Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Big Tall Glass Of Calm Down Juice

For all of you out there that follow the Penguins from a distance,
Dave Molinari gets some answers about this season's NHL Center Ice package and the new online NHL Gamecenter. [ PG ]

Look out this year for both home and away feeds and more HD coverage. But pregame and postgame coverage are still not on the menu.

Gamecenter looks to be an undated version of last season NHL Center Ice Online,
only with the interesting option of having one game a night that will include multiple camera angles.

That being said, even with 3 cameras pointed at the ice, they'll still probably end up missing half the faceoffs.

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:: [ Mirtle ] looks at the 08-09 Penguins in the light of "the runner-up curse".

The recent failures of Stanley Cup finalists has seen 10 of the past 11 miss the playoffs or eliminated in Round 1.

:: HCMT talks with the [ PG ] about the short training camp, and avoids answering the "Staal as a winger" question.

:: It's only a handful of games into the KHL season, but Jarom
ir Jagr has already Kevin Constantine'd the Avongard Omsk's head coach. [ Fanhouse ]

So that's what a Omsk looks like. Or is it an Avongard?

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pictured: Steven Legein behind the wheel

:: Jes Golbez at [ Hockey Rants ] takes a look at burnout, something we know a thing or two about, and young hockey players. It also includes a great quote by Don Cherry on little kids who miss games for family vacations.

"That's not only my opinion," Cherry added, "but real hockey people think they're selfish rats who can't be counted on."

Geesh, someone have a traumatic experience on a trip to Disney World or what?

And listen, we love insulting 13 year olds just as much as the nice guy,
but the day Don Cherry becomes the spoke person for "real hockey people",
we'll turn in our NHL Network subscription and Aleksey Morozov bobblehead.


PS3 Teampensblog is having a rough season.
We lost a crushing OT game last night to some homo french team.
We were beating the team all night.
Then this happened:


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