Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reporting for The Pensblog...

Jesse Marshall here. You might know me from Faceoff Factor.

Derek, Adam & Co. were so kind as to give me the wheels to this tank, that way I can update you (the masses) on the happenings from training camp today. I'll warn you in advance, I'm not funny, and I don't use photoshops.

Regardless, here were the lines for today:

Team White:


Miroslav Satan – Sidney Crosby – Pascal Dupuis
Ruslan Fedotenko – Max Talbot – Matt Cooke
Ryan Stone – Kris Beech – Eric Godard
Tim Wallace – Chris Minard – Dustin Jeffery

The extra line for team white’s offense that did not scrimmage but participated in morning drills was:

Nick Johnson – Keven Veilleux – Mark Letestu


Sergei Gonchar – Brooks Orpik
Alex Goligoski – Darryl Sydor
Danny Richmond – Ben Lovejoy


John Curry
Dany Sabourin

Team Black


Jordan Staal – Evgeni Malkin – Petr Sykora
Janne Pesonen – Jeff Taffe – Tyler Kennedy
Connor James – Bill Thomas – Adam Henrich
Paul Bissonnette – David Gove – Johnathan Filewich

The extra line for team black that practiced but did not participate in drills was:

Joey Haddad – Casey Pierro-Zabotel – Luca Caputi


Rob Scuderi – Hal Gill
Mark Eaton – Kristopher Letang
Joey Mormina – Deryk Engellend


Marc-Andre Fleury
David Brown.

Random musings about the players you love:

Satan is the real deal, bank on it. Crosby found him in the scrimmage today for the first time and it was a beautiful thing. Satan has that uncanny ability to find the soft spot on the ice, just as advertised. If today was any indication, we'll be seeing a lot of "#81 Buries It" photoshops this year.

The Letang/Eaton pairing is everything that good defense is about. Letang's skating is even sharper now than it was last year, and a healthy Mark Eaton is always going to provide you with a constant defensive presence.

If you don't know who Danny Richmond is, look it up. He absolutely blew me away today. Stunned. If you don't believe it, stop over and visit Ian from Hockey's Future today. He was just as stunned as I was. He actually says that Richmond "...seems a logical choice to make the big club this year."

Janne Pesonen, Mr. Golden Helmet himself. Did he blow me away? No. Was he decent? Absolutely. I think he was rather hesitant for the first part of the scrimmage and then got a little more involved as the day went on.

For all you ladies out there concerned with Max Talbots looks? Dude has short hair and is sporting no facial hairstyle whatsoever. It was unreal.

For the rest of my musings, as well as a rundown of the scoring, visit the Factor.

Thanks to Derek and Adam for letting me have the keys to this behemoth. She drives like a beauty.


BlacknGold66 said...

Sounds good to me.

Do it.

christina said...

nice work, Jesse.

Letang/Eaton sounds like it will be a thing of beauty...I'm really excited to see what the Tanger can do this year, especially with Whits out for a while.

Stoosh said...


First off, awesome report.

Second, thanks to KDKA, I saw Janne "Na-na-na-naaaa-nanananana" Pesonen was sporting the old Colby Armstrong #20. And they also said Satan looked like a beast.

Since you asked me about earlier (on Facebook), I do regret to inform you that due to:

1. the abbreviated camp (thanks for nothing, Sweden...but keep making those delicious meatballs) and,

2. the man keeping me down (namely, because of stuff going on at work, I was unable to get a day off this week)...

it appears that my three-year streak of Pens' camp appearances will come to an end this year. I was hoping to be able to swing a day off on Friday and go over, but I've just got way too much to do at work, so we'll have to put the press box on hold until next year.

Still up for a trip to Kendrew's, though.

annie said...
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coffeytalk said...

Thanks for the report, Jesse. I am liking what I see so far. I'll be at the open practice tomorrow.

LeGame + Eaton = money money money.

Preseason Game 1 is going to be redick.

Do it.

Chudy said...

Is it Possible for autographs at the training camp, if so where would you go, and any hints or tips, i live just south of buffalo and am making a trip down friday? any hints or suggestions would be helpful, this being the first time ive been down

PittHockey said...

Good to hear the hype on Pesonen is muted down a bit.

That way he can blow people away when he buries it out of nowhere.

Adrienne said...

So excited for Letang/Eaton this season. Here's to hoping he stays healthy to put in a good bit of work for the season.

I'm sorry to have missed the opening for Training Camp. First time in the 4 years that I didn't get to go down with my "I NEED A STICK FOR MY BABY!" signs (If you know what this means, you are awesome)

Jesse Marshall said...


There is a fence along the parking lot of Mellon Arena, where the Bus terminal is. Players walk out of there and often times sign autographs. You can't miss the huge crowd. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone else. See yinz tomorrow.

fleuryous said...

This makes my day, really.
Hearing all this good news is like...
like a little ball of sunshine on a frosty winter day.

Okay I'm done, but seriously...


DrunkArmyFan said...

Pesonen looks to be the best Penguin to wear number 20 since Colby Armstrong. I got to see the second practice session, but none of the scrimmage. I am looking forward to seeing what Janne can do in the preseason games.

canaan said...

great post, jesse.

its kinda nice having a cblog post that doesnt read like an aim conversation between teenie boppers.

Kierstan said...

Great post! Good info.

Did anyone else look at those lines and think "Hm, I think Malkin centered a better line than Crosby"? I did. I know it's early training camp and all,, what do I know. That's just my two cents worth.

blufftalk said...

  I love you all.

Kierstan said...

To clarify, I don't think Dupuis should be on the first line. Not that I'd know who else to put up there, but I just don't think Dupuis should be a first liner. Again, my two cents.

Jesse Marshall said...


Maybe, but too early to tell. Gino's line had some chances today, but couldn't pot any after the initial score. Jordan Staal looks refreshed playing in this role. He's already more active than he was in last year's camp. Sykie was blasting some bombs in the drills today.

meecrofilm said...

Solid, as usual. Surprising that Richmond made an impact.

TheNWChica said...

Holy crap...we're back!

Thank you muchly for the report Jesse!

Does anyone know if there will be TV or online radio for the preseason games for those of us on the other coast? I did some looking and didn't see anything, but y'all are a lot smarter than me sometimes.

Oh, and if you haven't heard, Mike Richards was named captain in Philthy.

Spencemo said...

I cannot wait to see the LeGame/Eaton will be fantastic...

I am also looking forward to seeing Satan work...hope he lives up to his reputation.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Nice report for those enclosed under a tyrannical rule during the day, Jesse. Thanks.

Mark Eaton ... I miss hearing his name. He will be a beast this season if some other joke doesn't decide to attack him.

So Philly has stooped that low? *laughs*

Chica, they always have the option on the Pens site to listen to the radio. They usually have a tab on gameday, so you can listen to it. And you get to here the 29er and Lange! Also do you have any specific stations like NHLN or Center Ice? Both of those play games ...

eileenover said...

Nice report Jesse.

Although I was hoping Pesonen would look amazing, it's good to hear that he didn't suck. I think once he gets used to the NHL he could do really great things.

I'm thrilled to hear that Satan played well with Sid. I had mixed feelings when we signed him, but this makes me feel a lot more positive.

J.S. said...

any word on how Fedkotenko looked?

Jesse Marshall said...

j.s. -

Tank looked good in the drills. What surprised me the most was how quick his first step was. I had this image in my head of Fedotenko as a slower player, not the case. He was also top notch at protecting the puck in the corners. He was sweeping around the goal and his long reach and low-base skating was making it impossible for guys to get him.

That said, he was rather invisible for the scrimmage. Didn't notice him other than the goal he help set up.

jefe p said...

i believe in satan.
i believe in pesonen.
i also believe i need to get cable and Center Ice ASAfP!

according to FF, "Cooke will make you forget about Jarkko Ruutu."

i liketh the sounds of this.


Tony Little said...

I'm kinda getting pumped about Cooke. I think he's going to bring it to the table this season. We'll need all the grit we can get.

TheNWChica said...

Thanks Kaspar for letting me know about the radio.

I do have Center Ice, but with baseball still going on, I'm not sure if they'll have any games on there. They are usually the same channels for them and Extra Innings, or at least on the Comcast out here in the the boonies of Western Wa. ;P

and I was hoping they would name Kimmo captain, but I think they're jealous of our captain so they were trying to match it. Sorry guys...Steve>>>>>>Richards

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Glad to see commenting back, Charlie. Whatcha do to butter the guys up? Wait, don't answer that...

Jesse, nice recap of the practice, and i'm glad your impression of Matt Cooke is so positive. I just might have made the biggest jumping of the gun in hockey jersey buying history when I already bought his customized Pens jersey. I was that excited about him, seems like my kind of player.

NWChica, I was reading Bill Simmons the other day and thought of you from one of his reader emails:

Brady's out. That really sucks. But it could be worse -- you could be a Seattle sports fan. Let me break it down for you: The Mariners are struggling through one of their worst seasons ever. Our Sonics, the only team to win a professional title in Seattle, moved the team to Okla-friggin-homa and stuck us with the Storm. And the Seahawks -- in Holmgren's final year, mind you -- are now without their TOP FOUR RECEIVERS! Imagine losing Moss, Welker, Gaffney AND Kelley Washington. Plus our quarterback is having back problems (including rumors of bulging discs), and our best running back left last week's game with an injury. Of course, a 6-10 record might win our division, which means we get to lose in Round 1. Oh, and the travesty that was the excessive celebration call on Washington's Jake Locker. But on the bright side … well, I give up. Be thankful you don't live in Seattle.
-- Dan Gomez, Seattle

SG: I have to say, that made me feel a little better. Maybe the good people of Seattle should form an organization called "It Could Be Worse," in which they send e-mails to suddenly traumatized sports fans from other cities to talk them off the ledge.

Over/under on the amount of days Flyer Hater comes back here to post: 5

eileenover said...

I'm definitely interested to see Staal back at wing at training camp tomorrow. I just hope if someone else centers the third line this season (probably Talbot), they can shut down the other team's line like Staal did.

debrisslide said...

I'm so glad that commenting is back! Letang/Eaton is going to be so fucking solid.

Like thenwchica, I'm going to need online radio/TV to catch preseason games. Regular season, I don't even know. . .I'm going to have to flip through this whacked out college cable to see which channels I get and which games are going to be watchable for me. Fucking Boston fucking Red Sox fucking Bruins fucking not-Pittsburgh-sports.

J.S. said...

after re-reading Jesse's report, I gotta say I'm surprised Richmond made an impact on day 1. Wasn't it that long ago that everybody was hating on this kid and said that his game was flawed?

Julia said...

My Satan shirt just came in today for the September 24th pre-season game :) greatttt news =-]

Stoosh said...

For what it's worth, Jesse is one of the first people I heard who said Letang would be a beast at the NHL level, and that dated back to us seeing him at the 2005-06 camp.

meecrofilm said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention..


Can I just say that those look like some pretty solid lines? Especially the 3rd -- that has the potential to be one of the most fun lines to watch all year. Looks to be full of high-energy, grit, and talent as well.

Bring on Saturday.

The Big K said...


I declare you one of the best hockey writers and reporters in the world. More top notch work, and by far the best report on the internet about camp today.... bar none.

Thanks, because you kept me in the loop with that report. Nobody else has anything good.

Dr. Turkleton said...

shameless craigslistliteblog

I have 2 extra tickets for Saturdays game v. the Lightning.


Row J.

Pens end where they shoot at twice.

Can heckle the Penguin Defectors during warmups.

regularly $60.

cblog discount = $40 each. [selling as a pair]

please email me [in my profile] if interested.

•wonder if there was a Nurembergish Trial that caused tPB Gestapo to open up cblog again --- jk, who luvs ya bay-bee!


xuscbausp said...

anybody know when you'll be able to order nhl center ice?

Dr. Turkleton said...

j.s. said about Richmond:
Wasn't it that long ago that everybody was hating on this kid and said that his game was flawed?

I played with a couple guys in college who looked like Bobby Orr in practice/scrimmages...but, when it was GAME TIME, they turned into Billy Orr.

Not to say that this kid won't be a PTPer [not really a kid at age 24] in the near future...but he was acquired for Tim 'Who?' Brent. Also, when I see this review:

FLAWS: Lacks size and strength. Turns the puck over too often in the defensive zone. Needs more work without the disk. Isn't very consistent.

it leads me to believe that he'll be a John Slaney/Micki DuPont for WB/S.


The Big K said...



Motion to make this a permanent fixture in c-blog....

All in favor?

The Big K said...

And the Letang/Eaton pairing will be sick, I agree (of course barring any cheapshots to Eaton). Letang has blossomed into a legitimate top 4 defenseman, and he's still got so much room to grow. Letang can take so many risks with Eaton back there, I expect 15 goals and 30 points out of him, especially if he gets PP time, which he should, at least while Whits is out of the lineup.


Jesse Marshall said...

Stoosh/K -

Thanks. I made this prospect shizz my hobby back in 2004. The best compliment I could ever receive is that which you just gave me.

I'm glad people like Stoosh were around to hear my endless babble about Tanger' back in 05'.

I'm dishing the same babble out now about CPZ and Nick Johnson.

Thanks to everyone who reads/has read my stuff. Wouldn't do it if people weren't reading it.

See yinz' tomorrow, we'll be back on the training camp grind.

Annie said...

Dr. Turk, I wish like hell I could relieve you of those tickets, but there's no way I can make it out there on such short notice. :(

sh0ez said...

So stoked. Thanks for the report.

See everyone Saturday.

Dr. Turkleton said...

the big K...

I guess something has to replace that 5-letter word that I & others used between the [ ]!


awww...that's too bad. I'd much rather sell 'em to a fellow cblogger then the general public.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I saw the Satan, Cooke, and Fedotenko jersey shirts at the Hometown Sports store in Century III mall yesterday. It took all of my strength not to buy any. With Crosby, Fleury, Malkin, Orpik, and Hossa shirts, I have enough for now. But I gotta admit that the Satan 81 did look mighty nice.

We've been waiting patiently all summer for training camp rumblings. Again, thanks Jesse and any other c-bloggers for your observations if/when yinz go. Like Big K intimated, we can't get enough of this stuff.

For Turkleton

StuckInTedville said...

by the way, you didn't hear this here, if you want to watch the games from afar, but you don't have or want to spend the money on centerice, is a pretty nifty place to check out

BlacknGold66 said...

xuscbausp... I purchased Center Ice two days ago so you should be good to go. Just google it or call your cable provider.

@Turk: I just may know someone who can relieve you of those tickets.

TheNWChica said...

Johnny V...yeah...I saw that in the SportsGuy's page last week and damn is it true. They even brought back Koren Robinson and every Hawk fan I know was convinced that Holmgren had finally cracked. Hopefully we won't be proven wrong. lol

Oh, and I could add my junior boys in that list too...they have I think 12 rookies; and two of our vets might actually stay with the clubs they're at camp with. *sighs* This is why, as a Seattle sports fan, you always have a backup team!

Dr. Turkleton said...

*** Attention Fellow Cbloggers***

Anyone interested in going to the Penguins Town Hall Meeting tomorrow at 8pm???

I have two [2] FREE*FREE*FREE tickets if anybody wants to go...

please send my an email thru my profile if you'd like 'em.

jonny v...


BTW, he may be a bit old & outdated...but, Kojak could have been a BEAST for tPB [too late to sign him?]


Dr. Turkleton said...

^^^^^ me*


thanks! know where to find me!

sh0ez said...

I've owned the Satan player tee for about 3 weeks now. It's solid. I'll be wearing it under the Pronovost jersey on Saturday. =]

Chubs said...

Hard to believe it's that time of year already...

For replacing ----- in musical youtubesness, Tank! was the name of the theme to Cowboy Bebop, if jazz and hockey is a good match.

And big k, I'm with you...


jefe p said...

those players tees cant be found online can they? i would love to sport a Satan tee out here in the desert.

oh just saw that town hall meeting thing will be streamed online.

Annie said...

Whoa... according to Mapquest, it's a 9 hour drive from my house to 66 Mario Lemieux Pl. That's an hour more than it took to get to Toronto. Looks like I'll need to start saving gas money now for my road trip out to Pittsburgh later this season!

sh0ez said...

@ jefe: Hometowne has old shirts online. Lame.

I found them! eBay is clutch sometimes.

jefe p said...

right on sh0ez!

commit to (the) buy.

Natalie said...

Well, since others are doing it, and since I've already offered it to my friends, and they've had a few days to respond, and they haven't yet.

I've got a ticket for next Wednesday's game v. Toronto, and I've got to work--I'd rather save my time off for regular season games, (especially since my boss was ridiculously understanding about making sure I was off for every single playoff game last season.).

Regular STH price is $37.50--I'll gladly take $20 and the ticket is yours. Hell, if no one wants it for $20, I'll take the best offer.

Again, it's just a single ticket:

Section E-12 (Pens shoot twice), row D. $20. Email in the profile and all that jazz.

Kat said...

Wow, Thanks so much Jesse for the report. It's making me extremely anxious. Letang/Eaton sounds like an excellent pairing and I can't wait to see how putting Staal back on wing pans out. And so so glad to hear Satan looked good. I was so iffy about him coming into this.

Does anyone know if they televise the pre-season games at all? I'm hoping to stream it online or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm back!

dying alive said...

After reading this report and seeing the potential lines, I am even more convinced that rumors of the Pens' demise were premature. There are a lot fewer roster spots open than I thought there were, especially if you include Whitney.

Thanks for the reports, Jesse. I wish I could get to training camp myself but this is the next best thing.

Matt said...

Jesse- your report kept me up last night thinking about this season. That's some damn fine writing.

We need something to replace "Ruuuuuuu" in the Mellon. I was planning on screaming "Cooooooooookieeeeeeeeee nomnomnom!" whenever Cooke did something. Thoughts?

(Hail Satan!)

J.S. said...

good to see you anonymous.

Is anybody making camp tomorrow?

slush said...


we were going to try to make camp tomorrow, but i think we may go Saturday morning now. easier for jaos that way, he doesnt have to take off work then.

Anonymous said...

thanks js.

it's been tough to stay away after the guys blocked me.

I'll be on my best behavior, I promise.

xuscbausp said...

thanks BNG. it's not showing up online so i guess i'll have to call them. every pens game in HD at home will be awesome.

strakasguitar said...

kudos for the report, jesse. i haven't been to pens training camp since '05 (rico fata, anyone?), seeing sid skate about before he'd even taken a nhl faceoff. i love the atmosphere there; it's peaceful. when you're watching some of the best players in the world get back into the swing of the game, all is right with the world.

(end sappyblog)

akus said...




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