Sunday, September 28, 2008


Team PS3 is now ranked 15 in the world.

We want more people to play, but our roster is as big as it can be.

Is someone interested in heading up a PS3 Teampensblog split squad?

We have about 15 or so names ready to add.

Just let us know.


The team is already made just needs a GM

Go Pens


justincredibleh said...


Steve In Denver said...

If anyone is looking to join a yahoo fantasy hockey league, there's a PA based league that needs a few more teams:
League ID 41347
PW: Penguins

I wish I had a PS3.

Go Pens

Carroll said...

Ducks Sign Selanne Anaheim's All-Time Leading Scorer Officially Rejoins the Club

Nick Saia (usa) said...

whens the draft steve?

J.S. said...

it was only a matter of time before Teeeeemu was re-signed. Good signing nonetheless.

I think he has another 2-3 seasons left in him.

dagoose said...

just reminding you guys that I would love to be in the PS3 split squad if you make one

PSN: goosecrosby

Steve said...

I def wanna be on the PS3 squad. Let me know how to join!!!!

meecrofilm said...

saying first is now officially gay.

lis said...

Question for you guys or girls that know Mellon Arena like the back of your hand:

What is the limited view in section 17, level E????

Looking to buy tickets to the Detroit game and the ones I'm looking at are in level E, section 17, row O. If it's something small, I'll get them....if I can't see the other end of the ice...I'm not.


joeyg412 said...

id love to help with the 2nd roster, i could even bring some buddys along too

J.S. said...

isn't E17 where you can't see the scoreboard because of the balcony?

justincredibleh said...


akus said...

Spotlight (10-10:30 est)

Penguins Back For More

letsgopsu said...

Let's get some more people on that PS3 B team. I'll be on later tonight if anybody wants to get some games in.

Dr. Turkleton said...


You wouldn't have any problems seeing the other end of the j.s. said, the top part of the scoreboard 'may' be blocked...but there are TV's that are on the underside of the F balcony.

My seats are in E18...row J and there are no problems at all seeing the whole ice /, there is a TV right overhead of us so that we can see the replays better than trying to focus on Mellons antiquated jumbotron!

jefe p said...

this is damn exciting.

lets go ja-na-na!

akus said...

...Tampa Bay a 4-1 victory Sunday over Berlin Eisbaren in front of an announced 11,800 at the O2 World Arena. Gary Roberts got the assist. Roberts also scored off a superb pass from Steven Stamkos to tie the score 1-1 2:08 into the period.....

The Lightning went on a four-minute penalty kill 9:14 into the third period after left wing Ryan Malone beat down Richie Regehr. Malone got two minutes for instigating, two for high-sticking, five for fighting and a 10-minute misconduct.

Pensblog Staff said...

joey what is your gamertag?

fleuryous said...

Well, Malone had some anger issues, I suppose. haha

Good for Roberts, though.

JDMaker1 said...

How do I sign up to join Pensblog PS3 v 2.0?

vdawg10 said...

I'm one of the gm's for the pensblog ps3 team splitsquad so just leave your ps3 name on here and i'll send you an invite asap

OOCally said...

Steve In Denver-------------

What kind of Draft? Live/Auto
and When is it?

I think the league is full now.. I was the last to join..names

1 week til puck drop

OOCally said...

I would love to be on the PS3 team.. gotta ask the wife if I can buy the game though...... AHHHHH the life of a married man:)

Yinzer B said...

Im in for team B.
Name - B. Greco
PSN - Yinzer4Life
Positions - Center/Right Wing
Number - 81

dagoose said...

if you want to swing an invite my way my PSN is goosecrosby


Steve In Denver said...

Nick & ooocally, sorry, I was offline most of the day. It's autodraft, not sure when it will draft. I'm not the commish, just trying to fill the league with Pens fans.

Vern said...

Saying first has ALWAYS been gay. And always will be. No matter where or when it is. Except in this video, which is hilarious:

vdawg10 said...

I sent you an invite this morning goose so you should be good to go

joeyg412 said...


Jay said...

Flipperbaby would like to be added to the PS3 B-team roster if there's still space. I thought I'd missed the boat.

thejumbotron said...

I'd like a go at it.

PSN: SonicDiarrhea
Position: Defense/Goalie (don't know how I'd stack up against human competition, but I think I'm a fairly decent netminder.)

jerrrrrry said...

to whoever is in charge: I'm on a team that's mostly from BC so they only play around 2am... need to switch teams

PSN: jerrrrrry
Player: Jerry Yuhase
Style: Offensive Defense

and my friend
PSN: TeaJay1013
Player: Timothy Jones
Style: Sniper (wing)

jerrrrrry said...

Oh, and I wouldn't mind being the GM if that's still available...
I know my way around the ps3 and I'm always available.

someone give me the word and i'll start the team up (reply here)

psn: jerrrrrry


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