Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bring Back Pro Beach Hockey

We were going to make a decent post, but then EA Sports released a demo for NHL 2009.

We will have all the details on both XBOX 360 and PS3 teams this weekend.

To make a long story short we got nothing.

But we have been meaning to ask for awhile.

Does anyone remember Pro Beach Hockey? It was on ESPN2 all time during summer, almost always after school.

We could not find any videos, but we found a cool site with a bunch of pics.
[Pro Beach Hockey pics]

That ramp was sick.

So was the three point goal.

The Maple Leafs actually tried to make that a rule at their home games like last year or something.


Go Pens


DrunkArmyFan said...

Hell yes!

sh0ez said...

Woo. I still want a damn PS3. And I will complain until I get one.

sh0ez said...

And for those who missed it:

Link to Sanford's Top 10. (Caution, it may resize your window)

My favorite of the ten is the last one. So when it opens, just click the left arrow once. It's the one by 'Darcy.' The oozing one.

DrunkArmyFan said...

I'm a fan of the third one to the right by Jack

TheFandangler said...

Pro beach = money...

Still not as good as 09'.

DrunkArmyFan said...

and Pro Beach Hockey was awesome, but I actually wasn't a fan of the ramp behind the net.

mmmk1989 said...

i played on Be A Pro Mode on the demo for the PS3

greatest thing ever.

i played 2 games on it and have scored 2 goals and 4 assists.

TheFandangler said...


I agree. I've been on it non-stop.

Rochelle said...

dang this is the closes to first i've ever been.

fleuryous said...

That Ric Flair picture never gets old.


Dr. Turkleton said...


I was Taffed from participating in cblog for 30 days by Staff because:

•I don't have any material to partake in midget discussions.

• I'm not a card carrying member of the CCoA [Closet Coprophagiacs of America]

• I won't belittle 'writers' who predict the Pens to fall short of going 98 and Oh. [that's 82 regular season wins + 16 in the playoffs for all yinz who found out about the party in mid-Arpril]

• I'm still not upset that [Hossa] signed elsewhere [like I believe he said he would...sign for a Cup™ contender for a discount]...then, gave my 'Thanks' to him for signing elsewhere so that Orpik, MAF and Staal [next year] can stick around and continue being part of the 'Core' that [Hossa] would've broken up if he had signed that ginormous deal King Shero was offering.


Thanks for the 'E' Road Shout-Out! [not really named for me, but I'm sure part of the same Family Tree, somehow]

Be sure to check out 'my' family farm/barn located on the Turnpike...about .5 mile on the right...past the Irwin Exit if you're heading East [South].

btumpak said...

is free admission anything like free candy?

akus said...

Is it Winter In The Sun time?


1 month and 6 days.

Chase said...

OH MY GOD. Pro beach hockey was AMAZING. As a fat indoor kid, i spend many a summer afternoon sitting inside watching it.

KaylaJ said...

so the mask where the lumberjack was going down on the bear didn't make the top 10? me=stunned! i like the one by darcy, but it kinda looks too Sjish to me

and wow beach hockey. i remember that back in the summer or 93. it was odd going from the Habs winning the cup to the beaches of who knows where, but at least it was "hockey". and was it just me or did kelly hrudey show up sometimes?

J.S. said...

I thought PBH only had a 2 pt goal and not a 3, although I could be wrong.

Korn said...

PBH was amazing. That was definitely at the peak of my street hockey/roller hockey days and I was convinced that I could play there some day. I was never a fan of the ramp, but it was something different. Did that only last one summer? That was also during the short-lived era of Pittsburgh Phantoms roller hockey.

The goalies had to lose 10 lbs a game playing in the heat with full equipment.

Burghthing said...

PBH had the sharpest uniforms ever! I still want one of those Jalapeno jerseys.

Vern said...

I remember the fuck out of that stupid league. Awesome.

BobFarls said...

The only thing I remember about PBH was that Chris Chelios' brother was in it and teams would score all the time. Good stuff.

bryan said...

i had a "titans" jersey from pro beach roller hockey. i believe i wore it in my 6th grade year book i got so many chicks that year.

sexymexyjeffy said...

hell yes, I always wanted to go to cali and kick ass in pbh because all the players sucked really bad. i had actually blocked it from my memory until you brought it up thanks tpb


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