Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rob Rossi = Stunned


Seth over at [ Empty Netters ] got wind of a story that will be printed today:

Several media outlets have reported that the Penguins extended a contract offer of between $50-52 million over seven years to Marian Hossa but Hossa's agent Ritch Winter said those reports were completely off base.

"The newspaper and television reports generated so far are completely inaccurate," Winter said. "None of the information has come from the principals involved in the discussions. Ray Shero and I have not spoken with anyone about a contract, so I have no idea where the information is coming from.
There is not even one basic piece of information from those reports that are true."

We are calling for Rob Rossi's resignation from sports journalism.

He had this to say in his [Q&A].

"A personal note: During my time covering the Penguins' arena saga, I was burned twice by so-called sources. I am still reminded and often haunted by it. That experience has changed the way I do business. I now print what I know from conversations with players, team officials and league personnel, and I attribute that information as often as possible. Even then I get bad information, but at least I can sleep at night."

All units, All units, respond. Rossi is getting burned by his sources again.


[ Mikey from KISS ]

We are also calling for this person to resign from life:
[ The Insider on Pittsburgh Sports ].

But we all know him as the Buzz On The Turd from last season.

He's "not reading too much into" this quote from Hossa's agent.
Apparently, it's a ploy by Hossa's agent.

Lets take a little trip:

Buzz on the Turd broke the news last offseason
that "Paul Kariya was gonna wake up a Penguin." [ Pensblog Post ]

"Unless Paul wakes up and changes his mind he will be a Penguins tomorrow."

Paul Kariya= never went to bed


The NHL Board of Governors has approved 3 minor rule changes [ TSN ]

76.2 - First face-off of every power-play will take place in the offensive zone
81.1 - Unnecessary contact between two guys chasing down an icing can be penalized.
85.5 - If a puck goes out of play off the post or crossbar the face-off remains in the offensive zone.

:: The Board of Governors also approved of the sales of the Oilers and Lightning. [ ESPN ]

:: Flyers trade Vinny Prospal's rights back to Tampa Bay for picks. [ TBO ]

:: Markus Naslund is a UFA on July 1.
He has sold his house in Vancouver.
He values winning over a huge salary.

And he thinks playing with Crosby would be fun.
[ The Sweater Ted ]



:: Bill from [ Abel to Obstructerman ] is back from vacation.
He was away for a few days.


We were gonna do a top 10 list of draft busts.
But the only top 10 list we are thinking of is the top ten things we'd rather do than go see
"The Love Guru."

Number five was get teabagged Shaq after Game 7 of the NBA Finals.


Instead of throwing Mike Myers under the bus again for no reason at all,
we decided to just go through the Pens drafts for the past 20-some years.
Good times.

First off, the biggest mistake was back in the 1984 draft.
The Pens grabbed 66 first overall, but passed on Gary Roberts and Patrick Roy
so they could take Doug Bodger and Roger Belanger with their other two first-round picks.

The Pens drafted Craig Simpson second overall. Solid.
He eventually went to Edmonton for Paul Coffey.
Joe Nieuwendyk was still on the board.

The Pens draft Zarley Zalapski 4th overall.
He was talented enough to help bring Ron Francis to Pittsburgh in a trade.
Too bad Brian Leetch was still on the board that year.

Pens took Chris Joseph 5th overall.
Joe Sakic was still on the board.

Pens took Darrin Shannon 4th overall.
Jeremy Roenick, Rod Brind'Amour, and Teemu Selanne went 8-9-10.

This draft class was Mud City.
The Pens took Jamie Heward 16th overall.

Pavel Bure went 113th overall.
His hair went 187th.


Jagr. Solid.

Naslund. Solid.

Straka. Solid.


Stefan Bergkvist 26th overall. Mud.

Chris Wells 24th overall.
Milan Hejduk went 87th.

Aleksey Morozov 24th overall.

Goalie Craig Hillier 23rd overall. Ouch.

Robert Dome 17th overall.
We're officially off of the Robert Dome What A Horrible Pick train.

The only players worth talking about after that pick
were Petr Sykora and Maxim Afinogenov.

Milan Kraft 23rd overall.
Mike Ribiero, Scott Gomez, Brad Richards were on the board.
Did anyone even buy a Milan Kraft jersey?

Konstantin Koltsov 18th overall.
Again, we're off of this train, too.
He just sucked. Nothing the Pens could do about it.
Unless they knew to grab Henrik Zetterberg, who went 210th overall.

2000 And Beyond
Orpik, Armstrong, Whitney, Jesuses.


Game #9
[tor.<span class=[pit.<span class=

[Your Mom.....PENS LOSE]

We told you we weren't recapping this game. And we're not. We just have to make this post for game archives sakes. We did not see any of the game, but looking at the highlights, it seemed like a joke. If Mark Recchi doesn't get taken off the Powerplay and or get his ice time moved down. People need to start something. If a hostage situation ever was a good idea, now may be the time. This can't happen anymore.

Top 5 photoshops of the season.




What happened, Rob?


Go Pens


eileenover said...

I wonder if Rossi realizes everyone thinks he's a joke.

joosh1500 said...

you gotta read the post before you comment...apparently

AmericanHero269 said...

Read it, and awesome

Not sure about the rule changes, especially that crossbar one. Tampa Bay should be back next year

Oh, and Milan Kraft sucks.

Go Pens.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I hate Rob Rossi ... joke!

AmericanHero269 said...

Personally, having Naslund back would be fun, if he signs for Sykora money. Other than that, I don't see a reason to.

Why no mention of the Two Face video Pensblog?

Beav said...

Rob Rossi=takes his tips from homeless bums for a dollar a tip

Beav said...

Cause this a hockey blog and not a American blockbuster summer movie blog?

eileenover said...

Staff, make sure you read this latest disgrace of an article.

KJ said...

any post that includes dawson=awesome

i love how the recchi turnover is for "a limited time only* (hopefully)"

is philly & tb the only teams prospal can now play for or something?

and we only drafted kraft and koltsov cause we were hungry

Beav said...

this just in!

I like making the Pensblog "look better" with more comments by saying something stupid


Beav said...

p.s. I hope that Buzz douchebag Bizzinger (who cares how it is spelled) doesn't attack you over this


brndlynn said...

"We are also calling for this person to resign from life"

joosh1500 said...

come on staff i got the shaft for not reading the post before commenting but eileenover doesnt?

2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct

Beav said...

I am just waiting for the day tPb gets tired of me and asks me to resign from life

I would actually do it.


eileenover said...

joosh how the fuck do you know I didn't read any of it? I guess we have a mind-reader on c-blog.

AmericanHero269 said...

Beav- A hockey blog correct, but a hockey blog in it's offseason with tons of other fun tidbits.

These guys put the original trailer out there and got me syked for the movie. So, I think it's logical to anticipate another mention of the film.

This talk about Naslund has me thinking Stanley Cup for sure. I mean, we already have the best 1 2 center punch, and two guys like Hoss and Naslund running the show makes things pretty tough to handle for any additional team. Anyone know a team that can compete with that in terms of sheer raw talent?

Beav said...


When Eileen actually says something about the post and not "FIRSTTTTTTTTTT", pretty sure she read the article... speedreading or not

Oh yeah plus Eileen is a tPb favorite and you are a jobber


Kat said...

Did Zetterburg really go 210th? Jesus...

joosh1500 said...

umm lets see the post was up at 244 and you commented at 246 i dont think you read the whole thing in 2 minutes

Beav said...

@ americanhero269

Sorry I'm just being a jobber, I've creamed my pants like 253252 times about The Dark Knight since watching Batman Begins for the 300th time. I'm sorry guess I'm just looking to job any chance I get.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@kj: I laughed at that ... what is with that whole Prospal situation? Talk about a joke ... I wouldn't be surprised if he goes back soon ...

One of my favorite lines ...
He's "not reading too much into" this quote from Hossa's agent.
Apparently, it's a ploy by Hossa's agent.

@joosh1500: Don't insult Eileen ... I don't care ifyou insult me because I was mad, but don't talk shit on her ...

eileenover said...

joosh, I think you're a Rags fan after seeing all of your whining.

Beav said...


Considering she had commented new post at 2:49 on the other post and I saw 1 person on the comments for the new post, not only did she read it, she had time to post first, tell us, and job you all at the same time.

Sounds like a winner to me

jefe penguino said...


nice post.

i would say the draft picks about evened out as of today.. okay, maybe better than naught. koltsov, why did u have to suck, u have a cool name.

jefe penguino said...

the hat trick by eileen.

Beav said...


I left after Johnny Vermont's capstone goal and KK scored while we were walking to the parking lot. Last time I left a Pens game early... I missed a KK goal, wanted to kill myself afterwards.

Annie said...

I'm way, way late on this, but I only just caught up. Whew!

I currently own no jerseys or logo shirts of any kind, as I have student loans and such and a part time job. That will change by the start of next season, though. My dad just told me that back when he was playing hockey in high school (about 1970-73), he had one of the early powder-blue Pens jerseys that he practiced in, and his teammates would job him because the Pens kind of sucked back then. I need to ask him if he still has it in my grandparents' attic or something, because that would be nigh on priceless nowadays....


How many guys on the team have actual, legit facebook pages? I'm only friends with Free Candy so far (nothing like checking email and the first one saying "Brooks Orpik has accepted you as a friend!". There's Staal, Max, and Whitney... anyone else?

Solid post, guys. I lol at crying Dawson every time. And I'm thinking Rule 81.1 might be a good idea... wasn't there someone who broke his leg because the other guy shoved him into the boards chasing an icing?

Beav said...

I'd call it a four goal performance and she didn't even have to kill a teammate by doing it.


joosh1500 said...

first i was insulting eileen and no look at it the first comment it cleary says 246

eileenover said...

joosh, weren't you the one who said you were "ashamed to be a Pens fan"?

AmericanHero269 said...

Beav- Hey understood about the jobbing. I think it's a natural reaction most of us Pens fans, and especially Pittsburgh natives, have.

For example, some guy I know mentioned how Sidney dives, and I said "What a mistake, you're a joke". It's a great thing.

Speaking of jokes, that Prisuta article. Is he serious? It's outrageous for him to assume this crap. Even if he's correct that's poor journalism. But, I sure as hell want Bugsy as a Pen. I mean, it's your home team. I'd even take him over Naslund.

Beav said...

I'm aware her comment was at 2:46 joke, I'm saying she read it in 2 minutes, about as much time as i took, then she commented at 246, and even had time to post on the old post at 249 before anyone realize there was a new post.

I call her a champ, if you want to have you own douchebag opinion, no one cares.

Beav said...


I wish i was a 'burgh native, but I am from Erie which might as well be a Pittsburgh suburb anyway.

We have all learned well how to job from this wonderful site. Jobbing is the new religion as far as I'm concerned

I Have Kasparaitis said...

So you waited 5 min. to post? I think there might have been a subtle hint when your first post was deleted ...

Why are you whining about a first post anyways? You act like Eileen killed your puppy ... chill out ...

@americanhero: Agreed ... this is destroying the journalism field for me! Damn you, idiotic sports journalist who can't do their jobs properly!

eileenover said...

Jobbing is a lifestyle choice that I'm glad I made.

jefe penguino said...

@Staff -can we get the video version of crying dawson. i want to hear the whimpering. it goes much better with your stories.

eileenover > joosh1500

joosh, were u waiting up all night to nab someone who might have jumped the gun on posting first? wow. what a life.

joosh1500 = FAIL

Beav said...

p.s. I recommend the Flobots to anyone who likes rap and sweet sweet violin usage.

They are political, whatever. Don't even worry about the lyrics and just enjoy the violin and it's still life-changing

joosh1500 said...

no chance anyone read that and fully appreciated it in 2 minutes

Beav said...

@ joosh

no doubt nobody will appreciate you in 2 minutes or if they spent their entire life

AmericanHero269 said...

Beav- Erie is close enough. Been fishin up there a few times.

It sucks though, because now I live in Florida and there are zero hockey fans nearby. So I pretty much am forced to job southerners who disrespect the sport. Some joke even said Mario didn't have real cancer. He's a Yankees fan. Shocked?

eileenover said...

No chance you've ever gotten laid joosh. Then again 5 year olds don't get laid anyway.

J.S. said...

joosh, just stfu.

I'm stunned that I'm almost #40 at 3am, and it's only a half hour after teh post was posted.

Kat said...


I DVR'd Euro today because Spain was supposed to be playing and they ended up playing the damn Russia/Sweden game instead. I just got jobbed out of my Fernando fix. Weak...

jefe penguino said...

i just want to say that everyday i go to to look for a job. i would love to get jobbed by thatd be a good thing.

Beav said...

@ americanhero

I hate to tell you this, but I'm a Yanks fan. Definitely don't job hockey though. I would give up season tickets to the Yanks behind the plate (like i'd have them) for the privilege to watch hockey every minute of every day.

Blame my Dad for me liking the Yankees, blame me for my Dad liking the Pens... good tradeoff as far as I'm concerned.

p.s. I love hockey, fuck all the other sports

TheFandangler said...

I'm telling you... Google search Rob Rossi in images. That's what he wants to be with for his sub-par writing skills.

...Congrats Eileen on the first...damn :'(

AmericanHero269 said...

J.S.-This place has its devoted fans, and most of us, by the looks of things, seem to be night owls anyways. Between that and jobbing others(right now Joosh), makes for a great morning.

Mr. Plank said...

And by California, we mean he got married to a guy.

Me = Stunned

ps not to step on any toes here, but who really gives a shit about the legality of the "first" comment?

joosh1500 said...

you guys just cant handle the fact that the staff are hypocrits

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@joosh1500: If you want to be respected around here and be able to comment without getting screamed at ...
first: Don't write stupid comments ... if you think they sound like they can be taken as stupid, they probably are.

Second: Don't diss the veterans ... it's like coming into an arena and you try to make it seem like you are the bad-ass ... you will end up like Lindros after Kaspar or Stevens you choose ...

Third: First Comment is for fun ... if you take it too seriously, you're an idiot ...

@kat: I liked the Russian game ... I watched that over Spain's ... it won't happen again for a while but they play 2 games at the same time ... Portugal vs. Germany ... Deutschland!

@americanhero: I would have probably punched him, but I have a short temper and Lemieux is one of my heroes that I refuse to hear bad talk about ...

joosh1500 said...

you guys look to them like theyre gods

kind of pathetic

AmericanHero269 said...

Beav- First solid Yanks fan I've met, so there is in fact a new day for everything. But yeah, totally correct about hockey being the best. I ranted on it a bit in yesterdays post. I guess I am still a bit appalled about someone jobbing a guy who beat fucking cancer. But, it shows that he's one of the few in his fanbase who actually think like that. Still can't like that salary of A-Rods however.

Beav said...

@ Joke1500

A) learn to spell B) nobody likes you C) Staff does what they want.. it is their fucking website by the way.

You are such a jobber, trying to tell a privately run website what they can and cannot do

Freedom of expression includes jobbing jokes like you... kthanksbyeblog

brndlynn said...

o my joosh. the staff jobbed you - in case you havent noticed everyone on this site jobs or has been jobbed. we dont whine and complan about it - we job back. this whole thing about the first comment needs to stop. eileenover was right in saying u sound like a rags fan with this "they're out to get me" mentality.

TheFandangler said...

Gotta love the Beav...

...ok, it's getting late lol!

joosh1500 said...

ya so basically i can say whatever i want on here

freedom of expression bitches

Kat said...

@ ihk, Ohhh, Portugal/Germany, that's going to be interesting. But I'm definitely backing Spain since Italy rides the fail boat.

Beav said...

@ americanhero

Hate Arod's salary, would rather he left for 35 million to Boston than see his ass choke in the playoffs here every year... oh wait we aren't even making the playoffs this year.


Give me the Pens or give me death!

AmericanHero269 said...

I Have Kasparaitus: Yeah, I pushed the guy to the ground and called him something along the lines of a "sticky twat". Frankly, jobbing Mario is pretty much like jobbing God to Pens fans. Oh, and great name btw, I always had a semi-man crush on Kaspar.

Beav said...

@ Joke1500

yes you can say whatever you want, that's America for you...

Doesn't change the fact that you are a jobber and that no one likes you.

I was a relative newcomer to this site after I stumbled over it cause of Steiggy's praise, doesn't mean I jobbed everyone in sight


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@mr. Plank: None taken. The first comment was something fun to do for the post and it was a way if someone accidentally called it, we would job them ... How's Hacksaw doing over there? *laughs*

@joosh1500: If you don't like them, us, or how we conduct ourselves, don't come here! Simple as that!

@kat: I'm a big Italy fan with Colin ... Go Italia! Gattuso! Toni! Pirol! Sorry, I'll stop now *laughs*

@americanhero: Thanks ... I'm a huge Kaspar dork ... I wish he was in the NHL instead of Russia ...

Beav said...


I appreciate the ego boost but if you want to commit to anyone, you commit to the Stoosh


joosh1500 said...

i never came on here to job anyone i just said nigger once cause i say it all the time and people got really pissed for no reason

AmericanHero269 said...

Beav- I mean it's too easy to job A-Rod. What kinda ass demands that much money? It's selfish as all hell if you ask me.

If if you gave a guy like that the mentality of a guy like Sid or Mario then I'd be singing a different tune, but frankly, until this guy breaks home run records and leads his team to around 4 championships,(right now need playoffs first) then he's gonna be jobbed plain and simple.

KJ said...

joosh's stupidity and my gary approved organic o's have made me feel a bit stuffed and sick so its off to bed i go. plus i have a long day of watching a wootoff tomorrow and maybe dragging my backside to the grocery store!

TheFandangler said...

Beav... i was going to put an 'er' on the end of your name... Yeah, I've been readin here for a while but not posting long and Stoosh can be quite the character.

I'm hoping to unleash a few PShops next season... I need to build a

Beav said...

yeah well shame on you for racial slurs (for six weeks mikelangeblog)

Cblog are among the best people you will meet, just be respectful and you could even salvage your image at this point.

eileenover said...

joosh, if you say that word all the time you are a classless joke.

Kat said...

@ihk, I do like Italy because, ya know, I am of Italian heritage, but I'm torn because my love for Fernando is like no other. Anywho, at least I'm not on the Portugal bandwagon.

Beav said...

@ thefandangler

Feel free to put the "er" on my name, I wouldn't be the person I am today unless my friends at college started calling me Beaver.

I just shorten it to Beav so it's not such a pain in the ass to type.

A-rod could learn about 23049230982304230 things from Sid... as I've said before follow your captain or get the fuck out. Jeter for the maintenance of reality.

If A-rod had half the work ethic Sid does, he'd be at 700 homeruns already.

AmericanHero269 said...

Kaspar=solid. Erie=solid

Oh and Joosh=jobbed. Sorry bro, that's the way it works. I was called a Wings fan by the staff once. It's just how it works.

Is anyone actually gonna watch the draft? I mean, Pens pick in the fourth round and I don't see us really trading anyone....unless Hossa demands Ovechkin money or something. It'll be cool to watch anyways, especially watching Atlanta draft someone possibly decent only to lose him because the franchise is mud.

joosh1500 said...

i go to woodland hills... plenty of black people and theyre perfectly fine with it

Beav said...

@ americanhero

First I hope you get cast as Captain America in the Avengers movie

Second, the draft is great even if the Pens don't have a pick forever.

Can't beat seeing kids with the biggest smile on their face because they get drafted by a team with a chance.

p.s. don't know why I'm saying kid when i'm 21, but I love seeing the smile on their faces when they get drafted. They get to play in the NHL and I will always be a jobber wishing.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Dropping any swear word is okay really, I don't care and sometimes it slips out, but the n-word never even flashes through my mind when I speak. It's a bad word, it reflects badly on everyone, and it should not be used ...

Avoid it and just re-read what you write before you make it public for Gary's sake ...

@kat: That's the first reason I began my love affair with Italian soccer ... I hate Portugal and "the best soccer player in the world" ...

TheFandangler said...

Beav: you got it..

While I'm on the subject of me being a posting N0ob on here I think it's really great that we have very knowledgeable female hockey fans. That's one of my favorite things about the Pens fan base... Although we have our share of, what is it?, "puck bunny's"? The majority are just great people to talk to about hockey and as made clear on here, many other things!

...That was my... Suck-UP-Blog.

AmericanHero269 said...

Beaver- Well, I hope that the guy gets his head on straight and starts playing a game he is supposed to love and doing it up to par with that salary of his. Maybe Jeter or Sid should sit him down to talk some sense into the guy.

Beav said...

@ Joke1500

Doesn't matter where you go to high school or how many of your best friends are black.

It's a negative term and I don't recommend you repeat it on a classy blog such as this.

This isn't Clerks 2, you cannot take the n-word back like porch monkey.

Refrain from racial slurs you probably learned were cool from Lil Wayne (even though I love him) and you will go far in this world. Listen to Anne Braden by the Flobots and realize that racial slurs are poor choices and you'll be fine.

A little maturity goes a long way

joosh1500 said...

anyway i dont like the idea of naslund coming here

hes too old unless we can get him for really cheap

jefe penguino said...

wow i almost have a calendar worth of cblog girls facebooked in one night.

..and beav.

@american -im going to a draft party on friday at a local dig. i just want to see if there are actually other hockey fans in phx. and if something goes down with the pens trading up, ill be watching.

joosh1500 said...

well have i said it since... no


eileenover said...

If I'm home and bored I'll definitely be watching the draft. I'm interested to see where Jared Staal goes.

Beav said...

@ Fandangler

Nice suck up post, won't get you any credit in my books but you may even pull a puck bunny or two in your direction soon... j/kblog


becoming more true by the minute. A-rod likes his money, why else would you sign a 250 million dollar with Texas-the trash of the MLB (other than the Buccos)

I don't mind A-rod on the Yankees, cause even as a Yanks fan, we deserve our own greed. We have set ourselves up to fail and I'm okay with that, I'll respect the past and wish for better things for the future. A-roddoesntmatterwhenyouhavenopitchingblog

TheFandangler said...

Since Joosh posted something worth responding to...

Yeah, I agree on the Naslund thing, I guess from what he said he'd come cheap to play on a great team. If we had a shot He'd be a decent player for the second line. I say that assuming HCMT won't put Talbot in that spot.

AmericanHero269 said...

Beaver- Completely agree about the draft. Watching these "kids" get excited to play for guys(even Phoenix)is great. It feels more real than the NFL draft for sure. And I'm twenty myself. Isn't it great how the Pens and tPB and the Student Rush have helped capture new fans for the ages. I mean, when I have kids(not soon) I am gonna get all excited to tell them about Sid and Gino and MAF. It's the next best thing to actually being out there. I want to though, I am even trying to learn to skate to play in some fall leagues.

As for the Avengers movie, I'd totally do it, but would rather help Christopher Nolan out with The Dark Knight Returns. With a guy like that directing, where can ya go wrong?

Joosh- No racial slurs here man. All jobbing aside, it's not funny to use an old slavery term that was meant to degrade a race of people lightly.

Kat said...


Word on the "best playa evah!!11" Comment. Don't believe the hype.

@ beav,

Clerks 2! Solid.

@ Eileen,

That's exactly my reasoning for watching the draft as well. Wanna see who picks up the littlest Staal.

TheFandangler said...

Beav: No puck bunny's here... I've had my fair share. If you look back to my JerseyBlog' you'll see I've bought my fair share of jerseys for them just to be so utterly let down.

Beav said...

@ Jefe

You are a champ

@ Fandangler

Same thing, Naslund is a bit risky to me and why not put him with Sid and Hossa (if he signs) and go with a Staal-Malkin-Sykora line to satisfy J. Staal's top six demands


it takes more than one day of not dropping the N-word to get you some respect around here. I have hope for you, and I think you can be a solid contributor, just be responsible from here on out.


joosh1500 said...

ya naslund on or staals wing

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@beav: Oh my Gary, I love the Clerks movies! "One ring to rule them all!" *laughs* Sorry there for that dorky moment

I'll be watching the Draft unless it inteferes with my boring life ... *laughs*

Malone is still on 2nd line or do we move him up to the 1st to make more room for Hossa and Sid?

I have always liked Naslund ... I don't know where he would fit but I would like to have him ...

joosh1500 said...

ya naslund on malkin** or staals wing

AmericanHero269 said...

Beaver- Yeah, maybe trade for that Wood guy the Cubs have. I don't watch baseball, but I hear he's solid. It's true that the Yanks did it to themselves. I mean, it's like the old Pens GM giving all that money to Kovalev and spending ludicrous amounts of money. It's like doing what the Rangers do, except the Yankees have actually won recent championships. You make the bed, and you lie in it plain and simple.

KJ said...

hey, if you get drafted by phx, remember you can play your AHL here in San Antonio!!! we know how to drink (just don't fall in the river) and celebrate fiesta!

brndlynn said...

@ beav: solid clerks ref.
@ fandangler: thanks for recognizing that we're not puckbunnies. whoever said sucking up wont get u anywhere doesnt know what they are talking about.
and i cant believe i am going to write this but.....@ joosh: i agree with you. i think if he's intrested in signing for less $ sign him to a 1 or 2 year contract.

Beav said...


Never meant to call you out, was using puck bunny in a negative sarcastic term cause I have a full appreciation for the ladies and men of cblog

@ AH269

Playing in Phoenix might not be so bad with 99 as the coach. If anyone has some knowledge to drop on people I would hope it's him.


jefe penguino said...

@beav -im champion of my own backyard.

as far as naslund, ill take a naslund-crosby-hossa line as suggested in the sweater ted article. declining skill or not, that cant be a bad thing, offensively at least.

AmericanHero269 said...

If we get a guy like Naslund, I think he plays with Sid and hopefully Hoss. Those guys backcheck, whereas Naslund isn't a defensively committed. But I would love a guy to go with Gino and Syko. You guys got any ideas?

joosh1500 said...

i dont like how staal openly said he wants to be in the top 6
hes a great center for the 3rd line and he should keep that within the organization and not make it public

Beav said...

@ wonderful ladies of cblog

There are no puckbunnies here (unless Malone's wife posts... feel bad already)

@ Naslundblog

Would hopefully make up for the Stojanov deal but he is crusty. Who knows, Gary can play til he is 100 why not Naslund to 38?


the Yanks lie is going to be about as appealing as the guy in Happy Gilmore with the Guns don't kill people, I kill people shirt.


TheFandangler said...

Naslund is in the same boat as Straka to me. They would both be great vets to add but only if the price is right.


There are a lot of possibilities out there but I'm more worried about what happens with the guys that are already here.

brndlynn said...

@ joosh: i know that at least 1 of the times he said about being top 6 was before this season started and he was still playing wing. he may not have meant centering his own top 6 line.

eileenover said...

Well I need to get some sleep, but I will post this for future readers.


I am planning on having QuakerSteakandLubeblog next Saturday, the 28th. I'm thinking 7 would be a good time to meet. If you are interested in going, let me know which location you would prefer, and how many people you plan on bringing so I can make reservations.

Goodnight c-blog.

joosh1500 said...

aww that would be amazing if straka came back

Beav said...

@ joosh (see some respect headed your way)

I can understand Staal wanting to be top six as a young kid who wants to succeed in the NHL.

Nobody can deny his phenomenal rookie season and I'm not worried about his role on the PK, Malone spent as much time as him on the PK and in a perfect world he and Malkin could be the PKers.

Malkin and Hossa, Sid and Talbot are like a PP's nightmare.

Anyone still remember the Sid to Talbot SH goal against the (Rags i think?) imagine a dual PK like that and people are nervousonthePPblog

AmericanHero269 said...

Mario=beat cancer, scored every possible way in one game. Don't get me started on the whole Gretzky thing, this guy had tons of powerplay time(goals didn't erase it then) and before Mario, who else played against him?

I mean, people say the same about Sid playing with guys like Hoss(but I mean, the guy broke a hundred points playing with Andy Hilbert come on.) And the goalies in todays NHL are loads better than guys from when Gretzky held those Cups(give or take two) I can really run with this.

But Gretzky know his stuff and hopefully coaches his team to a playoff birth or something. But the ice there has to suck, and who do you have around you that's decent except Gretzky?

Are you too good for your home?! Answer ME! Suck my white ass ball!

I still say that when I mini golf.


joosh1500 said...

we need staal at center though and the 3rd line is the only place for that, he creates so much but doesnt have anyone to finish its kind of like hossa and sykie, we need to pick somebody up for him

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@joosh: I heard rumors about that but I'm not sure that's true ... It could be though, he is a Staal and the Staals are all big-time players, I can see him wanting that respect ...

@beav: I haven't heard nice things about his wife, but I'm planning on being his slave so he'll stay so I shouldn't make a comment ...

Strakablog: I'm not seeing it happened. I have loved Straka my entire life but he's not the same. He needs Jagr to play well and I don't see him coming here ...

AmericanHero269 said...

With time, guys like Gino and Sid and even Mad Max, who gets better every year, are going to dominate the PK. And yeah, I saw that goal, I think it was against the Sens maybe? Either way, it was awesome.

brndlynn said...

@ fandangler: not sold of dupuis on sids line. he has the speed but i dont think he has the hands for it.

Beav said...


Gretz is still a beast regardless... 50 goals in 39 games as NHL network is so quick to remind us and 92 in 82 is awesome.

One day I hope he pans out as a good coach just so that leaves the door open for Owner/Coach 66 in the near future.

99 is a champ though and I just wish we got to see more of the 66/99 combo in the NHL... nobodycouldwinacupbecauseofthemblog

Kat said...

I totally think they should at least try Staal back out on the wing (if/when Malone happens to leave. Sorry ihk, hypothetically.) I have to echo everyone who said he could be molded to play well in front of the net. Obviously that's the only way he'll ever be top 6 on this team. Plus, who knows? Playing on Malkin's wing sure did looks nice before.

TheFandangler said...


Yeah, I know what ya mean. Doops does have a tenacity though that's along the lines of mad max and that can really flourish with those two other guys. It would be nice to have an alternative route though. Any suggestions?

Beav said...

Dupuis=Army with better hands, but not by much

And people referred to Army as the place scoring chances went to die. I really hope the Sid/Hossa can get a better winger, I think Talbot could be clutch if J.Staal stays as third line center.

I think J. Staal deserves top six minutes though and he could fill in for Malone very well. Big body in front of the net and solid PKer, sounds like both of them doesn't it?

All we can hope for is that Shero makes the right decisions to lead us to glory though. Hopefully that means keeping the core intact.

Colin said...

@ ihk -

Ah, C. Ronaldo. It tears me apart to watch him. Manchester United is my favorite team. A very close second to the Pens. Ronaldo is unreal. I mean 40+ goals, are you serious? But he shows no loyalty and his romps w/ prostitutes are insane. Hopefully he moves to Madrid and we get someone sweet in return. I will miss him though, he is just too good. Can you think of an NHL player to compare him too?

@ kat -

FernandoTorresblog. I am a dude so this may sound weird, but what is up with the redish blonde hair? It weirds me out, it is almost the same color as his skin. David Silva is sick though.

TheFandangler said...

I should have also stated that I'm more worried about filling the presumed hole on the second line.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@joosh: Thing is he doesn't know how to finish either ... he's gotta work on that and learning to play like Malone ... I remember Staal's first fight was soff and patetic ... plus, he doesn't know how to stand in front of the net ...

Geno used to Pk in Russia ... Malone still can penalty kill and he can be great on short-handed play ... am I pushing him too much?

AmericanHero269 said...

Beaver:Oh yeah, Gretz is a beast no question. Just watching some of his highlights on youtube are absolute wow. Can'trespecthimenoughblog. It would been awesome to see him battle with Mario during 1994. But until he gets some guys around him, no good coach is gonna be able to help Phoenix out. Give em some time and should be good.

Could you imagine Mario versus Gretz as coaches?? What if AO gets traded to Phoenix to do it?


brndlynn said...

i dont know. its tough because u need someone with speed, hands, size, and the balls to battle in the corners and in front of the net. i dont know that there is anyone out there right now that we can afford who can handle all those roles.

Beav said...

I would love to see Staal flourish on Malkin's wing again and pick up a Naslund or Straka for Bing/Hossa wing material

That would be a top six you don't want to fuck with, but if the cap room isn't there, Talbot Bing Hossa/ Staal Malks Syko could still dominate people

Colin said...

Jordan needs to be a center. His defensive ability, size and awareness are hard to come by. Jordan will get top 6 minutes by playing on the power play as well as the penalty kill.

joosh1500 said...


i could see staal picking up the garbage in front like malone...he scored a lot of goals that way in his rookie year and he would add some more scoring touch to malkins line

TheFandangler said...

There's no question domination will happen... It's just the matter of the extent and the bodies that will be doing it. I for one like Staal in his defensive forward role. i'm not a huge Staal fan and to see him do so well in that role I think he needs to accept it and run with it.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@colin: Are you saying he's Avery meets Jagr? *laughs*

"someone with speed, hands, size, and the balls to battle in the corners and in front of the net."

Sounds like Malone, let's pay him! Please!

brndlynn said...

@ colin: i agree that i like staal as a 3rd line center because of his defensive abilities. i do think that they should try him in front of the net on the top pp unit if that spot is open next season.

Beav said...

I understand your concern for a shut down center but Talbot could be all we have dreamed of and more, great defensively with a scoring touch=john madden anyone (needs some experience I agree)

I think Staal looked so good on Malks' wing that Staal Malkin Syko could make teams shit themselves, I mean who do you commit defensively when the top six are that dominant?

Plus we better make Staal happy or we could have another Malone-esque situation on our hands

As much as I love Bugsy, we cannot afford to lose Staal

AmericanHero269 said...

I have Kasparaitus: I would rather keep Staal on his own line, the guy is defensively dependable and won some clutch faceoffs against one of the better guys in Draper in the Final. I don't think he'll be "soff" anymore. But I just dont wanna mess with a good thing.

joosh1500 said...

agreed that staal has trouble finishing but with malkin and sykie it would be impossible for him not to

i saw sykie have trouble finishing sometimes too but malkin would just feed him unbelievable passes and he would have a wide open net...same thing applys for staal

brndlynn said...

good gary im glad im not ray shero.

AmericanHero269 said...

Even with all of the Pens offseason "problems", I am sure there are tons of guys who would love to have our problems.

TheFandangler said...

Kaspar: You do a good job of making me feel bad Malone is leaving. I'm trying to come to terms with it...blah

Kat said...

@ colin,

Manchester U! They are my favorite across the pond. I do love me some Rooney.

And I don't know what's up with Nando's hair. Sometimes it's nice and sometimes it's highlight city. Makes him all freckles. In the looks department he is still >>> then Ronaldo. To me at least.

Beav said...

as much as I love Staal dominating his own line, I think it might be better for the team with Crosby, Staal(taking Malkin's faceoffs), Talbot and Adam Hall as the four centers

That's depth that is unheard of in the league. And we have the winger strength to back that up if he sign Hossa.

Free agent/Sid/Hossa
Malone or Staal/Malkin/Sykora
Filewich/Hall/Laraque or Stone or etc.

That's a great 12 to be rolling

TheFandangler said...

I don't see the coaches moving Staal from where he's at. We need two dominant lines and that awesome S.Pahlson type line. Don't forget about the 4th line bangers rolling skulls. What about TK? I think he'll be ever better this year.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I'm all for his own line still, but his presence in front of the net still hasn't been seen. Bob Errey should have his awkward "I want your butt right in his nose" speech ...

I love how all of c-blog is being sensitive towards me so I don't go crazy and end up crying ... I love yinz!

@TheFandangler: He's not leaving!! I'm leading denialblog!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Good night, guys!

TheFandangler said...


Can I comment first in denialblog?...or a close second?

jefe penguino said...

i just hope everyone is working on their faceoffs. like right now, not sleeping, but taking faceoffs.

joosh1500 said...

goligoski=full time defenseman next year

Colin said...

@ ihk -

Sunday, 2:45, are you watching the game or is that dumbquestionblog? I have to admit I own a Ronaldo jersey. He is someone that is just so good that when he is on your team you over look his shortcoming.

@ kat -

Owen Hargreaves = SERIOUS man crush. Nando's tattoos are pretty sweet as well. He should just shave his had like the 2006 World Cup.

Beav said...

@ Fandangler

If Staal really wants top 6 minutes as the rumors go, it's better to make him happy then let him go to a different team. I think that the 12 I suggested would be some of the best guys in hockey.

In Ray Shero I trust regardless

TheFandangler said...

We were pretty decent on the faceoffs in the playoffs...well the SCF's anyways. All in all I agree, that could make a noticeable diff. next season.

joosh1500 said...


tk talbot and ruutu would be a sick 3rd line

Beav said...

@ Joosh

If we move the right people and Gogo has a good enough camp I'm fine with him being a Dman for this team. I worry about that and I also worry about who we are dumping Sydor off on.

Saying we sign Orpik we have Char/Pik

who do you get rid of to make that happen?

TheFandangler said...

Beav: I do agree with you... we'll see I guess. In Ray I Trust!

Over on Hockeybuzz someone mentioned sending Whitney to S.J. to be with his buddy Hacksaw in exchange for J. Cheechoo. That would be sniper city. Yikes! O.o!

Colin said...

@ beav -

Moving Sydor and his cap hit would make a lot of sense. Just have to get him to waive his NTC.

joosh1500 said...

even though crosby has improved in the faceoff department it still seems like he isnt even trying to win it

watch talbot, youll see someone who wants it more than the other guy and battles for it

sid could take a note from him

Beav said...

I agree that would be a 3rd line to be reckoned with, I'm just saying who knows the deals we are going to pull out. If we had the 12 forwards or some combination i'd be all over it but I worry about AHLers making the team and NHLers stepping up their game

jefe penguino said...

cheechoo teemu ruutu line. schhhwing!

brndlynn said...

@beav: i think in that situation we def move sydor. i know alot dont agree with me but i really like whit so i dont think moving him right when you know hes gonna get better is smart.

joosh1500 said...

eaton has to go and whit has to start showing up for how much he is being payed

Beav said...

@ Colin

I didn't know we gave that asshole an NTC... that is going to complicate things

@ Joosh

Staal, Crosby and Hall were most likely our best face off men this playoffs. Malkin is just not good enough yet, hence playing Staal with him to take the draws.

I don't think you can go wrong with Sid/Staal/talbot/Hall... that's great for the PP and PK alike

Kat said...

@ colin,

lol. His tats are nice. I swear I actually watch games, Fernando just makes me run soccer,um, bunnyblog. But I for one will be watching on Sunday. It's going to be tough to choose a side on this one. Should be fun.

And Hargreves? SOLID.

TheFandangler said...

Not saying I agree with the Whitney move... but it's interesting. That just feels like it would be a ComebackToBiteMeInTheAssBlog!

joosh1500 said...


ya staal on malkins wing and him taking the draws for malkin would be golden

Beav said...

Whit had a tremendous late run in the playoffs... over 50 minutes in the Game five game along dominates

Sydor and Eaton if we cannot shitcan are going to be tough

I like Gonch, Whit, and Gogo as our offensive Dmen with Orpik Scuds and Letang to back them up (in that order for the pairs)

But I never claimed to be a cap-ologist

joosh1500 said...

ya i agree with the come back to bite me in whitney but for how much were paying him he needs to start performing

i mean honestly we had the guy as a winger at one point

joosh1500 said...

ok its too late


Beav said...

@ Joosh

Malkin is just not up to par on taking draws, if we could alleviate that pressure from him, maybe he would get even better... purespeculationblog

but a team of

Filewich/Hall/BGL or Stone or etc.


Fluery/Sabs or preferably Conks

would look damn good to me

brndlynn said...

@ joosh: yes but we also had orpik at wing earlier this season and now we are trying desperately to keep him.

TheFandangler said...

I agree Joosh:

He needs to put a solid year in up to the trade deadline or bye-bye! Get the return while we can although I wouldn't really like to see it.

jefe penguino said...

@beav -im sold on those combos.

brndlynn said...

if whit was still mud at the trade deadline i would tearfully eat my words and say bye.

Beav said...

Keeping the bear minimum of free agents, I think the team next year could be very good.

As good as last year? Maybe not.


Beav said...

I honestly think it would be better if whit=Stud and we traded him to a western conference team with a cheap but excellent first line winger


TheFandangler said...

Like I stated earlier... They will dominate, it's just a matter of how much and with what people.

jefe penguino said...

my head is going to explode if i read any more. ill leave u with this,


Elliot: "You don't like Cox?"
Jordan: "Actually, I love Cox."
The Todd: "Greatest conversation ever."

see yinz later.

Beav said...

@ Fandangler

The most underrated thing about this is Mario spending to the Cap

Beav said...

i'm going to bed, catch up with all cbloggers tomorrow

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

It's late, I'm drunk, and I hear Yankee talk on here. I love you guys, but I hate the Yankees. It's pretty funny that the Devil Rays have passed them up.

Remember last year when tpb staff attempted to recap a Buccos game? And people posted music videos constantly? Good times.

Speaking of the Pirates, they've been losing so long that I kind of enjoy it now in a masochistic type of way. If they started to win, there wouldn't be a sports team in my life to be distraught over constantly. I'm in my 20s, and the last time they were a good team I hadn't kissed a girl yet. Maybe I'm afraid that if they start winning again, I won't kiss another girl until I die.

And all the Hossa contract rumors have me very confused tonight. Does this all mean he's staying, going? Does it mean anything? Am I just drunk?

Ok, I'll stop bothering you good C-Bloggers (except the guy that's being a douche, the rest of you are cool.. even the Yankee fan) with my half-drunk/half-tired rants.

Kat said...

lol. I'm off to bed as well. Night c-blog!

TheFandangler said...

Before bed round-up:

Beav- You're totally right... it's amazing!

Hossa- No one knows now about his status... justwaitandseeblog?

To All- Thanks for the chat guys! Be back after I try to remember what sleep is like!


StillsandNash said...

Rossi seems to think he is some hotshot veteran journalist who can say whatever he wants. Veterans can write editorials because of their experience. This joke just tries to get attention. Rossi=Fraud

Pensblog Staff said...

Hahahha man.
First off, we went to bed immediately after posting. We didn't hang around to monitor the first comment.

If anything, the comment deletion of Joosh on Wednesday was done on a whim. You were in that path of the tornado, Joosh.

Secondly, anyone who thinks arbitrary comment strings reflect negatively on our site, thank you for the thought.
But it's the middle of June, and this comment string is awesome to wake up to.

Thirdly, Derek oversees all mentions of the Dark Knight. He was mostly M.I.A. in the planning of the post, so Dark Knight got jobbed.


J.S. said...

for anybody that follows woot, there's a wootoff today.

Chubs said...

Thank you, cblog, for having me wake up to see a post with 170+ comments at 7:30 am. I had to double check the calendar to make sure the last few weeks actually happened and that I didn't wake up back in the playoffs.


J.S. said...


i guess kj already mentioned the wootoff upthread.

...and did I see somebody admittting to owning a Kraft jersey? Could be worse, it could be a Sivek jersey.

Stilly said...


175 Comments and it's only 8 AM.

Jumping on the Staal conversation....

He had an off year, which is probably a good thing. Crosby is wrapped up at 8.7 against the cap. Resigning Malkin is a priority figure 8-8.5 against the cap. Do you honestly believe we should pay a third line center ~5 mil?

Sorry but no. Staal counts for 2.2 against the cap currently. My guess is that he'd want 5. If he wants top 6 and isn't interested in moving to the wing, then he's gonzo next year. If I'm management, he becomes the number 1 trade bait on the roster.

Flyer Hater said...

177 Comments before you even get the crust out of your eyes


dying alive said...

I've seen a Kraft jersey down at Mellon Arena. I've also seen a Koltsov, a Fata, and - of all things - an Endicott.

Lloyd said...

@j.s. is a beast for wootoffs.

J.S. said...

Endicott really played a half-season in Pittsburgh? Why don't I remember this? I always thought he was only called up for a handful of games.

Dan said...

845 and 179 posts already? sweet jebus......

Sooska said...

good morning cblog- over 180 posts by 840 am? amazing. I usually see 27 posts at this time of day.

I love how Hossa's agent called them all jobbers.

As much as we hate to, we just have to be patient and wait and see what happens. ARRGH torture!
Obviously, we can't believe a word these media types say or write. Rossi says he'd rather write rumors and hearsay (stuff that would be inadmissible if you were on trial for your life) and hope they are true? unreal. I wonder if he ever considered he players might job him?

GAWDGary I hate this weather. they have the freaking HEAT on in our offices.

Original Nathan said...

If Staal wants those top 6 minutes, he's going to have to earn them. This team's good enough that players are going to have to earn their ice time during the season.

Naslund might be worth a $2 million flier. The Pens committed $2.5 million to Sykora last season and he was the steal of the year. Good thing the Pens didn't sign Kariya or Hannan, because those two didn't even come close to earning their salaries last season. Did Hannan even see the ice during the playoffs?

The AHL experimented this past season with the powerplay faceoff rule that was implemented. It'll be interesting to see if there's an increase in PPGs next season because of it.

Original Nathan said...

Headline on this morning: "Randolph 'stunned' by firing". Cheers.

joe121638 said...

Time for Rob Rossi to take his act to the tabloids. At least no one who reads them cares if the sources are wrong. Or he could sign up on Hockey Buzz. He would fit in well there.

J.S. said...

wootalyzer = no can do

Navy computers are locked down, no admin rights, so I can't install wootalyzer. It's on my laptop though.

Damn, just missed out on the Reservoir Dogs shotglass set. Not a liquor drinker, but for $1.99 how could you go wrong? Was in for three, then it kicked me out.

Dan said...

looks like we need to job derek for missing out on the kick ass-itry

J.S. said...

Reservoir Dogs shotglasses

Colin said...

@ O.N. -

Scott Hannan was injured during the Red Wings series I believe. His mullet was okay to particapte in the remained of the games.

@ Staff -

Because I am a loser, I always go back and look at drafts to see who we could have had. Thanks for post this.

Stoosh said...

General thoughts, dudes...

1. Crashed bigtime around 11:30 PM last night...another missed late-night C-blog.

2. I'd love to see Naslund here and if he's serious about prioritizing winning over the cash, there aren't many places better with a need for a scoring-line winger.

3. If we sign Naslund, Shero needs to sign Stojanov just for shits and giggles.

4. Beav said...

Saying we sign Orpik we have Char/Pik

who do you get rid of to make that happen?

Ideally, I'd love to see the Pens sign Orpik, bring Eaton back and then find a way to deal Sydor. They could really use Sydor's $2.5M off the books, and if there's interest out there in Josef Fucking Melichar, Sydor would most certainly draw interest as well. There are a ton of teams that would deal a mid-round pick or something to bring him in as a 4-5-6 d-man just for his postseason track record.

That would leave us with:

Gonch/Yard Sale (assuming he signs)

That allows them to at least start Gogo in WB/S next year just in case he needs it. Scuds becomes the seventh defenseman, which I think is really where he should be. I love Scuds, but I'd rather have Eaton in my top six and bump Scuds to the press box.

Dan said...

@ stoosh - enough teams supposedly have interest in scuds, why not deal him?

Stilly said...

That’s because despite some of the more cerebrally-challenged commenters here (I refer to the ones who seem to think that being complimentary and congratulatory toward the Wings when you’re an opposing fan is “bitterness” and “jealousy"), the Chief’s can be pretty classy.

Immature, yes. But at least he knows from class. And he’s actually funny.

Posted by The A(ss)cid Queen over at A2Y. Apparently, we here at tPB are classless. Acid Queen = Joke.

Colin said...

@ dan -

I don't think you can deal Scuds because to me, it is just not cost effective. His cap hit is less than $1M and is very important player to our penalty kill. Also, if you do sit him down for a few games, he is someone that will not make a stink about it.

Dan said...

@ colin - not about the cap hit, it's about the return.

dying alive said...

Wow. Trading Scuderi talk. Why don't you just stab me in the face and get it over with?

But at least he knows from class.
OK, I hate that expression. It's just terrible grammar.

Colin said...

I almost think more teams would be inclined to take a player with multiple cup rings than a 7th d-man, just my opinion.

Dan said...

i just remember hearing the about the inquiries last year. unfortunately sydor and scuds are the odd men out eventually.

Stilly said...

@dying alive

Is that an actual expression? I thought she was just stupid.


I've been reading back through recaps from the season, and I stumbled upon the recap of the Pens vs the Hurriscanes. The Natalee Holloway joke should be in the jobbing HOF. It might be insensitive, but holy shit is it funny.

Max Power said...

If anybody decided to check out the comments on the Turds blog... Isn't it strange the number of "anonymous" comments sticking in the same train of thought? Its almost as if nobody visits his site and he comments himself to make himself feel better about his parents never loving him.

Max Power said...

turn it


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