Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don Cherry The Thespian, Asshole.

When you talk about solid human beings, you have to talk about R.L Stine and his series “Goosebumps.”

He graced us with some big time literature in the mid-90’s.

If you weren’t reading goosebumps books, people took notice.

Goosebumps then became a TV Series that jobbed around for awhile.

But R.L Stine has now been tainted by the King of queer himself, Don Cherry.

It is tough to watch- forward to the end.


TheEnforcer98 said...

first, woot woot

Eric P. said...

Kris Beech doesn't like Goosebumps.

osheak234 said...

Their jerseys look like the shirt Skeeter from Doug always used to wear.

BlacknGold66 said...

Haha, good to see an old photoshop of mine being put to good use again.

So with the lightning bolt on that kids jersey can we safely assume that our favorite pair of "brah's" in Tampa will be signing him soon? (fist pound brah!)

Feebs said...

Way to pat your self on the back BNG. Nice!

Flyer Hater said...

I don't get why people hate Don Cherry so much.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

According to TSN, Roberto Luongo has been named the captain of the Canucks. He can't wear the C, but he can still be captain. Alternates captains Willie Mitchell, Mattias Ohlund, Ryan Kesler ... Mitchell will talk to officials during the games.

Admin said...

hey guys,

i have a Toronto Maple Leafs blog over at leafsjournal.blogspot.com. I would appreciate if you could check it out, and add my link to your sidebar on the left.

also, how did you install the flash links at the top of the page. they are neat, and I am considering adding them to my blog.


Don K. Show said...

fist pump, brah...

is that like "nice one brotha!"?

Dr. Turkleton said...

Habs fans booing Hossa...cause they feel slighted he didn't go there at last years trade deadline. [like it was his choice to make]


BTW...Chelios had to be helped off the ice, with no weight on his right ankle.

Early prognosis: It turned to dust.

TheNWChica said...

I don't like the decision to name Lou the captain; I wanted Willie Mitchell, but then they didn't ask me.

debrisslide said...

This is fucked up, yo.

nikki said...

i find it hard to cheer for the habs since they are gonna be rivaling the pens this year
...but daaaamn, their fans booing the hell outta hossa in the shootout couldn't be more beautiful :)

BlacknGold66 said...

Like Axe Body Spray "fist pump brah!"

i.e.: not cool

"NICE ONE BRUVA!" is cool.

Telling your mate to "fuck off!" at the end of a conversation is even cooler.


akus said...

ohhhhh Dr Turk,
I see Your name in lights over at A2Y.
(Rumbear @ 2:38 PM)

Don Cherry gives me Goosebumps, but not in a good way.

J.S. said...

Chelios sighting

I gotta admit, the CPO got me in the mood to photoshop.

Max Power said...

nice js nice

Stoosh said...

Who this "Dr. Turkletown" is that is mentioned in the comments over at A2Y (please see Akus's reference above).

I'm with FH on this one...I actually find Don Cherry kind of entertaining. Can he be a douche? Sure. But he's still entertaining most of the time.

There's no way in hell that Oren and Lennie down in "Hockey Bay" are clever enough to pick up on the subtle genius that is the "Nice one, Bruva!" clip. Those two asshats spend their day hanging out of the balcony of their office with a pair of binoculars looking at chicks on the beach, or they call each other on their speakerphones and re-enact the Budweiser "whasssssuuupp?" commercial.

Is it just me, or do most Wings fans think Pens fans are still curled up in the fetal position over Hossa leaving and signing with Detroit? Go on thinking that, I guess. Like I said in the last post, what happened last year isn't going to mean jack fucking shit in about a week.

It's been said a million times here before...Hossa wasn't here long enough for us to get really attached to him. Most of us knew he was a rent-a-player and knew from the day Shero made that deal that the chances of him coming back fell somewhere between slim and none. Maybe the chances increased a little after the playoff run, but that was it.

The guy is a talent and he made the team that beat the Pens in the Finals even better, and that sucks.

But Detroit has their own fish to fry - namely, teams like Anaheim, Dallas, Chicago and San Jose - before they can worry about seeing the Pens again in the same context. Get out of the Western Conference the way everyone expects you to and then worry about seeing the Pens again.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Turkletown?...meh. I've been called worse.

akus, I was a voice of reason during Game 4.5 over on A2Y [HA!]...esp. when Chief + Co. were planning 'who gets to touch the Cup™ 2nd, after Lindstrom grabs it from Little Gary Bettman' discussions were running wild.

that had bad karma written all over it...as it morphed itself into Mad Maxs' 34.7 heroics and then the capper: Syko's Babe Ruth, part deux GWG.

I did go back over to A2Y to take my lumps when I got home from game 4.6 and to offer my congrats...but, I still think that game 5 stings them a bit to this day as I've read that some can't even watch replays of it!

I'm not your Bruva, friend...
I'm not your friend, guy...
I'm not your guy, buddy...
I'm not your buddy, friend...

I like watching Don Cherry + CBC's Coaches Corner to not only see what he's wearing...but to see if he'll say something that has the potential to get him fired Sunday morning.

Kinda like watching the Oakland Raiders' Al 'Just Win Bayyy Beeee' Davis' presser tonight...the guy is 79 years old, looking like he's not a day over 112...and appearing as if he might drop dead right there or say something so outrageous that the collective press in the room have a jaw-dropping episode that registers as a minor quake in the Bay Area.

KaylaJ said...

heh, i laughed at the dust comment

brndlynn said...

@ js: love the ps.

@ stoosh: agreed on the Wings fans. its still stings to think of the finals but im more excited about this year because of it. and as for hossa leaving - whatev. if you honestly thought he was going to stay you were living in a fantasy land. his choosing Detroit was surprising but not his leaving.

BlacknGold66 said...

Dr. T's comments on A2Y during the playoffs were jobbing at it's finest.

J.S. said...

turkletown > hockeytown


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