Friday, July 25, 2008

E.J. Hradek Will Hit On Your Girlfriend

In journalism you usually have to write a story with three good sources.
In blogging, you can quote Big Bird if you want.

We recieved this story from a man we will call "Donnie."
We waited till we got 110% confirmation from"Donnie's," girlfriend.

And while this story isn't close to the likes of Deadspin " Your With Me Leather," it still is pretty funny:

Here is what we got from "Donnie" you can be the judge.

I met EJ Hradek in a bar on the Jersey Shore a few weekends back. He came in the bar wearing a Corona tshirt and proceeded to order a Corona at the bar, dick. Already not a big fan of his, I was debating whether or not to say something to him. He was sitting at the end of the bar constantly looking around seemingly waiting for someone to notice him with this smarmy "you should know me" look on his face. It was that or he was just lonely and misses Melrose.
I eventually decided I had to ask him for a picture because my friends would get a kick out of it. So we are about to get our picture taken with him (boy was he happy we asked) and he slaps my girlfriends ass and creepily says "Hey you" as hes staring down her shirt. She proceeds to slap him and call him a scumbag. So the only picture I got of him is this one, him finishing his tshirt matching Corona right after the bartended told him he had to leave.



If there is one thing that get Canadians hard it's musicals based on the works of Swedish discopop groups. [irrefutable evidence]
But they also get pretty jacked about anything regarding moving more NHL franchises to their constitutional monarchy and stunning natural landscapes.

Which is why when NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly says something like this, well, it's like throwing tiny scraps of meat to a pack of bloodthirsty wolves with bionic legs and infrared eyes or some awesome shit like that.
"it seems to us a no-brainer that if you're going to expand or you're going to relocate, that you first and foremost have to consider some of the major hubs here in Canada. You know, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Quebec City, perhaps Halifax if they had an arena that could sustain an NHL team. But I think there are locations in Canada that would strongly support the NHL game." [ TSN ]
While your at it Paul, why don't you mention how much you love Celine Dion?

It's not like we disagree. Either about more Canadian teams or that epically beautiful voice of Dion. But how does it sound saying something like that on the radio to Canadians? Like a politician on a midwest swing pushing the importance of corn crops.

The PA got it handed to them a couple years ago, and after Orwellian email surveillance issues, there was a shake up from the head down. Now they are out kissing babies and trying to make some ground.

It's the people in Hamilton and Halifax that are getting screwed on this deal. It's the top story on TSN. And will be the fodder for debate for a while in Canada. Or at the very least until Mats Sundin changes deodorant or orders out for chinese. But it's just some guys spouting off on local radio what people want to hear.

Remember reading into every quote for hope when the Penguins looked to be on their way out of Pittsburgh? We'll never look at franchise relocation the same way again.

And seriously guys, if you don't like "My Heart Will Go On", you don't have a soul.

Billy Zane =All Business

Random 1:

Random 2:

Canaan found this link pertaining to former Pen Eric Meloche.
[ ]


Game #31

[ Stay the Course. PENS LOSE. ]

[<span class=[pit.<span class=
4 - 1

The old saying goes,
"Mama said there'd be days like these."

Well your Mom is a joke.

Tough times.
Could be worse.

Malkin got tripped up in the near corner early.
No penalty.
Gonna be a long night.

The puck was heading through the neutral zone when all of a sudden, it's Georges Larauqet Richard facing off against McGratton.

The Pens had a solid chance early on, but Gerber robbed Sykora.

5 minutes into the second, and there was still no sign a fan-initiated LET'S GO PENS chant.
Student Rush is sorely missed.

And then finally it happens.
Malkin makes an unreal move on Lee Malvo at the blue line, and gets a shot off as JFK drove to the net.


There wasn't a lot of time to touch yourself over the lead, because Dany Heatley drives a puck past Sabu. 1-1.

It looked like Eaton may have possibly made another goal-saving play, but it was mootblog.
Spezza picked up the trash from an Orange Sherbert shot from the point.
Heatley should have been in the box.

Off of a faceoff, Sykora slams Mesjokos from behind.

Always welcomed by a Senator player.

Unfortunately, it happened on an ice rink.
And it meant Sykora was going to the box.
Therrien throws up on the bench.

Oh no. Heatley again.


And with that goal, Father Time makes his presence and his balls known.
The next eight minutes are pointless.

The Pens can't get anything going.
They end up pulling Sabu later. Didn't matter.

The microphone in the net picking up the puck hitting the back of the net when an opposing team scores an empty-netter is a huge kick in the sac.


[Picture+3.<span class=


Go Pens


[Michael W]

"Pittsburgh has a great team, great people, great organization. I had to compare the two teams, and there's a little better chance to win the Cup in Detroit. I had a great time with Sid and playing on the power play with Geno [Evgeni Malkin], but the team in Detroit is something special. I know it's a short term, but we never talked about a one-year [deal] with Pittsburgh. We just talked about a long-term deal. I totally believe Detroit has the kind of team that can win it again."

--Hossa 3:16--


Raybin said...

The FIRST thing you should do on a breakaway is score, Mr. Crosby.

justincredibleh said...

first bitches.

justincredibleh said...

ahhhhh shitttttt.

Vern said...

I really don't get this whole "first" thing. Isn't that kind of...alternative lifestyle?

ricks1683 said...

No first, but 10 5 or top 10 is still cool...

Raybin said...

I remember that game well. Christ, was that frustrating. Every goalie named Marty gets to look like Brodeur once in a while I guess, even if he's named Gerber.

Someone get right on making the "EJ Hradek's Mom Sex Tape" and send it to him. I'll pass.

Why do officials say these things to get the hopes of eager fans up? The NHL isn't expanding for a while still. I would think they'd have to see if this new approach makes the appeal of the game more broad based, regardless of where the teams will be based.

That being said, Winnipeg and Quebec >>>>>>>>>>> Las Vegas and Kansas City.

The NHL is like En Vogue to Kansas City. "My lovin', no you're never gonna get it."

And if we must discuss Celine Dion songs:

"Because You Loved Me" > "My Heart Will Go On"

All love songs, however, fade into insignificance before this masterpiece.

The video, which is equally life changing, is directed by Michael Bay. If you watch the whole thing, you won't be surprised.

Robert Ullman said...

"And seriously guys, if you don't like "My Heart Will Go On", you don't have a soul. "

But you get to keep your penis.

Original Nathan said...

Ah, the Pens got their revenge in a big way on Gerber and the Sens in the first round. They had a pulse in, what, Game 2 only?

"My Heart Will Go On" was the theme to my junior prom. Of course, I went to a high school were every three or four years, "November Rain" would be the theme of Ring Dance, merely because the dance was in November. Brilliant idea, make the theme of a prom a song from a movie about an event where 1500 people died. Why don't we rig the election for Prom Queen so that the weird telekinetic girl wins and then dump pig's blood all over her while we're at it?

Goddamn, I went to high school with a bunch of idiots.

btumpak said...

i want to party with EJ HraDICK...


Colin said...

I thought E.J Hradek was Charlie, no?

Dr. Turkleton said...

Are you sure that guy hitting on your girl wasn't his evil twin: EJ that pic shows no one at the pool table, but plenty of pocket pool being played. [must be missing all the Don Brennan stroking he gets on NHL Live!]

Thank GODard It's Friday!

t-minus 6 hours.


Dr. Pepper said...

can someone send me an hfboards invite? to I know i've asked a bunch of times but nobody has sent me one :(

go make my day

J.S. said...

does Hradek double as a beer salesman in his off time? Corona shirt while drinking a Corona while playing with himsel.....I mean, checking for.....nah, I can't fend for him. He was playing with himself.

I didn't think his ESPN money was that bad.

vern, if there are any alternative lifestyle questions, they should be directed to the resident expert Charlie.

brndlynn said...

if i had any ps talent at all I would make a hradek photoshop. someone needs to get on that.

my random thought for the day - how awkward must it be for the staff to find the "too many men" pics. lol. you guys should def enlist a female friend or charlie to do that for you if you havent already.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I was thinking he might be reaching for a tip. [of the monetary type]

but then, I thought...naaaahhhhh.

That's Smug-Jay Hradick. Guys like him don't leave tips....

J.S. said...

brandy, I was working on a Conklin Classic 'shop for a good while (can't get the shading on the letters right) and thought the same thing.

I'm not sure which is worse: looking for the "too many men" pics, or leaving a pic on my desktop of Charlie with the original file name. I think I'd have a tough time explaining that one if somebody ever borrowed my laptop.

Dan said...

i picture hradek more so as the mike's hard lemonade guy.

16 comments, on a friday. thank god i'm off work today.

J.S. said...

but who can handle their alcohol better, EJ or Ben?
click me

(I really need to reload that font package)

Stilly said...


Not to mention that November Rain is about a girl shooting herself in the face.

Your HS classmates = jokes

debrisslide said...

Canadians do deserve more franchises. Case in point: at the Dark Knight premiere, someone walked by in a really nice Lemieux jersey. The guy behind us (in a Steelers shirt) says to his wife loudly for no reason, "Somebody better tell that fucker that HOCKEY'S OVER."

This would not happen in the Great North.

J.S. said...

we never took our HS prom and prom song seriously.

Our prom king was a friend of mine who was more known for skipping school, listening to Slayer, and smoking "tree" before home room. The other 4 people were football players who were stunned when they heard they didn't win.

Our nominated prom songs were the typical BS: What a wonderful world, some Clapton song, some Boys 2 Men song, and something that I can't remember....and a write-in. Now, normally you wouldn't think you could get enough people in HS to dominate at least 20% of a vote to a write in, but thankfully our graduating class was kinda small, like 220ish. I'll just say that we were forced to revote when the teachers and prom committee found out that Jesus Built My Hot Rod was not an appropriate prom song.

I forget what won, and looking back I'm not sure that I care. I skipped prom for a lame party.

P.O. said...


hopefully the girl EJ slapped in the ass and hit on was hotter than big ben's chicks


brndlynn said...

@ debris: were you able to stay calm or did you freak out on this guy? i dont think i could have put up with such a dumb yinzer.

J.S. said...

*forgot what won after the forced revote....

[you may now rejoin c-blog, already in progress]

debrisslide said...

@brandi - no, I didn't say anything to him. He was kind of big and scary. His wife probably could have beat me up. I didn't want to get punched before the movie, haha.

Dr. Pepper said...

hfboards invite to

ill stop annoyin everyone if u send me one lol

P.O. said...

wtf is hfboards??

Flyer Hater said...

Aleksey Morozov in playoff penalty shots is more competent on breakaways than Crosby.

J.S. said...


Not that it has to be said, but the irony of it all is that Steeler Camp, as far as I know, hasn't even started yet.

Penguins = ended their season 6 weeks ago as the conference champs. As much as I hate to say it, they lost to the better team.

Steelers = ending their season 6 months ago. They lost because of Ben being Ben and throwing three picks (one returned for a TD) before halftime.

brndlynn said...

@ debris: haha. probably a good idea then. something like this happened when I was at the zoo with my lil cousins and I was going to say something but I didnt want to get into a fight in front of them. i cant stand people who are like that.

J.S. said...

nobody here has an HFboard invite.

Besides, they haven't approved anybody for WEEKS.

Hope that clears things up.

J.S. said...

js' command of the English language = fail.

brndlynn said...

@ p.o.: dont worry. i dont know what it is either.

@ j.s.: thats one thing that I cant stand about this city sometimes. i love the steelers. not nearly as much as the pens but enough to make sure I watch all the games that dont coincide with pens games. but sometimes i cant stand to hear a word about them because of how overhyped they are and the double standard that exists with the typical "yinser" fan.

Flyer Hater said...

My wardrobe consists only of hockey jerseys practically

1993 Patrick Roy Canadiens with Stanley Cup patch

1984 Mike Bossy Islanders

1991 Ron Francis with Cup Patch

1992 Lemieux

1990 Ray Bourque with cup patch

1994 Richter with cup patch

1988 Ron Francis Whalers

J.S. said...

that's the way I am. I mean for as much as I job the Steelers on here, there isn't a Sunday where I'm not watching the game somewhere, whether it be at home, at a friends, etc. But the attitude that Steelers > x, x being everything else in life, where people get obnoxious or in some cases violent, can be just a bit too much. One thing I can say about most Penguins fans that I've met is that you never hear them give anybody any crap for not supporting their team, unlike some of the 'yinzers' I've seen tailgating or even at work.

Now the Ben jobbing is a whole 'nother story. I'm still not sold on him as a $100m QB. It could be his O-line, but his decision making at times and his ability to throw picks at the worst possible time has to rank pretty high. The Jax game was a good example. 2 INTs that caused his team to go down 14 in less than 2 min.

MadScientist said...

Hi! I've been a lurker for awhile now, but I decided to finally post today for the following reasons:

1. My birthday was on Monday, and I'm in a jobbing mood;

2. My order number at Sheetz this morning was 66;

3. I saw two people in a car jobbing around in Oakland with a stuffed penguin hanging out of the window.

Thank you all for being so hilarious it brings me to tears on an almost daily basis.

J.S. said...

home Morozov jersey with 2000 patch > FH's collection

I'd wear it to a (insert title)blog, but it's a 56 and would hang below my knees.

P.O. said...

im sitting at crazy mocha in southside right now and there are people jobbing up and down carson street all day... i love all forms of the word "jobbing"

P.O. said...


i can fill out a 56.. ill give you 10 bucks for it

BlacknGold66 said...

Welcome Madscientist.

I never liked E.J. Hradek. Now I officially hate him. I don't know how the dude in the story didn't punch his lights out. (Pity maybe?)

Saw quite a few Pens hats/shirts at Cedar Point yesterday. Not bad considering that people from Detroit usually infest that place.

Still bummed that I missed out on the 400 ft. 120mph ride known as "Top Thrill Dragster." Effing thing broke down while we were in line.

Did get to ride something called "Maverick." I know Cedar Point is a little over 3 hours away for most of you. But Maverick" is worth it.

The video doesn't capture how fun that ride is. But still... a 95 degree angle on the first hill = boneriffic!

Colin said...

FH has no Jagr jerseys?

brndlynn said...

@ js: i used to like ben (regardless of the int's) until i met the guy. complete douche.

@ bng: the dragster was incredible but the Maverick was a pretty good one too. no one else Ive talked to really liked it so Im glad someone else finally did.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Brrrr: No one else really liked the Maverick?? Are they on crack?

Dr. Turkleton said...


CP sounded like a blast...while watching that Maverick clip, it brought back the former Kennywood coaster employee geek in me by looking at details like anti-rollbacks and the chain lift.

Aren't there some ACE members in cblog? You ACE members were cool...but queue KILLERS = 30 waiting for the front seat, 30 waiting for the back...begging peeps to fill all the other seats in the middle.

wooden coasters > steel coasters

ok, Enough Kennywood Memoriesblog

Hockey Talk:
Happy 27th B-Day Jani Rita!

brndlynn said...

@ bng: i went with a group of 4 people and no one else liked it. i ended up going on it again with some random people i met. when i got back home I asked some friends that had been there previously and they didnt like it either. of course these are the same friends who dont like hockey so maybe their opinions shouldnt be trusted.

debrisslide said...

I just watched game 1 of the '92 SCF.
WOOOOO. Jagr = beast.

I need to get off my ass and do something now.

P.O. said...

with all the cblog events going on, how come theres never been mention of a cblog happy hour or a cblog southside bar crawl?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey, C-blog ...

I would never want a picture with Hradek ... if anything I would have started a bar fight with him. I would hope that everyone in the bar would understand why I did this even if he didn't even look in my general direction.

I got complimented for wearing a Lemieux jersey shirt the other day twice ... people who work with special needs students = awesome. Debrisslide, it must your location ...

Stilly said...

The thing about Worthlessberger that pisses me off is that he can go from good to suck in about 2.0 sec. One snap he'll throw a perfect 40 yard bomb, and the next he'll over-throw a 10 yard out and it'll go the other way for six. Good lord that's frustrating..

But he's better than the Bubby Brister/Neil O'Donnell/Mike Tomczak/Kordell Stewart/Kent Graham/Tommy Maddox. A solid starter is a change of pace from the QB ineptitude typical of the organization.

Flyer Hater said...

Colin, I don't want to get beat up...

brndlynn said...

@ p.o.: one was briefly discusssed at the last wingblog but nothing ever came of it.

P.O. said...


alot easier to clear time in the evening to drink than an entire day to go to kennywood... getting booze>>>>>thunderbolt

I R A Darth Aggie said...

You know, Winnipeg...Quebec City

I was under the impression that they had NHL teams. The Jets and the Nordiques, as I recall.

And where are they now? Phoenix and Colorado? good support there, our good friends in Canuckistan.

KaylaJ said...

creeptastic, that's all i have to say right now.

brewtaltrooper said...

The only thing that sounds fishy about this is that this cat allegedly let E.J. grope his girl and get out of line with her, but never did anything about it. And why did that bar (which looks a bit like Paul's in Belmar) not toss him right out?

Because of the influx of crowds and different types of folks (i.e. guidos) that Belmar and the Shore in general gets during the summer, they have zero tolerance for anything that could get the cops called in or a lawsuit. This story doesn't add up.

Joe said...

Sid is obsessed with the 5-hole on breakaways. Is it because he purposely likes to make goalies look foolish.

Some Steelers fans are absolute jokes. Big Ben can do no wrong in their eyes. God forbid you criticize them when they deserve it. It is almost as if you offended their god. $100 million dollars for a guy who is just as bad as he is good better become the QB to fit the contract. Though Tomlin will call a QB draw on 4th and 6 to ice the game, only to have Ben trip on his own two feet.

We all know who the better coach is in Pittsburgh. Throwing Talbot on the ice as the extra attacker made Therrien look like a genius.

brndlynn said...

@ po: im all for it if someone else gets it together. lol. not that I really should be drinking while im on crutches but whatev.

Colin said...


Do it.

@ FH -

text you want people to click

brndlynn said...

@btrooper: it sounds like his girlfriend handled things pretty well. some guys are ok with it ending there. as for how long it took for him to get thrown out - they didnt say. the bartenders may not have seen it happen.

Colin said...

@ FH -

It's a Jagr jersey you won't get beat up wearing.

wilsmith said...

Is picnicblog still going on?

Is that the cblog event? I know alot of you guys are friends and everything and are throwing out all of these events, but I (and I'm sure a lot of others) can't make trips to the city every weekend in August for all these events, as much as I'd like to. *sad face

oh and yeah, I still laugh at that pic if Geno as Pink. It was cool when that nickname stuck around for a week. I completely forgot about that.

brndlynn said...

@ wilsmith: right now the "big" cblog events are the picnic on Sept 6th, the TB Preseason game on Spet 20th, and the Red Wings Game but thats not until Feb. all the other stuff is kinda just extra.

P.O. said...


i just want to booze...

Victor Raison said...

Meh. I'm just excited to see what Ben can do with these shiny, new weapons. You saw what he could do when Plexiglass was still on the team. Hopefully with Mendenhall they'll be able to open the run up a lot more, rather than give the ball to Willie 48 times in the first quarter. A solid running game with open everything up, then he can toss it up and let Sanantonio and Lima Bean chase it down.

Donnie Shulzhoffer said...


This all happened down on Long Beach Island at a dive bar off the main drag, so it was pretty empty. Nothing like the bars in Belmar.

I did get in his face about it but I was mostly laughing at how pathetic he was. My girlfriend can hold her own and gave him a pretty solid slap. The bartender was right there and stepped in immediately. According to the bartender, he is a regular at this place cause he lives right down the street (this place is literally in the basement of someone's shore house). He didnt know who he was but seemed to feel sorry for him as if hes in there drinking alone all the time.

J.S. said...

I'd love to do a c-blog "crawl", but I don't want crawlblog to be followed by jailblog. I'm sketchy about driving from my house to the place I usually go, which is all of 4 miles, after a good night out. No way I could do that from out there.

stilly, you nailed it when it comes to Ben. It's to the point where I habitally hate on the guy for throwing INT after INT, but in that same game he'll go up top for about 60 yards and redeem himself.

Is he up there as far as being a top 10 QB in the league? I'd have to say so.
Does he deserve to be called Interceptionberger? Based on his stats, no. Based on his ability to throw one at the worst possible time, absolutely.

wilsmith said...

yea brndlynn, I figured picnic was the big one if it's still on, but I hadn't heard it mentioned in here in a while.

J.S. said...

lolz @ the lima bean nickname

I see that being used this year

brewtaltrooper said...

@Donnie Shulzhoffer...

Wow... you're lucky that there is a bar that you can go to in LBI that is empty and NOT loaded to the hilt with guidos.

I was just surprised the bartender cut him slack. With all fights that go on during the summers (Legget's in Manasquan is like "Roadhouse" several nights a week), the State has threatened to revoke liquor licenses for bartenders/managers not taking the precautions to stem off a bad situation.

Too bad though if he really is a mopey barfly.

Dr. Turkleton said...

brndlynn said:
im all for it if someone else gets it together. lol. not that I really should be drinking while im on crutches but whatev.

Actually heard this played at the Mellon after a bad penalty call.



Donnie Shulzhoffer said...


Very true about the gumba infestation on LBI. The only reason we go to this place instead of drinking at home is because its generally only populated by locals and has a great shuffleboard table. Who knew we'd run into lurking ESPN analyst's

Original Nathan said...

I'd wear it to a (insert title)blog, but it's a 56 and would hang below my knees.

Are you three feet tall? I have a size 58 jersey at home and it doesn't even come close to falling to my knees. And I'm all of 5'8".

If I actually played hockey, with the new jersey construction from last year, I probably would've had to go up to a 56 or 58 in pads and get the sleeves shortened considerably. I just bought a sz. 52 Ovechkin jersey for the 9 non-Penguins games I'm going to this season, and it's painfully obvious that I've got a burgeoning beer gut when I'm wearing it.

Original Nathan said...

Ugh, Teppo Numminen is planning to come back next season. Can Bettman please force him to retire so we don't have to see him drop dead on the ice when his heart gives out? I'm genuinely concerned that that's going to happen if he insists on playing hockey.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, I thought I'd give you a heads up on this jersey

Original Nathan said...

Seriously, Numminen is 40 years old, and has a wife and three kids. He's had a very successful NHL career of over 1300 games.

One more season isn't worth dying for. Hang it up, Teppo.

Vern said...

Roethlisberger's O-Line this past year was one of the worst I've ever seen. And he's still only 25. He'll be fine.

Raybin said...

Ben's own worst enemy is himself. When things start to go tits up, he tries to do everything himself.

The funny thing is the announcers are ALWAYS saying things like "I talked with him before the game and he says he knows he just has to keep calm and blah blah blah"....he apparently never bothers to take his own advice.

Dan said...

i'm actually more knowledgeable with football than hockey. ben is a top 5 qb in the league. he could be #3. he had a rather brilliant season last year, the year after the training wheels incident. if he would work on his accuracy he would be flat out dangerous at times. his decision making abilities came a long way last season too.

as for hcmt being better than coach epps......... eh i wouldn't go that far. they both have their moments, good and bad. and for the record i have never been overly huge on hcmt, sometimes he's like a deer in headlights at the wrong times, imo.

Vern said...

I agree with Dan. Raybin, people seem to forget that after that disastrous first half against Jacksonville, he brought them right back and got robbed by that damn hold on the two-point conversion (and then by Mike Tomlins Bettman-ian decision to go for two from the 11). He also played well and brought them back a few years ago in the debacle against the Pats. So I don't think he has a problem when things go bad.

As far as the Pens are concerned, I've read and heard nothing but bad things and opinions on Therrien outside of this site. However, I am a neophyte as far as hockey coaching is concerned. Is he worth extending or was this just a move they had to make because of how well the team performed last year?

Vern said...

Also...this question is to Charlie. Charlie, don't you think the jockeying for "FIRST!" is kind of gay and Deadspin-ish?

P.O. said...


drinking while debilitated just ads to the fun, esp. if you are on any pain meds


my offer still stands at $10 for your size 56 morozov jersey

orig nathan

that must be some beer gut! im almost 6'1" and 230 and i got a 56 letang winter classic jersey and its bigger than i would have liked

P.O. said...

From the WWL's recently released its the offseason with nothing to talk about so lets do a POWER RANKINGS!!!

Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh Penguins

Never mind the absence of Marian Hossa, Ryan Malone, Jarkko Ruutu and Georges Laraque, the Penguins still have the most formidable lineup down the middle of any team in the NHL, with Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal, plus an emerging elite netminder in Marc-Andre Fleury.

Dan said...

oh god that line was an abomination, but it may not be as bad as people are expecting this year. i wouldn't be shocked if they miss the playoffs with the schedule they have though.

i had a clear view at that jacksonville game of that holding call, it was like watching the stanley cup playoffs.

and i should clarify i'm not sold on coach epps either, i wouldn't say one is better than the other though.

Zach said...


You're probably right. Manning and Brady are head and shoulders better than everyone else. Then you have those second tier guys, Roethlisberger, Palmer, Romo, the other Manning, Brees..maybe Rivers and Cutler.. and then the QB's are pretty much mud.

I'd probably put Roethlisberger 3 or 4 in that scenario. He has the tools, but his pension for backbreaking interceptions is frustrating. I think a solid left tackle would go a ways to curing that problem... well that and beating the Patriots.

Zach said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stilly said...

Fuck me. Wrong account.

zach = me.

Dan said...

the center position was the problem on that line. everyone else had to pick up the slack for mahan, and you just can't do that. i have never hated a steeler as much as mahan, not even face fungus stewart.

Stilly said...

Wow HORRIBLE usage. Penchant.

Pensblog Staff said...


Vern said...

Not to mention what a line would do for Parker/Mendenhall. If Ben didn't have to consistently convert 3rd and 8s, he could be insane in the coming years. But yeah, at some points last year, that line might have gone down as the worst ever. Probably worse than any line that even the Atlanta Thrashers were throwing out there.

And really, I think that was the only really poor decision that Tomlin made on the season, at least among important ones. I think a lot more credit in the NFL should go to coordinators than does.

Original Nathan said...

It's weird. I have other (i.e. not Reebok Edge) size 52s that don't fit the way that one does. I have a 54 Malkin Winter Classic that fits perfectly fine, though.

I suppose I could make an effort to actually lose weight, but that takes actual effort.

Vern said...

Oh God did Mahan suck. I forgot about him. I bet Charlie wouldn't even fuck him.

Stilly said...


It's true. Center is the most important position on the Offensive Line.. I know.. I used to play there.

Yeah Mahan was horrible, but the whole line was mud due to injuries. Hopefully they can stay healthhy and get a little cohesion.

Dan said...

the horrible contract of the nfl award goes to the steelers for max starks. he's getting like 7 million, he is diarrhea mud

P.O. said...

willie parker runs into a pile and falls down 8/10 times, hence large benjamin being stuck on 3 & 8s.. the other two he will break one for 10+ yards, hence why his avg ypc is always high

Victor Raison said...

I think once Ben finds some consistency and rythm through consecutive seasons, and manages to keep from busting his head open on other peoples cars in the off-season, we'll see what kind of quarterback he can be on a regular basis.

It's still a little early to compare coaches though, the jury is still out on Tomlin.

Stilly said...


Since we're on the topic..

Football games are won and lost on the line of scrimmage. What seperates the horrible teams from the good teams is line play, on both sides of the ball.

The Steelers defense was plan bad when Aaron Smith was injured, and it really showed against Jacksonville.

P.O. said...

orig nathan

nothin wrong with being thick brother! just more of you for the ladies to love... if the ovie jersey doesnt fit, use it for something it should be used for, i.e.: stuffing an old pillow, toilet paper, something to line the crate of a puppy, a dish-rag, etc

Original Nathan said...

All I have to say is that at least you get football coverage of a team you like.

I fucking hate the Redskins. So much. When they play the Cowboys I don't care who wins, as long as the stadium collapses in the 3rd quarter.

Vern said...

While he is the man, Starks does suck at football. Maybe sucks is a strong word, but he's worth no more than $1.5-2 mil. So, yeah. Although, Casey Hampton is a prick and he's fucking awesome at football, so I guess it doesn't matter how nice you are. Some of that Starks money couldn't go to Faneca? I still think he was overpaid, but come on. Starks!

And Parker does do a lot of that, but he's also running into 2 dudes that pushed right through the line much of the time. However, he owes me $20, and until he pays up I'm not going to completely give him the benefit of the doubt.

Vern said...

Absolutely, Stilly. How much money did Aaron Smith make himself by getting injured? It showed how good he was much more than anything he could have actually done on the field.

Original Nathan said...

Meh, the Ovie jersey fits fine, it just fits differently through the gut area than older-model authentics.

October 13 can't come fast enough.

P.O. said...

starks 7 mil for one year is a better deal than shelling out 7 mil for 5 years for a guy like faneca in his mid 30s (he also wasnt helping out Mahan too much in pass protection, he made the pro-bowl on name alone last year (see: Varitek, Jason))

while parker might run into a guy at the line, that should be expected and an NFL running back should be capable of either 1)falling forward for atleast a yard or two or 2) make someone miss once in a blue moon ... there are 11 defenders and only 9 capable blockers at any given time (minus the RB and QB) so there are 2 unaccounted for defenders at a minimum that it is the running backs responsibility to pick up
tim worley>>>willie parker

Stilly said...


My authentic Casey Hampton is one of my favorite posessions. The man is a tank.. even if he is a dick.

Original Nathan said...

And I'm generally indifferent toward the Capitals; the only time I actively dislike them is when they're playing the Pens. The other 78 games a year, they're just kind of there.

They're basically my hometown team now, so I got an 11-game package for this season. I have no problems rooting for the Caps for the 9 non-Penguins games I'm going to, since they aren't divisional rivals anymore.

In addition to the two Penguins games, I'll be seeing Vancouver, the Rangers, Montreal, Ottawa, Philly, Edmonton, Boston, Tampa, and Atlanta.

P.O. said...

the only evidence needed to confirm casey hampton is awesome>

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Casey Hampton is a Penguin fan and talented player, which makes him awesome. Plus, we don't pay him to be nice. I like how he does the job right. Besides my friend has met him and says he's nice and he was kind during training camp ... maybe he's only nice to women? *laughs*

@Original Nathan : An Ovie jersey, really? Eww ... I guess I can still respect you on certain terms because he is talented ...

Vern said...

He's such a prick. But I don't care. He's still awesome.

The rest of them are cool. The Penguins are as well. Gonchar was always taking 19-year old Malkin to Diesel after hours, and pounding the sauce. Gonchar's fucking sweet.

Vern said...

@I have Kasparitis

If he's anything like Joey Porter was, he's verrrrrry nice to the females.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@vern: Hahaha ... my friend got her picture taken with Hampton during intermission.

It could have been the fact that we are girls, but I wasn't hit on and she wasn't either ... so it was fine ...

I love Sarge that man is so awesome ... he's so cool and sophisticated ... I would love to have a conversation with him about the Russian Revolution or anything really ...

Original Nathan said...

Yes, an Ovie jersey. Matt Cooke doesn't play for Washington anymore.

And I couldn't care less about the other stiffs on that team.

LOLgwins said...

i nominate Billy Zane for Pensblog 08-09

Original Nathan said...

On a personal level, I think the Matt Cooke signing was my favorite one. For some weird reason, I've always liked him, and I always get him for my dynasty teams. Perfect virtual third-line player, fast as hell, scores some goals here and there, and can punch people.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@original nathan: No love for Backstrom? *smirks*

Josh Melvin said...

I am partial to Big Ben, but only because he's from the MAC. My school, CMU has been dominating the MAC for the past two seasons, ans I'd like to see MAC schools get some recognition (although when we lose by about 60 points to Auburn, it's hard to make a case).

Therefore the only way is for Big Ben to win like 4 more Super Bowls. Or have a guy like Garrett Wolfe or Greg Jennings (though it pains me to say so) win some. So Go Steelers.

Plus, he Lions don't give me much to root for NFL-wise.

Original Nathan said...

Only when he beats his own goalie :)


Original Nathan said...

I was at that game too. But I was in the upper deck at the opposite end of the ice from where it happened, so all I could really see was Dupuis put that last-instant pressure on Backstrom, then the red light go on and the Pens celebrating, and that's when my wife and I started going crazy with the rest of the Pens fans in attendence. I thought Dupuis had tipped Crosby's centering feed past Huet.

Flyer Hater said...

Stilly Wrote:

Football games are won and lost on the line of scrimmage. What seperates the horrible teams from the good teams is line play, on both sides of the ball.

Who knew that Tunch Ilkin posted on c-blog?

If you ever wanted to get drunk, listen to the radio broadcast of a Steelers game and take a shot everytime Craig Wolfley or Ilkin use the term "hat on a hat"

Flyer Hater said...

I've never hated the Craps or considered them a rival because the bug doesn't have a rivalry with the windshield.

It's the same story with the Pens/Flyers rivalry in the 80s and early 90s when one team was good and the other sucked.

Maybe if the Craps actually defeat us in a major game or series, then I'll consider them a rival.

Flyer Hater said...

If you look at Ben's playoff career overall, it's not that impressive.


Awful against the Jets, almost blew that game with interceptions.

Awful against the Pats, totally confused throughout the game


OK playoff run, but was trusted to not lose the games instead of trying to win them (except when saving Butterfinger Bettis's sorry ass)


Face stucky firmly in a windshield


Shit the bed against the Jags and lost the game in the first half with interceptions

I Have Kasparaitis said...

"Face stucky firmly in a windshield" Ouch ... that one even hurt me *laughs*

Bettis blamed Faneca for him dropping the ball ... I was mad at Bettis for saying that for a while ...

Dan said...

i'm not pegging that jville game on ben

Flyer Hater said...

Dan, he lost the game in the first half. Plain and simple. You can blame the D for not making a stop late in the game, but they would have never been in that position if Ben realized there was a game going on.

Dan said...

fh, our opinions differ on the matter. he contributed to the loss, i will not squarely blame him for it though.

Maria said...

2006: Face stucky firmly in a windshield

I really think Ben was supposed to die in 2006. He had an emergency appendectomy right before the season started, too. Then he got another concssion.

Anyway, I agree with Dan. Roethlisberger wasn't playing well at all during the Jacksonville game, but his teammates weren't exactly 100% either.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Baptised with the Cup?

Victor Raison said...

Does anybody know Roethlisberger's +/- for that game?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

BTW before I'm kicked off Holmstrom is a dick ...

Maria said...

ihk, at least he didn't let his baby crap in it like that one guy. I can't remember his name, basically because I don't care, but I heard it on Mike & Mike.

J.S. said...

turk, that video has to be the single most awesome thing I've seen on youtube this month.

Did you see there's another video out there with him doing that song with Dave Grohl?

click me

Karnage said...

letang just wrote on my wall and spelt "staal" wrong.

akus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stokes said...

Obligatory "Cblog is dead" comment.

Flyer Hater said...



stokes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
akus said...

Off season reading/killing time.

In a collision with an opposing player whose stick broke, Stan Long's thigh was pierced through severing the femoral artery, Stan lost more than half his blood. Only the quick thinking of the team trainer and the presence of a doctor in the arena saved his life. Roy Jennings, a former deputy sheriff in Nanaimo, British Columbia , who was a stick boy with the Victoria Cougars when Stan had the horrendous accident said it w as one of the most horrible things he had ever seen. The doctors declared that Stan would never walk again, let alone play hockey, but he played for another eight seasons.

Wayne Bianchin suffered a broken neck while surfing in Hawaii. He had a neck fusion operation and returned to the NHL.

Gene Carr once missed part of a season with a head injury received in a taxi accident.

Clint Malarchuk got his jugular vein cut when his throat was caught by Steve Tuttle's skate.

Pat Price sprained his ankle while doing tricks in his platform shoes (1974) while he was the captain for the Western Canada Junior All-Stars that played against the WHA All-Stars.

Joe Kocur suffered an infected hand when one of his punches connected with Larry Playfair's teeth. The wound got infected and he eventually was only hours away from an amputation. Luckily for him the antibiotics finally worked.

Paul Cavallini lost the tip of his left finger after a Doug Wilson slap-shot.

John Vanbiesbrouck severely cut his wrist when he broke his coffee table at home. It required micro surgery.

Andy Moog, while visiting a ward of sick children at a local hospital, accidentally entered a quarantined area, caught a viral infection and lost six pounds in weight.

Shawn Antoski suffered a depressed skull facture in a car accident. He was ready to make a comeback. Then while messing around with one of his pet dogs, its head came up and smashed into Antoski's head, re-injuring him and putting a stop to an eventual comeback.

Scott Young once took 22 stitches to close a facial cut when Garry Galley's aluminum stick shattered and a sliver caught him just above the right eye.

Mark Howe received a five inch puncture wound to his upper thigh when he landed on a sharp metal goal post support.

Jack O'Callahan once took a 18-stitch cut while washing dishes at home.

Pat Verbeek severed his left thumb between the knuckles in a corn planting machine on his farm. Doctors eventually reconnected the thumb.

Alexei Kasatonov missed three games due to hemorrhoids when he played for New Jersey.

Terry Sawchuk died after complications suffered from a fight with teammate Ron Stewart. Sawchuk fell over a barbecue grill during the fight and that's how he got his injuries.

Everett Sanipass broke his ankle in eight places when playing softball.

Larry Robinson once broke his leg in a polo accident.

Börje Salming received 250 facial stitches when he was cut by a Gerard Gallant skate. Ironically enough Salming cut Scott Stevens face with his skate a few years later during the 1989 World Championships in Stockholm (Stevens got 88 stitches).

Platform shoes??? I know they did not have gold fish in them, @ Frenchy Fuqua

I think a few of those names above played for the Pens.
I know Carr did, and Bianchin, shit i think Pat Price did also, if he is the one i am thinking of. I think he was a D-man.Maybe it was the Isles He played for.
I am pretty sure Young was a Pen at one time.

I never heard of Stan Long,but read the man had 34 inch thighs!!!!

Back to more offseason reading.

Börje Salming= fugly

Original Nathan said...

"Did you know that disco record sales were up 400 percent for the year ending 1976? If these trends continue -- aaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!"
"Your fish are dead."
"Yeah, I know. I can't get them out of there."

Flyer Hater said...


akus said...

LMAO @ "

"Your fish are dead."
"Yeah, I know. I can't get them out of there."

Gold fish in shoes,crazy, but so is this,

...Dave Hanson, one of the brawling Hanson brothers in the classic 'Slap Shot', was trying to make his mark for the Birmingham Bulls in the WHA when he battled Chicago great Bobby Hull in Winnipeg.

"In the middle of the melee we both stopped," Hanson said. "All the screaming stopped, and I look up, and Bobby doesn't look the same as when we started. I look at my hand, and I had just pulled off his toupee..."

"I was a bit shocked. I threw it on the ice."

Bobby Hull left the ice and later returned with a helmet on.

Is this true??/

if it is that is hilarious!! I would have loved to see that.

akus said...


Dr. Turkleton said...

Did Giles just call the N-Dog...McCLOOTH????

Wow. Zero R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

I bet if Charlie was a ball fan [baseball, that is!] Brian Giles would be #1 on his 'hit' list.

looks like someone is in ♥ with:



whateva. [HA!]

Grohl played that pretty well...

Remember that Sifl & Olly shit...that's Liam

Flyer Hater said...

If anyone has time to kill go on youtube and search, "Ken Burns Civil War", you're life won't be the same.

Maria said...

I think Hradek needs Shanahan as his wing man. Shanny is smooooooth.

Well, I'm off to Montreal for the weekend! I plan on making a little trip to Sorel so I can accidentlyonpurpose run into MAF. Wish me luck!

Original Nathan said...

Pictures of the destroyed Richmond with the Capitol somehow still intact get me every fucking time.

I don't work in archives, but we still have to deal with the burning of Richmond in 1865 all the time. The only building in Capitol Square that burned as the Confederates abandoned the city was the one that housed county records. So those lost records are referred to as being from "the burned counties."

And there are county clerks who won't give us the records they're supposed to because the last time they did it, their records got destroyed. Never mind the fact that it was 143 fucking years ago.

Southerners are weird, man.

akus said...

Some more Ctrl+X

>>>Pittsburgh Penguin's first NHL coach Red Sullivan was pretty annoyed when the club's management introduced a black, blue and white uniform which vaguely followed the markings of the little bird. "If we play a bad game," Sullivan predicted, "the sports writers will say we looked like a bunch of nuns skating around out there."

To be sure the nickname did not present the swashbuckling image of the baseball Pirates, but it did provide the opportunity for a between-periods gimmick. And so, a real, live penguin, which had been borrowed from a local zoo, was paraded around the ice behind the Zamboni machine.

The fans seemed at least mildly entertained and a name-the-mascot contest was soon initiated. A week before the final results were to be announced, however, the bird caught pneumonia and died.

akus said...

Ummmm, okkkkkay,

"Blogger is currently unavailable

Blogger is unavailable right now. We apologize for this interruption in service.

Guess no love for cut and paste :(

Dan said...

oh wow i found this, we used to listen to this at best buy after we closed all the time when i worked there. it drove the one manager nuts, it was great.

hilarious on so many levels

that is, if you have the worst sense of humor in the world. like me.

jefe penguino said...

hradek can be my wingman. leave that corona shirt at home and take one for the team!

somechic said...

slow indeed...but when you manage to squeeze celine dion, meatloaf and wesley willis into one day/blog its still quality.

KaylaJ said...

since cblog is dead, i'm watching bedknobs & broomsticks and the kid just said "flaming bed", even more awesome is how i had forgotten how much the lead guy kinda has an older charlie look to him

J.S. said...

more fun with youtube:
More Wesley Willis - My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks

and keeping with the crack theme...

another crack-related song: The Dogs - Your Mama Smokes Crack Rock

I was debating whether to post the cracked-out thug preacher who bumps 2pac and method man in the background. But being that I don't know everybody's stance on religion and how offended somebody might be, I'm gonna hold off on that one.

J.S. said...

and it wouldn't be a day if somebody didn't mention Brett Favre

Favre offered a contract to play with the Iowa Chops (AHL)

Dr. Turkleton said...


Oren + Lennie = stunned.

J.S. said...

Oren and Lennie probably offered him 4 yrs, 49 mil but couldn't make any guarantees on his camera time.

J.S. said...

oh my god, you killed c-blog

MadScientist said...

Maybe everyone's down at the Fayette County Fair watching The Clarks...

Special times are to be had at the Fayette County Fair.

Annie said...

Kayla from 2 hours ago:

Bedknobs and Broomsticks was one of the movies of my childhood, along with Mighty Ducks, Aladdin, and Hook. And I think the Charlie guy was the dad in Mary Poppins too.

debrisslide said...

I can't wait for the Fayette County Fair. One of my favorite experiences ever. I love scummy things, the smell of feces, and the world's best lemonade.

BlacknGold66 said...

You bastards!

TheNWChica said...

Screw you gaiz, I'm goin' home!

Now where are mah cheesy poofs?

Flyer Hater said...

Anyone ever watch Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic?

Dr. Turkleton said...


I love scummy things, the smell of feces, and the world's best lemonade.

Fayette County Fair????
a weekend at the Jersey Shore with EJ Hradek?

MadScientist said...

Fayette County Fair mullets > Hradek

dlonlo said...


dlonlo said...

Flyer Haters Hero

KaylaJ said...

annie you would be correct, david tomlinson aka charlie guy was the father from mary poppins. never look at kite flyers the same way again...

and FH i miss cheap seats since my espn classic was taken away from me :(

Flyer Hater said...

dlonlo, first grade called, it wants its material back.

jefe penguino said...

dlonlo is hyperlink happy.

me? well, im going for a walk.

dlonlo said...

Single Greatest Hockey Hit Ever!!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

So much of a better hit

Stoosh said...

I love Rick favorite announcer outside of the guys that work the Pens games. "WOOOOwhattahit by CAMPBELL!!"

J.S. said...

Round 1, Puck Daddy's Bettman Contest

I recognize a few of those entries.

my dateline pic made it

JSchiff's Moses pic = amazing

Josh Melvin's "my hero" pic

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Maybe this one ...

Or this ...

Stoosh said...

@ IHK -

I was working at Callahan's in Bridgeville the day of that Pens-Flyers game. There was a good crowd there watching the game. I had just stepped out of the kitchen and into the seating area when the place absolutely erupted. I didn't actually see it when the hit happened, but I caught every replay.

I forgot that it took them that long to get Lindros off the ice.

It was just a matter of time before that big clown fell victim to a hit like that. He was something like 6'4", 220 pounds when he played much bigger than pretty much everyone he played against, he could get away with stuff like that. It was a bad skating habit that he never, ever corrected. Pretty much every time he got whacked in the NHL, he had his head down crossing either the blue line into the offensive zone or skating laterally through the neutral zone.

Flyer Hater said...

Cheap Seats was the best show on TV until it was canceled by ESPN Classic in place of more re-runs of American Gladiators.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, in case you didn't see it earlier because of the firewall Nazis.

Hell of a value.

Stoosh said...

@ Jonny V & Flyer Hater -

Thanks for the links to the Linden MacFarlane figure and the Bure jersey, respectively.

That Linden MacFarlane will be purchased and will wind up downstairs on the hockey wall next to the Sid Crosby and Geno Malkin ones that I already have.

And FH...I can't for the life of me believe that the Bure jersey is that cheap. There's GOT to be something up with that jersey, because it looks too good to be that cheap.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, I really can't see any glaring problem with any of the jerseys the dude is selling. They all look authentic. Getting that type of jersey for only 40 bucks is the steal of the century.

I hate Messier but the dude has a 1992 home jersey with all the patches, fight strap, and everything.

sh0ez said...

@ j.s.: I see neither of mine made it. =[

Stoosh said...

@ BNG66 -

I'm jealous that you were just up in Cedar Point. I'm going through Cedar Point withdrawl bigtime. If I don't get up there this year, this'll be three straight summers since I've been there. Last time was August of 2005 and that was miserable...we stayed out at Lighthouse Point (which was awesome because it got me back to the campgrounds) and went with two other couples. All it did was storm all weekend, and all the other two couples did was fight.

I hate not being there now, especially, because these last few nights would be ideal "sit out in the campgrounds and cook some burgers, hot dogs and chicken on the grill and enjoy a few beers" nights.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Stoosh: I know ... most people would realize after the first concussion keep your head up, but I guess Kaspar killed all the brain cells he had so he just continued doing it ... stupid Lindros ...

I wish Kaspar wasn't in Russia right now ... come back, Kaspar!! You're a UFA this year! *smiles*

Maria said...

j.s.- Glad to see cblog so well represented over at Puck Daddy. I threw this together while I was sitting at the airport and talking to my extremely religious mother on the phone. I think I just signed my ticket to hell, but whatev. Maybe if I'm really lucky I'll win the Versucks jersey!

Dr. Turkleton said...

gotta ♥ Pens laying out Flyers

Boughner v. Primeau

I think this was like 30 seconds into the game.

Skeletor can do nothing but watch.

J.S. said...

sh0ez, there's another week's worth of entries.

I'm let down that my joker didn't make it.

eileenover said...

Well I just saw Step Brothers and it was hilarious.

dlonlo said...

Fat Flyers Fan Gets Beat Up

BlacknGold66 said...

@Stoosh: Ms. BNG and I are looking to get back to the Point sometime before the season is over.

We were tossing around the idea of going with another couple, but most of the other couples that would be able to go are somewhat hard to deal with for a half hour let alone an entire day in potentially dreadful heat.

Yesterday's weather was absolutely perfect. Hot at times, but once you were in the shade it was right around 73 degrees.

The longest we waited for any ride was for the Raptor (1.5 hours). Even monsters like Millenium Force only took about 45 minutes to get on. Unreal.

Anyway, if you happen to head this way let me know and we'll tag along.

jefe penguino said...

@eileen -you went to the movies without seeing tDK again? im amazed.

kidding. glad you give it a good rating of hilarious. ill still wait til the DVD.

i dont like watching comedies at the theater.

DLONLO said...


dlonlo said...

Billy Mays Tribute

eileenover said...


I'm seeing the TDK again on Sunday, plus I'll probably see it with my mom another time.

dlonlo said...


dlonlo said...


dlonlo said...


dlonlo said...


dlonlo said...


dlonlo said...


Flyer Hater said...

"@Stoosh: Ms. BNG and I are looking to get back to the Point sometime before the season is over."

Wait, you're cheating on me?

jefe penguino said...



dlonlo said...



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