Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seen Stamkos? Pens Lose

5-4 [OT]


We'll post Anthem pics this year, but just not everyone we get.


It was a pretty fun game to listen to.
But let it be said, the guy who broadcast the Lightning game needs to be drop kicked.
What a psycho path.

Some notes:

:: Sykora had 2 goals
:: Barry Melrose pooped during intermission, and the lightning onwership group spread it on their faces.

:: Bing scored
:: Satan was around, he missed his shootout attempt.
:: Stamjokos won it for the lightning.
:: God got into a fight.

The biggest news is that Gonch may be hurt, after David Koci took a run at him.
No word on anything.
But everyone seems to think it is a shoulder.

Here is the hit that Koci landed on Gonch, and then the God fight.

Not to job BGL, but he didn't go looking for people last year. God will protect you.

Hopefully Gonch is okay.

Cue the yahoo article by Ross Mckeon cutting the Pens out of the playoffs.

But not has big as douche as these guys:
[Thanks to Jaos]


[ Empty Netters] has their usual top notch recap.

:: Leahy from [goingfivehole] found this from a Tampa Blogger talking about WWGRD.
[Lightning Strikes]

WWGRD? It means What Would Gary Roberts Do? It was a slogan not only in the Penguins locker room last season but around the city. Some players even wore wristbands with the notation.

They must have ordered Skippy's on Ebay.

Go Pens


kamechiha said...


I'll say what I want (bitch) and call me on the sidekick

(lil wayne reference)

Koci left his feet to hit GONCH, that is a penalty AND should be a suspension. PERIOD. FN period.

IT was a dirty and sneaky wussy (see: P ussy) hit and he deserved what God gave him and what the league should give him.



J.S. said...

I think Laraque was the first player I saw with a WWGRD wristband. When he did his TSN segment with Roberts, he was wearing one. Not that I could get a good closeup since the TSN stream was maybe 3inches by 3 inches, but I'll assume that it was somehow passed along to him.

Tony Little said...

Godard fan would be proud...

The Big K said...

Gonchar should be fine. To me, it looked like he was shaken up, that's all. She called me from the game and said that he even took a few minutes on the bench before siding to go back to the room.

Koci is a nobody. Fuck him.

Lady Jaye said...

I was amazed at how many people were at the game last night. I don't think I've been to a preseason game that had that many before. I was looking around and thinking that some teams can't even fill the place that much for a REGULAR game during the season... and that's kind of sad.

slush said...

lady jaye- thats awesome. ! so wish I had tickets to the game wed now. I was so jealous Jaos got to go last night.

emohdee said...

As a note, someone definitely texted "Free Candy!" to the Jumbotron during the second intermission. It made me laugh. :)

akus said...

Are you kidding me?
This is what Koci said,
“I came with speed. My hands were down. I hit him exactly when he passed the puck. I think it was a clean hit. I hope I didn’t hurt him. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I’m just trying to make a spot on this team, try to play hard. I’m sorry for what happened. I feel bad. I just want to play hard. I didn’t mean to do something dirty.”
I think he needs to look at the tape again.
His hands were down?...
He hopes he didn't hurt him?...he didn't mean to hurt him...he didn't mean to do something dirty.

Sounds like someone who got busted doing something they shouldn't have been doing.
Guilty as charged.


Some thought the comments were bad during the offseason,
Preseason game 1=
wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The Big K said...


Is this a joke?

canaan said...

i get what koci's saying about fighting for a spot on the team. if gonchar doesn't get hurt, theres no big stink about the hit, imo. borderline...sure, but dirty is a bit of a stretch for me. oh well.

[go peso go]

cheese said...

they just announced the lineup for tomorrow's game on the Sports Insider......

Дей, Ванесса said...

That sucks. I had to hear the news via doucheberry this morning at breakfast. Hopefully some good energy will start flowing before the real games. Did Ryan Malone even play?


jaos said...


My son gave Laraque his wwgrd wristband at the robinson signing session last year... maybe that was the one he was wearing!?

akus said...

Malone did not dress for the game.

Дей, Ванесса said...

Thanks, Akus. This is what I get for living out of the Penguins media market. Love your display pic btw. One of my favorite songs of all time.

kstewy16 said...

Well I was there for the game, and it was kind of disappointing.
Offense looked great, those top 2 lines are going to destroy people.
Our defense looked terrible though. of our probable starters we only had Gonch Eaton and Orpik playing, but with Whitney, Scuderi, and maybe Gonch hurt, all these kids and Sydor are actually going to have to play, so we could be in a world of hurt.
Fleury didn't look very sharp either, hopefully he won't get off to a slow start AGAIN and put us in a bad starting position AGAIN.
Anyway Koci is a faggot, that hit was soo late AND he left his feet.

DK said...

Anyone else think that Flower looked like crap last night? What the hell was he doing sprawled on the ice like that for Tampa's breakaway goal?

I know it's one meaningless, pre-season game, but I tell ya, I am NOT sold on this guy. Me thinks Sabourin is going to see some serious ice time this year.

fleuryous said...

Malone, Roberts, Hall, and Recchi weren't even THERE, I don't think. haha. It's sad that they think we hate them :(.


Scotty G said...

Haha! The kids who took the pictures you got were sitting in the row right behind me!
And those two kids in the steelers jerseys actually spent half the game watching LSU/Auburn on the TV they had.

sh0ez said...

Yeah, having a supposed "bad start" last year realllllllly hurt our chances for winning the Cup. It sucks we made the playoffs, didn't it?

What's wrong with the defense? They have a decent amount of depth. Gonch will be fine. Orpik-Sydor, Eaton/LeGame, Gill/Goligoski. There are plenty of teams in the NHL that could only wish they had that defense with 3 guys out. Jeez.

You aren't sold on Fleury? You make it sound as if we just acquired him and that was his first game with us. What the HELL? Two brand new people to Blogger come on here and make the Pens sound like the media is. Hmm. Have some damn faith.

debrisslide said...

Fleury's a beast. Even beasts have shitty nights. IN THE PRESEASON. I forgot that not getting a shutout in your team's first preseason game means that they finish last in the league and don't make the playoffs. Someone better tell Marc-Andre the jig is up, huh?

debrisslide said...

Penguins radio analyst Phil Bourque will be providing podcast updates from Tampa Bay Monday night on He will have a pre-game report, updates after the first and second periods, and a post-game report.

I guess we're stuck with that Tampa Bay douchebag again if we want play-by-play tomorrow, haha.

Stoosh said...


I'm not trying to job you here, but please...please...PLEASE tell me that the Fleury comment was either a joke or it was written in a state of semi-consciousness.

Because if you aren't sold on Fleury after:

1. 40 wins in 2006-07 and

2. a 2.33 goals against and a .921 save percentage in the regular season last year, and

3. a 1.97 GAA and a .933 save percentage in the playoffs last year,

then unless Shero finds a way to steal Doc Brown's DeLorean, travel back to the mid-1990s and bring back Patrick Roy, you ain't ever gonna be happy with anyone the Pens put in net.

It was one fucking preseason game and this shit over-reactionary shit normally reserved for Steelers fans is already starting?


stokes said...

It was obvious that Gonchar was sorely missed, especially on the PP, but Gogo filled in nicely. He's no Gonch or even Whit, but he got big minutes last night and i thought he was impressive. This could be a huge opportunity for him.

That being said, I'm not really excited about having Gonch and Whit down for the beginning of the season. Actually, i don't think i had to type that. It should be a given.

MAF did look a little poopy. A good goal, a terrible goal(think the clinching goal of 08 SCF bad), a fluke goal and another soff goal. dk, your comments are totally out of line. See Stoosh's comment.
On the other hand, Sabourin looked to be in terrific game shape, manning that stool like he'd been doing it all his life.

I was disappointed that Peso's goal was disallowed. I really wanted to see if the Arena staff would play The Song.

Other than that, it was a preseason game and tough to judge the state of the Pens right now. I still like the team that KS put together this summer.


stokes said...

OH, plus i wore my old school jersey to the game, not my MAF jersey and i had an Orpik t underneath of it. not WWGRD. that's the reason they lost. WWGRD still has an incredible amount of power, even if he's not on the team anymore.

Flyer Hater said...

"Anyone else think that Flower looked like crap last night? What the hell was he doing sprawled on the ice like that for Tampa's breakaway goal?

I know it's one meaningless, pre-season game, but I tell ya, I am NOT sold on this guy. Me thinks Sabourin is going to see some serious ice time this year."

Put your head in the toilet and flush repeatedly.

Flyer Hater said...

People will never be satisfied with goaltending, it's just one of those positions in sports.

History listen for y'all (I'm sure the douche who hates Fleury just started watching hockey last June)

At the start of the 1993 Playoffs many people were questioning whether or not Patrick Roy was the right choice in goal for the Habs. In fact, most Canadiens fans thought that Andre Racicot should have started the Adams semi-final against the Quebec Nordiques. Well, the Habs lose the first two games in Quebec, due in large part to soft goals by Roy. Now, most here (especially giant douche) would have pulled the plug on Roy but the illiterate one (Jacques Demers) stayed with him. Well, the rest of the series, he bangs Joe Sakic's mom and stands on his head to lead the Habs to a 4-2 series victory. He then sweeps the Sabres and a coked-up Grant Fuhr, ends Glenn Healy and the Islander's life in the Wales Conference Final, and bangs Janet Gretzky and the Kings in the SCF on his way to a Stanley Cup and arguably the best performance in Stanley Cup Finals history. Yet it would have never happened if a douche like dk was at the helm. There's a reason you're not a GM and instead posting inane comments on a blog.


DK said...

OK Stoosh, you're right, I overreacted (and yes, written in a state of semi-consciousness...)

I DO like Fluery; he's a good, sometimes great, goaltender who is undoubtedly the best starter the Pens have had since the Barrasso days and will most nights give the Pens a chance to win. I won't say I'm not sold on him. I will say that he makes me nervous; sometimes, when I see still him doing things like that fish-flop; things that, after a few years in the big leagues, you'd think he'd outgrow by now, but hey, maybe this is the season he does and becomes unbeatable. We all hope so.

Yes, it was one meaningless, pre-season game (hmmm, sounds familar) and too early to judge anybody at this point (as Stokes said); so to Flower and his (many) fans, I apologize.

Head-in-toilet flushing won't be necessary.

Ty Webb said...

cblog is charlie

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Orpik and Therrien both said the Sarge hit was clean. Koci felt bad he hurt Sarge. Also recollect Koci was a Baby Pen and one of the most penalized. Orpik thinks it may have been a little late, but nothing otherwise. Not dirty, just because we love Sarge doesn't automatically make it dirty. He's getting evaluated today, so stay tuned ...

The Pens are trying to give Malkin an "A" but he's waiting until his English gets better.

44FreeCandy said...


44FreeCandy said...

What about Lovejoy? He had an assist.

Was he noticable? Just curious.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Random thoughts from the game...

Stokes, my player T (Hossa) and jersey combo (Cooke) out bad-karmad(sp?) yours. And speaking of jerseys, on a bathroom run, I saw a dude wearing an old school Kris Beech. And it was autographed, which was nice...

Max Powers' porn stache was the game's second star last night...

I wonder what game they're going to put up the division/conference banners. Would be awesome if it was during a Flyers game.

It sucked that the only former Penguin playing last night was the garbage man, and he's two seasons removed...

Adrienne would have went rabid wolverine at those two jokes wearing the Steelers jerseys...

Word around our area was Gonchar has a separated shoulder. Sometimes you can just pop that bitch back in, but if there's significant ligament damage, he'll be out for awhile. There just may be some Reverend Lovejoy photoshops in the near future...

wilsmith said...

I think calling Fleury a slow starter is fair at this point.

I think calling the Pens as a whole a slow starting team is a fair assessment.

in 06-07 a miraculous point streak during january made it possible for them to make run up the rankings after a slow start and then last year an other-worldly display by Malkin and Conks made their assault on the standings possible. And of course we all know what happened in 05-06.

You can't expect these kinds of godly mid-season explosions every year, so they need to make sure they don't start the season in a hole again.

of course, you can't even begin the slow starting talk after THE FIRST PRESEASON GAME when the only guys trying are the ones who aren't on the team.

pens_fan_1 said...

i've been reading pensblog since the start of the off-season, and this is my first time posting...

speaking of the Tampa Bay douchebag announcer doing the play-by-play, did anyone else think he sounded like Jimmy Stewart at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life" every time TB scored...



what a douchebag. where's lange and the ol' 29er when you need em?

Flyer Hater said...

Pens aren't making the playoffs.

Ron said...

commit to the stoosh

Flyer Hater said...

You're right douchek, that kind of play from Fleury is inexcusable. He definitely hasn't done anything to earn anyone's trust. Guy is a total bust, just another in a long line of crappy french canadian goalies (Brodeur, Roy, etc.)

stokes said...

@ wilsmith: i think that's a fair assessment.

@ Jonny V: i was thinking that same thing about the Rev. Lovejoy 'shops. Regardless of the karma, the Cooke jersey was so money, it doesn't even know it.

@ FH: Good to see you're in mid-season form already. I love it.

Bobby Steels said...

Completely 100% speculation, but to me it looked like a partial separation. It looked like he could move it, but it also seemed to kind of hang by his side. I'm no doctor, but I have had it happen to me a couple times and have seen it happen to others, so take this for what it's worth.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

So Bugsy is playing the preseason game Monday. Ollie the Goalie is expected to start the game. Marty and Vinny aren't playing again, and Stamkos is playing I assume with Bugsy and maybe Prospal. Other players are Jussi Jokinen, Artyukhin, Koci, Zenon Konopka, Ward, Tyrell, Ouellet, and Szczechura. The defense has O'Brien, Lundin, Meszaros, Wishart, Niskala, and Carle.

(Vinny's shoulder is still tender so he might not play until they go to Europe)

In other news, Gaborik already pulled his quad. It should be interesting to find out where he goes this season or by the end of this season.

Max Power said...

I was at the game and I have to say that it was kind of embarassing for the PENS. Granted "insert preseason statement here", Tampon Bay put out a squad of 3rd liners trying to make the team against our best. Fleurry made some mistakes you expect a rookie or sophomore to make. I think they just went out to have some fun though. The chemistry between Satan and Bing is unreal. Come November it will be rediculous. Jordan needs to go back to Turcot stick handling school. Our young Dmen are going help prove to the media that A. The PENS will make a strong Playoff presence. B. Sports writers have seen more cocks than sunrises.
Save some stupid mistakes... We looked good.

TheNWChica said...

Ooh...the Pens site has the lineup for tomorrow's game up. BabyBoogie is going down, so if Koci is playing I see fists a flying and early too.

And for DK, time to get excited...your boy Sabu is playing. Now don't get me wrong...Sabs is a great kid and I liked him when he was out here up in Vancouver; but he is not and never will be Flower.

This might already have been said, but you know...nothing is live on the West Coast. lol

fleuryous said...

I have to agree with you, Max.

And it was nice meeting you and your porn 'stache. Indeed. haha.

I'm just sick of Pittsburgh fans loving Fleury when he's PHENOMENAL and then discarding him when he has a bad game. Because nobody has a bad game. Ever. Ever.

Fleury is great. He is. I mean, he wouldn't be a first round draft pick for nothing, you know?

I was proud of our team last night.
SO mad the Peso goal was disallowed, and the refs sucked more dick than Pierre McGuire.

Our team is good, and it's frustrating that fans can be so fair-weathered.

Grow some goddamn balls slash loyalty.

Or maybe I'm just Suzie Sunshine, I don't know.


fleuryous said...

AAAAAAAND Orpik looked pretty great.

I can't wait for him to own Tampa at home til they cry for their mommies.

I watch this video at least weekly. haha.

It gives me a proverbial boner.

J.S. said...

great, I get to listen to that nutless wonder from Tampa Bay again. Hopefully the bandwidth of my hotel can handle a radio broadcast. all 112k of it.

Westbrook is out, f-ing stellar, and to think I benched Ronnie Brown for him (5TDs on my bench, for those scoring at home)

kstewy16 said...

wow since when is saying that your team played badly penguin hating?
I'm a fan, always been a fan, and anyone that says that pointing out your teams shortcomings means that your not a real fan is just a dumbass.
Anyway, yeah, fleury played awesome last season, and he IS our guy, but anyone with a fucking brain can point out that playing the beginning of the season like shit isn't a good thing. So stop the fucking witch hunt, and take a loss like a man. They played badly. They lost to a team with no defense who only played their bottom line forwards and their young forwards.
Yes i know it's preseason, but who really wants to start out below .500 until christmas?
And yes, we have depth, but losing our top defeseman when we already have 2 other defenseman out is a big deal, and it is going to hurt us.

demondg1 said...

It might have just been pre-season, but Sarah Marince was in PRIME form.

FUCK YEAH! She's hot.

Word to your mother.


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