Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Fire Is Burning

If there are any Dr. Phil's out there worrying about our mental state,
we were jump-started Thursday night at 8:47.

Got in the car, turn to 1250, and old-school Boys of Winter blasts onto the radio.


sh0ez said...

I wanted to see this video after watching the Town Hall Meeting. Solid move.

This still makes me giddy. Yeah, I said giddy.

Anthony said...


Lisa said...

Steigy's Free Candy comment during the Town Hall meeting was sick and awkward all at the same time.

Rick M. said...

Go Pens!
Does anyone know if the pre-season games will be on TV or online or anything?

Anna :] said...
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Anna :] said...

Chills. I'm still left speechless after I watch this.

& I still tear up when I watch it. I don't think I breathed from the moment Flower went to the bench to the moment Max scored.

debrisslide said...

That never gets old.

And I missed the Town Hall Meeting stream? WTF. I hope they archive it on Pens TV.

Rick M. said...

This clip made me head to YouTube and watch clips from the finals online.
Watching that puck slowly slide through Fleury's legs and have him sit on it as it slides in the net still makes me scream and cringe.

meecrofilm said...

Greatest moment of my life thus far.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I love that! Awesome, especially since Sid the Man brought it up *smiles*

I was still worried watching that video ... I get nerves and then goosebumps. The first preseason game isn't until Saturday ... How am I supposed to sleep now? *laughs*

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I like the way the rink looks with the blank boards. Kind of an old school feel.

jammer jagger said...

that made me cry a little, i mean, a lot.

can't fucking wait.

The Big K said...

Watching that video still gives me chills. Even though I've seen it 500 times, and I was there in person, it's just as good now as it was then.

I watch it every day.

On another note, I met Pascal Dupuis today at the gym. Really nice guy. Pascal Dupuis is everywhere you want him to be. Remember that.

The Big K said...

@Rick M.

I prefer not to watch or talk about Game 6. Let's focus on Game 5. Thank you.

mmmk1989 said...

still inspiring.

i just shouted out in joy as talbot scored. every one in my dorm was like wtf.

that really gets me pumped up.

RedWings said...

Is it just me? I hate that clip.

stokes said...

Obviously, I knew what video this was. My blood pressure just shot through the roof waiting for Mad Max to score.

Awesome. I just crapped my pants.

debrisslide said...

Of course you do, redwings. . .hahaha.

tess said...

Bing mentioning this as his favorite moment was a big deal, so was Malkin talking about Sykie's "called" gwg in the 3rd overtime. However... I when I got home, I wanted to watch Fleur and Max's favorite moment... Fleur falling on his face. :p Those two effing kill me. <3

and I didn't think Steigy mentioning the Free Candy was awkward at all. I thought it was freakin' badass.

Kierstan said...

Because I'm acting my hair color (blonde) today I just posted in the last thread, so I'll repost it here where people actually are (I'm sure everyone is thrilled :) ).

"Thanks for another great recap, Jesse. It's much appreciated by those of us who live in a completely different state.

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that there wasn't any change to the lines today? I know there's really not much time for experimenting, but I wasn't all that impressed with Dupuis on Crosby's line last year and that hasn't changed yet...I was hoping to at least see some other winger with Sid and Satan (the Sid and Satan show?). I think that Malkin's line is going to be just sick, though. It's nice to hear that Staal's re-energized and ready to go. It sounds like the defense is firing on all cylinders, and that the team chemistry worries that were voiced everywhere don't look to be a problem at all (many giggles at the Talbot/Cooke bff reference)."

In other news, I'm totally irritated at myself for missing the live stream of the townhall meeting. I agree with debrisslide, I hope it pops up on Pens TV.

Anonymous said...

our buddy from Phillyfreek93 has his Steelers - Eagles preview might remember his Flyers - Pens previews from the conference finals

Anonymous said...

the link of phillyfreek93s video

IndianaJohns04 said...

chills down my spine

IwoCPO said...

Let's be real clear about something. The Cup was great. We're (Wing fans) appreciative.

But that sucked ass...badly.

The worst thing about it is the crowd noise building up to it, then the deflation.

When Talbot scored I went immediately fetal. I'm pretty sure I was sucking my thumb and rocking.

It's a great moment for you guys, no doubt. It's absolute torture for me.

Andrew S said...

I just acted like this happened in real time. I pounded my desk several times, and included a "WOOOOO." Must be the large amounts of PBR coursing through my veins. What a game, what a team.


BlacknGold66 said...

@Chief: If it means anything... That was the only time time in my life that I actually laughed tears or sadness AND cried laughs of joy (read that again Pens fans... you know what I'm talking about)...(maybe) at the same time.

Goddard Bless my girlfriend for accepting the tackle/hug that lasted through our cigarette break during the intermission.

One of the greatest moments of my life. (And Big K... your YouTube of that has been watched over and over by me... and STILL gives me chills when you scream, "YEAH!!!")

I can't wait until next Spring when that happens to us Pens prior to us hoisting the Lord.



Let's Go Pens!!!

Annie said...

When Max scored I leaped off my couch and screamed like a banshee, probably in a pitch only my dog could hear. I did the same when Sykora scored hours later. If I could bottle how I felt after that game, I'd take it every day.

Then we lost Game 6 and I cried like a four year old girl. I think what hurt the most was that our guys had worked so, so very hard, but they still couldn't quite do it. We got beat by the stronger team, fair and square, but that didn't make it hurt any less. Players like Malone and Gonch sacrificed their bodies, everyone had played through injuries and, if I remember correctly, an outbreak of the flu, and they kept fighting like warriors until the last second of the last game. Then afterwards in the locker room, to see Sid being interviewed and trying hard not to break down, and others on the team in tears, it absolutely broke my heart.

But now that that ache has dulled a bit, I am absolutely ecstatic about this new season! None of our guys are ever going to forget how it felt to come so close and not get there, and you can be damn sure they'll work their asses off this season, and motivate the new arrivals too, and do everything they can to get there again.

And BnG, I know *exactly* what you're talking about. I think that bittersweet feeling came over me the next morning.

kamechiha said...

If that doesn't give you chills then I revoke your fanhood

I was the one at the Town hall meeting yelling "FREE CAN-DAY" seinfeld style

I also was the one who yelled, when they asked Syd what he learned, "NOT TO TRUST HOSSA"

I also got in the penalty box and damn that's just plywood and a carpeted bench

I also call for an official name switch for Satan FROM Satan to "EL DIABLO"

PS I went to Matrix tongiht and yelled out "FREE CANDY" everywhich way

TheNWChica said...

I love this clip every time; and I think I played it a couple of times tonight at least.

Does anyone know if the Pens will post the Town Hall? I got stuck at work, and they've blocked any and all video at the DeathStar; so I was screwed.

Anonymous said...

The Pens don't have Derek Boogard, it's Aaron.

Phelpsphan8771 said...
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EatonFreeCandy4Life said...

Thanks for that video! I am totally pumped for the season. That's one of the things that I will always get chills from watching no matter how many times I see it.

I bought a picture of Syko and Sid after he scored the game winning goal in game 5. My husband had the audacity to ask me what the picture was from and to stop buying pictures of random hockey players. Ouch.

Glad to hear that the Pensblog fire is burning again. :)

ripney66 said...

Incredible. Even after a few months, watching that video still feels so good. I doubt I'll ever get tired of it.
The town hall was great. Awesome atmosphere. Geno seemed in awe of the crowd and Max was funny as hell. When Steigy dropped the free candy comment only about a third of the crowd seemed to get it.

Pensgirl said...

For those asking, the town hall mtg is up on PensTV.


"That was the only time time in my life that I actually laughed tears or sadness AND cried laughs of joy"

I also get that way when I watch the video the PG made of the Mellon that began with a minute or two left in the game. When Max scores it's like there's a Big Bang of elation that goes off in there. I get teary just writing about it.

cowboycoffee said...

I'm with iwocpo (whose blog i read daily). It was such a tough moment. I'm glad everything worked out in the end.


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