Friday, October 24, 2008

Fedotenku Very Much. PENS WIN.

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The Pens won this game using Charlie's favorite method.

Coming from behind.

What a fun game to be a part of.
It went from the worst game of the year to one of the best.

The Pens have started the season 5-2-1.
Ottawa started last season with a record of 13-0-1.

But the Pens have two of their best defensemen up in the press box.
They have an unreal goaltender.
They have Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

There's cause for happiness in the good start,
but never get too high or too low.



We won't be posting every anthem pic that we're received.
We'll just pick certain random ones sans favoritism.
It really depends on how much time we have.
Keeping your picture's file size as small as possible is almost a guarantee your pic will be posted.

- Big K -

- Whistler -

[Picture+4.<span class=

Nothing going on early.
Biznasty makes his presence known right out of the gate.
On his first shift he drops the gloves with LaCouture.

- Dan K -

Here is former Penguin Dan LaCouture with our old friend Travis Roy.

We were lucky enough to get seats behind the Pens' bench. We only tell you that because what we saw after the fight has made Bissonnette our favorite player.
When the ref was dragging him to the box, he looked back at the Pens' bench, screaming LET'S GO!
What emotion.

It didn't immediately result in a goal being scored, so Bob Smizik high-fived himself.
But it got an otherwise semi-quiet crowd into the game, which is what home-ice advantage is all about.

With about 7 minutes left in the first, Brooks Orpik redefined the term FREE CANDY.
Brandon Sutter unwraps a Tootsie Roll Orpik left for him, and he beats MAF on a crap backhand. 1-0.

Toward the end of the first, the Penguins finally decided to get things going in the offensive zone.

Sid launched a missile wide of the net. Doops jumped on the rebound off the boards,
and Carolina goalie Michael Leighton had to make a flailing save.

He was big-time for the first two periods.

At the end of the first, the Pens aren't on the board, and Geno is shotless.

[Picture+5.<span class=

To sum up the second period:
The Pens got progressively better, and the Canes got progressively worse.
A couple of posts were hit. We guess. Can't remember.

The Pens had a power play, and Alex Goligoski is good.

[Picture+6.<span class=

The third period was scary at first.
Carolina was going to smother the Pens into unconsciousness.

The Pens were sustaining solid forechecks as they were getting closer and closer to a goal.
Evgeni Malkin takes on the world in the Canes zone for about 8 minutes, loses the puck, and gets a hooking call.
The Pens kill it, and then it was Carolina's turn for a penalty.

The powerplay unit jumped on, knowing it was time to shit or get off the pot.
Malkin takes an innocent slapshot from the right point.
Crosby swoops in and gets a stick on it. 1-1.

Nice. Okay. Tied.
Let's try to wear them down and get a goal lat--

Tank and Jordan Staal stave off the rumored Amber Alert with a nice setup on the play,
which turned out to be the game-winner.

Three minutes later, the Pens struck again.
A Canes d-man was drunk, and Maxime Talbot got around him and feathered in a backhand. 3-1.

And the Father Time took over.
The Pens clinch it with a Geno empty-netter.

  • Talbot finally on the board Good to see.
  • Good to see Tank and Staal being beasts.
  • When Sykora gets hot, he's gonna be lights-out.
  • Post streak still alive
  • MAF buries it.. almost.


Pensblog Staff said...


wilsmith said...

no one knows it's back?


KaylaJ said...

couldn't say that fun part any better. like we said in chat blog we were frustrated and then celebrating

anyway, glad to have you guys back :)

TheFandangler said...

Now that you're back, get your bitch ass on your ps3 and play some games...

TheNWChica said...

Last night was a great finish; and other than the fights, I think it's good I missed the first two periods...there would have been a size 10 in the television. :)

Solid recap and it's good to have you back kids! Woooooooooo!

Pens_MINI66 said...

Oh welcome back and thank god! I didn't know what to do without my game recap, I thought I was going to die or something!

Also since your not doing the anthem pictures as much I can post them on this site:

I can take any photos from the games if you want to share them.

Stilly said...

I'd checked earlier, but I've been playing NHL 09 for about 6 straight hours.

Good recap Staff, good to see commercializing hasn't made your posts soff...

Carroll said...

Glad to have you guys back. Great recap!

everyone must watch this:
Milan Lucic Hits Mike Van Ryn, Shattering the Glass! 10/23

Briere to miss 3-4 weeks with injury
Flyers won tonight, losing streak over (well they won a game).

Rangers coach hit by stick
Renney was out of it after the hit..of you can find video of it, it was kinda funny.

Can't wait for tomorrow for another Staal vs Staal match up!

Paul said...

if MAF drained that goal, i would've committed suicide because i know my life would never get any better

Carroll said...

Penguins Assign Bill Thomas to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

so if they are sending him down will they be bring someone up to replace him, say Pesonen maybe?

sh0ez said...

tPB looks like a clusterfuck with two sidebars. Hah.

Sad to see my Photoshop that I rushed home to make before the recap wasn't posted. Meh.


debrisslide said...

sh0ez, I like your photoshop a ton! If that's any comfort.

I like this recap.

I hope we bring up Janne. WOOOO.

The Big K said...

I love the new look.


TheNWChica said...

I love your photoshop too Sh0ez!

TheNWChica said...
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Kimberlass said...

My life apparently hinges more on tPB than I thought, with how much I was checking to see if it was back up...

As far as I'm concerned, MAF scored. Any other ice and it would have been in.

The Seeker said...

Darn! I was hoping Philly would lose like, ummmm I dunno...maybe 82 games?

That's a great ps sh0ez!

Is it just me or does it seem to make sense that Goddard might want to get his sleeves and elbow pads in order before he starts swinging? He's alawys getting killed while he's trying to free himself from his own equipment!

Carroll said...

shoez great job! thanks for sharing your ps.

Carroll said...

Penguins Night at Tom Clark Chevrolet

Come and meet Eric Godard, Brooks Orpik, Phil Bourque, and Bryan Trottier, 1997 Hall of Fame, 7-Time Stanley Cup Champion at Tom Clark Chevrolet on Monday, November 3 from 6pm to 8pm.

There will be autographed memorabilia for sale benefiting Tommy Wilson Exceptional Children Foundation.

Tom Clark Chevrolet is located on Route 48, McKeesport, PA 15132

Kevin said...

Not being able to read the game recap at the lunch hour today was...well, I survived. But just barely. Getting the "do youze have a pass?" inquisition made it even more happy.

[in ABQ]

Joshua said...

Feds/Staal/Sykora is a good second line and could become pretty solid. If Malkin and Crosby can find a way to play together AND each dominate to their fullest, they should stay together. Staal is better defensively at center; he gets to roam around more and disrupt things behind his own net. I also like the idea of Malkin playing wing and hovering around the point in his own end. Think of the rush prospects.

Somebody please find the video of that fucking clown Renney getting hit by the stick.

jefe p said...

its about time Tank buried it.

and i dont mind that flyers finally won one. id rather not give our other divisional rivals 12 points each this year..

the phillies can suck it. laziest team name ever.

Rick M. said...

Welcome back guys!

Go Pens!

Justin said...

I DID give out Free Candy before the game.

Walked past the Student Rush line... It was gone in seconds.

Let's Go Pens!

TheNWChica said...

You're such a tease Carroll! lol One of these days I'll get out there to see Brooksie at a car place. ;)

Nicholas said...

totally sold out to ads...saddest day indeed

Ryan said...

Am I just drunk or is the main body text a lighter gray color?

So much easier to read. Eyes don't hurt after a post.

Although the two columns is kinda crazy...but I don't mind - running a site is a shit ton of work, might as well get paid.

I'm in the crowd in the picture with sid in the victory pose. Wooo!

BlacknGold66 said...

-If you're going to bitch about tPB making money or "selling out" you should've started bitching last year when Storeblog or better yet, the WWGRD wristbands popped up.

-Chica has big feet.

-I had people over for the game last night when MAF shot the puck NOBODY was in their seat. Would've be unreal if he made it.

Go Pens!!!


Carroll said...

@chica- it's not like I will be in attendance to see Brooksie either.

Pittsburgh is a little too far away, for a simple autograph session. Now it would be great if they did stuff like that in February around the time of the Detroit game.

TheNWChica said...

@carroll- I know....just doing a little night before the game jobbing. ;)

@BNG: Yes I do! They look like Barney Rubble feet.

fleuryous said...

Ooooooooh, staff schooled ALL Y'ALL. haha.

I wanted to be theeeeere.

And DAMN, I wanted Thomas to stay with the NHL. Well, hopefully he'll get called up for some games. I really like him.

And I thought the Pens played well the entire game, they just needed to shoot more, and when they finally did, money cityyyyyyy.

I'm loving the Satan-Talbot-TK line.
The (on) crack line.

I hope we pulverize the Rangers tomorrow.
Too bad Avery's not there--
Godard would have his ass on a plate. NUM NUM NUM.

fleuryous said...

And I wear between a size 10-11...does that mean I have large ovaries?

BlacknGold66 said...

Thank you Fleuryous.

I've been having a TERRIBLE week and you actually just made me laugh my ass off with that line.


kstewy16 said...

Pens assigning Bill Thomas means only one thing... The Golden Boy is coming up!!!!!
Or they need another defenseman incase someone else gets hurt.
But lets hope its the 1st one!!

And when Fleury went for that empty netter, I about shit myself, I was sitting right behind him and could see it the whole way, it went straight toward the net from his stick, but it had some spin on it and when it bounced it went just wide.
Lets hope he has many more chances with us up a couple goals.

J.S. said...

and we have a Greg Crozier sighting. Crozier, who was in the system for several years, played one game with the Pens a few weeks prior to Buries It's return in 2000.

johnnylaw said...

Shoez, nice photoshop, kinda disturbingly cartoonish, but that's what makes it funny. Hopefully they can start the road trip right tonight after sucking at MSG last year. At least they won when it counted.

bmont84 said...

There were kids passing out FREE CANDY for the student rush line.


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