Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Only July, Shit.

Every so often you get an e-mail, and it reminds you it's July.

Kenny Stride e-mailed us Monday afternoon.
He is the Sidney Crosby of Swing Jumping.


[ Christopher O. ]
:: It's official. Janne Pesonen is in the Penguins organization. [ Penguins.com ]

The Adventures of Puck Finn.

We made a big mistake in the post yesterday.
Commentor Erik was cool enough to point it out.


Two-way deals have nothing to do with waivers.
We fell asleep while trying to read the rest of his novel, but it sounded good.

:: The Pens signed d-man Ben Lovejoy to an entry-level contract on Monday, as well. [ Penguins.com ]
#65 in the preseason last year.
With his last name beginning with "L," that pic gives you a tease.

-- Lovejoy has a blog, most recently updated in early April. [ HOCKEY GUY ]

We want him to make the team just so we can reference Billy Zane's manservant as much as possible.


Rev. LoveJoy

Ross the Boss likes what Shero has done. [ Yahoo ]

[ Anonymous ]


It just won't stop. They signed good ol' Mark Recchi on Monday. [ TSN ]

Sooner or later, something's gotta give.
Or maybe not, as Hiro Nakamura brought back this SI cover from January 10, 2009:


"I understand business is business and I would not have taken it personally if it was done the right way, and when threats are involved and my personal character and work ethic is questioned; when those things get personal, that's not the way to do business."
-- Dan Boyle

[ James Mirtle MD ] has the breakdown of the problematic relationship between former Panthers teammates Dan Boyle and Len Barrie.
Boyle waived his no-trade clause to be sent to San Jose after Barrie became owner in Tampa Bay.

:: A lot of people caught a possible Pat Sajak sighting
in the picture Penguins.com used to announce the Matt Cooke signing.

This article from a sports blog at the Washington Post confirms it. [ Here ]

You might want to reassess your life when you're Googling for Pat Sajak's ties to the Washington Capitals at 1:30 in the morning.

In case you're wondering where Henrik Zetterberg was during the SCF,
he was helping Easton making this micro-site. [ Easton ]

Mark it down. January 1, 2009.

Umm, no Soldier Field?
God knows the Bears wont be playing into January.


::We were gonna talk about it, but we headed over to one of our new favorite blogs, [ Talkin' Hockey N'at ], and they pretty much covered everything we were gonna talk about.

:: [ Puck Daddy ] covered the basics, as well,
along with news of the NHL buying a portable rink.

:: The Flames signed Todd Bertuzzi. Ugh. [ Balls ]

:: Marian Hossa is the Chris Pronger of Pittsburgh. [ The Cult of Hockey ]

:: Pissing contests will no longer be tolerated by the suits. [ TSN ]


:: Faceless spectators at Wimbledon are stunning people. [ Deadspin ]

[ Flyer Hatred ]
[ Laraque vs. Godard ]
[ Matt Cooke Tribute Video ]
[ Hossa Burning Again ] -- Listen for the girl at the end.
[ The song from the Pesonen video ]

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[ Habs en Orbite ] -- French


[ JS ]

[ Spencemo ]

[ Stagel ]


Steelers for sale?

"The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Monday that the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise has been secretly shopped to potential buyers amid continuing divisions among the five sons."

We of course got tipped off on who those secret owners are.

66 buries it.


Game # 16

[All Fall Down. PENS LOSE.]
[<span class=[pit.<span class=
4 - 2
The next two days are going to be amongst the longest of our lives.
Pens are under .500.
It is cold.
Your girlfriend might be on her period.
Your boyfriend might be a joke.

Things look bleak.
Everyone is getting blamed.

People taking shots at every player.
Everyone wants a change.
Everyone becomes a coach.

Get your mind right, man.
Get your mind right.


After the second period, Chicken Little holds another press conference.

"Season is over. Pack it up."

Shut up, dick.

Marty the Chicken and Chicken Little have to be separated in the runway
for the second consecutive night.


Bad times...



Go Pens


[Rick M]

"Pittsburgh has a great team, great people, great organization. I had to compare the two teams, and there's a little better chance to win the Cup in Detroit. I had a great time with Sid and playing on the power play with Geno [Evgeni Malkin], but the team in Detroit is something special. I know it's a short term, but we never talked about a one-year [deal] with Pittsburgh. We just talked about a long-term deal. I totally believe Detroit has the kind of team that can win it again."

--Hossa 3:16--


nu said...

Not first.

nu said...

But ANYWAY....

erik the supergenius was only partially right:

Yes, two-way deals have nothing to do with waivers, but I'm pretty sure ANY player on an entry-level deal doesn't have to go through waivers; hence, he can be sent back and forth to WBS as much as the Pens want and if he doesn't like it he can take his shiny helmet and go back home whence he came. Nananananananaaaaa.

I think more stuff needs to be 'shopped into the Backstabber boarded picture....like "7.4" instead of $15 Million behind him?

nu said...

Heh. It *is* the offseason.....


joosh1500 said...

ya good call on the hossa picture nu

brndlynn said...

the faceless people creep me the hell out. def dont wanna see them walking around after i've had a few *shudder*
whoever made the Ruutu ps - that just hurts.
but the person who made the hossa fail ps - nice. hopefully Hiro brought that pic back as well...

nu said...

...So did Hiro explain who'd be centering, exactly, that magical "3 wings line" of Rex-Bugsy-Salsa?

Winter Classic II: I'm going to say....I hope Conkblock is NOT starting; I hope the Wings avec Elroy are blown out by the 'Hawks, and the Conk-quistador is brought in for shutout, but fruitless, mop-up duty.
(Insert several obligatory season-ending injuries to the Medicare-recipients +Chief A-Hole on the Wings, as well. Should be fun to think about for the next six months, no?)


Beav said...

it's official, I have resorted to playing large quantities of NHL08 because the hockey season has been over too long. What's that? It's July?

Fuck my life.

Jebus the XIV said...

As long as the 'Hawks win. I know it's been a bit since Chicago has done anything with merit, but I'd rather see them win more than Toronto or Philadelphia.

I like those masks. Maybe it's my inner sociopath, but I could totally see myself wandering around with a that mask on.

Jebus the XIV said...

I hear you Beav. I actually just finished up my 08-09 playoff run about an hour ago.

Rico Fatty said...

I like that as the new signoff pic.

penstone410 said...

faceless people = major creeeepy!

can we please not give erik "props".. for anything

although you redeemed yourselves with the SI "two way" w/ charlie cover!! hahahahaha

Josh Melvin said...

What are the chances of getting the na na na nanana people to sing the national anthem at the season opener?

Could give Puck Finn a real shot in the arm.

Josh Melvin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raybin said...

Staff steals my thunder! I was gonna post the Laraque v. Godard video

Instead I offer you Godard and Matt Cooke exchange pleasantries

penstone410 said...

i dont know, anyone speak finnish and want to google the band and send them an email? nanananananaanaaaa

my brother is also now on the free candy "van" too.. he is insisting that i beg all of you to chant "we want free candy" if you go to a pens game and orpik isnt on the ice.. just so he can hear it on tv

Josh Melvin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stokes said...

I must say that i'm proud to be included in the post on Cblog City. Thank you, Staff.

I also like the new sign off picture.

The faceless people remind me of No Face from Dick Tracy.

What. A. Movie.

nu said...

Mellon Area playlist 2008-09:

-Nananana nanananana.....
-The Willy Wonka song
-"C" is for Cookie (that's good enough for me!)
-In the Navy (for the USS and Charlie?)
-[Satan-related music goes here]

...anything else?

shawnawwwesome said...

Sure there's Pat Sajak in that Cooke pic, but no one gives two shites that right next to him in the blue shirt is Jared from Subway?


nu, include that gawdawful milkshake song, since everyone seems to be drinking the Pens' milkshake.

Quingo77 said...

Hey pensblog staff, thanks for posting my pic of malking getting signed by Detroit...

that was a really big shock to me in the offseason that really has flown under the radar and no one seems to really be talking about it....

I am more psyched to see if "JANNE NANNE" can play in the burgh....

tiops says that the pens are interested in teumu salane.... thoughts?

akus said...

The beauty of cut n paste at 7 AM in the morning;

" Na-na-na-naa-na-na-nan-nan-lion ...
tonight is not based on pakkeja

I will do what but rather, is pumping iron, running the country are being circumvented
If so I get you excited
Teen sulle on the little old-fashioned trick
Oo pelimies kovakuntoinen

I want to touch (touch)
I can to recognise the (recognising)
May I propose to (propose)
evening with me?

Come as you are of the coffee
and the continuation of nakkikioskille
from the taxi and you get
tonight is not based on pakkeja

Na-na-na-naa-na-na-nan-nan-lion ...
tonight is not based on pakkeja

It is someone else, a happy stumble
Pelimies Oo, I assume the new take-off
Other väsähtää, go early hours of the hours nää
Only one remains in the strike

I want to touch (touch)
I can to recognise the (recognising)
May I propose to (propose)
evening with me?

Come as you to the coffee
and the continuation of nakkikioskille
from the taxi and you get
tonight is not based on pakkeja

Na-na-na-naa-na-na-nan-nan-lion ...
tonight is not based on pakkeja

Tonight, I am the winner,
the meat has been strong when the meat is weak
Rinia hakkaa than rummunsoittaja,
but this evening I am the winner
Tonight I am going to act,
show the animal's internal forces
One of the good things and elk love to lions,
this evening to celebrate the winners

I want to touch ...

**pakkeja = reverses (regrets?)

väsähtää = one becomes tired

nakkikioskille = to hot-dog stand

on a side note, erik may cream his pants when he and if he reads the front page.
Loved the SI cover.


till tonight cbloggers, don't forget

[October] coming soon

akus said...

Is this true?
The schedule is out July 16th?

Okk ok okkkkkk, i need to get ready for work!!

JULY 16th!!!


Erik said...

me=no.1 stunner

Hooks Orpik said...

What a monster Jiri Slegr really was.

Original Nathan said...

Of course the Chicago version of the Winter Classic would be at Wrigley. Everyone knows they ruined Soldier Field when they stuck that damn UFO on top of it. They ruined the aesthetics of the place to the point that they should've just torn it down and built a completely new stadium.

Besides, a hockey game at Wrigley would make for a much more intimate setting for an outdoor hockey game. Even though the ivy will only be vines on the outfield wall at New Year's. And I'd imagine it'll be spectacularly cold if the wind's blowing in off the lake. It's freezing around Memorial Day with the wind blowing in, I can't imagine how bad it'll be in January.

Chubs said...

A part of me was still hoping for Pens/Flyers at Beaver Stadium...*sigh* *kicks dirt*

M. Vanderlasser said...

I don't know what the statute of limitations for compliments on posts is, but yesterday's was an especially good one - thanks, staff!

Thinking of Peso, are there other players who have moved from the Finnish Elite League to the NHL with any degree of success?

Good that he'll be with the Pens during their trip to Finland in Oct; he'll be able to show them the best restaurants in Helsinki for reindeer snouts and whatnot.

I haven't heard much about Sid during the off-season; he's playing for the Pens this year, isn't he?


88 days until October 4.

KaylaJ said...

love the comments from the faceless people on that site: "mr potato head does that all the time" and "that's the look i get when i watch tennis". truthfully if they did that here, they'd be shot. only people robbing others wear hose on their head.

and its cool we got satan, but now we cannot have awesome matchups like lovejoy jobs satan!!!

The Penguins Experience said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick M. said...

My dejected Red Wing Hossa is there! Awesome!

RWHC said...


If it really is Red Wings/Blackhawks in next year's Winter Classic, it'll be the third chance Conks has to start in an NHL outdoor game and consequently be in all of them.

Johnny P. said...

Wonder if the Tampa Bay Penguins will get out of the Southeast Division, and easteren conference basement this year?

I think we need a new sign off picture, the one where the guys are soluting the crowd just doesn't work anymore considering only about 3/4 of that picture are still Penguins. You can blatently see ASS-OH looking at the crowd saying, "Hah hah hah, I won't be back here next year, even though I'm going to make it seem that way."

Hossa = Ass Oh

Johnny P. said...

... go Pens.

Dan said...

no to beaver stadium. horrible idea on so many levels.

if my cousin goes and is drunk enough, i can probably talk him into throwing something at hossa

mikey said...

the kenny stride video made me shoot a little bit of piss in my boxers this morning! amazing!

P.O. said...

when i clicked on the kenny stride video and saw it was 9 min long and the first 90 seconds were some dude jumping off of a swing, i stopped watching

P.O. said...

ok we need to get something going in here or else work is going to be BRUTAL today...

we already know that sid wears the C... and gonch wears an A... assuming Sydor is moved, who gets the nod as the second alternate captain?? is it just one guy or is it two guys like last year where GR wore it at home and Sydor wore it on the road?


Colin said...

I think that Orpik and Talbot get "A"s for next year. Others in consideration may be Whitney or heck, even Staal.

P.O. said...

id have to say Geno would get the nod before mad max and staal with his lead by example follow me boys approach from last year when sid was out... i would definately think free candy is alternate captain material, he plays hard all the time, is one of our better defenders, and you need one of your captains to be the stick-up-for-guys guy (similar to bugsy and GR), someone to get in peoples faces

Stoosh said...

After an exhausting Monday at work (up at 3:30 AM to be in West Virginia at 6:30 AM to conduct inventory; didn't get home until almost 8:00 PM), the staff's post yesterday was good, solid reading.

The Recchi-to-Tampa news was a shot in the arm as well. Laughed out loud for about 15 seconds at that one. For as good as Tampa's top two lines are going to be, their bottom two lines, defense and goaltending could be equally bad.

Can't wait for the Winter Classic again...love nothing more than to see Kane, Toews and Co. hand it to the Wings. After growing up hating the 'Hawks (thanks largely to a friend of mine who ALWAYS used the 'Hawks in NHL '94 when they were close to unbeatable), I never thought I'd find myself cheering for them, but I love the way they've built their team back up.

kovy27 said...

Is there a ringtone for the Pesonen Theme Song? I've looked all around and couldnt find any.

JYo said...

no to beaver stadium. horrible idea on so many levels.

How so? I personally think its a wonderful idea.

JYo said...

I just hope WC tix are available/affordable. I'm about a 2.5 hour drive from Chicago and would be all over that game if I can get in without breaking the bank. Soldier field would be better, but I'll take Wrigley.

btumpak said...

tampa wants recchi...


go make saw V you turds

Original Nathan said...

I don't think Geno gets an A until his spoken English gets better. The captain and the alternates are the only players allowed to argue with the referees, and unless the NHL is bringing in a crowd of Russian refs for next season, you still need captains who can discuss the rules in English. I say give the second A to Orpik, and then probably Talbot and Whitney as extra alternates in case someone gets hurt.

P.O. said...

Geno speaks more english than anyone realizes i think

Orpik for the A

JYo said...

Obviously I don't know Geno at all, but he does not give me the impression that he is a vocal leader. Even if he knows English very well, I don't know that he is the type of guy to go talk it out with the refs. Does anyone know if he was more vocal when he played in Russia? Was he a captain there?

Stoosh said...

Driving to work today, I realized that this has sent Stiller Nation into full-blown DEFCON 1. Not even 12 hours have passed and they're already diffusing talk of the team relocating and all this kind of stuff.

As I was listening to them discuss it this morning on my way into work, I couldn't help but remember some of the calls to the radio shows from the yinzers jobbing the Pens fans over the possible departure of their team back in early 2007.

My guess is that it's those same yinzers who were down at their local watering hole in Blawnox or McKees Rocks bawling into their beers last night, now forced to deal with at least some degree of the same sort of uncertainty we were dealing with two years ago.

So it ain't so fucking funny now, is it?

Now, do I think the Steelers are leaving? Hells, no. Even if the Rooneys left ownership altogether, anyone who would relocate this team would be insane.

But what if the economics of the game change and the revenue-sharing that allows for so much parity becomes compromised?

I think there's reason to be a LITTLE BIT concerned, especially with the NFL being THISCLOSE to a pending labor situation in a couple of years that could kill the golden goose. I don't see the team ever leaving but they once said that about the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Cleveland Browns, didn't they?

I love the Steelers...I'm excited as all hell for the season this year, and I think the chances of this team leaving town sit somewhere between "very slim" and "none", probably closer to "none".

After what I had to listen to a couple of years ago, though, I can't help sitting back and enjoying the Yinzer Faction of Stiller Nation squirming a bit right now.

Brett said...

I say Max Talbot has a shot at the "A". He's been with us for a while, he is always getting the team fired up, the guys like him, and he loves talkin shit to the ref.

nu said...

second alternate will prolly be a forward like last year...and somebody said they wouldn't give it to orpik because you don't want both your a's playing the same shift together?

(remember last year when gonch had his A time halved originally? seems like forever ago.)

JYo said...

No Winter Classic at old Yankees Stadium, but maybe at the new stadium?

The Daily News has learned that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, Yankees COO Lonn Trost and mayor Mike Bloomberg concluded their discussions on the topic recently with each pledging their interest in playing a Winter Classic in the new Yankee Stadium - perhaps on New Year's Day 2010.

P.O. said...

im going to have to pull out all the stops and make a trip up to chicago for the WC... without a doubt

Original Nathan said...

If they do have an outdoor game at Yankee Stadium, it needs to be a Rangers-Bruins matchup. God knows the B's need people to pay attention to them -- start earning the Jacobs family some money before the shit all over the team again. A game at Yankee Stadium featuring the Bruins might actually draw out some of the Red Sox crowd and maybe help resurrect hockey in Boston.

Or someone can just make Jeremy Jacobs and his son "disappear" under the 4 Train.

JYo said...

Or someone can just make Jeremy Jacobs and his son "disappear" under the 4 Train.

That might be the single best thing the B's could do to reignite interest in the team. That Daily News article does suggest that Rags-B's would be the preferred matchup since it would draw on two huge TV markets.

Dan said...

orpik gets the a, geno no speak enough english

as to why no beaver stadium.......
the nhl needs to take care of it's hockey cities, not give the money away to non nhl cities. that would mean we played 2 winter classics on the road, and none at home. the city itself loses out on the money. all these overseas games are a bad idea too. focus on expanding the game at home.

nu said...

Good grief. (reading the PG)

That's what all the Steelers turmoil is about??

They're just trying to move things around to be a little more compliant with something the NFL isn't even pressuring them about.

There's no WAY the Rooneys would let the team out from their grasp. And there's NO WAY ANY owner would let anything affect the operation of the team here. You don't disturb the multi-platinum, economy-generating, dynastic, multi-champion (which is something neither Brooklyn nor Cleveland was) goose. (/all I have to say about Stillerblog)

lol re: Jacobs. Aren't we glad we don't have owners like THAT?

And hey....look what death did for the 'Hawks? (at least brought back all the fans who swore off the team till Wirtz kicked it?)

JYo said...

Since Lowe can't pick on Burke anymore, he is taking his angst out on Detroit.

[Marian] Hossa didn't pick lifestyle either; he picked hockey.

"Who wants to live in Detroit?" said Oilers general manager Kevin Lowe.


Dan said...

if they relocate the steelers the city will burn

i can't see giving max the a, he's a third liner.

JYo said...

Dan, I think the league wants to expose as many people as possible to the game. Not everyone in State College can/will make a trip to Pittsburgh/Philthy to take in a game that might get them hooked on hockey. I don't know if casting a wide net when your league is not as strong as the NFL is the best way to do it or not, but it does increase exposure to as many people as possible so it reaches the most potential new fans.

I don't think the NHL is worried about cash flow right now given that they have had huge revenue increases in the past few years which has allowed the salary cap to rise so quickly. Most of the cities that host NHL teams aren't that dependent on the cash those teams bring in. I don't know how the revenue of the game is broken down, but each team could be given a share if that is an issue. There should be plenty to go around if they pack Beaver Stadium with 100,000+ people.

wilsmith said...

Anyone who goes to/went to PSU should know that there's about a 0-1% chance of there being anything other than a football game on that field.

Gavin said...

From what I can tell, the Pesonen song is called "Pelimies", which is roughly translated to the American term "player" according to the Urban Dictionary entry. The link is pretty funny:


Dan said...

jyo - way off on what i said. i'm not talking the teams, they would obviously get a cut, i'm talking the city itself. obviously the city doesn't depend on it, buy why pass up the opportunity for extra cash? it's not about gaining fans in state college either. they aren't going to gain that many, if any, and it's not like state college will ever have a team. the bulk of people in attendance would be from filthy/pittsburgh. not everyone will be able to make that trek either. it wouldn't be fair to the pens or the fans to play another one of these on the road when it should be in their home city. you have to take care of the fans that got you where you are first.

Stilly said...


Agreed. As long as Paterno is coaching, no way will PSU allow anything but football to occur there. Although, there was supposed to be a concert there not too long ago. (it was cancelled)

First choice would be Ketchup Field (hey the surface can't get any worse.)

Dan said...

that's where it should be stilly, the ketchup bowl

nu said...

Much as I appreciate his efforts:

Uh, K-Lowe? Edmonton's not exactly a hotspot of relocation, either.

P.O. said...


where in western PA would you propose an outdoor hockey game with seating capacity to accomidate a Winter Classic?

Vern said...

I don't think it's cold enough in Pittsburgh to schedule a game outdoors here. There's always a chance of a string of 45-50+ degree days in the winter. That could really f some stuff up, no?

Buffalo was pushing it, I thought. Chicago's probably in the same boat, but should be ok. Edmonton was really the only dependable one, weather-wise.

Victor Raison said...

State College is a good, central location for an intra-state Winter Classic. But you're probably right about Paterno not allowing it, hell, he still won't let the Pitt vs. Penn State games happen. He still has too much pull in that town, IMO.

Also, anyone who honestly thinks the Steelers are leaving Pittsburgh, or the Rooney family for that matter, are idiots and should seriously calm the fuck down.

Colin said...

i can't see giving max the a, he's a third liner.

So was Lord Gary last year. Max is a heart and soul guy. In my opinion, if you want an example of why he should get the "A" - watch game 5 of the SCF again.

Dan said...

p.o. - heinz field. 68000+

it has to be below 55 degrees to do the outdoor game, i believe.

Victor Raison said...

I agree with the -A- for Max. I mean, he is a 'superstar' after all.

Dan said...

gary was on the top two lines when he started the season with the a

JYo said...

they aren't going to gain that many, if any, and it's not like state college will ever have a team.

Its not State College in particular, its every non-NHL town in the country and the world. Maybe 1000 fans in one area isn't much, but when you do that in thousands of town worldwide, then you get a huge fan base. I doubt the NHL is worried about selling their product in Pittsburgh or Philthy. I'm not saying its a sure thing having a game in a place like that, but if you never get out of the same old markets, the game has no chance to grow. As for money for the city, an event like that is a drop in the bucket in overall revenue for a big city. Sure a few restaurants and hotels lose out for a day, but they'll be OK.

Anyone who goes to/went to PSU should know that there's about a 0-1% chance of there being anything other than a football game on that field.

I would have completely agreed with this only a few years ago, but it is becoming apparent that JoePa's stranglehold on all things PSU is slowly slipping away and you can be sure Spanier and others will let the almighty dollar talk. If the money is there, the game will be too. Don't be surprised to see huge changes surrounding PSU football in the next 5 years.

Dan said...

the game isn't going to grow in state college by having that there. if they grow a 1000 at a time it's not worth the trouble in the end. it costs them more than they make. maybe it's because i'm a pitt guy, maybe it's because i want the game in pittsburgh, but i have a big issue with it being in state college.

it would be a little more than a drop in the bucket for the city having it too.

SexyChubbs said...

I would definitely be alright with Talbot as the other A.

However, and this could be a sleeper, what about Jordan Staal. He's a great two-way player, also leads by example, and bangs it out up front. There was talk of him taking Malone's place on Malkin's wing, because he can be that in-front-of-the-net presence. Plus, it would show our confidence in him, right before we lock him up for longer.

deathbynature55 said...

i think the faceless people are A-Rod and Madonna. just a thought.

Original Nathan said...

i can't see giving max the a, he's a third liner.

Matt Cooke was basically a third-liner in Vancouver and he had an A at least part of last season. Point is, you don't have to be a great player to be a good on-ice leader. I'd have no problems with Talbot getting an A at some point in the future, perhaps as early as this season if one of the other designated captains gets hurt.

JYo said...

the game isn't going to grow in state college by having that there. if they grow a 1000 at a time it's not worth the trouble in the end.

I'm guessing the NHL would dispute both points with you. Otherwise, they wouldn't bother with these events at all. Its a spectacle to garner attention and attract new fans. It would be far easier to just let the games be played as usual and let the teams deal with the logistics of every game.

maybe it's because i'm a pitt guy, maybe it's because i want the game in pittsburgh

This makes more sense to me. I am positive that I am more biased for the game because I grew up about 25 miles from PSU.

I really don't care all that much if it really every happens, I just think it would be awesome to have a game with over 100,000 people there, even if the seats further away aren't all that outstanding. Still, didn't you say "horrible idea on so many levels"? What other problems are there? So far, it takes a potential portion of one day's revenue away from the city. Anything else?

Dan said...

if the league wants to grow they'll move the teams out of cities that don't give a shit. the game will grow in places that aren't state college. it's not the location of the game that matters to get the nhl to grow, which is why it should be in a team-based city. state college = bad idea, for economic reasons, for the teams, and for the cities that would have to play there. i've already stated my case, not doing it again. maybe you didn't understand something.

Stilly said...

@m. vanderlasser

Thinking of Peso, are there other players who have moved from the Finnish Elite League to the NHL with any degree of success?

There's a guy with the last name Selanne, who started out at Jokerit in the SM-Liiga. Maybe Shero brings in Teemu to help out Peso, kinda like Gonch/Geno.

Dan said...

good call stilly. i'll start passing a hat around for collection.

JYo said...

OK, so you have no real reason to not want the game there than you don't like State College. If Pittsburgh loses one home game, their economy will collapse and the NHL will crumble. How could I not see that???

Dan said...

i stated about 10 real reasons not to have it in state college. condescending a bit, are we?

J.S. said...

@dbn55, it could be.

It would make sense and the hair does match.

Stilly said...


I think it's a good idea for a Super Bowl (the league should make an exception, that if it works out to be Steelers/Eagles in the super bowl, the venue should automatically be changed to Beaver Stadium.) I think it's a bad idea for Hockey. I agree with dan that it should probably be played in a hockey market. Although Hockey is trying to take off at PSU, and there are few stadiums like Beaver. I just don't see the NHL playing the game away from an established hockey market.

JYo said...

Really, I must be stupid. Please provide a numbered list so us slow readers can keep up. I'll give it a start:

1. The home city loses out on some hotel and food revenue.

2-10.??? I haven't seen anything else.

J.S. said...

and somehow the Ducks have room to sign free agent center Brendan Morrison.

1 yr, 2.75 mil


JYo said...

I agree with dan that it should probably be played in a hockey market.

Again, I'm not saying I completely disagree with this point, but the league will never grow if they don't expand their area. Do you think they put teams in the south because they thought people there already loved hockey? Is the NFL going to London because the English secretly love American football over soccer? The whole point is to get new fans and their money to follow the game. If you want the best product, sure, contract most of the southern teams or relocate them to Hartford, Winnipeg, etc. and go from there. The NHL wants to maximize earnings though, and you can't milk more money out of the same fans. That is why they need to go to new markets and pull off publicity stunts to bring in new people.

shawnawwwesome said...

What kind of pay bump do you get with that "A", eh?

BlacknGold66 said...

Speaking of teams playing in out-of-market cities.

Do yinz remember when they would have regular season games in other cities?

The Pens played on or around Easter Sunday up here in Cleveland in the 90's at least two years in a row. Maybe more.

It was great for the thousands of Pens fans that already live here plus it always sold out because of #'s 66 and 68.

With how well #87 did in Western Canada last season it may be something to consider doing again.

Playing one home game on the road wouldn't demolish a teams revenue. In fact... it would probably boost it.

Throw that in with the fact that we had the Lumberjacks (Pens AHL before the Baby Pens) and it helped keep hockey in a city like Cleveland that doesn't have the market for an NHL sized team.

So you maybe take half of the teams and those teams get one home game in a city that doesn't have an NHL team. (Good cities of course... not some city in Alabama that couldn't care less)

Then the following year the remaining teams lose a home game to an away city.

P.O. said...

people bitch and moan when the HS games and the Pitt games are played at heinz field and rip up the natural grass... no way the steelers allow a hockey game on their brand new natural surface.. plus the steelers typically make the playoffs and play into january more often than not

Original Nathan said...

Thinking of Peso, are there other players who have moved from the Finnish Elite League to the NHL with any degree of success?

Basically name any Finn in the NHL today and odds are he started out in the Finnish Elite League. Running through this past season's rosters on hockeydb.com, I'm having a hard time finding a Finnish player who didn't start out in SM-Liiga before coming to North America.

Dan said...

no pay bump for the a that i know of, unless it's built in to a contract.

i've come to the realization from my time on here that there is no point even trying to make a point with jyo. it's easier to just ignore the posts.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

They can have the next Winter Classic in my back yard. I can make Swiss Miss

JYo said...

You are right Dan. I don't just accept what you say as a gold standard. I actually make you back it up and you clearly can't do it. Sucks, eh?

Dan said...

not really, i gave many arguments and didn't repeat myself repeatedly, unlike you. goodbye.

BlacknGold66 said...

If Jonny V makes the Swiss Miss I'll bring the firewater.

That's a Winter Classic anyone can enjoy.

SexyChubbs said...

Swiss Miss, Firewater...

I'll bring the Ramen noodles.

Perhaps a little Jameson's or Bailey's to go in the Swiss Miss as well?

prozach said...

what kind of Ramen? beef or chicken?

coffeytalk said...

just put the jameson in the ramen.

SexyChubbs said...

For an outdoor Winter Classic, you gotta go Chicken. No question.

Scutum said...

And because it's July and because tumbleweeds, here's some players that are scheduled for unrestricted free agency after this season, when the Pens will have 666, Tank, and Sykora's 8.25 up (according to HockeyBuzz with those pretty roster contract charts): Hossa, Zetterberg (right), Gaborik, Afinogenov, D. Sedin, M. Comrie, Franzen, Cammalleri, E. Cole and S. Horcoff.

SexyChubbs said...

No, no, no. The Firewater is for the Ramen.

Cinnamon Chicken is almost like Buffalo Chicken, right?

P.O. said...

firewater and ramen... puke

Max Power said...

PENS vs Cryers in State College? There would be no Cryers fans in attendence because they can't leave the county when your on parole.

Peso = get ready to shit your pantaloons

erik = still a tool

Stiller = never leaving the Burgh else prepare for world war 3. Instead of guns yinzers would be armed with bottles o' Iron Shitty and Permanti's sammiches.

Tampon Bay = still going suck

The A should go to me because people don't realize how much work I put in to being such an awsome fan.

Donuts = still crazy delicious

M. Vanderlasser said...

Re the Finnish Elite League, WHEW!

Last week, someone compared the FEL to a PA amateur beer league; I was hoping they were kidding.

@maxpower, thank you for the donut update. I haven't had one in several days and was wondering if they are still crazy-d.

dfed22 said...

It's always great to have a team to root against, and Tampa has really taken the cake. They are ridiculous. It is almost too easy to root against them. The Sports Illustrated cover is fantastic. From them signing all the Pens to the ownership criticizing Boyle, man they are a complete joke.

All I remember of Len Barrie is him scoring wide open in the slot against the Caps in the 94-95 playoffs. Even Erik could have scored that goal. Have fun 'kicking ice' in Tampa Len.

Dan said...

i once had ramen with jack and coke in college. it was a fun party.

i think it was none other than flyer hater comparing FEL to a beer league. that's our flyer hater!

Dan said...

kukla picks us vs. montreal in the conference final next season. in other news, it's JULY!

RedWings said...

@ vern:

They had a game in East Lansing, Michigan a few years ago between Michigan State and "that other team from Michigan". They held it in OCTOBER, if you can believe that!

They were saying at the time, that as long as the temps were in the 40s or colder, there would be no problem. If it got into the 50s there would be some concerns.

I guess the biggest worry for the outdoor ice is if it rains. THAT's a real problem for the ice people.

So if the 40s is kinda the benchmark to use, there are a lot of towns that could make it work outdoors in January. I just wish they'd move it away from the 1st so there's not so much competition with college football.

wilsmith said...

I dont think Joe would be the problem so much as it would be the alumni. Nothing interferes for football with those people. Average football is their religion and Beaver is the mecca.

snickerdoodles said...

And now it's time for:
Reading Between the Lines!

"Pittsburgh has a great team, great people, great organization. I had to compare the two teams, and there's a little better chance to win the Cup in Detroit.(Because I Suck!)

I had a great time with Sid and playing on the power play with Geno [Evgeni Malkin],(They're better than me! Sob!)

but the team in Detroit is something special.(They're special, all right. The short bus will be picking them up in about an hour.)

I know it's a short term, but we never talked about a one-year [deal] with Pittsburgh.(We never talk anymore! Waahhh!)

We just talked about a long-term deal. I totally believe Detroit has the kind of team that can win it again." (I'm a weenie that has to tag along on a team to win a cup. I wanna cup! I wanna cup! I'm gonna hold my breath until I get one! Waaaahhh!)

--Hossa 3:16-- (I'm an ass oh!)

P.O. said...

a weenie

great call

Erik said...

@max power

Why? For having a different opinion than you?

As far as FEL is concerned, it's far better than what some of you seem to think.

A lot of ex-NHL:ers go back to Finland after a failed career, others towards the end of their highly successful career. These are sometimes high impact players in their respective NHL teams. Even so, they don't always dominate the FEL to the extent you may expect.

In my opinion, if you take Wilkes-Barre and send them over to Finland - playing by their rules (very similar nowadays) and on Finnish sized ice (in between NHL size and international size) - they would all have difficulties winning against the top tier Finnish teams.

In any case, Pesonen can turn out to be a great signing. He is a developed player leaving in the latter stage of his young career. Brunnstrom is three years younger and will not expect to go to the AHL at all, although it is questionable how good he really is. It will be interesting to see how these players develop.

JYo said...

I just wish they'd move it away from the 1st so there's not so much competition with college football.

They may have been a bit lucky this past year since most Jan 1 games weren't so great, but I agree that it isn't the best date. Since the BCS has come in, Jan 1 isn't as important for college football as it used to be though. I don't know why they intentionally go up against that sort of competition.

P.O. said...

my network at work blocks facebook but by the looks of my email candyblog is up and running again...

P.O. said...

Tampa, FL - The Tampa Bay Lightning re-signed right wing Evgeny Artyukhin to a multi-year deal on Tuesday.

The 6-foot-5, 254-pounder was a third-round draft pick in 2001 for the Lightning. The 25-year-old forward spent the past two seasons in the Russian Super League. Artyukhin played 72 games for the Lightning during the 2005-06 season, his only in the NHL, and recorded four goals, 17 points and 90 penalty minutes.

wow.. another winger... they dont have many of those in TB

JYo said...

wow.. another winger... they dont have many of those in TB

I'm starting to think whoever suggested they may play with 5 forwards and no D is actually on to something.

P.O. said...

maybe len barrie is going to pull a 66 and pay himself to play for his own team

(im being facetious, the guy is softer than the pillsbury doughboy)

LargeTurkey said...

In terms of it being not cold enough for an outside game. I'm pretty sure the Kings played a pre season outdoor game in Vegas a while back, so I think there are ways around hot weather.

LargeTurkey said...

NHL Pre-Season Exhibition
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 28, 1991
New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings
Attendance: 13,000

The Las Vegas strip provided the background for the first ever NHL exhibition game to be held outdoors. The Kings and the Rangers battled under the lights outside Caesars Palace in mid-80 degree temperatures. The game drew a crowd of 13,000, most of whom wore shorts and t-shirts to take it all in. "We were a little bit in awe and I'm sure (the Rangers) were, too," said the Kings' Wayne Gretzky about the outdoor game. "We kept looking at each other and couldn't believe we were playing hockey in 80-degree weather. But it was real nice.”

J.S. said...

p.o., if Len Barrie did pull a 66, at the very least he'd bring down the average age of his 4th line....

...and the talent.

Ba-dum-dum, crash!

Max Power said...

Watch Tampon Bay go bankrupt in 3 years. Resurect the Jets or the Whalers!

P.O. said...


well played and very true

Max Power said...

For those of you whom might be as bored at work as I.

J.S. said...


Was supposed to be leaving for The Isle (NY) today, but I've been getting jobbed on a few things (car, money, etc). More than likely I won't be on the road until tomorrow. So for me, I'm gonna be in hell for the next 10 days. All things Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Islanders, Giants, etc., and there ain't a damn thing I can do about it....besides bring several Pens shirts and a few Pens hats and most importantly my laptop so I can keep up with c-blog.

That's what JS would do.

Brett said...


There are Islanders fans?

Brett said...

or for that matter, Islanders coverage?

Original Nathan said...

There might be more Islanders fans in Bridgeport, Connecticut, than there are on Long Island.

Max Power said...

@ j.s.

Don't forget to bring a helmet. And never forget your towel.

jefe penguino said...

fake heart attack in court

@max -your link did not work again, but i can see its pointing to engrish.com

Dan said...

max, bad link, again

Original Nathan said...

And you forgot the J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck. I think they still have a team, anyway.

Zach said...

max power = Broken Link Hero

Zach said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Original Nathan said...

"So, Jake, what do you do?"
"I'm a ballplayer."
"And what team do you play for?"
"Uh, the Indians."
"Here in Cleveland? I didn't know they still had a team!"
"Yeah, we got uniforms and everything."

Stilly said...

Whoops. Different Account. The above max power jobbing is my work.

J.S. said...

well the last time I was up there, I did see some Islanders advertisements, so I'd assume there's at least some. Now whether I'd have to use a full hand to count them all is another story.

I also didn't think about this until after I posted, but the MLB all star game will be at Yankee Stadium while I'm there. Now for as much as I detest anything with the Yankees' name on it, I would say it would be hard to pass up a ticket to at least the HR derby, esp knowing that it's the last year that the Yanks will be there. So I'm stuck somewhere between hating on the Yanks (and probably being abused by Yanks fans) or taking in something that I probably won't see for another X years, if ever.

Ugh, decisions. It'll probably come down to the price of tickets, although supposedly military gets free admission to the stadium, but I wouldn't be surprised if that night was the exception to the rule.

prozach said...

its hot as balls outside.

Max Power said...

F#$*& I suck again. Now I truly know what its like to be a flyers fan. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo...

JYo said...

It'll probably come down to the price of tickets

I think they're a couple hundred bucks a pop, so unless you can use your military status to your advantage, I doubt it will be worth it.

Maria said...

j.s., if I were you I'd go to the All Star game. Maybe you'll see the one Pirates player who isn't even starting.

Dan said...

i went to hr derby in pittsburgh, that's worth going to. i still protest the all star game every since milwaukee.

JYo said...

How much were your derby tix Dan? I thought they were very expensive in the Burgh, but I don't remember for sure.

i still protest the all star game every since milwaukee

Why is that?

Scutum said...

Pens add more depth.

Original Nathan said...

I personally can't stand how they have home-field advantage in the World Series riding on the outcome of the All-Star Game. Seriously, it's a fucking exhibition, and there shouldn't be anything other than league pride riding on the game. If the game's tied after 12 innings, just decide it using a home run derby or something. That way the fans see a winner regardless, and a potentially inferior team can't possibly end up playing a Game 7 at home.

The NHL did something similar in their last All-Star Game to end in a tie, when they sent the teams to a shootout. This was before the lockout and before the advent of the shootout to decide regular season games.

Best record is good enough to determine home ice/court for the NHL and NBA Finals, why can't it be used for baseball? It'd beat forcing significance onto an exhibition game, that's for sure.

Original Nathan said...

And for a game-deciding home run derby, they need to go back to 1960s TV rules: one player from each league, they go by innings with three outs each, have an umpire, and every strike that's not hit out of the park is an out. Have a 5-inning home run derby to decide the winner.

JYo said...

Completely agree Nathan. Putting any real value on an exhibition game is dumb. The managers should be allowed to focus on getting the players into the game and letting them enjoy the experience rather than worrying about the World Series implications.

JYo said...

I'm guessing that is why Dan is upset about the Milwaukee game. I really don't care who wins the game, so no big deal to me. They can see which ball boy can throw the hardest pitch to decide the outcome for all I care. It should have no implication on any other game though.

JYo said...

*that in my last post = a tie game.

J.S. said...

guess that option is out of the question.

Single ticket, section 72, row G.....$600!

LargeTurkey said...


The fastest third line that the nhl has ever seen. Perhaps the fastest line ever. Didn't Dupuis play some center in Minnesota?

Dan said...

nathan hit the nail on the head with the all star game.

i think tickets were 125, don't quote me on that, but around there.

Erik said...

@max power

Instead of posting broken links, maybe you should go back to punching drag queens named Cindy? Somehow it seems more befitting to your rather vocational intellect.

Original Nathan said...

Ooh, another stipulation for the deciding home run derby: tie Chris Berman and Tim McCarver to stakes in center field, about 200 feet from home plate. The American League player takes shots at Berman and the NL player at McCarver. Hit your retarded broadcaster on the head and you get an extra out in the inning. Hit him in the genitals, and you win immediately.

Dan said...

more news on those supposed nazi orgies


Max Power said...

Nice one erik. I actually have a doctorate in Marketing/Sales. By the way, why don't you spell your name normally? Where's the "c"? Are you special or something? I bet you have downsyndrome. Either that or your parents were hillfolk.

@ dan

The nazi orgy is hilarious news.

@ j.s.

If you have an American Express card you can get tickets cheaper through their client services.

Dan said...

@ max - "erik" is actually a "viking" hence the odd spelling. the nazi orgy, is in fact, hilarious.

Stilly said...


I even heard that Erik has a red beard, and pilots wooden boats to rape and pillage.

Max Power said...

Peso Sid & Satan = so hard they could have won Nam.

P.O. said...


actually erik is a german and a bonified blonde-haired-blue-eyed member of the Aryan race, which as sadomasochistic role-playing master and motor racing chief Max Mosley told a court Tuesday that "made him a perfect fit for our little nazi orgy game. that and the fact he loves dudes, that also made him a perfect fit". Not surprisingly, Erik was unavailable for comment.

Dan said...

Erik was unavailable for comment.*

*because he was busy with sean avery

P.O. said...

actually Dan you're wrong about him and Avery, thats just gossip. Charlie actually threatened to break up with Erik over the accusations, so be careful what you say please.

Dan said...

ah jeez i'm sorry charlie, never meant to hurt anyone.

uncleyorgi71 said...

Were there AIDS at the NAZI or....damnit.

Max Power said...

There's always AIDS involved when your dealing with Nazis. They're like burgers and fries.

stokes said...

According to Jared on South Park, everyone should have AIDeS.

LargeTurkey said...

If Charlie is getting to expensive for thepensblog to retain perhaps we should let him go and sign erik. It would be similar to letting laraque go and signing godard in his place.
Its not like Charlie added much to the team during the playoffs anyway.

Erik said...

@max power

Nice one erik. I actually have a doctorate in Marketing/Sales.

You must be really proud of yourself!

We got that email too, you know. That's a well spent $20 though, genius! How's the print quality on the diploma?

That explains why can't post a link.

P.O. said...

erik cant hold charlie's jock strap... i mean really, he cant hold it, he's tried a bunch of times but hes not strong enough... charlie gets so pissed....

lis said...

oops...look at erik making fun of everyones grammar and spelling and then he goes and screws up himself!

SexyChubbs said...

@ erik - "We got that email too, you know."

We? You and your mother? Blow-up doll? Imaginary friend? What could possibly constitute a "we" in your little world?

Dan said...

erik = spelled with 4 letters
AIDS = spelled with 4 letters


somechic said...

i think not

somechic said...

It's a good thing erik has been around. These summer days would be a bit boring if it wasn't for him.

JYo said...

What could possibly constitute a "we" in your little world?

He was referring to he and Mr. Avery. Why do you think his undies are in a bundle? His boyfriend up and left for another town. That is why he won't leave Charlie alone these days.

stokes said...

Dick is also spelled with four letters.

Just sayin'.

Erik said...

The problem with most of you posting here is your very shortsighted view of the future. Lashing out like this in volatile anger is only going to cause yourselves more harm than good. Sure, when opinions differ discussions can get heated.

This place used to be about the Penguins. You know, hockey discussions. Now it's suddenly stooped to a new level. Why not make yourselves a new friend, instead of an enemy?

daismog said...

LargeTurkey said...


The fastest third line that the nhl has ever seen. Perhaps the fastest line ever. Didn't Dupuis play some center in Minnesota?

7/08/2008 3:00 PM

Kennedy is a natural Center, and Dupuis is a natural Right Wing.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hello, everyone! How are yinz doing?

Not a lot of comments ... stupid off season ...

Facebook is not working for me because it hates me, so I will be between this and trying to alter said situation ...

Nothing going on in the world of Pens?

Sinops said...

The Kenny Stride video is the worst thing I have ever seen. The SI photoshop is awesome.

lis said...

Don't feed it....let it starve!

JYo said...

Now it's suddenly stooped to a new level.

As has been pointed out many times by many people, if you are coming here for nothing but some sort of intellectual hockey discussion, you are making a big mistake. This is a jobber site that happens to be focused on the Pens. Whats that you say? Less talk about hockey and the Pens during the offseason after the FA dust has largely settled??? Shocking11!!!

Beav said...

We already have FH, we don't need any more dick friends.

Door is that way.

uncleyorgi71 said...

I believe penisbrain is also spelled with four letters.

Can someone give me an in game summary of why Erik is being jobbed like a pornstar? I'm to lazy to read through cblog.

jefe penguino said...

back in the day i wouldve dominated kenny stride in a swing jumping showdown.


stokes said...

Have you ever jumped off the swing, only to not go anywhere but straight up and come down to smack your jaw against you knee?

Yeah, me neither.

Spencemo said...

[sob]Leave the Bears alone! Leave 'em alone!!!![/sob]

Had to defend Da Bears.


sh0ez said...

"A" blog - When I changed around the rosters for the Pens on my NHL 08, I forgot to make another "A." The game automatically gave the other "A" to Sykora. Thought that was interesting.

JYo said...

The Pens get to abuse Jason Smith as a member of the Sens, rather than the Cryers, this year.

jefe penguino said...

i dont like the A for malkin, (needs more english, or engrish), staal (more experience) or talbot (eh).

i like the A for sykora and/or orpik though.

but id actually like to see crosby stripped of the C and given to pesonen.


snickerdoodles said...

Actually, Erik is a four letter word which has many definitions, several of which are poopy head, yucky face, and ick. The name is actually descended from the Vikings. Viking as in Viking Ranges which means full of gas. Or hot air. Or both.

Erik is also known as what happens to you when you drop a bowling ball on your foot. It is very painful, but less painful than reading his posts in c-blog.

If you happen to see this Erik in person, feel free to toss hockey pucks at him. If no pucks are readily available, back issues of the Hockey News will do. Or even pictures of Sean Avery. (I heard they might be dating, but that could be just a rumor.) Maybe even toss a stick or two. Then get away as quickly as possible before he throws one of his high heels at you. Or his lipstick.

Lloyd said...

anyone know if Talbot is doing the poker thing again this year?

stokes said...

A is for Orpik.

TheFandangler said...

At the beach... Pensblog=jealous


TheFandangler said...

Erik = Queef Huffer

floridapens said...

god ,is that erik ass monkey still at it?

floridapens said...

@erik answer one question for all c-blog what is your favorite hockey team?

Raybin said...

Let's do it....

Raybin said...



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