Thursday, September 11, 2008

We mentioned a few days ago how much we've changed since starting the blog.
And it's true.

We started it because it was an interesting and creative medium, and we had free time on our hands.
The shit part about 20-something is, free time becomes less and less available.

We've always put a lot of work into what we do around here.
We've done it as an entertainment source for ourselves, ultimately.
We knew that as soon as it felt like it was a job, it was gonna be time to close up shop.

Maybe this is the end of summer talking here.
Maybe we've put way too much undue pressure on ourselves.
Because come on. This is a blog.

Everyone came here because you can read about the Pens and maybe laugh at something stupid.
But guess what. We haven't been funny since mid-June.
We've been suffering the biggest case of writer's block since Bob Smizik blocked that field goal in Super Bowl V.

Was that even funny? Probably not.
Therein lies the problem.
Shouldn't we have incorporated a photoshop of Smizik blocking a field goal?
We're not even motivated to crank up Photoshop.

Professional blogs are shoving their way onto the internet.
They provide as much shit as they can, because that's what they're doing 9:00 to 5:00 every day.

We do our stuff 7:00pm to 1:00am every day, when real-life shit isn't in the way.
If we had not have touched this blog during the summer, the fever would be at an all-time high right now.
Instead we've burned ourselves out before the season even starts. It's a lesson learned.

We'd rather regain our composure than just become a tired blog going through the motions.
It's embarrassing to us, more than anything.

Justin jumped on board this summer and provided the few laughs that came your way.
Derek and I (Adam) phoned it in day after day.

This definitely isn't a swan-song post.
Sometimes you just aren't motivated.
We've all been there. You've all been here, where we stand today.

Hopefully, if you're reading this, you understand that if we didn't care about you guys and interacting with everyone, there would be no need for this post.

People do things as hobbies in their spare time.
A select few in the world get to do their true love for a living.

It's sickening, because we should be raring to go around here.
It's the middle of September.
Our promises to stop mailing it in weren't open-ended.
They were last-ditch efforts to light a fire under our ass.

We're not going away.
Just expect less posts (perhaps not every day) for the time being.
We reiterate -- we are not riding off into the sunset.

We're not moving on to bigger and better things.
We just aren't motivated.

If you don't understand and feel offended, go to hell and don't come back to the blog.

P.S. -- This could all be void once we strap in for the first game recap.
And maybe not.

We just wanted everyone to know the situation.


thomes08 said...

like my mom always said... "reading blogs is a privilege not a right"

i'll take what i can get outta you guys

enjoy yourselves


Johnny B said...

sometimes you need to recharge the batteries.

Jawsh said...

So, does anyone else think the cblog for this reaches epic proportions ala the time that everyone thought blogger was shutting it down?

go pens.

Commish223 said...

Get a few posts in in the preseason but be ready to go on October 4. Recharge but don't pull a Tom Brady.

Earl Sleek said...

No worries, dudes. Catch yer breath, and it'll start rolling for ya.

Still, what a somber and indecisive post. It's so strangely... Sundin.

Justin said...

Noooo. Just started reading this blog during the playoffs and couldn't wait to be here for a full season.

Colin said...

Do whatever you have to do.

One post a month from TPB is better than daily posts from all the other blogs out there. No joke.

I know I will still check the site religiously.

teamkory said...

i hate blog posts like this

your a blog you don't got to post everyday
we still love u
you didn't have to post once this summer

you lasted 2 years, tpb will keep coming.

go pens + jackets

Jeffry said...

No big deal. Fuck the blogging for a while, spend every second of your free time on the eashl, it's so much better than typing things

Lady Jaye said...

It's all good guys. I bet as soon as preseason hits us you'll start getting your motivation back. Once the puck drops there will be plenty to be funny about... I think last season was draining for everybody.

FireFox said...

Quite honestly, I am surpised that you guys kept going like this all through the summer. Dedication is one thing, but don't burn yourself out just for the sake of making a post. Shit, just look how many updates have been made to the PG site since the season end. Jeff Taffe's face of all people dominated the page for weeks! No one expects you to make daily entries for the sake of making one. I read them all, but I certaintly don't expect them. If must make a post, just put "BALLS" in there and leave it be. Seriously, you guys had a post of about inflatiable dancing guys. WTF?

Take a break, we need you for the regular season. Leave rookie camp time to the rookie bloggers. You vets earned some rest.

Stilly said...

Take it easy for a while guys. Thanks for all of your efforts thus far...

Just don't go A2Y on us and buy a boat..

shawnawwwesome said...

Pucks start dropping soon and then watch how your boners are pointing you back to this place.

Now quit crying and put up a youtube of bugs doin' it.

TheNWChica said...

I agree with everyone, which almost never happens! You guys take the time you need, post when you feel like it; and it will come back.

I know that as soon as you see Bugsy and Mr. FijiWater in those fugly sweaters, it will come back to ya!

Pensblog Staff said...

we dont even care enough to address shawnmistake. Except for that sentence.

shawnawwwesome said...

Where's that pic of Dawson bawling when you need it?

Lloyd said...

This is a phoned in comment in preparation for the upcoming season.

i keed.

donniek87 said...

i'm fine with random youtubes

Po' said...

Thanks for the things you've written so far that have enlightened and entertained us.

When TPB becomes more of a chore than a hobby, it's time for a re-evaluation. Which I'm sure you guys are doing.

Don't think that the hard work goes unappreciated tho. You've got thousands of readers that will assure you to the contrary.

CK3 said...

A hobby is supposed to be fun, come back when you guys are having fun.

Shit, its not like this is CNN. No requirement to post everyday, just have fun with it again...whenever it happens to be.

TJenk6687 said...

November 11 and February 8... as long as you guys make a cameo for those two games. Seriously - yinz guys rule! Take a friggin break. In the meantime, see ya in the EASHL. Which I suspect may recharge your batteries just a little bit.

Aron said...

you guys are awesome...take a break, NHL 09 is doing no one any favors when it comes to relationships (if i stay married throughtout the EASHL season it'll be a success)

life happens, and usually it's more important than a blog...if we can get game recaps during the season, i think i'd be content...anything more is gravy

and i can live without gravy.

laclips said...

Guys, come back down from the ledge. Don't jump! NOOOOOOO!

IwoCPO said...

"Just don't go A2Y on us and buy a boat.."


And my boat's in the shop Stilly. Fuck. That's beer money and lots of it.

Raybin said...

Take a break and relax. I'd rather have you guys less often at the top of your game than I would all the time at a mediocre level.

I would suggest just put up some open threads every now and again for CBloggers to bullshit if they should feel so motivated.

Rest up, recharge, come back just as awesome as before.

TheNWChica said...

I think Raybin has a great idea; and I have one too.

What would you guys from Staff think of c-bloggers, esp. those of us that are fans of other teams in the West, maybe sending in a short blog post once in a while, just for a little change of pace?

One of the topics could be, for example, say before Steve and the boys play the Flames or my Canucks we can give our perspective as a fan from the other side.

Just a thought. :)

eileenover said...

Staff, take the time you need to recharge. I'm sure you'll get back to normal once the season starts. We all love you and this blog regardless.

And chica, I would love to hear your POV!

meecrofilm said...

I totally get it. Tough to stay motivated for a hobby, that, now with big expectations, is feeling more like a responsibility than a stress reliever, which I'm sure was one of the main after-effects that came from the initial blogging.

If you need some time away, by all means, go for it. Everyone needs to take stock of what's really important from time to time.

speaking of gay... that's what the above post was. PBC was all over that. but the cold harsh reality of life is that sometimes, we are all gay. and it is necessary to be so. Except for actualy homosexuals. They're fine.

fleuryous said...

I know what you mean about burning out...

We could always read old posts and be nostalgic from post-to-post.

I do love you guys, and I understand.

Did I mention that I love you?

Are any of the staff going to Gameblog 1.0?!?

fleuryous said...

and I'm comment 29 and my name if Fleuryous. How coincidentally adorable.

Okay, goodbye.

TheNWChica said...

Aw thanks Eileen...I might just give it over here in C-blog anyway. ;P

stokes said...


Sometimes you have great random posts. Sometimes you have classic posts, like the Palaces of the NHL post. But, I come here for the game recaps. I could give a crap less if you ever posted anything but game recaps because that's what built tPB into what it is. That's the quality shit.

Take a break, Staff; Yinz deserve it.

eileenover said...

meecrofilm whose post were you talking about? I hope not mine, seeing as I'm a female.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

God speed, Staff. You don't need our opinion on this (although it's nice of yinz to consider da C-bloggers and readers.) Do what you need to do, rest up. We all understand the concept of having a life outside of c-blog (although sometimes I wonder *laughs*) and the responsibilities involved in everything out of here.

Chica, Bugsy is beautiful in everything except non-Pens jerseys. I want to burn all the TB jerseys; luckily for my future I live no where near a place that sells TB jerseys or someone would be in jail *looks around nervously*

Mike said...

I'm sure when game 1 comes around you guys will be recharged. If not, we'll make due with what entertainment you provide us.


TheNWChica said...

Kaspar, I agree...Bugsy is most beautiful in just his ink. :D

mike2081 said...

Use this time while camp and pre-season games are being played just like they players do, as a time to get ready for the regular season. If that means posting every 2 or 3 days then so be it. We need you guys in game shape by October 4th. Take whatever steps you need to in order to be in game shape when the puck drops for real.

Adam Sacco said...

its the off season.
take a break.
post when you guys feel like it.

just be ready for the season.

PittHockey said...

If anyone deserves a break it's you guys.

PittHockey said...

Also, got my tix to the Penguins @ Bruins home opener.


Scotty G said...

I was pretty worried when i started reading... "The PensBlog isn't it?"

Good to know you're just taking some off. Be looking forward to the season!

akus said...

Are You There, Readers?...
& i think the readers always will be, here.

Two years.
Anyone would need a big vay-kay.

Time to finish the cake and put the (Free) Candy on the shelf, then hit the adult beverages for some long over-due relaxation time.

Angelo said...

Well, I guess it's back to giving handjobs for crack for me...

Pensblog gave me hope, it gave me a reason to live. Now, all I have is a soon-to-be fatal addiction to crack and sexual favors in the park.

In all seriousness, I don't think it's that the staff does not have motivation, I think it is that they don't have material. I mean, the last 2 months or so have been absolutely brutal in the way of hockey news (or lack there of).

Once some shit starts going down around the league in training camp, Pensblog will be back. The first big injury in the preseason, the surprising rookie earning a spot, or the inevitable bust at camp will light a fire.

Why So Serious?

Michelle said...

No matter what you decide to do with the blog, I appreciate every post and photoshop since I began reading the Pensblog (since June'07). I definitely understand about being burned out. I honestly wouldn't have minded opening up internet explorer to my homepage and seeing the Free Candy van or the motivational poster of Evgeni Malkin saying "Pants, who needs them?" No matter what you decide, just know that reading this blog, for me, was very enjoyable and I looked forward to it everyday. I have to day that I am looking forward to seeing what Creed's record for gameday posts turns out to be.
Know that one day, if and when the Pensblog ends, you will be greatly missed. Personally, I will face a bigger dilemma...what will I make my new homepage?

Flyer Hater said...

Wow, haven't been in here forever, tons of new posters. It's definitely a new era.

I'd stick to just doing game recaps until the batteries get recharged. The posts now seem forced and it comes across.

Stilly said...

Oh and Staff.. I thought you this was going to be a post about you getting your first period...

Paul said...

It might have something to do with the awesomeness of 09?

Rico Fatty said...

1984/85 – 1993/94
1995/96 – 1996/97
2000/01 – 2005/06

Even heroes need to take some time to recover...

Silky Smooth said...

I think once you guys go a full day without a post and everyone (including me) figures out that the world won't end, I think everything will be alright.

Enjoy your break and I'll see you guys on EASHL team Pensblog

Go Pens(blog)

TheNWChica said...

@stilly: I wondered who would be the first to say that. lol Is that book even in print anymore?

BlacknGold66 said...

Thanks for thinking of us Staff.

But I think a huge part of the problem is the collective "us."

Bear with me...

In today's sports, managers and coaches have to motivate the players.

It didn't used to be like that.

Players were motivated because if they didn't succeed they didn't get paid. Hell, if they didn't PLAY (even one game) they didn't get paid. That goes for all sports.

Now it's different with guaranteed contracts and the like.

Players sign on the dotted line for a huge guaranteed contract and then go flop on the ice or playing field and still go home to a huge house and trophy wife.

Hence why you see so many managers fired... or worse... resign out of the blue, giving a depressing speech. (Usually from a man who has clearly lost HIS motivation and love for the game)

That's part of what we're seeing here.

Staff = Managers/Head Coaches

Cblog = Players in the game.

Cblog, imho, has died over the Summer.

...and it isn't because of lack of effort or "mailed in posts" by the Staff.

It's because we (yes, I'm including me as a killer) have killed it.

Cblog posts are just as important to this site as the material that the Staff puts in the posts.

Half of the time you can't even come on here during a hockey related post and find a thread with ANYTHING related to hockey. Yes, conversation can turn this from hockey to God-knows-what in a heartbeat.

But that isn't the case anymore.

Hell, a few weeks ago there was a post where the first 20 some comments were about whatever jackass got first!

How is someone supposed to stay motivated when the people "reading" the blog are barely even acknowledging it?

Midgets, dumb website links, inside jokes, etc. ... it's become the norm around here.

Most, not all, of us our guilty of it. Turning this cblog and tPB that we all know and love into a forum to just blab-on all day about whatever we want to be heard about... "IMblog" as some of us "old-timers" on here have called it.

So us, the "Players" should take plenty of the responsibility that the Staff has put on their shoulders in an effort to make us all happy.

CainVasav said...

Hey Pensblog,

Please stop posting!! Recharge!! We love you guys and you are a huge part of our enjoyment during the regular season. It's impossible to keep up that pace 365-24-7. Take days off - not a day - and rest up. The offseason is meant to be exactly that. Burning out is a terrible thing.

Take a month off, and we'll still be here. The ones who aren't? Screw them. They won't know what they're missing.

STOP POSTING and recharge, for heavens sake. No reason you had to work that hard through the summer. Rest and relax, and don't think about the blog. It'll be here when you get back, and so will we.

meecrofilm said...

oh, whoops, sorry ellen. I was actually talking about my own post, but I can see how that could easily be misconstrued.

me = joke

akus said...


akus said...

Sweet words to hear, and ohhhhh love that itch!!

Players officially report Tuesday and open the regular season Oct. 4 against Ottawa in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of them are in town.

"It's been a short offseason, but we're here now," Crosby said. "Guys are all skating together, and we've all got that itch to get back out there."

*taken from the post-gazette*

Carroll said...

@BNG - I think you hit the nail on the head with your post.

@staff - take your time and relax. Thank you for all the great times and will be looking forward to many more when you're ready.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Commit to BNG66...

success of Pens ->
sparks peeps interest ->
tPB gets Megastar popular =
cblog overload.

Humor an old man...I don't understand why these youngins don't:

• IM on their BlackiBerryPhone.
• join Livelinks Chatline™ [shameless plug...I'm a stockholder].
• be creative and start WIADRNblog [What I Am Doing Right Now blog].

don't get me wrong...I thoroughly enjoy seeing the increase in the fanbase...but, I can also see cblog with 600+ posts during the season...with at least .5 of them warranting the scrollllll function.

Ticket Tin delivered today. Last years 'Box' was a bit nicer. The only extras in this years is a STH keychain, 07-08 Season in Review DVD and a coupon for 81% off all Hossa jerseys @ Penstation.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

Bng66: *applauds* Thank you. You are absolutely right. I miss all the Regulars who would come on here and comment, too. Seems like they got driven away.

It's about quality, not quantity (Sad that I'm using a slogan for Crown Royal) ...

We can't tell you what to do but yinz realize that C-bloggers are being driven away by some people's comments? Jonny V has mentioned this, Lis has mentioned this, Dr. Turk has said this, BNG has preached this quite a few times. These guys have gotten off course in conversations but in moderation and talk their hockey and Pens. I, along with other bloggers, have been slowly commenting less and less. I like tPB too much to leave, but what is happening here? I'm getting a little tired of people's comments that having nothing to do with anything.

Where did Wilsmith go? Where did Joose go? Where did Stoosh go? Where did Coffeytalk go? Where did the people I mention earlier go? Do you notice they don't comment as much, that I don't comment as much? There is an obvious pattern that isn't being picked up when it should.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Forgot to add my 'Penguins Related' item:

News & Notes from Penguin Rookie Camp

eileenover said...

Well said bng. The quality of c-blog lately has been disgraceful, to say the least. I don't even bother reading comments at all sometimes because I know it's going to be a whole lot of nothing. I'm sure I annoy a lot of people, but I honestly try to make a comment in relation to the post. I'm also guilty of talking about pointless subjects, which is why I have tried not to comment much lately. I understand that there's not much or any hockey news lately, but seriously, no one wants to read 10 straight comments of senseless babbling from the same person. If you think you're being annoying, you probably are. I would never want tPB to lose readers, but it would be fine losing some of the recent c-bloggers. I'd rather have 5 c-bloggers who have posts worth reading, than 500 who talk about nothing.

strakasguitar said...

you gentlemen are fuckin' champs, if i do say so myself. take a breather! we won't forget ya.

@ ihk:

i couldn't agree with you more. i've been checking the site off and on all summer, and there's been a shit-ton of unrelated gobbledygook happening. it's one thing when it's a community of folks who get together and talk hockey/life (i'm not a frequent poster, but i appreciate the extremely insightful commentary you kids throw out there); it's quite another when....ya know.

is it october yet?

eileenover said...

By the way meecrofilm, it's Eileen, and it's all good.

shades of mario said...

Hey, I write too, I've been there. It's unavoidable, happens to everyone at some point. There's no point in forcing something when you have nothing to say. Take a little hiatus, we'll see you at Game 1.

Just don't retire, buy a house in North Carolina to "spend more time with family", move to CBS and then 2 years later sell out with a mega-million dollar deal because Dan Snyder wants to overpay you to underachieve.


bbbbrian said...

Anyone that routinely puts up posts as late as you guys doesn't have to apologize for wanting a break

Matt said...

don't be pussies. you're just not motivated b/c NHL 09 is here. you'll be ready for the start of the season :)

mrsgio51561 said...

You guys are great! Take the break. I am sure you will have no problems once the season starts!

Billkamm said...

The season is just about to start!!!! What a time to take a break :(

Well anyway next summer try and slow it down, so you're ready to go for the regular season. I love the blog and I read it religiously every day!

stokes said...


I'm not claiming to be an OG around these parts, but i have been around for a while. BNG and I have discussed this on a few occasions. Not too recently, i sent him an email about this exact thing: CBlog being dead. His post earlier was dead nuts. Others expounding on the topic have made other excellent posts, as well.

Definitely Commit to the BNG.

And Staff, as previously mentioned, love the Judy Blume reference.

christina said...

a-freakin'-men, Bng66.

i hardly ever post anymore, and miss seeing all the old regulars on here.

take as much time as you need, staff. you guys are champs for continuing at regular season pace throughout the summer.

soon the news will be rolling in again, and there will be don cherry quotes to ridicule, compromising pictures of charlie in ottawa to share, and photoshop expos (good or bad) to be held.

once the season starts, not one of us is going to have any idea what the hockey gods will give us. sometimes, the story just writes itself.

penstone410 said...

thanks to BNG for saying what needed to be said

it just solidified everything ive been thinking and in part why i pretty much tapped out the past month or so. yeah, i have kept up on the rediculous (but greatly appreciated) mailed in posts by staff, but for the most part just ignore cblog as it seems pointless anymore.

staff, take a break, you above all people need it

cblog, back to basics, please

Annie said...

I'm just repeating what everyone's been saying, but you guys more than deserve a break. Take a breather for a while. As soon as we start getting some hockey again your muses will be back. Until then, play some video games, and enjoy the last of the summer. We all love you guys, you know that? :)

With regards to cblog becoming more and more inane... I think it's just another result of the offseason. I miss the regulars too, but everyone will be back once interesting things start happening again.

I made a rule for myself (which I've been forgetting lately) to not post anything that wasn't hockey related or at least halfway interesting, because who wants to read about my boring personal life? But this is a little of both - I finally got my pictures from the Hall of Fame online, so here they are for anyone who wants to take a peek.

Pensgirl said...

Staff, right now I'm on a two week vacation, because the next six months at my job are going to be hell-on-earth busy.

The only way to make it through the busy times is to be properly rested. Enjoy yourselves.

RedWings said...

I found this blog during the finals this year and have since been reading it almost daily. Even a HUGE fan of the CUP CHAMPS enjoys the hell out of this blog. I don't care if they were "mailed in" this summer, I still liked your postings and the followup comments.

Between Staff and the C-blog regulars, you guys still produce the most entertaining blog on the Gore. Here's hoping you can relax a bit and re-kindle the fire. Regardless, I'm coming back here as often as I can to see wazzup.

Thanks to all.

Sooska said...

Staff, you should have done what I did with cblog.. taken the summer off except for a few lame comments. I know you think that is what you did but you even posted about Big Ben. It was just too much after the SCF and Hossa and all that crap. You need to recharge.

The one thing you did was aid in getting Teacher, Wordsmith, Madman to cave.(you know who I mean - the blowhard that tried to ridicule WWGRD and all the fans around it) He quit his blog. He quit. He gave up. In no small part due to criticism of the egotrip idiocracyblog that he had set up for himself over there. But that is what happens when you take yourself so damn seriously.

You did not quit. Rest. Relax. cblog will be here when you get back.

dying alive said...

You can't use a Judy Blume reference in the post title and then say that you're off your game. It doesn't compute. But you're right, when it starts to feel like a job it's time to take a step back until you WANT to post.

I'm with BNG, although I've been guilty of it myself. I know it's the off season, but some of the stuff that goes on in cblog has been kind of...inane. Whoever used that word to describe it earlier hit the nail on the head. I'm not casting stones because like I said, I've been guilty of it myself from time to time, but I think it explains the different feel of this place anymore.

slush said...

"If you don't understand and feel offended, go to hell and don't come back to the blog.

Thats why I love this place.

Allison said...

It happens. I was surprised you didn't take the summer off, but I do appreciate everything you guys have done. But your taking a break doesn't mean I won't keep reading. I emphasize.

Take your time. I still love you guys. :)

The Big K said...

I've been playing NHL 09 for 4 hours.

Best. Game. Ever.

Be A Pro Mode is as good as advertised. Me=happy.

The Big K said...

And Staff,

We all love the blog.
You know that.

But it's the offseason. That's life.

When the season starts, people will be checking 8 times a day, religiously, and cblog will go over 400 comments a post.

Rock on.

TQ said...

I think you guys are trying to do too much. When you started, it was just the Pens, the games, and making fun of other teams and their associated jobbers.

I guess the other stuff is cool, but truly... Who really cares about the EASHL? Or WWGRD wristbands? Or Jerseys? Or Flashblog? Like I said, it's cool, it's nice. But prioritize gentlemen! It's about the Pens! It's about entertainment!

Don't stretch yourself thin with the auxiliary elements.


shawnawwwesome said...


Congrats, staff. You got everyone to first piss themselves, then to shoot a wad of hugs and kisses all over you, then to turn on each other.

It seems like the classic story. You get so good at something you become kind of a big deal. You get huge. Expectations get impossibly huge. They're not met and then the fighting starts and blame gets tossed around pretty liberally.

If tPB is actually going for quality over quantity, excellent. If the speculation is true, and the "burnout" is caused by the influx of new fans, I suggest either go to deadspin-style commenting to control the message, embrace the change or end it all.

This thing is either fun or it isn't.

xoxoxo, bitches.

Rich said...

Hey guys,

Definitely take the time to recharge and get back on your a-game! Take as much time as you need!

If it means anything, I hope you guys realize how much this blog means to a lot of Pens fans out there and even if nothing comes out of here for months, I'd like to thank you guys for being a part of my daily life for the past two years.

I don't comment much, I usually make my daily visit, read, laugh a shit-ton and continue with my day.

But I just wanted to say thanks for the ride up until now and hopefully we'll see you guys again when the puck drops in October.

freddy's mole said...

i barely have time to read all the posts and i have no guys are more dedicated than i could ever imagine and absolutely need to slow down...for everyone's sake

it's impossible to create news that isn't there

Jawsh said...

So....who else thinks that Eric Staal at 8.25 a year for 7 years is absolutely ridiculous?

Zoid said...

We love you
with you the whole season
gf broke up with me, but you gor me past it
when we lost, you made sure i didnt kill myself by putting charlie by a faggot on the sens. i best see one with Ruutu. but take a break, NHL 09, come on.
Everyone has to have an offseason.

Tony said...

Don't sweat it boys...

Take a breather, and hit the ground running when the Pens open in Sweden...

Don't worry, the Internet will still be here...

The Confluence of the Three Rivers

demondg1 said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel brothers. Ain't no thant.

shawnawwwesome said...

This is the worst September 11th ever.

gregp6 said...

gentlemen, take a breather. you are allowed to. You are dying alive.



eileenover said...

I know sh0ez has posted about this several times, but it needs repeating.

We have 30 tickets for the first pre-season game against Tampa Bay. The tickets are $50 a piece in section C. We only have 18 people buying tickets so far. Sh0ez needs to know by tomorrow how many people are coming. If you were originally confirmed to go on the Facebook event, we still need to know that you're definitely coming. Sh0ez sent messages to all of those who confirmed, and you need to reply if you want a ticket. If you don't have a Facebook and want to go, e-mail either sh0ez or me. And feel free to invite friends since we still have 12 tickets left.

eileenover said...


Shut up, dick.

Guy Germaine said...

"I often hear coaches, players, fans complaining and feeling sorry for themselves. Life's too short for that I'll tell you...every day's bonus." -Badger Bob

lis said...

Commit to the bng!!!

only you can post about what i've been posting about all summer and not get blasted for it!!! how do you do it man????

staff, take a break. everyone needs one. there's no award out there for longest consecutive posts for a blog so why bother? i'll take quality over quantity any day of the week!

Carroll said...

@lis - those of us agreeing with BNG today, never commented against you (blasted you) when you pointed out the same issue.

Carroll said...

@shawnawwwesome said...
"This is the worst September 11th ever."

Show some respect!!

Stoosh said...

Commit to BNG. Also Commit to IHK, Stokes, Turk, Eileen, and anyone else who echoed those same thoughts.

I'm guilty of what BNG described as well. I didn't mind the randomness and diversions (and still don't) because it kind of kept things loose for a while. I'd contribute to it as well from time to time because it fits my style and I see nothing wrong with conversations turning to other aspects of life every so often.

There's nothing wrong with it, but you have to watch because it can gravitate towards ridiculous like quick and before you know it, you have IMBlog.

As IHK said, I've noticed a lot of the c-bloggers that I came to look forward to reading don't post as much as they used to, and most of them are gone when the bullshit gets to be too deep.

Who knows why it happened.

Maybe it's because the popularity of the blog blew up seemingly overnight. I can remember what it was like towards the end of the 2006-07 season and then through the first half of last year, even through the Winter Classic and Sid's injury. It seemed like after the Hossa trade, the amount of comments grew exponentially. We started seeing these posts with 300-400 comments, which eventually became 700-800 comments per post, which eventually led to IMBlog.

I'm not saying it's the fault of an influx of new just seemed to be inundated with a bunch of new comments from names we didn't recognize, and many of the comments had nothing to do with anything.

I hate to drive a wedge between the old regulars and the newer posters because at one point we were all new to this place. But the old regulars that I came to look forward to reading here came here to talk Penguins hockey and everything else grew out from there. Too many new posters came here for everything else and seldom tried to offer anything hockey-related.

This place started as a haven for me to sift throught the bullshit and find a real perspective on my favorite team and my favorite sport. In the process, this evolved into something more than just a community...many people I encountered here I now consider to be among my friends. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of you outside of here and I certainly look forward to that kind of stuff down the road, especially as the season is ready to get under way (In 23 Days...get it? haha) and we become all business again.

Stoosh said...

@ Lis -

There were times where you posted comments similar to what BNG said and I know I responded with some disagreements because I didn't see anything wrong with diverting from hockey once in a while. And as I mentioned above, I still think there are times where the discussions can veer away from hockey and not bog down the rest of c-blog.

But I do agree with the general sentiment you always expressed...somewhere along the line, it did become too much and I gradually saw it over the summer as many of the old regulars seemed to show up less and less.

Feebs said...

I've been reading this blog daily for the last year and a half. It has been higly intertaining on a regular basis and has been a bright part of each and every day. I have turned on many people to thepensblog due to it's entertainment value. At the end of last season I began reading cblog. I even began posting a few times this summer, usually just to job someone that was going on and on about something irrevelent.

That being said, this is a hockey blog. I never understood why the staff posted all summer anyways. The season is what it is all about. If you guys need a break, it is your blog. Do what you want.

Stick to the hockey. It is what you guys do best. That is what made you so popular. I hope to see some more great recaps this season.

AJ said...

I think you guys still aren't over Hossa signing with Detroit.

Me either.

As soon as that first red lamp is lit this season, all the inspiration will be back. It's just the Stanley Cup hangover.

PS: One of these days you guys need to finish the Jobbers saga. That was one of the best things ever posted on this site.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Commit to the...well, you know who!


Stoosh, are you going?

I am now 50/50 on going as I forgot WVU plays that night.

I may just hand them my ticket, grab a free t-shirt and program [if they have them this year] and then vamoose. [NOT a Hedberg reference]

eileenover said...

turk, I can always take that ticket off your hands =)

Dr. Turkleton said...


If I end up not's yours.

jefe mays said...

if you aint shittin, then get off the pot. like my avatar penguin soon will in preparation of the season. he too is constipated.

good luck staff!

im not an original cast member here, but i agree with them. aside from a few drunkblogs and billy mays references, i sorta try to keep it as related to the post as possible, i think.

sorry, but that was so crude by shawnmistake i chuckled. what still too soon?

[moment of silence]

oh and hockey related.. i dont even like hockey.. just kidding.

Stoosh said...

@ Turk -

I'm definitely planning on going. I will either be on the North Shore all that day at our corporate office or at my normal office right outside the Liberty Tunnels. I get done with work normally at 5:00, so I will probably just stick around town rather than head all the way home and then have to turn right back around. I think everything starts at 7:00.


@ Eileen -

I may have an extra ticket as well. I'll know for sure by this weekend or early next week.

eileenover said...

Thanks you two!

kamechiha said...

Like I said... Pensblog got me laid.

You don't owe me, I owe you.

Jawsh said... has hired a fulltime hockey blogger. Baby steps towards an NHL2nite type show on the world wide leader?


fleuryous said...

I read this a while before I posted on it, because I was wary of doing it...dunno why. I may be a somewhat new poster, but I do enjoy talking hockey.

And I do love the Pens, and I'm looking forward to the first preseason game next weekend!

roachai said...

long live the king

Brett said...

I was wondering when this would happen. I hope the spark comes back in time for the season. It won't be the same without you guys.

great_white_nwpa said...

tampa bay took the motivation too....those bastards

jefe mays said...

@kamechila -story? dont worry, its related.

and so is this free candy photochop.

PittHockey said...

committing to the stoosh

sh0ez said...

I feel like one of the ones to blame for the death of Cblog. I dunno why. I know most of you regulars. I have even had the pleasure of meeting some of you. However, I feel like a bandwagon fan. I watched the Pens from the time I could understand hockey (90-91 ish) 'til 95-96 as I remember watching the Avalanche win the Cup. Then I lost interest. My family, friends, etc. were all football fans. Hockey was never mentioned. During the 06-07 season, I turned to a Pens game. Possibly a game against the Islanders. I fell in love again. I didn't know that they were doing good. With the lack of media coverage, I really know nothing except that Crosby was on the team. So I continued to watch and fall more and more in love with the sport and the Pens, just like I had when I was a tyke. I watched the Ottawa series and knew they would still be a force this past season. I then met new people here at college who I became great friends with. They are huge Pens fans. They're the reason I'm here. They showed me this place. So here I am. I seemingly jumped on a little before everyone else did. Why do I feel like such a bandwagon fan? Ugh.

I haven't posted much either. I feel how the others feel. Granted it's summer and hockey talk is short lived, but I recall posting numerous hockey news and stuff and getting NO response at all since I wasn't part in the current non-hockey related conversation. It sucked. So I just came here when needed.

Staff, you rule. I've had the pleasure of meeting 3/4 of you dudes. Err, 3/5? I don't know! Derek, Adam and Stephen! Hah. The cblog events were awesome. I mean 'are.' Those must continue. You guys have been a great comic relief. But everyone needs a break. Carlin did it for 30 years. But even he had his lulls. Take a break. You deserve it. I'm just glad to know such great people.

I always knew something was missing this summer. And like BnG said, I feel Cblog has been to blame. I am in no way a regular or an old-timer of this place (I know some of you will say I am) but I try not to feel as if I have been a problem. It was until this past week that I hadn't truly realized something was wrong. We are all here for the Pens. How many different people do we have posting or are friends with on Facebook? I never in my wildest dreams would think that selling 30 tickets to a Penguins game at HALF OFF would be so fucking difficult. Hopefully, Mike will let me cut it to 20 so that I don't have to pay $500 for the tickets I can't sell. That's a disgrace. I'm sorry if I sound ranty, it just pissed me off. I know plenty of you have commitments, but let me know! The response I got initially was insane, so I got 30 tickets, thinking I may need more. But when I tried twice to message everyone, the lack of responses was just plain sad. I'm stopping now before I get more upset. Thank you to those who are coming, replied, or even just said 'hey I have stuff to get done, but thanks for doing this!'. I just hope this doesn't get ruined last minute because we are cutting it so close to game time. Oh, and picnicblog. So much time was given to prepare. Disgusting response. Amanda, thank you. It ruled.

In short, I agree with the longer posts that are here. See BnG's. I do feel to blame, though I feel I'm not too bad. I just wish I never got out of hockey. I'm sorry if I was ever annoying. I tend to be at times. Staff, you are flawless. To those I've met, you are incredible people. Let's get this season back. Cblog section at the TB game. Did I mention that "Pensblog Cblog" will be up on the Jumbotron? Fuck yeah! The season will bring back tPB in full force. Let's do it, Cblog!


sh0ez said...

@ eileen / everyone: No more tickets are available. Unless he MAKES me take 30. If I can take 20, I am. Screw it. Everyone had a chance. See my above post for my upsetness.

And as much as he was a dick, whether it be serious or sarcastic, and all the bullshit, I can honestly say that I miss flyerhater.

sh0ez said...

And I'm going for the hat trick and don't care. silky_smooth has the best avatar right now. I'm going to request that someone make that jersey to put in NHL for PC. I lucked out and the original movie was being watch by someone On Demand tonight and I got the signal on my TV. I was stoked beyond belief.

Goldberg was a Flyers fan. Dick.

eileenover said...

Well sh0ez, whoever didn't respond is just plain brain dead in my opinion. I'm getting pretty tired of people not responding as well, after planning a few c-blog get togethers. Why the hell do some of you just not respond? I'm sure you have busy schedules, but you can take at least one minute to respond. And I agree with sh0ez about Picnicblog. Amanda took the time to check out the pavilion, pay for it, and about half of the people who said they would come didn't show up. You could at least let someone know you're not coming. If you don't think you can come to something then don't say you will. I'm sorry to bitch, but it's really starting to piss me off.

Stoosh said...

@ Shoez -

I started following hockey a little more than 20 years ago when I was kid growing up in Erie, but I didn't really start following the Pens any more than casually until the 1995-96 season. And even then, it still took another year or two (and a well-timed uniform overhaul by Vancouver) for the Pens to replace the Canucks as my favorite team. So basically, I'm going on just my tenth, maybe eleventh season of cheering primarily for the Pens.

Christine is going on even fewer than that. We met in October of 2001. The first game we ever saw was the game against Florida when Marty Straka broke his leg, and that was the 2002 season. She started watching hockey a little more regularly then, but it wasn't until the 2005-06 season that she really fell in love with the game as a diehard fan. She now knows most of the players on the Pens, definitely has her favorites (Fleury, Talbot), was near tears when we traded Army and absolutely cannot wait for this season to start.

I don't think becoming a fan relatively sooner than most people makes anyone less of a fan. As I said in my post above, we were all new to this game at some point.

As far as Gameblog goes, I wish like hell that Christine and I were able to go because we were really looking forward to it. For whatever reason, neither of us realized that the date of the game conflicted with the date of the wedding until about a week ago. And since I didn't say it the other day when I posted on the Facebook event page, thanks for doing what you did to put that whole thing together.

sh0ez said...

Thanks, Stoosh. I am committed.

I guess I just feel awkward because I re-became (yes, re-became hah) a fan when the bandwagoners jumped on. I've been accused of being a bandwagon fan quite a bit.

Man, Firefox auto-spellcheck did NOT enjoy this post.

K-Free said...

I don't know if you guys will read this post because there are so many, but that's not important. Whats important is to have you guys be revved up for the season. I (along with many others)will be needing your humor to get us over terrible losses ...fuck Hossa. And we need you to put an even bigger smile on our face after Jimmy Chitwood takes over the fucking ice and wins it in a shootout.

Basically guys .... you are fucking awesome, case closed. You make the wins even sweeter and the losses not so depressing. Jay Caufield has nothing on you guys. We'll maybe a little ... the Cro magnon brow always rubs me all the right ways.

kamechiha said...

First off... The pensblog has gotten me laid more times than most of you snitches combined
2.) What I said was respect... Respect the pensblog.
3.) I have a yahoo fantasy hockey league up and I am petitioning playas....

Try that out

kamechiha said...

oh yeah....
Fuk U jeff mayes
Snitch ass snitcher

shawnawwwesome said...

sorry, but that was so crude by shawnmistake i chuckled.

No, Eileen was right. My comment was pretty unnecessary. And on today (well, yesterday) of all days. Of all the times I've been called a dick, that one was deserved.

And it's shawnmissstake, with three esses. (Four, if you count that first one.)

Nick Saia (usa) said...

this is a penguins website?

kamechiha said...

If you want in... text me at for the password....

Nick Saia (usa) said...

... my 2 cents.

everyone in here is missing the point.

there is no hockey news going on right now, and hasn't been for 3 months. When we have something to talk about, cBlog will be the same ol' slogan inventing, troll bashing, half ass photoshop trading job machine we all hold near and dear.

I hate IMblog just as much as the next guy, but when you aint got shit to talk about, you aint got shit to talk about.

Which is why I have been absent to cblog this summer... As soon as dupuis scores our first goal of the season, the world will be right, and we will all get along with the newbies.

...and Im a little angry I didn't get in on the billy mays posts, that sounds fun.

jefe mays said...

@kamechila -sheesh, no need to get hostile, kiddo. just go back to playing in your fantasy world.

looks like the postgazette is slowly getting back into the hockey news groove.

kamechiha said...

@Jeff mayers
When's the last time you got some?
Ooo geeze that long? Sorry, sheesh, shouldn't have said anything.

Willbur said...

bird (SEASON) on the horizon
sittin' on a fence (YOU GUYS)
he's singin' his song for me
at his own expense
and i'm just like that bird
singin' just for you
i hope that you can hear
hear me singing (TYPING) through these tears

-bob dylan (AND ME)

jefe mays said...

@kamchicka -how rude!

@sh0ez,etc -id be at all the events if i lived within 2000 miles! unfortunatley, im just a bit over that..

sooooo how bout that new post..

Help Me Rhonda said...

It happens.

"If you don't understand and feel offended, go to hell and don't come back to the blog."
wtfrack? LOL

NerdHL Commissioner said...

It is my belief this is solely because NHL09 came out. I mean, shit, I'm pulling an all-nighter right now to get homework done for my 11am class and I've done 15 min of homework and played 14 games in NHL09. Damn Be A Pro mode is more addicting than crack.

What Would Dan Potash Do? - take some time off

chris e said...

I'll be waiting when you get back tPb.

turd ferguson said...

Looks like Orpik is back in town for the season:

turd ferguson said...

Sorry, wrong link

Chubs said...

Sorry to be tardy to the party-

going up about 50 comments, fantastic post BNG. I'm still relatively new around here (dropped in around mid-season-ish) but can still see what happened.

and going up like 90 comments, I like chica's idea of cblog posts (like the fanshots on sbnation).

Staff, just don't go belly up on me.

debrisslide said...

I really don't have time to read all of this, but I still love this blog and the Penguins and cbloggers and good fun hockey discussions. So yeah. Go Pens.

New fans are great, anyone who says otherwise is just whining.

I'm excited for the new season and I'm sure Pensblog will enjoy it verily. I think in terms of the Penguins that's all that really matters. . .

Big Red Dog said...

I definitely couldn't do this shit 365 days a year. Hope you guys still have the magic for the 08/09 season. Thanks for the daily distraction.

legal_peach said...

Buries It retired for a bit and came back badass. Bing sprained an ankle, sat out for a while, and came back badass. Take a break if you need it guys, and come back for us when the season starts!

Go Pens!

joinbattles said...

As Doc Holiday said, "Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself."

Go Pens.

Rage said...

Nothing lasts forever, folks. Nobody should feel obligated to do anything.

To everybody whining about all the bad "new" posters...just STFU

I don't have time to see who posted the link to their photos of the Hall of Fame, but the pics were damned nice! Good work! Errabody should check em out!

Mr. Plank said...

Last season had to be a drain for you guys, no worries mates. Go out there and beat some 12 year olds online and you'll start feeling better. I (along with everyone else in C-Blog) will be here when you get back.

Long live Pensblog.

sh0ez said...

@ rage: It's not because someone is new. It's because 'thair doin it wrong.'

Rage said...

Dude...we ALL "do it wrong"...that's our right as goddamn americans...lolz

Seriously...staff rolls out the topic, and hilarity ensues! There are some genuinely funny m-effers on here!

There ain't a right and wrong way. I check this thing 3-6 times a day every day...sometimes I don't comment b/c there is just nothing I can add...not because there's "trash" posts or whatever. If folks wanna feel exclusive, then open up a google/yahoo group or whatever and amuse each other...otherwise...STFU and relax, and go with the flooow.

Just sayin'

TheNWChica said...

Commit to the Stoosh and the BNG!

Sh0ez: I wish I could be there to go with you guys for Tailgateblog. I'm still trying to get time off in November to come out for the Nucks game or December for when PensSouth is here.

OH, and is kamechiha really our old pal r*g*b in disguise? ;)

snickerdoodles said...

Staff, give yourselves a break and take a break. We'll survive without a post everyday. Relax, recharge, and come back swinging!

sh0ez said...

@ chica: Get time off in Fabruary and come to Detroit? Ha ha. We already have tickets!

sh0ez said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Fabruary.

A. Young said...

waah, life is hard, i have to balance life, work, and blogging, waah

but you guys do a great job and please keep up the good work.

A. Young said...

waah, life is hard, i have to balance life, work, and blogging, waah

but you guys do a great job and please keep up the good work.

fleuryous said...

I'm sorry, it had to be posted...

Someone PLEASE make a photoshop.

TheNWChica said...

I would love to come to Detroit in BFF lives in Lansing. Can she come too even if she's wearing a StevieY sweater?

TheNWChica said...

@fleuryous: "And your little dog too!"

sh0ez said...

Ha ha. It's not IN Detroit. It's in the 'Burgh. Against them. =].

Is it your BFF Jill? Or Rose?

TheNWChica said...

Ahhhhh....well, maybe I'll still come. :)

I really want to come against the Nucks though; except I would be wearing my Linden jersey...well, one of them. lol

Hee hee! No...Lisa!

fleuryous said...

Okay, sorry I'm searching random images, and I found this one, and Holstrom's face is too good. He looks constipated.

GwinTheEskimo said...

you've inspired the blog for my baseball team, and are the reason I have a blogger account.

see you during the season

Stephen S. said...

hiya everyone,
I just wanted to address the comments that are lumping the jersey stuff/storeblog into this sitch:

Storeblog and the jersey stuff are all projects that I manage. The stuff I do for the blog is the same stuff I get a paycheck for every other week, so it's not like i'm jumping into new territory here... it's actually surprising how quickly I can pump stuff out if i'm really into it(example : the "our take" graphic took an hour tops and that includes a snack break). The work I do around here means so much more to me than anything I do at the real job(joke). I'm an illustrator stuck with an art directors position where I maybe get to do one illustration a year and the rest of the time is spent pushing pixels and setting type. Coming home and making a new shirt design or researching sweet-ass jerseys is where I get enjoyment from my work.

I fully agree... our wonderful writers deserve a well-deserved break from the day-to-day grind. They've been working hard all summer. Me? Talk about calling it in! I had it easy, drawing a hand-full of pics and hanging out at cblog events(which have ALL been set up by non-staffers btw... thanks!!!). What i'm trying to get at, I guess, is that the Art Department is frothing at the mouth for some action here. And there's basically nothing I can do about it until the F%$&*^g puck drops! This is why you have jerseyblog now - because 1) I needed something to do, 2) there is no way I would have time to pull it off while there are games going on and 3) the last thing I wanted to do was try to order jerseys in the middle of their "busy season"(the guy from the jersey place said I called at the right time. If we would have called once hockey season was in full swing, he wouldn't have had the time to help us tweak the designs for the best possible quality).

So noone(staff included) needs to worry about storeblog, jerseyblog or the photoshops... that's why I'm here! This schnizit is under control.

Before you know it, tPB will be back more powerful than a powered-up Pac-Man!

Rage said...

@Annie- I took the time to see who linked the HHOF pics. Thanks for the pics, they're great photos and my jaw woulda been hanging open the whole time(like the retarded dude in the Michigan hat) in that place.


wahoo4389 said...

take heart guys.... you're worth some money. (at least $8825.7, to be somewhat exact) check out:

Katie said...

Staff -- you're fantastic and deserve a rest. Even God rested on the seventh day. Retreat, relax, recharge and renew. We'll get by by maybe actually paying more attention to our "real" jobs (ha-ha). I took a break from posting for the most part this summer for that reason (it being the off season, not the paying more attention to the job). You guys should, too.

I've been reading this blog since day 1, even though I really didn't start posting (periodically) until this spring. I've always been a Pens fan and understood the technical-side of the game, but the Cblog comments about the game, players, teams, etc... have really helped me understand and appreciate the game way more than I ever imagined. When it came to the stats side, I was (and still am somewhat) a novice. But I'm learning, thanks to many of you all. With it being the off-season, there's less and less of hockey talk, but that's only natural. I'm confident once the puck drops, things will get back to "normal".

tPb has been a much needed connection to Pittsburgh and the Pens for me, and probably so for those others who are no longer anywhere near the Burgh or the Fox Sports Pittsburgh viewing area. Portland, OR is a deadzone when it comes to folks really supporting team sports, and even more so when it comes to hockey.

So I proudly wear my WWGRD wristband (my arm feels naked without it since I got it in the first run), anxiously await the arrival of my jersey and look forward to the puck dropping and the game recaps, photoshops and Cblog commentary. I've locked in my Center Ice package and am ready.

Again, you guys are amazing! Take a rest and we'll stay tuned during this commercial interruption.

Adrienne said...

You guys sound like you're trying to break up with us because we caught you beating off to a picture of your dog...

Seriously though, take a breather. It's been slow as fuck this summer.

Go get a beer. Hopefully I'll see you guys at training camp next week :p

Stephen said...

Hey guy, you will be missed during the busy work day. Go outside for the little bit of nice weather we've got left this summer, get drunk, find some prostitutes, or just get some sleep. Enjoy the time off. Your readers will be here for you when you get back.

Thanks fellas for all you do.

McPuck22 said...

Since when is Vince Young posting on here??

fleuryous said...

Sorry to be annoying, but speaking of jerseyblog...

do you have any idea when those will come in?


Annie said...

Hehe, thanks Rage. I pretty much was walking around all day like that. Probably one of the top 10 days of my life. :D

Rage said...


"You guys sound like you're trying to break up with us because we caught you beating off to a picture of your dog..."

AWESOME- where the hell else would you ever see something like that?!?!?


Stephen S. said...

Jersey order will be placed on Monday the 15th. Hopefully we will have them in-hand @ 4 weeks later.

All jerseys have to be ordered at the same time so the $300 set-up fee for the patch is spread out over all the jerseys, otherwise we would all be paying well over $400 a piece(um.... no!). The shitty part of this whole experience was realizing the NHL adds this mark-up to every jersey sold even though they are making thousands of patches at a time. So their per-unit cost is probably below $30 a jersey. and the other $300 is profit.

But, yea, @ 4 weeks from Monday. possibly sooner depending on production schedule. Even sooner than that if you want to come pick it up when they arrive ;)

kamechiha said...

Kamechiha don't need disguises.
Disguises are for snitches


I need pens fans only

thomes08 said...

Hey guys this is cool.

7 sports players who called their shots. Syko is on there as is owen nolan in an all star game.

Steve In Denver said...

Staff, shrooms and a road trip are always good therapy.

Your drive for putting up great posts lasted longer than the sex in most new relationships. That's impressive.

More impressive than our wingers for this season.


fleuryous said...

DUDE, do we have any road trips planned, since the Chicago was a bit of a bust?

Dr. Turkleton said...

some updated info from Rookie Camp


Those were awesome pics!...I haven't been up to the HHOF since the NHL Draft in Toronto [the Ryan Whitney Draft!] and a lot of those exhibits seem new...
Did they still have the section where you could play as a goalie, putting on a mask, glove, blocker with stick, and in a large screen in front of you, Gretzky & Messier skated around and shot pucks at you [soft pucks came through the screen at you where they shot from on the ice] was pretty neat, except for those 2 turds doing the shooting/drills.

Someone mentioned this yesterday, but I forgot to comment.

Eric Staal [Jordan's bro, I think] = overpaid.

It just may end up being a bargain, for the last .5 of the contract...but, can they really justify him as being the 4th highest paid player in the NHL, when the contract kicks in during the 09/10 season??? [hope he doesn't suffer thru the Brad Richards Effect...what am I saying, I hope he damn well does!]

I just want to add that I'm glad that the NHL is not run like the MAFFL [My Ass Fantasy Football League], does seem to be running better than the new there's a feather in their tuque.


Matthew Baker said...

dudes, no one will blame you for a few days of mud. if nothing else, let the other team blogs fill out the month with their preseason previews.

The bottom line is that when the lights turn on at Stockholm, we'll have a fever and the only prescription, is some free candy.

do what you gotta do guys.

oh ya, go pens.

Annie said...

Dr. Turk - Yep, they had the one where you could play goalie. I don't remember it shooting soft pucks though... I think there was just a screen across from you that had you superimposed on it, and you had to block CG pucks. I didn't do either of them though, not wanting to make an ass of myself. :)

Forced Lange-ism said...

take all the vacation you need, just as long as you get that dog off my lawn

Nick Saia (usa) said...

robert lang = canadiens

BlacknGold66 said...


Where those last two posts really just deleted?

Fucking Gay.

jefe mays said...

damn i just wrote a long comment that included how they should stop posting for at least a couple days and end the pressure packed post streak. and other things. denied. ah fuck it.

BlacknGold66 said...

tPB is dead.

Long live tPB.

Dr. Turkleton said...

What The....?????

some hockey talk starts to pick up on cblog and it's GONE!!!!!

The STREAK IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!

BlacknGold66 said...

Yes, I just said "Where" instead of "Were."

Way to go out on a high note BnG.

Not that anyone is going to read this...

But I was just saying with someone the other day "As soon as FH stops posting then you know this website is heading downhill."

Fucking shame.

And for all of those who think this bogus "feud" is because of "new people" vs. "old people"... COMPLETELY missed the fucking point.

eileenover said...

What the hell is going on?

jefe mays said...

anyway, i think ill be looking like alex grant after some needed tailgating tomorrow.

and im really anticipating hearing about pesonen and the other underlings in camp.

go pens.

eileenover said...

jefe, turk, and bng- check your Facebooks

sh0ez said...

I believe Stephen was attempting to take care of the "break" by making some posts, but people were being dumb? So he rid of them.

I don't really know what's going on. I see some over reacting and some complete retardedness going on. It's getting out of hand in here. We're all here for the Penguins. Let's just love hockey and stop being lame. Like Kevin.

fleuryous said...

Agreed, sh0ez.

That being said, TOO excited for next Saturday!

sh0ez said...

Hell yes! I'm excited for the fact that we can come early now and tailgate a little!

fleuryous said...

You can?!


sh0ez said...

Yep. We figured out we can go to the actual wedding now, instead of going to the reception. So that means we will be ready to go by at least 4. So stoked.

eileenover said...

I'm so glad you and Michelle can come to tailgateblog sh0ez. As long as someone brings alcohol other than beer I'll be happy, and hopefully entertaining.

sh0ez said...

I won't be bringing any! Ha ha.

What are the details for tailgateblog?

Max Power said...

Yes, what are the details for tailgateblog?

eileenover said...

I have no idea. Annie said she would plan it so I would ask her. All I know is I plan on getting there very early, and drinking heavily.

sh0ez said...

Max, I was just thinking that you are the only one who's last name I don't know. Then I thought, wow, what if his last name really is POWER!?

Max Power said...

Check my profile sh0ez, if you have such interest

sh0ez said...

Wow. Has that always been there? Go me. Ha ha. My apologies.

Max Power said...

Alright I'm out. sh0ez please hit me up and let me know how many tickets we have left for the game.

sh0ez said...

I e-mailed ya.

eileenover said...



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