Monday, July 7, 2008

The Pittsburgh Stock Exchange

"Changes are taking the pace I'm going through."

From that lyric alone, you know David Bowie is a hockey fan.
And you know he is aware of what happens every year in early July.


What is the job of a general manager during the offseason?
To make the team better than it was heading into the offseason.

Many people who hate the Penguins (which blinds their reasoning)
think that the Penguins have gotten significantly worse this offseason.

They lost Hossa.
They lost Roberts, Malone, and Hall.
They lost Conklin, Laraque, and Ruutu.

On the turnaround, the Pens have picked up Eric Godard and Matt Cooke.
They signed Ruslan Fedotenko and Miroslav Satan.
Some Finnish dude with mystique around him looks to be on his way.
Shero signed Free Candy to a sweet 6-year deal.

And let's not forget those other eventual free agents the Pens signed:
Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury.


A lot of fans out there, specifically Red Wings fans, are already closing the door on the Pens' '08-'09 season.

Did these fans even watch their team beat the Penguins in the SCF?

The Red Wings beat the Penguins using their team speed more than anything else.
Besides Niklas Kronwall spying someone and then crushing them, their physicality in the Finals left something to be desired.

Everyone is saying the Penguins have lost their team toughness.
And you gotta go along with that.
But toughness, obviously, is not what brings the Cup home.

And then everyone is saying the Penguins lost their goal-scoring prowess.
As Ray Shero said, not every GM can lose out on Hossa and then sign Malkin 20 minutes later.




Yeah, okay, he's a big deal.
The Penguins and Hossa used one another for each's own benefit.
Just like Hossa and the Wings are doing to each other in this upcoming season.

Mid-February, Hossa wasn't even a thought in the Penguins future.
They already had a squad on the fast track to first place in the Eastern Conference.
The trade for Hossa was a gamble that Ray Shero had to take.
He saw the opportunity this year.

His departure brings up the "Need a winger for Sid" conversation again.
Christensen and Army weren't cutting it.
And the depth they provided is not sorely missed.

Losing out on Hossa has given Shero many avenues to look at.
The Pens aren't going to be the top-heavy team they would have been.
Thank God.

Replacement: He's as close to irreplaceable as you can get.
But every team that has ever won the Stanley Cup didn't need Hossa.

[Matt M]


Ryan Malone has been trade-bait city since he started popping in 20 goals a season for the anemic Pens squads in '03-'04 and '05-'06.

[Picture+1.<span class=

Adjusted for his injury in '06-'07, Malone had averaged 21.3 goals a season prior to this past season.
He averaged 20.6 assists per season.
He ended up averaging 42 - 43 points per season.

Then he gets put onto a line with a player who challenged for the Art Ross Trophy all season.
Results: 5 more goals. 3 more assists. 8 more points.
Really? Is that it? Ehh...

We're not throwing Malone under the bus.
It would have been nice to have him around.
But not for $5 million a year. Sorry.

Replacement: Fedotenko
A 20-goal scorer is all they need to replace him.
Staal fills the "big dude in front on the PP" void.


That stings.

At the trade deadline in 2007, why was Roberts coveted by the Penguins?
He provided veteran leadership and experience to a group of young forwards that needed it.

In 2008, hampered by a nagging high-ankle sprain, he missed much of the season.
He was back in time for the playoffs.
He kick-started the team in the first game of the first round with two goals.

We've had the much-publicized love affair with him since he was brought here in 2007.
But his veteran leadership and experience isn't as critical anymore as it once was.

This young team has been close enough to the mountaintop to know what it takes to get there again.
The Pens' trip to the SCF nips all talk from here on out about how the Pens are inexperienced.

We send him on his way with as much respect as the Apollo 13 astronauts gave Aquarius when it was jettisoned shortly before re-entry.

Replacement: Plugger.


Tampa Bay Lightning owners.
Unkempt hair = Overpaying free agents.

Let's face it. Hall wasn't around for a bulk of the season, and he wasn't sorely missed.
Then again, neither was Crosby, if you want to talk about wins and losses.
And neither was Fleury, actually.

Hall was exactly the type of player the Pens needed on their bottom lines.
He scored a couple of the biggest goals of the SCF for the Pens.
Both were lucky bounces. Niklas Kronwall even scored one for him.

Our goal here isn't to job Hall.
It just has to be stated that Adam Hall is not irreplaceable.
Although his overall average faceoff skills will be sorely missed on a Pens team that needs them.

Replacement: Ball wipes.


Fan favorite, without a doubt.
The microscope was on him whenever he was on the ice.

But he's a player that you love to have on your team
and hate when you have to play against him.

He will be missed, but again, not irreplaceable.

Replacement: Matt Cooke, to an extent.


Shero went and got him at the deadline in 2007 to address the notion that Bing and Co. needed a bodyguard of sorts.
Whoops. He didn't even play in the ensuing playoffs that season.

BGL did great things for the community during his time here in Pittsburgh.
His penchant for fighting and the like in no way reflects how he is off the ice.

Replacement: Eric Godard


Conklin may have wanted to come back, but the Pens said, nah, we're good.
He was one of two MVP's for the Pens this past season.
Night in and night out, he gave the Pens at least a chance to win.

His departure leaves the Pens' goaltending situation weary at best.
We remember saying that last season even when the Penguins signed him, so whatev.




He's the winger that the Pens will put up top with Crosby.
Satan approached Shero and wanted this to happen.

Is he Marian Hossa? No.
Even signing Jesus to replace Hossa wouldn't have been enough, according to some fanbases.

But Crosby is one year better. And he's gonna be like that for quite awhile.
Consequently, the players around him will be better.

The money that was freed up when Hossa spurned the Pens has been spent wisely.

We believe in Satan.
We don't want to cheapen the wristband idea from last season.
But "What Would Satan Do" is almost too good to pass up.


If you're a hockey fan, you've heard his name in passing more than once.
Maybe because it's hard to forget a name like that.

[<span class=

Look what we have here.
A player who blossomed when he played on a Stanley Cup-winning team.

In many hockey circles, he is already being regarded as the best #26 for the Pens since Mike Stapleton.

He put together his best season in the year following the Cup, scoring 26 goals.
Since then, he has been mired in mediocrity with Tampa and the Islanders.

Line-combination debates aside, he fills the 20-25 goal gap left by the departure of Malone.


We're not gonna say, "Yeah, we've seen him play a few times, bleh blah bluh."
We have no idea how this guy will do in the NHL. No one really does.

He's been a beast over in Finland for the last couple years.
He won the points race this past season in [ SM-Liiga ], regarded as one of the top hockey leagues in Europe.

And they have sick advertising practices over there.

[ Ben T. ]

If he can replace the energy left from Hall's departure, that would be beautiful.
But the Pens have bigger plans for Pesonen, most likely.

According to the [ PG ], the Pens scouted him vigorously during the season,
and are extending him a two-way contract for 2008-09.

That will let the Pens send him back and forth between Wilkes-Barre and Pittsburgh
without having to risk losing him through waivers.

Odds are that Pesonen won't leave top-dog status in Finland to work the half boards on the Baby Pens' power play.

We hope he signs.
Because we want to call him "Puck Finn."

Credit goes to [ Matt L. ]


People are seeing him as a suitable replacement for Jarkko Ruutu.
It's probably a little unfair to just throw that tag on him.
But, hey, he took a paycut to come here.

[Picture+5.<span class=

[ Japers' Rink ]

We asked J.P. to give us his impression of Cooke from the 20-some games Cooke played with the Caps this past season:

First and foremost, great team guy. From the minute he arrived after the trade deadline, he seemed to buy in to everything going on here. He was always available in the locker room after games, win or lose.

On the ice, I like his energy and he's a pretty good penalty killer, but he's got hands of feet and every shift with him is a checking from behind major waiting to happen.

You guys will like him. He busts his ass and plays on the edge - a good replacement for Jarkko.

As long as he can throw in about 10 goals and job some people, we're good to go.

Why the Post-Gazette is a monkey:

They ran this picture when mentioning the Cooke signing.

It took us 4 seconds to find a more recent mugshot.

Cooke is also going to be fun because he is already getting love as the "Cookie Monster."

[ Matt H. ]

Sure, he hasn't played a second in a Penguins uniform yet, but with 198 hits last season
and a name like Matt Cooke, it's hard not to get excited.

The Cooke-y Monster Fan Club at [ Facebook ]


He's not a big deal. He fills the enforcer role that BGL was in.

Sometime during the season, during a 6-1 loss to the Flyers,
we will be clamoring for HCMT to "throw Godard out there."



As we mentioned up top, the goal of a GM during the offseason is to make his team better.
The addition of Hossa last season was an unplanned risk that you take in the salary-cap era.
We knew it was a long shot to sign him. Let's forget that it even happened.

Isn't it fair to say that the Penguins' starting lineup this year will possibly be a step or two ahead of the starting lineup that took the ice on October 5, 2007?

Over the course of the past year, Shero has replaced players that were painstakingly trying to match their potential ( Christensen, Armstrong ) with proven scorers ( Satan, Fedotenko ).

The Pens' blue line has not looked this good in a long time.

Shero has replaced BGL with a younger, more agile suitor.
We all loved Ruutu, but Cooke can do the job.
A Fathead sticker of Dave Tippett can score 15 goals on a line with Malkin and Sykora.
But again, any team without Marian Hossa has no chance of being good.

Joe Starkey at The Trib will calm you down. [ Here ]

Sure, there are question marks. Every team has them going into a season.

Except Detroit.

If you could put out their starting 6 and turn fatigue and injuries OFF in the game-settings menu,
there isn't necessarily a reason to even play the 2008-2009 season.

Did we have ill will towards Marian Hossa?
Yeah, for a couple of days. But you move on.

You can never wish injury on another human, because karma is a bitch.
But the NHL season is long.

Let's not kid ourselves. There has never been a more likely team in sports to repeat as champs as the Red Wings are poised to do this upcoming season.

But the thought of them not doing it...
and Osgood crumbling...
and Red Wings fans clamoring...
and the Wings not being able to deliver for Hossa...
and Hossa whoring himself out on another one-year deal to a team he thinks can win the Cup...

That is what keeps us going.


So, let's say goodbye to Ruutu, BGL, Conkblock, Hossa, Hall, Malone, and Mr. Gary Roberts one last time.

Take it away, Enya...


Go Pens


Smo said...


sign Puck Finn.

Nature Boy said...

To be the man WOOOOOO you have to beat the man.


penstone410 said...

david bowie a hockey fan?
..right on!

As Ray Shero said, not every GM can lose out on Hossa and then sign Malkin 20 minutes later.
..and this is why in sHERO we trust

damn thanks to the PSE photoshop i have to go find salute your shorts episodes somewhere online!

and the departed..

jefe penguino said...

hossa who?

that was a comforting post. worth the wait!

seeing the ex-pens dubbed into their new uniforms hurt, but helped. now im ready.

i love this team that i havnt even seen play together yet. and thats what its all about.

go pens.


penstone410 said...

yeah i was gonna say.. the players in their new jerseys hurt

moving on..
the new players in the pens uniforms = ANXIOUS AS HELL for fall!

p.s. kudos to Ben T. on the hilariosity of that finnish to pgh logo photoshop!!

penstone410 said...


did charlie contribute the enya bit??

vitalbeach said...

I'm still not sure at all what Godard really looks like. But every time I try to put a face to the name, it ends up being the guy in the stands in Calgary. And I'm not really sure I want to change that.

Damn it, I wanna see Pesonen play! Preferably on Bing's left.

jefe penguino said...

well it all looks perty good on paper. lets hope the chemistry is there.

i think tPB will be up to 2 million hits soon.. being that the same several people just hit refresh 87329 times a minute for a new post and to claim first.

[pezo for prezo]

jefe penguino said...

@sh0ez -dude i cant connect to the EA servers to play nhl07. they suck.


Mr. Plank said...

"We Believe In Satan"

Probably one of the best quotes I've ever seen hahaha.

Jawsh said...

Can tpb sign Enya? She is money in the bag.

Russell Lucas said...

"Let's not kid ourselves. There has never been a more likely team in sports in repeat as champs as the Red Wings are poised to do this upcoming season."

Impressive use of the reverse jinx here. Well done.
/golf clapped

shawnawwwesome said...

The only thing missing from Pesonen's uni is a huge Fig Newtons ad on his face shield.


With all the former Pens under there, that bus must be getting some pretty good traction. Remind me never to play for, contribute to a cup run for, and then leave, Pittsburgh.

Pensblog Staff said...

I think we have it set so that a visitor only counts as a hit to the site every 5 hours or something.
A testament to that is how our daily "page view" count dwarfs the "unique visitors" count.

The bus they have been thrown under is the magical Jobber Tour Bus.



stokes said...

Staff, you know you're preaching to the choir, right...

...Unless you are trying to tell all the naysayers out there that have bought the notion that Hossa was the be-all, end-all for the Pens. Those people are called Idiots.

Good post. I'm personally over Hossa. There is very little to worry (goaltending) about going into this season.

stokes said...

I should say that i am not worried about MAF, but Sabu as back up is somewhat discomforting....

J.S. said...

Shero better sign that Calgary fan before Lowe offers him 7 yrs/50 million.


jefe penguino said...

comic of the day

akus said...

Puck Finn!!


& Iron Shitty. We had to drink Iron, cause it was home-grown, Boonesfarm cause it was cheap.

What a ride this past week has been, from July 1st till today. A range of emotions, dealing with alot of Wooooooooooooo's and whateve's. But we all had FAITH and i don't know about You but i feel ALOT better today than i did this time last week.

@Doc T:
Thanks for this from last night, made my early morning,catching up read, sure pleasure .

" what the Pens lost:
[# 18,12,37,10,27,28]

45 G
66 A
452 PIMS
13 PPG
358 SOG

what the Pens got: [Satan,TANK,Cookie,GODard]

43 G
56 A
341 PIMS
13 PPG
392 SOG"

off topic,

Why does she have to be on commercials at 645 in the morning?

[October] Coming soon

J.S. said...

lol @ pezo for prezo

J.S. signs Calgary fan from Godard video to a 1 yr, two way deal.

Per club policy, terms of the were not disclosed.

Chubs said...

Hail, Satan!

justincredibleh said...


You should do a free agency recap on the Pensblog characters (Duggan, Charlie, Uncle Jesse).

What are the new guys going to bring to the table. I want you to tell me Pensblog will be one or two steps better next season.

KaylaJ said...

i gotta admit malkin looks a lot flashier with a big boy logo on him.

Colin said...

How quickly some people forget that we were well on our way to a top 3 finish in the Eastern Conference before we acquired Hossa never ceases to amaze me.

He is a solid player, but the dude had 66 points in the regular season last year.

Life existed before Hossa, and life will exist without him. Hell, life will probably be better without him.

xuscbausp said...

ho$$a=dead to me. malone/lord gary/ruuu/hall/bgl=whatev

in sHERO i trust. bring on october

Dan said...

summer's eve douche would be a great advertiser for the flyers

sexymexyjeffy said...

shawnawwwesome said...

The only thing missing from Pesonen's uni is a huge Fig Newtons ad on his face shield.


But I do love Fig Newtons.

Original Nathan said...

Wawa advertising on the Pens' uniforms and not Sheetz? Blasphemy!

So I suppose it'd be appropriate to have Wawa sponsor Miro Satan's uniform.

J.S. said...

mellon on geno's stick because he's money?


megz590 said...

awesome post.. i feel 10x better.

"take it away, enya"

why i love being a pens fan.

Flyer Hater said...

Losing Conklin makes the Pens goaltending situation "weary at best"?


Victor Raison said...

Finally, the Free Agency drama is over, kinda. (Pesonen) Now we can get down to some real hockey discussions like what the +/- stat tells us. (I notice we lost a +12 and gained a -27, per akus at 7:04) Where is what's-his-name to tell us why that matters.
I, for one, am just ready for some friggin' hockey.

jefe: Cyanide and Happiness saves my life on a daily basis.

Raybin said...

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow.

This post = life changing.

One last rush of emotion before we all move on....

Speaking only for myself, I was taking the loss of guys like Conks, Ruutu, BGL, Malone, etc hard because even though they're replaceable in ways that Bing, Malkin, MAF are do I say this...they won't ever get to win with us. This past season's team was something really, really special and now there'll always be that sense of unfinished business.

Ah, well. History is full of "what might have been"....maybe we can get Harry Turtledove to do a "what if" novel.

We send him on his way with as much respect as the Apollo 13 astronauts gave Aquarius when it was jettisoned shortly before re-entry.

Genius. Absolutely brilliant.

I think we send Conklin on his way with the same kind of emotion a teenage boy does at the end of a summer working at a beach and he has to end his brief but passionate love affair of the past few months.

He might never see the girl again, but he'll always remember what she did for him.

I think I just killed that metaphor by straining it until it snapped. Ouch.

But the thought of them not doing it...
and Osgood crumbling...
and Red Wings fans clamoring...
and the Wings not being able to deliver for Hossa...
and Hossa whoring himself out on another one-year deal to a team he thinks can win the Cup...

That is what keeps us going.

Oh yeah.

I want to get to the Cup finals this year (obviously) but I don't want to see a very-very-good-but-more-easily-beatable team like Dallas or Anaheim or San Jose. Nope. I want Detroit there and waiting. And I want to crush them.

Ultimately, I want a shot of Hossa sitting in the ice looking blankly upward while dressed in red just like the one from the end of Game 6 this year. That will be very sufficient revenge.

(Did y'all miss me?)

Sabrejets said...


Once again staff, stellar work!
I for one am not willing to concede that the Wings win it again since a lot can happen, other teams can figure things out, and finally they have to actually go out and do it again,which is easier said than done. They are definitely tough though no question.

Love that Huck Finn Photoshop! Had to laugh at Janne Pesonen going down the river with Jim on that raft, and had to laugh at the pictures of Tampas owner - Jobber!

Akus: Rachel Ray is a little too much saccharine in the morning is she? I think she's reached the saturation point too!

btumpak said...

puck finn = sick

me want cookies!!!!

(this needs to be said everytime the cookie monster smashes someone)

Sabrejets said...

I did kinda wonder where you were.

No doubt "Dealing out Awesome" somewhere...

Colin said...

Ultimately, I want a shot of Hossa sitting in the ice looking blankly upward while dressed in red just like the one from the end of Game 6 this year. That will be very sufficient revenge.

I think we all know what the caption of that picture would be. I am not going to type it because I don't want to jinx it, but man, it will be glorious typing that out.

J.J. said...

"A lot of fans out there, specifically Red Wings fans, are already closing the door on the Pens' '08-'09 season."

It's not that we're closing the door on JUST the Penguin's '08-'09 season, it's that we're closing the door on EVERYBODY's upcoming year. It's July, Kenny Holland has already made Detroit a better team. Don't worry though, by the beginning of October, the A2Y stress train will be loading back up and many of us Red Wings fans will be aboard. It's a long season (and post-season) and we still have recent memories of fielding great teams that have left us disappointed.


Argue Ottawa or Montreal if you want, but I don't think any other team in the East has improved itself as much as your Eastern Conference Champion Penguins. What the Penguins lost in young players who got overpaid elsewhere, Jukebox Shero made up for with guys who put up similar numbers and have what those young guys don't have yet, experience (except for Puck Finn). The Wings riding two goaltenders all year was a bit of a fluky thing; you can still only use one goalie at a time; Fleury has more than enough skill to lead the Pens this year. These guys are going to be dangerous on the ice this year.

Erik said...

According to the [ PG ], the Pens scouted him vigorously during the season,
and are extending him a two-way contract for 2008-09.

That will let the Pens send him back and forth between Wilkes-Barre and Pittsburgh
without having to risk losing him through waivers.

Eh, no. Or should I say FAIL for you to understand?

One-way or two-way contracts have nothing to do with going through waivers or not. Only the time passed since a player signed for the NHL decides whether a player is eligible for waivers or not.

It baffles me how you can celebrate Shero after all the horrendous decisions and mistakes he's made. Not many contenders with the confidence of making the playoffs yearly would be desperate enough to give away what the Pens did for a rental. The desperation by the deadline showed that the Pens organization does not believe they will be there yearly. They saw their one time opportunity and made a huge splash. It's sad but this season will definitely have to answer a lot of questions.

Then, to put all your energy into that rental player as he becomes UFA not making yourself better informed of his upcoming decision is utterly pathetic. He refused to consider the worst case scenario until it was too late. The end result was that a lot of players lost their belief in the organization. Players that would have stayed had they received the focus and dedication they deserved. They probably would have stayed for a discount too, hadn't Shero dropped the ball on his feet.

Go ahead! Call me a troll and whatnot. It's funny how anyone who disagrees with you lot suddenly becomes a troll.

wilsmith said...

Gave up a lot?

2 third liners, a bust of a first round pick, and the 2nd to last pick in the first round?

P.O. said...

i cant imagine being so bored or so lonely that i would even visit another team's message board let alone leave a lengthy comment... i could think of about 100 things id rather do than do that.. things like walk my dog, play with myself, do some actual work, build a model airplane, have a coffee, housework... the list is endless... to put that much effort into a message on a blog of a team i dont even follow would just be sad and depressing and it would show me it was about time for me to check out elmo style with a noose and a chair

Erik said...


I think you answered your own question there.

Max Power said...

Mark my words: Watching Peso play will make you shite ye skivies. What a treat what a treat.

The only thing that Hossa is going to win this year is a free Choco Taco from a $20.00 or more fill up at Shell station.

Colin said...

@ Erik -

If you are the educated hockey fan that you claim to be, you will certainly agree with the fact that the Pens gave up two underachieving NHL players with, at best, top 6 potential.

An underachieving junior player who was dismissed from Canada's world junior team, not once, not twice, but three times. That just doesn't happen if you are a young, elite Canadian player.

The first pick is somewhat of a big deal, but given the season that the Pens were having at the time, it obviously was not going to be a top 20 pick.

Hardly seems like much to give away for a player who made the Pens trip to the SCFs much easier.

Also, do you have any other suggestions for poor moves made by Shero?

Mark Recchi? Maybe.
Daryl Sydor? Maybe, but he stepped in quite well in the SCFs when Letang couldn't go.

Max Power said...

@ erik

Who's your team?

xuscbausp said...

who trolls on another team's blog/comments at 9:45 in the morning

right about one thing, though. FAIL.

Sabrejets said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brett said...

Erik, a couple of years from now, do you think any Pens fan is going to care where Hall is or what he's doing? Do you think Pens fans are going to be saying "man, good thing we held onto Adam Hall".

No. Shero has, from the get-go, made his priorities clear: The Core. He got the job done on THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of this off-season -- signing Fleury and Malkin, both for UNDER what their market value is worth, for LONG TERM deals. So while whatever joke-ass team you support is sputtering due to throwing huge amounts of money at unproven talent, the Pens will be benefiting from GM Foresight.

J.J. said...

Oh, I guess I forgot about the Tampa Bay Lightning when I was talking about the most improved teams from the East.

Oh well, add a spoiler and a new muffler to an Accord and you still won't compete with a Ferrari. The Penguins are still the best in the East by a wide margin.

Raybin said...


Heh. Aren't I always dealing out awesome somewhere? Was in D.C. this weekend.


I know EXACTLY what you mean and that's why I didn't type it either. :)



Not many contenders with the confidence of making the playoffs yearly would be desperate enough to give away what the Pens did for a rental.

What did they give away? A great character guy with average skills (Armstrong, eminently replaceable), a guy who never could live up to his potential(Christensen, better off without him), an underperforming prospect (Esposito) and a first round draft pick. ZOMG!

If we'd won the Cup, you wouldn't have a fuckin' word to say. We came pretty f'n close as it was.

The desperation by the deadline showed that the Pens organization does not believe they will be there yearly.


They needed three things: a big, physical defenseman, a fast penalty killing forward who can also score and a big-time badass finisher for Sid. They got all three of those. Two of those will be on the team next season. Desperation?

Then, to put all your energy into that rental player as he becomes UFA not making yourself better informed of his upcoming decision is utterly pathetic.

No...HOSSA didn't inform them of what he was doing. From everything I've heard, the Pens were confident of locking him down right up until he called and said, "Hey, fuck you guys"

The end result was that a lot of players lost their belief in the organization.

And you know, exactly? Got inside sources? Can you see into the souls or minds of the players?

Players that would have stayed had they received the focus and dedication they deserved.

So you've talked with Laraque and Ruutu? Wow, how are they doing? Tell them I'll miss them next time you speak. Hey, and tell Hall and Conklin I wish them all the best. Since I'm sure you guys talk all the time and they tell you all their thoughts....'cause you're such best buds.

They probably would have stayed for a discount too, hadn't Shero dropped the ball on his feet.

This doesn't even make sense. Players DID stay for discounts: Orpik, Malkin, even Fleury to some extent. Or the example of Sid a year ago.

The players that wanted to play here above money stayed. The ones who wanted money more left. Simple as that.

Please go back to LGP where you can wail and gnash teeth all you want without people smacking you around with sarcasm and pesky facts.

Sabrejets said...

whoops try again:


"play with myself, do some actual work, build a model airplane, have a coffee,..."

Hilarious turn of a phrase my man.

sh0ez said...

Solid post. I = stunned.

@ jefe, penstone: Sorry for randomly leaving you in cblog last night. I just kinda . . . fell asleep. Hah.

@ jefe specifically: Does EA support the online modes of older years of their sports games? When was the last time you tried it? I'm pretty sure in August of the following year (basically when the new year comes out), they stop the online servers for the previous years' game. Not too sure. I can't wait for NHL 09 and it's Be A Pro mode and such. I'll definitely be "getting" it for PC. A few of us could get it (I don't know how many players it supports) and I could use my gaming clan's Hamachi server and we could play a LAN game. The version I "get" can't go online, obviously. Just LAN.

Sabrejets said...

...maybe he works for Buzz on the Turd...

GwinTheEskimo said...

you mean a 6-1 victory over the flyers, right?

Colin said...

raybin droppin' the ol' double edged axe hammer on 'em. I like.

strakasguitar said...

sweet post, staff. lol'd at "puck finn" and the prospect of WWSD wristbands. come on, october...

P.O. said...


its sad but true... i cant imagine exerting the amount of energy on another team's message boards that i see in here on a regular basis... its hard enough to balance life and keeping up with my two teams (pens and steelers) i couldnt imagine sitting on a browns message board and criticize every move the browns made... "joe jurevicious is a bumb! you are screwed now that you cut lecharles bentley" .. i mean come on.....

JYo said...

Looks like the next outdoor game is almost official as Wings-Hawks in Wrigley.

penstone410 said...

its all good buddy! i just averted my boredom to youtube wooo!

do not feed the troll
do not feed the troll
do not feed the troll

oh screw it..

we dont call you a troll because we disagree with you, the thing i love so much about this blog is that there are a lot of differing viewpoints, yet we manage to discuss them with an ounce of respect and dignity for one another..

we call you a troll because you come here and have no respect for our opinions or this blog.. and youre simply an ass

Max Power said...

@ p.o.

Its easy for us not go on other sites and job. Its easy because our teams don't suck balls. Other fans vent their frustrations on here because all that they have going on on their sites is conversations about how bad they suck and what changes should be made but never will. People don't understand the burnden that we all share for being this awsome. But someone has to do it and we do it with style.

penstone410 said...

though i am sure you spread youre awesomeness quite well throughout our nations capitol this weekend, i was slightly saddend that i didnt get a drunken text message.. next time? maybe?

RaCHeLeYoS said...

awe this post is bringing a tear to my eye.

Sabrejets said...

you don't have to go job on the Brownies, they do it themselves up there, which is half the problem. They run coaches and quarterbacks out of town, they are so desperate to win.

You're right though. When theres nuttin' happenin on your own team's boards, go job someone else's.

Raybin said...


Thanks. I try to keep the edges sharp. :)

@max power

People don't understand the burnden that we all share for being this awsome. But someone has to do it and we do it with style.

Max power = HERO


Meant to say something about that. That was a me = epic fail. Didn't check e-mail before I left and didn't get a chance to until I got back. Lamesauce with lameguini, I know.

Sabrejets said...

I'll note that J.J. appears to be a Detroit fan, and no one jumped all over him or called him a troll about it. It all depends as to whether you come on and use a lot of charged language...

Max Power said...

PG jobbing Hossa a bit

J.S. said...

There were a few Wings fans that popped in during the post season that were actually enjoyable to talk with. JJ I believe was here during the playoffs, as was redwings. I want to say there was one more that posted regularly, but all of them were fun to talk with, even after a bit of jobbing at first.

Actually I wish I had more time to check out other teams' boards, just to get a feel for what is being said elsewhere. However, it doesn't mean I'd go trolling and act like a grade A d-bag like some of the posters that have been since the cup was awarded.

xuscbausp said...


Brooks Orpik is now officially a member of the Free Candy van/Candyblog.


bakedziti said...

I would buy a WWSD bracelet oh so quickly.

J.S. said...

max, could you help us out a little with that link? I don't think is gonna be posting any info about the PPG and Hossa. ;)

JKraus said...

One thing that has been left out of this discussion is what's being achieved at Wilkes Barre. The Penguins there had a great season as well, allowing players like Gologoski and Caputi to get some important post-season experience.

From top to bottom, the Penguins organization is run well these days. I don't think that was true earlier this decade when a lack of money and player mismanagement created a horrid talent drain.

Things, now, seem to have been righted. This off-season has done nothing but confirmed it. The Pgh Penguins remain one of the NHL's top teams and a Cup contender. Let's enjoy the ride.

ARtackle075 said...

Def a top ten post of all-time

Go Pens

Max Power said...

This is what you do when you don't have a good sports team and too much free time.

Lady Jaye said...

@xuscbausp > That is awesome!

Re: WWSD? > As much as I think it is hillarious, I am afraid I'd be struck down by lightening ;) Too many years in Catholic schools. (Go NC)

Re: Facebook > Are there any other pens aside from Ryan Whitney and Brooks Orpik on there that anybody has found? Me = curious, not stalkerish.

Raybin said...

I know we've got some guys who play hockey here.

Wheeling Nailers holding open tryouts in August


nu said...

I think I love you guys for being too lazy to chop Conks into Hasek's helmet.

One of the few bright spots: could Conkblock have picked a place where he'll get more playing time? Or with an easier "starting" goalie to outplay? (And clearly, he doesn't want to spend any more time there than is necessary to accomplish that.)


Raybin said...


My thought was that Conks left because he knew he probably wouldn't start anywhere in the league. It came down to: does he want to play 15 or 20 games a season in Pittsburgh or 30 or 40 games in Detroit? Hasek and Osjoke split the regular season almost down the middle last year. One of the reasons Elroy was so clutch was that he was pretty well rested. Contrast that with Roberto Luongo who played 73 games last year and collapsed at the end.

The Pens weren't gonna pay him any more than the 750K Detroit offered and thus I think it came down to playing time.

Erik said...

From top to bottom, the Penguins organization is run well these days. I don't think that was true earlier this decade when a lack of money and player mismanagement created a horrid talent drain.

There's a word for that: tanking.

BlacknGold66 said...

Ultimately, I want a shot of Hossa sitting in the ice looking blankly upward while dressed in red just like the one from the end of Game 6 this year. That will be very sufficient revenge.


Let's Go Pens!!!

BlacknGold66 said...

Erik = BlueShirtBulletin


Raybin said...


You are SUCH a joke.

An accusation of tanking is the last refuge of the dick who has no other argument to make against the Penguins.

You are a troll now. Just offer accusations of the NHL conspiracy to hand the Cup to Sid and use the term "Cindy Crysbaby" and you've got the trifecta, baby.

The Pens were bad because they had shitty teams and a shitty management. Funny how no one's accused the Lightning of tanking to get Stamkos this year.

I R A Darth Aggie said...

Let's not kid ourselves. There has never been a more likely team in sports to repeat as champs as the Red Wings are poised to do this upcoming season.

Perhaps. They'll win the Presidents Cup (again). And then there's a very good chance they'll exit the playoffs in the first round, against a team like the Kings (again).

Being a Wings fan must be totally frazzling: sometimes you bring the Cup home, and sometimes you get bounced out by the most unlikely of foes.

Scutum said...

Nice post.

Hello all, Pens fan from Hartford, CT area.

Not sure why folks bag on Shero. The Hossa move gave the Pens the boost to make it to the SCF, and it was not expected that he would sign here when the deal was made. Then Shero made a good offer, which Hossa declined, and we ended up with Tank and 666. Not bad, I say. Just who else was available that people think the Pens should have grabbed instead? Naslund is about the same player as 666 at this point, Jags would have left us high and dry after a year... Huselius? Hainsey? Not exactly proven commodities.

And they are one year deals, too, which lets them prove themselves first, and if it doesn't work out, makes them easy to move or frees up space to look at other free agents next year. Which means... maybe don't burn ALL those Hossa jerseys just yet?

Sakic19 said...

Hey fuckstik(Erik)

Just tell us your team...?

What are you scared of...?

There is an old saying "it ain't talkin shit if you can back it up"...

back it up bitch


Na-Na-Na-Naa said...

"From top to bottom, the Penguins organization is run well these days. I don't think that was true earlier this decade when a lack of money and player mismanagement created a horrid talent drain.

There's a word for that: tanking."

Running an organization well is tanking? You tried trolling earlier but this one doesn't even make sense. Run along.

Raybin said...


He's from Bullshit Bulletin?

Hey Erik, come back here in March and let us know how that 5 million to Rozsival worked out. Though you don't have to since we already know the answer.

TheNWChica said...

They might have been posted, but I love these clips.

C is for Cookie

Disco Cookie

I need to go to work. lol

Max Power said...

What erik does in his free time

deathbynature55 said...

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Pete: I've always wondered, what's the devil look like?
Ulysses Everett McGill: Well, there are all manner of lesser imps and demons, Pete, but the great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail, and he carries a hay fork.
Tommy Johnson: Oh, no. No, sir. He's white, as white as you folks, with empty eyes and a big hollow voice. He likes to travel around with a mean old hound. That's right.

Sakic19 said...


you forgot 36 million over six seasons for Redden...

what a steal!!!!!!

in the Rags world at least...

nu said...


Who knows if the Pens were even going to play him at all? They sure weren't in any hurry to shunt Sabu out of the way and give him a roster spot. Personally, I think that playing MAF 65+ games is about a dumb as a box of rocks (there was a very good article in the Globe & Mail by Duhatschek earlier about the benefits, of, y'know, possibly NOT wearing your goalie out during the regular season...9_9)...if I start thinking about "why" I'll just get mad again. We have a backup spot open after this year. I hope he doesn't price himself out in the interval. *sigh*

So when the Ranger$ were spending $80 million and missing the playoffs for SEVEN straight as opposed to four, that would be....?

Something really short-bus like special, right?

Raybin said...


maybe don't burn ALL those Hossa jerseys just yet

I don't want him back here. If he'd left for a big ol' pile of money I would've said "Thanks for the help" and wished him good luck and sent him on his way

But to take the same money the Pens were offering and then saying "They can't do it, but Detroit can"...maybe I hold grudges too much, but I don't want to see him back here ever.

@darth aggie

The Blackhawks will be Detroit's kryptonite this year. They basically built their team this off-season to do just that.

Na-Na-Na-Naa said...

anyone else overly anxious to hear the official word on "johnny penguinen"?

SexyChubbs said...

"A Fathead sticker of Dave Tippett can score 15 goals on a line with Malkin and Sykora."

Easily my favorite line from the post.

The PG article puts it well also!

I don't post often, but this entry of tPB was off the charts.

One last note - -

Free Candy and Me Want Cookies?! We are developing quite the sweet tooth...

Erik said...


One of the few bright spots: could Conkblock have picked a place where he'll get more playing time? Or with an easier "starting" goalie to outplay?

Funny. That easier "starting" goalie beat the Pens starting goalie in GAA for the playoffs. Both had practically the same save percentage. During the regular season it's a different story, especially as GAA. Osgood was far and away ahead of Fleury on that statistic. In total - including the playoffs - Fleury played seven games less than Osgood.

Maybe all those numbers are a bit too confusing for you. Don't worry, I'll make sure to disregard any of your future ramblings. In any case, as some of you would put it: FAIL.

Erik said...


We're all here to discuss the Pittsburgh Penguins. This is tPB after all!

If you want to discuss other teams, I suggest you head over to the appropriate board or forum.

Let's all try to stay on topic here!

Sakic19 said...


What are you hiding?

This is an open forum, and I am sure that we would all like to discuss the advantages and misgivings of your favorite team as well...

like I said...

back it up bitch...

nu said...


Yes, I can see how numbers confuse you, seeing as how that how "Rags spent MORE money to miss the playoffs for MORE years" went straight over your head...

Chris Osgood is a fucking joke. You mean the guy who let in 3 goals on 18 shots in the SCF? Or 1 OT goal on 4 shots in a period? The one who gets so bored back there he took up diving as a hobby? And the one who hides from the media after a performance like the one mentioned above?

His stats belong to Lidstrom and company. There's a reason his numbers look so pretty and he wasn't anywhere NEAR the end-of-season voting. Fleury played seven fewer games and faced several hundred more shots.

demondg1 said...

Wow. Gotta love Peso's blinged out dome. Wouldn't mind seeing the Pens do that with an alternate jersey in the future.

Hossa's dead to me. I can't wait for the home opener. I'm taking a giant "HAIL SATAN" sign. Even if Satan seems like Palffy08 to me.

Really going to miss Ruutu and Georges. BGL, good guy, bad hockey player. Best of luck to the both of them.

But Conks broke my heart. I would have been cool with anywhere but Philly or Detroit. I wish him luck in his future endeavors so long as his interests don't conflict with my interests.

Anyway, had a thread debating Jagr getting his number retired. I put this together:

Dan said...

if we started politicsblog again erik's head would explode. just saying.......

Erik said...


People would start calling me a troll again if I attempted discussing other teams as well. It seems my depth and insight covering the Penguins is more than enough for what some of you people can handle.

You seem to be harboring a lot of anger. I suggest you talk to a therapist, as I sure as hell aren't going to discuss anything with a raving lunatic. It is a waste of time and I'm not going to lower myself to your level, spouting insults and ad hominems. No Sir, all of us were born immature, you are proving some will also die immature.

Also, you could work to improve that vocabulary of yours. There's more than one word for the meaning of "bitch". Maybe it's an attempt at artistic repetition?

SexyChubbs said...

Erik -

Learn to fucking read. He was actually giving Osgood a compliment by saying that he wishes Conklin would have gone somewhere that he had an easier chance to start.

Max Power said...

@ erik

You're absolutely correct. Our team just makes awful decisions. I think it was proved beyond a reasonable doubt when it took us 4 games to eliminate the Rectal Rangers. It also really sucked when we swept the Sens. Finishing the season second in the east... My god we suck.

Dan said...


i suggest you go fuck yourself


nu said...

Uh, chubbs:

No (she) wasn't.

I was calling Chris Osgood a fucking joke, and if they weren't letting him play 60 games last year, they're not letting him do it when he's a year older.

I was complimenting CONKS for picking a place with more practically guaranteed playing time and a less prepossessing "starting" goaltender than any other team in the league.

J.J. said...

"Being a Wings fan must be totally frazzling: sometimes you bring the Cup home, and sometimes you get bounced out by the most unlikely of foes."

@darth aggie: Yes, that sums it up pretty well.

@raybin: the Blackhawks were the Wings kryptonite last year too, we all breathed a sigh of relief when they missed the playoffs

@all c-bloggers: yes, I was here during the playoffs and tried not to troll. Being here and watching your team made me a Pens fan. I will be rooting for them every step of the way that doesn't involve them facing Detroit. I'm still learning the culture here.

@ Erik: you're allowed to disagree, just don't be an ass about it, ass.

SexyChubbs said...

Nu -

Oh. I guess I should learn to fucking read.

Ok. My bad.

At least we agree that Osgood is a joke.

Boy, are my cheeks red.

JYo said...

Just google "internet troll" and you will see this guy is just like the rest of them that come here and fit sever classical descriptions of trolls while saying things like "It seems my depth and insight..." and "You seem to be harboring a lot of anger" without every directly responding to your questions.

Most articles will also tell you the best way to get rid of them is to ignore them. Don't waste your time. As soon as you see who the post is from, don't even read it and then you won't be tempted to respond. They get bored when they have to talk to themselves.

Sakic19 said...


You ARE a troll...and like most trolls you are hiding...

Tell me how I am a raving lunatic...can you "hear" my typed words...have I threatened must have another sense of perception to be able to feel my anger and lunacy threw the written words on an internet site...

As for insults and hominems...look at every one of your posts...

It's the same story with you every time

The Pens suck

The Red Wings kicked you ass

The Pens will lose this year

Ray Shero sucks

blah blah blah blah

Instead of attacking my vocabulary, consider choosing a more varied rhetoric and come up with an original, though provoking thought...


nu said...

Oh, oh, j.j.:

I did ask this @A2Y, but:

Does this mean that the Hasek car of stress is now officially on the Conktrain? :D

(chubbs: we're cool. ;) contempt for elroy unites people everywhere. )

Max Power said...

j.j. = ok in my book

J.J. said...

Nu: A2Y is calling him Conkblocker (stolen from this site, yes?)

As far as the stress train? I don't know what we're gonna do now that Hasek is retiring (again). It may stay the Hasek Club car for a little bit. Personally, I'm working on getting the replacement called the Lilja Caboose. That guy's good for one boneheaded mistake that leads to a scoring chance each game.

Raybin said...

j.j. = super awesome opposing team fan

Question: What's the feeling about Conks in Red Wings land? Are people familiar with his superhuman run last year? I dunno how far that spread outside of Pittsburgh or the Eastern Conference.

Another question: Franzen had a bigtime breakout year after a couple pedestrian seasons. Do you think last year was an anomaly or will he hold that level?

nu said...


It's "Conkblock". No -"er". "King Conk" and "The Conk-erer" are also acceptable.

The fun part is during game threads when the other team takes a shot. No dice. "CONK BLOCK!!!!"

...oh, but I thought that was too juvenile for half of the 19 people who didn't want to look or act like tPB? :D Meh. I did think "Devo" was kind of funny.

Dr. Turkleton said...

excellent FA post staff!

those Rock n Roll owners' pics remind me of a 'Gel' in' commercial:

Rock n Roll:Part 1,"Dude, you are soooooo Gel'in!"

RnR:Part 2, "Like Magellan, bra!"

RnR:P1, "Magellan? he still available?"

sorry if this link was already posted: Penguins Q&A with Dave Molinari

nu said...


The hilarious thing is that Conks's biggest supporter (the one who actually acknowledged and kept track of his existence between Edmonton and here) is actually Steph of No Pun Intended (who watched him move from her friends' Jackets, Sabres, Penguins...) and she's a Wings fan.
So in one sense it was meant to happen.

My sense is that everybody seems to be praising Ken "supergenius" Holland for getting another steal. Though the official press release from the Wings was condescending as hell.

J.J. said...


From what I'm gathering, we're hoping Conks can give us a good 30-40 quality starts. We're all calling it a quality signing by Holland; the Wings don't need a superhuman goalie to lean on to win with their defense. Worst case scenario is Conks falls on his face and Jimmy Howard has to do it. It's more a win/win for us than it is for Conklin because, even if he stands on his head and amazes, people are going to say it's the defense in front of him (BTW, don't take that as a backhanded defense against the Chris Osgood hate going on here, we're fortunate enough to know that we don't need a goalie that can carry the team)

As for Franzen? something just seemed to switch on late in the season that I hope never gets switched off. He learned to be a bit more selfish. I don't think he'll ever top Zetterberg or Datsyuk for scoring, but I have confidence he'll earn himself one hell of a payday with his play this upcoming season.

xocharmedchildox said...


I was asked my a jordan staal one online and i thought it was fake, but my brother said that one is probably real because of the type of pictures on there. He also said mad max has one, along with fleury, but his is private that he has to add you.

somechic said...

a real fan who can discuss with another team. How sad erik's life must be. He comes to troll tPB, and gets jobbed by a redwings fan, classic

Max Power said...

Dudes monster f'in signing by the Stillers

floridapens said...

c-blog,erik is gonna do this over and over.He does this same crap on other boards.he will never answer one question about his hockey knowledge,or about the team he spanks off to.......the butt rangers
Thats who this joke cheers on,and he still cant get over that game 1,
3 goal lead.YOUR TEAM LOST
the best team NY ever paid for and you guys got waxed by kids...
yeah erik lets talk about the pens
and Malkin,ouch that name hurts doesnt it?He smoked your goalie over and over. That shitty player is locked up for years here and wanted to do it on the cheap.Anyone on your team do that?
didnt think so.

P.O. said...

RE Matt Cooke

i saw this video on youtube and it looks like the guy has some real skills and a nose for the net... also he looks like a much harder hitter than Ruutu

take a look..

M Parks said...

I have been a Pens fan my whole life. And I gotta say I wish I could have had thepensblog there the whole time. Haha...

Great post. I can't wait for next season and more chances for thepensblog to display its mastery.

Go Pens.

dfed22 said...

Sure it seems like Detroit is set to repeat, but that is how these things always look in sports in the offseason. It seems like it is very difficult to repeat nowadays, and I don't think the 'spend a day with the cup' garbage helps. To paraphrase Mr. Wolf: 'let's not keeping sucking each other's...let's prepare for next season.' <- that doesn't seem to happen.

Anyway, as well as each can play at times I don't think Osgood/Conklin between the pipes is scaring anyone. Not to mention the gameplanning that every team is doing now that they have seen what works and what doesn't vs Det.

Maybe Det will repeat, but to me oddswise Hossa's decision seemed foolish - esp. for 1 year.

becky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
becky said...

to put erik into WoW terms;


Dan said...

flames sign bertuzzi: punches sutter in the back of the head as signature for contract

Jersey Bill said...

They lost Hossa.
They lost Roberts, Malone, and Hall.
They lost Conklin, Laraque, and Ruutu.

Hossa hurts the most because of the deal he took, but you have to respect him. He was a man of his word. He took a one year deal, for less money, from the team he thought could win it again next season. Me, I would have taken a deal that sets me up to win for seasons well into the future. We motored into March without him, and as nice as it would have been to have him here, shit happens.

The rest, although favorites, were replaceable parts. If Malone was traded in December '06, I really wouldn't have missed him. Thanks for your time gentlemen, we will be booing the hell out of you when you return. That Ruutu is such a scumbag and Laraque is just a goon, but I like our new scumbag and goon.

Thanks for the post, we shall never speak of these things again, right? Until maybe Wednesday.

Brett said...

dammit, j.j., I want to hate the Wings but you're making it difficult.

floridapens said...

@As a member of a small minority of fans ,i could give a rats ass about hossa going .I never wanted him hear.The first thing i said when we signed him was,that was alot to give up,i hope his ego doesnt ruin the chemistry in the locker room.
Any how you slice it the pens were post season bound,and much of that on Malkins back.
He is the one the pens fans and boards should be talking about,not that rental unit who plays for himself.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Solid post, Staff ...

@lady jaye: Max Talbot has one that I have ... Staal has one but he ends up deleting people because he has too many friends so ...

@Chica: Haha ... sesame street videos? You really, really don't wanna do work, huh? *smiles*

@jersey bill: You are really going to boo those players after all the effort and passion they put into our team? Only boo them if they did something wrong or hurt our players or something ... I understand people wanting to boo Hossa but not the others ...

TheNWChica said...

@kaspar:'s Monday morning and I'm just trying to get through it. lol

I need a sign on my desk "This is not the analyst you're looking for."

snickerdoodles said...

Erik is here again? Did his super nintendo freeze up and he has nothing better to do? Golden Girls not on yet? Did he leave his crayolas out in the sun and they melted so he can't color in his "Hockey Genius" coloring book?
Do we have to call upon the powers of Satan to get rid of him?

Here's a suggestion Erika ol girl, how about reading a good book? I hear the Poky Little Puppy is readily available at your local library and bookstores.

P.O. said...

cblog is a shell of its former self right now... last week at this time there would be 300+ comments... the dog days of summer have set in

Colin said...

Isn't the Jason Williams everyone is talking about a Center? Or am I missing something?

Dan said...

colin - winger

slow day

TheNWChica said...

In case you missed it, Scumbergler signed a 4 year deal with the Jackets.

Max Power said...

If you get slapped by a drag queen, is it inappropriate to punch it?

Erik said...


There is a lot of anger and exasperation reflected in your choice of words. It was merely my brotherly concern for you as a fellow human being in asking you to seek help.

If you really want to keep this up, no worries. I have all the time in the world for Internet tough-guys like yourself.

Since you are already offended by my pointing out your grammatical deficiencies, it can't be worsened by pointing out a few more. The ice seems to have been broken, so to speak. Hopefully you can use my advice to better yourself and your grasp of the language.

Again, maybe you are using ellipsis as a means of artistic repetition. However, it is not very commonly used outside cracker-barrel environments such as tPB. It is my suggestion you try to find another punctuation symbol that does the job equally well. Have you heard of the dot: '.'? It does what you think ellipsis does, just better.

Let me round this post off with a word everyone will understand: owned!

P.O. said...


rule of thumb.. if it has an adams apple it is punchable

Max Power said...

erik = boring

TheNWChica said...

@max: I would say it depends on how big that queen is.

Victor Raison said...

Sexual Harassment at work - Is it a problem for the self-employed?

Max Power said...

@ p.o.

Yeah that's a rule to live by. I just feel kind of bad now. I practically took its head off.

P.O. said...


dont feel bad.. you did a public service

TheNWChica said...

@max: Well, tell us why she slapped you.

J.J. said...

As long as we're being hypercritical of composition, ellipses is the plural of ellipsis and the antecedent should come before the pronoun.

P.O. said...


Dan said...

erik = preternatural douchebag

J said...

I'm sorry if I'm late to the party on this, but check out this link...

Apparently, this song was played every time Janne Pesonen scored in SM. If there is a site that can get the pens to follow suit, it's this one.

Adrienne said...

Here's hoping to signing Puck Finn...

I think the only losses to the team that really upset me are Conklin and Ruutu.

Conkblock really stepped up when we needed him, and for that I'm sad to see him go. Especially to Detroit :(

Ruutu on the other hand, great player, and I have the fondest of memories watching him kick/pass the puck from the red line at that TBL game.

I just can't help but laugh that Hossa left the Pens for "a cup winning team" and went to Detroit.

Pens are winning the cup this year. Detroit won't make it past to the Conference Finals.


Julia said...

Cooke will probably be my new favorite since I like the fighters, but I'm still bitter about Ruutu. Seeing him in a Sens uniform is going to sting.

Max Power said...

It stared at me at the intersection. Then I said, "Stop staring at me. You make an ungly woman." I was just keeping it real. If you're going to dress in drag atleast shave your 5 o'clock.

TheNWChica said...

Well, as someone who was born as a woman... I might have slapped you had you called me ugly right to my face.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@erik, you seem to be investing a huge amount of time amount of time on Pensblog this summer...trying to convince us that the Pens aren't worthy of our support or that team ownership is lacking or that we don't make good grammar, or whatever you're trying to do.

I know that it can be tough to fill these long summer days until school starts in the fall, so here are a few ideas of things you can do that don't involve Pensblog:

+ Make a scrapbook of everything you do this summer

+ Have a picnic

+ Write a letter to your best friend

+ Get a job (be sure to get your parents' permission)

+ Compare a book to a movie

+ Insult a drag queen

If you need more ideas, please let me or my Pensblog colleagues know.

Unfortunately, I can't be on Pensblog 24-7 but I'm sure that someone will be able to help you out.

Good luck and have fun, Erik!

P.S. Mmmmm...Cracker Barrel...

Erik said...

@max power

Great job punching Cindy!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

David Bowie receiving free candy ... he might be a Pens fan all things considered ...

Max Power said...

@ chica

Yes but you don't have a penis duct taped between your legs. That would be rude of me to say to a woman but not a tape-back junky.


I think that its time for you to go to Cuba

TheNWChica said...

@m. vander: I think I hear Erik's mom calling.

She wants him to put the goddamn video games away because she needs him to empty the dishwasher then fold the towels in the dryer.

She'll show his punk ass that being a housewife really is a job.

Dan said...

@ M. Vanderlasser

you forgot one:

kill yourself

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Erik: What is this Cindy girl/guy an old gf/bf of yours? *laughs*

@max power: Let's not go there ever again please ...

TheNWChica said...

@max: I suppose...but maybe if there is a next time, you should just ask him or her why they're staring at you. For all we know, you could be a really handsome man.

P.O. said...


keep punching.. take no chances

dfed22 said...

I wouldn't respond the likes of Erik, but if you're going to - that's the right way.

Max Power said...

@ chica
I'm fair enough. It twas staring at me like Sally Struthers stares at a twinkie.

@ p.o.

I'm Scottish. That is a rule of life for me and my ilk.

@ ihk

My bad.

Erik said...

@i have kasparitis

Oh, I thought you knew? She's the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now, apparently with a black eye.

TheNWChica said...


P.O. said...


the small amount of my heritage that isn't irish is scottish... i understand where you are coming from.. our DNA is programmed to swing first and then ask, "was that tranny sizing me up or not? oh well, glad i didnt take the chance"

TheNWChica said...

Obviously Erik is a new fan to hockey because then he'd know that there have only been 2 women that have played professional hockey and only one in the NHL.

Victor Raison said...

I haven't heard a comeback structured like that since second grade.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@max power: That's okay ... I just didn't want a visual image *shivers* ew, I think I threw up a bit in my mouth ...

@erik: Cute ... I know this probably sounds bad coming from me, but Sidney is both a girl and guy's name ...

And you correct people on spelling, but can't copy and paste my name ...

Lloyd said...

I can't be the only one who thought to myself... "thats the song from the intro to NHL99."

greatest sports game intro ever.

Max Power said...

forget not p.o. it slapped me. It was just a natural reaction.

Max Power said...

Ok, Formula 1 Nazi Orgy?

Dan said...


J.S. said...

looks like I'm out for Wingblog 2.0

work is sending me to Long Island for the next 10 days. Take pics, give a game recap, etc. I'll have my laptop with me and will still try to post

TheNWChica said...

Just my two pesos as a man-loving girl...

I don't care how good that bastard smells; he's still a super fugly punk ass bitch. And I hope some big haired girl pops him one with her can of Aqua Net.

Max Power said...

@ dan

nice find.

Dan said...

@ max

is it?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Dan: His clothes are more than feminine ... look at the damn picture he's in ... look at those shorts!

News Alert: Sales in Old Spice drop in the heterosexual male market and spike upwards in the homosexual male market ...

Don't worry, Scots and Irishmen, the Italians have the same mentality ...

TheNWChica said...

@kaspar: Not sure about you, but I don't think Old Spice smells that good.

Victor Raison said...

Ok, how in the emminent domain of Satan did that guy start playing hockey?

I hardly think Old Spice evens it out. That's like max power's drag queen calling itself a lumberjack just because it's wearing a flannel shirt.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Max: None of the links you've posted today have worked.

Pensblog Staff said...

Erik accepted a two-way deal from Charlie last night.

Epic Fail Indeed.

Max Power said...

Realy? Why didn't someone say something earlier?

Try the Formula 1 Nazi Orgy again

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Chica: No, it stinks really bad ... all my guy friends think that and Ax attract women ... NO!! I tell them to take showers because they smell bad; I get headaches when hanging out with them and end up making fun of them. Difference is that the guys I hang out are teenage boys will realize it doesn't smell good, but Avery's an idiot.

stokes said...

Staff owns Erik.

Dan said...

charlie just went through a box of kleenex since i posted that link

brndlynn said...

"I want Detroit there and waiting. And I want to crush them."
couldnt have said it better myself.

in re to everyone who thinks NHL should just award the cup now:
I think as Pens fans we all remember the 93 team that was one of the best we ever put on the ice but it couldnt get the job done. you never know whats going to happen during the course of a long season.

@ nw: "I hope some big haired girl pops him one with her can of Aqua Net." couldnt have said it better myself.

@ staff: clasic

TheNWChica said...

@staff: *snerf*

And for a little comic relief this afternoon....a little something from over at that I hope the folks at will steal.

July's wallpaper

stokes said...

Not sure how i feel about this yet, but It's official.

stokes said...

Also, max power will dig this site.

Dan said...

the amount of advertisements on that video is just absurd.

looks like we're gonna need another translator

Max Power said...

Aw shucks stokes yer a crafty bilge rat.

Max Power said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xocharmedchildox said...

I love how they include a youtube video in the article probably because people have never heard of him or ever seen him play

puck finn.. thats gonna catch on realll quickly =]

LargeTurkey said...

Thanks for the update Stokes. I was starting to believe Janne wasn't a penguins. Time to Rejoice. NANANANNANA

brndlynn said...

very happy about the signing because its low risk/high reward.
na na na na nanana
na na na na nana nanana

Max Power said...

can we get a turn?

Dan said...

turn it


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