Saturday, June 7, 2008

Too Hot


How awkward is this?

It is too hot to post anything of relevance.
Plus WPXI will probably show it and say they found it somewhere on the internet.

The free agent/contract hype is slowly starting to build.
[Hossa] and Free Candy both want to stay.

Some good interviews at [ ]

[Jay H]

Charlie says hello.


Speaking of Charlie..
How creepy is Pierre McGuire?

[Thanks to double K for the link]

Why does he stand so close to men?


This coming Monday, Stephen S. is getting added to the staff.
He sent us his sketchbook for the season.

Here is his latest work.

Makes a nice wallpaper:



May 1, 2008:

"I've gone against the grain, across the grain, and sometimes obliterated the grain altogether."

C-Blogger [ Debrisslide ] comes through with the quote.
We had totally forgotten to even put this section in today...until now.



Game #2:
[ Sitting Ducks. PENS WIN. ]

Sames lines basically, minus Ruutu.
Mark Recchi commits seven turnovers and is slowly becoming Pensblog whipping boy.




Go Pens


jefe penguino said...



jefe penguino said...

How creepy is Pierre McGuire?

gayest moment ever at 1:52.

Rochelle said...

i have so much more free time now that i'm not checking all the sports pages about pens info.

i'm bored...when's hockey?

VA Beach George said...

Have y'all seen this yet?

I am not tech-savvy enough to make one of those fancy link things, sorry.

jefe penguino said...

what would be a good snack at 5 in the morning?

go baby pens.

(33 years ?!)

nonny said...

First time poster. Only found this fine blog several weeks ago but so glad I did. Will be spending the summer in the archives!

Re: Drinking from The Cup

WTF!! A Detroit player interviewed by the Ceeb post game, said that it's so much fun letting FANS drink from the Cup. He said that the Wings alway do that.

That's just not right.

Party of Ruutu said...

Don't forget to add Stephen S to the left column.

McGuire really loved his own stick jokes. Not amused.

For VA Beach George: linking. (But you can't use the target attribute here)

Lady Jaye said...

meh, I wish I had central air. I hate summer. I like the cold ;) Or non humid warm weather.

Stephen S, you are just amazing with your skills.

@anybody in general > slush and I were talking on Facebook about having a Cblogger with kids (of a youngish age) play date this summer and/or coordinating a cblog picnic at like North Park or South Park or something like that. Anybody interested in helping plan such an event OR attending such an event? (I am assuming yes to both but you know what they say about assuming)

I'll be gone all day so I'll check back later. Or if you want to email me

Lady Jaye said...

Re: Movieblog last night

The X-Men series was okay (X2 was the best of the 3), but the Wolverine movie looks like it's going to have a great cast. Come on, they're going to have Deadpool!

sh0ez said...

Stephen S. = beast.

My apartment thing [at] school has central air. It's all included in the monthly rent. I put the thermostat on like 60 and make it nice and cold. =]

akus said...

@ nonny,Move over a little and bring the brew for some summer archive reading, i am right with You! Indeed this is a fine blog.

@lady jaye, AC is the only way i can say yesssss bring on that summer heat. but upper 90's the beginning of June is a kill joy for sure.
Sounds like a plan getting kids together, i am an ex Pgh'er/born/raised on the Northside now living in the Huntingdon area(central Pa) Good luck and have fun

@Stephen S, that Penguin has some fight and `tude in Him. Awesome.

Now its time to turn up my ac some more and look at my pasty white legs sticking out of my shorts...........Ohhh stay away Pierre i am a female.

Hip said...


I scored the coveted 30% off bonus coupons for Kohl's so I'm off to buy pots and pans for my new apartment.

Find joy in the simple things.

What's up with HCMT? I need the real deal here. Not the over-hyped media frenzy deal that has Caps fans salivating.

I want to say something right now: I love both the Caps and Pens. I can't help it. But as for fans:
Pens fans >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Caps fans

So so glad I found you all.

Quingo77 said...

Today's expected high in Norfolk Virginia = 102 degrees

So what should I do today? Hmm.... sit insdie the apartment all day while my wife works... sounds like fun huh

those are promising articles about the Penguin players who want to come back to Pittsburgh.... at least that is a step in the right direction to start off with

Stilly said...

I was watching SportsCenter this morning and they showed Geno at the Pirates game yesterday.

Buccigross was anchoring and when they showed the shot of Geno Bucc said "He looks tired". I laughed pretty hard.

Jimmy Hugs said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Pierre McGuire looks like a penis. That "big stick" comment he made was creepy as hell.

Currently 87 degrees in Va Beach. I went to get some coffee around 8 and it was as humid as a trucker's ass outside.

Brando said...

I know that's supposed to be the bottom of the Golden Gate bridge in the background, but could Charlie have been placed any less strategically?



sven butenschon said...

His facial expression when he says you are a broadcaster with a big stick made me throw up in my mouth
McGuire = more gay than PBC
Depressionblog starting to lift
The news about free candy and Hossa made me smile

Jasper said...

"How creepy is Pierre McGuire?"

haha, that is hilarious
standing right nex to someone with your body towards him, only moving your head, it is very creepy

Jawsh said...

So, is there going to be an induction ceremony for Stephen S. ?

@lady jaye - Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is inspired casting. I like to pretend that x3 never happened.

-41 days til Dark Knight

-Geno might as well be a Gongshow spokesman with the amount that he rocks their gear.


Vanessa Day said...

Good morning.

Some Elroy look alike just came into my store and looked at bikinis. I'm wondering if these douches are done celebrating yet?



Colin said...

How weird is it to look back on the trade deadline videos? I will never forgot refreshing TSN and seeing we got Hossa. I said "holy shit" in the middle of the office and everyone thought I was nuts.

Colin said...

^ forget.

dying alive said...

I missed movieblog last night! Highly recommended scary movies off the top of my head that I didn't see mentioned already:

The Descent (with the original British ending, not the American ending), High Tension (try to find the French version, Haute Tension), and Session 9.

I could talk about scary movies all day. I love them. (Favorite movie of all time, though = The Goonies)

I also missed MST3K blog. If you are a fan and you haven't already seen it, do yourself a favor and beg, borrow or YouTube a copy of The Final Sacrifice. It's this awful Canadian movie starring a skinny geek and a chubby guy with a mullet that they just rip to shreds. Some highlights:
The Final Sacrifice

slush said...

lady jaye- im def down for a cblog playdate or picnic. ill help organize or whatever too.

hope more people are interested. would be hella fun.

slush said...

stephen s- wicked work dude. amazing.

dying alive said...

I didn't see Geno at the baseball game last night! Boo hoo!

PittHockey said...

Time to break some hearts...

Game 7 was tonight.


Jawsh said...

You're killin me, PH.

PittHockey said...

oh and on Hossablog:

"I'd rather take less and play on a good team," Hossa said. "Hopefully, I can return here and be part of this organization but, with the salary cap, I know how hard it is. There's lots of players to be signed, so we'll see what's going to happen."

PittHockey said...

it's killing me too, jawsh

Colin said...

Pitthockey dropping the bomb. Someone had to do it though.

PittHockey said...

Falloutblog: I'll be hiding in my refrigerator.

Colin said...

Anyone else watching the opening game of EURO 2008?

The Seeker said...

From the bottom of Pitthockey's linked article:

"Roberts was not on hand for the season-ending player meetings with Therrien."

Damn, I hope that doesn't actually mean anything like he's retiring!

Colin said...

Pens should hire GR to the front office. Hell make him an assistant coach. Just keep him around.

Jawsh said...

@ seeker,

Roberts didn't show up to season ending meetings because for Gary, the season never ends.

The Seeker said...

I'd look tired too at a Pirates game!

I'd probably fall asleep from the boredom.

It's also NOT a place to be when it's hot and humid...that field is like an oven.

The Seeker said...

@ jawsh

I LOLed on that one.

TheNWChica said...

I missed movieblog last night, but Slapshot was on last night. Trade me right fucking now!

Oh, and hugs to the babyPens for their win last night. There's this smugness about Darren Haydar that I just want to smack him.

And weatherblog...guess what? It's raining again! Whooooo! Can it be August so we can get some sun??? Bah!


TheNWChica said...

Oh, and I forgot...

As a friend and fan to some junior boys, do you know how much it creeps me out at how fricking excited he gets calling the World Juniors? Makes me want to take a shower.

debrisslide said...

87 degrees in Hopwood, PA right now!

Pirates games annoy me. The eighth grade field trip at my middle school is always a Pirate game. I watched them play the Astros and got really sunburned and I payed no attention whatsoever to who was winning. I bet Geno was totally having sports withdrawal. It's like a guy in rehab who drinks 20 cups of bad coffee a day just to feel something.


Joose said...


You have a Facebook message that must be read immediately.

DeCeV said...

Hey staff... would it be too much trouble to get the Stephen S thepensblog logo on a coffee mug in storeblog? I need the thepensblog with me at work as well.

Colin said...

@ joose -

Got it and replied.

Colin said...

@ decev -

I agree, good call.

Maybe a keychain? Can cafepress do that?

BlacknGold66 said...

I pray that Derek and Adam have A/C at their respective homes. We don't need condensation on the computer/s that run tPB.

It's about time Stephen S. became part of the Staff. That guy's work is unreal.

Drop the puck.

Joose said...

Colin, you're a champ.

Colin said...

Joose, I do what I can.

Joose said...


I'm finally going to watch Green Street Hooligans. I'll let you know the outcome.

TheNWChica said...

I agree with having the logo on more stuff. Could I add my request for that and maybe BING on the plus size shirts?

Those of us with more junk in the trunk can't wear the regular women's sizes and the men's cut fit me weird.

TheNWChica said...

Yes I'm posting again, but this is sadchicablog...

Jim McKay from ABC Sports passed away this morning.

Pensblog Staff said...


Sooska said...


@chica-ah! SlapShot - filmed in my hometown Johnstown PA. I know people who are extras in that movie. agree on the sizing chica. the regular tees don't fit the more well endowed.

@ Staff- Excellent news on storeblog.

I tried to watch the Game 6 postgame shows I had recorded from FSN here at home. I had to turn it off just hearing Ryan Whitney's voice cracking. I will try another day.

Per the article linked earlier, I saw an interview with Hossa last night on TV. He said he'd take less to play here. He said winning and other things are more important than money. I still am not so sure he isn't going to get some exorbitant offer that will shut the Pens out.

My husband is replacing our kitchen faucet and while he works on it he is listening to a local radio sports show on ESPN. Some guy just called and demanded "When is this Penguins talk going to be over? This is ridiculous! We have a major league baseball team in this town! The Penguins had a nice run but its over now." The host said "well the Pens season just ended two days and they may lose 3 important members of their team to free agency and it's a huge story. What do you want to talk about he Pirates? the guy hung up. Too bad. I would have told him the Pirates last attempt at a championship season ended 16 YEARS ago. loser.

GAWD it's hot-I love summer but I would prefer to ease into it -you know spend more than 2 days in the 70s. Even my cats came into the house to get out of the heat and humidity. We went from 49 degrees to 98 degree and 98% humidity in 2 weeks.

wilsmith said...

I like that everything you read from Hossa and Orpik makes it sound like they want to stay and would be willing to take a cut to do it.

and I can't believe Esposito said Malone will demand 6. I just completely dismissed that when I read it. You think someone who's been around for so long would at least know something,

I watch scary movies for comedic value. Like in a movie like Hostel when a guy gets hacked with a chainsaw. I lol.

How hot is it today? Imagine being a horse in the Belmont today.

briefwingblong last night:
CK's wings n things in Johnstown reopened not too long ago. 900+ flavors. It's takeout only, although they do have some picnic tables outside if the weather's alright. It's also a one-man operation, sometimes you might have to wait a half hour or more.

wilsmith said...


the anchor should have said, "you never call and complain about people talking about the Steelers in May."

Sooska said...

@wil smith- that is exactly what I yelled at the radio.

Sooska said...

@wil smith- I don't get to Jtown more than 4 or 6 times a year any more. Where is that place? 900+ flavors? how is that possible?

Jawsh said...

I'm not sure if anyone else caught this or not but on Thursday, on Jim Rome is Burning, the male guest in the forum (some joke sportswriter that I can't recall the name of) said that Nicolas Lindstrom was the best hockey player....


It's been 3 days and I still haven't been able to wrap my head around that. If anyone knows who this guy was (he was on the forum all week) I'd like to know.

nonny said... has a story about the Stanley Cup being damaged/dented last night at Chelios' bar.

Jawsh said...

@nonny the way detroit has been treating the cup makes my stomach turn. It seems like everybody and their mother has taken a swig from it.

BlacknGold66 said...

You know why it's so hot?

The Sun iiiis out... The sun is out... boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom yeah...



The Seeker said...

Geno's probably never seen a baseball game live in his entire life before.

He'd be totally lost wondering why there's so little actual movement out on the field and not speaking tons of English wouldn't help matters much.

JYo said...

I still am not so sure he isn't going to get some exorbitant offer that will shut the Pens out.

Thank you for running realitycheckblog here the past couple of days Sooska. It seems a lot of folks around here think Hossa and others are going to take pennies on the dollar to stick around for a chance at the Cup and/or that they will take a short term deal then go get a big one. Sorry, that is not going to happen. I am sure they will take the team into consideration and perhaps take a slightly smaller deal to stick around, but they aren't going to do a 1-2 year deal worth ~$6 million per year to stay here if there is a 5-6 year deal worth ~$8 million per year to go somewhere else. That would be stupid on their part.

There are plenty of other contending type teams in the league that have money to spend. The Pens aren't going to be able to make competitive offers to all of these guys and still stay under the cap.

I don't want to run negativenancyblog here, but lets be realistic. The Pens aren't going to have the same team next year, no matter how much we want it and how much these guys talk about wanting to stay to the media. What are they going to say? "I'm taking the money and getting the hell out of here!"???

The Seeker said...

Seriously....the Flying Flats can do whatever they want with the Cup.

They earned that right.

It's seen MUCH worse before....

It's been used as a toilet and urinal. It's been left on the side of the road before. And it's fallen off of docks and been to the bottom of lakes before.

If we'd have won it, Syko was going to give his chinchilla PJ a dustbath in it.

Jawsh said...

@seeker haha yeah, you are certainly right, I am still just bitter.

The Seeker said...

@ jyo & sooska

Did you see that Carolina have lost their two most veteran defensemen?

That's going to free-up a lot of cash for them and they'll need to replace them in a atmosphere where there aren't really many Dmen to choose from.

I expect them to make Orpik a HUGE offer that would be hard to refuse.

If we don't sign Eaton, he may well end-up there too.

nonny said...

@ thenwchica

When the SCFinals started, I said to my neighbour "Thank Gary, NO MORE Pierre McGuire". I'm in Canada and half the series were done by TSN but the final's by CBC only. He has ruined many a World Junior game for me too. Aaaargh...that awful voice.

Mind you, as someone else mentioned...we wouldn't have had Sykie's [the Babe] prediction if not for Pierre.

Sooska said...

@ seeker- no I didnt. that is interesting.

I am sure the other teams in the east would LOVE to strip us. Immediatley after the Rags series I heard speculation that the Rags wanted Bugsy -maybe Hossa. ditto the Flyers. just cause they can.

I am sure Montreal will pony up for Hossa since they were drooling into their shoes over him before.

I also heard speculation that Straka might be a good chocie to ocme back since he can still play. and would not be too much money although I have seen no numbers.

@jyo- it wasn't necessarily my intent. I was more or less just reporting the things I have heard. I an engineer that also majored in English so I can tend to critique things and am not able to suspend my disbelief. (bad in a movie if everyone else likes it)

People often take the words they hear or read at their face value. A player might sign if he was the negotiator because he has feelings. However agents are there for a reason- to make sure they ge the best deal. sometimes the money is overwhelming. There are GMs and teams that have the cash on hand to throw 10 mill and 7 yrs at Hossa.

I don't fault any of them for taking their one chance at being set for life.

The Seeker said...

I personally think that Pen's Management owes Therrien a decent contract now.

Last year they insulted the man with a one-year-only contract.

It's time to recognize the guy's ability to take a team to the top of the division while battling all those injuries.

Sooska said...

@seeker - there is a photo (or 2) on the net showing Geno when he played in some baseball game a few years ago. I forget the cirucmstances. I know someone on cblog has mentioend it and I have seen it.

That would be good low key, mindless activity for him, huh? (I am no longer a baseball fan. great game to introduce little kids to sports. )

The Seeker said...

Tip of the Hat to Empty Netters:

-Hurricanes defenseman Glen Wesley retired. He was the last player on the team to have played for the Whalers.

-Bret Hedican (D), plans to leave the team.

-Carolina signed forward Patrick Eaves to a contract.

The Seeker said...

@ sooska

Yeah, I now remember Malkin and Ovie in baseball uniforms!

Carroll said...

@sooska/seeker - those pics of Geno at a baseball game are from his draft year. They took the prospects to a baseball game and the prospects got to hit a few during the practice.

Sooska said...

I knew cblog would come thru on thos ebaseball pics of Geno! :)

@seeker- I never much like HCMT but he won me over this year with how he handle d the whole injury cirsis. Playoffs- *shurgs* got them to the finals. some good some not so good. I agree on an extension for more than one year. But not more than 2.

I think he may not be well liked by some players but I saw a great interview with Orpik last night (here I go again) and he flat out stated, when asked if the whole HCMT thing would casue him to leave, "I am not here to get patted on the back every day." He went on to say he read the article and it didn't quote him or anyone else. interesting. Basically, Free Candy says LIARS!
ch 2 or 4. I forget which we watched.

Sooska said...

please excuse my horrible typos. it is the heat... except when it is my typing.

reliving Game 5 OT as I record it form tape to DVD. I ran out of DVD and wasnt in Pgh to record it so had to tape it. A classic in its own right and it takes the pain away.

The Seeker said...

I was a huge Pirate fan as a kid and really followed them closely until 1979.

That was the last season I bothered - and then when MLB had their first player strike, I really turned my back on baseball completely.

I went to ONE Pirate game since PNC Park was built just to see the place.

I hated every second of it and couldn't leave soon enough.

But it IS a really nice ballpark!

The Seeker said...

When players start deciding who should be the HC, you can kiss winning goodbye.

We had Scotty Bowman here and the players forced him out...HUGE MISTAKE!

Being HC isn't supposed to be a personality contest.

JYo said...

I also heard speculation that Straka might be a good chocie to ocme back since he can still play. and would not be too much money although I have seen no numbers.

I would really like to see that. It would be kind of like Recchi, except Straka can still play.

I don't fault any of them for taking their one chance at being set for life.

As much as it sucks for the team and as a fan, I completely agree.

I agree on the HCMT issue too. He may rub some folks the wrong way, but he sure can get results. He is exactly the kind of coach a young team needs. As the team matures, he may lose his luster, but for the next couple of years, he seems like the perfect fit to me.

The Seeker said...

I suppose we owe those players a thank you for telling Bowman to hit the road.....

The guy couldn't hold a candle to the coaching excellence that was Edzo and Kevin Constantine, eh?


Sooska said...

Seeker, I remained a Buccos fan steadily form the playgrounds of Johnstown until 10.14.92 when I was done in by Barry Bonds, Chico Lind, Stan Belinda (who BTW is a real nasty guy) and most of all Jim Leyland & his awful coaching. Just last night I learned from my husband once the problems became known there has always been suspicion that Chico Lind and his drug trouble may have lead to first error in umpteenmillion plays in the 9th that helped rip the Series tickets from my hot little hands. The bad ownership drove the stake in further and killed me.
I have refused to go to PNC Park and give the ownership my money or time. I will NOT whore my prinicples for fireworks and a bobble head. Will. Not. My husband has gone once or twice and said it is nice. I can get a Primantis whenever I want to w/o buying a ticket to a Pirate game.

The Seeker said...

I'm sorry....I loved Straka as a Pen back then, but I don't see where he'd fit here or have the ability/skill level to be a decent replacement to any present Penguin.

nonny said...

@jawsh...I'm with you. Myself, I'd feel sacrilegious drinking from the Cup. That right is for players/coaches only IMO, as is hoisting it.

As far as doing other stuff with it:

@the are right, the wings earned the right to do 'stuff' with the Cup. But I reserve the right to decry what is done with/to it by every other team but mine!

wilsmith said...


I bet about half of those 900 flavors come from some combination of the words "old bay", "ranch", and "garlic." There's a ton of different hot, like Suicide, Death I, II, and II (for Chuck, the local you know), then there's flavors that you could have no idea what they are by looking at the name, like "All the Right Wings", "Bavarian" and, oh yeah, "Chocolate". Wings with fruity flavors, wings with cheese. Creamy garlic ranch, Texas Grille, Cheddar Ranch, something with dill flavors. Anything.

Basically, there's all the standard flavors, then every combination of those standard flavors, and then all the weird crazy things he does.

Somehow that adds up to 900.
It's madness.

Korn said...

How do you not give a contract extension to a coach that takes your team to the Stanley Cup finals? Question is, did this team make it that far because of him or in spite of him? During the "country club" days, the coach was usually just along for the ride (except for the immortal Bob Johnson. And this team definitely has that level of talent. If there's a chance of a player revolt at some point, do you lock yourself into that guy? With the ultimate goal of winning a Stanley Cup, one person, regardless of who he is, is not bigger than the team.

Sooska said...

@ seeker - I never understood the whole Scotty Bowman thing either. I think he and Bob Errey didn't really get along at all but Bibbs won at least one more cup in Detroit with him.

I have to think there is always friction (except with the Badger?) but dislike or hatred can be a great motivator. I just don't think he would get the results he did this year with this very young team if he was that despised. It can be poison. He seems almost fatherly to the young ones. tough love doesn't hurt.

Sooska said...

@wil smith - where is it? I might have to give it a try the next time I go visit the family.

The Seeker said...

Well, I have to say that it's kind of weird being an "old guy" and seeing how baseball trends (stadium wise) have come full circle.

I can remember seeing (or seeing the back of a steel girder sometimes) games at Forbes Field. I even saw the Pirates in the World Series there.

Then the trend became cookie-cutter parks like 3 Rivers. I was at the very first game played at 3 Rivers where they gave out plastic models of the brand new stadium. They reminded me of an ashtray!

I still have really old pennants and banners from the 50's and 60's. I think I still have a "Green Weinie" too.

Now, PNC Park reverts back to the Forbes Field kind of atmosphere.

The Seeker said...

It was primarily Mario and Jagr that forced Bowman out.

It got to the point that they told Patrick that they wouldn't practice if Bowman was allowed on the ice.

Bowman was at one point restricted to watching practices from the stands!

The Seeker said...

I should have mentioned there that it wasn't really anything Bowman was doing that ANY coach wouldn't do.

He just wanted them to come to practice to work.

They had so much natural ability that they didn't see any need for it.

Jawsh said...

I must say that I do love going to Pirates games, as much as I wish things were done differently with the organization, I can't stop myself from going there on summer afternoons and cheering on professional athletes in a beautiful ballpark.

Sooska said...

@ seeker- you saw the Series Forbes Field? I saw it in 3 Rivers! My dad was supposed to get a partial row of seats when they tore down FF but some guy backed a truck over them as they sitting waiting to be loaded for delivery. I went into Pitt's School of Law and saw home plate. very cool. always wanted to go to the October 13 celebration.

JYo said...

Stan Belinda (who BTW is a real nasty guy)

Do you know Stan? My dad worked with his dad and any interaction we had with any member of their family, Stan included, was nothing but good. They are really outstanding people.

I loved Straka as a Pen back then, but I don't see where he'd fit here or have the ability/skill level to be a decent replacement to any present Penguin.

He probably doesn't have the same speed anymore, but I'd still say Straka > Dupuis.

Sooska said...

@ jawsh- you are a better man than I am--in every way possible.

@ seeker- I remember that about Mario and Jagr and Bowman making them practice. Mario now says he wishes he'd have worked out as a young man- might have (read most likely-definitely)would have saved his back. He said once something like his preseason get- in-shape routine was to cut back on cigarettes.

Sooska said...

@ jyo - my husband's uncle, a very classy man, had an unfortunate experience with Stan. He was a real jerk when he didn't have to be. This was quite some time ago when he was pretty young I guess so maybe he grew up.

My dad had a couple business meetings (he was not directly involved but was present in his professional capacity) in which a Pirate hero and a Steeler (not a hero) were involved - 2 separate situations and unrelated. One was a private business arrnageemnt and the other was a private deal over the use of public property. Both were arrogant and entitled by his account and he had dealings with many famous or connected people in his life. The Pirate hero never paid for the professional goods and services either. The Steeler was just a jerk to the people who worked for and with him (neither of which was my dad.) These were not present players (I guess saying that about a the Pirate "hero" goes without saying.)

JYo said...

I completely understand Sooska. I was just curious. I am sure there are plenty of players that people have limited experience with and have vastly different opinions of, which could make a person seem better or worse than they really are. I certainly don't know him well enough to say if being nice or being a jerk is the norm, but I know his family is exceedingly nice all of the time, so it was a bit surprising to hear that.

dying alive said...

I watch scary movies for comedic value.
Me too. I am always on the hunt for a scary movie that actually scares me. The Descent is the closest I've gotten quite a long time.

Orpik signing in Carolina would be the height of hilarity. He is absolutely reviled there because of the whole thing with Erik Cole. Fans over on some other hockey boards speak of him as though he is not only the biggest goon ever to lace up skates, but possibly satan incarnate. Granted, the fans don't make personnel decisions, but still.

The Seeker said...

You can still see the lights from the old Forbes Field still in use at the Ellwood City HS football field!

Pensgirl said...

Sooska, home plate isn't in the law school, it's in nearby Posvar Hall. The law school is where second base was.

It seems a lot of folks around here think Hossa and others are going to take pennies on the dollar to stick around for a chance at the Cup and/or that they will take a short term deal then go get a big one.

There is not one single person around here who thinks or suggested any of that. To my eye you are misreading what people are saying; I know you're missing the point of what I have said.

The concept is that if you're going to ask a guy to take a discount, then you're probably going to HAVE TO make the term short because a discounted price and a long term deal are unrealistic.

There's no point to talking about all the ways this team wouldn't stay together, because it's easy to see those. The tough task is figuring out 1) is there a way to keep someone, and 2) if so, what? All people have done is try to answer that. After seeing how much people here know it's really not fair to paint anyone as naive or in denial or failing to understand the risks.

The Seeker said...

@ dying alive;re right about the irony of Orpik possibly playing in Carolina.

Of course, Pens fans hated Kaspar before we got him in Pittsburgh too.

BlacknGold66 said...

Geno and Ovie at the ballpark

Malkin batting

Also, since we're talking about Scotty Bowman so much.

There is no doubt in my mind that he helped coach the Wings to the cup THIS year. Last I checked he was retired and didn't work for the Red Wings.

But any time I looked at Yahoo images... or on NBC or the NHL Network prior to a game he was shown walking in with them. Or on the ice helping.

Basically, in my eyes, the Wings won.

But it took two head coaches and Stevie Y on the ice in practice for them to do it.

The Seeker said...

Grover was just on 105.9 talking Pens, etc.

He said the first guy they MUST get a deal with is Fleury, time-wise.

debrisslide said...

Pierre McGuire should be called Long Stick from now on.

freeagencyblog: The new NHL is fucking Pittsburgh up the ass.

jefe penguino said...

i might go to the bucs game tonight and meet up with Geno and the gang again, haha.

shero = sign everyone.

debrisslide said...

That picture of Malkin batting CRACKS ME UP.

dying alive said...

Which base is in Forbes Quad? I always thought that was home plate.

I love Geno, but that may be the worst swing I have ever seen in my entire life, including T-ball.

Sooska said...

@jyo- well as you said this coudl have been an isolated incident.

pensgirl- I totally know that too. sheesh.

@bng66- yah know, I wondered about that. I am sure there was a great deal of satisfaction in it for him too from a historical persepctive - the team that canned him when he was winning, etc. And if ther eis anoyone who knows about a dominating offense it is Scotty Bowman.

@jyo- even an old Marty Straka has better and quicker hands than Dupuis. as much as I like what Dupuis he is disappointing when he has a wide open chance.

JYo said...

The concept is that if you're going to ask a guy to take a discount, then you're probably going to HAVE TO make the term short because a discounted price and a long term deal are unrealistic.

I absolutely understand what you are saying and I would argue that it is completely unrealistic and naive. There is no way Hossa is taking a short deal or a deal that is not at least close to what he can get on the open market and that is going to be A LOT. Why would he give up his one chance at becoming filthy rich?

Does he want a Cup? Absolutely. Will there be a team with a chance of a Cup that can pay him WAY more than the Pens can afford? In all likelihood, yes. (Montreal, NYR, etc.) If he can get a competitive deal here, he may take A LITTLE less. He is not going to do a 1-2 year deal with any team if he has a 5-6 year deal worth a ton of money. Again, that would be stupid on his and his agent's part.

I really hope this team can stay as intact as possible, but every scenario I have seen someone present that keeps this team even close to intact involves several leaps of faith on guys taking VERY significant hometown discounts that really are not even close to realistic. If anyone can do it, its Shero, but he has a monumental task at hand if he is going to try to lock up the future of the team and keep most of the other guys in place too.

I don't blame anyone for being overly optimistic and wanting to see this all stay together. I just prefer to remain realistic so I'm not quite so crushed as a lot of people will be if Hossa, Bugsy, Free Candy, etc. signs somewhere else.

JYo said...

freeagencyblog: The new NHL is fucking Pittsburgh up the ass.

Without the new NHL, the Pens don't even have this problem, because they couldn't afford to be competitive. Sadly, they would either be like the Pirates of the NHL, or just gone altogether.

even an old Marty Straka has better and quicker hands than Dupuis. as much as I like what Dupuis he is disappointing when he has a wide open chance.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way. I think Marty would be a nice addition if he came cheap.

jefe penguino said...

straka is my fave. bring him back.

wilsmith said...

Hey did you guys hear Malkin was at the Pirates game?

sooska -- It's down on Ferndale ave, between the bridge to Riverside and the intersection by the Tollgate. Actually probably only a few hundred feet from the bridge. It's a tiny tiny building, but there's a pretty big sign so you shouldn't miss it if you're ever down there. I'm never down there and not familiar with anything, so that's the best I can explain it.

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- Homeplate is in the Forbes Quad - name was changed to Posvar Hall at some point.

Sooska said...

@ wil smith- I know exactly where you mean. thanks!

Sooska said...

GAWD - my typing is horrible. incoherentblog

I meant I like what Dupuis has done but..etc.

This is going to be a long summer to see how all this plays out. the heat isn't helping. I am going to go outside and shake the cobwebs out of my head.

and jyo- agree on new free ageny and the new CBA. totally. w/o it we don't exist. I don't think things will end up as bad as some think. Mario will not let this team sink again. He will not let Sid down - he knows too well what all of it means.

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

Why would he give up his one chance at becoming filthy rich?

Well, perhaps because he enjoys playing in a hockey-oriented city with a great fanbase that adores him AND because if he took a short-term contract for less and then went on to win the Cup, he could then become even MORE filthy rich with a Stanley Cup ring on his finger.

Just sayin'.....

dying alive said...

You know, I am currently a student at Pitt and I had no idea that Forbes Quad and Posvar Hall are the same building. Granted, I'm taking online classes and when I actually have to go to campus I'm either in the Cathedral or Alumni Hall, but wow, you'd think I'd have known that.

The Seeker said...

We may have to agree to disagree on the Dupuis - Straka thing.

I could name about 4 other Penguins who missed wide-open chances just the same as Dupuis did.

Staal for one instantly comes to mind.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@BNG66 said:

There is no doubt in my mind that he helped coach the Wings to the cup THIS year. Last I checked he was retired and didn't work for the Red Wings.

Scotty Bowman - Consultant

[Hossa: 23:13]

The Seeker said...

that may be the worst swing I have ever seen in my entire life, including T-ball.

You obviously never saw my Daughter completely miss the ball 45 times when at the plate in T-Ball when she was younger!

Still, I think the funniest thing she ever did in T-Ball was when a hit came her way in the outfield, she was more interested in watching a butterfly go by while the ball dropped right at her feet.

wilsmith said...

re: cup abuse

How about Mario leaving it sit at the bottom of his pool?

The Rangers of the 40s pissing in it?

What team left it on the side of the road after they changed a flat tire? they had to move it to get the spare tire, and forgot to put it back in the car. The Canadiens maybe?

Some guy tried to kick it across the Rideau canal in a drunken stupor. Fortunately, it was frozen and when they realized what happened they went back to get it in the morning.

King Clancy used it as an ash tray for an entire summer.

I think it can handle a dent or two. Thats what makes it so legendary. It wouldn't be so loved if there weren't all these stories.

and hey, besides, it's not even the real cup.

The Seeker said...

My Son works at the Pitt Law Library as an undergraduate (presently- Senior).

He's not sure yet if he wants to go to Law School at Pitt or not.

JYo said...

I don't think things will end up as bad as some think.

Good point Sooska. I may be coming off as a bit negative here, but with everyone being overly positive, I think its important to present both sides. In reality, it will almost certainly end up somewhere between the overly optimistic and doomsday scenarios.

perhaps because he enjoys playing in a hockey-oriented city with a great fanbase that adores him

Like Montreal?

because if he took a short-term contract for less and then went on to win the Cup, he could then become even MORE filthy rich with a Stanley Cup ring on his finger.

This is one of the things I think is incredibly naive. He is already going to get the biggest contract he could possibly get this year. He shed his reputation as a playoff choker and showed that he does show up when it matters. He is the #1 UFA this year. Do you really think anyone would offer him more if the Pens would have won this year? I really doubt it. Everyone knows what he is. A ring doesn't change that. The only thing waiting a year or so does is give him another year or so to possibly get hurt. He'll get a long contract this year, you can bank on that.

I could name about 4 other Penguins who missed wide-open chances just the same as Dupuis did.

Just because 4 other people would have messed up in any particular instance doesn't mean Dupuis is better than Straka. Just sayin...

Anyway, I'm out for the day. I'll prolly stay out of any future discussion of what will happen and wait for it to happen. Until then, its all speculation anyway.

wilsmith said...

ps, when the Cup fell in Chelios' bar, was Malone whistled for interference?

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

Again I disagree....

I think his stock would be even higher had the Pens won the Cup this year.

Sticking with a team that came only a few missed chances at winning it holds more promise for next year than any other place he could go.

These guys want to be able to say they have a Stanley Cup in their resume more than a couple million dollars. Seriously...they can only spend so much of what they already are making as it is. In other words, they're already filthy rich by most people's standards, but a Cup gives them a legacy.

The Seeker said...

I seem to remember Straka missing quite a few chances -vs- the Pens in the playoffs too.

If I'm not mistaken (off the top of my head) Straka had one goal while shooting over or wide of the net on quite a few attempts. The Pens were able to pretty much shut him down quite easily.

Dupuis' speed and backchecking is superior to Straka. And that speed opens lanes for others. His passing ability isn't that much worse than Straka's to make much of a difference in my mind.

BlacknGold66 said...

Turk Turkleton dropping some knowledge.


Pensgirl said...

JYO, you're missing the forest for the trees. The Seeker mentioned several things that could persuade someone to do take a less attractive-looking offer. It's about the totality of the circumstances, not just hard terms. Gary Roberts is a perfect example...he wanted to be with Ottawa or Toronto to be near his family, but he said OK to being traded here instead and loved it enough to re-sign here and sacrifice that priority. Or Mario - he basically didn't get paid in order to stay a Penguin. He had every right to say "pay me or trade me," but instead he let the team "defer" his salary. And so did a bunch of other guys.

It's easy to say it would be stupid to pass up a chance at the best dollar amount and term length offered, but it's also...yeah, naive. Because it assumes there are no other factors, and that's almost never the case.

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, is your son trying to figure out if he wants to go to law school or just if he wants to go to Pitt?

I generally had a good experience there...I was in the health law program, which is ranked pretty high in the nation (12th last time I checked). Overall I'd say compared to other law schools it was probably a bargain in terms of the education you get for the tuition you pay. But I don't know what the tuition is now.

The Seeker said...

Thank you Pensgirl.

We were ALL speaking in hypotheticals anyhow. I use that term because none of us actually can read a player's mind, knows what motivates them, or knows for certain what their agent is thinking.

It's rather harsh to call someone "incredibly naive" when we're all just throwing out opinions and alternate possible points of view. Then to base that on "Do you really think anyone would offer him more if the Pens would have won this year?" is even more extraordinary (in my opinion).

To me, it's a no-brainer that had the Pens actually won the Cup this year Hossa's stock would be even higher than it is now.

Think about it....

His agent in talks with other teams can presently say his client is great at doing X, Y, & Z.

How much MORE leverage would his agent have if he could say his client is great at X, Y, Z, AND by the way...he's also a Stanley Cup Champion to boot?

If a Stanley Cup ring doesn't help raise your worth, then I have to wonder why it's mentioned so often in reference to those that have them?

The Seeker said...

@ pensgirl

He's made his mind up already on going to law school somewhere.

I think he's a bit disappointed in Pitt's performance in the advice department. He transferred to Pitt from a school where his faculty adviser was really outstanding. He's tried to get some advice and guidance at Pitt and they seem completely uninterested.

He's taken several practice LSATs and scored extremely high.

Of course dollars and cents will have a big part to play also.

Stephen S. said...

@Party of ruutu: I was very excited to find out I would be able to add "Pensblog" to the beginning of my name... I can't wait to see what my official title will be!

@lady jaye- Thanks! comments like that really help push the creativity along.

@sh0ez: maybe that could be my title?

@akus: yea, it kinda sums up how I felt after game 2...

@jawsh: I thought it would have been cool to wait until daft day to make the announcement... hmmm, i think a photoshop will be in order..

@slush: again, these comments really push me to outdo my last piece. Sit tight, you haven't seen anything yet ;)

@ blackngold66: We had discussed it early in the playoffs, but decided to wait until after everything kinda calmed down before anything was finalized. I'm just glad my new job affords me the time to actually do fun stuff like this. My last job had me working 12-14 hours a day - weekends included. I read the pensblog then, but there was no way I would have had time to contribute what I am now. In fact, me and another guy brought a tv into our workspace so we could watch the games while we slaved away into the night. Ahhh... the dark times...

stokes said...

Stanley Cups no doubt raise your value. You become known as a "winner." Look at Chris Drury. I can't remember how many times i've seen him described as a "winner" because he has a few Cups and was one of the main reasons those Cups were won. Who knows? Had the Pens won the Cup, maybe Hossa has another game changing, or game clinching goal.

Sooska said...

stephen s.- your work is outstanding and getting stolen every day!

@seeker- Dupuis was a good addition I think although he has his limitations. I did not advocate bringing Straka back, I just heard his name bandied about. I also think wherever Jags goes so goes Marty.

wilsmith said...

Alright, wilsmith needs suggestions.

I got a homemade cornhole set sitting out in my driveway. For those of you unfamiliar, see Wiki, he knows all.

They need something on them. I painted them white just so I could start using them, but I need something nice, and Pens related is at the top of my list. The bags are blue and white because I was going to do something PSU related since we use them primarily at the tailgates in the RV lot, but Im changing my mind.

Anyone want to have their work immortalized on my cornhole?

but more realistically, has anyone ever seen a relatively large Pens logo stencil ?

Pensgirl said...

Three cheers for Stephen S.'s new job!

Seeker, I would recommend that he go talk to someone at the law school. It's administered separately from the undergrad and other grad programs, and the people there are much better. If he goes to them I'd expect he'd get good advice. The vast majority of my profs were great about stuff like that. I talked to the health law director when I was an undergrad.

He can go here to find contacts for all the faculty. I'd be really surprised if he got anything less than a helpful response.


I would just say to ask Scott Gomez what having Cup rings can do for your contract.

One of the things that drives me craziest about Pittsburghers is the doom-and-gloom fatalism about damn near everything, and because of that I will pretty much always take the other side (realistic optimism). The Greater Pittsburgh Outlook is "partly clahdy," and I am determined to be the sunshine.

But just to show I mean it when I say you have to consider a player's total circumstance, I'll step out of my habit and show how it might make someone more likely to leave.

One thing nobody mentions about Malone is that he's a brand-spanking new father. The question "what if I get injured and my career ends?" starts to seem like a bigger deal when you have a new life you're responsible for. "I have to make sure I can always provide for my son." I've thought for awhile now that that could make him put more weight on the straight-up money than he might otherwise. Just like with everything else I've thrown out there, I don't know that he'll act on that factor. But I know it is one and shouldn't be ignored.

KJ said...

yahoo even had a pic of scotty on the ice raising the cup. i almost vomited, but i had already done it so much earlier i had nothing left. playoffs=bulemia
malkin at the baseball game- he looked kinda zombied out.

congrats stephen s!

finally, i could not live without AC, seriously. its once again in the 90s and with the humidity, who knows what it feels like. luckily our AC works well, last night it was so well i had to throw on some sweat pants. needless to say, i HATE the summer.

Kat said...

Congrats Stephen! Your work is sick! (in the good way).

Pensgirl, I never thought about the father equation before. Makes a lot of sense though when you factor it in. Malone is probably the one I except is least likely to return. But you never know. Hossa I think we have a better chance to re-sign, but it's Bugsy and Orpik I'm more worried about.

But let the chips fall where they may. I'm expecting 10 different outcomes.

KJ said...

weather update, huh, maybe today won't be so bad. its really windy outside now and we just heard a big clap of thunder. you can tell its something we haven't heard in quite some time cause the dog started barking & growling.

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