Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Is it 12 days?
We're to lazy too count.

Game tonight at Mellon city.

Pens made cuts yesterday.

From the [PG]:

Forwards Kris Beech, Ryan Stone and Jonathan Filewich were among 13 players assigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton of the American Hockey League. That leaves 29 players -- 16 forwards, 10 defensemen and three goaltenders -- on the Penguins' roster, which must be cut to 24 before the team leaves Saturday for Sweden. The others sent to the Baby Penguins are forwards Adam Henrich, Aaron Boogard, Tim Wallace, David Gove and Christopher Minard, defensemen Deryk Engelland, T.J. Kemp, Ben Lovejoy and Joey Mormina, and goaltender David Brown.

Sonni Abatta = Stunned

Go Pens.


Jersey Bill said...

Got Nothing.

JYo said...

We're to lazy to count.

...and too lazy to spell "too" correctly! WOOOOOOOOO!

Pensblog Staff said...

hahahaha wooooooooooooo

KP said...

So will Thomas make the cut? I hear he has been better than expected.

Kierstan said...

I'd love to see Thomas and Pesonen make the final cut, but I really don't know where they'd fit looks to me like there aren't any roster spots open (looking at the lines posted by dying alive in the last post). Well, it doesn't hurt to keep trying.

dying alive said...

Just to give credit where it's due, I took those lines from Dr. Turk's post. They look like a pretty accurate opening day roster to me.

So then the question becomes, who makes the team to sit in the press box, if anyone?

Michael said...

Just checked the NHL Network and it will be airing the Pens game tomorrow at 6:30-9 Am and 2-4:30 PM. Not going to be on tonight though.

DrunkArmyFan said...


That's only in Canada. In the US we'll be treated to NHL Cool Shots:Extended Play Ron Wilson @ 6:30

Sounds almost as exciting.

Kierstan said...

I wish I had NHL network...Cox doesn't carry it where I live. *grumble grumble grumble swear* Hopefully I'll be able to find tonight's game on the radio, since I'll be at work when it's on and I can listen to online streaming radio.

J.S. said...

must....find....wireless....connection that's worth a crap so I can watch tonight's game.

By the was things looked when I downloaded wootalyser yesterday (BTW, wootoff going on for all of your woot fans), the d/l rate was bobbing between 22 and 32k.

j.s. does not approve.

so pesonen isn't cut? who posted on here - or maybe it was LGP - that pesonen got demoted yesterday?

Gorio said...

If anyone wants to *sigh* listen to the game, it's going to be broadcast on Toronto's radio station,

coffeytalk said...

3 words:

bye bye beech.



Anthony said...

I'd like to stun Sonni Abata.


eze3484 said...

I hope the "too count" is a joke

otherwise your english teachers are slitting wrists tonight

Stilly said...

Matt Bodenchatz over at Faceoff Factor wrote a pretty good piece detailing the possibilities. The general feeling over there is that Peso and Bissonette will make the team, and James/Thomas will be demoted.

The argument really centers around Bissonette vs. Thomas.

Remnember the first couple games of the season are being played in Sweden.. I'd bet on Peso being on the european squad and then maybe be assigned to WB/S

akus said...

In 10 days,3 hours and 33 minutes,( as of 10:57 AM EST) we will not have to worry about where we can listen or watch the game.


JYo said...

I hope the "too count" is a joke

What a mistake! Its "too lazy." Are you an English teacher that will be doing some slitting? WOOOOOO! I usually don't even care about grammarification and spelllin', just a random comment while waiting for the season and getting a little jobbin' in on the staff. Still, if you are going to job a jobber, make sure you aren't just jobbin' yourself, ya jobber.

cheese said...


not sure what US NHL Network schedule you looked at, but according to their programming the game tonight is indeed on tomorrow morning @ 6:30 and again @ 2pm.

Rick M. said...

Finally a game I can watch! Thank you TSN!

PittHockey said...

kris beech = stu...

no wait, he was expecting that. hahaha

matt in dc said...

Anybody need tickets tonight, either real cheap or free? I've posted them but they are not selling like hotcakes, for some reason. First taker gets them for the low, low price of $0 -- no money down and no future payments -- IF they don't sell on ebay by 2:00 p.m. today.

akus said...

@ cheese, yes it is and i gotta work.
Damn You work and NHLN.

Remember, drunkarmyfan is ummmm, yeah ,maybe that is why he said that.

dying alive said...

Anyone know who's playing tonight?

akus said...

From the Post:

the doctors have been waiting until the swelling in Gonchar's left shoulder goes down before putting him through any tests which may include the MRI

.."Indications" still lead the PPG to believe that Gonchar will be out for some time

akus said...

No DA have not seen anything yet.

DrunkArmyFan said...

@ cheese

I was looking at the TV listings on the NHL network's website and I swear to Mario when I looked earlier it only had it listed in the Canadian listings.
Maybe I need to quit drinking... shit

Дей, Ванесса said...

Who is Sunny Abbata?

Are they playing the game on FSN Pittsburgh?

I'm clueless.

akus said...

Answer to question

#1. dunno

#2. no.
Not even local radio!

Victor Raison said...

Sonni Abatta = KDKA Anchor

strakasguitar said...

@ gen

sonni abatta is the latest in a series of slightly pretty news anchors with journalism degrees from bumf!ck nowhere on the morning news in the burgh.

you're gonna have to go to internets for hockey games. anyone know if that shite's getting televised on hockeywebcasts or anything?

incidentally, this thread is delicious for its back-to-normalcy crunchiness :)

christina said...

per the PG - no Bing in tonight's game. Sabu is in net. no other lineup news though.

if the staff's too lazy to count, then i'm too lazy to hyperlink.

Дей, Ванесса said...

Oh... I get it about that Sunny chick. Sorry, don't live in the Pittsburgh media market.

I liked Trenni the best, on the only Pgh channel I get.

This is Vanessa, btw-- that's my name in Russian.

christina said...


actually, she's a Pittsburgh girl - from Robinson, and a CMU grad.

akus said...

Ohhh, Subu the wh0le game.

Dr. Turkleton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
matt in dc said...

What do you know -- the tickets were bought after all. Sorry to pull back on the offer, and I'll stop talking to myself now.

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
flaproosta08 said...

line combos tonight should be close to our regular season starters I would assume


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