Saturday, September 27, 2008

C Is For Cookie. Pens Win.

The Penguins were in Toronto for their last preseason game in North America.
Saturday they head over the pond for a friendly with Jokerit,
and then it's to Sweden to open up the season against the Senators.

Bing was back in the lineup, but Syko and Malkin had the night off.

First Period

Early in the first the Penguins went to the penalty kill when Sydor picked up 2 minutes for interference, but they killed it off thanks to a couple blocked shots by Orpik.

At some point in the first Gill went to the bench and didn't hit the ice for the rest of the game. No word on the damage to USS Hal Gill, hopefully they just didn't want to risk anything in a exhibition game.

Later when the Penguins had a man advantage of their own the Leafs capitalized on a faceoff win in the Pittsburgh zone and Dominic Moore put one behind Fleury to give the Leafs the lead.


If you wanna get upset about anything with the Penguins over the past couple years, you've got a good case for faceoffs. Just over 46% last year, worst in the league. 47% the year before that, again, worst in the league. The first year back from the lockout? 45%, last in the league.

Win faceoffs.

Still on the powerplay, Pesonen tied it up tipping one through Toskala. Assists to Fedo and Golgo 13.


Eaton got called for holding and moments after the minor expired the Leafs once again took the lead on a Ponikarovsky goal. Only 17 seconds left in the first.


Second Period

Much of the same to start off the third. Schenn tallies another one for the Leafs.


By this time, you realize it's a meaningless presseason game, if you were watching it was probably on some online stream that basically consisted of some guy pointing his webcam and his television (thanks again Yarmond), and your about ready to walk away.

Figuratively at least, you probably would have just closed that tab and went to go watch Chuck at hulu or something.

If you did, you missed a hell of game. Well, at least for preseason.

Bissonnette and Hollweg threw down, with the judges leaning decidedly in Bissonnette's favor.

After killing another penalty, Orpik for Holding the Stick, it took all of Mark Eaton's offensive prowess to take a Crosby pass and bury it.


Letang and Steen mixed it up later in the 2nd, each picking up a roughing. And the Pens went to the powerplay when Kaberle got whistled for Holding. All of the sudden you were looking at the chance of them locking it up before the horn sounded on the period.

9 seconds into the man advantage Goligoski was called for hooking. Powerplay over.

Third Period

The Pens powerplay had another chance off the bat in the 3rd, but came up empty handed.

Off a Satan takeaway Bing crashed the net and put it around Toskala. The refs took it upstairs, to which they responded "WTF? It's preseason guys, I don't even think we're connected up in here. We've got the Wii going and Steve's working on a 300."

Yeah, it stood.


It was short lived.
A couple minuets later Kaberle took back the lead.


Behind the net Fedotenko somehow managed to pick up a highsticking while seated on the ice. You want to be upset, it's late in the game and we're down a man, but you've gotta admit it's quite impressive.

After the kill, Bing hit the ice with the vengeance. After laying out Didomenico he picked up 2 for crosschecking. Dido picked up 2 as well for what we can only guess is receiving, though the scoresheet says slashing.

Under 4 minutes left in the game LeGame tied up the game with assists from Orpik and Fedotenko.


You realize that this is becoming one of those high scoring games that's gonna go to the last team to put the puck in the net. The Leafs had the lead the entire game, but never put it away.

With 95 seconds left in regulation Cooke jammed home a loose puck for the game winner.


Fleury put aside a couple last minute attempts by the Leafs. He let in 4 goals in the game, but beings he saw 40 shots. It was a solid effort.

Clock hit zeroes.

Orpik's face is priceless. [ Yahoo! ]


Adrienne said...



TheNWChica said...

Yay Cookie and much yay for Steve being back on the ice!

justincredibleh said...

LeGame. Cookie Monster pic kills me.

sh0ez said...

Sweet comeback.

Pesonen, Eaton, Sid, LeGame, Cooke all burying the puck. Can it get any better?

jefe p said...

best preseason game i never saw.

AlanClique said...

isnt that crosby goal picture like almost exactly the same as from that crosby gatorade commercial from last season. its kinda uncanny

BlacknGold66 said...


Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Bissonnette can throw 'em. Holy crap. With apologies to Bill Thomas and Connor James, this kid does three things that neither of them do - namely, play hard along the walls, hit people hard and beat the ever-living fuck out of dudes when necessary...basically, he seems to be the player most capable of playing that same style of play that we saw from Gary Roberts. With the top three lines basically set in Pittsburgh, Bissonnette is going to mean more to this team doing what he does with the minutes he's going get (six or seven a night) than Bill Thomas and Connor James probably would. There are going to be nights where playing GODard might not be a good idea.

2. According to Jon Bombulie's blog, Bissonnette has been known as "Biz Nasty" down at WB/S. You could do a lot worse for a nickname.

3. For what it's worth, because of the wonky schedule thanks to the Europe trips, the 48-hour waiver period begins today at noon for the players sent down on the last roster cut. Basically, we'll know by noon on Monday whether Ryan Stone, Jon Filewich and...yes, Kris Beech are still with the organIzation.

4. I can feel the collective Pittsburgh fanbase sitting on the edge of its seat until Monday's lunch break to see what happens with Kris Beech.

5. Saw the news about the USS Hal Gill going off the ice and the first thing I thought was that same "Noooooooo!" that Darth Vader yells at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Can we just end the preseason now before we possibly lose another defenseman?

6. Didn't see any of the game but I was happy to see Ja-na-na Pesonen get on the board. I think he'll stick for the trip to Europe because they can carry the extra player, and then he'll probably get sent down to WB/S so he can learn the pro game and get more minutes there.

Just a week away...

Stilly said...


Who gets recalled if Peso goes down? They're taking three goalies to Europe, so I kind of figured Curry would be the odd man out once they got back to the states. I think Peso will stick with the big club.

Good hard fought pre-season win last night. The pre-season means less than the MLB all-star games, so I don't take too much stock in what happens. But it's good to see they have some grit.

I'm liking Bissonnette more and more every time I see/hear him play. Dude will seriously mess someone up.

Korn said...

I'm sorry, but does anyone else think the Cooke-y Monster nickname is fucking stupid?

circlesky66 said...

Something tells me this is not the last game-winner/big goal we'll see from Cooke.

Wonder how he'll do on shootouts...?

ellen said...

Good news from the PG:

Defenseman Hal Gill missed the final two-plus periods with a bruised knee, but Penguins officials said his injury does not appear to be serious.

The Big K said...

Nick said...

Bing and Pesonen will light the lamp tonight

9/26/2008 6:49 PM


Nick deserves to have that cut out and put on the main page.

The Big K said...

@ Korn

"I'm sorry, but does anyone else think the Cooke-y Monster nickname is fucking stupid?"

Fuck no. It's awesome.

J.S. said...


Billkamm said...

I love the Cooke-y Monster nick name.

jefe p said...

Cooke-y does it all for the nookie, yeah, the nookie, yeah..

maybe just call him The Chef? when he scores or makes a big hit you yell BAM!!

or Matt.

Tony Little said...

Biz-Nasty use to mess people up down here in Wheeling. I'm hoping he sticks with the big club.

Bissonnette is also called "The Champ" for bringing a WWE belt onto the ice to taunt a player who's ass he kicked the night before.

Here's a photoshop...

Hip said...

Ohmigosh, the Cookie Monster PS is awesome - I am so looking forward to that shit this year. Granted most times Cooke will be pictured in a fight as opposed to scoring, but really, that works too!

Stoosh said...


Flyer Hater said...

Cooke scores big goals.

Dan said...


Stoosh said...

Stilly -

Admittedly forgot about Curry. That does kind of shake things up a bit.

I want Pesonen to stick up here, but I can understand if they send him down because he's new to the North American game and it might be better for him to make his adjustments in the AHL first.

I'd like to see Bill Thomas stick because I think the kid can score. He's one of those guys who will play fourth-line duty with an occassional game or two on the third line and could wind up with 10-12 goals or something. But I can see him going back down for a bit because maybe Bissonnette fits a little more the role they want their fourth-line guys to play.

I'd like to see Bissonnette stick because I've liked the kid since we drafted him. I started watching him the year after we drafted him - he spent almost his entire junior career on a North Bay/Saginaw squad that was just awful, but in the few times I saw him play, he never looked frustrated or disappointed with his situation.

It was surprising to me, then, that he developed some attitude problems when he hit the minors, but it appears those have been dealt with and he's back in the good graces of management.

Personally, I love the thought of an energy/crash line with Bissonnette-Taffe-Kennedy.

Chubs said...

God, I missed recaps. All is again right with my world.

Dr. Turkleton said...

RIP: Reggie Dunlop

no one seemed to answer this question from a few posts ago...

are the Pens able to take more than the allotted 24 players over to Europe to play/practice...then, come Oct. 4th, trim the roster down to 24?

I'm guessing they do...since they're playing an exhibition game, and all...but, who knows. Maybe I'll just email Dave Molinari again since he was so quick to reply about the Goal Judge relocation [they're sitting up in the landings of the stairways at each end of the press box, in case anyone didn't see my answer from yesterday]


Flyer Hater said...


[Got Cut]

wilsmith said...

Yeah if you're gonna put a guys name in the sig, shouldn't it be someone with at least a chance of making the team?

Someone here who watches Canucks (not sure who, but I think there's someone here, right?), tell everyone here how Cooke scores big goals all the time.

I will agree that the Cooke-y monster nickname is pretty lame, but I also think that Free Candy is not cool (as well as bordeline offensive), so I'll just get flamed for that.

With the minutes that fourth-line guys are going to get on this team, is it even worth having more "skilled" players around to play on it? For 5 minutes a night, you might as well have some guys that are going to play pissed off and bust their asses every second they're out there.

Its real unfortunate because there's probably better players, but it's pointless to play them in a spot like that.

debrisslide said...

I love this recap. <3

Nick said...

Come on now, I predict 2 of the goal scorers and no mention of it? Its because I'm white, isn't it?

Flyer Hater said...


Anthony said...


Reg Dunlop down, MAN DOWN!

R.I.P. Paul Newman.

how 'bout dat 'burgh n'at? said...

If the "too many men" penalty has it's own special picture, why doesn't the "holding the stick"penalty have one?

Just a suggestion.

sh0ez said...

via FOF:

Just minutes after I finished my story on the roster competition, the Post-Gazette reported that Danny Richmond and Connor James were cut and sent to the AHL.

Neither player is a big surprise, as both appeared in just one preseason game.

What is a surprise, however, is that the Penguins have chosen to take 25 players to Europe, despite having to reduce their roster to 24 players by next Saturday.

It appears that, with Richmond’s demotion, Alex Goligoski has made the team, while Paul Bissonnette and Bill Thomas and to a lesser extent, Janne Pesonen and Jeff Taffe remain in a fight for the final three roster spots.

Korn said...


The free candy photoshop is one of the best ever. Calling Orpik that sucks.

fleuryous said...

That Cookie Photoshop=priceless.

And Orpik had a good birthday, I'm sure. haha


fleuryous said...

I suggested Hooks Galorpik, but nobody liked that one. haha

And Dynamo Sabo.

I won't give up. haha

Dr. Turkleton said...


It must be a slow day when I get called out for using [Caputi] as a sig.

I must have missed the post that reviewed the proper etiquette when choosing valid signatures. I could see if [Hossa] was still being used, but...does it really matter????

Is having [Caputi] as my avatar ok, Kim Jong wILsmith?


ellen said...

@ doc

Actually it FH that's busted you on [Caputi], twice.

I read this morning in one of the Burgh papers that they are only allowed 24 players to go to Europe and the extra man has to be a goalie.

ellen said...


Help Me Rhonda said...

Wilsmith, it took me forever to figure out what you meant by the Free Candy comment. Then I thought child predator van. That's not borderline offensive, it is offensive.

The thing is, *everything* this site does is offensive. It operates at a douchebag setting of high. C'mon, Charlie is the mascot.

Korn- I'm not a fan of the Cooke-y Monster name either, so you're not alone.

ellen said...

I was cruising on for a more difinitive answer on the roster allowance for the trip and noticed the blog section. Someone named jleWings has a blog highlighted, saying her team is the Pens. Ooopsie.

ellen said...

OK, so I guess I was wrong...

from Pens website:

"The Pittsburgh Penguins will have 25 players on their roster when they leave today for a 10-day trip to Sweden. The Penguins will have to make one more roster move on Friday, Oct. 3 to get down to a 24-man roster for season-opening games on Oct. 4 and 5 against the Ottawa Senators at the Globe Arena in Stockholm...

The forwards are Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, Petr Sykora, Miroslav Satan, Ruslan Fedotekno, Matt Cooke, Max Talbot, Tyler Kennedy, Pascal Dupuis, Eric Godard, Jeff Taffe, Janne Pesonen, Bill Thomas and Paul Bissonnette.

The defensemen are Brooks Orpik, Rob Scuderi, Hal Gill, Mark Eaton, Darryl Sydor, Kris Letang and Alex Goligoski.

The goaltenders are Marc-Andre Fleury, Dany Sabourin and John Curry."

ellen said...

Can you tell I'm bored at work? :)

Help Me Rhonda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ellen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
debrisslide said...

Jokerit's logo is pretty classic.

Stoosh said...

In terms of players you'd actually call prospects, Caputi is one of the players that is probably higher up the depth chart than most other guys. The fact that he was sent down early to WB/S is a clear indication that they're more concerned with his long-term development and that they have other players to fill his role here. And that's probably best for Caputi.


Caputi has an outside shot at being one of the first few guys called up from Wilkes-Barre this year, depending at least partially on need but also on how he plays this year. And if he plays the way he played last year when he got to Wikes-Barre, he may not be down there long, especially if a player or two on the lower lines here underperforms or gets hurt.


J.S. said...

Cookie Monster has been used while he was in Vancouver too I think. NWChica might be able to verify that.

RIP Coach Dunlop. Mentioned this on another board that when he was in Johnstown filming Slap Shot, he would pop into random bars, order a few beers, and would talk with the people at the bar as if he's known them forever.


Robo-Pope said...

The high stick photo is epic. Possibly the most badass way to pick up a penalty I've ever seen.

eileenover said...

Cooke-y Monster doesn't bother me, but I call him Cooke-y or Cooke anyway.

Free Candy is offensive if you use it just because of the candy van ps. I just use the nickname in regards to the checks he dishes out, like free candy.

And to be honest, I don't like the nickname Syko. The players call him Sykie, so that's what I use.

I know no one cares, but it was being discussed, so that's just my 2 cents.

geezer said...

Paul Newman was a great actor and philanthropist. He was a great American who stood for something. Not some shitty political rhetoric but a good person. John Mayer said it, "where have all the good people gone?"
Some of the best people I have ever known and some of my best memories are entwined with hockey. Take this blog and most Pens fans. Except Smidzick, knucklehead Hossa lover!

debrisslide said...

Here's how I understand Free Candy: The offer of Free Candy is present when Orpik is on the ice. You got the puck where Orpik doesn't want it? That's like saying, "Dude, I am totally up for some Free Candy." But Orpik's offer of Free Candy may be specious. Because next thing you know, you're on your ass and you ain't got no candy. What a crafty motherfucker.

jaos said...

loved the golgo 13 reference

Stoosh said...

I love days like this.

Watched Pitt make that game with Syracuse a LOT more interesting than it ever should have been.

Now watching the Erie Otters home opener vs. the Kitchener Rangers via OHL Livestream. Wish I could be in Erie for this one.

What the hell, Erie? I know the team's been down for a few years, but it looks like the crowd is awfully sparse for a home opener. I guess Kitchener isn't quite the rival anymore without Peter Deboer behind their bench.

bmont84 said...

The photo is pretty close to the video.

Kim said...

Big shout out to Raymond (yarmond) for streaming the game to allow everyone to watch!

& surprisingly this was the first preseason game i watched this year, it was a good one at that!

OOCally said...

Who would you pick for your fantasy team from the pens only 3 spots open?

Can't choose Bing AND Gino...just one.

and the other two....

fleuryous said...

STOOSH...watched the game too.

McCoy and Stephens-Howling were money today.

And Lee was sweet...he scored a big bulk of the points today. Kudooos.

Stoosh, do you attend Panther games? I'm probably going to some with mi padre.

Flyer Hater said...

Turk, run out of tampons?

chris e said...


I belive that was Jack Johnson.


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