Saturday, August 9, 2008

Winter In The Sun Weekend

Yea nothing is going on.

We need to catch up on Winter in the Sun because we are way behind
So for the rest of the day we're going to post a Winter In Sun.

It is August. We know no one is going to read it, but it makes us feel better that we can get through shit.

Game # 43

[ Conkodile Dundee. PENS WIN]

4 - 1

The St. Pete Times Forum looks like Mellon east.
You see black and gold shirts all over the place.

John Tortilla looks suicidal.
Tampa Bay fans are stunned.
What a great time to be alive.

fter the PK, Bing comes flying down.
Using the skill stick, he smokes some guy.
Doesn't score though.

Tampa keeps some solid pressure on.
They sail a puck to the net that almost goes in.
Pens can't control it.
Marty St. Louis gets it. Nice pass to Vinny Lecavalier.
Wide-open net.
Conk robs him.

Huge save.


You can tell things were about to change.
The Bolts came out with some guts.

They get an odd-man break.
Paul Ranger joins the rush, picks up a loose puck.


Hearing the arena horn go off when the Pens give up a goal on the road is demoralizing.
Pens rotate it around to him.
You look up sick shots, you find Petr Sykora.



But hold the phone.
The puck grazed Jordan Staal before going into the net.

The goal really opened things up.
It seemed like maybe Tampa Bay was about to take over.
But Conk would have none of it.

After some mucking in the corner, look who comes out.
Jordan Staal again.

His first real goal since the eighth-grade picnic.

Tampa Bay fan = Stunned
[ Thanks to Tim L. for the sneaky picture ]

In the first 11 seconds of the third, Bing flies into the zone.
Big Ben strikes one.

The one that doesn't throw huge picks.

The Lightning put out their big boys for what turned out to be their last gasp.
Crosby and Malkin block shots left and right.

The Pens work it back up the ice.
Sykora lays into a shot. His stick blade flies toward the net.
While you're watching the stick blade, the red light comes on.


You're in finally-performing-to-his-potential hands with AllState.

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Go Pens


Beav said...

first woo

Brett said...


conk block city! those were the days.

PittHockey said...

The Conk will be missed.

TheFandangler said...

Conk playd for the USSR now. Let's see if he can block nukes.

TheFandangler said...


me = bigger joke than heath ledger.

Flyer Hater said...

"The one that doesn't throw huge picks."

I want the Steelers to go 0-16 so we can get more of those gems.


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