Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look Close

NHL 2009 release may have signaled the end for us, we're not going to lie.


Thanks to [Jared T] for this.

Carolina has at least one win on their schedule:



sh0ez said...

Ha ha! This rules. First.

sh0ez said...

From previous post:

Anyone who wants to go to the Tampa Bay preseason game, shoot me an e-mail at If you were confirmed or maybe confirmed for the event on FB and didn't reply to my message, I will slap you.

We have 15+ tickets left. $50. That's 50% off the regular price.

Stipulation: I'd like to know who you are. I don't want some asshole dropping out last minute and sticking me with the cost of their ticket.

@ max: Bring one. I have a feeling I'll be giving 5-10 of the tickets back to the Pens.

@ rachele: Just let me know ASAP. Preferably by tomorrow. If you could, e-mail me or write on the Event's wall, in case I don't see it on here.

dying alive said...

@ russell lucas from the last post - it looks like a pug that Gonch is holding. Also, did anyone else notice that he looks a LOT like the first guy he delivered the tickets to? Eerie.

I have my favorites, but I wouldn't mind if any member of the team delivered my tickets regardless of who it was. It's just a cool experience, I'll bet. Of course, they'd probably have to call the police when I threw myself on the ground, wrapped my arms around their legs and screamed, "Take me with you!", but I see stalking/minor assault as my god-given right as a STH.

poneil2005 said...

how's the game? i've been busy with school but i'm picking it up tonight and playing all night.

Russ Tundra said...

It's like crack!!!!! My God!!!!!!!! NHL 09 is my significant other now. it's the best thing since sliced bread! 4 Game 4 Hattricks!!

Lets Go tPB!!!

Max Power said...

I feared that it would be that good. It concerns me that when I purchase it I shall turn into a hermit.

Brett said...


@dying alive,

BlacknGold66 said...

Huge Mistake.

Could you imagine Heath Miller in skates though?


Maali said...

should be a good game. think they'll wear their cleats on the ice?

BlacknGold66 said...

Oh, and Dan... do you still have a spot open in Fantasy Hockey?

dying alive said...

@ brett - season ticket holder.

Max Power said...

Wohoooooo! I just got my first smoking citation! $50.00.

Dan said...

i can't read it

max - i'm not surprised

j.s. - i mentioned the patty's day jerseys. that's a steal.

Max Power said...

Dan good news for you x2

Max Power said...

They're real, its science

akus said...

Hampton will not need pads to play goal, He will just go old school.

IllegalCurve's season preview on the Pens.

KaylaJ said...

while its def cool the pens have players and now the coach handing out season tickets, that's gotta be kinda weird in those situations. like they want to know your life story. and what happens if they come across someone's house like mine? it'd be "um, thanks....bye?" cause i'd be too nervous to say much or ask for an autograph.

i also hope gonchar doesn't get cat scratch fever!

Max Power said...

IllegalCurve gave a fair assessment, but why does everyone always forget to mention Goligoski and Pesonen?

fleuryous said...

I know that if Evgeni came to my house with season tickets I'd make him borscht. And have him take a picture with MY puppy!!! hahaha.

fleuryous said...

Oh, and also did anyone read that Pitt basketball article about Mike Cook? He apparently worked really hard playing for the PIRATES.

Seriously. seriously.

Silky Smooth said...

I predict Pesonen makes the team and is on Crosby's wing by November

Kyle said...

@ silky;

god, I hope youre right.
i hope pesonen flourishes in the NHL & around all these talented penguins and COMPLETLY fills the 'hossa void'. ( you cant tell me it wont happen until june/july 2009 )


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