame fan? I dream big every year, but my point is, I'm not feeling entitled. Games like last night piss me off because we're better than that. Had we lost to the Hurricanes though for example, I would have said, alright cool, we played well, you can't win them all.

Is it a wasted season if you don't win it all? I don't want to think like George Steinbrenner (sp?). Make no mistake about the goal, but as a fan the journey is what's important to me. I stick with this team through and through. I don't need a shiny Cup to make me want to watch next year. There are way too many fairweather fan's right now that we picked up during last year's run.

Time to shit or get off the pot. I'm about to flush.

brndlynn said...

It seems I may have been a little too eager in my committing. Thank you Stoosh for saying what everyone is thinking.

Its fans like those that make me wish the Pens werent quite so popular. The bandwagon is overflowing.

brndlynn said...

As much as I wish there werent advertising on the front page....the "Get a good way" ad is classic.

J.S. said...

dammit philly

oh well, guess I can hope for a few riots. the city won't have enough cells after tonight.

Stoosh said...

Commit to the Hip.

Two trips to the playoffs and all of a sudden there's a sense of entitlement among Pens fans. I'll admit, it's that same sense of entitlement that pervades the Steeler fanbase and has made the last few years less enjoyable for me to watch as a fan of the local football team. It's impossible to rationalize with fans who can't understand that there's another team out there just as talented (relatively speaking) trying just as hard to win the game as well, and despite everyone's wishes, sometimes the other team just wins.

There are no guarantees and it's extremely difficult to win. Look how many great NHL teams have fallen by the wayside over the year.

Hell, even the 1995-96 Red Wings - the standard for modern-day regular season dominance with 62 wins and 131 points in 82 games - failed to not only win the Cup but even put themselves in a position to win it. They lost in the Western Conference Finals. That was a team that was almost 40 points better than the next best team in its division and almost 30 points better than the Avs during the regular season.

And as I type this the Phillies just won the fucking World Series. Would anyone have believed heading into the season or even the playoffs that they would get to this point?

The Goon Blogger said...

Fuck Philadelphia.

Hip and stoosh dominate.

lis said...

Burn the city down...I don't want to go to school tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Stoosh said...

Make no mistake about the goal, but as a fan the journey is what's important to me. I stick with this team through and through. I don't need a shiny Cup to make me want to watch next year.


Even as a fan, enduing the journey with your team is what makes the end result we all hope for so fucking sweet.

So if you can't handle bumps in the road that come with the journey, get the fuck off the bandwagon now.

[the journey]

Sooska said...

@stoosh & hip *stands up and applauds* some people here don't have much hockey knowledge, a sense of Pens history even from one year ago, nor do they know how to accept a loss or a string of them. Nor do they know how to win.

carroll has the right idea. trade the whole fuck load of them, the worthless baggage that they are-especially the Europeans.

norojo said...

First of all, nuke philly.
Secondly, i love Therrien but he must have had a brain fart. Fedetenko on the first line??? Cooke on the second line??? This is getting retarded. We didn't sign Satan to play on the third line and we didn't sign jarko ruutu's replacement to be geno's winger. Shero needs to get Peso up and someone has to help HCMT with his line configuration stat.

eileenover said...

Well norojo, Fedotenko scored when he was out with Crosby last night. If you don't know how often HCMT switches up lines you should stop watching games right now.

Carroll said...

stoosh/hip: THANK YOU!

You both have said what alot of us have been feeling. Now I remember why I will be visiting Pittsburgh in February. I hope the "good" people of cblog have not been scared off and will eventually return.

fleuryous said... first when I saw that "What's wrong this picture," I immediately thought

"Tampa Bay is winning?"


Let's go Pens.

And I really want to see this first line tomorrow. If Tank has the good games he's been having, it should be a decent line.

I love Dupuis--I really do. That guy is SO FAST, ALL the time. haha

I want to go to a WBS gaaaaaaaame.

eileenover said...

And stoosh and hip- thank you so much. Hopefully some of these idiots will shut up for a while.

lis said...

watching all the local news stations is absolute torture....although they do find the biggest idiots to interview on the news....not that that's hard to do in philadelphia

norojo said...

why is it anytime someone criticizes something about the pens all you cool kids act like we must not know anything about them. I've been watching this team as long as I could walk and yes, eileen, I know therrien has a tendancy to change lines. my complaint is that these changes are bad. Tank scored a meaningless goal last night, woop de doo. everyone needs to chill out and stop equating any complaint to this "let's trade the whole team" bullshit

Rage said...

laffs win 6-5 shootoot


Carroll said...

Toronto/NJ in a shootout 5-5.

Holy Crap Toronto wins!!

Sooska said...

Tank has been great lately. They had like a week of preseason to get familiar with each other. I don't think Sid is easy to play with; nor Geno. They are unpredictable for their teammates almost as much as for the opposition. That is why chemistry is so important. you either have or you don't. Some players start slow. some fast. They all have to mesh, learn tendencies and the system. major players are hurt, leaving huge holes.

It is an 82 game season. You have to fight to get playoff berth. Last year wasn't easy as some people think. Players have to pace themselves or they get wasted in the playoffs. Sid was fresher at the end than Geno cause he (by his own admission) sat out with his injury. same for Fleury. short, short summer, short off season

Stoosh said...

@ Norojo -

Therrien's line-shuffling can get ridiculous sometimes, but I like what he's doing here.

Fedo has a goal in two of the last three. What's more, he's been a +3 over that span, which is good considering 1) we've only scored seven goals over that span and 2) two of those games have been losses. He's also been shooting the puck like crazy - 12 shots in those three games.

Satan, conversely, has gone three games without a point and has only four shots over those three games. He was signed to shoot the puck when playing on a line with either Sid or Geno and if he's not going to do it, they need to get someone in there who will.

Cooke is the type of player who can create some space for Malkin and Sykora with his speed and his energy. Quite frankly, Staal wasn't doing it when he was on that wing. Cooke goes hard to the net when he's out there and that's something they need. Staal was generating next to nothing in terms of traffic in front of net and he doesn't seem to have much of a touch around the net right now, either; that can change with Cooke, who seems to get most of his goal production by shoveling garbage in front of the net.

fleuryous said...

Yikes, Staff. haha.

eileenover said...

I'll direct you to stoosh's and sooska'a comments now.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Fleuryous, I thought the same thing about the Tampa Bay screen cap.

I held back from posting today, I just shook my head. All of that strife after a loss not even a tenth into the season. Sometimes, you just gotta buck up, accept the loss, count your blessings, and do The Walk Of Life...

norojo said...

yeah stoosh, i mean we'll see. i just think dupuis and tank are both third line guys. dup and sid have good chemistry so i like him up there but i think they need someone with more of a scorer's touch on that wing like Hossa was. Satan is no Hossa but he, or Sykora, are the best options. I like cooke a lot but he's not a goal scorer. Again, I'd rather see Satan in that spot if Tank is playing on the first. I dunno, obviously we need more shots and I don't like the look of these lines to change that but let's hope im wrong

Stoosh said...

For the record, I think Staal will be OK. He needs to get a couple of dirty goals and I think he'll get going. He was one of the best players on the ice against Carolina and the only thing that seemed to give him trouble was a tendency to wait a split-second too long to shoot.

Truthfully, the reason they beat Carolina so badly last week was because they simplified their game in the third, made some smart, basic passes and shot the puck. I think Staal and a few other guys on the team need to get back to that just a little to get the ball rolling.

Sooska said...

since I was multiasking I neglected to say at the end short, short summer, short off season, short camp, short preseason = slowish start. i wont say slow; just slow to heat up beyond a simmer right now, not the full out midseason boil.

fleuryous said...

Man, Ducks responded quickly. haha

Annie said...

Haha, fleuryous, I thought the same thing.

To Stoosh/Hip/Eileen/anyone I missed - thank you, thank you, thank you for your wisdom-filled comments. After a couple days of lame Oilers fans and stupid comments about how much trouble the Pens are apparently in, I wanted to kick myself in the head. Me = totally committed.

I wish longtime cbloggers didn't have to be driven away just because a few people no one's ever seen before made dumbass comments. It's great that more and more people are reading tPB, but come on, some people need to think about what they're saying before they post something.

On another note, I think I love Malkin more and more every day.

fleuryous said...

Staalski will be finer than fine. He'll be golden, just you watch.

Never heard of him. haha.

Stoosh said...

@ Norojo -

I can see your point about Dupuis and Cooke. Dupuis seems to borrow Mark Recchi's hands from last year every other game or so, but that's just a limitation of his game. I thought he was a good fit on the first line with Sid and Satan because his speed and willingness to get into the corners helps create room for Sid and Miro. The problem they ran into is that they weren't always taking advantage of some of that (Satan has only 18 shots on net in 10 games).

This is one reason why I'd like to see Sid start trusting his shot more. Last night, after Fedo's goal, Sid came down on an odd-man rush with Dupuis to his left. It looked to me like he had a clear shot on Nabokov, but instead decided to float a saucer pass to Dupuis hoping for a one-timer or tap-in. Dupuis just isn't skilled enough to put that home most of the time, especially when he had someone chasing right behind him. That's one instance where I would've rather just seen Sid fire it.

I've seen a lot of instances in the past where an energy guy is put on a off-wing with a playmaking center and a goal-scoring winger, and the job of the energy guy is to do the dirty work and create space for the other two. This is especially efficient for a team that runs a cycle like the Pens. It's success depends on the energy player's willingness to do it and the abilities of the other two to do something with the extra space.

Like you said, we'll see how it works. If nothing else, Therrien won't hesitate to change it if he thinks it's not working out.

Stoosh said...

"It's success" should've been "Its success".

Me = Fail at grammar

meecrofilm said...

New lines = solid. Nice to see Cooke rewarded for his play on Tuesday. Although eventually I think Satan needs to be part of the top-6.

Stoosh and hip, you guys are right on. There's definitely a sense of entitlement among Pens fans, which is pretty surprising (and borderline sickening) considering they've sucked for the better part of this decade. But make the playoffs once, get to the finals next year, and all of a sudden we're the damn Oilers of the 1980s and are gonna take home 5 cups in the next 10 years. All those stupid NHL articles making the comparisons aren't helping either.

Most people don't realize how fortunate we are to have two of the best players in game in Sid and Geno playing for the Pens right now (I'll be honest. There are some nights I take it for granted too). Just to be able to watch them night in and night out is a real treat, and no matter the outcome of the game, I never walk away without taking some sort of satisfaction that I was fortunate enough to watch another Pens game.

And for fuck's sake, you'd think this is football by how many people are so doom and gloom about the early losses. As it's been said before, it's not how you start, it's how you finish. See: Ottawa Senators, 07-08 season. See: Pittsburgh Penguins, 07-08 season.

Am I happy when the Pens win? Definitely. Am I bummed out when they lose? You bet your ass. It ruins my night. But I'm just thankful we have a team to root for. It wasn't too long ago when it seemed we'd lose the Pens forever (thank you, lottery, thank you Bing). But three years later, and all of a sudden if they don't win every game, trade half the team. Sickening.

Anyways, I don't know the exact quote, but it's something along the lines of "It's not the destination, but the ride along the way that counts." And I'm just grateful that each year, come October, I get to be part of the ride.

-And it's fucking stupid we all need to be giving speeches only ten games into the season. TEN! And the Pens are above .500! But I digress.

Only thing that matters right now is making The Great Homo whine at good ol' Arena.

Buckle up, bitches. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

[your mom]

norojo said...

ill let the gaffe slip stoosh lol. goodnight cblog, go pens

penstone410 said...

stoosh + hip = the real cblog


Stoosh said...

@ Meecrofilm -


As I said, I don't mind the criticism when it's kept in perspective. They've certainly been worthy of some of the criticism they've received this year. Gagging away two third-period leads in ten games is something worth criticizing. The inability to generate offense and refusal to shoot the puck (and as Jesse Marshall accurately stated, it really has become almost a REFUSAL to shoot) is worthy of criticism.

But perspective is the key.

Maybe I've still got too many memories of 2002-03 and 2003-04 stuck in my head. Or maybe I'm still geeked that I'm not sitting here watching the second season of the Kansas City Pens, or trying to talk myself into cheering for the Canucks, Sabres and Blue Jackets.

I was at the game last Thursday against Carolina - my first game of the year - and there are times that I sit there and still can't believe that players like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury are wearing Pens jerseys. It's especially true with Sid.

I missed Lemieux in his prime so this is kind of the first time I've experienced the advent of younger superstars like this with my favorite hockey team. OK, so I grew up a Canucks fan and got to watch the evolution of Pavel Bure. But Pavel Bure, for as good as was, has nothing on Sid and Malkin in terms of overall abilities.

That being the case, a very big part of me just tries to sit back and enjoy this as much as possible. I want Shero to put a solid team on the ice, and I want the team to win as much as possible, but as a fan, all I can really do is sit back, watch and hope for the best.

Delongeatticus said...

not trying to spam or anything, but on the topic of betting, there is a free sports book out there called centsports. you never pay a dime, and actually always start with .10 check it out here:

I've been using it for about 6 months now and love it, even as a leisurely vice:-)

- Joe in Albany, NY

Nulpher said...

In other news... the Phillies broke the curse.

Oh shit...

penstone410 said...

phillies win world series.


nu said...

more stats for truth:

In that vague, mythical place known as "last year at this time": we had no
-and people wanted MT gone every other game
Or was that just November?

I know we all kind of forgot what losing felt like after the ridonkulous playoff run (and then after the Finals when it was a sanity measure), but welcome to the regular season, folks.

Seriously - they did not have A POSITIVE GOAL DIFFERENTIAL LAST YEAR until Conks decided to take over the world.

They will get their shit together. Sooner, rather than later. It's just what they do. Barring a repeat of "Black November" from last year, the team and we as fans are way ahead of the game. (And in the event of a repeat, there'll be a lot more room to stretch out and get comfy on the bandwagon...while we all form a suicide prevention group. :P)

[On the bright side, much of Philadelphia should be self-demolished after tonight?]

My name is Justin Saputski. said...

Leafs 6 Devils 5

Bank it

meecrofilm said...

Looks like Osbad is back to his usual diving-ways against the Ducks tonight. He must have been hanging out with the Chinese diving team over the summer, perfecting his skills (and hitting on underage girls).

Yikes. Zetterberg puts one in. Dirty J-town now up 3-1
'playoff choke, playoff choke, playoff choke.' We can only hope.

wilsmith said...

I went back and read the comments from the recap and this whole "cblog is retarded because they cant handle a loss" is blown way up.

People seemed pretty level-headed, it was the same criticism that seems to come after every loss. It happens.

Unless of course you count my "buy out fedotenko and satan" statement, but if you couldn't see through that joke let me know and I'll come smack you with a tire iron.

oh but Godard, I still think he's useless.

Just seems like everyone wants to be the the almighty voice of reason when there really weren't all that many unreasonable voices to begin with.

There are too many soap boxes in here.

overreaction city.

kevonic622 said...

free pick of the night...

pittsburgh penguins +1.5 at phoenix coyotes.

the moneyline gives about even odds...-110

im putting 50 down on the money line...whos with me?

Annie said...

I don't mean to job, wilsmith, but the (paraphrased) statement, "Is Malkin really worth having?" seems pretty unreasonable.

meecrofilm said...

wilsmith. It just comes down to people dealing with a loss as shitty as that in different ways. Some people piss on the team. Some people step up onto the soap box. Nothing more, nothing less.

If anyone needs a laugh, check out the 'NHL Live Rumor' Thread on LGP. 6 pages discussing a totally bogus rumor. Priceless.

fleuryous said...

Can we talk about how beastly Selanne is?


debrisslide said...

I haven't read all of the lengthy back-and-forth intellectual stuff going on here, but from what I read, I'm totally COMMITTED to stoosh and hip. I just can't read too much more. . .I have 8AM class and I haven't slept much in 2 days. Woooo!

I really like the latest line changes that went on in today's practice in San Jose. Just throwing that out there. It seems like three solid scoring lines from where I'm sitting, and a fourth that can ruin people's lives. Malkin+Sykora is always solid. Of course everything will get shuffled again when Max comes back. It doesn't seem like he'll be back against Phoenix, but I could be wrong. If we use those lines in Phoenix tomorrow I feel like we'll probably dominate. So that feels good.

I still believe. I don't know what anyone else is talking about if they don't. GO PENS.

meecrofilm said...

Selanne has been my favorite player ever since I was old enough to remember hockey. I just love the guy.

This is still one of my favorite stories ever:

(meecro + goggle blogger HTML tags = fail. it keeps on rejecting me).

And I hate to go back to last night, but it's true. It wasn't that bad at all. A couple people were being dumbasses, but that's about it. Blown way outta proportion. And then IHK announces a c-blog hiatus? wtfblog.

brett said...

For you betters out there,

I think I'll put some money down on the Rangers on the moneyline, even though they're -230.

They're playing Atlanta.

It's like putting money on Detroit to win the Central :-D

fleuryous said...

Totally random, but I had to.

fleuryous said...

Goddammit, can Detroit just LOSE? haha.

meecrofilm said...

Fucking Zetterberg.

He has to be a favorite to win the Richard (if not Art Ross) with all the talent around him.

fleuryous said...

....WOO. haha

meecrofilm said...

Nice. A Detroit loss always has and always will make me smile.

pops said...


as per LGP:

Kovalchuk and Amrstrong for

#1 Pick, Staal, Satan, Letang

that would never ever happen.

its scary how serious the conversation about that "trade" is.

The Goon Blogger said...

LGP is full of jokes. That is all. Everything that has needed to be said has been said. People were lying down the law in C-Blog today. Well put to all.

jefe p said...

just finished watching the game. sucks i had to avoid all pens related stuff for a whole day, especially for loss. it wasnt the first and wont be the last time.

whatev. ill be live tomorrow (today)!


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