Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out of the Closet

What's up, homos. Since the staff is too busy drinking their own pee between faceoffs on EASHL, I figured I could throw some business around here.

Adam and Derek shutting down commentorblog is probably the gayest thing I've ever seen.
And believe me. I've seen Neil Patrick Harris naked.

Speaking of wanting to see grown men naked, Pens training camp got under way on Wednesday.
The lines Andy Van Hellemond snorts before playoff games are more important than the lines that were seen at the first day of effin' training camp.

I get my news just like everyone else does. From their pubes.
And my pubes didn't mention anything about Janne Pesonen.
He's probably playing EASHL or some crap. Gay.


You have to like what the head honchos are doing over at TEAM PENSBLOG.
Let's face it. If you suck, you suck. You were born to suck.
Those were the first words my first boyfriend said to me in a gravely voice.
And it rings true in every facet of life.

Some of the players are committed to being the best. Nothing wrong with that.
Some other people are dragging them down.

A) If you're just online to play grab-ass, you're affecting other people's enjoyment.
Not cool.

B) If you're still learning to play NHL '09 and/or need to get better, keep faith in the scouting reports that NHL '09 provides.
You get those stats moving and shit, the big team will notice.
They wouldn't mind having the players that rise out of the poop.
You can't be hurt by playing too many games, team-wise.
Unless you suck.

The staff and I are 100% behind every decision the leaders of the EASHL teams make.

On a personal note, Pensblog Adam hasn't even bought the game yet, let alone XBOX LIVE.
Instead of drinking his urine, he's actually selling it to raise enough money for the endeavor.
Go find a fetish site online, and you'll see quality urine is at a premium.

He's also been a NHL2K boy the last couple seasons.
He's high if he thinks he gets a spot with the Pro team just because of who he is and how big his balls are.
Regrettably, I have yet to see them.

Whatev, homos. I'm out.
I turned comments back on until Hitler and Stalin come back and turn them off again.


bell said...

first? i think so.

bell said...

wow look at that, the first first of the rebirth of cblog

PDX Pens Fan said...

can't comment here...what gives

PDX Pens said...

here we go

Adrienne said...

Since it's on topic, do I want to buy NHL 09 or 2k9? I've always been a 2k person myself, but I've been hearing that 09 is getting awesome reviews

Russ Tundra said...

Adrienne NHL 09 is by far the best hockey game out on the market. It's so cool!

fleuryous said...

Oh, Charlie.

Thanks for turning the comments back on--I hope there aren't any more...altercations, I guess would be a good word.

Keep up the awesome work, staff.

...that's what she said.

snickerdoodles said...

And I also want to thank you too, Charlie for turning the comments back on. A day without cblog is like a day without sunshine.

Jeffry said...

2k was better a few years ago, but 09 has definitely passed up 2k this year

Jeffry said...

oh, also team pensblog pros will eat your children.

Love, DrPainDDS

J.S. said...

Charlie, how did you get the keys from Adam and Derek? Wait, don't answer that. I'll just be content to know that c-blog is open, even if it's only temporary.

I have 2k9 and I'd recommend EA09 or whateverTF it's called. Not that I don't like 2k9, but the Be A Pro mode is supposed to be top notch. Unfortunately with wii or EA - take your pick - the only option is 2k9. The gameplay is still fun but there's features that won't compete with EA's version of it from what I'm reading. I almost considered buying a PS3 just to buy NHL09 (well that and the bluray player), but it looks like my laptop is on it's last legs. Fan noise, overheating, battery croaked (minor issue but still) and I think I lost a USB port too.

Anyways, I'm going off point. If it's available on your system of choice, go with NHL09. If 2k9 is the only thing available, it's still worth the coin and is plenty fun.

The Big K said...

I had a chance to make the first comment back, but it would not let me.

I love this blog.

So glad c-blog is back.

The Big K said...


NHL 09 is the shit.

Get it.

J.S. said...

I know this goes back more than a few months, but who was looking for pics of the Stanley Cup rings from 91 and 92? I remember the discussion was something about the Bibster wearing his Cup ring on TV

clicketh thy link


Syko is leading my 2k9 league with 31 goals in 41 games, and he even missed 3 games. Steve seems to be injured every week. Broken orbital, sprained ankle, sprained toe, etc, etc. Dude can't catch a break, no pun intended. Roberts, who I picked up from Toilet Bay for Godard, had an injury that lasted 172 minutes (concussion) and 4 minutes (stinger). Yes, minutes. But you'd never guess who leads the league in PIMs. He has 39 pts halfway through the season, good enough to be top 20 in scoring. He has 91 PIMs, and he's a superstar....yes, Maxime f'ing Talbot! Chickachoochoo

RedWings said...

Hey, what's the deal with the "comments" feature. Why has it been turned off?

That's one of the BIG reasons why thePensBlog is one of the very best on the gore.

I hope they reconsider and turn 'em back on full time.

Just my $.02.


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